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Bored Out

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There's no resisting his best friend's little sister when she offers her ass to him.

This is the direct sequel to "Rim Fire" and picks up where that story left off.

Rick knew better than to look at the messages Gina had sent him while he was at work. He even waited until he got home, despite his anticipation growing throughout the day. Best friend’s sister or not, he couldn’t wait to finally fulfill one of his biggest fantasies and fuck her ass.

Tonight was the night.

As soon as he was home, he opened the conversation and groaned. She’d sent two pictures. One was of her on her back, with her legs in the air, and a dildo pressed against her ass. The second showed her with that dildo buried to the hilt in her back door.

“Never had a dick as big as yours in my ass, so I thought I’d better warm up,” the final message read.

He was hard as a rock all the way through his shower. The plan was the same as the previous couple of weeks – go over to Roy’s and practice for the shooting competition. After that was when Gina was supposed to meet him back at his place.

Still hard and aching, he knew there was no way he was going to be able to think to shoot. He sent a message to Gina. “Why don’t you come ahead over?”

Her reply arrived fast. “Hoped you would say that. On my way.”

Though his friend’s house was only a few minutes away, it seemed to take her forever to arrive. She was grinning when he opened the door, and he saw a yellow bow in her hair, though it was a barrette rather than a ribbon, like the day before. It only emphasized to him that she was barely eighteen. Her tight t-shirt and tiny shorts demonstrated beyond any doubt that she was a woman – if only just.

Gina grabbed a handful of his cock as she stepped inside, and let out a sensual growl. She grabbed a bottle of lube out of her purse, gave it a playful shake, and then nodded toward his bedroom.

He was a little embarrassed that he hadn’t even thought of it. If she hadn’t brought lube with her, he would have needed to go out and buy it.

He followed her to the bedroom, where she sat the bottle of lube on the nightstand next to the bed. Then she hung her purse from the drawer handle, turned toward him, bit her bottom lip, and slowly crossed the floor. While there was arousal in her eyes, there was something else as well – something softer. When she reached him, she slid one hand around his waist, to his back, and looked up at him.

The sparks that flew between them surprised him. For years, she had been his friend’s annoying little sister. Then, she’d evolved into a sexy hunter, determined to have her way with him. Suddenly, she looked vulnerable, shy, and almost afraid.

Gina’s lips parted slightly. She edged a little closer, and her eyes drifted closed. Caught up in the unexpected feelings, Rick kissed her. She let out a quiet whimper and reached up to cup his cheek with her other hand. He slid one hand behind her head, and the other behind her back. He could feel her shiver as their lips met in soft, caressing pecks.

“That was nice,” she said when they simultaneously leaned out of the kiss.

He agreed, “Yeah.”

“I didn’t just scare you off, did I?”

He shook his head.

“Don’t worry,” she said, and her features took on the more familiar, hungry smile, “I still want you. I just had to give that a try.” The hand behind his back quickly moved to the front, and settled between his legs. “Now I want to try something else.”

After a squeeze of his erection, she took a step back, grabbed the tail of her shirt, and pulled it up. He quickly followed suit. His cock throbbed as his shirt cleared his eyes, letting him see her braless breasts. She was able to drop her shorts and kick them off far more quickly than he could stomp on the heels of his shoes to remove them.

Gina sank down to her knees, looked up into his eyes, and reached back to yank off her shoes. Just like that, she was naked except for a cute little pair of ankle socks. She reached out and stroked her hands up and down his legs while he kicked off his other shoe. She moaned, “Mmm-hmm,” when he pushed his jeans and boxers down, letting his cock spring free.

The denim only made it to his knees before she moved in.

Rick growled as his friend’s little sister lapped him from root to tip, gazing into his eyes the whole time. She kissed the tip, and then gave the shaft another broad-tongued lick from the side. He put one hand on her shoulder while she tongued his cock, wetting it in her saliva. At the top of one stroke, she wrangled the head of his cock between her lips with her tongue. She finally broke eye contact when her lips slid down his throbbing shaft.

A growl escaped him. Her hot little mouth felt like heaven. She took about half of him, slid her lips back up to the tip, glanced up at him, and took him in again. Rick breathed hard as the sexy young minx took him in again and again – her lips moving steadily farther down his shaft. She locked eyes with him at the top of every suck, letting the head pop out of her lips for a fraction of a second before engulfing him.

Gina let out a croak when she finally swallowed all but an inch of his cock. She quickly pulled away, leaving him with thick globs of spittle running down his shaft, and tendrils leading to her lips. She smeared the slippery mess over him with a stroking hand while she sniffled and blinked the tears out of her eyes.

When she leaned back in, he put a hand under her chin to tilt her head up, and one under her arm. She stood up, and he let his hands slide down her side to her ass as she rose. Once she was on her feet, he stooped slightly, and lifted her off them.

Gina squealed in surprised delight when he picked her up. She quickly wrapped her arms and legs around him, steadying herself as he carried her to the bed. He was rather proud of himself when he was able to lift his knee onto the bed while carrying her, and then lean down to lay her on the mattress.

The firm mounds of her breasts were right in front of him – calling out to him – and he answered.

A quavering whimper passed her lips from the pleasure his were giving her. He sucked the stiff point of her left breast, flicked it with his tongue, and then moved to its twin. Gina’s fingers entwined in his hair and she moaned. Rick worshipped the breasts she’d been tempting him with for so long, causing her to writhe and arch her back.

Her tits weren’t the only thing calling to him, though. He planted a kiss on the lower swell of her right breast, and then one just below. She whimpered, “Oh,” when he kissed her again, a few inches above her belly button. Her next oh was a little louder when he kissed her below her naval.

“Wait,” she said in a squeaky little voice when he kissed just above her heart-shaped little pussy.

Rick glanced up and saw her reaching for her purse. She slipped her hand inside and withdrew the same dildo from the pictures she’d sent him.

“Stretch my ass out while you eat me? I want to be ready for you.”

Though the scent of her arousal was making his mouth water, he nodded. She grabbed the bottle of lube and squirted a generous bead along the length of her toy, and then smeared it all over. She added a second dollop to the head of the dildo, and then held it out to him, holding it by the center of the shaft. He took it by the unlubricated base.

“The switch is on the bottom,” she instructed as she sat the lube back on the nightstand. “Wait until it’s inside me.” Gina pulled her knees up toward her chest, and grabbed behind them to hold them in place. “Put it in my ass and get me ready for that big dick.”

Rick pressed the head of the dildo against her forbidden hole and pushed. He was trying to go easy, but the resistance surprised him.

She said, “A little harder. A little–” A gasp cut her off when the bulbous tip popped inside her. She growled and said, “Deeper.”

A smile spread across his face as he pushed the dildo in her ass. It was easier going than the initial penetration, but he could tell how tight it was. His cock throbbed in anticipation of feeling that squeeze first hand. Gina let out a long groan as he buried it to within an inch of the base, and then whimpered when he stopped.

Then he flipped the switch.

She tensed and shuddered from the vibrations running through her from the buried toy. She spread her legs wider, and he saw her pussy winking at him from the contractions of her intimate muscles.

“Oh, eat my pussy,” she begged.

She didn’t have to ask twice.

Gina squealed as he dived in. He lapped at the entrance of her canal, drinking up her nectar, and probed with his stiffened tongue. Then he moved up to her clit, and gave it a long, slow, broad-tongued lap. She whimpered and her toes curled from his touch.

Rick tongued her feverishly, making her twitch and moan. Then, on a whim, he gave the slightest push on the dildo humming in her ass. It barely moved the phallus, but it was enough to make her yelp in surprise and shudder.

“Yes!” she cried when she caught her breath.

He continued to devour her pussy, and just when he sucked her swollen clit between his lips, he bumped the vibe again. She gasped and lurched. He waited only a few seconds before doing it again, but then let her wait and anticipate the next tiny thrust of the artificial cock deep in her back door.

Her breathing quickened. Her cries grew louder, and higher in pitch. She writhed even more energetically. Every bit of it drove him to even more enthusiastic efforts. Soon enough, her every breath was a gasp, expelled in a cry of pleasure.

He was certain he had her on the cusp when she begged, “So close. Oh god! Fuck me! I want to come on your dick. Please. Please. Please. Fuck me!”

His cock was screaming for attention nearly as loud as she was begging for it. He pushed up on his hands, pulled his knees under him, and quickly scooted between her parted legs.

“Hurry,” she pleaded while shuddering.

Rick rubbed the head between her folds, wetting it in her juices, and then slipped inside her. She let out a squeal and arched her back high off the mattress. Her pussy was easily one of the tightest he’d ever felt, and he growled as he pushed deep into her hot, slippery embrace.

Knowing he was soon going to be somewhere even tighter made it all the sweeter.

Unfortunately, the handle of the vibe was somewhat square, and not particularly comfortable against his balls once he was buried inside her. He leaned forward a little while she whimpered in bliss, and felt his family jewels lift away from the buzzing toy. So he dropped over her on his hands, leaning against her bent legs. It did the trick.

Her eyes were wide, and rolled up in her head. Gina’s hands moved from behind her knees to his back, since his weight was holding them in place for her. She sucked in a gasp when her eyes pinched closed, and then opened them to fix him with an intense gaze.

“Fuck me. Fuck me hard,” she cried.

He was hardly one to argue.

Gina yelped when he slammed into her, driving her butt down into the mattress. The vibrations from the toy were so intense that he could feel them in her pussy as he fucked her. Her gorgeous face flushed – growing redder with every smack of their colliding flesh. Her tits bounced and jiggled before his eyes. He could feel the wash of her hot breath on his face and neck as she screamed her pleasure.

In less than a minute, she was screaming, “Yes! Yes! Gonna come! Gonna come! Gonna come!”

Then her mouth dropped open and her chin quivered through several thrusts. Her eyes widened – looking unfocused. Rick drove his cock into her hard and fast – reveling in her expression of pleasure until suddenly her nails bit into his back.

Gina’s head bent back and she screeched as orgasm claimed her.

Rick let out a surprised grunt and froze in place with his cock buried balls deep inside her. One hand continued to claw at his back while the other snapped to the back of his head. Her fingers entwined in his hair and tugged at the roots, encouraging him to slip between her bent knees atop her to relieve the pressure. Her legs immediately wrapped around him as well.

Gina’s climaxing pussy held him in a viselike grip. She screamed and convulsed beneath him like a woman possessed. His balls were sitting in just the right position on the toy in her ass to feel the full brunt of its vibrations, making his cock throb rapidly in her clenched canal. That, in turn, drove her to even greater heights.

The throes of her orgasm went on and on. She came like no other girl he’d ever been with. Eventually, her grasping limbs and clawing nails began to lose their strength. Her cries grew hoarse, broken by noisy gasps, and weepy-sounding as the onslaught of her orgasm settled into aftershocks.

“Oh god – off!” she pleaded just as another of those shockwaves ripped through her body.

Rick disentangled himself from her arms and legs and lifted off her. The slide of his cock as he straightened and pulled out, set her off again.

“No! T-toy!” she cried as soon as she could draw air into her lungs again.

He had to chase the buried vibrator, as her hips were still bucking, but he managed to grab hold of it and turn the toy off. Gina’s hips lurched as he did, and the toy slipped out of her ass.

She curled up with a pained whimper to twitch and tremble through her fading orgasm.

Rick dropped the vibrator and stroked her ass as she settled down. The sight was so amazing that he didn’t feel any pangs of guilt about watching his best friend’s little sister in a state of post-orgasmic bliss. When her panting slowed, she rolled onto her back again, and met his eyes.

“Holy shit,” she said in a breathless voice, and then shook with a silent chuckle.

He smiled and ran his finger over her right leg.

“I didn’t...” she had to pause to gasp and swallow. “Didn’t make a mess?”

Rick glanced down at the vibrator, finding it surprisingly clean, and then shook his head. “No.”

“Good. My god, I thought I was... I don’t know. You made me come so hard.” She then glanced at his still bobbing cock and moaned. “I did make a mess. Come here.”

He responded to her beckoning, and knee-walked toward the head of the bed. As soon as it was in reach, Gina’s tongue ran up the length of his pussy-slick cock.

Rick groaned and watched her lick her juices off his erection. It was incredibly sexy, and he asked, “Taste good?”

“Uh-huh,” she responded without pausing in her tongue bath.

After a thorough licking, she wrapped her hand around his cock, parted her lips, and took him in. Her cheeks puffed out for a moment when the head hit the back of her tongue, but she recovered, sucking hard all the way back to the tip, and then letting it go with a wet pop.

“God, you’re so big,” she said as she stared at it and stroked it in her hand. “I’m half afraid it won’t fit in my ass.”

Though he tried not to show it, that made him wonder if she was about to beg off.

She quickly reassured him that wasn’t the case when she looked up and said, “That doesn’t mean I’m not going to try, though. Ready to put this big dick in my ass?”

He groaned and she giggled when that made him throb hard in her hand.

Without letting go of his erection, she reached out with her other hand and retrieved the bottle of lube. Gina popped the top, slid her hand down to the root of his cock, tilted the bottle, and gave it a squeeze.

Rick sucked in a sharp breath through his nose when the slightly chilly fluid oozed over the head of his cock.

Gina moved the bottle in a small circle, letting the lube drizzle down his shaft around its circumference. She slid her loosely gripped hand up and down the shaft, spreading the lube over him, and then added more. By the time she was finished, he had a thick, all-over coating. She closed the bottle and gave it a toss so it landed at about the midpoint of the bed, off to her left.

As she reclined on the mattress and bent her knees, she asked, “Is this okay? I like to watch, but if you want to do me doggy-style?”

He shook his head as he moved, sliding his knees across the sheets. He wanted to see far more than just her butt and back. Gina rubbed two lube covered fingers over her forbidden hole, adding to what was already there from her toy. She then pulled her knees back toward her chest and grabbed behind them, presenting her puckered opening to him.

“I want it. Stuff my ass,” she sultrily encouraged him as he moved into position.

He took his cock in hand and sighed in anticipation as he took aim.

“But go slow,” she quickly amended when his slippery tip touched her ass.

The resistance he had felt with the toy was nothing compared to what he felt when he began to push. He had to slide his guiding fingers farther up the shaft and hold on tighter when his cock was trying to bend and slip off-target, rather than penetrating. On the verge of fulfilling a long-held fantasy, it was all he could do to heed her words and take it easy. He pressed harder, and harder, until he finally felt the slightest slip.

“Ah! Oh!” Gina cried as the mushroom tip slipped inside her, and her ass tightened around the shaft below.

Rick groaned from the unbelievable squeeze. That he had expected – though his imaginings paled in comparison to reality. The delight he hadn’t anticipated was how hot she felt inside. Gina was stiff and trembling. Her toes were tightly curled, her eyes narrow, and her brow furrowed. Her mouth hung open in a silent cry, until at last she gasped.

Her words came out in a high-pitched rush, “Oh my lord, so fucking big.”

“Tight. Fuck,” Rick growled as the muscular little ring rhythmically contracted around him. He had to keep the pressure on, because it felt as if her ass was trying to push him out.

Gina let go of her right leg, and when it slipped back toward him, Rick caught it and guided it over his shoulder. The reason she let go was evident when she began to tease her clit with lube-slick fingers.

“Give me... Give me a second,” she pleaded. “Let me get used to it.”

He nodded, perfectly content to feel the squeeze and watch her masturbate. “You okay?”

She offered a curt nod. Her fingers moved faster over her button, and she whimpered.

That alone was a treat, as only a couple of girls had ever let him watch them play with themselves – and not for very long. It was exciting to see something so private and intimate on display right in front of him. She seemed to prefer sliding her fingers up and down, rather than in circles like the other girls. She also tapped her clit and pinched it. The pinch drew a yelp out of her.

As the sound faded, her muscles slightly relaxed. Already pushing to stay inside her, a little over an inch more of Rick’s cock vanished in her ass before it clenched tight around him again.

Gina’s head lashed back and she let out a choked-off scream. Her head snapped back up a moment later, and she stared at him stretching her ass. “Fucking god,” she growled.

“Feels so good,” he said.

“So full. More,” she said from between clenched teeth.

Rick pushed, fighting the resistance, and his enthusiasm got the better of him. In a flash, almost the whole of his hard shaft vanished into her. Gina shrieked and her eyes misted over. The fingers of her left hand dug into the back of her knee, leaving white depressions around them. Her other hand curled into a claw above her pussy.

He pulled back about an inch upon seeing the obvious discomfort in her features, but she let out a snarl and barked, “More. All of it.”

He reversed course, and she growled until his balls settled against her. Then she gasped.

“Oh god. All in me,” she squeaked. Her fingers returned to her clit.

Rick throbbed in her canal. “So hot and tight. So fucking good.”

Gina met his gaze with eyes that were narrow and still glimmering with unshed tears. “Do it. Fuck my ass.”

He withdrew – gasping from the feeling of her ass stroking his turgid flesh – but went too far. Her hips twitched, and he slipped out.

“Oh,” she cried, the sound somehow mingling both longing and relief. “Back in.”

That proved easier than the first time, because her ass had gaped to accommodate his girth. Her chin dropped to her chest and an unexpectedly deep growl escaped her as his cock violated her ass once more. He buried his cock in her ass, and she groaned as he immediately withdrew. A growl punctuated by a whimper accompanied his next slow thrust.

It was everything he’d fantasized about and more. He took his time, alternately watching her expression harden and her fingers between her legs. The sounds she was making were loud, primal, and almost ferocious. The heat increased as he slid in and out of her ass, making his growls and groans fall into a deeper register as well. Gina dipped her fingers into her pussy, making squishy sounds as she fucked herself with them for several fast strokes. The slippery digits then returned to her clit.

“More lube,” she gasped when his excitement got the better of him, and he thrust a little faster.

As he withdrew, Rick picked up the bottle from where she’d tossed it, and popped open the top. Once again her voice carried notes of sweet respite and sharp need when his cock slipped out of her ass.

She looked down at her gaping hole and said, “In me. Please.”

He pointed the bottle into her ass, which was gaped wide enough to see the deep red inside her, and gave a squeeze. A loud cry escaped her when the cool liquid drizzled into her hot, abused ass. Though her butt puckered, quite a lot made it inside her before it welled up into a pool. Rick then gave the head of his cock a squirt, and dropped the bottle at his side.

She bit her lower lip and nodded as he edged forward. A hissing, flatulent sound accompanied his cock penetrating her, and her head lashed back once more.

Though he returned to the slow, methodical rocking of his hips, a tickle was building in the head of his cock, urging him on. He fought it, watching her muscles tighten every time his balls pressed against her. Her fingers went into a flurry over her clit. Each stroke slid between her nether lips to the abundant wetness there, and then lifted her hood to expose her naked clit at the top.

Gina’s face began to glisten with sweat, and grow flushed. His urges eroded conscious thought, and he began to thrust harder and faster into her tight teenage ass.

“Yes. Harder. Faster,” she encouraged him after a few strokes, and then shoved her fingers deep into her pussy.

Rick couldn’t have held back if he wanted to. He watched as she fucked her pussy hard with her fingers. The rapid, squishy sounds that made were a perfect symphony combined with the claps of their colliding flesh, her whimpers, his grunts, and the creaking of the bedsprings.

Gina’s glistening skin began to sprout droplets near her hairline. Her breasts bounced from the shockwaves traveling through her body. Her cries came louder and more rapidly by the second. Rick felt the tickle in his cockhead swell and spread from the hot squeeze of her ass and the incredibly sexy display.

Soon enough, he was fighting the inevitable. His grunts deepened. His breath blasted from his nostrils. He was marching headlong toward an explosion, and fighting it with every ounce of his will. He wanted her to come, but he was convinced he wasn’t going to be able to hold off long enough.

Her sudden shriek startled him with its volume and pitch. She screamed in a tight, pained voice, “Gonna come! Come for me! Please! Come deep in my ass!”

That was it. Hearing her plead for it shattered the tiny shreds of control he had left. He slammed into her, and erupted with a roar. When the first hot spurt flooded her ass, Gina’s eyes widened, and she yowled as orgasm claimed her as well.

Despite less than twenty-four hours having passed since she’d made him go off like a volcano while rimming him, his orgasm was just as intense. He once again felt every powerful ejaculation surging up his shaft, and tickling the slit as it filled her ass. Gina writhed beneath him with her fingers shoved deep in her pussy. She let out weepy cries from the waves of orgasm crashing through her body. Her ass clamped down on him so tight that he couldn’t have moved if he’d had any ability to try.

Despite the copious amounts of cum he pumped into her, she was still coming when he grew sensitive. He growled and gnashed his teeth, but soon couldn’t take it anymore. With a violent wrench, he yanked his protesting organ out of her ass.

Gina screeched, slammed out flat, and then her back arched until only her feet and head were supporting her for a few seconds. Then she dropped to the bed with a groan.

Rick gasped for breath, wincing every time his cock throbbed in response to her whimpers and whines. It took a couple of minutes for him to even open his eyes and look at her. She was still twitching, and he could see a stream of cum curling around her buttock, down her leg, and dripping to the bed below.

After a while, he felt her moving, but couldn’t summon up the energy to turn his head to see what she was doing. He jumped when the chilly plastic of a personal pack of bathroom wipes landed on his chest. He then saw her standing next to the bed with several of the wipes wadded up and held against her ass.

“Don’t come in, okay?” she said just before scurrying out of the room. He heard the bathroom door open, close, and then the water running full blast.

It took quite a surge of willpower to grab the pack of wipes off his chest. The thought occurred to him that he should have considered that need as well. He had been thoroughly unprepared. His dick ached from going soft after the tight squeeze and the lube having lost a lot of its slipperiness in the last minute or so before he came. Nevertheless, he pulled out a wipe and started cleaning up, understanding the need.

It was an uncomfortable and lengthy process, but he was eventually as clean as he could be. The bathroom door opened at about the same time as he tossed the last wipe into the trash can.

Gina was walking gingerly and whimpering when she returned to the room. She crawled into the bed, laid her head on his shoulder, and said, “My butt hurts.”

The affected pout in her voice and the following giggle set him off, and he chuckled with her. He wrapped his arm around her and settled it on her tummy. She responded with a sweet, contented moan.

“Worth it,” she added as she snuggled up tighter against him.

Holding her with the fruity smell of her hair and the spicy scent of her perfume tickling his nostrils, he turned his head so that his cheek was resting against her forehead, drawing out another moan.

It was unexpectedly warm and comfortable. She fit him like a matching puzzle piece, and the lines of her body were astoundingly beautiful as he looked down on them. It felt right, so he turned his head a little more and planted a kiss on her forehead, which made her shiver.

Slowly but surely, as they lay together in the descending darkness, he realized there was more than animal attraction between them – at least on his end.

They both turned to face each other at the same time. Their eyes met, and electricity crackled between them. The next thing he knew, they were softly kissing and caressing each other’s faces.

The night was far from over.


“Shit,” Roy said as he sat down his rifle. “Think it may be time for me to give up.”

“That’s a good group,” Rick argued.

Roy let out a disdainful snort. “Sure. Looks like shit next to yours. It’s one damn hole in the bullseye, where every shot went through,” he said as he walked out to retrieve his target.

“I have been out here every day for weeks.”

“Yeah. Yeah. Stop trying to smooth it over. You whipped my ass like a redheaded stepchild.”

When something moved in his peripheral vision, he glanced toward the house for a second, and then quickly looked away from Gina’s bedroom curtain dropping back in front of the window.

“At least I’ll get to see you beat Bobby Frandson’s ass this weekend. He doesn’t stand a chance,” Roy said as he sat his latest target on top of the stack.

The two friends gathered up their rifles and headed for the garage. While they cleaned their weapons, Rick was puzzling over what he was going to say. He was barely able to keep up with the conversation.

It hadn’t gone unnoticed. “What’s up? You act like you’ve got ants in your pants. You ain’t worried about beating that blowhard, are you?” Roy asked.

“No.” He blew out a breath from between pursed lips and steeled his will. “Can I ask you something?”

Roy’s brow furrowed and he answered with a confused-sounding, “Yeah.”

“Uhm...” He gave up on trying to break it to his friend gently, and just blurted out what was on his mind. “Would it be too weird if I took Gina out?”

Roy erupted in laughter.

“Come on, man,” Rick said, fighting off a blush.

“Sorry,” his friend apologized, and then laughed again for a moment. “So, she finally broke you, huh? Surprised you lasted this long.”

“If it’s too fucked up...”

Roy waved his hand and said, “It’s cool, dude. At least she won’t be running around with those scumbags she’s been hanging out with.”


“Really. I’d tell you just not to suck face with her when I’m around, but I know my sister. She’s going to exploit that for every bit of torture she can milk out of it.”

The door between the garage and the house opened, and Rick saw Gina step through it with a huge smile on her face.

Without even turning around, Roy said, “Annnd, she was listening through the door.”

There was no fighting his blush as Gina skipped toward Rick with her perfect little breasts bouncing. She put her arms around him, kissed his cheek, and asked, “So, where are we going?”

Roy shook his head, interposed his hand between them and his eyes, and said, “Have fun, man.” He then added, “Go to hell, Gina.”

“Love you too,” she sweetly called after him as he turned to walk into the house.

“Oh boy,” Rick said under his breath.

“Oh, come on. He literally asked for it,” Gina said, and then giggled. “Seriously, though... I promise I’ll try not to make things weird with you guys. No talking about sex, and no hot and heavy making out around him – no matter how much I want it. Forgive me?”

He sighed. There was no resisting those gorgeous eyes. “Yeah. So, what do you want to do? Go get something to eat? Movie?”

“Anything,” she said as she leaned in for a long, soft, incredible kiss.

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