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Dog Theft Averted. Husband Theft Commenced - Part 1

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John rescues Kate's dog from a group of thieves and now she wants to thank him.

This isn't strictly a true story but it's based on something that recently happened to someone I know. Quite a lot of build-up but hopefully it's worth it...

John rounded the corner into the park and looked at his GPS watch. One more lap, he told himself.

As he picked up the pace again he heard a commotion to his right. Turning to look, he saw three men wrestling with a young girl and making off with her small dog. The men were headed towards a van, dragging the clearly agitated dog behind them as they ran.

John sprinted towards them and flew at the guy who was dragging the dog by its lead. The man hit the ground with a thump and the dog broke free, running back to its owner and jumping into her arms.

As John rolled over, he knew he was in trouble.

CRASH! A boot made contact with his face.

THUD! A second kick to the ribs.

BANG! And then silence...

John walked to the park thinking about all the things that had happened over the last few weeks. A week in hospital following the incident; he had been beaten up pretty badly. And then the police interviews, pushing him for details he just couldn't remember. When he had finally settled on his statement, the police informed him that the dog's owner would like to thank him in person as soon as he was well enough.

As John marched into the park, he immediately recognised the little dog he had rescued. Waving as he walked over, he took a proper look at the dog's owner for the first time.

Wow, she's really pretty, he thought to himself.

The dog's young owner was smiling broadly as John approached. Her pretty face was framed by long, straight blonde hair that stretched to her waist. She was wearing an oversized grey sweatshirt but John's eyes were drawn to her skin-tight, pink yoga pants.

"Hi!" she said in a cheery voice, snapping John's attention back to her face and her deep blue eyes. "You must be John?"

She really is young, thought John as he returned her smile. 

"That's me," he said. "The police never told me your name?"

"I'm Kate," she said. "And this is Geoff."

John couldn't help but laugh.

"What?" Kate pouted. 

"Sorry," said John, still chuckling. "It's just a funny name for a dog. It does kinda suit him though."

"He's named after my gramps," explained Kate. "He died just before we got Geoff."

Oops, thought John.

"Sorry," he said. "Not off to the best start here!"

"It's ok," said Kate. "I suppose it is a funny name for a little dog like him. Want to go for a walk?"

"I'd love to," said John.

As they walked around the park Kate told John how scared she'd been when the men approached her and how relieved she was when John appeared out of nowhere. She told him how worried she'd been about him and how she was really happy when the police had passed on his details.

"I'm scared to walk Geoff on my own now," she explained. "I always make my mum or my brother come with me."

"I completely understand that," said John. "If you ever need someone to come with you, feel free to give me a ring. I only live around the corner."

"That would be good," Kate replied.

As they continued their walk, Kate opened up to John about her life. She was into running and cycling and she listened to a lot of the same music that John was into.

"Aren't you a bit young to be listening to that sort of stuff?" enquired John.

Kate laughed. "That's what all my friends at college say."

"You're at college?" John asked.

"Yes," Kate confirmed. "Doing my A-Levels next year, then hopefully off to uni."

"Oh right. So that would make you, what, eighteen?" John asked.

"Don't you know it's rude to ask a lady her age?" she laughed.

"Oh yeah. Sorry," John replied. "I was just curious. You seem to really have your head screwed on."

"Thanks. I think," Kate pouted.

Just at that moment, Geoff ran off into some long grass and Kate went running after him. As she ran away, John's eyes were drawn to her shapely butt. He watched it jiggling in her tight yoga pants as she ran. 

John was mesmerized. I'm going to hell! he told himself.

Kate returned with Geoff now safely back on his lead.

"Where were we?" Kate asked. "Oh yeah. I'm seventeen. I won't be eighteen until next year."

"So, what about you?" she asked. "Do you work?"

"Yes," replied John. "I'm an architect."

"Oh. That's cool," said Kate.

"It's not that cool," laughed John. "I mostly design houses. But it pays the bills."

"Don't you have to do, like seven years at uni or something to do that?" asked Kate.

"Yep. They were seven great years though. Well, the last two were tough but still great fun."

"How long ago did you finish uni then?" 

"Are you just trying to figure out how old I am?" John stopped walking and turned to face Kate. "How old do you think I am?"

"Oh. Erm. I wouldn't like to say," said Kate. "I mean, you're obviously in pretty good shape from all the running and stuff."

John laughed. "Come on then, hit me with it. How old do you think I am?"

"You're putting me on the spot now," Kate protested. "Well, you've still got all your hair."

John laughed again. "Is that my only redeeming feature?"

Kate continued, "You're not, like, all wrinkly or anything. And you've got nice eyes."

"Thank you," replied John. "I'm pleased not be all wrinkly yet!"

"I mean, you're actually pretty hot." Kate's face reddened. "In, like, a hot older guy kinda way I suppose."

"O...K...." said John growing concerned about where this conversation was going.

Kate thought for a moment. "I'm going to say you're about twenty-eight."

John burst out laughing. "Haha. Thank you very much. I wish I was still in my twenties!" he exclaimed.

"Oh. Thirty-two?" Kate asked now glowing red with embarrassment.

"Try thirty-nine," John said. "I'll be forty in a few months."

"No way!" exclaimed Kate. "I would have said thirty-five max. I'd still check you out if you were walking past me in the street, though," she said chuckling - a wicked grin on her face.

"OK. Enough of that," John replied. "And if my wife caught you checking me out, you'd have her to answer to."

"Oh, don't worry. I'm very discrete." Kate turned to her side and thrust her butt out behind her. "And anyway, what would she think about you checking out my ass?" 

"She, erm. She..." John struggled for words. "I didn't think you'd noticed. Sorry."

"Didn't think I'd noticed?" laughed Kate. "Your eyes were practically popping out of your head when I turned around!"

"Oops," said John feeling himself going red this time. "Well, you're a very pretty girl and I guess I was just a bit distracted."

"It's fine," said Kate. "I don't mind the occasional DILF checking me out. Especially when he's such a hero!"

John didn't know what to say to that and continued walking in silence.

As they approached the entrance to the park again John turned to Kate. "I'm really glad we got to meet up. I hope you get past the fear of going out on your own soon."

"Me too," replied Kate. "You seem like a really nice guy."

Kate stepped forward and wrapped her arms around John in an awkward hug.

"Take care of yourself," said John as he turned to walk away.

"You too," said Kate as she tugged on Geoff's lead and led him back home.

It had been a week since John had met Kate at the park. He'd told his wife all about it. Well, most of it anyway. He'd missed out the parts about her catching him checking out her ass and calling him a DILF. He felt bad that he hadn't shut down the conversation straight away when she started complimenting him. But it had all ended innocently enough and, after a week, John was pretty certain Kate wouldn't be in contact again.

Truth be told, John was having trouble getting Kate out of his mind. Images of Kate's ass jiggling in those yoga pants kept flashing before his eyes. He found himself getting erections at random times of the day. Not that his wife was complaining. They'd never had as much sex as they did that week. Each time John was pressed up against his wife, he was imagining the feeling of Kate's young body pressed up against him as she hugged him goodbye.

BING! John's phone beeped as a new message arrived. It was from Kate! John panicked and walked out into the garage to read the message.

'Hi. Hope you don't mind me contacting you again? K x' read the message.

John replied before he could convince himself it was a bad idea. 'No, Not all. Is everything OK? x'

'It is now. My mum and brother are away for a few days. I'm still not ready to go out on my own. xx'

'I can meet you at the park tomorrow if you want me to walk Geoff with you? x' John sent back.

'Does that mean you can't come today then? I could really use the company xxx'

'Let me ask my wife. We were supposed to be seeing her brother this afternoon but I'm sure she'll understand. x'  

John walked back into the house.

"Honey," he called up the stairs. "Something's come up. Do you mind if I duck out of this afternoon?"

"Oh. That's a shame. Yeah. Do whatever you need to do, darling," she replied.

"OK. Thanks," John shouted back up.

Kate had asked John to meet her in the local woods. It was an area John knew well from the training runs he had been doing for an upcoming triathlon.

As he walked off the road and ducked into the woods, he caught sight of Kate from behind. She was wearing those same skin-tight pink yoga pants but it was a hot day today and her loose sweatshirt had been replaced by what looked, from behind, to be a black sports bra. Her long blonde hair was pulled back into a plaited ponytail. 

John's attention was immediately drawn to that perfect ass again. This was a bad idea, he thought to himself as he felt an all too familiar swelling in his shorts.

Kate spun around, catching him staring once again. "Hi John," she beamed.

John tried to speak, but the words caught in his throat. He was completely blown away by her beauty. Her tight, toned stomach was bronzed from the sun and set off a sparkling stud in her bellybutton. Her breasts swelled under her sports bra in contrast to her small frame. Her white teeth sparkled as she smiled broadly.

"Erm. Hi," said John. "Where's Geoff?"

"Oh, he's gone with my mum and my brother. Just me today. I hope you don't mind?" she pouted as she stared up into John's eyes.

"Oh right. I thought we were walking him. That's all."

"I just needed to get out of the house. And I kinda wanted to see my hero again," she teased.

John nodded and started walking. I need to get out of this, he thought. 

"John?" Kate enquired. "We've been walking for ten minutes and you've hardly said anything or looked at me. Is everything OK?"

John stopped and turned to face Kate. "I'm just a bit nervous, Kate."

"Nervous? Why would you be nervous?" she enquired.

"Kate, it's just that I'm nervous people might see us."

"So what? We're not doing anything wrong?"

"I know. But I'm worried what people might think if they see me walking around with a half-dressed seventeen-year-old!"

"Half-dressed?" Kate spat out. "You don't like my outfit?"

"No. It's not that. Your outfit is very, erm, eye-catching," John replied and immediately scalding himself for staring at her chest.

"Clearly," said Kate. "People really will get the wrong idea if you keep staring at my tits and ass like that!"

"I'm sorry," replied John.

"Don't be. Maybe I want you to check me out," she said, pushing her chest forward towards John. "Go ahead. Stare all you like."

John looked down and took in her beauty again. Her legs look slender, but strong and toned. The yoga pants clung to her hips. John's eyes travelled up her body, over her smooth, flat stomach to her breasts. They were full and round, definitely bigger than his wife's 36Cs. As his eyes travelled up her delicate neck to her pretty face, John detected a smirk on her face.

"Got an eyeful now, have you?" Kate laughed as she looked down. "I guess you like what you see?"

John followed Kate's gaze down to the obvious tent that had formed in his shorts. "Kate, you're very beautiful. But that shouldn't have happened."

Kate stepped forward and fixed John in her gaze. "Don't worry about it, John. I won't tell anyone."

As she pulled John in for a hug he felt his erection bump into her stomach and he felt her breasts pressing against him as her arms wrapped tightly around him.

She looked up at him. "I feel safe with you, John. I really do."

John wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head. Kate's hands gripped John's face and pulled him down to her. As their lips met John felt sparks flying through his body. He pulled Kate's body tighter against him and, without thinking, he kissed back.

Their hands roamed freely over each other's bodies as their tongues danced. John swept his hands down Kate's sides and slowly slid them over her butt, squeezing firmly as she moaned into his mouth.

"Oh my god," Kate panted as they both came up for air. "I've never been kissed like that before.

"That. That was probably a bad idea," said John as he looked around making sure no-one had seen them.

"If it was such a bad idea why are your hands still on my ass then?" Kate asked with a twinkle in her eye.

Kate ran her hands up inside John's t-shirt, slowly moving her small fingers over his chest as she stared up into his eyes. Then she slid them down to his waistband, her fingers searching out the bulge in his shorts that was now stretching the fabric.

She maneuvered her hand inside and gently wrapped her fingers around John's now fully erect cock.

"Tell me to stop and I'll stop," she said as she slowly started to pump her hand up and down the shaft.

John's breathing grew shallow as the sensations took over his body. He could feel his precum leaking all over Kate's hand as she started to increase the speed of her movements.

"Not here," said John. "Someone might see us."


To be continued...

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