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Summer Cockbuster

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My friend Jeff and I go catch the latest action movie, and catch some action of our own.

Summer is almost over.  It's still warm but we're starting to notice the days getting shorter.  It’s the last Monday before I go back to start my second year in college. My old high school buddy Jeff and I decide to catch a matinee movie. We will end up getting more than just a movie out of it!

Jeff and I decide to see one of the season's blockbusters, a popular spy movie that somehow, neither of us had gotten around to seeing earlier in the summer. It was released way back in June, so on this late-August Monday matinee, we have the theater to ourselves.

The movie follows the usual formula but does it well. It starts off with shapely nude women dancing in silhouette - the outline of pointy nipples briefly just visible a few times - to a smoky theme song. I feel my dick twitching, and filling ever so slightly. Jeff's avoiding looking at me during this, so I bet he feels similarly. Damn, now I'm getting horny here in the dark, next to a friend.

The opening women-and-guns silhouette montage dissolves into an intense chase scene, in which he kills several expendable bad guys and an improbable escape. Soon our spy/hero finds himself mixed up in some big plot, up against a mysterious evil organization, in an exotic country where everyone speaks English with a vaguely European accent.

He gets shot at and chased by more bad guys, escapes miraculously, gets in trouble with his superiors, is captured, then escapes miraculously again from a ridiculously complex, easily defeated scheme to kill him. And in the midst of this action, he, of course, flirts with and beds spectacularly beautiful women. 

One of the scenes with a woman is really hot. She is one of the most beautiful and voluptuous women I have ever seen. So much that even as our man is still flirting with her, I find myself tracing my hand along my hard cock, hoping Jeff won't notice in the dark theater. 

As the couple on-screen start kissing, I become aware that Jeff is stroking himself through his shorts even more blatantly than I am. 

Then, he pulls down his waistband, and out pops his willie. I almost whisper "what the fuck are you doing?" but I stifle it because I'm so worked up myself.  Maybe I want to do the same.  I mutter "oh what the fuck," and shift my shorts to the side so I can get my dick out too. 

Here we are, openly masturbating in an empty theater, as the sexiest woman and man alive make out on the screen, her ample breasts squeezed tight against him - and threatening to make their own spectacular escape from her dress. 

Jeff looks at me and playfully reaches over the armrest, then pulls his arm back. Maybe he was just joking, but I do the same gesture back, taking it further and putting my hand over his for just a moment, as it strokes up and down on his meat. 

He removes his hand, leaving mine there. 

For the first time, I feel another man's penis in my hand. It is warmer and softer than I have imagined in my frequent fantasies. 

A second later I feel his hand on my own prick. It is the first time anyone has touched me. I had no idea how much better it would feel than my own hand. It is intense, yet comforting, even tender as he wraps his hand around me. 

At this point, the on-screen beauty has turned her back towards our protagonist, dropping her dress to the floor, revealing some very tantalizing side-boob. I swear if we get to actually see her tits I'm going to cum instantly.  This is an R-rated movie, right?

Just as she turns towards the camera to reveal her full beauty, we hear the door at the back of the theater creak open and see the glow of a flashlight probing down the aisle. 

Instinctively Jeff and I take our hands off each other's goodies and reach for our tubs of popcorn. Holding our still-warm popcorn over our laps (felt nice on my cock, by the way), our engorged erections won't be visible to the usher, despite our shorts being partway down, even if he shines his light directly at us.

Which he doesn't. 

A moment later he has left. Unfortunately so has the beautiful woman on the screen. As is all too often the case with these movies, the film has no difficulty depicting violent brutality, but only offers us a brief glimpse of tender sexuality.  After all, murder is okay but sexual affection might damage young minds. We never got to see her tits full-on and zero actual sex. 

Someone ought to make a porn version of these movies.

Anyway, what we have seen is enough to make us both hard enough to carve our names in a tree trunk. As soon as the door quietly swishes shut, our hands are on each other again. 

Knowing the usher won't be coming back for a while now, I feel emboldened. As pleasurable as a mutual jerkoff might be, I’ve always wanted to taste cock. In all my teenage fantasies, the main feature has been to have one in my mouth.  Now is my chance. 

I pivot around to kneel in front of him. I can see an expression of amazement, expectation and maybe a little shock on his face, lit by the screen.  Below seatback level, it's too dark to get a good look at his meat, so I just take him in my mouth.

I am loving my first blowjob. It tastes mostly like skin. Not sure what I expected - did I think it was going to taste like the cum or piss that comes out of it? Anyway, I like it - especially the glycerin drop of precum on the end. 

I relish the feeling of it in my mouth, the hard rod my lips are wrapped around. The smell and feel of his pubic hairs tickling my upper lip, and the squishy head against the back of my mouth, on the downstroke. The ridge slipping briefly past my lips on the upstroke. 

It's so wonderful it's almost too much. In fact, for him, it is too much. After just a dozen or so bobs of my head on his hammer, he tenses up and starts to fill my mouth with his salty goo, grunting lightly with each of the first couple of jets streaming in. I keep my lips vacuumed on to him until he's done, then swallow this delicious meal. 

Fortunately, he is willing to pay me back. He guides me back into my seat and gets down in front of me. He takes a little longer to savor the moment, licking up and down the bottom of my shaft, circling around the glans and licking the shaft one more time before finally taking me in. 

The movie protagonist has gotten into another tense situation on the big screen.  Down here in the seat, I'm feeling some tension building right here. 

I don't last much longer than Jeff did. He angles his gaze up and looks me in the eye as he sucks me, and I lose it. Just as our movie hero sprays his pursuers with a shower of hot lead, I spray the inside of his cheeks with a shower of hot cream. 

Jeff gets back in his seat. I notice a stray drop of semen on his lips, wipe it off with my finger and stick it in my mouth. 

Looking back at the explosion that releases him from the last guy chasing him, our hero cracks a corny joke in relief. I'm feeling both release and relief in the wake of an explosion myself.

Jeff and I leave our dicks out, occasionally reaching over the armrest to stroke each other briefly. 

As the movie starts working towards its conclusion, we start working each other continuously, both fully hard again. 

And just after the film has reached its climax, the spy floating off in his secret pod with the hot girl, Jeff and I reach our own climaxes, coating each other's hand with a different kind of film. 

I grab his wrist, pull his hand towards me and start licking the cum off. He returns the favor.

There we are, sensuously licking cum off each other's hands as the credits start to roll. 

Just as we pull up our shorts and get up to walk out, Jeff playfully bumping his bulging groin up against my butt, in walks the usher. 

If only he knew what we just did!  Good thing we licked up each other's cum instead of letting it go on the floor! The floors are sticky enough from all the spilled soda, after all. 


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