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Husband Swap

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Another reality game show – what could possibly go wrong, or right?

There is a twist - somewhere. This has sprung out of my love for CCTV cameras. I suppose it was inevitable, but now I've written about it, some smart producer will take it on and make loads of money from it.

The day had arrived, Matt stood on Melissa’s doorstep, cameras positioned all around him while Robert stood on Stephanie’s doorstep in a similar situation. The cameras rolled, doorbells were rung and the recipient women greeted their husband’s to be.

It was a new game show where couples offer to swap husbands for a whole week. It was another one of those psychology shows like Big Brother, First Dates or even Naked Attraction. They had done one called House Swap where couples swap houses for a week but this was intended to be more of a psychological thriller to see if one woman could get on with another’s husband.

There were obvious conditions that needed to be met; one of which was that the couples didn’t have to sleep together and that they would have separate rooms. Shame, it could have been so much more fun.

The psychologists reckoned on about two days to get to know the partners and a further two days before boundaries started to be pushed; hopefully to their limits.

The cameras would run for most of the day but with set periods; all of the rules were explained to the contestants when they joined the programme. So, from ten in the morning to one in the afternoon and from two in the afternoon to nine in the evening, everyone was being monitored by cameras in every room except the bathroom. There was one room in each house where contestants could have some me time but they couldn’t stay in that room for more than thirty minutes at a time.

At eight in the evening, each pair of contestants would be shown a one hour clip from the day’s filming from the other pair. The psychologists reckoned that this would cause uncertainties and questions to be raised and maybe, highlight issues with some people as they saw their partner enjoying themselves more than they did or even see their partner being uncomfortable with the arrangement.

Going through with the whole week did have its rewards though; a handsome paycheck at the end.

As soon as the door was opened, Matt was straight in with a hug to Melissa and she invited him in with a big smile. His eyes sparkled and you could see they had a ready-made agreement that they would get on with each other. At the other end of the foursome, Stephanie shook Robert’s hand and accepted a peck on the cheek. You could tell immediately that Stephanie was uncertain about sharing her house and home with a stranger and it was clear that Robert was also a little uncomfortable too.

The camera’s rolled, the filming started and the experiment began.

Day 1

On day one there wasn’t much to report. Both couples were trying their best to find out about their new partner; likes and dislikes, hobbies and sports and food and drink were amongst the most talked about topics.

Matt and Melissa seemed to get off to a very good start while Robert and Stephanie struggled with the sports side of things; football was never her thing and neither was snooker or darts. On the other side of the fence, it was much different. The conversation flowed, the wine flowed and they seemed to be enjoying each other’s company. It was as if they were destined to be together.

At eight in the evening, just after lunch, they both had to sit through an hour of clips from the day’s filming. It was evident from day one that the Stephanie household was having conversational issues, with Robert browsing the channels trying to look for as much sport as he could while in the other household there was much laughter and jollity with Matt and Melissa on their second bottle of wine for the evening.

By the time it was nine in the evening both couples had very different views of their time together and of their partner’s time. Matt did feel a pang of guilt for how Stephanie was feeling but after a hard day trying to be nice for the cameras both couples retired for the evening.

For Stephanie, it was a great relief for the household spy cameras to be switched off. For Robert, nothing seemed to matter but the fact that darts was showing on Sky 1. For Matt, it was a sense of relief that day one was over and for Melissa, it was excitement for the week that lay ahead.

Day 2

Day two went much the same way as day one; as the psychologists predicted. More getting to know each other and in that respect, Matt and Melissa were storming ahead. There were even a few snippets of conversation about sex, however, these were successfully edited out by the TV company from the clips to be shown to the other couple. The psychologists were downhearted, to say the least. They believed that they should have been shown to cause problems.

Stephanie and Robert ended up testing each other. There was too much sport on TV and the cooking and history channels were being neglected. It was crunch time. This brief argument was aired to the other couple because it saw Robert head to the me time room in a huff.

Day 3

At nine in the morning, Melissa’s bedside telephone rang loudly. There was one hour to go before the cameras were switched on. She was breathing heavily and she cursed loudly but managed to roll to her side to pick up the receiver. It was Robert, complaining about why he had to be away from his sport and why did she have to apply for this fucking game show in the first place. The conversation lasted twenty minutes; far too long and she was glad that it was eventually over. She looked across the bed and shook her head.

It was fortunate that Matt didn’t have the same problems with his wife, for if he did have, he wouldn’t have been in a position to hear the phone, let alone answer it.

Melissa smiled, raised her body upwards and once more sat back down on Matt’s face for him to finish what he started. Her hands came upon the wall in front of her and she slowly rocked her hips to let him know what he needed to do next.

His tongue contacted her clit and before she knew it she was panting once more and climaxing on matt’s efficient and sexy tongue. After the orgasm, she turned to him and asked for a quick fuck before the much-needed shower.

Matt had positioned himself behind her and quickly brought Melissa and himself off to a lovely orgasm.

Melissa had to turn and push Matt away from entering the shower with her; primarily for a repeat performance. She pointed to the clock on the wall which said ten to ten. Matt nodded and reluctantly left to go to his room to ruffle the bedclothes. Being caught coming out of the bathroom when the cameras switched on would have been detrimental.

Stephanie and Robert’s day started as normal. One, then the other used the shared bathroom before making their own breakfast in the kitchen.  The conversations were terse, the acknowledgement that each other existed was even worse. They seemed expert at avoiding each other and it all seemed a bit unreal.

The audience viewing this, thought the psychologists, would be having a field a day. There was only one thing wrong with the whole situation and that was the speed with which Melissa and Matt got on with each other. They never seemed to argue; never a bad discussion, a crossed-word to say to each other. They just got on with their shared lives. Making the most out of it and probably thinking of the money at the end.

By nine-thirty, Stephanie and Robert were glad to retire to their rooms and Matt and Melissa were glad that the pretence was over for another day.

Melissa shook her head as she pulled her sweater off for the evening and discarded her bra on the floor. Her tits were soon in Matt’s face before they eventually lay on the sofa kissing.

While Stephanie sat up in bed reading and Robert played on one of his many Android games, Melissa and Matt were off to bed, her bed, and with Matt’s cock in her hand and a smile on her face.

Day 4

The psychologists had an early start to the day. On the menu was the relationship between Matt and Melissa, it was unreal, too smooth, too easy for them; something had to be done. They couldn’t understand why they were getting on so well together. It was the TV presenters that stood their ground and enforced the No Cameras after Ten rule, otherwise, the psychologists would have switched them on through sheer intrigue.

There was a slip up that no one seemed to notice, except Matt. While cooking the pasta bake for the evening Melissa bent over to pull the dish out of the oven. She was wearing a short skirt and Matt looked down at her bottom as he turned from laying the table for their evening meal. He nearly slipped his finger into her juicy pussy by mistake and it was only the fact that Melissa had stood up quickly that prevented him from doing so.

That footage of Melissa was aired. Neither Stephanie nor Robert picked it up. The strategically placed camera from the wall at ninety degrees to the oven, clearly saw Melissa’s pink pussy lips wink at it. Even the newspaper journalists must have missed it because there was nothing in the more degrading newspapers of the following day.

At the other end of the foursome, Robert and Stephanie had started to get along, a little. They were at least helping each other to prepare the meal and cook. In one scene, Stephanie even smiled at him, though the cameras didn’t record what he had said. In fact, it may well have been edited out.

At five past nine in the evening while Melissa and Matt were watching the end of the specially aired TV programme. Melissa, however, was watching the little red lights on the cameras and saw them wink off. She breathed a sigh of relief, reaching for Matt’s cock and rushing to undo his trousers as soon as they were off. She dropped down on top of him while she pulled his cock free and sucked her lips over the end of his dick. She sucked hard and didn’t stop until she had her just desserts.

Melissa smiled on the way to bed, she was one excited bitch and she couldn’t wait for the following day.

Day 5

At nine that morning, Matt made a call to Stephanie from the comfort of his bed, after he had left Melissa to shower and after he had made her come three times. It was just as well telephones didn’t transmit smells as his face smelt of pussy juice. The call was prompted by a text from Stephanie to call him early. It had arrived at eight in the morning, the precise time when Matt was buried between Melissa’s thighs.

He had prepared his excuses – too much wine the night before and up too late drinking was on top of his list plus the fact that he hadn’t heard the text come through.

Stephanie was almost in tears and not wanting to continue with this husband swap or whatever it was called.  Matt had taken a whole twenty minutes to calm her down, reasoning that if she stuck with it for two more days they would have a handsome paycheck to do whatever they wanted, a holiday, a new car, even pay off some of the mortgage. By the end of the call, Stephanie had agreed, two more days of hell and then they could live it up. 

As it happened Stephanie and Robert got on great that day, the sport was reduced to a three hour period and cooking and history were back on the menu. Surprisingly, Robert even learnt that he could make a Tarte Tatin and proceeded to make the evening’s dessert.

Melissa and Matt got through the day without any mishaps, though it was clear that Melissa was having some issues with her breathing the closer it got to nine o’clock. You could tell from her mannerism; the biting of the lip, the constant glances at the time and being completely uninterested in the aired show from the other end.

By eight-fifty in the evening, she was swallowing hard and forcing herself to avoid looking in Matt’s direction, who on this occasion, had sat in the chair to her side while she curled up on the sofa. At one point she was caught drumming her fingers on the top of the arm of the sofa.

The psychologists caught the action on their screens and were intrigued, though none of it was shown to the general public as all transmissions made from the show had to be fully authorised.

Melissa waited for the cameras to switch off for the evening. When they did she headed straight to the shower. In fifteen minutes she ran naked from the shower to the bedroom. At nine-thirty there was a knock on the door and Matt answered it.

Matt invited Dave into the house and they stood chatting while Matt offered Dave a drink. Matt nodded to the bedroom when he was asked where Melissa was hiding. They both took a seat while they waited.

Melissa appeared in her red and black floral bra, stockings and suspenders and a huge smile on her face. Matt reached up to hold her hand, not in a romantic sort of way but in a let’s take your pulse sort of way. It was over one hundred and ten. The anticipation alone was burning her up inside.

Melissa was disappointed that the men hadn’t even bothered to undress which they both remedied as quickly as they could. She instructed them to sit on the sofa, leaving room for her in the middle.

She stood before them, watching their cocks twitch and grow as she proceeded to do a slow sway of her hips. Her breasts followed her but lagged slightly.

She couldn’t believe her luck, at last she thought, two men were going to fuck her at the same time. Two cocks for her to play with. She couldn’t wait.

She slipped between them and rubbed their thighs with the palm of her hands; looking from one cock to the other as she contemplated them; their size, their length, their stiffness and shape. There were so many questions floating in her head, like which one to suck on first?

Her hands circled both cocks at once; feeling their hardness, rigidness, the heat that pumped through their veins. She moved her hands up and down, stroking them until she reached the head and hoping for pre-cum to ooze from the shafts. She felt Matt’s hand fumble behind her and she had to let go of the throbbing penises to remove her bra. She knew it was pointless putting it on but it was an exercise in being sexy.

With her hands back on their cocks, Melissa felt one then two mouths seek out a nipple each. Both men sucked on her teats at the same time; their hands crossing over hers and making their way to her thighs.

Melissa let out a loud sigh as she pushed her heavy breasts forward and into their waiting mouths. Their hands busied themselves between her thighs; caressing and stroking and making their way upwards to her wet groove. She looked down and watched them suck on her breasts while she stroked their cocks.

She closed her eyes involuntarily when their fingers brushed her outer lips. Which one? Who would finger her first? They both seemed to insert a finger in her at the same time. She tilted her head and moaned loudly.

She looked like a well-satisfied woman from the position opposite her. Legs were wide open, her eyes were closed, her hands stroking two stiff and angry looking cocks and two hands that stroked her thighs and delicately fingered her pussy. Her head swayed with the ecstasy and eroticism of the act. Black stockings and suspenders completed the view.

The psychologists didn’t have permission to switch on one of the cameras in the lounge. It was against all the rules and they would have been taken out and shot by the TV company had they been found out; but they watched in awe. They had their explanation and they still watched; transfixed by the action taking place before them.

They quickly switched off the camera when Melissa opened her eyes and announced she needed to get fucked. She pulled both men off the sofa by their dicks and led them to the bedroom. She sucked both of their cocks while the men laid back against the headboard; first Dave then Matt.

It was Matt that suggested he and Dave get into a sort of scissor position so that their cocks aligned. Melissa stretched her mouth and successfully sucked both of them at the same time.

But her need was becoming far more urgent. She knew why they were here and so did they.

Matt got up first allowing Dave to swivel around and face Melissa. She had such a beautiful smile on her face; especially when she knew what she was going to get.

She slipped her body over Dave and allowed his face a quick smother between her breasts before lifting his cock vertically and sinking it into her pussy.

She almost died with pleasure. The feel of his cock deep inside her, the heat it was pumping out, the way it rubbed, the way it forced wave upon wave of pleasure to seep through her body. She fucked his cock for a little while until she felt the bed move.

She pushed her pussy down on Dave’s cock and let her breasts fall in his face while she waited. It was slippery at first, sliding all over the crease of her backside before it found her little star. Then she felt the swell of her anus as Matt’s cock pushed forwards. Melissa pushed backwards as Matt pushed forwards. The pain increased just before his cock head slipped past the restriction. He was inside, they both were.

Matt fucked his cock all the way into Melissa’s arse while Dave pushed upwards into her pussy.

Melissa felt her lower body to be full to exploding, extremely pleasurable and like nothing else she had ever experienced. Slowly, both men fucked her; one in, one out. They had only attempted about six, maybe seven combined thrusts before she was yelling that she was cumming. Both men eased up as soon as she had rolled over the edge of her cliff and was freefalling to the ground; her hands giving way and her breasts collapsing on top of Dave’s body. Once she was back up on her hands they started fucking her again.

The concentration on Matt’s face was a picture, and while Dave thrust his cock into Melissa, Matt found he had to hold back a little because of the tightness of her arse. Spurting too soon was not an option.

Her second orgasm was not too far behind but this time she held herself upright and both men continued to fuck her to her third, quite quickly as it happened. By the time she was on number four, Matt was feeling the effect but it was Dave that finally shouted that he was cumming.

With that news, Matt started to hammer his cock into Melissa’s arse. Dave did the same to her pussy and it ended as a free for all with cocks pumping in and out at an alarming rate. Sometimes, both cocks thrust into her at the same time pushing her tits forward over Dave’s face.

Melissa climaxed for the fourth time as both cocks filled her with their spunk.

All three of them ended the tryst with verbal outbursts of their pending release.

Yet the night was young and Melissa secretly hoped that both of them would recover quickly and provide a repeat performance.

When you’re a naughty girl, thought Melissa, you really can’t get enough of a good thing.

Day 6

Dave had left the Melissa household by eight that morning and Matt was back in his own bed for once. Their sexual extravaganza lasted until two-thirty in the morning. A full five hours of consensual sex, even when Melissa needed rest at around one o’clock. She was certain that she had never had so many orgasms in one night. If they weren’t being generated from the cock in her pussy they were being created by the one in her arse or the biting of her nipples.

Both Matt and Melissa faced the morning’s cameras like they had been dragged through a bush backwards. Yet, they had to get through the day without talking about their threesome, without hinting at how good the night before was, without giving the game away. Only one more day left, they thought.

At the other end of the country, the early morning cameras saw Stephanie knock on Robert’s door at ten in the morning offering him a cup of coffee. Their differences equalled and respect for each other took a much stronger hold.

At least they would end the week on good terms if nothing else.

Unlike Melissa and Matt – who would have to end the week in despair at going back to their real-life partners and leaving behind all the fun and games? If ever there was a mismatch in lives, this was it.

Day 7

At the end of the seventh day, Robert hugged and kissed Stephanie goodbye on the doorstep and waved as he got into the taxi. He never thought, now that he knew the money was safe, that it was too bad to have to compromise now and then for the sake of an easy time. Stephanie thought the same but was glad that it was all over and she and Matt could get back to normal and enjoy all those things they had thought about.

Matt kissed Melissa on the cheek and nodded his thanks for a wonderful week. He didn’t need to hug or kiss her, but it brought a wry smile to her face as he did so; all she could smell was pussy juice from the morning’s exercise. This was not the ending they wanted. Their sex life for the whole week put her on cloud nine, one that she didn’t want to come down from, yet despite the promises of sex clubs and moresomes she had to return to her mundane life as a TV sports wife, and Matt had to return to his world.

Money in hand for both of them and a surprise in store should any unwarranted footage ever get released.

The Previous Year

It was Melissa that saw the advert for a new game show. At that time she was already cheating on her husband in the ever-challenging race for a better sexual experience. There was a bucket full of items in lists and they needed to be removed. She wouldn’t have been happy until the bucket was empty but whenever an item was removed it seemed that two more replaced it; such is the nature of sexuality and erotica.

She had been talking to Matt for a long time, and it was always their intention to have a threesome with her fuck buddy David. The logistics were overwhelming and it seemed impossible that the planets would align and let them all be in one place at the same time.

It took Matt about three days to come up with a plan; the plan that would see them all together under one roof.  It was a devious plan that would have made the most evil bank robber or jewel thief smile; pleased with themselves that they had thought of it.

It started as an idea which then grew; nothing was certain of course, but it needed to be tried. They talked about it for weeks; convincing their partners to try out this new game show before they decided to approach the TV company for application forms.

Each couple were provided details of all the other profiles of couples that had entered and they had to choose five couples that they thought would be compatible with them.

The TV company were, at that time, suppressing the psychologist's natural tendency to place people together that would have been incompatible. That, the TV company told them, would be irresponsible, but the urge was so powerful and it would have made for much better TV.

Melissa took control of the application form from her end and Matt from the other. Each couple listed five others but at the top of the form, was an area to describe who they thought would be the more compatible couple. They listed each other. Why wouldn’t they?

The game show hosts interviewed them and performed compatibility tests that they had to pass. It was a long and drawn-out interview but they both got through it. Twelve couples in total were selected for six shows and Matt and Stephanie and Robert and Melissa were amongst them.

The rest is history as they say.


So far, none of the unwarranted footage has ever been released. The psychologists obviously running scared of any repercussions that may come their way, including a sizeable jail sentence. That extra little bit of knowledge was never used in any follow-up reports from the series. Melissa and Matt’s nocturnal activities did, however, cause the rules to change as they went into episode three. Two small cameras were placed above each bedroom door with a narrow field of view that only covered the entrance. These were permanently left on, and it was stated by the TV company that it had been suggested to do that for health and safety reasons. I think we all know differently.


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