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Reclaimed In Full (Chapter 5)

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Confrontation and the aftermath

Thank you for the comments and the scores which pushes me to submit my next story. Having finished my Semester, I can now focus on completing this series. Thank you once again.

Through the journey, Carol kept apologizing but I remained quiet. The cause of my silence was two-fold; I was boiling with rage for the disgrace she had brought upon me. Secondly, the time to confront her was interrupted by the news of her dad being admitted to the hospital.

Upon reaching the hospital, Carol inquired with Susan, the receptionist, about her dad's condition and the ward in which was he admitted into. “Ward seventeen. They are in Ward number seventeen. Your mom with and Sandra are there too.” As we left, I looked over to Susan, who looked back at me with a concerned face.

We made our way to the ward and soon found Carol’s mom, Cynthia, sitting on the chair and Sandra was on her lap. Carol’s dad, Dave, was lying on the bed, conscious and was the first to greet us. Sandra, upon seeing me, rushed towards me and hugged me.

“Mom, what happened?” Carol asked as she went to hug her.

“Sweetheart,” Cynthia said and embraced her daughter. “He fainted. There is nothing to worry about. The doctors said that they would need to perform some tests on him to see the cause. I don’t think there is anything to worry about.”

“I am fine,” Dave shouted. “I don’t know why your mom had to bring me here.

Cynthia, who appeared to be irritated, turned to her husband and said, “Dave, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. There is no harm in undergoing a few tests.”

I expected Carol to be relieved, but she wasn’t. On the contrary, she appeared to be more troubled than before. The anxiety on her face was visible.

Cynthia continued, “And your daughter works here. I am sure we’ll get the reports as soon as possible and then we can return home.” Turning towards Carol she whispered, “Honey, I hope you can do something…”

Carol, who was lost deep in thoughts, was brought back to reality. “Yes… mom, I will check with the doctors.” She looked at me with her pleading eyes and then moved out of the room.

Cynthia came towards me and hugged me. “How are you, son? Is everything fine between you two?” Her face became serious and she continued, “I have known Carol from her childhood, and by the look on her face, I know that something isn’t right.”

When I looked at Cynthia’s worried face, my heart sank. How was I supposed to tell her that her daughter, whom she raised to be a fine lady, has been unfaithful to her husband, and a bad mother to her child?

“Mom, I think she is worried about Dave. I am sure, things will be fine,” I replied.

“She is worried about something and it’s not Dave. Simon, Carol is our only daughter and we love her and we love you as our son. Son, There are ups and downs in marriages, but always remember to support each other and be truthful. I am always praying for the three of you. If you have ever needed my help in anything, I will always be there.”

I looked at Cynthia’s and tried to smile. She was oblivious of her daughter’s infidelity and I wondered, what would happen if she comes to know about Carol’s wrongdoing. It would not only break her heart but the relationship with her daughter would forever be wounded.

“Yes, Mom. I will try my best,” I managed to reply.

“Simon, I am blessed to have you as my son-in-law. I thank God every single day and I pray that you two may have a long married life. I admire your patience, but when times come you have to act prudently.”

Cynthia’s words were a blow to my face. It was as if she had seen some signs in our relationship that made her conclude that, things were not all fine in our relationship. Little did she know that her son-in-law was contemplating a divorce.

When Carol arrived, she informed us that Dave had to remain in the hospital till all the necessary tests were conducted which would take a day or two. I decided to take Sandra home and Carol, against her mother’s wish, volunteered to stay at the hospital. To avoid awkwardness, she accompanied Sandra and me to the car in silence. I was boiling with rage from within and Carol knew it. She didn’t dare to utter a word. As we left the hospital premises Sandra waved goodbye at Carol and she, in turn, waved back at her.

As I went to the bedroom, I couldn’t help but think, how, a few hours ago, Carol and Aaron had been making love. It had all been a mess and I was seeking an opportunity to lash out at Carol. I had to give her a piece of my mind and let her know how I felt. The cancer of infidelity in our marriage had aggravated so much that things seemed irreversible.

The following day, Joel inquired about the incident at home. I informed him about Carol’s dad and that I had made up my mind to be separated from her. I was burdened with loads of questions from the upbringing of Sandra to how it would impact me and Carol in the long run.

When I grew impatient, I shouted at him, “Do you know how it feels each time I see Carol? I feel like shit! She has confessed that Aaron, that bastard, is much better than me. Aaron! That son of a bitch is not even married. What does he know about raising a kid? Trust me, after I have dealt with Carol, I will make sure that I ruin his life.”

I had an hour before I could call it a day when I received a call from Cynthia. She requested me to come to the hospital and by the urgency in her voice, it was clear that something serious had cropped up. ‘Dave!’

Normally, it took me half an hour to reach the hospital but being a busy day, I was delayed. The entire way, I was worried about how Cynthia would react if the reports about Dave’s health were disturbing. Battling the ‘what if’ about the situation, I made it to the hospital in forty-five minutes and headed toward the ward where Dave was admitted.

As I walked past Susan, I saw Jenivee walking towards me with a report and she had a grin on her face. “You can thank me later,” she said and walked right past me. I turned back to look at her yet continued walking towards the ward, confused by Jenivee's words.

When I pushed open the door, I was greeted with Cynthia’s tearful face who was sobbing uncontrollably. “Mom, what happed? Is Dave alright?”

Cynthia, on seeing me, rushed towards me, hugged me and continued weeping. “You knew this about, Carol?”

‘Oh, fuck. Not this.’

“Do you know that Carol was cheating on you?” Cynthia continued to question me.

I remained silent. A bit of me felt good knowing that, Carol’s infidelity was exposed and I was a victim of it. But at the same time, I felt sad for Dave and Cynthia. It was heart-wrenching to know that their beloved daughter had been having an extramarital affair.

“Cynthia, what happened?” I asked.

As I was speaking to Cynthia, the door opened and Carol walked in with a file in her hand. Letting go of me, Cynthia went straight towards Carol and slapped her. Carol was shocked by her mom’s gesture and immediately starred at me with wide eyes.

“You have brought disgrace to this family. I am ashamed to call you my daughter,” Cynthia said. The anger in her voice was evidence that her daughter’s wrongdoing was clear to her.

“Cynthia, let her be…” Dave shouted.

I looked at Carol who was in tears, looking at me hopelessly, wanting to know if I had revealed to her parents, her infidelity. A small part of me felt pity for her as she was all by herself.

With an angry voice, Cynthia yelled, “The nurse… asked me… asked me if she should hand the reports to your boyfriend… a doctor! Explain this to me. Who is Aaron?”

It suddenly dawned upon me that it was Jenivee who had played the role of Hermes. She, in her mischievous nature, informed Cynthia about Carol’s disloyalty. I looked up at Carol and also saw realisation hitting her. Suddenly, it all made sense. The reason why Carol was anxious about her dad being admitted in this hospital was that she didn’t want her parents to know about her affair with Aaron. But all her efforts were washed away. Her hard work to appear like a good daughter, a wonderful wife, an exemplary mother and conceal her affair, was all in vain.

After yelling and venting out on Carol, Cynthia stormed out of the room, leaving Carol in tears, while Dave and I remained silent. Finally, Dave spoke up, “There is no point in crying, Carol! You have broken our trust and I am sorry to say this, but we are disappointed.”

As the father and the daughter exchanged words, I quietly moved out of the room and sat on the metal bench and began thinking. How was I supposed to tell her that I wanted to separate from her? A part of me still loved her yet, another part of me couldn’t stand her. It would not only break her but also affect her parents too. I was lost in thoughts when I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was carol. Her right cheek was glowing with the marks of Cynthia's hand.

Looking into her watery eyes, I said, “Carol, I’m sorry…”

“Simon, if there is anyone who is supposed to be sorry then it’s supposed to be me,” Carol replied.

“Carol, listen. I am sorry, but I want to file a divorce. I have given it a lot of thought, and I felt this was the only way out. I do love you, but a part of me cannot help but hate you. I am sorry, but we have moved far beyond the point where things are irreversible. My patience has worn out and I have no energy left to win you back. I am sorry.”

By the time I had finished speaking, Carol was in tears again. Sitting down beside me, she covered her face and began weeping. After a while, she wiped her tears and controlling her sobs, she said, “Babe, I am sorry for everything. I am really sorry, but please, please don’t do this. Think about our daughter… Think about my parents… It will destroy them. Please, babe! Don’t do this to me. I love you, you know that right?”

As Carol was speaking, I took out the phone and played the recording of her voice of the previous night: “Babe, please, understand! There are some things you are not good at and I accept that. I still love you. This may hurt you, but you must have already realized that by now. Aaron is better in bed, but what we have is also not bad.”

“You placed Aaron as equal to me. You found him better than me. Well, Carol, I tried my best to be a good husband, and I failed. I have clearly failed. We can no longer stay together as it would only pain me and make me hate you more. I want to move on and it will be good for you to do the same. I am sure, Aaron will be a better husband than me.”

Carol was dumbfounded. My words had taken away her power of speech and she stopped speaking. I stood up to move and Carol grabbed my hand.

“Carol, please. Don’t make it hard for me. I have cried enough and I don’t have the energy to cry more. I do love you, but I don’t trust you anymore.”

I pulled my hand away from my wife and walked away. As I made my way to the parking lot, I realised that my eyes were moist. Wiping my eyes with the sleeves of my shirt, I sat in the car and drove home. I knew I was still mad at Carol, but deep down there was satisfaction for having spoken to her.


Having kept my bunker gear in the locker, I went to Joel to hand him the weekly reports, before calling it a day. It had been a long week and we were training for the inspection which was due the following week. We spoke about some maintenance stuff and the areas that needed attention.

“Simon, I need to ask you a favour, if you don’t mind?” Joel said.

“Sure, what do you want me to do?” I asked.

“As you know, Jenivee is expecting and …”

“Wait, hold on! Jenivee is expecting? I didn’t know that.”

“Oh, I thought you knew about it. Well… the thing is, I will be on leave for a week. I need to attend my sister-in-law’s baby’s christening. If it’s possible, can you check on her? There is nothing serious, but in case she needs anything…”

“Oh, yea. I can do that. I didn’t know she was pregnant. Maybe I will pay her a visit on my way back home. It’s been a while since I last saw her.”

The last time I’d seen Jenivee was three months ago. She and her daughter had joined Joel, Sandra and me for lunch and had informed that the guy she was seeing was a bit possessive and ‘a piece of shit’. She also narrated how Cynthia created a commotion in Aaron’s office for having an affair with her daughter and blamed him for attempting to destroy her daughter’s marriage.

It took me a while to follow the GPS but finally managed to locate the cottage where Jenivee lived. I parked the car in the driveway, walked up to the front door and knocked.

“Coming!” I heard a voice from within. I was unmistakeably sure that it was Jenivee.

I heard a pair of footsteps approaching and the door swung open. It was Jenivee. By the look on her face, I could say that she was surprised to see me.

“Simon, of all men… What are you up to? Oh… where are my manners? Come in.”

I followed her into the living room and began looking around. As I scanned the room, I found the room to be dusty and messy. The bookshelves were not arranged and the bureau had some old boxes piled up.

“Ignore the mess. Of late I didn’t get time to clean the room. So, what are you up to?” Jenivee asked as she switched off the television.

I took a seat on the recliner while Jenivee sat in front of me. “I came to visit you. I didn’t know you were expecting. Congratulations.”

“Meh! The guy who knocked me up broke up with me, so I have to manage everything by myself.”

I looked at Jenivee; blonde hair, oval-shaped face and hazel eyes. Truth be told, she was beautiful for her age and had a figure which a normal lady would dream about. Of late, she looked a bit different which came as no surprise due to her pregnancy.

“What about you? How is Carol? Any what she is up to?”

I was puzzled but Jenivee’s question. “The last I saw her was a month ago. She told me that she would be staying with her parents, but recently she has moved out.” I paused and then asked Jenivee, “Do you not meet her at the hospital?”

“Oh, after that hospital incident, she quit the job. There were some rumours about her that Aaron wanted to marry her but she refused. For a while, I thought that they were living together. Well, these are only rumours. So, that’s about her. Are you seeing someone?”

“No, Jen. We are yet to discuss the divorce. It’s not as easy as it looks. Filing a divorce won’t only break her heart but her parents' hearts too. They love Sandra more than life itself…”

Without wasting a moment, Jenivee said, “So you are waiting for them to reach the grave and then divorce her?”

“Well, I wouldn’t put it that way, but…” I answered.

“Or you are still attached to, Carol,” Jenivee interjected.

I let out a sigh of hopelessness. “I wish I was a machine to erase the memory of her. But I think in due time, I will get over it.”

“You'd better do. Go to the bar, get ladies over and start fucking some. You don’t want to jerk off all by yourself for the rest of your life, do you now?”

“Hey, I didn’t come here for a counselling session. I dropped to say hi and check if you needed any help. How are you doing?”

“Yes, I do. I need a dashingly handsome guy walking in grabbing me and whispering in my ears that he would do all my laundry and clean the house.”

We both began laughing hysterically.

The following Sunday, I dropped Sandra at Cynthia’s place and accompanied Joel to help out tidy Jenivee’s house. Joel helped with the laundry while I cleaned the rooms. When Jenivee returned home from work, she was grateful for all the help we had offered.

I felt pity for Jenivee for handling her pregnancy all by herself. Joel would help her in whatever way possible but, he had his own family to look after. Understanding the gravity of the situation, I decided to help her till she was able to manage all by herself.

After our inspection, Joel left for his sister-in-law's home and I decided to help Jenivee out in whatever way possible. Even though I spent time with Jenivee in helping her in whatever way possible, I made sure that I had time for my daughter. Often, I would bring Sandra over to Jenivee’s house, have supper together and return home.

Did I forget Carol? No! How could I forget the lady who spent years with me, loving and building a family with me? On occasions, I received calls from Carol, asking me about Sandra and always ending by apologising for all that she had done. When I asked her about her work, she informed me that she had found a job at the medical centre. As tempting as it were, I didn’t bother to ask her about Aaron, as I knew that I would only end up inflicting pain upon her.

On Saturday evening, I had stopped at the superstore to buy some provisions for Jenivee and me. As I was browsing through the cereals section, my eyes fell upon a familiar figure who was helping a customer. I moved stealthily to avoid getting noticed by the person until I was able to conceal myself behind the biscuit shelf, and tried to look at the person’s face. ‘Carol!’ she had worn an orange apron which displayed the name of the store. Only the staff are allowed to wear that.

As I checked out, I scanned the room to see if I could locate her but failed. As I carried the provisions back to the car, I had mixed emotions stirring within me. A small part of me felt proud but it was soon overpowered with pity and sadness. With the same emotional turmoil, I drove to Jenivee’s place to drop the provisions.

“Saw a ghost or something?” Jenivee said as I handed her the provision.

“No, nothing,” I replied.

“The look on your face tells me something else. Come on, out with it.”

I sat on the recliner as Jenivee began sorting out the provisions in the kitchen.

“I saw her today,” I replied.

There was a brief pause and I noticed that Jenivee had stopped what she was doing to listen to me.

“Carol? What about her?” I heard footsteps approaching from behind.

“I saw her at the store. She is working there. She lied to me in telling me that she is working at the medical centre,” I replied.

Jenivee came and stood in from of me. “You are still not over her.”

Not knowing how to respond, I remained silent.

“You need some distraction. Didn’t I tell you start fucking already? Till you find someone, you won’t get over her. Till then you have to search.”

“Search? Do you think I got time for that? I have to look after my daughter and then work.”

Jenivee sat on the sofa in front of me. “You need time for yourself too.”

I looked at Jenivee and saw her looking right back at me in the eyes. The silence, heavy breaths and the closeness was creating a tension that made my heart beat faster. “Do you mind if I thank you for your trouble?”

With that, she pressed her lips against mine and her hand cupped my face. I broke the kiss by grabbing her arms and pushing myself away from her.

“Jen, we can’t do this. It’s wrong,” I replied.

“Wrong? I'm helping you get over her. This pregnancy is making me all horny. Do you have any idea how sexually aggressive I feel these days? Be a man and fuck me. That’s the service I really need now.”

I always found Jenivee’s raw talk to be sexy and knowing that I had nothing to lose, I decided to give in. I grabbed her hair and kissed her back while she wrapped her arms around me.

“Bedroom… Let’s take it to the bedroom,” she said.

Grabbing me by my hand, she hastily led me to her bedroom. Her hands were already busy unbuttoning my shirt and I wasted no time in pulling over her oversized t-shirt, putting her glorious breasts on display. I threw the shirt on the floor and cupping her breasts, kissed her forcefully. A moan escaped her mouth.

As we moved to the bed, I got on top of her and kissed her neck and slithered down to her nipples. I had been deprived of sex for months due to the inevitable and all that made me sexually aggressive.

“Suck you… I want to suck you,” Jenivee said as she pushed me aside and got on her fours.

She brought her face to my groins and took my erect member in her mouth. The feeling of her warm and wet lips around my shaft was a burst of ecstasy. “Fuck, this feels so good.”

As if her mouth was not enough to please me, she began caressing and massaging my balls and continued sucking me. I shifted my clenched fist to grab her hair and continued moaning.

“Ah, I bet you got loads of cum inside you. Fuck, I’m becoming a slut,” Jenivee said as she began stroking me.

“Take me from behind. I want you to take me from behind.”

I knelt behind her, aligned my cock to her entrance and slowly pushed myself into her.

“Fuck… Yes. I want this. Fuck me hard,”

I wasn’t sure if she was making up the sounds or she meant it, but it only made me more aggressive. With the back and forth movement of my hip, I began to pump into her. There were no thoughts, nor any regrets as I continued fucking her. After a couple of push, I climaxed and came into her.

As I lay beside her, the rational part of my brain slowly began to jog. ‘What have I done? I have just fucked my best friend’s cousin!’ A sense of guilt was taking over me.

“Don’t think too much. It’s just a fuck. We both needed it and I am glad it was with you,” Jenivee replied with her eyes closed.

“Thank you, Jen. Normally, I am not so rough and the blowjob was something new…”

“Save it. I like it rough. If you had done that with your ex, you still would have been married.”

I let out a sigh. What she said was true. I was satisfied with vanilla sex that I had never dared to venture into the unchartered territories. Was that the reason why Carol found Aaron to be exciting than me?

“Alright, Jen. I don’t mean to say this, but I better leave. I've got a daughter who is waiting for me back home.”

I got up and began dressing while Jenivee lay on the bed naked. As I headed towards the door, I heard Jenivee call out my name. “Simon, Thank you!”

(To be continued...)

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