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Gracie Meets Lucky

Gracie Meets Lucky

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Gracie and Lucky meet...and learn they like each other.

Daddy has asked Gracie and Lucky to meet. They have a wonderful afternoon getting to know each other.

I watch her come into the bar on a hot Saturday afternoon.  I cannot help but stare, my eyes following her as she makes her way across the room to the bar.  Her wavy red hair is flowing over her shoulders, almost as far down as her what have to be DD breasts bouncing in her Chicago Cubs crop top.  The bottoms of her breasts are uncovered and her nipples are proudly poking small tents in her top.  Her tight midriff is covered in a light sheen of sweat and leads down to what I suppose are daisy duke shorts hanging low on her ample hips.  She turns to walk toward me at the bar and I see that the seam of the shorts is splitting her lips, which are clearly not covered, apart.  As she walks, I can see her ass cheeks shaking with each step, from the front view.  I have to see that ass, I think to myself as she stops and sits next to me at the bar.

I am wearing a white, sleeveless summer top that runs down to just below my breasts.  I have on a denim mini skirt that, when I am standing, sits about two inches below the cheeks of my ass.  Two of the three buttons on the V neck top are unbuttoned allowing all that look from the side a clear view of my pierced nipples.  My brunette hair is frosted with a blend of blonde and red hair and is cut into a pixie style framing my face.

Watching this woman enter the bar and sitting next to me makes me realize that not wearing panties might have been a bad call as I feel my pussy start to moisten.

The gorgeous redhead looks over at me and we make eye contact.  “Hi,” she says.

“Hi there, nice, um, outfit,” I smile in return.

“Thanks,” she giggles.  “I am meeting someone and I want her to know I am ready to fuck her, or whatever else she wants,” she tells me.

“Oh my, you wouldn’t be Lucky would you?” I ask her.  Her slutty response has turned the juices in my pussy loose; I feel some trickle across my asshole.  I am going to have a wet spot on my hem, I smile to myself.

“Oh…, yes I am, you aren’t Gracie are you?” she asks looking surprised and very nervous.  “Daddy didn’t tell me how beautiful you are,” she says quietly.

I raise an eyebrow into my hairline, “Yes, he seems to have left out the part about you being a knockout, from our conversation too,” I giggle.  I stick out my hand.  “I’m Gracie, nice to meet you, Lucky,” I say.

Lucky leans over and kisses me softly on the lips.  “Hello, Miss Gracie, nice to meet you too.”

Sami walks up to the bar and gives Lucky several scans from head to toe.  “Gracie, who is your friend?” she asks with a devilish grin.

“Sami, meet Lucky,” I say.  “Lucky, this is Sami, a very good friend of mine and Daddy’s.”  I look at Sami, then back to Lucky.  “Daddy and Lucky have become, um, close.  Daddy wanted her and me to meet so we can get a feel for each other,” I say to Sami.  “I think our family is going to grow, and Lucky, I like that idea the more I am with you,” I purr.

“Well, I am so happy to meet you, Lucky.  I can’t wait until we get better, um, acquainted,” Sami purrs.

“Mm, I think I’d like that,” Lucky purrs in return.

“What can I get you, girls?” Sami asks. 

 “I’ll have a shot of Irish whiskey,” Lucky tells her.  “And, if you have Guinness on draft, I’ll take one of those too.”

“Give me a shot of that Irish whiskey too,” I say.  “And a Crown and Diet Coke,” I add.

“Nice!” Lucky giggles. “A girl after my own heart!  Are you Irish too?” she asks with a big smile.

“Some,” I tell her.  “Daddy says my temper is Irish for sure,” I giggle.

“So, Daddy says you and I should meet and, um, get acquainted,” I say to Lucky.  “So far, I like what I see,” I smile.  “I watched you walk in and I have to tell you, you made my tongue a little hard,” I giggle.

“Yeah, me too, I told him I wanted both of you,” she answers. “I thought you were hot when I walked in, but I had no idea that you were Daddy’s wife.  Damn you make me wet,” she tells me. 

She stands and moves her barstool closer to me and sits down.  We are sitting so close together that we are touching each other. I put my hand on her bare thigh and kiss her lingeringly, sharing my tongue with her. “Mm, nice,” I say when I break the kiss.  “Very nice, Lucky.”

“Thank you, Miss,” she whispers.  “I liked it too, I’m so glad you like me.”

“Hey, girls, let’s keep the heat down,” Sami chuckles as she gives us our drinks.  Neither of us looks up.  I hold Lucky’s face and pull her in and kiss her very passionately. 

“I think I am going to like you, a lot,” I say.  “Let’s finish our drinks and then you can come home with me.”

“Oh, I’d love that Gracie, I mean, Miss,” she says to me.

I pick up my shot glass and she lifts her as well.  “To you and I,” I say. “Cheers.”

“Cheers,” she says and we both shoot down the Irish whiskey. 

I take a drink of my drink and set it down.  Reaching over, I run my hand up under her top and cup her lovely breast, running my fingers over her erect nipple. “Oh, fuck that feels good, Miss,” she moans and sets her hand on my thigh.  She runs her hand up to my dripping pussy and through my wet slit.   “Oh, somebody is aroused,” she giggles and kisses me as she slips two fingers up into me.

“Oh fuck,” I whisper when we break our kiss.  “Yes, fuck me with your fingers, pet,” I moan.

“Mm, you’re so wet, Miss,” Lucky purrs as she starts to really thrust her fingers into me.  I lean back in my chair and open my legs wide.  “Make me cum, baby, make me squirt,” I moan.

“Mm, so hot,” Lucky purrs, then she kisses me passionately as my legs begin to quiver.  “Miss, your pussy feels so good.  You’re gonna cum soon, huh?” she asks. 

“Oh, yes, baby, Miss is gonna cum… make me cum pet, make me cum hard,” I tell her. 

“Giggles, yes, Miss,” she says.  “It’s coming, I can feel your pussy gripping me, cum, Miss, cum on my hand.”

My body shudders and I cum, showering Lucky’s hand and the barstool.  “Oh my god!” I hiss.

“Mm, Miss, that was so hot.  Please take me home so we can fuck,” she pleads.

I finish my drink and stand to leave.  Lucky stands too, I follow her out of the bar watching her as she walks.  Her shorts do nothing to cover her ass.  “Fuck that’s a sexy ass,” I tell her.

“Thank you, Miss,” she says looking over her shoulder.  “When we get home, I want you to kiss it all over,” she purrs.

“That will be no problem,” I say as I hit my fob and unlock my car.  “Get in, baby, let’s go have some fun,” I say.

After unlocking the front door to our home, I lead Lucky inside and close the door behind me.  “Ok, clothes off, baby,” I say.  “House rule is all subs will be naked in the house at all times.”

“Really?  Cool!” Lucky says.  “I like this place already,” she adds as she pulls her top off and drops her shorts, or whatever you call them, to the floor and steps out of her sneakers.

I remove my clothes and stack them with Lucky’s, then I move to her and kiss her deeply, grabbing her pussy as I push my tongue into her mouth.  “Mm, I love how your pussy feels,” I whisper in her ear.  I take her hand and lead her into the bedroom, closing and locking the door behind us.

“Wow, I love your bedroom,” Lucky says to me. 

She turns to me and pulls me into a passionate kiss.  Her hands cup my ass and she squeeze the cheeks so tight, I can feel cool air rush past my asshole.  I moan into her mouth as she sucks my tongue.  We share tongues for a few minutes; I mirror her ministrations and cup and squeeze her lovely, ample ass with my hands.

“Mm, I am so glad you’re here, baby,” I purr as we break our kiss.  “I was not sure about meeting you, but I feel so, um, so close to you,” I whisper as I kiss her bottom lip, then nip at it.  “Come with me, let’s fuck,” I say softly, taking her by the hand and leading her to the bed.

“Miss, I already feel like we are so close now,” Lucky says to me as we walk.  “It feels so right kissing you; like it is perfect,” she quietly giggles.  She turns to me and rests her forehead against mine, holding my hands.  “Fuck me, Miss, I am yours to do whatever you wish, anything,” she whispers.

I push Lucky onto the bed and follow her.  We lie together and begin to gently kiss and caress each other.  I move my leg over hers and begin to kiss her passionately, cupping a breast as I do.  She pulls me to her by grabbing my ass cheek.  I rub my mound on her hip, using her bone to wake up my clit.  Slowly I move back and forth, my clit growing harder as it slides against her.

We share tongues for a very long time, then Lucky pushes me onto my back and lies on top of me, nipping at my breasts.  She licks my nipples, alternating between them, all the time rubbing her pelvic bone across mine, catching my clit each time. My hand is in her hair pulling her to me as I push my tits to her face.  She starts to slide down my body, “Oh, yes baby,” I moan and I open my legs widely, surrendering my pussy to her.

Lucky moves down, placing her face at my pussy and taking in the scent of my arousal in several deep breaths.  “Fuck, you smell so wonderful, Miss, so sweet,” she purrs.  I jump as she surprises me by licking my asshole. 

“Oh, yes,” I moan.  “All of me baby, taste all of me,” I whisper.

She moves up to my clit and licks it.  I push my hip up to meet her tongue.  She flicks it rapidly causing my legs to shake.  Running my fingers into her wavy red hair, I pull her mouth onto my clit and push up against her face.  “Hard baby, suck me hard, make me cum,” I softly plea.

“Relax, Miss, I got you,” Lucky giggles.  “I’ve done this once or twice,” she smiles.  Then she shifts gears on me; she sucks in and bites my clit at the same time she pushes two fingers into my ass, scissoring them and twisting them as she thrusts into me. 

I try to moan but can only take in air as my orgasm hits me like a Mack truck.  Lucky wildly fucks my ass with her fingers as she assaults my clit.  “F, fuck!” I manage to moan as my entire body bucks.  When I am finished quaking, she slowly pulls her fingers out of my ass leaving me feeling empty, and slides up to lay with me.  I rest my head on her breasts and close my eyes.  “That was amazing, baby,” I say softly.

“Thank you, Miss,” she says proudly.

After a bit, I recover and lean up to kiss her.  “My turn,” I smile.  I slide down between her legs feeling her open them up for me.

“Oh Miss, I’ve wanted this since I saw you, my pussy is yours, fuck me,” she glows.

I move my mouth to her mound.  I pull back her hood with two fingers and flick her cute little pink clit with my tongue.  Soon, her clit hardens and starts to swell, turning red as the blood rushes to it.  “Mm, that feels so good,” she purrs and she pulls on my head, pushing her clit against my mouth.  I suck her clit into my mouth and flip my tongue across it.  Slipping two fingers into her, I start to thrust them.  I turn them up and curl them to rub her g spot as I thrust.  I bite her clit gently and she jumps, pushing her hips up to my mouth.

“Fuck!” she squeals. “Oh yes, just like that!” she cries out.  I feel her legs on either side of my face begin to quiver.  I increase the intensity of my assault.  “Fuck, Miss!  I’m gonna cum!” she yells just before she covers my face in her love juice. 

I smile to myself and lick my lips.  “Wow, you can really squirt,” I giggle. 

“Oh, yeah, I squirt hard,” she sighs.  “Sorry.”

“Don’t be,” I smile.  “I love how you taste.”  I still have two fingers in her and I am thrusting them still.  I get an idea from her soaking wet pussy and I add another finger. 

“Oh, I feel so full,” she moans.  She begins to buck against my hand to let me know she is loving what I am doing.  After a couple of minutes, her breathing gets more labored, I add a finger and really start to fuck her and stretch her pussy to the limit. “Oh fuck, oh my god, oh my god!” she yells and cums on my hand again.  I thrust through her orgasm then I place my thumb in my palm and push my hand into her extremely stretched pussy.  “Oh fuck, yes!  Fist me, Miss, claim my pussy!” she yells. 

I slowly but steadily push my hand into her until her pussy swallows it and closes around my wrist.  “Oh my god, I love to be fisted,” she moans.  “Fuck me, fuck me hard!” she squeals.  I start to push my hand as deep into her and as hard as I can, slamming against her cervix as I attack her pussy with my fist. 

“Cum, baby, cum for Miss,” I tell her.  “Be a good little pet and shower my hand,” I order her.

“Oh fuck!  Cumming, Miss!” she yells and again covers me in her cum.

“That’s it, so sexy.  Good girl,” I praise her

“Oh fuck,” she moans. “Nobody ever fists me anymore but you, and Daddy; he’s fisted me a couple of times.”

“Oh, really,” I smile, raising my eyebrow again.  “He never mentioned that,” I chuckle.

“Yes, god I love it, thank you, Miss,” she coos.  “Oh!” she yelps as I begin to pull my hand back out.  “Oh, I love how full I feel,” she moans.  Halfway out her body shudders and she cums again all over me. “Oh fuck,” she moans.  I pull my hand all the way out and move to lay with her.

She kisses me deeply, “Thank you, Miss,” she whispers.  “I loved how you fucked me, you’re amazing,” she purrs as we melt into each other.


Daddy pushes the key into the bedroom doorknob to open it and walks in.  He observes Gracie and Lucky embracing and in deep sleep.

“Well, well, well.  They finally decided to meet,” he says quietly.  “Such a lovely sight.”


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