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Mom And The Football Coach, Chapter 1

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A divorced mom wants her son on the football team... and will do what it takes to get it!

This is the first of a three-part story and this chapter is an introduction to the characters. As such, it doesn't have any hot and heavy sex in it. But don't worry... it isn't far behind! Mrs. Lopez wants her son to play football - and is willing to "play" with Coach Johnson to get it!

It was the start of the high school football season at Central High School and Coach Johnson was looking over his initial roster of players. 

He recognized a few of the names from the previous years–some of his best players were on it. Of course, he had lost some good ones as they graduated this spring and were now playing college ball or had moved on. 

But he was still pretty pleased with what he had to work with this year. There were positions to fill, just like every year, but he had a good list of potential players that he could pick from. It looked like a promising year for the team.

Debra Lopez sat on the living room sofa waiting for her son Craig to come home from school. Craig was a sophomore this year and finally eligible to play football. 

Debra and Craig had recently moved to Charlotte from Austin after the divorce to get a new start. And while Craig had looked forward to playing football with the kids he had grown up with, he also wanted to get past the bad memories and start a new life in a new place.

But life in Charlotte, North Carolina is far different from what he knew in Austin and he was finding it difficult to fit in at school. 

Kids laughed at the way he dressed and the way he talked. They gave him names like shitkicker, Marlboro Man, and buckaroo. Craig had been popular at his former school and the sudden alienation he faced now had him extremely depressed and hating school. 

Debra was concerned for her son. The divorce had not been a pleasant one. Tom, Debra's now ex-husband, had been cheating on her with his flirtatious (and half his age) secretary and this hadn't been the first time he had been caught with his hand in the wrong cookie jar! 

He had promised twice before that each time would be the last, but he could never keep that promise. Finally, after affair number three, she'd had enough and filed for divorce.

That was two years ago. Debra tried to stay in the area because her father was close by for support. She did move out of the house they had bought together, though, and to a different part of town. 

However, just months after, Debra's father passed away, leaving her without the support she had depended on. Now Debra, a divorced thirty-six-year-old woman, and the sixteen-year-old Craig were having to start their lives over again in a strange place neither had ever been before. Debra was originally from Denver and Austin was all Craig ever knew. So Charlotte was alien to them both.

Debra landed a good job as a loan officer for a local bank and that, coupled with a good settlement thanks to a sharp lawyer, had set them up with few financial worries. Which was good–there were enough things to worry about without money being one of them!

"Hi honey, how was school today?" She asked.

"Awful, Mom. I got teased and picked on all day it seemed. I hate school and I hate Charlotte. Can't we just go home? We could live in a different part of Texas even–how about San Antonio or Houston? Hell, I'd even settle for Dallas, although that place is huge! But at least in Texas, I won't be laughed at for being a shitkicker!" 

"I'm sorry, son. I know things have been rough for us lately. But things will get better, I just know they will. Remember, nothing good or bad lasts forever," Debra said sympathetically.

"Maybe, but why does the bad stuff seem to last longer than the good stuff?"

"I don't know, son... I don't know."

To help smooth the day over for her son, Debra decided to order a couple of pizzas for dinner. Pizza was Craig's all-time favorite food and she knew just how he liked it. When they came, mother and son sat down to dinner together. 

"Here you go Craig, your favorite... two large thick crust supreme pizzas with extra sausage!" Debra said smiling.

"Thanks, Mom, this almost makes up for the horrible day I had," he said with a weak half-smile


"Yeah. It's just that I know tomorrow will be just as bad. And the day after that, too."

Neither said anything more during dinner. After they had eaten and were sitting together watching TV, Debra was clicking through the channels looking for their favorite TV program. She came across a football game on one of the sports channels.

"Oh, that reminds me, one of the guys at my office was saying that football tryouts are coming up next week. Why don't you try out? You used to play back in Austin and maybe that will help you fit in better. From the sounds of it, football is pretty big here," she said.

"I dunno, Mom... it would probably be just another chance for the kids to laugh and make fun of me," he said.

"Oh, Craig, you were pretty good back in Austin, you were one of the top players in your school weren't you? You got MVP one year!"

"Yeah, but I had a lot of help from my teammates, guys I could count on to back me up. Here..." his voice trailed off wistfully.

"Well, think about it. I think it would be good for you to get back into it. You won't make many friends sitting at home watching TV with your old Mom!"

"I will, Mom. And you're not old!"

"Thanks, sweetie." She kissed him on the forehead, grateful for the compliment.

The next day at work Debra was thinking about Craig's situation. She wanted to do something to help him but wasn't sure what that could be. Then an idea hit her–maybe if the football coach made the first move Craig might be more willing to try out for the team.

She figured if the coach asked him to play, Craig would give it a shot and if he did, he might get the bug to play again.

"Hello, Can you give me the extension for the football coach's office, please?" Debra said, calling the main school office.

"I will connect you. Please hold on."

The phone rang a couple of times before a male voice answered this time. "Hello, this is Coach Johnson."

"Mr. Johnson, this is Debra Lopez, Craig Lopez's mother. I would like to talk to you about my Craig joining your football team. You see, we just recently moved to Charlotte from Austin where he played football there. He's really good too–he won MVP and his team won State last year." 

"I see. Well, we do have several positions left to fill. Tell you what, have him stop by my office and I will talk to him and see what we can do," he said.

"Actually, that's kind of why I am calling. You see, we have had a tough go of it lately. His father and I have gotten divorced and it's just been him and me for the last couple of years. 

"Then this past New Year's my father–his grandfather–passed away. He was very close to his grandfather, the only real man he had to help him with his problems. After he passed away, we decided there were too many bad memories in Austin anymore so we moved here. 

"He's had trouble fitting in and that's why I am hoping football will be his way into the crowd. But he is hesitant about asking, figuring it's just another way for the kids to tease and harass him. 

"I was kind of hoping that you would approach him and ask him to try out... you know, like you heard he was good and you need him on your team sort of thing?" She explained.

"So you want me to play talent scout... seek him out and ask him to play ball for us?"

"Yes, that's right. I thought if you asked him, he would feel less like he was begging for a chance. You know how you feel when you apply for a job and are going to the interview to ask for a chance to show what you can do. 

"He's had enough disappointment and discouragement in the last few years to last a lifetime. It would sure build him up if the coach sought him out to play for the team," she said.

"I understand. All right, here's what I can do. How about if I stopped by sometime after school and talked to him and you about his playing football with us. 

"Let me call his past school, I can get his records from the office, and talk to the coach there so I have some background on him. Then I will come over and meet him and talk about the possibility of his playing for Central." 

"That would be wonderful Mr. Johnson. When do you think you could come by? I mean, I know there's a point at which your roster has to be filled, plus I work and would want to be home when you came by," she said.

"Well let's see, today is Tuesday, so give me a couple of days to reach the coach at his old school... how about Friday–unless you have plans for that night?"

"Friday is fine. I get off work at 5:30 on Fridays so would 7:00 be all right with you?"

"Friday it is then. I will see you at 7:00."

"I really appreciate this Mr. Johnson. And I'm sure Craig will be a good addition to your team."

"Well, I will call and talk to his old coach and see what he has to say."

Debra hung up, feeling very good about the conversation and the prospects for her son joining the team. Craig had been one of Coach Walker's star players and he was sad to see him leave. 

Coach Walker had helped him when they were going through the divorce. She was sure he would give Coach Johnson a good report and help him get on the team.

Debra didn't mention anything to Craig for the next couple of days–she didn't want him to get wind of what she was doing and make up some excuse not to be home when Coach Johnson came over.

Finally, Friday rolled around and Debra rushed home after work a fast as she could safely drive. From her office downtown, it took about twenty minutes to get home if there was no traffic. However, this was Friday afternoon and rush hour to boot, so it would take her longer to make the trip.

Who in the hell came up with the name "rush hour" for THIS? she thought as she tried to maneuver through the congested streets. 

The slow pace was excruciating, but she kept her mind on what she was going home for. Tonight was the night when she hoped to get Craig into football again and with a little luck, that would be the key to helping him find a home at Central High School.

After an exasperating drive, she made it home at last, pulling into her driveway and parking in the garage. She raced up to their apartment calling out to see if Craig was home.

"Craig! Honey, I'm home! Are you here?" she called out.

But she got no answer. She went into the kitchen and that when she saw the note taped to the refrigerator door:

I got a date with Julie tonight. We are going to the movies and then out to dinner. It was a last-minute thing, she called me only about twenty minutes ago. I don't know when I'll be home but it might be late. Hope you had a good day at work, and I'll talk to you later or tomorrow if I get in and you're already in bed.

"Oh no! And it's too late to call Mr. Johnson to cancel too!" Debra said aloud to herself.

Well, she would just have to meet with him without Craig. Hopefully, he'd had a chance to talk with Craig's old coach and found out what he needed to know about Craig's football playing. Of course, Craig wouldn't be there to give the final yes or no on whether he'd play, but at least she could talk to Coach Johnson some more about it.

But she'd have to hurry–she looked at the clock and it read 6:05. "Yikes! I'd better get a move on if I am going to be ready for Mr. Johnson!" she said.

She ran into the bedroom getting undressed as she went and as soon as she got to the bedroom she tossed her clothes into a pile on the floor. She slipped out of the last of it and went to the bathroom.

Quickly turning on the shower and adjusting the water, she got ready to take a quick shower to wash the day off and freshen up a bit. As she showered, she ran her hands up her legs checking to see if she needed to shave. 

She didn't need to shave her legs or her armpits, but then she got a playful idea to shave her pubic patch. She used to keep it shaved when she was back in college and it never failed to be an added treat to those guys that she dated. 

But after she got married, she put those wilder times behind her, and keeping her pussy shaved clean just sort of went along with them.

Now, however, she was going to meet with a man that could possibly hold the key to her son's fitting in at school and being happy again about his education. 

And like any good mother, she wanted the best for her son. If that meant a little harmless flirting and cozying up to the man who could make her son happy, then she'd do it. 

But in order to be sexy, you have to feel sexy. And for Debra, a smooth snatch is a great way to turn on the sex appeal!

Starting with her ex-husband's old electric razor, she sheared off the majority of the growth that covered her. She had kept it fairly trimmed but still, it would be easier if she used the electric razor first. 

Once the fur was reduced to stubble, she lathered up and finished with her regular ladies razor. She worked as quickly as she could and still be safe about it–this was putting her behind schedule but it would be worth it if Craig made the team.

When she was satisfied with the job she did she finished her shower and then got dressed. She debated about wearing something slinky and sexy... something that would leave no doubt about her determination to get what she wanted! 

But as she looked over her LBD and the naughty little metallic silver mini dress with a plunging front she used for man-baiting, she thought that he might feel uncomfortable being so underdressed. 

She was pretty sure he wasn't going to show up in Armani and she didn't want him to feel like a slob for coming over in jeans and a polo shirt!

She looked for an outfit that was a bit more casual, yet still made the statement that she was definitely all woman. She picked out a flirty, but not whorish, red dress that she had worn to other occasions like last year's Valentine's Day office party. The dress said "I'm playful and fun," without saying, "I'm an easy fuck!"

She got dressed quickly slipping on the dress her thigh-top stockings and a pair of matching peep-toe pumps with five-inch heels. With her clothes taken care of, she turned her attention to her makeup. 

She usually wore minimal makeup, mostly because she was always rushed in the mornings to get to work, but also because it simply wasn't necessary–who was she making herself up for anyway?

But tonight was one of the rare occasions she felt called for a little more preparation. She didn't know exactly why, but she had a sense that showing her feminine side, rather than her motherly side, would make things go smoother and end more successfully. 

So she put on her makeup as if she was going on a big date, even though this was just a meeting with the school football coach.

At last, she felt she was ready and none too soon either! She had just finished putting the final touches on her makeup and dabbing a bit of her favorite perfume, Calvin Klein's "Obsession", behind each ear. Then with a coy little smile, she put a bit in the valley between her breasts as well.

Checking herself in the full-length mirror one last time, she sat down and waited for Mr. Johnson to arrive. Debra couldn't believe the way she was acting; she was nervous as a schoolgirl getting ready for the prom! 

And this wasn't really even a date, although it was certainly feeling like one to her! She could only attribute her butterflies to the fact that she wanted this for Craig. The poor boy had three more years of school and this was high school–supposedly, some of the best times of his life. 

After he graduated, his "childhood" would be at an end and she wanted to leave him with some wonderful memories–he already had more bad ones than anyone his age should have. 

Debra was going over the things she wanted to tell him, mentally rehearsing her speech so she wouldn't sound desperate and she would hit everything she wanted to say. This was important to Craig and to her. Not only would it make his high school days considerably easier and more enjoyable, but it could lead to a scholarship to college as well. So his future was at stake as well. 

Debra was worried that if things didn't change, Craig would just give up and drop out of school. He was old enough to do it now, and it was only her promise that things would get better that kept him in school as it was. 

If he got turned down for the football team, he may just throw in the towel and figure it wasn't worth the harassment. And without a high school diploma getting a good job would be difficult and college would be next to impossible.

All these thoughts were running through her head when suddenly there was a buzz from the front building entrance.

"Shit, he's here!" Debra said aloud to herself. She walked over and pushed the button to let him in and a couple of moments later he knocked on her apartment door. She opened it to find a very pleasantly surprised Coach Johnson!

"Ms. Lopez! I'm sorry, did I come at a bad time? Were you about to go out?"

"Oh no, Mr. Johnson, I just... I just wanted to look nice. Oh, it's silly of me, I know. Please don't mind me–it's just that this is important for Craig! Just count it up to a mother wanting to do her best for her son. I'm sorry Craig isn't here–he left me a note saying that his girlfriend wanted to go out tonight."

"Ms. Lopez, there's nothing silly about a mother wanting the best for her son or daughter. And there certainly isn't anything silly about the way you are dressed. You look very lovely and I appreciate the effort. 

You don't know how many mothers I see in sweatpants or blue jeans. Seeing a woman who dresses up like you have is a very welcome change! And if it's all right with you I'd like to talk to you a bit about Craig."

"Well, thank you. Won't you come in? Would you like something to drink? I have sweet tea, coffee if you don't mind instant, and I may be able to scare up a beer if you like." 

"Well if that beer isn't too much trouble that would be nice. If not, then sweet tea would work just fine too."

Debra ushered him in and walked him to the living room. "I'll be right back with your drink, Mr. Johnson"

"Okay, but please, call me Jim."

"All right... Jim. And you can call me Debra."

"It's a deal, Debra."

Debra smiled shyly and then turned to head into the kitchen. Oh my GOD, he's gorgeous! she thought. She was so glad she fixed herself up before he came over! 

She returned to the living room and Jim a few minutes later with two glasses of sweet tea. "I guess that beer found another owner, sorry. But I do have sweet tea."

Debra handed him one of the glasses and sat down on the sofa with him, but at a respectful distance away.

"That's fine. Thank you." He took a drink. "Mmm, delicious!"

Debra smiled and she felt her cheeks pink up a bit. "I'm glad you like it."

The conversation paused for a moment before Coach Johnson began again.

"Debra, I got in touch with Coach Walker and he and I had a nice long conversation about Craig. He told about how he was in school and how well he played on the team. He told me that your boy was a strong player and a good influence on the other players. 

"Football players, like some other sports, are occasionally involved in some rather dubious behavior. It's all about peer pressure. But Coach Walker said that Craig wouldn't have anything to do with that.

"Craig, he said, would always show good judgment and solid, respectful behavior. Coach Walker said he highly recommended Craig not only as a top player, but also as a good person. I told him what you had said about not fitting in and he understood. 

"He agreed with you that getting him on the team and giving him something in school to relate to would help him stay in school and maybe even fit in better."

Debra was breathing easier now... it looked like Craig's old coach had come through one more time for him.

"And so, after talking with Coach Walker and talking also with his counselor at school, I have decided to give Craig a shot at getting on the team. I hate to see anyone throw away their education especially someone as promising as I'm told Craig is."

"Oh, Jim! Oh, that's wonderful news! Oh, thank you! You have taken such a load off my mind!" Debra said, taking his hand without thinking. Then when she realized what she had done, she pulled her hand back quickly, looking down and blushing bright red.

Jim didn't react at first to either her hand or the absence of it. He just sat there for a few seconds thinking before calmly replying.

"Debra, as the coach of the Central High School football team, I take my responsibility seriously. I'm not just the coach when the team is playing on the field or practicing for a big game. I am also these boys' friends, their counselor, and for some, almost a father-figure. 

"I don't just deal with football plays and game schedules; I deal with issues that are outside of the gridiron. When a kid comes to me having issues with schoolwork, problems at home, or even girl troubles, I am there for them. I want to know Craig for more than his position on the team or whether his grades are high enough that he can play."


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