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Kat Tries Something New

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Which is better, having your ass licked or licking your best friend?

“He did what?”

“He ate my ass!”

Red sat there unable to comprehend her best friend for a moment. Then she shook her head. “You’re kidding me?”

“Fuck no, Red. It was great. You know we’ve fucked for the first time last weekend, but last night he went down on me like he was a starving man.”

“Damn, I wish my husband would do that,” said Red wistfully.

Kat gave her friend a sad smile. Ever since Red tied the knot, Kat’s been listening to a litany of her husband’s failures in bed. It was a shame because she knew Red well and assumed she would pick someone who could keep up with her for a husband. She felt sorry for Red whenever the subject came up — which was often.

“So what happened?” Red asked with an uncharacteristic gleam in her eye.

Kat grinned at her, “Well, we were on the couch kissing. He’s a seriously good kisser. I was getting a little worked up knowing we were going to end up in bed. He felt so fucking good. His hands were on my girls and they felt really good too, even thru the bra. He knew I was getting turned on and then he kissed me on the neck, you know what that does to me.”

Red nodded. She knew Kat tended to lose it when her neck got kissed. She remembered one time in a club . . . but Kat kept talking.

“Then he knelt in front of me and kissed the top of my thigh, he opened my legs and kissed and licked the inside. God, it felt so fucking good!” Kat closed her eyes as she remembered not just what happened but the feelings. “He kissed and nibbled his way slowly up my thigh, opening my legs wider and wider. When he got to the top of my thigh, an inch from my panties, he crossed to the other thigh and started from my knee again. He was driving me crazy, and I was dripping wet by then. He took his sweet time!”

Kat looked at Red for a second and saw the rapt look on her face. She leaned in and quieted her voice a bit. “When he got to the top of my thigh this time, he paused for what felt like forever then he touched his tongue to my clit through my panties. OMG, it was like an electric shock.”

Red was now leaning closer, her eyes wide open and her breathing was faster.

“He started sucking on my clit through the panties and slid a finger under the edge and rubbed my pussy which he sucked. I was getting so close when he suddenly grabbed me and flipped me around. I ended up kneeling in front of him on the couch, my arms across the top and my butt in the air. He pushed my skirt up and yanked my panties down and off. He forced my legs open wide and rubbed my pussy from behind. It felt incredible. But when his tongue touched between my pussy and asshole. I laid my head down on the top of the sofa and just wanted to cum right then and there.”

Kat squirmed in her seat as she looked at Red, seeing Red’s thighs clamped together with one hand gripped between them. Her other hand was in a tight fist at her waist.

“He licked my pussy from behind and touch a fingertip to my asshole. I froze, but he rubbed it in little circles while he kept licking my pussy. I was going crazy and when his fingertip pushed into my ass, I was ready for it. Then he pulled it out and he licked my asshole. It was so fucking hot, I thought I was going to scream.”

Kat paused and just looked at Red. Red’s nipples were hard little pebbles. There was a dark spot on the front of her denim shorts, slowly spreading upward. She didn’t think Red even realized just how turned on she was getting.

Kat jumped up, “Be right back!” She headed for her bedroom, leaving Red sitting there with a glazed look on her face. Red shook her head for a moment when Kat came back in and sat on the floor right in front of Red.

She brought her hand up and in it was a slim vibrator.

“Kat, what the hell are you doing?”

“Just this.” She switched on the vibe and pushed it between Red’s thighs right against her pussy.

Red screamed, “What the fuck!”

“Relax, Red. You’re horny as fuck, I’m horny as fuck. This little toy of mine will help.” Kat pushed her back in the chair and rubbed the vibe on her friend.

“You shouldn't be doing this,” Red said as she tried to rise.

“Oh hell no!” Kat pushed the vibe hard against Red and Red collapsed back on the chair. She opened Red’s legs and got between them, rubbing the vibe up and down the seam at the center of the short’s crotch.

“Kat . . ..”

“Too late Red. Cum for me!”

Kat was merciless, pushing the vibe hard, rubbing it like it was a cock. She heard Red’s orgasm building. Just before it crashed over her, Kat pulled the vibe away.

Red yelled, “No, don't stop!" Her voice breaking, her hips trying to push up and find the vibe again.

Kat tugged at Red’s shorts. “Take them off.”

“Wwwwwhat . . .”

“Take them off.”

“Kat, I’m not . . .”

“Neither am I, I’m just fucking horny and I want to taste you now! Get those fucking shorts off now!”

It took both of them because the shorts were not only delightfully tight, but the crotch was soaked. Her panties came off with them. Kat pushed Red’s legs open again and looked up close and personal to the first pussy she had seen outside of her own. Red wasn’t shaved, but had a nice blanket of red hair, proving the carpet matched the drapes. Kat didn’t wait long before taking a long lick from the bottom of Red’s pussy to the top, flattening her tongue over Red’s clit and felt her respond.

“Kat . . . OMG!”

“Ummm, Eddie told me I tasted sweet. You’re spicier, but fucking good.” She took another lick, then traced Red’s lips. She pressed her mouth against Red’s clit and sucked on it. As she felt Red push toward her and heard her moan, she pulled back one last time. “Turn over!”

She pushed and pulled until Red was on the floor with her, in a similar position her boyfriend had her the other night. Red’s ass was nice and tight and opened up in front of Kat. If she thought about it, she might have been tentative, but she didn’t want tentative. She licked from Red’s wet pussy, over her perineum, and across her asshole. She felt Red jump but wasn’t going to stop now.

She pointed her tongue and pushed it right into Red’s asshole. It was tight, but she pushed right in. At the same time, she plunged two fingers into Red’s pussy. Her fingers went in very easily. That pussy wasn’t as tight and it was much wetter.

It was too late for gentleness, both women were too far gone for much in the way of rational thought. Kat fucked her best friend, pushing in with her tongue while pulling her fingers out, then pushing her fingers back in and pulling her tongue out. It went on for several moments until Kat felt Red quaking in an orgasm.

Kat still didn’t let up. If she thought about it, she might never get such a chance again. Red wasn’t homophobic, but she was straight. But she didn’t pause to think. She tasted her best friend deeply, the tart pussy was delicious, her little asshole squeezed against her tongue with each thrust. Even the scent of Red was amazing. She felt Red tighten up and orgasm again, then felt her fall over onto her side, panting for breath.

“What the fuck, Kat?”

Kat grinned down at her friend. Red was completely disheveled. Her red hair was a mess, her top wrinkled and pushed up to the bottom of her bra, her legs tightly clamped together. The redhead glared up at her friend then shook her head as Kat started disrobing.

Red’s eyes opened wide as Kat’s bra hit the floor. She stared as the best friend she had ever had and stood there, hands on her hips, her legs shoulder-width apart, and a small smile on her face.

“What?” Red said, more than a little nervous.

Kat extended a hand, inviting Red to get up to her feet.

“You needed to take off your clothes to help me up?” Red asked as she took Kat’s hand and was pulled into an embrace against Kat’s naked body.

“Nope. I needed my clothes off because we aren’t nearly done yet.”

“Kat . . .”

Kat silenced her in the best way possible and kissed her. Red sorta struggled before accepting it. The kiss turned passionate. Then Kat pulled away and looked at Red.

“You are fucking insane, Kat!”

“Maybe, but you sure weren’t bitching a couple of minutes ago.”

“Kat, you have a boyfriend!”

“Nope, we broke up.”

“When did that happen?”

“Between your orgasms.”

“You are nuts. I’m married!”

“I didn’t do this to break up your marriage. You were just listening so close, looking so damn sexy. I couldn’t help myself.”

“So . . . now what?”

“Now, we go to bed. I’m dripping and really fucking need you right now.”

She pulled Red towards her bedroom. Neither knew what tomorrow would bring, but for the now, they each had a pretty good idea. Both were wrong, it was even better than they thought it could be.


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