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seducing stephen - chapter 8 - extreme measures

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Sthen and Jim decide to see how far they can push the limits

It should come as no surprise; things felt quite different in my household now. After allowing my husband and my teenage lover to simultaneously share my bed, and my charms, the dynamics of my cozy little family had shifted considerably.

A few weeks ago, I was living the dream. By day, I was being pleasured regularly by my strikingly handsome and virile sixteen-year-old neighbor and boarder.

And, by night, I had my husband captivated. He was riveted by my sordid tale of sexual adventure; as he hung on every word, and every description, in a state of constant arousal and anticipation.

I was sovereign. I was the queen. I controlled the action by controlling the overcharged libidos of my teenage lover and my voyeur husband. They worshipped me as their 'sex goddess'. They fawned over me. And, they worked hard to be worthy of my attention, and the rewards that it entailed.

I felt attractive, sexy and desirable. But mostly, I felt powerful.

And ‘powerful’ was not something I had felt often in my marriage to Jim. Typically, he was in charge. And typically, I submitted to his desires and wishes.

Make no mistake, I thoroughly enjoyed the pleasures that I received from my role as his submissive ‘hot wife’. Being submissive to my husband was very core to who I was, and who I am. And, submitting to Jim’s instructions triggered a pleasure center deep within me that I truly relished.

However, for a few brief weeks, my life felt different. I was temporarily in control. I had my teenage 'sex toy' to tease, educate, and reward. And, these rewards were granted at my whim. Stephen worshipped me, and he was highly motivated to please me. And, I relished his adoration.

In the evening, in my marital bed, Jim practically begged me to ‘tell him more’, to describe in vivid detail what Stephen and I had done that afternoon; and how it felt.

I do not think I am boasting to say that I have a unique ability to make images real for my husband, with my words and my descriptions.

I could bring Jim to the verge of orgasm simply by describing the rigidity of Stephen’s erection; or the sounds I made as I climaxed as Stephen fingered me; or, if I described how I thrashed about, grasping he sheets as Stephen sucked on my sensitive ‘little nubbins’.

Hell, something as simple as me describing the unique scent of Stephen’s semen could drive my husband to the very edge of orgasm.

Yes, I loved the way Jim’s eyes would simply glaze over with lust, as I described the distinct, slightly salty taste of Stephen’s sperm as he ejaculated in my mouth.

I enjoyed this temporary dominion I had over my two men. But alas, nothing lasts forever. Things were slightly different now. Ironically, my ‘ménage a trois’ with my husband and Stephen served to erode the basis of my power.

One evening, Jim and I were cuddling in post-coital bliss when he asked, “So how are you feeling about things these days?”

My head was resting on Jim’s chest. My fingers were playing with his nipple and chest hair. “I’m doing okay…I kind of miss being the ‘queen bee’ around here, but I’m doing okay.”

“Queen bee? What do you mean?”

“C’mon Jim, you know that for virtually our entire marriage, you’ve been calling all the shots, at least sexually. You tell me what to wear, what to do, who to fuck…you expose me to whomever you want…and, you get to gauge their reaction to your wife’s naughty behavior, and, you get to watch my reaction to their response…but you’re the one controlling things,”

I sighed heavily, before admitting, “Oh, at times, I pretend to resist…occasionally, I put up a little argument, before I relent, but then I do whatever you want me to do. You've always been in know it's true.”

I kissed Jim’s chest briefly, flicking my tongue across his nipple, as I formulated what I wanted to say. “Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being your naughty little submissive slut. In fact, I enjoy it a lot. It is who I am, at my core…I’m your submissive little slut wife…I know it. I accept it. And, it’s a lot of fun, and very rewarding at times…But when Stephen first moved in, it was different…for once, I was in control.”

“How do you figure that?” Jim asked, clearly not understanding what I was saying.

“Well, Stephen doted on me every minute of every hour. But he knew that you could never find out, or his little game of ‘playing house with Cindy’ would be over. And, that fear of getting ‘caught’ kept him in line. I could pretty much get my little ‘boy toy’ to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, as long as I tied it to keeping our little secret, secret…”

I paused for a second before continuing, “And, you understood that this wonderful voyeuristic adventure that you were enjoying could come to a screeching halt if Stephen found out that you and I were complicit. You knew that if Stephen discovered that, not only were you aware that Stephen was 'slipping the sausage' to your wife, but that you actually enjoyed watching Stephen fuck me while you were hiding in the closet, it might well ‘spook’ Stephen. You understood that Stephen might object to performing sex acts with me for your voyeuristic viewing pleasure. That kind of kept you in line, too.”

"I see your point," Jim nodded.

“Yeah, whatever control I had was because you and Stephen believed that each of you needed to keep the other one ‘in the dark’, so to speak. And now, sadly, neither of you has any reason to maintain this ‘veil of secrecy’ from each other.”

“But nothing has really changed from your perspective, just our perspective,” Jim argued.

“That’s not true. Suddenly, instead of you each acting individually, in stealth, you two are free to work in concert. And this new ‘alliance’ between you two means that the power has shifted. It actually feels like you two are conspiring against me. You two are calling the shots now. I don’t mind it, but it is a different dynamic.”

“Conspiring against you? I think you are being a tad paranoid.”

"Not really. Think about it. Rather than me pretending to conspire with Stephen to hide our affair from you, and you and I actually conspiring to hide your voyeuristic involvement in this adventure from Stephen, you two are suddenly ‘comrades in arms’. It’s like you two are now ‘brothers banded together with a common cause’. I mean, I am thoroughly enjoying being the target of your and Stephen’s conspiracy efforts, but I really enjoyed my brief time of being in control. It was far too ‘short-lived’. I feel a little bit like Cinderella when the clock strikes midnight. My evening of being the ‘belle of the ball’ has come to a close.”

Jim smiled and said, “But remember, things eventually turned out pretty well for Cinderella, didn’t they?”

“Valid point…valid point,” I agreed.

I drifted off to sleep, knowing that all of my physical needs were being more than met; but still I was slightly sad that my time of controlling, and perhaps even manipulating, my two lovers for my emotional and sexual enjoyment was over…I went to sleep with the realization that I was now the puppet being manipulated; and I was no longer the puppet master pulling the strings and making my 'boy toys' dance for my own amusement.

And so, it went. During the two weeks, following my first ‘ménage a trois’ with Jim and Stephen, there were many awkward, but sexually rewarding, moments around the house. I was groped and undressed, fingered and fucked repeatedly, in various places, in various combinations, occasionally at very inopportune times.

Stephen and Jim seemed to feed off of each other. I had become a sexual toy of sorts. And, there seemed to be an unspoken competition between these two ‘arrested adolescents’ to see who could ‘out do’ the other.

At times I was groped and fondled by one while the other sat back and watched. Other times, they would ‘tag team me’, working in tandem as they undressed me, fingered me and eventually took turns fucking me.

It seemed like my pussy was constantly slightly sore from over use, and constantly leaking someone’s semen into the gusset of my panties; when I was allowed to wear panties, that is.

I found their attention, and desire to manipulate me into increasingly ‘interesting’ situations, very flattering, it was also quite tiring. Their insatiable libidos were wearing out this 38-year-old MILF and her tight little pussy. And their desire to find new ways to challenge my limits had me anxious and nervous. I never quite knew what crazy idea was lurking around the corner.

However, I enjoyed it, a lot. I was their willing sex slave, and I relished this role.

It was Sunday morning. I had drifted off to sleep following a raucous early morning sexual romp where Jim and Stephen had taken turns fucking me.

Although I typically sent Stephen back to his own bed following our late night ‘fuck fests’, Sunday morning was more relaxed, and I enjoyed napping between my two lovers: my husband of almost 20 years and my teenage lover.

I awoke, slightly disoriented. I glanced at the clock on my dresser. We had snoozed for almost two hours. It was nearly eleven o’clock.

I smiled as I recalled making love to each of them a few hours earlier. I reached down and said ‘hello to little Cindy’. She was wet and content. ‘Little Cindy’ (my vagina) was still brimming full of the wonderful cocktail of semen from this morning. I was postponing getting up and washing the remnants of this morning away. I admit, I liked having my men’s semen inside me. It is psychologically satisfying to me in a way you may not understand.

Both men seemed to be waking as well. Jim gently took my arm and rolled me on my stomach. “Stephen, let’s give Cindy a massage.” Jim suggested to his ‘partner in crime’.

Stephen rolled over next to me and began massaging my shoulders. Jim focused on the lower half of my body, from the waist down. As Jim rubbed my legs, ass and lower back, his fingers explored my wet, gooey and leaking vagina momentarily. He seemed to be surprised to find the volume of spent semen still remaining inside me.

“Baby, you are sopping wet already”, he remarked.

“No, that is the pool of semen you guys left in me this morning. Right now, there are millions of ‘spermies’ swimming around frantically looking for something to fertilize. Hopefully they won’t find anything. But they are swimming around inside your wife. She has been being a very bad little girl lately.”

Looking over my shoulder, I could see Jim’s penis begin to stir and stiffen as I spoke. I have known for years that the very thought of another man’s sperm inside his wife stimulated and aroused him; as it did me. So, I used this knowledge to arouse my loving husband.

Stephen, on the other hand, needed no encouragement to become aroused. He woke with a hard-on regularly; but waking up next to me, in my marital bed now, only added to the stiffness of his erection.

I loved having my men erect; it makes me feel sexy, desirable and, in a way, powerful.

I was happy and content. Jim would run his fingers between my legs, massage my clit, insert a finger or two inside me briefly and then return to my ass and legs. I was becoming aroused again. Stephen was reaching around and cupping my breasts underneath me. I repeatedly felt both men’s erections bump against my bare skin. This was a wonderful way to wake up from a Sunday morning nap.

Jim reached into our nightstand and retrieved a tube of k-y jelly, and placed some his fingers and began applying the lubricant to my backside. I immediately tensed up. “What are you doing?” I asked with a slight panic in my voice.

“Baby, I want you to try to take both of us together.” Jim said as he gently started to probe my now tense and sensitive sphincter. I was too scared to enjoy the soft exploratory probing that was going on at my backside. I just tensed up.

“Jim, if you are suggesting what I think you are suggesting, you know I can’t do that. I can’t accommodate either of you back there. I wish I could; I really do. But it just won’t work. I’m too small, too tight. It will hurt too much.”

I really did wish I could take both my lovers inside me together.

“Baby, we will go slowly. I just want you to try.”

"Jim, it just won’t work. I am too small, too tight back there. Both of you are too big.” I was trying to impose some reality about the physically geometry of my husband’s request. As a compromise, I suggested, “Baby, if you want both of you inside me together, I will suck one of you and take the other in my pussy. That, I can do. That I would be happy to do for you; for both of you.”

“Cindy, we will be very gentle. We won’t go any faster and further than you are comfortable with. I just want you to try to take us together. I want you to have both of us inside you together.” Jim pleaded.

“Jim, it’s not going to work. I am just too small, and too tense, and too scared. You would have to get me very drunk before I could even make an attempt at this.”

Jim surprised me and stopped probing my ass, and seemed to consider what I was saying. “I think you are right. If we are ever going to do this, we want it to be right. You are too tense, too scared right now. We’ll wait.”

Of all the things Jim could have done or said at that moment, deciding to stop and wait was the absolute last thing I expected. I looked at both men with bewilderment; waiting to see what was next. With both my men erect and ready to go, I was shocked with Jim’s next statement as well.

“Stephen, let’s take Cindy out for late Sunday lunch at the club. They serve brunch until three o’clock on Sundays.” Jim said as he got up from the bed; his erection waving proudly in front of him.

I did not want our interlude to end right now. I just wanted to stop the thoughts that either of them could take me anally.

“I don’t think you two are in any shape to go out in public with those boners. I would be happy to take care of those for you. I just can’t take either of you up my backside.”

I felt guilty that my refusal of the double penetration offer was leaving my men unfulfilled this morning. I really did not want either of them having to take care of their erections manually, or for them to be frustrated.

In fact, I took great pride in thinking neither of these men would ever be frustrated while living under my roof; I intended to see to that for the next several months, as long as Stephen was staying with us. Honestly, it was a matter of personal pride to me that neither man would ever have to look elsewhere for satisfaction. I wanted to be ‘all the woman’ they would ever need.

But Jim was making a request that I was simply ‘unequipped’ to fulfill; and I felt ‘inadequate’…and I did not like the feeling.

However, Jim was calling the shots. “No baby, we are going to spend today getting you in the mood. You do not need to worry about us this right now. We are going to spend the afternoon getting you relaxed and ready for both if us. Let’s get ready and go to brunch.”

First, if getting me relaxed was his intent, my husband was missing the mark. I was nervous, slightly scared, frustrated, and now, I was feeling guilty. I looked over at Stephen who was still next to me on the bed, and quite erect. He was still slowly rubbing my shoulders as he watched these events unfold.

Stephen got up slowly, and merely said, “Okay, brunch it is. You’re the boss.” His penis was still straining to the ceiling, and bobbed up and down in the most erotic manner imaginable as he got up. He was obviously disappointed. I knew he would have opted to have me give him ‘his release’, either vaginally or orally; but he was going to honor Jim’s instructions at the moment. 

Jim instructed me, “Cindy, you go get cleaned up and get ready to go to brunch. Wear that green halter sun dress I like; but don’t wear any panties. I want you naked and accessible under the dress.”

I felt my face redden at the thought of going to the country club ‘commando’, ‘sans underwear’.

This was a new twist. There would be friends and neighbors there. And, while the halter dress that Jim had instructed me to wear came down past my knees, it was silky and clingy. This particular dress did not have a built-in bra, so my erect nipples would be plainly visible.

And, I knew that the movement of my bare ass under the silky material of the skirt would attract attention from every male that I encountered. I was going to be exposed just short of being inappropriately dressed at the club. These thoughts embarrassed and excited me.

Being the obedient little ‘sex slave’ that I was, I showered, and took a douche’ and washed the spent semen from my vagina. Normally, I would be kind of sad removing the final traces of my lovers’ semen from inside me, but at the moment, I was pre-occupied with the day I was facing.

I dried, set my hair and donned my make-up, as I prepared for my date with my two lovers. As Jim had instructed, I put on the halter dress and felt very exposed as the silk material of the skirt caressed my bare skin. I put on some pumps with three-inch heels to give me a bit more height.

I inspected myself in the mirror. The dress was flattering, no question about it. The thin silky material accentuated my nipples nicely. It was readily apparent to anyone looking at me that I was braless. The three-inch heels caused me to stand in a manner that pushed my tight little ass out nicely. Yes, I looked good. I felt more exposed than I probably was.

It was nearly one o’clock when Jim and Stephen walked me to the car. As Jim held to front passenger’s door open for me, he said, “I want your bare ass on the seat on the drive over to the club.”

These instructions send a shot of excitement directly to my loins. I raised the back of my skirt and sat my bare bottom on the cold leather of Jim’s large Lexus sedan as Stephen climbed in the seat directly behind me.

The leather on my bare ass kept me keenly aware of my level of exposure. And the instructions Jim was giving me tapped directly into my submissive nature. I was become aroused without either of my men even touching me.

In the parking lot of the club, Jim opened the car door for me as Stephen stood behind him. “Show us your pussy before you get out.”, he instructed. I looked around and did not see anyone else in the immediate vicinity of our car, and raised my hem to show my now wet vagina. I wondered if my lubrication was going to leave a mark or puddle on Jim’s leather seats. I slowly got out of the car and then released me skirt, allowing it to fall back down and cover my nakedness. I was very aroused.

I walked to our table as I felt my erect nipples rubbing against the thin material of my dress. I was keenly aware of my naked ass being caressed by my skirt. I could feel my face flush with embarrassment and excitement, but I could not look around the room to see what, if any, attention I had attracted. I was better off not knowing who was staring at me.

We were seated and Jim ordered two Bloody Mary’s for us, and juice for Stephen. Jim would allow Stephen to drink with us at home; however, he realized that at age seventeen, Stephen could not order alcohol in public. I had two Bloody Mary’s before Jim switched me to mimosas. .

I am not a stupid woman. I understood that Jim was trying to get me drunk today to relax me sufficiently to attempt my first ever double penetration.  I was aroused and submissive enough that I knew I was going to try to accommodate his desire; however, I had little hope of success. But I knew I needed to have a lot of assistance from alcohol and I would need to be very, very aroused if there was any chance at all.

I was anxious and nervous, not hungry. I had a bowl of melon slices and some toast. Jim and Stephen both ordered a more substantial brunch. By the time we left, after nearly an hour and a half, I had consumed two Bloody Mary’s and two mimosa’s and had a nice ‘buzz’ going, but was not drunk. However, I doubt I would have passed a breathalyzer test.

Opening the car door, Jim said simply, “Ass on the leather”. I knew what he meant. I raised my skirt to place my bare ass on the cool leather as instructed. I did not even look around the parking lot to see if anyone was watching my little show.

My head was absolutely spinning from the alcohol, and the excitement of my submission to my husband.

Once home, Jim Instructed me to remove my dress, which I did.

I stood there, in my living room, wearing only my pumps.

Jim took me in his arms and kissed me deeply as he ran his fingers between my legs, opening my lips and testing my wetness. His fingers across my erect clitoris caused me to moan and shudder. He turned me towards Stephen and instructed me to give him a kiss as well. Standing there naked in front of my young lover, as my husband offered me to him, felt very erotic.

Stephen responded as I hoped; he kissed me deeply and I could feel his penis throb against my bare belly. He was obviously up for whatever activities Jim had in mind this afternoon.

Jim retrieved a large bottle of tequila and two lemons, three shot glasses, a knife and a shaker of salt, and headed into the den. He then started a fire in the fireplace. Stephen and I watched the preparations with keen interest. Jim then brought a large thick comforter out of the bedroom, with four pillows and spread them out in front of the fireplace.

He placed a large tube of K-Y jelly on the coffee table. The sight of the K-Y jelly immediately brought me back to the reality of what Jim intended to attempt today, and despite my slightly inebriated state and arousal, this thought still scared me.

I was a total emotional mess at this moment. In my slightly inebriated state, my judgment was a bit more clouded than it would be normally. The idea of taking both men together appealed to me on an emotional and aesthetic level; but I really did not think I could accommodate either of these well-endowed men in my backside. And my fear had me tense and was interfering with me being able to relax and enjoy the moment; yet being here, naked with my two men was surreal and exciting. My mind was racing in many directions.

Jim put some relaxation music on the stereo. I scooted towards the warmth from the fireplace.

“Ok, we are going to play a bit of a drinking game her to help Cindy relax a bit. The rules are that when it is your turn, you take one shot of tequila, and then you tell the rest of us a fantasy, or secret desire you have, or you tell us about something sexual you have done. I will go first.”

Jim sliced the lemon. He poured the three shot glasses full with tequila. Jim then took the lemon slice in his left hand, licked the area where his thumb and forefinger meet to moisten in, and salted it. He licked the salt from his hand, downed the shot in one gulp, and sucked the lemon.

“Stephen, it is lick, swallow and then suck with tequila. That is, lick the salt, swallow the tequila and then suck the lemon,” Jim demonstrated.

“Okay, my secret fantasy is that I would like to see Cindy dance topless once again,” Jim said, revealing a part of my past with a smirk.  

“Again?” Stephen asked. “You were a topless dancer once?” The intrigue in Stephen’s voice was evident. I could not tell if this information excited or disappointed him. I was reminded of the song ‘My Angel is a Centerfold’.

Jim fielded Stephen’s question before I could. “Yeah, sweet Cindy has been on the stage before. She was very, very good. The crowd loved her. I think we can get her to tell you all about it sometime.”

"Jim!  hush!" I chastised.  I could feel myself blush as Jim revealed my experience in a topless dance contest when I was in college.. (You can read all the true details of this experience in my story 'Exposing Cindy - Spring Break".)

I was ready to move off the subject of my ‘topless dancing experience’ as quickly as possible, so I proceeded to down my shot. I felt my throat burn and my head spin slightly from the rapid infusion of alcohol into my system. Then I thought about what I wanted reveal. “Okay, I confess that it aroused me that you made me go to the club 'commando' today. I felt very naughty. And, wondered if any of our neighbors, or the waiter, could tell that I was naked under my dress. guess I am a bad little girl, huh?”

Stephen was smiling broadly. He obviously enjoyed this revelation about how being exposed aroused me.

Now it was Stephen’s turn. Stephen was priceless as his face contorted when he banged down his first ever shot of tequila. His eyes watered and he coughed as the potent liquid burned its way down his throat. He tried to hide the discomfort it caused; but he could not. Both Jim and I could not suppress our laugh at Stephen’s reaction.

“Oh Stephen, you are adorable. I do love you.” I blurted out in a laugh. 

Trying to control his coughing, Stephen’s voice cracked as he spoke, “Well all of a sudden I have a new fantasy about seeing Cindy dance topless. I have never even been in a topless bar, but now I want to go and see Cindy dance.”

“Jim, I am going to strangle you for telling Stephen about that. Stephen, that was a long time ago, when I was in college. But, Stephen, if I were ever to do that again, I would love to have you in the audience to cheer me on.”

“So, you were about my age?” Stephen was not going to let this go.

“Maybe a year or two older than you are right now, but yes, about your age.” I had been backed into a corner and forced to justify my behavior when I was 19 years old to this teenager, whom I was currently fucking. This situation was simply insane.

“That is so friggin’ hot.” Stephen was enjoying the thought of me on the stage in front of a room full of men.

Jim poured another round of shots and we started round two. I was already feeling a warm buzz that would cloud my judgment. He took the first shot from ‘round two’ effortlessly. “I like the idea of Stephen and me taking you together this afternoon. That’s my fantasy.”

“That’s pretty lame Jim. We all already know that is your fantasy. I think that is cheating.” But I let it go. I wanted to get buzzed. I wanted to remove all inhibition and fear that was clinging to my psyche’.

I salted my hand, licked the salt, took my shot, and sucked on my lemon slice. The tequila seemed to go to my head immediately. I was starting to get drunk and it was not four o’clock yet.

“Okay, I can’t believe I am going to admit this, but the idea of have the two of you inside me, one in the front, the other in the back, is starting to grow on me. I still don’t think I can actually do it, but I think I want to try.”

Stephen then took his second tequila shot. He handled this one slightly better, with minimal coughing.

“Jim pour me one more shot. And Stephen, tell me what you want to do to me today.” I was feeling bolder now that I had added two shots of tequila to the Bloody Mary’s and mimosas from brunch.

I waited for Stephen to entertain me with his description of what he intended to do to me. The tequila was working its magic as my head was spinning noticeably. I could feel the liquid courage building in my veins.

“I guess I am going to try to have anal sex with you while Jim is inside your vagina.” Stephen was testing the waters so to speak about how graphic he should be with his description.

“So, you who want to take my backside, huh? Do you think you can be trusted back there? You will have to hold still and let me control the action.” I was getting pretty drunk now. I could feel the warm lust sweeping over my entire body aided by the alcohol.

Jim was watching and enjoying the exchange between Stephen and me. He remained silent for the moment.

“Yes ma’am. I know I have to let you move back on me rather than me push into you. I need to let you control the penetration like Stacey did.”

Jim came to attention quickly on this last statement. “Wait a minute. Are you telling me you fucked Stacey? In the ass? How in the world did you manage that?” Jim was obviously caught off guard by this revelation.

I realized that I had not shared this information with my husband, so I jumped in. “Yes, Stephen and Stacey had some ‘quality time’ while she was here a couple of weeks ago. I was aware of it.”

“Well you little son of a gun. You nailed sexy Stacey. Hell, I have dreamed about doing that for years, and she never even looked my way. And you nailed her in the ass? You should be giving me lessons rather than the other way around. Damn son, you are now elevated to hero status. You are now a goddamn legend.”

Jim was taking this well. I was very glad that he was not angry that I had not shared this with him previously. And now I felt a little shot of jealousy as I saw Jim and Stephen both ‘light up’ as Jim gushed about Stephen ‘nailing Stacey’.

These two men belonged to me, and they did not need to be ‘slobbering all over themselves’ about that gorgeous bitch Stacey.  They were supposed to be gushing over me!

“Okay, I am getting bored with this discussion about Stacey.” I honestly admitted. “If you two want to compare notes and fantasies about her, I will leave you to ‘jack each other off’ with Stacey stories.” I knew I was sounding like a jealous bitch; but I could not help it.

Jim realized where this was heading and changed direction. “No, Stacey is not any part of this. We are here to please the sexiest, most beautiful woman on the planet, Cindy. Stephen tell Cindy what you want to do to her today.”

Stephen also realized that he needed to get my mind off Stacey and back on the concept of me being the 'cream filling in an Oreo sex cookie' this afternoon. “Cindy, you are going to be straddling Jim as I come up behind you, and slowly enter you. I will let you control the action, but I am going to penetrate your bottom as Jim makes love to you.”

The mental picture that Stephen was painting was arousing me.

I was well ahead of both guys in my alcohol consumption, but I needed to be. I knew that I was now well passed being ‘legally drunk’. I could feel my tongue thicken as I spoke. I was slurring my words ever so slightly. And, the alcohol caused my language to become cruder.

“Okay, gentlemen…I want you to shuck those clothes. Let me see those boners that you intend to pry me open with…I’m ready to ‘inspect the goods’…C’mon, show me your cocks,” I insisted, my tongue thickening by the second. The alcohol clearly taking effect.

As Stephen and Jim quickly shed their clothes, I added, “Those are really nice erections you have there…So, Jim, are you going to let this young man fuck your wife’s ass today?”

“Not only am I going to let him, I am going to hold you while he does it.”

The sexy talk, the anticipation of what was coming, the two erections straining towards the ceiling in front of me, and my high blood alcohol content had me quite aroused. I was becoming convinced I could do this. I could feel my vagina opening and leaking in wet anticipation. My pulse was noticeable in my clitoris.

Jim stood, pulled me to my feet, and led me to the couch, where he leaned me forward over the back of the couch, placing me in a position where my bottom was elevated above both my feet and head. “Oh baby, what are you going to do to your wife now?”, I whimpered in anticipation of my first double penetration my voice  cracking slightly.

“Stephen is going to get you prepared.”

Jim handed the tube of K-Y jelly to Stephen, and said, “Would you like to do the honors? Would you start to prepare Cindy?” Jim moved from behind me and sat on the couch where he could hold me and kiss me as Stephen moved behind me.

I heard the sound of the K-Y jelly being squeezed out and then felt Stephen apply a liberal amount to my tight sphincter. I looked at Jim, who was sitting next to me, his hands gently massaging my tiny breasts as I leaned over the back of the couch. “Oh baby, he’s starting to play with my asshole. His fingers are starting to enter your wife’s tight little bottom. Oh, god. His finger is inside me.”

“Oh, I am such a naughty girl. I shouldn’t be letting people finger my asshole.” The alcohol had taken over at this point, and I was enjoying the thought of what was going to happen. And I was talking about it far more bluntly than I would under any other circumstances. I was enjoying the moment.

“How’s it feel, baby?”

“Oh Jim, it feels tight, but it feels kind of good too. I want to do this for you. I love you so much. I love both of you so much. Oh baby, he is fucking my ass with his finger. Oh damn, it feels good. I can’t believe I am doing this. I am such a bad girl, letting you two play with my bottom like this.”

Jim’s penis looked harder and larger than I can ever remember seeing it. “Baby, do you like knowing he’s fucking my ass with his finger?”

“Oh yes, I like it a lot.”

I started rocking my hips back and forth in response to the anal stimulation, pushing myself back against his probing fingers.

Stephen withdrew his finger and then I felt the tips of two fingers at my anal sphincter, stretching it open and working their way into me. I could not believe it; I was taking two fingers.

“Oh shit, go slow…stop. Oh fuck, Stephen, be gentle with me…ease in…please,” I whimpered.

Stephen had the tips of his fingers inside my rectum now. He was wiggling them, slowly allowing my tight sphincter to relax. After 30 or 40 seconds, he was able to move in and out, slightly. It was starting to actually feel good again.

I looked to Jim, “Oh baby, he has two fingers in me now. Do you think I am a bad girl for doing this? Tell me I am still your good girl. Tell me that it is okay that I am letting him do this to my ass.”

I was almost crying as the alcohol and the anal stimulation combined to release my emotions in an unexpected way.

“Oh baby, you are my good little girl. You are a very good girl. I am so proud of you.” Jim then looked to Stephen and said, “I think she is ready.”

Stephen withdrew both his fingers and Jim led me over to the comforter spread on the floor in front of the fireplace. The warmth felt wonderful. Jim laid on his back, his erection pulsing noticeably as I straddled him. I was able to insert Jim’s erection in my wet and dilated vagina easily.

Stephen then climbed behind me and positioned himself to assault my backdoor. Jim reached up took my face and pulled it to his and kissed me deeply, probing my mouth with his tongue, as he held my butt cheeks apart. I then felt Stephen place the head of his penis at my anal sphincter, and slowly began pushing into me.

I broke the kiss with Jim, I needed to be able to guide Stephen at this moment. I needed to be able to talk to my ‘back door lover’.

“Oh baby, be careful; go slow. Let me push back on you.” I could feel the large head prying my backside open. It hurt, but the pain was tolerable, even pleasant. Then as the ridge of the head of his erection began to try to pass inside my sphincter, the pain increased suddenly.

“Oh God, it hurts, hold still, don’t push...oh fuck, it hurt too much…oh shit…stay still…” I pleaded

Stephen remained motionless for a moment as I waited for the pain to subside and I focused on relaxing and taking him deeper.

After a few seconds, I slowly pushed back on to his very firm erection. And with a combination of pain and determination, I was able to push myself back and have the head of his penis penetrate past my opening.

Once the ridge of the plumb-like head had passed inside me the pain dissipated. After a moment’s rest, I was able to push him deeper, several inches now. I was ecstatic at my success. He was inside my ass!

I looked into Jim’s eyes and I beamed with pride. “Baby, I did it. I did it for you. He’s in my ass. Oh damn, he is so far inside my ass.” I leaned forward and kissed my husband with joy at my accomplishment.

Stephen then flexed his penis and the expansion stretched my anus suddenly. The sudden expansion of my tight sphincter sent a shock of pain through my bottom. I screeched, “Oh damn!, ow!…hold still…don’t move.”

But the pain quickly subsided. Cautiously, I whispered, “Stephen, do that again…flex yourself.”

It hurt, but it tolerable. The pain actually felt good in a weird and perverse way. It aroused me.

“Stephen, once more...” I panted, as I braced myself.

And his erection pulsed again and again inside me, each time stretching my tight asshole that was hugging the shaft of his erection so tightly. “Oh damn, that gets my attention! I don’t believe it. I have you in my ass.”

I looked at Jim now, “Can you feel him in your wife’s ass? God it feels like the two of you are rubbing together inside me. I am so stuffed so full of your cocks! God, Jim, can you feel him in your wife’s ass? I am such a nasty little slut…I’m fucking two men at once…Jim, I’m such a slut.”

Stephen started to move slightly in and out, probably only an inch or two, but the tightness of my anal sphincter made even the slightest movement feel dramatic, like he was turning my bottom inside and out with each minor stroke.

Jim started to move in and out of my vagina as well. As Jim moved in me, he said, “Yes baby, I can feel him in your ass. You are such a naughty girl…I love you baby, I really do.”

It took several moments for both men to find a rhythm that actually synchronized their strokes together.

I kept telling Stephen to be careful, go slow, don’t pull out too far. My instructions to Stephen seemed to arouse Jim all the more. The pain was gradually disappearing completely, and Stephen was gradually getting bolder in his movements. The combination of anal and vaginal stimulation was building inside of me. I started moving back to meet each man’s thrusts, grinding my clit on Jim’s pelvic bone. My orgasm was building slowly, but distinctly.

“Oh shit, baby, I think I am going to cum.” That statement was all it took for both men to start pounding me more violently, trying hard to push me over the edge. But rather than hurt, the increased tempo and the deeper, harder thrusts drove me closer and closer to the release I craved. I rubbed my clit against Jim, humping as Jim pounded into my vagina from below, and Stephen took full advantage of my open and exposed backside.

“Cum with me. Cum in my ass…fuck me…oh shit, I’m gonna cum…” I cried out as I knew my orgasm was imminent.

Suddenly, the waves of my first climax crashed over me, quaking my core. The combination of clitoral, vaginal and anal stimulation drove me to an intense reaction I have never before experienced. I was babbling incoherent sounds of pleasure that I cannot begin to describe.

I was a woman possessed as the powerful orgasm rocked my body. The dick in my ass, and the dick in my pussy kept plunging in and out of me, sending wave upon wave of orgasmic pleasure over me.

My orgasm quickly triggered the orgasms of my two men. Jim stiffened underneath me, thrust his hips forward as his penis began pulsing inside me, shooting string upon string of semen into my womb. Almost simultaneously, Stephen pressed deep into my rectum with his erection and I could feel the distinct pulsing of his erection. Each pulse stretched my anus reminding me how very tight I was hugging his cock. I could distinctly feel him throbbing as he pumped his semen into my now sodomized bottom, pressing his entire body against me ass.

After emptying his seed in me, he collapsed on top of me, and I collapsed on top of Jim.

“Please stay inside of me. Don’t pull out yet.” I asked. “I want to savor this moment.” All three of us were panting heavily. I flexed my anus and my vagina in succession, causing each penis to respond with a wonderful pulse in return. My men had taken me completely, in every way imaginable. I had taken my men together in a way I did not think was even possible; and I did it for my men.

I lay there, both penises continuing to pulse as they drained the last drops of semen inside me. I wanted this moment to last forever.

After a minute or so, Stephen began to withdraw from my ass. Now, absent the excitement and lust of my arousal and building orgasm, Stephen’s withdrawal was painful. “Oh damn, go slow. Shit that hurts.” But he exited me in a few seconds and the intense pain was gone.

Jim kissed me, and said, “Thank you for doing that. I am so proud of you for taking us both that way.”

“I did it for you.” And I disengaged from Jim’s penis and got up. My head was still swimming from all the alcohol I had consumed. I knew that tomorrow I would be hung over, with an aching head, and a sore ass. But I felt very happy at this moment.

“I am going to take a long, hot bath. Thank you both.” I looked at Stephen and said, “I suggest you go shower, and wash that dick of yours really well…I know where it's been.”

I soaked in the hot tub for nearly and hour, periodically adding hot warm to adjust the temperature. My tiny little asshole was quite sore, but I felt satisfied, and loved. I had done it all…I was a very content lady.

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