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Helping with the Neighbor's Sink

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The pleasures of being a plumber. . .

Dan and Reba lived next door to us and over a period of time we became good friends. Often times, we’d enjoy the company of each other by sharing a patio dinner during the summer or a pot of stew, during the winter months. Our friendship was strictly platonic and nothing more.

I found Reba quite attractive. At thirty- five, she looked much younger than her age, and at times, she even flaunted her good looks, much to my chagrin and frustration. Out of respect for our friendship, I kept my lascivious thoughts to myself, even if was hard at times to avoid prolonged glances of admiration, and lustful thinking.

A few weeks back, Dave told they were having problems with their kitchen sink stopping up and since I am a plumber by trade, I offered to take a look at it.

It was a late summer Friday morning, and Dave was at work. I called him and he said Reba was at home and that she’d let me in.

I knocked on the back door to Dave and Reba’s house. When Reba didn’t answer, I turned the doorknob and found the door unlocked. I announced myself as I entered, calling out for Reba. When she didn’t answer, I decided to simply step further into the house. I was about to call out Reba’s name, when I saw her laying on the couch, dressed in a sexy light pink negligee, a laptop on her stomach and her one hand on an exposed boob and the other stretched downward, to her parted legs. I started to back out, as I knew I had seen too much. A porno movie flickered across the computer screen.

Suddenly, Reba must have sensed or realized she had company, as she shouted, “Oh shit!” and slammed the lid to the lap top down. She looked back at me and said, “You scared the shit out of me.”

It was an awkward moment, as she has no where to hide and I had caught her in a moment of intimate self-pleasure.

“Dave asked me to take a look at the sink,” I stammered out, pretending like I had not seen anything. “I’ve got to get my tools and I’ll be back.”

I darted out of the kitchen. I was hesitant about going back, but decided I might as well, since I’d probably never get the chance again to see where things might go.

I grabbed my toolbox and headed back to the house next door. I knocked on the door and Reba called out for me to come in. She was seated at the dining room table, in a nook, off to the side of the kitchen. She was still sporting her almost-see through negligee. As I stepped into the kitchen, I apologized and offered to come back.

“That’s okay,” Reba replied. “I’m sorry about earlier.”

She stood up and made her way over to the coffee pot. Damn, that cute little ass was calling out to be touched.

“Would you like a cup of coffee?” she nonchalantly asked. I set my toolbox down and slipped up behind her, as she poured sink water into the coffee pot. I reached around her svelte body, pressing up against her. I placed my hands on to hers. I leaned in close to her ear as I pressed against her and whispered,

“I’d love to share some coffee with you.”

She lowered her head, her long brown hair covering her face. She took in a deep breath and forcefully exhaled.

I slipped my hands on to her soft waist and held them there, as she continued to fill the coffee pot. I slipped my fingers closer to her erogenous zone, as the sink water flowed overflowed the top of the glass pot.

“Why don’t we just skip the coffee,” I whispered softly.

Reba turned off the sink water and turned to face me, caught between where I stood and the countertop to the sink. I pressed my pelvis and my hardened eight-inch man tool against her. I slipped my hands into the opening of her nightie and on to her sides. Our eyes were locked on to another another’s eyes.

“I promise I won’t say a word to Dave,” I said.

“Dave doesn’t always measure up,” Reba replied, her hands settling on to my sides. “But I have a feeling, you might.” She added as she moved her hands to my crotch, to feel the bulge that had formed.

I slipped my hands higher on her sides and pressed my hips against her.

“You are so very sexy,” I whispered, planting a light kiss on to the nape of her neck. I moved in to the do the same just below her ear, as she cocked her head to welcome my advances and kisses. She forced her hand in past the waistband of my pants. She grabbed my cock and hummed.

“Damn,” she breathlessly declared, “now I know why Sammie loves you so much.”

“Not nearly enough,” I disclosed, as Reba pushed fumbled with opening of my jeans. Suddenly, she dropped to her knees. She held on to my erection and gently rubbed her fingers along the backside of my tool, and then she gently massaged my testicles.

Reba slipped the head of my tool in her open mouth. I placed a hand on top of her head as she rocked back and forth, shoving the entire length of my tool completely into her mouth.

I had to ask Reba to stop to avoid shooting my load.

“I love the taste of a man,” Reba said, as she looked up at me from her kneeling position in front of me, holding on to my glistening cock, coated in her saliva.

“Let me reciprocate,” I whispered, as I pulled her up and into a standing position to thrust my tongue down her throat.

She took in a deep breath and then exhaled.

“Do me,” she whispered.

I took Reba by her hand and we slipped into the living room. I spied the couch, but Reba had different plans, leading me down the hallway to the master bedroom. As we slipped into the bedroom, she slipped out of her negligee and crawled on to the un-made bed.

She flipped on to her back, and out of her crotch wet panties. I slipped between her parted legs and quickly took to pleasuring her, alternating between my fingers and my tongue. Her clit was soft and very responsive to my touches. It didn’t take much for her to orgasm and I relished in trying to figure out how many orgasms I might get out of her.

“Stop,” she pleaded, “just fuck me.”

“I will,” I replied, “once I’m sure you’re ready.”

“I was ready when you walked in the door,” Reba declared.

I chuckled.

“No, you weren’t,” I shot back. “You only thought you were ready.”

Finally, after a few more intense orgasms, I started working my way up her body, planting kisses on her abdomen and then her breasts and then her neck, as the tip of my cock touched her pussy. She reached between her legs and guided the tip of my cock into the opening between her legs. I could feel the lips of her vagina clamping down on my cock, then releasing, as it enveloped my tool.

My pelvic bone met her's and she shivered, her eyes widening as she realized I was all the way in her.

She opened her mouth and gasped for deep breaths, letting out guttural moans of pleasure as I my pelvic bone crashed into hers. My testicles tightened and I shot my load deep inside of her.

“Oh yeah!” she cried out. “I can feel it!”

She closed her eyes and pulled her manicured fingernails across my shoulders, then across the back of my shoulders, as she wrapped her legs around my torso, shaking and trembling.

“Oh God!” she cried out, my cum filling her pussy and spilling out on to the bed sheets. Suddenly, she flooded the bed with her womanly juices, something I hadn’t ever experienced. She buried her head into the nape of my neck, shaking and trembling.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” she called out over and over as a cataclysmic orgasm washed over her.

I rolled on to my back. To my amazement, I still had a pretty good-sized half erection. Reba pounced on me like a wild cat, pushing my cock back into her pussy, straddling me, her hands planted on to my chest as she feverishly rocked back and forth, biting down on her lower lip. She tossed her head back and let out a primal scream of ecstasy, unlike anything I had heard before.

She screamed,“Oh Lord! Take me now! Damn . . . fuck . . hell yeah . . . Oh God!” She rocked rhythmically back and forth from her perch on top of me.

She collapsed forward, her head coming to rest in the nape of neck. I simply held on to her and held her in place, until her shivering subsided.

We lay there for the longest time. Nature finally took it course. We showered together (at her request) and I quickly got dressed.

As we made out way back to the kitchen, she spied my toolbox sitting by the back door.

“So, what are you going to tell Dave?” she asked.

“I guess I’ll just going to have to tell the truth,” I said, “I’ll tell him I have to come back tomorrow, since I think I’ll need a part to do the job right.”

Reba laughed.

“Do you think you might need my assistance?” Reba asked.

“I very well might,” I replied, proffering a wink. I took me a week to finish that damn sink.


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