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Josie and Anna

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There is nothing worse than being drunk at a party where everybody has hooked up with somebody.  Anna and Josie were roommates, and both had struck out.  They were walking around the party seeing if anybody was available to flirt with.

They went to a frat party that was fun but either most of the people were dating or other people just wanted to fuck anybody they met.  Anna was not reserved but she was not a slut either.  Josie was bisexual and was flirting with a girl in the beginning of the party but was then told she was into guys.

Josie wasted most of the night trying to get into her panties but struck out.  Anna was not really into one-night stands but would have liked to make out with somebody.

The two girls were both bombed and called an uber to bring them back to their dorm.  During the ride over they were giggling and talking about goofy stuff.  The uber driver talked to them but he was not their type and they tried not to bother too much with him.

The girls arrived back at their dorm and both needed to hold the other up while trying to get into their room.  They were both laughing but Anna fell, and Josie helped her up.

Once they were in their room, they opened a bottle of wine and drank and goofed around together.  Both girls were drunk and feeling horny.  Josie was bi-sexual and started asking Anna questions about her sex life.

“Have you ever kissed a girl?  Josie asked innocently.

“Not really.  But I have thought about it.”

“We should kiss and this way you could see if you’re into it.  Josie asked curiously.

“Okay.  We could but I am not sure if I like girls.  I have never kissed a girl before.  Although, if I did kiss one, I’d definitely kiss you.”

Anna was embarrassed that she told Josie that she wanted to kiss her.  She knew that Josie liked her more than just being a roommate. 

A few times, Josie would bring home girls to their room and have sex with them with Anna in the room.  Anna had seen Josie eating their pussies until they screamed in orgasm.  Josie sometimes took out a long toy that was a long cylinder that the girls used together while they made love together.

Often Anna would watch and masturbate under her covers while Josie made her dates scream in orgasm.  Josie often hoped Anna would wake up and would join their little party.  Josie wanted to get into a relationship with Anna, but it never came up until now.

“Why don’t you come over to my bed?” Josie said to Anna.

Anna took her wine glass and sat on Josie’s bed.  She licked her lips and moved closer to Josie.  Josie put her lips on the timid roommate and kissed her passionately.  Their tongues danced in each other’s mouths.

“That was really nice,”  Anna said to Josie.

“Why don’t we take off our clothes and we can make out together.  You're so beautiful Anna.  I have wanted to make-out with you for months.  You know I have seen you watch when I have dates here.  I bet you have gotten hot under the covers watching me lick my dates to orgasm.  I really want to taste your pussy.  Would you let me taste your sweet peach?”

Anna felt herself get embarrassed.  Her pussy was wetting on her panties while Josie spoke of these taboo things.  Anna was a catholic girl who really had only been with her boyfriend in high school.  She had not started exploring in college yet.  She wanted more than anything for Josie to show her pleasure.

“Okay.  Sure.  Why not,”  Anna said awkwardly.

Josie helped Anna up and started to undress her.  She unbuttoned her shirt and helped her take her bra off.  She unzipped her skirt and pulled down her silk panties.  Anna had a little landing strip over her sweet pussy.  Anna could not wait to run her nose thru her pussy hair.

Anna was tan and beautiful.  She had gorgeous breasts and a small waist.  Josie could not wait to suck on her nipples.  Her breasts were more than a handful.  Anna had blonde hair and the bluest eyes.  She was a real knockout.

Josie had dark hair and small breasts.  She would mostly act like a guy if she was pursuing a lady.  She sometimes would tape her breasts down or wear a sports bra.  She liked being the one in control.

Josie took her own clothes off and helped Anna to her bed.  Josie was on her side while she continued kissing Anna.  Her hands cupped her gorgeous breasts.  She pulled gently on her nipples which were now standing erectly on her small body.  Josie’s kisses were deep and passionate.  Anna was a great kisser.  Josie held her breasts in her hands and moved her hand down to her pussy.  She rubbed her pussy and moved her finger up and down over her pussy hole.  Josie could feel how wet she was and wanted to taste her honey.

“Lie back.  Let me taste your honey.”

Anna was nervous and opened her legs wide.  Josie kissed her legs from her feet up and then played with her pussy lips with her tongue.  She found her clit and sucked it while Anna moaned and groaned.

Josie was enjoying herself and was blowing into her pussy hole.  She pushed her fingers into her cunt while sucking on her hard button.  Anna’s juices were flowing quickly out of her pussy.  She clearly was turned on and was excited and horny.

“mmmmmm, groaned Anna.

“Jesus, your pussy is so sweet.  I could eat you all night.”

Anna loved how she felt while Josie ate her pussy.  She came buckets with all the attention Josie was given to her.  She would fuck her pussy fast with her finger and enjoy all the juices that poured from her pussy.  Anna played with her big tits while enjoying the oral pleasure she was receiving.

“Would you like to try to lick my pussy?   We can sixty-nine and enjoy each other.”

“Okay.  I’ve never done it.”

“It’s easy.  You cannot mess it up.  Just try it.”

“Sure.  I want to make you happy too.”

Josie climbed on top of her and put her pussy into Anna’s face.  Josie continued to tongue-fuck Anna. 

Anna slowly began to lick Josie’s pussy.  Her pussy kind of smelled like fish but tried to do what Josie was doing to her.  It was not something she was enjoying but really liked when Josie was eating her.  Anna had multiple orgasms while she was fingered and was tongue fucked.  She wanted to make Josie cum too.  

She moved her tongue all over Josie’s pussy lips.  She found her clitoris and sucked on that.  She pushed her fingers up into Josie’s pussy and finger fucked her.

“For a beginner, you’re doing great.  I am coming.  Fuck!”

Josie liked training new friends.  They always worked hard to make Josie cum.  Josie was a professional at eating pussy.  She loved it and loved having her friend’s orgasm.  They would speak amongst each other.  Josie always had some girl who wanted to have sex.  Anna was quite sure she did not like eating Josie’s pussy but made her cum several times.

“We could scissor now.”

“What’s that?”

“You’ll lay down, I will put my pussy on yours.   We then hump like that.  It’s really sexy and we can kiss while doing it.”


The room smelled like sex.  Josie positioned her pussy on Anna’s.  She humped her while their pussies moved together.  Anna liked this better.  She did not like tasting Josie’s fishy pussy.  This way they could kiss while their pussies rubbed together.

Josie was very turned on and had orgasms while working her pussy fast over Anna’s.  She was holding Anna’s melons while humping her faster and faster.  They both moaned while getting off together.  Josie was sweating while making love to Anna.  She was showing Anna a hot time.

Josie wanted to continue to eat Anna.  She helped Anna lay down and Josie went to work.  She was enjoying her sweet pussy.  She tongue-fucked her and made her cum all night.  At one point, Josie poured the wine on Anna’s body and licked the wine from her tits and pussy.

Anna moaned and groaned and enjoyed all the orgasms she was given.  Josie knew she liked being adored more than adoring her.  She was fine with it.  She wanted Anna to have a positive experience.  She hoped they would get together again. 

Anna was not sure she was a lesbian but did enjoy getting her pussy licked all night by Josie. 



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