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Sucking My Impotent Big-Cocked Boss and Others

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I travel with my older, hung boss, and he convinces me to suck his cock to help treat his ED.

My name is Matt, and now at the age of fifty, I still live in Birmingham, Alabama with my wife, Linda, who is forty-eight. Our kids are grown and out on their own, and I keep busy with my job as a director with a construction/engineering company, while Linda is still teaching math in high school. This story chronicles the events that began five years ago when I was forty-five and traveling extensively with my boss, Jerry, who was fifty-five at the time.

I had become accustomed to a lot of business travel early in my career, sometimes being away from home for weeks at a time during the workweek on our larger projects, but I was home enough to be a good father to our children, and to be a supportive husband to Linda. The travel requirements eased a little as I moved up in our department, but after becoming a senior engineering manager, I started traveling more with Jerry, my director, who’s job I have now, since he was promoted to vice president.

Jerry and I traveled together for weeks on a complex project in the Chicago area but could come home on weekends, and that’s when we got to know each other in a very personal way. My wife and I had previously, although infrequently, socialized with Jerry, and his wife, Martha, but we hadn’t been close enough to have any intimate conversations about our love lives.

Jerry Opens Up about his Erectile Dysfunction

By the second week of our Chicago project, we had established a routine of traveling to Chicago on Sunday evenings, staying in our extended-stay accommodations, and leaving on Friday at noon to return home.

We were together all day, starting with breakfast in our inn, working in the same office, and going out to lunch, sometimes with other company personnel. We had dinner at area restaurants, usually just the two of us, before either going directly back to our two-bedroom suite at the Residence Inn, or sometimes stopping by bars in the area.

Our conversations got more personal when we were having a few drinks at a bar after dinner on Tuesday evening of our second week in Chicago, when Jerry said, “You know, Matt, getting older can be a bitch. Martha and I have always had a decent love life, at least until the past few months, and, uh, this is a little embarrassing to say, but I’m having a hard time getting it up for her lately. Have you ever had a problem like that?”

That seemed funny to me for some reason, but I didn’t want to make light of his problem, and replied, “No, Jerry, at least not yet, but I fear that might be what I have to look forward to in another ten years when I’ll be the age you are now. Have you had it checked out with your doctor, and if so, do they have any ideas on what could be causing it?”

He answered, “Yes, I’ve had the usual tests to eliminate the possibility of it being an organic problem with any underlying health issues, and everything that could affect it is normal. He also covered some of the psychological issues that could be a problem, but I seem to be normal there. His best guess right now is that it could be stress-related or even a marital problem. This project and travel probably aren’t helping. All of this is made worse since I have a high libido and can get off several times a day when I’m horny.”

I didn’t feel comfortable asking him a direct question about his relationship with Martha, so I approached it as a statement, to see if he’d want to elaborate. I said, “I could see where the stress of our lengthy time away from home could be a problem, but I’ve never heard you say anything about having marital issues.”

Jerry seemed only a little uneasy, saying, “Well, in a few years, you might find out with Linda that things can change drastically when women start going through menopause. I can’t blame her, but Martha hasn’t had much interest in sex in the past year or so, after us having a lifetime of intimacy. I understand mentally that she’s going through something that’s not her fault. But a combination of her issues and my stress level might be affecting my self-confidence or something.”

I wasn’t sure how much I should say, or even if I should say anything, but Jerry seemed like he wanted to talk about it. I stirred my drink with my finger for a few moments, and then said, “I know less about erectile dysfunction (ED) than you do, Jerry, but I do have a thought that I hope you won’t think is out of line for me to say. With us traveling, you have four nights a week of free time, and I was wondering if you’ve ever considered hooking up with a lady at one of these bars? I would give you your privacy if you wanted to take a woman back to our suite.”

He looked at me intently, and I was concerned that I had pissed him off, before he answered, “That thought had crossed my mind, even though I find it hard to imagine myself cheating on Martha, and I think I might be a little old to get into the whole dating scene. I probably couldn’t get it up anyway. Honestly, I’d be afraid of getting emotionally close with another woman, and maybe becoming too attracted to her. I don’t want to fuck up my marriage.”

Our Conversation Gets More Intimate

Then I was curious, and got even more personal, saying, “I really feel for you, Jerry, especially since you said that you previously had an active sex life. I’m curious about something if you don’t mind me asking. With ED, are you still able to uh, you know, uh, uh, can you still get off?”

Jerry smiled, and replied, “Well, yes, the shaft doesn’t get hard, but the plumbing still works fine. I have to resort to using lady five fingers sometimes, but I don’t enjoy doing that very much. You know, Matt, we should probably get back to our suite instead of having this kind of conversation in public.”

It was a short drive back to the inn and we continued our conversation there, after changing into t-shirts and athletic shorts, getting a couple more drinks from the minibar, and sitting on the couch together. I was surprised that he had alluded to masturbating, and I took a chance getting even nosier, saying, “It would be nice if you and Martha were into oral sex, and she was in the mood sometimes to take care of you that way. Is that an option for you?”

Jerry scrunched his face like he had bitten into a lemon, and said, “Oh no, Matt, we’ve never been into that. I tried to convince Martha to suck my cock early in our marriage, since a couple of girls in college did that for me, but she thinks it would be nasty to take a cock in her mouth. And honestly, I wasn’t excited about returning the favor either. But since you brought it up, I have to ask if that’s something you and Linda are into?”

I wasn’t that comfortable revealing our sex secrets, but it seemed only fair to share since Jerry was opening to me. So, I answered, maybe more eagerly than I should have, “After hearing how you feel about oral sex, you’re going to think I’m a pervert, but Linda and I do enjoy it. I got a taste for oral sex and pussy all the way back in my junior year of high school, and I can’t get enough of it. Linda’s really great at giving head, too, just the way I coached her when we started dating.”

He smiled and said, “I must have led a sheltered life. I’ve never heard anyone talk so enthusiastically about having oral sex. Would you mind explaining more about how you and Linda incorporate that into your love life?”

Our conversation was getting me horny and I missed being at home with Linda. I decided to share more, saying, “Well, I don’t want to make you feel bad, since you’re in a dry spell, and pardon my language, but Linda and I still fuck an average of three times a week, and we have oral sex before and after. In addition, we have oral sex at other times, when either of us is in the mood to suck or be sucked, or both.”

Jerry had been listening carefully, and asked, “Wait a minute; did you say that you have oral sex before and after you fuck? This is interesting, and it seems that you and Linda are much more active than Marsha and I have ever been. Please explain more about a typical fuck session.”

I was getting more excited, and bragged a little, saying, “Okay, I’ll give you a brief explanation. We start out kissing and undressing each other in the hallway on the way to our bedroom. Once on the bed I usually start sucking her big tits for a few minutes, before sliding down her torso, kissing, and licking her, until I get to her hairy, wet pussy. I start eating her out and she tells me to swing around in bed into the sixty-nine position.”

“Linda begins sucking my dick as she rolls on top of me, and I love being pinned under her like that. We suck each other that way for a few minutes, with me being careful not to ejaculate prematurely, and then I turn around and fuck her. By that time, it only takes us a few minutes to orgasm. We then move into a sixty-nine again, with Linda on top, and we clean each other with our mouths.”

Jerry’s face was flushed, and he was rubbing his soft cock lump, as he asked, “Damn, Matt, you really eat your own cum out of Linda’s pussy. How can you do something so revolting, and what does it taste like?”

I answered, “It tastes a little different from her pussy than it does when I eat it after jacking off, but it’s a little salty, sometimes bland, but usually a tad sweet or bitter, depending on what I’ve been eating and drinking. But my loads aren’t huge anyway, so it’s not a big deal.”

He laughed and said, “Wow, I know I could never do that. Even now at my age and with ED, I shoot a big load, and I’d gag myself. My urologist has told me that I ejaculate way more than the average man.”

I said, “You’re a lucky man. I’ve always wished that I shot a bigger load.”

Jerry was looking at me intently, and said, “ I guess we can thank the booze for loosening us up enough to talk about these very private details of our lives. Would you mind me asking an even more personal question?”

The way he was rubbing his cock, following our discussion about cum, I was a little apprehensive about what he might ask. But I was turned on by our conversation and might have been almost hoping that it would become more intimate. So, I laughed and replied, “Sure, Jerry, you might as well ask me now, when I’m drunk since I might not remember tomorrow anyway.”

He started out nervously saying, “Well, Matt, you mentioned earlier that you developed a taste for oral sex and pussy back in high school, and the way you mentioned oral sex and pussy separately, I was wondering if you, uh, you know, if that included any experimentation with your friends? I mean, I could see where it might have happened kind of naturally, with you enjoying eating your own semen and sperm, especially if you talked to your friends about your special kind of hunger. And saying that you coached her kind of implies that you have personal experience giving head.”

Admitting Being a Cock Sucker High School

I did have some bisexual experiences with my friends in high school, and I was just drunk enough to let my guard was down. I admitted more than I should have, not knowing if he would press me for more details, but maybe secretly hoping he would, saying, “I’m really embarrassed now, Jerry, remembering things I haven’t thought about for over twenty-five years. But yes, I, uh, uh, I probably did a little more than just experiment with three of my best friends.”

Jerry seemed interested in hearing more, and said, “I trust you when you say you’re embarrassed, but you can’t leave me hanging like this, Matt. I’d really appreciate it if you’d tell me all about what happened back then, and don’t spare any details. I promise I’ll keep this just between us.”

I said, “Okay, Jerry, but I hope you won’t think too badly of me after I tell you. It all started in the summer before my junior year in high school. My friends and I had just turned sixteen, and Jimmy got a car for his birthday. Jimmy, my other two friends, Paul, and Mike, and I went on a camping trip. Paul looked older than the rest of us and used a fake ID to buy us two cases of beer.”

“We camped out near Bankhead Lake, and were drinking beer most of the afternoon and into the evening on our first day there. After dinner, Mike brought up the idea of playing truth or dare, and with us being horny teens, obsessed at that point with wanting to have our first sexual experiences with girls, it didn’t take long for the topics to become sexual. So, naturally, we were challenging one another to tell the truth about any luck we had with girls by then.”

“It turned out that none of us had anything juicy to admit, except that Paul bragged that he got his girlfriend to suck his cock the night of his sixteenth birthday party, after the rest of us had gone home. We all gave Paul shit and told him he was lying about having his cock sucked, and I was drunk enough to be particularly belligerent about it. So, when it was Paul’s turn, he looked at me, and said, ‘Okay, Matt, I dare you to suck my cock.’”

“All of the guys were laughing and taunting me to suck Paul’s cock, and I remember Mike saying, ‘Come on, Matt, everyone else has followed through on their truth or dare challenges, so don’t be a fucking pussy about it.’ I finally gave in, but said, ‘Okay, okay, I’ll try it, but I can’t be the only one. The rest of you have to promise to suck my dick or someone else’s, so you assholes can’t hold this shit over my head.’”

Jerry wasn’t even trying to hide rubbing his crotch, when he said, “Oh shit, Matt, this is getting good. Hurry and get to the good part.”

I continued, “Well, Paul pushed down his shorts and underwear, and everyone gathered around to watch as I got on my knees between his legs. I had seen all my friends naked in the showers but had never focused on their genitals, and there I was with my hands on his thighs to steady myself, with my face only a foot or so from his cock.”

Jerry interrupted again, saying, “Tell me everything you can remember about seeing a cock up close like that for the first time.”

It was a little surprising that Jerry was so interested in the details, and I said, “Paul’s soft, uncircumcised cock looked to be about five inches long, and it seemed thick to me. He also has big balls that were hanging down over the edge of his chair, and I can still remember the sweaty and musky aroma of his crotch.”

“I felt like I was outside myself looking down at someone else as I took his thick cock in my hand, and then leaned down to suck it. My dick is circumcised, and that was my first experience feeling a foreskin, and I recall that the head of his cock and foreskin were already wet with precum. I began sucking his cock and realized that I enjoyed it, as it grew to over seven inches long, but I didn’t want to seem too eager to my friends. Everyone was cheering as Paul held my head in place with his hands and began fucking my mouth like a cunt, and being a teen, it didn’t take him long to cum.”

“You must have heard the expression, that teens are ‘young, dumb, and full of cum’, and I couldn’t believe how many times his cock jerked and throbbed, squirting his semen and sperm into my mouth. The guys were all laughing, as Paul said, ‘Oh fuck, that felt so good, and Matt just keeps sucking and swallowing to get all my cum. You guys need to try this.

Jerry asked, “Holy shit, Matt, that was your first time sucking a cock, and you so willingly swallowed his load? What was that like for you?”

I answered, “I was really apprehensive when I was sucking my friend and realized that he would be ejaculating into my mouth. I wasn’t sure if I’d pull away completely, or just take it in my mouth and then spit it out. But I realized that not only did I like the feeling of having my mouth fucked, with him holding me in place, but I loved the feeling of his cock ejaculating into my mouth, and the taste and texture of it.”

He asked, “What happened next?”

I replied, “It was kind of a blur after that, as they kept me on my knees and continued to fuck my mouth. Jimmy was next, and then Mike, and I’m afraid my relationships with my friends were changed forever after that. No one else sucked anyone else, and for the next two days at the camp, I willingly let them use my mouth over and over. If you recall, teens can cum multiple times in a day with no problem, and I was kept busy. They even had me sucking their balls and perinea before it was over.”

Then Jerry said, “You said that your relationships with your friends were forever changed. How did that play out?”

I said, “Everyone outside our group just saw us as good friends. But whenever we were alone, either one-on-one or with two or three of us, I became their go to cum dump, especially on nights when we slept over or after dates when they hadn’t gotten laid. I still dated girls and got my fair share of pussy, but I also loved servicing my friends. That continued until we graduated, and I haven’t done anything like that since.”

Jerry Convinces Me to Suck His Cock

Jerry was still openly rubbing his cock lump, when he said, “It’s amazing that after high school you were able to quit sucking cocks and swallowing cum cold turkey and put it out of your mind. Are you telling the truth when you say you haven’t done anything like that since, and if so, why do you think that is?”

I thought for a few moments, and answered, “Well, there are probably a few things that have helped me to stay away from it. First, I was embarrassed for myself and disappointed in my self-image for being so submissive to my friends, although I must admit that I liked the idea of servicing them when it was happening. Self-loathing like that can be powerful.”

“Second, I found success fucking girls in college, and then having an active sex life in my marriage, so I guess I’ve been fairly well satiated. Even though I probably had a lot of opportunities to do it in college that I didn’t take advantage of, I was in a different mindset, and on the hunt for pussy. It all started with my teen friends kind of naturally, but it would be a lot riskier to approach an adult man about sucking his cock.”

“That brings me to my third reason. Even if I had been interested in reliving those experiences, it’s difficult and risky for married men to meet like that and hard finding a place and time to host that kind of encounter.”

Jerry thought for a few seconds, before asking, “Have you ever wondered if you’d be tempted to overcome the self-image issue, if you were no longer being fully satiated at home, a willing participant made himself known, and there was a safe environment to pursue that old hunger of yours?”

I was just drunk, and not stupid, so it was obvious that Jerry was leading up to something. And although I had an idea of what it was, I wanted him to spell it out. I said, “My mind’s a little foggy right now, Jerry, so I’m not sure what you’re getting at.”

He said, “Well, you aren’t as fully satiated with us traveling the way we are, and our living arrangement provides not only a safe location, but a willing participant. So, just how strong is that self-image issue of yours? What would it take to rekindle that old hunger to get you to help out your old boss and friend?”

There was no mistaking his intentions then, and I acted surprised, as I replied, “Oh shit, Jerry, you’re talking about you and me in our suite!? Would you really be interested in receiving that kind of relief? That would be so embarrassing for me. I mean, shit, you really are my boss and good friend.”

Jerry smiled and said, “Those were your good friends in high school too, but that didn’t stop you. It just seems like we’re in a perfect situation, traveling and rooming together like this, to help each other out. You were so excited telling me about what you did with your friends, and this would be your chance to satisfy those urges, while giving me sorely need relief.”

I said, “I can see how you’d think that, Jerry, but it would be humiliating for me to do that with you watching me. And if I got started doing that again, it might be hard to control and start me on a demeaning path to sucking other men. And I have to ask, would you consider sucking me too?”

He said, “Look, Matt, I don’t want us to overthink this, and I have no way of evaluating how much humiliation or self-loathing this might cause you. I’d just like to get sucked off, if you’re willing to do it, since you told me that you did it with your friends years ago.”

After a pause, he continued, “And sorry, but I could never return the favor since I’m not wired that way at all and could never do anything that nasty. I’ve always been more of a dominant kind of guy. Maybe we could try it one time, to see if it’s still arousing for you. You can even go under the sheet, so I won’t be looking at you. And even though I can’t get it hard, at least I think you’ll be attracted to my package.”

At that point, I was warming up to the idea of humiliating myself by sucking Jerry’s cock, and I tried to make it appear that I wasn’t that excited about it, for whatever face-saving that would provide.

I said, “Okay, Jerry, I guess we can try it once, just because we’re friends and I respect you as my boss. But this might be the first and last time, depending on how I feel afterwards.”

He smiled and said, “Damn, that’s wonderful, Matt. I’ll just strip and stand in front of you for a minute, so you can see what you’re getting.”

Jerry is a fit man, at six feet and one inch tall and weighing maybe one hundred and eighty-five pounds, and I was impressed when he peeled off his t-shirt and pushed his shorts and underwear down and off. He’s moderately hairy all over, with a thick pubic bush, and I was captivated by his heavily hanging genitals.

His soft, thick, uncircumcised cock is about seven inches long, and his egg-sized, low-hanging balls were hanging down farther than his cock. I also like the musky aroma of his crotch and was awestruck by his virile looking package. I said, “Damn, Jerry, I had no idea that you’re this well-hung. It’s probably lucky for me that you can’t get this thing hard.”

Jerry laughed, and said, “Yeah, I’ve never had any complaints, and it gets a little over nine inches long when I can get it up. I guess you could say that I’m a ‘shower, not a grower’, since it’s thick and meaty on soft, and doesn’t grow all that much on hard. If you’re ready, Matt, let’s take this to my bed.”

I followed Jerry into his bedroom, and after he got under the sheet, I moved under it, in kind of a sideways sixty-nine position, except with my torso and lower body angling away from him. He was on his right side, with his right leg bent and out in front a little and his left leg bent and his left foot on the bed, which made the sheet tent over his lower body, and fully exposed his crotch area.

In that position, it was easy to move in and rest my head on his right inner thigh, and I took his cock head into my mouth. I knew that he was happily anticipating me sucking him because I tasted and felt the texture of his precum in my mouth, and I loved the rubbery feeling of his foreskin. I reached my left arm over his hip and held onto his ass to hold myself in place, and I enjoyed sucking his soft, thick, meaty cock, realizing that if it was hard I would have gagged on it.

Jerry seemed to like what I was doing, since he brought his left leg down to trap my head between his legs, as he began slowly thrusting in my mouth. He was moaning, and said, “Oh fuck, Matt, that feels so fucking good, and I love the way you’re so eagerly sucking and worshipping my cock. I’ve been sucked a few times when I was younger but have never felt anything this good before. Suck it, Matt, suck my fucking cock and get ready to eat my big load.”

I loved the soft-yet-firm texture and thickness of his soft cock, which is so big that it filled my mouth completely. I had been sucking his meat for what seemed like five minutes, when he straightened out his right leg and began rolling over on me. I pushed my right arm under his hips and helped pull him on top of me until we were in a position with him fully on top of me fucking my mouth, as I held onto and gripped his ass with both hands.

I was still at an angle to him, so his face wasn’t near my crotch, and he pulled pillows over to rest his upper body on. He finally increased the sped of his strokes, and I felt the first pulses of his cum in my mouth, as he said, “Oh shit, here it comes, Matt. Keep sucking while I breed your cunt mouth.”

His soft cock kept throbbing as spray after spray of his somewhat bitter, but tasty cum flooded my mouth, and I swallowed to get it down. Jerry didn’t try to roll off me after he ejaculated, and I didn’t want him too, as I kept nursing his spent cock. He said, “Yeah, that’s it, Matt, I love having my cock in your warm, wet mouth, and it’s almost as good as soaking my meat in Martha’s pussy.”

Jerry’s balls were draped across my face as I continued sucking his cock, and I pulled off his cock to begin sucking them. I sucked his hairy, rubbery scrotum and could only get one of his huge balls into my mouth at a time, as he squirmed over me. I loved being under him like that, kind of at his mercy, and it reminded me of how much I liked being submissive to my friends in high school.

At the same time I was sucking his balls, my face was almost in his hairy ass, and I rubbed and massaged his ass cheeks with my hands, as he said, “Keep that up, Matt. I’ve never had my balls sucked like you‘re so hungrily doing, and what you’re doing to my ass feels good too.”

After sucking his big balls for what seemed like ten minutes, I was so turned on that I leaned up to suck his perineum which put my nose and forehead right in his ass. He squirmed and pushed back against me, pulling his knees forward, which brought him into a sitting position on my face. I hadn’t intended to go farther than sucking his perineum, but when he sat on my face, and the funky aroma of his ass wasn’t that bad, I kept sucking and licking his ass crack.

I could barely hear Jerry with his thighs against my ears, but he said, “Fuck yeah, rim my hairy ass. I’ve heard about people doing this shit, but never thought I’d get to experience it. Eat it, Matt, eat my fucking asshole.”

My tongue grazed his sphincter and I began probing it with my tongue and sucking it, as Jerry sat even harder on me. He stayed on me that way for what seemed like another ten minutes, before rolling off to the side as I tried to hold him in place.

Jerry said, “Easy, Matt, we can do more later, but I need a little break. You went way beyond giving me a blowjob, and if I read you right, I think you’ll want to do this for me again and again. You told me that you sucked the boys’ balls and perinea but didn’t say anything about rimming their assholes. Is that something new that you did for me?”

I replied, “This isn’t quite as embarrassing for me as I thought it would be, and I loved sucking you. You’ve got a great package, even if it can’t get hard right now, and I was so aroused sucking your cock and balls and eating your cum, that your ass looked tasty too. You must really think I’m a pervert now.”

He said, “I don’t care if you are a pervert, so long as you’re willing to take care of my needs. Everything you did was the best I’ve ever had, and that rimming thing was new for me. I told you before that I’ve got a high libido, so you can expect to be fed my cock cream at least three times a day.”

I slept with Jerry in his bed every night after that, and couldn’t get enough of his cock, balls, ass, and cum. That first night I sucked him off again before we went to sleep, and I slept with my head resting on his thigh and nestled in his soft cock and huge balls. I sucked him off again while we were in the shower together in the morning, and it seemed that he was almost insatiable.

The next two nights went the same way, and I noticed subtle changes in our relationship. Jerry realized that I liked being under him and otherwise submissive to him in bed, and I found out that he wasn’t kidding when he said that he was more of a dominant guy. That spilled over into our working relationship, where he was more domineering than before I became his cock sucker.

The Next Week and Changes

I sucked Jerry off at least ten times that first week, including once in the car on the way home from the airport. We both noticed the last couple of times that his cock was getting twinges of hardness just before his ejaculations, and it was obvious that he was getting his self-confidence back.

Jerry was horny on the next Sunday night back in Chicago, after not having gotten off since Friday afternoon, and he was anxious to be sucked as soon as we got to our room. Then he was having more episodes of hardness until Wednesday night, when his cock got fully hard when I sucked him. I loved sucking his soft cock, but his hard cock was good too, and he really fucked my face hard with it.

He was sitting on the couch on Thursday night watching television, as I leisurely sucked his cock and balls before finishing him off, and he said, “I hate to risk upsetting you, Matt, but I’ve got a request for you. You’re really into the cock sucking again, after so many years away from it, and I was hoping that you wouldn’t mind sucking another guy, for a good cause.”

I pulled off his cock, and asked, “What are you talking about, Jerry, who could I suck that would somehow be a good cause?”

Jerry nervously answered, “You know Bruce, the contract administrator that our company is working under. He’s about my age, and we were talking yesterday about his issues with his menopausal wife. I suggested that I could arrange for him to get a little periodic relief for the rest of our time on this project. Would you be willing to let him come to our room, as often as he feels the need, so you can take care of his cock too?”

I was upset, finding out that Jerry was willing to whore me out to help with our client relations, but at the same time, I was eager to find more cocks to suck. So, I responded sarcastically, saying, “Sure, Jerry, I’ll be your little whore to keep the client happy. What will he be expecting, just a quick blow and go?”

He looked guilty as he said, “Well, you know that Bruce is out of shape, but not quite obese, and is kind of a dweeb. He told me that he’s never had sex with anyone but his wife. He’s probably more nervous than you are at the thought of being sucked off, especially since he also said that he’s never had his cock sucked by anyone. So, it’s hard to know how he’ll react.”

I had several interactions with Bruce and knew that he’s kind of repulsive and not an attractive person. He’s about five feet and nine inches tall, weighed I guessed over two hundred pounds, and he was always stuffing his face with snacks during the workday. But I reasoned that I wouldn’t be looking at his face or body that much when I sucked him.

It was hard to know if Jerry had considered Bruce’s unattractiveness, and I said, “Damn, Jerry, you could have found me someone a little easier to look at. I hope he can make up for that in other ways. Do you happen to know how well-hung he is, and does he know it’s me you’re talking about?”

Jerry laughed and said, “No, Matt, I definitely haven’t seen his junk, but he did tell me that his cock is rather average and his wife used to get upset about his big cum loads that messed up their bed. I didn’t want to tell him too much until I found out if you’d be willing to expand on your diet of cock. So, he doesn’t know it’s you. He probably thinks it’s one of the younger, lower-level engineers on our team. But I did tell him that he could expect full service.”

I was apprehensive about sucking another man, especially Bruce, and it was hard not to think about it. Jerry and Martha invited Linda and me over for dinner on Saturday night, and after dinner and a few drinks, Jerry found a way to get us alone without our wives.

He told the ladies that he wanted to show me a project he was working on out in his stand-alone work shed, and the project he wanted to show me was his hard cock. I sucked him off as he talked about the coming week when I’d suck Bruce, and even talked about his improving relationship with Martha.

Jerry said, “I can’t thank you enough for getting me through this ED thing, Matt, and Martha has even been showing a little renewed interest in sex after I showed her that I could get hard again. But whatever happens with her, I’ll still want to have you work me over at every opportunity. Are you getting excited about sucking Bruce, probably on Monday night?”

After I got him off and swallowed his cum, I answered, “I’m actually a little uneasy about it. It will be embarrassing facing him as a cock sucker, but I admit that I am intrigued about what you mentioned that he said about his cum loads. I guess I’ll just have to play it by ear, and hope that he’s easy to deal with.”

Sucking Bruce, Our Client

Jerry had me suck him off on Sunday night and Monday morning, and then at breakfast, he said, “I hope you’re still into taking care of Bruce. I wanted you to get me off last night and this morning so you could focus on him tonight, at least until he leaves. I thought I’d invite him to join us for dinner, instead of him coming to our room cold turkey.”

“That will give us a chance to get liquored up, so it might be a little less embarrassing for you. I won’t let him know that you’re the cock sucker until we’ve had a few drinks, or you can break the news. How are you feeling about doing this now?”

I replied, “Exposing my perverted hungers to an old friend like you was difficult for me, and baring my, uh, my cravings to a client, who was until recently a stranger, will cause added stress. I would like to break the news myself when I think it’s the right time, maybe even after we get back to our room. I’ll just have to see how the conversation goes.”

We met Bruce at a nice restaurant near our residence inn and had several mixed drinks with our dinner. He started talking about having his cock sucked after a couple of drinks, when he said, “I was surprised to see you join us for dinner, Matt. Is the cock sucker going to take care of you tonight too?”

I replied in a way to give Jerry credit for setting it up, while also trying to find out more about Bruce’s expectations, saying, “I’m still thinking about it, Bruce, since I know that Jerry wants to make sure you’re well taken care of first. But Jerry did tell me that you’ve never done anything like this before. How are you hoping it will go, and are you at all nervous about it?”

It was kind of disgusting watching the way Bruce gobbled down his food, and he wiped his mouth before answering, “This is a little embarrassing to admit, but I was bullied and picked on a lot growing up, and even all the way through college. It’s going to be nice to make someone bend to my will for a change. I’m not hugely hung, but it will be fun to make a guy do my bidding and see if I can get him to gag on my big cum load. Jerry said the guy would do anything I want, so I’ll get him to do some other stuff I’ve read about.”

It was deceptive of me to get him to reveal his plans, and Jerry smiled when I said, “That’s interesting, Bruce. What have you been reading and what do you have in mind for him?”

He replied, “Since Jerry told me last week that the guy is married and bisexual, I’ve been reading some porn stories online, and found out that a lot of married cock suckers like that enjoy being submissive to other men. I read enough stories to know that I might be able to get my balls sucked and even sit on his face to see how he likes being smothered in my fleshy, sweaty, and hairy ass.”

I said, “Wow, Bruce, it sounds like the guy better be hungry for some cock, balls, cum, and ass.”

We talked a little more and had finished our third drinks, when Jerry winked at me before saying, “We probably should get headed over to our place. The cock sucker should get there at the same time we do.”

Bruce and I sat on the couch, with Jerry across from us in a chair, and Bruce said, “Okay, I’m ready to meet the guy. When will he get here?”

Jerry smiled as I looked over at Bruce and said, “Sorry for tricking you into revealing your plans for me, but I’m nervous about this and wanted to know what I was getting into. Let’s get those pants off you so I can see what you’ll be feeding me.”

I got on my knees between his legs and began unfastening his belt and pants, as Bruce said, “Damn, Matt, I was wondering why you were asking so many questions about this. I hope you’re ready to swallow a big fucking load.”

He lifted his hips as I pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles, and then I removed his shoes so I could take everything off him. His thick, hairy thighs and belly hanging down were a different sight than I was used to with Jerry. He must have been nervous since his cut cock was still soft and only about three inches long, and his huge, helmet cock head looked unusually large in proportion to the shaft. His balls were the size of tangerines and hanging over the edge of the couch. I also sensed the strong aroma of his sweaty and musky crotch.

I leaned down and took his cock into my mouth and began sucking it, and as it quickly hardened, he said, “Oh fuck, that feels so good. Suck me cock sucker, while I breed your cunt mouth.”

His cock hardened to what seemed like five inches long and very thick, and I felt the ridges of his huge cock head rubbing inside my mouth. I balanced myself with one hand around on his bare ass as I fondled his huge balls with the other, and Bruce reached out to hold my head in place as he began thrusting in my mouth.

It's hard to explain, but the idea that I was sucking someone like Bruce was more embarrassing and humiliating for me, which made it even more arousing for me with Jerry watching. I had only been sucking his cock for about five minutes, when Bruce started breathing hard and moaning as his cock swelled and flexed, shooting strong squirts of his pent up cum load into my mouth.

He kept cumming and cumming, with squirt after squirt, as he held me tightly in place and said, “Oh fuck yeah, Matt, taste and swallow my creamy fucking load. Holy shit, I’ve never had a nasty fucking cock sucker swallow my slime like this. I don’t know how you can take another man’s cock and cum into your mouth, but I love that you’re into it. I told you I shoot big loads.”

I sucked and nursed his soft cock for a few minutes, before moving down to suck his big balls. His musky smell was even stronger down there, and I sucked his balls for what seemed like ten minutes. Then he pushed me away, and said, “I want to try something I read about. When I stand up and I want you to sit on the floor with your back to the couch and lay your head back on the seat.”

Bruce got up and I did as he said, and the next thing I saw was him backing up over me, straddling my torso, and spreading his ample ass cheeks with his hands, as he sat fully on my face. I was almost smothered under him, which was an erotic feeling with him having such a fat ass, and I began licking and sucking his ass cleavage. He pressed down harder when he felt my tongue graze his asshole, and I began rimming him.

I could just barely hear Bruce and Jerry laughing, as Jerry said, “See, I told you that my cock sucking friend also has a taste for bare ass.”

Then Bruce said, “Holy shit, this nasty fucker is sucking my asshole and probing it with his tongue, and I’ve never felt anything like this.”

I sucked his ass for what seemed like ten minutes, and I was a little embarrassed when he moved off me, and I had to face him. We got some drinks from the minibar and relaxed a while before Bruce wanted to be sucked again, and that time he had me lay back with my head over the end arm of the couch, and he leaned over and fucked my mouth like a cunt. He was pretty much satiated after his second ejaculation of the evening, but he had me suck his balls for a long time before finally getting up to go home.

As he was leaving, he said, “I sure enjoyed your mouth tonight, Matt, and you can expect me to stop by at least a couple times a week as long as you’re here in Chicago.”

Jerry had me on my knees sucking his cock as soon as Bruce left, and right after I took his load and was nursing his cock for any remnants of his tasty cum, he said, “I’m really pleased how things went with you and Bruce tonight because it makes it easier for me to tell you about another cock sucking opportunity I’ve found for you.”

I pulled away and asked, “Come on, Jerry, what have you cooked up now?”

He answered, “My boss, Ron, is coming to Chicago for two days, tomorrow and the next day, and when he asked me where he should stay where it would be most convenient to the project, I thought it might be good for both of our careers if he stayed here with us. I couldn’t resist telling him about your talents and hungers, and he wants to stay with us.”

I said, “I guess I could sleep on the couch and give him my room, but what the fuck did you tell him, Jerry?”

Jerry replied, “Well, Ron and I have shared some secrets over the years, and I know that he’s not getting any pussy at home. He’s over sixty years old now, and his wife is long past menopause, so he was interested when I told him what you were doing for me. And you won’t need to sleep on the couch, since Ron said he’d be happy to sleep with you in your bed and feed you a few loads while he’s here.”

I said, “Fuck, Jerry, I couldn’t turn him down now, even if I wanted to. What do you know about how hung he is?”

Jerry answered, “I think he’s well-hung, but he’s been having issues with ED like me. I told him that you enjoyed sucking on soft cocks too, and that wouldn’t be a problem.”

Sleeping with and Sucking Ron on Tuesday Night

Ron showed up at our offices at around noon on Tuesday, and although he gave me strange looks at lunch, he didn’t say anything about what he expected of me that night. Bruce and his boss, Chester, were with us, and that type of discussion would have been way out of line. We saw him a few times in the afternoon, but Ron spent most of his time with Chester, dealing with some of the more political aspects of the project.

We went to dinner and had a few drinks in a restaurant close to our residence inn, and Ron was not as shy then. We were on our third drink when Ron said, “I was surprised and pleased, Matt, when Jerry told me about your rediscovery and enjoyment of talents from your youth. I’m looking forward to a fun evening with you.”

I had to say something, and offered, “This is embarrassing and humiliating for me, Ron, but I can’t deny that I’ve enjoyed servicing Jerry, and then Bruce, just last night. What experience have you had with men, if any, and what are you looking for?”

Ron replied, “Well, unlike Jerry, I had experiences with cock suckers in both high school and college, and they couldn’t get enough of my big cock, balls, and cum. And they did other nasty shit for me too. But I’ve been having problems with ED the past couple of years and was happy to hear that you enjoy sucking soft cock meat too, especially when you get a big serving of cock cream at the end.”

He thought for a few seconds, and continued, “I was used to dominating the cock suckers who submitted themselves to me, but we’ll just have to see what I’m up for now, since I’m in my sixties. It’ll be helpful to your career not to argue with me about doing anything I want.”

We went back to our suite, and Ron didn’t waste any time getting undressed and into my bed, as Jerry followed us in to watch. Ron is fit, especially for his age, and I was impressed that his soft, thick, uncircumcised cock is just a little bigger than Jerry’s soft meat.

I unceremoniously moved between his legs, taking his cock into my mouth and fondling his balls with my hand, as Ron said, “I like that, Matt, you seem like an eager beaver for my meat. Suck it, man, suck and drain my cock.”

The taste of his cock and precum were arousing, and I liked the slightly bitter taste of his precum. I was feeling the need to show my subservience to him, and I gripped his hips while rolling him over on top of me, and holding him by gripping his hairy, bare ass. Ron showed his appreciation by fucking my mouth. His soft cock is thick and meaty enough that it was almost like being fucked by a hard cock, and then I liked being under him that way.”

Ron said, “Damn, Jerry, this cock sucker is hungry for it, and likes being fucked. It must be fun for you fucking his cunt mouth now that you can get it up again.

I had been sucking Ron for what seemed like five minutes when his thick cock throbbed, and I felt and tasted squirt after squirt of cum shooting into my mouth. I kept sucking him to get the remnants of his ejaculation. Then he pulled his legs up and sat up until he was straddling my head, facing my head, and sat down, pressing his big balls to my mouth.

He enjoyed having his balls sucked, and he looked down into my eyes, with his spent cock lying across my head, and his balls alternately in my mouth. After a few minutes he started sliding forward, while balancing himself with the headboard, and he slid forward until my face was enveloped in his hairy ass.

I could barely hear him as he said, “Jerry told me that you’ve got a taste for ass flesh, and I haven’t had my ass sucked in almost forty years. Eat it, boy, suck and eat my fucking asshole.”

He squirmed as I spread his ass cheeks with my hands. I sucked and probed his asshole with my tongue, until he rolled off me to the side and laid back on the bed. He said, “You were damn sure right about Matt knowing what he’s doing, Jerry, and it’s going to be nice having him to use all night.”

We had another drink and a snack from the minibar, and then I casually sucked and edged his cock, until after an hour, he ejaculated into my mouth again. We went to sleep that night with his cock in my mouth and my face in his scrotum, where I sucked him off again when he woke us up in the morning.

Jerry and I drove Ron to the airport, after he spent the day with us in the office, and he said, “We expect this project to be completed in about four months, and I’m planning to come up here about every other week until it’s over. I damn sure expect to be taken care of whenever I visit, and then after you two are back in Birmingham full time. This has been nice, Matt, and you have a real talent.”

A Future of Cocks and Cum for Myself

During our remaining time in Chicago, I continued servicing Jerry whenever he wanted it, which means that I got him off three times a day on average, and just sucked and edged him at other times. Bruce became a regular feeder for me, two times a week on average, and they also set me up with Chester. Sometimes he and Ron would come to our suite together when Ron visited every two weeks or so.

I was kept busy sucking Jerry and Ron when we returned to Birmingham, at least until Ron retired and Jerry got his job. Then I was promoted to Jerry’s job, and I still provide him relief when he gets blue balls at home.


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