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Best Friend From High School Breeds My Mouth And Wife

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I meet up with my best friend from high school later in life and become his cock sucker and cuckold.

I have mostly good memories of my high school years. But there were some aspects, involving my best friend, Peter, that have bothered me right up until now, at the age of forty-five.

My name is Evan, and I became best friends with Peter in the second grade. We came from very different backgrounds socially, with his father being a prominent attorney in the Atlanta area, and my father working a less gainful job as a warehouse manager. Peter made better grades than me, is more athletic, and he was always able to afford the latest in clothing fashions and other goods.

We hit it off as friends, despite the differences in our families’ social and economic stations. I’ll admit that I was jealous of him, but he never rubbed his higher status in my face, and we were friends through it all. The differences became more obvious when we got into high school.

Our birthdays are only three weeks apart, and we both got cars from our parents on our sixteenth birthdays. His father got him a brand-new Chevelle Super Sport, and Dad bought me a ten-year-old beater car that was in fairly good shape. But I was thankful that my father scrimped and saved to buy me that car. It was more than most of the other kids had, but it still left me feeling inferior to Peter.

I worked construction during the summers and at a filling station in the evenings, to be able to afford car insurance, gas, and maintenance; while Peter had all those expenses paid by his father.

We both dated a lot of girls in high school, but with Peter’s good looks, new car, and plenty of money, he was more popular with the girls. We sometimes double-dated, usually with girls in the grade behind us. And as if all his other advantages weren’t enough, I also knew from taking showers together in physical education, that he is much better-hung than me.

Peter’s cock is uncircumcised and looked to be about six inches long on soft, and as thick as a toilet paper tube. His balls are the size of plums and low hanging, so his package looks big in the showers, swinging between his legs. I got glimpses of his hard cock a couple of times in our senior year, when we were out fucking our double dates, and it looked to be over eight inches long. My dick, by comparison, is only four and a quarter inches long on hard, and not nearly as thick as Peter’s.

We used to go out drinking in our junior and senior years of high school, and we’d sometimes take turns driving so we wouldn’t have a problem with the police. We didn’t hear as much about DUIs and alcohol-related accidents back then. But even when we were both drinking, we had enough sense to be careful.

During our junior year, Peter started dating Karen, who was a sophomore and one of the prettiest and most popular girls in school. She is pretty, in a classic way, with blonde hair and blue eyes, and a great body. They would break up periodically, and I had Peter’s blessing to take her out at those times. Those were basically platonic friendship kinds of dates, and I never even kissed her. Still, it gave me a lot of pleasure to be seen out with her.

Karen was the homecoming queen in her junior year, and she and Peter were seriously dating then, when they started having sex. Peter and I still dated and fucked a few of the other junior girls from time to time, but he was getting serious with Karen, and never fucked her in front of me. As luck would have it, they weren’t careful enough, and Karen got pregnant near the end of her junior year.

Those kinds of high school pregnancies can lead to a lifetime of poverty and unfulfilled dreams, but that wasn’t the case with Peter and Karen. Being wealthy helped a lot, and they were supported by Peter’s father as he began college at the University of Georgia in Athens, and Karen got her GED. After the baby was born, a son named Brent, Karen also began college at UGA.

Peter graduated UGA with a degree in business, and then went to law school, while Karen got her teaching degree. So, they came back to Atlanta with good educations and prospects for the future.

My path was different. After flunking out at a community college in the Atlanta area, I joined the Navy. I went to a Navy school to become an electronics technician, and after finishing my active duty on a ship at sea, I went to UGA to earn my degree in electrical engineering.

I met Tracy, the girl who would become my wife, at UGA, and she was a wild one. She continued dating and fucking other boys, even after we were going steady. She would tease me about not be able to satisfy her with my small dick, and how much she loved fucking big cocks. Tracy became mostly faithful to me after we were engaged, but I knew that she still had a wild streak in her. This might sound fucked up, but I loved that other men were attracted to her, and that she was open with her sexuality.

My career took me away from Georgia, and I spent the bulk of it working for a company that transferred me from Baltimore, to Philadelphia, and then New York, before sending me to Atlanta.

Tracy and I had two sons in Baltimore, and then during the years we were living in the Philadelphia area, our relationship took an arousing turn.

I had always been able to give Tracy orgasms, by sucking her pussy both before and after we fucked, but after our sons were in elementary school, she started getting cravings for big cocks again. She started seeking out other men to fuck, with my blessing, and before long, we were in a cuckold relationship with two men from our neighborhood.

Tracy easily attracts other men, with her pretty face, and fantastic body. She has light-brown hair and eyes and is sexy looking. Her sultry, come-fuck-me look, similar to the actress, Mila Kunis, is hard for men to resist.

I enjoyed my role as her submissive cuckold husband. Although I yielded to her insistence on fucking other men, I hadn’t yet agreed to Tracy’s requests for me to suck her pussy clean, or to suck the cocks of her lovers. For some reason, she wanted me to totally surrender myself to her and her lovers.

Our cuckold lifestyle continued even after I was transferred to New York, and she was fucking other men an average of six times per month, including my boss, Greg.

Tracy met Greg at a company party at his home. Before the night was over, he had snuck off with her to a spare bedroom in the basement, and the first I knew of it was when we got home. I was still drunk from the party, and when I ate her out like I usually do, I didn’t realize at first that she had been fucked, and I sucked her clean. Tracy laughed at me afterwards, goading me about eating his cum. It was a little distressing to me, but his cum tasted a lot like mine. I didn’t knowingly eat her out after she fucked, after that time.

That was probably the most demeaning for me of any of her sexual adventures, because I had to face Greg every day at work, with him bragging about fucking my wife, and commenting on what a great fuck Tracy was. After she began fucking Greg in front of me, she tried harder than ever to goad me into sucking his cock.

My promotion and the resulting move back to the Atlanta area was a happy time for Tracy and me, since we would be close to family and old friends. We were forty-five years old then, and our kids were in college.

The first friends I looked up were Peter and Karen. He’s very successful in his law practice, and quite wealthy. So, despite my own success, he was again doing better than me. Tracy and I went out to dinner with them, and I was amazed at how great Karen looked. She could easily pass for being in her mid-thirties. And despite Karen’s good looks, I could tell that Peter was attracted to Tracy, just as much as she’s attracted to and was flirting with him.

It was great having my best friend back, and although we sometimes went out as couples, Peter and I also had fun going out drinking without our wives. There were several bars and nightclubs that we liked to go to. We sometimes got hammered and had to take a taxi or Uber home. We were still getting reacquainted for the first couple of months, and mostly talked about our careers and the old days, having fun reminiscing about all the drinking we did in high school, and all the girls we fucked.

In the meantime, Tracy had gotten reacquainted with some of her high school friends, and she started fucking one of the boys that she had fucked in her senior year of high school. He was also married, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying my wife’s pussy.

As Peter and I continued going out drinking, and getting reacquainted with one another, we would confide about issues in our personal lives. One night we were both drunk, and with Tracy’s recent infidelity on my mind, I asked, “I’m sure that you and Karen are still enjoying a good sex life, but since you guys got married so young, have you ever had any reason to suspect that she might be cheating on you, to get a taste of some different cock meat?”

He laughed and replied, “We’re not as active sexually as before, mainly because Karen sometimes loses interest in fucking, but my cock has always been plenty for her. She has told me that some of the teachers and even the principal from her school have hit on her, but as far as I know, she’s been faithful. And what about you? Tracy is a hot looking woman and was flirty with me. She must have had a lot of propositions from other men.”

Under normal circumstances, it would have been unthinkable and embarrassing to admit to anyone that I was being cuckolded. But I was just drunk enough and saw it as a way of bragging to let Peter know how much other men are attracted to Tracy.

So, I explained, “Tracy was a wild child in college, and she was fucking other guys, even when we were dating. It wasn’t until we were engaged that she stopped that, at least mostly.”

Peter put down his drink and said, “Damn, Evan, that’s fucking kinky. As I remember it, you’re not well-hung, so that couldn’t have been the end of it.”

I smiled and said, “You’re right about that. After our kids were born, and we moved to Philadelphia, she started fucking two of our neighbors, with my blessing. I sometimes watched her fuck the other men. Then, we moved to New York, and continued that lifestyle. She was even fucking my boss, which got a little weird at times. Since moving back here she’s fucking an old high school sweetheart.”

Peter leaned in close and whispered, “Holy fucking shit, Evan, that is some crazy shit. I don’t know much about that cuckold stuff, but from an article I read, I learned that some cuckold husbands clean their wives up with their mouths after they fuck other men. You weren’t doing that shit, were you?”

I felt a little embarrassed, but answered, “Tracy has always wanted me to eat her out afterwards. I never did that willingly, but one night after a party where my boss fucked her the first time, I was still drunk when we got home. I didn’t realize until I had sucked her clean and recognized from the taste of her juices that she had just fucked my boss.”

Peter made a sour face, showing his disgust that I had eaten my boss’ cum, and said, “Damn, buddy, now that really is some nasty shit. From what I’ve read, a lot of cuckold men also suck the cocks of their wives’ lovers. You haven’t done that, have you?”

I smiled and said, “You should know me well enough from high school, to appreciate that I don’t have an attraction to other men. But Tracy is always asking me to both eat her out afterwards and to suck her lovers’ cocks. She can be very convincing, especially when I’ve been drinking. I have thought about it, but never had the nerve to try it.”

It was starting to look like he had a motive for his questions, and after Peter thought for a few seconds, and asked, “Well, how did you like it when you accidentally ate your boss’ load that time?”

I hadn’t told him about my habit of eating Tracy out, and answered, “To be honest, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. I eat her out both before and after we fuck anyway, and my boss’ cum didn’t taste all that different than mine.”

Then he got even more personal, saying, “You said that you don’t have an attraction to men. I believe that, certainly from a romantic perspective, because I don’t think you’re gay. But I’m guessing that the men fucking Tracy are well-hung, or she wouldn’t be fucking them. Given the size of your dick, don’t you ever find yourself admiring those bigger cocks? You must be getting some enjoyment watching her being fucked, or you wouldn’t put up with it. Hell, you might even be bisexual.”

Although I had noticed Peter’s big cock in the showers in high school, I never focused on the fact that he would have consciously acknowledged that he had seen mine, or that he would even care about it. But that was the second time that night that he had mentioned my small dick. I didn’t know if he was just trying to tease me, or maybe rub it in and make himself look big by comparison.

By bringing up a possible reason for my enjoyment at watching Tracy being fucked, Peter was touching on something that I struggled hard for years not to admit to myself. I did enjoy looking at those longer and thicker cocks, and even their big, low-hanging balls. I loved watching them stretch Tracy’s pussy and give her multiple orgasms. I was so envious of them and their meaty cocks, that I reluctantly admit now, that I sometimes seriously considered eating her out and sucking them, when Tracy told me to.

I was curious why Peter would be focusing on my potential attraction to those bigger cocks and becoming more suspicious of his motives. At the same time, I had never been able to talk about our cuckold activities with anyone else. It was kind of cathartic and arousing talking to someone other than Tracy about our cuckold lifestyle. So, I decided to keep the conversation going.

Peter knew that he was stirring up some emotions when I responded sarcastically, saying, “Thanks a lot, Peter, for pointing out my small dick, especially since I know that you don’t have that problem. But to answer your question, I’ll admit that I do enjoy seeing those other men’s big cocks, and I’m very envious of them.”

He thought for a few seconds and said, “You mentioned earlier that you’ve thought about it, but didn’t have the nerve to follow through, when Tracy tells you to clean her pussy and suck her lovers’ cocks. Does that mean that you do have the desire?”

I wanted to know why Peter was continuing to press on the subject, so, I asked, “Why do you keep asking me about that, Peter? What are you driving at?”

Peter is usually self-assured and assertive, but he must have been apprehensive about what he was going to say next. He leaned in close and nervously whispered, “Well, as I said earlier, I’m not getting as much pussy at home as I used to. So, I was thinking that if you had the desire, that uh, uh, maybe you’d want to try, you know, uh, try sucking my cock and draining my balls.”

If we weren’t both so drunk, I probably would’ve taken offense at him asking me to suck his cock. But I was curious, and looked at him, saying, “You must be kidding me, Peter. I can’t believe you’d ask me that. Are you fucking serious?”

He looked a little embarrassed, and responded tentatively, “Yeah, I uh, uh, have never had my cock sucked by a man, and since I think you might, uh, have the desire, then what could it hurt?”

Then I asked, “Would you want to suck my dick too?”

Peter answered, “No, Evan, I’m nowhere near being even bisexual, and I could never suck a cock. But since you’ve been admiring those other men’s cocks, and you’ve already eaten your boss’ cum, then, uh, maybe you should try sucking me. You might like it, and then you can start sucking those other men after they fuck Tracy.”

He didn’t realize that he’d be bisexual if I sucked his cock, but I decided not to point that out. All that talk was turning me on, and I was starting to realize that I really did want to try sucking Peter’s cock.

I know that I gave him some hope when I asked, “What if I did agree to try it? What then? Would we still be friends, or would you look at me as just a cocksucker? And where would we even do it?”

He thought for a few seconds and responded, “I don’t think either one of us knows how we’ll feel afterwards, but we’ve been friends for a long time, and I think it will be okay. We can go to my office if you want, since there’s no one there this time of night, and the cleaning crew will be finished by now. Are you really thinking of doing this for me?”

I didn’t want to appear to be too eager, so I answered, “Yeah, no, I don’t know, Peter. That would be a big step, going from admiring other men’s cocks, to sucking my best friend’s meat. Tell me something that will help convince me.

He quickly responded, “Well, if you were ever going to try sucking a cock, it might be best to do it with a good friend, instead of some stranger who’s fucking your wife. I would be the only one to know, and if you didn’t like it, or weren’t good at it, then you wouldn’t get into a tense situation with a stranger.”

That sounded lame, but I wanted to try it, so I said, “Okay, Peter, we can go to your office, but I can’t promise that I won’t chicken out. Let’s take a cab, since neither of us is fit to drive.”

We were both nervous on the cab ride to his office and walking unsteadily as we went into the elevator. We got to his very big and very nice office, with a big leather couch, and I couldn’t help comparing it to my rather small office. We fixed ourselves another drink from the wet bar in his office and sat on the couch.

Neither of us knew how to get things started, and we sat on the cushy couch in silence for a few minutes. Then, Peter said, “Here, I’ll take my pants and underwear off, and take a piss, and we can see if this is going to work.”

Peter and I are both six feet tall, but he weighs about one hundred and eighty-five pounds, while I am a little overweight at one hundred and ninety-five pounds. I couldn’t help noticing that he is very fit, especially for our ages. He bent over in front of me, when he laid his pants out on the other end of the couch, and I couldn’t help noticing his muscular legs and ass. Then he sat down next to me, after taking a piss in his private bathroom, and I got my first-ever close look at his cock. I had previously only seen him from a distance in the shower at school, and glimpses when he was fucking girls in high school.

His cock is uncircumcised, as I remembered, and it was still soft, at a little over six inches long, laying across his thigh. It’s thicker than I remembered, thicker than a toilet paper tube, with prominent veins running over the surface. His crotch is hairy, with a strong musky aroma, and his balls are the size of eggs, and were hanging over the edge of the couch.

I was just sitting there, staring at his big cock, when he asked, “Well, Evan, are you going to try it or not?”

As I shook my head ‘yes’, he said, “You realize that if you do this, you will need to do it all the way? I don’t want to be left hanging, or have you pull off, so I shoot my jizz on the couch. I want to feel my cum shooting into your mouth, and you swallowing it. Come on. Evan, get down on your knees and take it into your hand. Get the feel of it, and don’t forget to play with my balls either.”

I moved to my knees between his legs, with him smiling and looking down at me, and it flashed through my mind that, here we were again, with Peter having the upper hand in our friendship. I was on my knees between his legs, close to sucking his cock, and it would be hard to deny that he was dominating me.

His thick cock felt heavy and meaty in my hand, and I noticed that precum was already oozing out of the foreskin, as I began to stroke his meat, and fondling his big, heavy testicles with my other hand. I loved feeling his genitals for the first time, and it made me understand just how puny my dick and balls must feel to Tracy.

Peter’s cock soon reached its full, hard almost-nine inches long, and in the position I was in, it was only inches from my mouth. I felt his hands on the back of my head, pulling me down to suck his meat, as he said in a breathless, throaty voice, “Come on, Evan, suck it for me, man, you know you want to. Take my big cock into your cunt mouth and swallow my load.”

I yielded my dignity and self-respect to my friend, as I took the oozing head of his big cock into my mouth. I loved the texture of his foreskin, covering his big cock head, and I began sucking and licking, taking inch after inch into my mouth.

I started gagging, with about five inches of his thick fuck meat in my mouth, and he held me more tightly on his cock as he said, “Fuck yeah, cocksucker, gobble down my cock and choke on it.”

He was showing his dominance with his actions and comments, and that’s the first time that it hit me. I loved being subservient to my long-time friend and taking my place beneath him with his cock in my mouth.

I sucked him for what seemed like five minutes, and knew that he was close to ejaculating when he stopped thrusting into my mouth, and his cock began to spasm, as he moaned out, “Oh, oh, oh fuck, I’m filling your cunt mouth with my cum. Suck it, Evan, and swallow all of my fucking baby batter.”

His cock throbbed and pulsed for what seemed like over a minute, spewing his tasty cum into my mouth. It was plentiful and a little bitter, probably due to all the drinks we had, and I loved how thick and delicious it was. I continued sucking him as his cock softened, slurping out all the remnants of his ejaculation.

He finally pushed me back and said, “Holy fucking shit, Evan, that was fucking fantastic. Karen has never given me a suck job like that, and she doesn’t like to swallow either. Go on and work on my balls for a few minutes, until I recover from that great ejaculation. Maybe I’ll be able to feed you again in a while.”

That was a night of new experiences for me, and I didn’t hesitate to suck on his hairy scrotum and testicles, after he scooted farther down on the couch, and placed his feet on the table behind me. That gave me full access to his balls and perineum. I had obviously never sucked balls before, but I enjoyed it. It felt so nasty, being even farther down between his legs, sucking his balls, and taking them into my mouth one at a time.

I didn’t know what was happening at the time, but when Peter suddenly tilted his hips back, to give me even better access to his crotch, I realized that I was sucking on his thick, bulging perineum between his balls and ass. The aroma was stronger and muskier there, since I was close to his ass, but the idea of being even more submissive to him was turning me on. In that position, my chin was pressing into his ass.

As I sucked and licked his perineum, with his balls draped over my face, I knew that Peter really liked it when he said, “Damn, Evan, that feels fucking great. Karen will only rarely suck my balls, and she’s never sucked me down there, so close to my asshole. Keep it up, old buddy.”

My neck was bent back and getting a little sore in that position, and when I stopped sucking and sat back to rest for a few seconds, Peter grabbed my head to pull me back, as he looked down and said, “Shit, Evan, don’t stop now, that feels so fucking good.”

I was embarrassed at that point, having just sucked him off, and then sucking his balls and perineum, so I avoided looking him in the eyes as I responded, “Sorry, Peter, but I’m not used to doing this, and my neck is getting sore. Just give me a few minutes to relax.”

Peter wasn’t about to let the moment and his good feelings pass, so he said, “This is new for me too, but there must be a better way.”

He thought for a few seconds and said, “I know, I’ll get up, and you stay sitting on the floor, but turn with your back to the couch. Then you can lean back with your head on the seat.”

I couldn’t visualize how that position would help, until I got into place. He stood with his back to me, and one foot on each side of my hips, and began to squat over my face. He first dropped his big balls to my mouth, and then sat down heavier on me, until he was sitting on my face. Then he moved forward a little, until I was sucking his thick perineum again. In that position, I panicked, when I realized that my nose was almost touching his asshole, and my eyes and forehead were pressed into his hairy and muscular ass cleavage.

The aroma down there was musky, strong, and somehow intoxicating, but not overwhelming. I couldn’t have imagined anything nastier than someone sitting on my face, but there I was, with my face pressed into my best friend’s ass. The amazing thing was that I enjoyed being held under him that way, and it fed my desire to be compliant to him.

I don’t know if Peter knew what he was doing, or if it was an accident, but after sucking his perineum that way for a few minutes, he started slowly shifting his weight forward. The next thing I knew, my face was pressed fully in his ass crack. I kept sucking when he moved forward, and I finally realized that I was sucking his ass crack and asshole.

It was hard to breathe under him like that, and I learned to twist my head to the side to catch breaths of air. He enjoyed having his ass sucked and was squirming heavily on my face. I’m glad that he has good hygiene, because all I noticed was a coppery, metallic taste, some slimy anal mucus, and the natural aroma of his ass.

I must have sucked his ass for ten minutes, and by the end, I was so turned on sucking him that I was holding onto his thighs, and pulling him even more tightly against my face, while trying to push my tongue into his hole. I finally released my grip on his thighs, and he slid over onto the couch, as I got up to sit next to him.

Peter just looked at me for a few seconds, and then said, “Damn, Evan, that was some nasty shit. I slid forward on your face just for fun, to see what you’d do, and I’ll be fucked if you didn’t chow down on my ass. I’ve never had that done before, not even by any of the skanky bitches we used to fuck in high school. It felt so good. Fuck, man, is there anything that you wouldn’t do?”

I was still turned on, and I thought of something else that I had never done. I didn’t want to even mention it to him, since I wasn’t sure that I could do it. So, I teased him a little, saying, “This is all so embarrassing for me, Peter, but there is one thing I can think of that I wouldn’t do. You don’t need to hear about that, though.”

He laughed and said, “Come on and tell me, you sick fuck. Even if you aren’t going to do it, I at least want to know how perverted you mind is.”

I’m still not sure why I thought of it, but I decided to tell him. I said, “Okay, if you must know, I’ve never had anyone piss in my mouth. I was thinking that it might be a kind of surrogate for cum shooting in, and I don’t think it’s as nasty as sucking your asshole. I read somewhere a long time ago, that piss is basically sterile, if taken fresh from a healthy person.”

Peter looked at me like I was crazy, and then said, “Fuck, Evan, that is disgusting, but maybe you should try it. You have probably already tasted some of my piss anyway, since I was probably too drunk to shake it off after I pissed earlier. After all we’ve had to drink, I need go again, so you could at least come in and watch me while I piss. If you’re interested in trying it, you can latch on, like a baby sucking on a squirting tit.”

I didn’t plan on telling him, and I sure didn’t expect that he would be receptive to it. At that point, I felt obligated to at least watch him piss, which I knew I would enjoy doing anyway. We were both still woozy, and he leaned in, holding himself over the toilet with his outstretched left arm on the wall. Then he gripped his cock with his right hand, and shook it over the toilet, trying to get the flow started, as I got on my knees on his right side.

When he hadn’t started pissing after fifteen seconds or so, he said, “Go ahead and hold it for me, Evan, it’s just about to start. That way you’ve got control if you decide to take a taste.”

I did as he said, and the flow started after another few seconds. I liked holding his thick, heavy cock, and feeling the vibrations of his strong piss stream, as it sprayed, with some of the piss deflecting on my arm, from his mostly closed foreskin. I hadn’t planned on taking it into my mouth, but I was mesmerized by the flow of his piss and decided to give it a try.

Peter had been pissing for about thirty seconds and seemed surprised when I quickly moved around and covered his spewing cock head with my mouth. I began swallowing his yellow nectar, after realizing that it tasted a little salty, but mostly bland.

Once he saw and felt what I was doing, he held my head in place with both hands, and moaned out loud, “Fucking shit, man, don’t stop until my bladder is empty. You really are a filthy fucker, but I love it.”

It was a good thing that he had already pissed before I began to drink it, since he only pissed for another thirty seconds or so. I estimated from my swallowing that I had drunk over a cup of his piss. I started sucking his cock when the piss flow stopped, hoping to suck him off again, right there over the toilet.

He sensed what I was doing, and said, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, cocksucker, let’s go back to the couch so we’ll be more comfortable. You can suck my cock, balls, and ass all you want.”

I did suck him off again, as well as sucking his balls and ass, and there was no question of who was the dominant one in our relationship. I was down between his legs again, leisurely sucking his balls after his second ejaculation, when he said, “Fuck, Evan, this is really nice, and you can plan on sucking me any time you’re hungry for some cock meat and cum. But I’d also like to fuck Tracy and see how she reacts to my big cock. It sounds like she’s not much more than a fucking whore anyway, and she’ll enjoy my big meat. You don’t mind if your old friend uses your wife’s cunt for a cum dump, do you?”

The thought of him fucking Tracy was arousing to me, but I wanted to see if I could get something else out of it. So, I asked, “What about Karen then; maybe I could get an opportunity to fuck her? I mean, after all, I didn’t even get to kiss her or suck her nice tits when I dated her in high school.”

Peter laughed and said, “You’ve got to be shitting me. She wouldn’t enjoy your little dick. But that was pretty fucked up that you didn’t even get to kiss her. Hmm, maybe if I let her know that you sucked my cock, she might find it amusing and have pity on you, and at least let you eat her out after I fuck her. She might think it’s fun to watch me fuck Tracy too. Maybe we could do this when we’re all together, and it would be hard for her to turn down having you suck her. But I think I’ll need to fuck Tracy first, before I bring any of this up to Karen.”

I know this might sound strange, but even though Karen and I never had sex or even a kiss, I still had some masculine pride from dating her. It would be embarrassing to me for her to see me in the submissive role as Peter’s cocksucker. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought I would enjoy being demeaned even further, by having the beautiful Karen, smiling down at me as I sucked Peter’s cum from her pussy. That would be just one more humiliation for me to enjoy, and I’d at least get to suck her pussy.

By the time I finished sucking him off again, we had both sobered up enough to drive, so we caught a cab back to the bar to pick up our cars. On the way, I agreed to talk to Tracy about fucking him, and he promised that he would talk to Karen about me sucking her pussy, only after he got to fuck my wife.

Tracy and I never kept secrets from one another, so when I got home and into bed with her, I told her everything that happened with Peter. She was elated and said, “Well, it’s about fucking time you got a taste of cock, and it took your best friend to feed it to you. And fuck, Evan, you even sucked his ass and drank his piss. That’s nasty, honey, but I love it. You’re going to be doing that for me and my lovers from now on.”

Then I said, “It’s embarrassing for me, but I did enjoy it. And there’s something else. Peter wants me to arrange for him to fuck you, and I said that I would. I think you’ll love his cock; it’s bigger than most of the other men you’ve fucked.”

She asked, “How is Karen going to feel about all of this?”

I responded, “Peter thought that she might be amused that I’ve sucked his cock, and that I want to eat her out after he fucks her. But he wants to fuck you first, before telling her about any of this. If you’re interested, I’ll call him tomorrow and invite him over. I’m not convinced that he’ll follow through letting me eat out Karen after he gets to fuck you, but at least you’ll get to enjoy his big cock.”

Tracy was excited about fucking my friend, and I called him the next day. I said, “Tracy is interested, old buddy, so you just need to tell me when you can come over. Tonight’s fine with us.”

Peter was eager to come to our home that night, and as excited as I was to watch him fuck Tracy, I was overwhelmed by those same inferior feelings again. I had sucked my best friend’s cock, and he was going to fuck my slut of a wife, and there was no guarantee that I’d even be able to suck Karen’s pussy clean. But I couldn’t resist the opportunity to watch him fuck her. Peter told Karen that he had a business dinner after work.

Because of the late notice of Peter coming over, I picked up some take-out Chinese food and wine on the way home, and we were able to eat, shortly after he arrived at 7:30 pm. We ate quickly, and Peter was anxious to get things started. He betrayed my trust by letting Tracy know some of the things I told him about her cuckolding me, and he was being a little cavalier, brusk, and disrespectful to her.

He said, “So, Tracy, Evan tells me that you’ve enjoyed quite a bit of extramarital sex with neighbors, his boss, and even an old high school buddy. I have to say that you’re a very sexy and hot lady, and it must be easy for you to find men to fuck. I know from our high school days that Evan’s not that well hung, and I was hoping that you’d like to take a ride on my big meat.”

Tracy tried to taunt him a little, saying, “Yeah, well, you talk a good game, Peter, but let’s take this to the bedroom to see if you can live up to it. Maybe since Evan is a cock sucker now, he can fluff you for me.”

She stripped down on the way to the bedroom and laid back on the bed, as Peter undressed and sat on the edge of the bed. I got between his legs and sucked his cock for a couple of minutes to get it hard, and then he moved onto the bed and between Tracy’s legs. looked so good with her 34D tits sagging slightly to the sides, and her wide-spread legs were an invitation for him to impale her.

Big cocks are nothing new to Tracy, and I watched as my friend pressed his thick cock into my wife’s well-used hole. I heard the squishing of his big cock in her plentiful juices, as he began fucking her. He buried his big cock to the balls in my wife’s pussy, as his big testicles swung and slapped against her inner thighs, ass, and the bed.

It was a much different feeling for me watching my old friend fucking my wife, as compared to the other men, and I got down on the bed between their legs, watching every stroke as his big cock thrust into her cunt. His disrespect for her turned me on even more, and he was treating her like a whore, just like the skanks we used to fuck in high school”

Tracy was having orgasm after orgasm on Peter’s big cock, and it didn’t take him long to cum. I saw his big balls draw up and his perineum throbbed as he inseminated my wife, and he added to my feelings of inadequacy, as well as being demeaning to her, by saying, “Oh fuck, yeah, Tracy, you’ve got a really sweet cunt, and I’d love nothing better than to impregnate your slutty cunt with my big load. Shit yeah, I’m pumping your womb full of my seed.”

Peter kept his softening cock in her, as he slowly stroked her pussy, and I saw an opportunity to get involved. I move farther between their legs and began sucking Peter’s balls, before moving up and spreading his ass cheeks with my hands and sucking his ass.

He laughed and said, “Damn, Tracy, I wish we could get a picture of this. I just got finished fucking my old friend’s wife, wishing that I could impregnate her, and he’s thanking me by sucking my balls and ass. Let’s see what he’ll do when I pull out.”

There was a loud slurping sound as he pulled out of my wife’s just-fucked cunt, and I moved in to suck her pussy clean. Then I took his slimy cock into my mouth and sucked it clean. I went to get drinks and snacks for everybody after that, as Peter recovered from his ejaculation and sucked Tracy’s breasts. After resting for a half-hour, I sucked his cock hard again.

Peter fucked her again after that, with me under her in the sixty-nine position, and I got to see, smell and hear his cock in her pussy from only inches away. I sucked and licked his cock and balls when I could, and he lasted over twenty minutes the second time, before pumping her full of another load of cum. I sucked them both clean again, and Tracy took advantage of my position under her to sit upon my face, and I sucked her ass for the first time.

Peter and I met again a few days later in his office, for me to suck his cock, and after sucking him off, I asked, “Have you talked with Karen yet about me sucking your cock and wanting to clean her pussy after you fuck her?”

He looked a little guilty when he said, “Sorry, old friend, but I’m too afraid to tell Karen about all this shit, even that you’ve become my cock sucker. I think you’re just going to have to be happy taking care of my cock and watching me fuck your wife.”

I knew in my gut that he was bullshitting me, and I said, “Yeah, right, Peter. I don’t think you ever intended to let me do anything with Karen. You were just leading me on to fuck my wife and keep me interested in sucking your cock.”

Peter laughed and replied, “Okay, Evan, I’ll admit that I’ve been baiting you. But I was pretty confident, after hearing about your cuckold experiences with Tracy and knowing the way you took to sucking my cock, balls, and ass, and then drinking my piss, that you two wouldn’t be able to resist taking care of my needs, once you got a taste. It’s up to you whether you want to continue on this basis, but I’m not sharing Karen with anyone.”

Once again, Peter was in a dominant position in our relationship, and he was right that I couldn’t resist taking care of his needs. So, he became a regular stud for Tracy, along with the others that joined over time, and I also became a steady cock sucker for him, during those times when he’s horny, and Tracy isn’t available.

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