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Secrets and Discoveries

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How will Kat react when her boyfriend find's out her secret, and what will he do?

Kat left work half an hour early. It was a Friday after all... and in any case, her boss hadn't been in all day meaning she'd had to teach his undergraduate tutorial class. The poor life of a 30-something university researcher. There was another reason she was leaving early. She almost broke out in to a run as she was approaching her car. She wanted to be out of there as quickly as possible and she didn't want to be seen doing it. The reason for leaving a little early was simply so she could have some alone time. Her boyfriend Andy would be over later but she wanted some time to herself first. She'd always enjoyed her alone time, time that Andy has never known about. Kat had been seeing him for over a year now, but had always kept a little secret. In fact, it was a secret that even her closest friends didn't know about.

As Kat turned the corner in to her street, she could feel frustration building as all the parking spaces were full. "Typical bloody Edinburgh" she mumbled to herself as she drove past her flat. Towards the end of the street she could see a car pulling out of a space so hit the gas ever so slightly. She was always quite cautious though, as is her nature. Cobbled road, parked cars and people coming in and out of flats on both sides were an accident waiting to happen. "Success... I win" she exclaimed to herself as she pulled in to the space just as another car came around the corner.

Making her way back towards her flat Kat pulled her keys and her phone from her bag. She didn't want to waste any time searching for keys when she reached the door. As she got to the main door, it opened and a couple of guys from the flat above hers came careering out, obviously off for an alcohol filled night. Every Friday was the same, or at least it felt that way to Kat as the guys tend to keep the party going back at theirs, or somebody brings back a lucky lady... in the room directly above Kat's! Not that Kat really minded that much as it was only a few years ago she would have been doing exactly the same. Except for 'getting lucky' that is. She had never been particularly promiscuous.

But she did have a secret side.

Kat climbed one flight of stairs that lead to her flat and opened the door. The joy with living alone is that she could do what she wanted, where she wanted and never had to worry about annoying a flatmate, or entering in to needless pleasantries. She closed the door, dumped her bag and headed straight to her bedroom.

Still holding her phone, she lay on the bed and opened up the chat app kik knowing she had messages waiting. She'd found out about kik a few years back whilst searching for something new and exciting on various porn sites. She loved the idea of chatting with anonymous guys, sharing stories, fantasies and the occasional photo, although she hadn't been too bothered about being completely anonymous at first. She had decided to be herself and was called "NerdyKat" was living in Edinburgh and always horny. But other than that, nobody would know who she was. She was single when she started, but never really wanted to stop. The thrill of it all was too much, and she had that same excitement now as she saw the messages waiting. Sometimes, the messages are crude with no imagination, or are just from guys who send dick pics with no chat who then become offensive. Huge turn off. But those who make the effort she usually finds some common ground that makes her tingle. And one of those guys had just messaged now. She reckoned she had about 45 minutes before her bf would be here.

The main doorbell went and Kat knew it would be Andy. She dropped her phone on the bed and went to let him in. She pressed the main door remote latch, opened the flat door and turned to straighten her hair and clothes in the hallway mirror. "Passable Kat, passable," she thought to herself.

"Hey you!" Andy said as he got to the door. "Looking as gorgeous as ever!"

"Oh yeah? What are you after? Hehe", Kat replied as she reached forward for a kiss. "I'm so glad you got here early as I've had a shitty day and am absolutely starving. How does pizza sound?"

"That sounds amazing," Andy exclaimed, "but can I grab a shower first? The office aircon was knackered again and it was 30 degrees all day."

"They should really send you home when that happens. Yeah, of course, but if you want I can pop down the road to the pizza place whilst you're in the shower".

"You see, that's why you work in research... it's the brains" Andy responded sarcastically, "I'll have my usual, for a change".

"Haha... ok, let me just grab my bag"

"No need", replied Andy and reached in to his wallet and handed Kat a bundle of notes "It's on me tonight, and why don't you pick up a bottle of red as well?"

"My, what a gentleman!" Kat teased. "I've struck gold!" And with that, she playfully smacked Andy on the bum, turned, picked up her keys and left leaving Andy with a childish smirk on his face.

Following his quick and slightly cold but refreshing shower, Andy stood in his boxers in Kat's bedroom. Although they'd been dating for a while, Andy didn't have any clothes here and always brought a change with him. He was reaching in to his bag for his spares when he heard a notification come through on a phone. He knew it wasn't his as that wa still in the bag. He looked towards the bed and noticed Kat had left hers. It was lit up with a notification. He picked it up "Kik messenger: you have a new message". He went to drop the phone back on the bed but that pang of intrigue wouldn't let him do it. "Kik messenger?" he thought to himself. He had never heard of it or seen Kat use it before. He wasn't a distrusting, jealous or controlling guy but something made him tap on the notification. He typed in the phone passcode which he knew was Kat's birth date (for a clever girl she can be pretty dumb sometimes) and waited for Kik to open.

What he saw when it opened shocked him to his core. A chat history with dozens of conversations. He tapped on the first one, the one with a new message. The message read, "Are you still there? Leaving me high and dry, horny and hard?" Andy scrolled up to reveal the conversation between NerdyKat and Jake1151. An explicit conversation. The filthy things Kat had been saying, and the way she said she was turned on. She had begged for his cock and he had wanted her body. She had expressed how slutty she wanted to be. Andy scrolled up more and saw Jake's cock, and then Kat's wet pussy. He could not believe what he was seeing. He exited that conversation and opened another, then another. Each time he saw the same things. Kat's dirty mind pouring out as well as sharing intimite photos.

It wasn't until the 4th or 5th conversation that Andy had noticed something. He was aroused. He had a swelling that now filled his boxers. He did not know why this was. Was it because Kat had shared naked photos of herself, or was it her dirty, slutty and sometimes submissive chat that had turned him on? He had never experienced any of this with Kat and had no idea what to do. He calmly closed the app, put the phone back on the bed and continued to get dressed.

As soon as Kat entered the flat she knew something was wrong. A wave of panic came over her as she realised she'd left her phone in the flat. "Shit! Did I turn notifications off? Fuck!!".

"I'm in the kitchen" came Andy's voice, lacking that usual playful intonation.

"I decided on 2 bottles of red" Kat said to Andy, waving them in one hand as she entered the kitchen. A faint smile was the only response. "Are you okay babe?" A question she did not want to ask and she was sure Andy could hear and see her heart pounding in her chest.

"I'm good", Andy replied as he sat down on the couch and switched on the TV.

The response felt dead and Kat didn't know what to say. She poured the wine in silence and gave a glass to Andy. She sat down next to him with the pizzas and said "What's wrong? You've gone very quiet".

"Well, let’s just have the pizza, and then I'll tell you". They ate in almost silence.

Andy had been thinking what to do whilst they were eating. Stewing things over and working out exactly what to say and to do. For the most of it he had remained aroused and was absolutely certain Kat had noticed. His bulge wasn’t small although it seemed to be now having seen Jake’s picture. He kept thinking “Is she really a slut? Does it go further? Has she been fucking anyone else?” He felt a bit of anger but mostly felt a huge turn on and the twitches in his boxers only confirmed this. He waited until she had finished eating, gulped down the remainder of his glass of wine and then stood up.

“Come with me” he said without looking at Kat and walked out of the kitchen and in to the bedroom. When Kat entered the bedroom Andy could tell she looked terrified. She knew she had been rumbled. Andy was going to play this to his advantage.

“I’m going to ask you this question once and I want you to be completely honest with me. Whilst we have been together have you ever been with… fucked anyone else”. The bluntness he asked the question with made Kat’s blood drain from her face. Andy thought she was going to cry.

“Oh God”, she whimpered, “No, no. Andy, no. I’m sorry. No, I’ve never slept with anyone else”.

“Good” Andy replied and moved over to the bed and picked up Kat’s phone. “And this? What is this then? Kik?” he said shaking the phone and handing it to Kat.

“Andy, I’m so sorry” whispered Kat, her eyes welling up.

“Just answer the question, nothing more, nothing less. What is it? A plan? An escape route? A bit of fun? A sideline? What is it Kat?”

“It’s just some fun. I am really sorry”

“No. Just answer my questions. No apologies”

“It’s just fun. I get horny sometimes and that’s all it is.”

“Really? Well, now I’m going to have some fun. I could be mad, and maybe I am, but I’m more curious about this side of Kat that I haven’t seen, so you’re going to do what I say and answer my questions and tell me everything. Do you understand?” Andy couldn’t quite believe these words were coming out of his mouth and he remained very aroused. He didn’t know how Kat would react but nevertheless he kept his composure.

“Yes”, Kat nodded. Her heart was thumping so loudly she thought it would explode but something about this interaction had changed. She thought she was in trouble, but now something else is going on. She had noticed that whilst Andy had been talking, his cock was showing through his jeans. “Could it be he’s turned on by this?” she wondered to herself, but what came next made her heart sink again.

“Open up Kik. I want you to read out loud the last message you sent to Jake”. Andy was very matter of fact and tried not to let on how much he was actually enjoying this now.

“Andy, I’m…”

“NO! Just answer” Andy snapped, then in a softer tone, “But I want you to feel comfortable so strip down to your underwear first”.

Kat’s eyes widened. She was now sure she wasn’t in trouble and the authority Andy spoke with started to get her pulse running, but this time not with fear. She took off her T-shirt and jeans to reveal an un-matching blue thong and black bra. She could feel Andy’s eyes on her. She knew he liked this bra as it made her breasts look bigger than they are, although she was happy with size and shape. Guys always thought she had larger than C-cup but probably because she had a slight frame.

“Turn around.” Kat obliged. “Now read.” Kat was nervous about reading what she had written. It had come so naturally at the time. At the time she was turned on at it was all her secret. Now it was no longer a secret and once she’d spoken the words, they couldn’t be unspoken. She opened the app, selected the conversation with Jake and scrolled to the last thing she wrote… earlier on today. She just stared at the words and couldn’t bring herself to say them. Andy moved closer to her, she could feel him standing right behind her, his breath on her neck.

“Read it” he whispered. Quietly, Kat cleared her throat and spoke. What came out wasn’t a whisper, but it was only just audible.

“Mmmm. I want to lick every inch of your fat cock.”

“No” Andy said calmly. “Say it with conviction, like you really meant it.”

Kat read it again, this time louder and this time she heard herself. She sounded dirty. She sounded slutty. And it sounded like she really meant it. Her pulse quickened, she could feel her heart beat. She felt Andy’s hands on her hips, hooking underneath her thong then sliding them down. Instantly she could feel herself getting wet. Andy pushed her forward over the bed and slide his hands between her legs. She glimpsed backwards and noticed he was already naked but had no idea when he did that. She had been so fixed on the phone. Andy’s middle finger easily slid between her wet lips.  He took another finger and pushed both slowly and firmly deep in to her pussy. Kat gave out a little moan as she felt her pussy fill and stretch slightly.

“It seems like this is turning you on NerdyKat” Andy said calmly.

“Yes” Kat moaned as Andy slipped his fingers out. But seconds later Kat could feel Andy’s cock teasing her pussy and working its way in. He pushed firmly and pulled her hips towards him. Kat opened her mouth and gasped in pleasure at one forceful thrust. He held himself there and said,

“Tell me Kat, how many guys have you chatted to on Kik?”

“I don’t know”, Kat replied without really thinking. Quickly, Andy slid his cock half way out of Kat’s pussy and firmly thrust back in, still grabbing at her hips.

“Not good enough Kat. You must give me a number.”

Kat moaning again and after a few seconds thinking she said “Probably about 50”.

Andy repeated the motion of a single but firm thrust. Kat could feel him swelling, filling her pussy. “Really. About 50? And how many of those 50 have seen you naked Kat?”

Kat could feel her pussy throb and pulse at that question. She had no idea how Andy would react but she had to be honest. “Almost all of them” she groaned.

This time Andy didn’t stop thrusting. Slow, long and deep thrusts. Kat could feel his dick seemed to get harder and she couldn’t help giving a little moan with each stroke.

“Would you say that is quite slutty, Kat?”

“Yes, very slutty” Kat gasped.

Andy started to get quicker and Kat pushed back more so she could enjoy every bit of him. Just at that moment, another message came through on Kik from Jake.

“Read it out loud” ordered Andy. Kat grabbed the phone and scrolled to the new message.

“I wish you were here to have fun… thinking about your hot body”, Kat said. She struggled to look at the phone as she could feel herself starting to climax. But Andy started to slow and then again, held himself deep inside her.

“Fun?” Andy asked “Are you having fun Kat?”

“Oh yes”, Kat answered.

“So answer me, do any of the 50 guys you’ve chatted to live in Edinburgh?”

Kat’s pulse started to race again. “A few of them I think” she replied.

“Ever met with any of them?”

“No!” Kat said forcefully. She hadn’t and never would cheat in that way. Andy started to slide himself out of Kat’s soaking pussy, before thrusting back in again.

“Ok”, Andy grunted, “but you have fantasised about it, right?”

“Well, yes”, Kat admitted and Andy’s thrusts started to get faster.

“And Jake? Where is he from?”

“Edinburgh.” Kat felt a rush of blood to her head as she could feel herself beginning to climax again.

“And he’s one you’ve fantasised about?”

“Yes”, Kat replied. She’d though about Jake way too much, but she wasn’t about to tell Andy that.

“Does he know you have a bf?”

“Hmmm… yes”, Kat admitted.

“Well then”, Andy said, “you’d better reply to him.

“Really?” Kat was surprised

“Really. But I’m in charge and you have to write what I tell you, ok?”

“Mmmmm, ok”. Kat really liked the idea of this but never in a million years would guess what she’d be writing.

Andy had slowed again but the feeling was good. Kat felt that she’d never been as wet as she was right now. “Ok, write this”, Andy said. “I want fun with you too. I have a couple of hours before bf gets here. Tell me where you live. I want that fat cock of yours”.

“What?!” Kat exclaimed

“You’ve acted like a slut Kat, now it’s time to behave like one. I want you to go to Jake’s and let him do whatever he wants to you”. Andy couldn’t believe what he was saying, nor that he actually said it. He only knew that it was making him harder and harder.

Kat couldn’t believe her ears either, but could feel Andy’s cock pulse inside her so knew he was turned on by this. Still, she was dumbfounded and didn’t know what to say. Andy started thrusting again and it made Kat’s whole body weak.

“Did you hear me Kat”.

“Yes”, she whispered.

“Well, tell me. Are you a slut or not?”

“I am a slut.” With these words Kat really felt she was admitting to herself something that had long been a desire. She had just never been able to do anything about it.

“Then write it if it’s what you want.” Kat, feeling Andy slow down and lengthen his strokes, picked up the phone and started to write.

“Oh yes, I want it” Kat whispered but knew Andy had heard as she felt him push deeper inside her with every stroke. She wrote the message but was finding it difficult to concentrate. As she pressed send she dropped the phone and pushed back on Andy’s cock, closing her eyes and panting hard and letting her mind wander to what may be about to happen. This all seemed to be a bit of roleplay which she was enjoying but caught herself thinking about the size of Jake’s cock. She had never seen anything that big before. Andy was the biggest she’d had, and he wasn’t small, yet still her mind wandered to Jake.

Within a couple of minutes Jake had replied. Andy slowed up and Kat picked up the phone. Without being asked she read out the response. “Mmmm…. Holy fuck. Someone is a horny slut tonight and you know how to turn me on. Thought you said you didn’t meet… why the change?”

“What should I write”, Kat asked Andy.

“Exactly what you want. Be your horny, slutty nerdy self” Andy said slowly as he made deep, powerful strokes inside Kat. Kat smiled and groaned and started to type. When she finished she read it back to Andy before pressing send.

“You said it. I’m a very horny slut tonight, and there’s only so long I could last before giving in to your huge cock.”

Andy pulled out of Kat and replaced his cock by his two middle fingers of his right hand. “Mmmm, is this slutty wet pussy really looking forward to a new cock?” he grimaced while gripping his cock in his other hand.

“Oh, fuck yes”, Kat moaned and almost immediately another message came through with Jake’s address. “Oh my god”, Kat exclaimed; she had recognised the address, or at least the street. She had lived on the same street during her student days. “That is literally only a 10 minute walk away, if that!” Her mind wandered again, trying to rack her brains as to whether the people she has seen in the street whilst walking to the shops might be Jake. Her thoughts were interrupted by Andy. He slid his fingers out of her and said,

“Well, tell him you’ll be there in under 20 minutes.” Kat obliged and backed of the bed. She turned around to face Andy who was now wearing his boxers that poorly disguise his erect cock. “There are 3 conditions to this though… as I’m in charge here. Do you agree?” Kat nodded slowly, wondering what on earth Andy could be meaning. “First, you have to be like you are on kik. You must talk dirty to him. Yes?” Kat nodded again. She didn’t think that would be difficult. “Secondly,” Andy continued, “you must do whatever he wants, The word ‘no’ does not exist, understand?” Kat mouth opened slightly and eyes widened in amazement. She started to nod in agreement but was very aware that by saying those words Andy had made her pussy start to tingle again. “Finally,” Andy concluded, “you must wear what I pick out for you.”

“Yes sir”, Kat replied.

Within ten minutes Kat had left her flat, leaving Andy half naked and clearly still very aroused, and was walking in the direction of Jake’s. She got to the end of her street which had been quiet, and turned on to the main road. Immediately she could tell she was being looked at.

A couple of guys on the pavement opposite stared as they walked away. Kat assumed that they had initially noticed her by the sound of her heels clicking loudly as she walked. Their attention had been likely maintained by Kat’s long slim legs leading to a plaid miniskirt. Kat couldn’t believe Andy had found this skirt as she hadn’t worn it for years and even then only wore it at fancy dress parties or Halloween. It was a Burberry knock-off that she’d picked up for about £20 in one of Edinburgh’s many discount “Scottish” tourist stores. It covered her bum, but only just and Kat walked down the street knowing that any gust of wind that Edinburgh was famous for would be enough to give anyone following an eyeful of her pert, naked bum. But knowing this actually made Kat feel naughty, and it felt good. A car passed on the opposite side and the passenger couldn’t take his eyes off her, much to the annoyance of the female driver who quickly slapped the guy’s chest. Kat laughed to herself, smiling and walked on.

The pointed black heels Andy told her to wear were exactly what she would have worn herself. They always made her feel sexy and strong, and she enjoyed that feeling. The “look” was finished off with a fitted white blouse. It hugged Kat’s slim figure and made her look curvier than she is although she was surprised when Andy said “and no bra, as well as no panties” given Andy’s love for her underwear. The blouse wasn’t see-through, thank god, otherwise she felt she would have looked too obscene and obvious. This made her look like she was off out for the night and looking for some fun.

Time had seemed to stand still but eventually (which had actually only been seven minutes) Kat turned on to Jake’s street. She made her way to Jake’s flat number and paused at the door. By now her heart was racing and she could hear the pulse in her ears. She thought “what on earth am I doing?” but couldn’t work out whether she felt nauseas or extremely excited, coupled with some apprehension. She put her finger on the buzzer and paused again, staring at it. She wasn’t sure what to do but her heart skipped when she pushed a little too hard and the buzzer rang out. In an instant, the latch of the main door unlocked. Kat turned, pushed the door and slowly walked in to the stairwell. She climbed the spiral stone staircase, a staircase typical of Edinburgh tenements.

The ‘click-click’ of her heels echoed loudly. Jake’s flat was on the third floor and as she climbed, she thought that if anyone below looked up to see who was making the noise, they would see such a sight. She smiled, and started to feel a twinge of excitement again. As she reached the third floor, the door to Jake’s flat opened and there stood Jake, in washed blue denim and tight black t-shirt. He said nothing. He just moved aside and let Kat walk in.

Inside the hallway Kat could see Jake more clearly in the lightness of the flat. He was tall, much taller than Andy who was the same height as her when she wore these heels and she wasn’t short. He clearly looked after himself – she could see muscular thighs beneath his jeans and his chest filled out the black top. “Rugby probably”, she thought to herself and then realised she hadn’t actually looked at his face. Just a quick glance when they met at the door but her mind had been preoccupied with his body. She looked up and caught him smiling at her. He wasn’t a conventional handsome but there was something about his deep blue eyes that was very attractive, especially on someone with short dark hair.

“NerdyKat I’m assuming”, he enquired jovially.

“Hehe… well, who else were you expecting?” Kat joked back

“Hmmm, you see I was expecting a nervous, horny woman…”, said Jake as he moved to within a breath of Kat, “…but by the looks of things I got a very dirty, eager slut instead” he whispered looking her up and down before moving down the hallway and in to the living room. Kat felt intoxicated by Jake’s musky scent and was transfixed as he moved close. His whisper sent an excitement through her body and her nipples were now harder than they’d been all day. She felt like she was at the height of her excitement and watched his firm ass as he moved away. She followed, her heels echoing on the wooden floorboards. The lounge was lighter again, with a huge bay window that overlooked flats opposite and the street below. It was very much a ‘man’s pad’ with a simple wooden coffee table, impressive TV and sound system and a black leather couch. Jake turned around and faced Kat before saying, “So, Kat, just how much of a dirty slut are you really?”

“The biggest dirtiest slut you’ve ever met”, Kat replied as her hands went to unbutton his jeans. They opened with such ease, or was it because Kat was so eager to see whether the pictures she had seen were real, she couldn’t tell. She slowly went down on her knees as she pulled Jake’s jeans down over his prime butt and muscular thighs, revealing tight white boxers with a thick black band. Kat could tell his dick had started to swell already and she went straight for the boxers as Jakes stepped out of his jeans.

She was going to enjoy this. She had so often fantasised about become very slutty with a stranger that now it was actually happening, she would enjoy every minute. She began to wonder why she hadn’t done this before as she slipped Jake’s boxers down. She gasped as his cock was released from its tight prison. It was only half way hard but it was already the biggest she had ever seen. She took it in her right hand and started to gently stroke it, feeling it getting harder. She looked up at Jake and said “now I recognised you”, then took the end of his cock in her left hand. It seems as though even two hands weren’t enough. Not fully hard and the width was the same as her forearms, and almost as long.

Kat leaned forward and took the head in her mouth, circling the tip as she did. Still stroking gently with two hands at the same time she could feel him stiffen and push further in to her mouth. Kat would not admit to being the most experienced and sucking guys, but she has never had to open her mouth this wide to take a guy. Her pussy starting to get wet as it tingled. She began to stroke deeper and faster as felt Jake get harder and push against her more. She loved the feeling that she was the one that made him so big despite not knowing her. Jake’s hands run through her hair and come to rest at the back of her head.

Kat kept stroking as Jake started thrusting more in to her and pulling her head towards him. “Oh my god”, she thought as she felt his dick hit the back of her throat, “he’s fucking my face, he’s actually fucking my face” and was sure her pussy was now dripping on the wooden floor. Instinct had kicked in. Nothing like this had ever happened before but she managed easily to switch to breathing through her nose to prevent herself from gasping, a trick she learned from music lesson as a kid. “So those lessons did come in handy after all” she mused to herself.

Eventually, Kat let go of Jake’s fully erect cock and grabbed on to his hips as he thrust deeper. She didn’t know how far she you take him but she relaxed herself and let him take over. She was in a state of high arousal and loved the idea of being used exactly like this. After a few minutes, Jake withdrew from Kat’s mouth and Kat sat there, gasping, tears from excitement and strain running down her face. Kat grabbed his cock again in a sudden horny craze and started to wank him furiously in her mouth. Jake cupped Kat’s chin and pulled up to her feet, causing Kat to let go of Jake’s cock. He then picked her up, turned around and dropped her on the couch so he has standing between her legs.

It was now Jake's turn to get to his knees, not wasting any time and licking Kat’s immaculately trimmed pussy. It was already soaking. She gave out a small moan as his tongue parted her lips, working upwards before concentrating on the clitoris. He circled it a few more times before grabbing behind Kat’s thighs and pushing her legs in the air. He continued to circle, and suck and her clitoris, occasionally plunging his able tongue deep in her pussy. Kat was in heaven. Again, he licked and pressed his face into her pussy and pushed her bum upwards making her legs go even higher, before moving down with his tongue and circling Kat’s asshole. Kat was looking up towards the ceiling but that had made her eyes open wide. Nobody had ever done anything like that before, but it felt very pleasant and she wasn’t about to stop him now. He stayed there playing for a minute before returning to her clitoris.

Almost immediately Kat could feel a wave stared deep within her. The frequency with which Jake’s tongue was hitting her clitoris was just right. She started to arch her back and knew she was close to cumming. As she did that, Jake slipped 2 fingers deep within her pussy and circled them hard, still toying her clitosis with his tongue. Kat couldn’t stop what was happening. The wave came over her and she started to cum hard. Her whole body gave in and she hadn’t realised she was shouting “Fuck! Yes!” over and over. It seemed as though it was getting more intense and then the wave hit stronger again, and Jake slid out his finger and Kat squirted over and over on to the wooden floor. Panting and gasping for breath, Kat looked at Jake after she had stopped cumming and said “that has never happened before!”

“Really? You didn’t know you were a squirter?” Jake asked.

“No! Never knew. You are very very good!”

“I haven’t even started yet. Luckily for you I love squirters.” And with that he grabbed Kat by the arm and led her to his bedroom. “Take off your top” he ordered. Kat, still in her heels and her miniskirt now around her waist slipped off her top. Jake grabbed her ample breasts with both hands and while looking at them ask “tell me how much you want my cock.”

“I want your cock so so badly”, Kat replied not even needing to make anything up. It was the truth.

“What would you do to have my cock?” Jake continued.

“Anything”, Kat responded quickly, “I’d do anything at all. Anything you wanted”.

“Would you be my slut, my whore.”

“Oh yes Jake, I’d be you whore, your slut to use.”

“Good”, Jake said, “now turn around” and Kat duly turned to face the wall. Jake pushed her up against the wall with one hand on her back and the coldness on her breasts instantly got Kat’s nipples hard. With his other hand Jake stroked between Kat’s legs, feeling her wet pussy and sliding his fingers inside. “Mmmmmm” Kat moaned and pushed her as backwards. She could feel his cock now sliding in to where his fingers were. Kat held her breath as Jake’s cock massaged her pussy lips. Any thoughts that Kat had initially of asking Jake to wear a condom were long gone. After a short tease, Jake manoeuvred his tip in to Kat’s waiting wet pussy. As he pushed in slowly, Kat gasped, and gasped again as she could feel herself being filled. The further Jake pushed in to Kat, the wider she felt stretched; she had never felt anything like it.

“Fuuuck, you’re huge!” Kat exclaimed as she could feel Jake deep inside her. He slid his cock back, almost all the way out, before sliding it back in quicker and deeper. Kat gave out a moan as she pushed her face up against the wall. And again, out then back in… deeper harder and quicker each time. Kat couldn’t believe the ease with which his huge cock fit inside her, but the size and the pleasure that almost bordered on pain gave her a drunken dizzy feel right through her body. If Jake didn’t have his hand or her back and wasn’t supported by is thrusts her legs would give way and she’d crumble to the ground. Slowly Kat realised that the noise she thought was coming from outside was actually her giving out a higher pitched moan with each thrust. Jake’s hand moved from her back to her face and he hooked his fingers in her mouth, turning her head towards him.

“You enjoy this big cock inside you?” he groaned

“Ah-hmmm… I fucking love it. You’re stretching me so much”, she moaned in answer.

“Is it better than you boyfriend’s cock?” he said, slamming her harder with each stroke.

“Oh, yesssss”, she answered, “So much better, so much bigger. And you fuck me like a dirty slut”. Up until now, Kat hadn’t thought of Andy once, and was surprised that when she did, the feeling of guilt was instantly replaced by the waves of pleasure coming in over her caused by Jake’s huge cock and been slammed over and over in to the wall.

“Well that’s because you are a dirty slut, arranging a stranger fuck and cheating on your bf.”

“Yes! I am such a slut.” Right now Kat didn’t care that it was Andy that had actually suggested this. She was sure she’d do it again with Andy’s knowledge or not, so much was her pleasure.

“You’re my dirty slut, my whore”, Jake said as Kat nodded trying to hold back the screams as Jake’s cock satisfied every part of her pussy. “Say it!” he barked.

“I’m your dirty slut. Treat me like a whore. I’ll do anything you want.”

Jake slowed and pulled out of Kat, turning her around. “Get on the bed”, he said quietly and Kat lay on the end of the bed. As Jake came closer she lifted and opened her legs. His cock looked huge from this angle and so thick and long almost pointing straight towards her. She grabbed her legs behind her knees, pulling them towards her and said “Fuck me hard. I want to feel every bit of you.”

Jake wasted no time. He knelt on the bed and easily slid his cock in to Kat’s soaking pussy. He pushed her knees further down, so they were almost at Kat’s head and inserted the whole length of his cock, making sure Kat could feel the weight of his body on her. And she could, she moaned and gasped as she gripped her own legs. Her eyes opened wide and rolled back as she screamed “you’re so fucking deep”.  It was the combination of that, the width of Jake’s cock and his power that started to send Kat’s body in to the beginnings of a orgasmic spasm. Jake started to thrust, long deep and getting faster, each time slamming into Kat’s pussy. With each thrust Kat screamed, she couldn’t stop it. She didn’t know how much she could take but she was powerless to stop it. Jake was in control and all of this made her feel even hornier, dirtier and wanting more.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum!” she screamed, “Keep pounding! Harder! I’m going to cum!”

“Take it slut, take all my cock,” and that was it. All Kat needed to tip her over the edge. Her whole body went in to spasm which she couldn’t control. Her pussy was so sensitive, almost sore but the orgasm was so intense, so huge, she was in ecstasy. But Jake kept pounding. The orgasm kept going and the waves kept coming. She put her hand on Jakes chest in a feeble and half-hearted attempt to push him away but Jake didn’t let up. She looked at him with wide vulnerable eyes and saw him smiling and grinning back. Moments later he stopped, pulled out as Kat caught her breath.

“Oh my god, oh my god”, Kat panted over and over.

“Enjoy that”, Jake smiled

“Oh fuck yes”, Kat responded without thinking. “I love your cock.”

“Of course you do”, Jake replied, “every slut enjoys it, although none have cum as hard as you, or have taken it so easily”.

“I must have a special talent”, smiled Kat dirtily.

“You do, and I haven’t finished with it yet.” He grabbed Kat by the hip and flipped her over on to her front. She knew exactly what to do. She raised her ass towards him and got on to her elbows and said,

“Fill me with that massive cock”. Jake fingered her before guiding his cock back in to her easy pussy. She moaned again and even though she felt that her pussy was stretched out before, his cock still felt tight inside her. Jake started again with deep long strokes and as slowed down slightly. As he did, Kat noticed him pick something up from the bedside table. She also noticed that the window blinds were still open and everything that they had been doing could have been seen by many flats opposite. She had no idea whether they’d been seen or not, but part of her hoped someone had. It had long been a fantasy of hers to be watched, or to get caught, so she wasn’t going to do anything other than make sure if somebody was watching she would put on a show. These thoughts that came in to her head as Jake started thrusting again came to her naturally, exactly like they did when she was chatting on Kik. She’d always thought it was just another persona, not actually part of her real persona. But now she knew different.

“What are you doing?” she asked as she could feel Jake slow and fidget with something.

“I’m going to film this, film you, you dirty slut. That ok?” Kat’s heart skipped as this she wasn’t sure about. She turned her head around to look at Jake and realised he was already filming. At that time she remembered what Andy had said… “you must do whatever he wants, The word ‘no’ does not exist…”, and so replied “Yes, just send me a copy.”

“Good, now, how much of a slut are you?” Jake asked pointing the phone camera at Kat’s face.

“I’m a horny, dirty filthy slut” replied Kat.

“A slut for just your boyfriend’s cock?”

“No… for anyone’s cock.” She spat as she turned back around and slid backwards and forwards on Jake’s stiff cock, knowing that her ass was now the attention of the camera.

After a few minutes Kat could tell Jake had ditched the phone as he was getting faster and harder again. She started to get that now familiar feeling that she was starting to orgasm.

“I want your cum, Jake. Fill my pussy with cum.” She had wanted to say that from the moment she started sucking his cock, and had said it many times on Kik, but now she really wanted it and was going to make sure she got it. Jake didn’t say anything but started to slam her faster and faster. She pushed her ass higher and buried her head on the pillow and could feel Jake’s cock starting to swell. She was screaming again with each thrust as her orgasm started to take hold. Her whole body started to shake uncontrollably and as it did she felt Jake slow and grunt.

With a powerful thrust Kat felt Jake explode inside her. Her body shook and her pussy convulsed as it filled up with his cum. Another thrust and Kat could feel just as much cum shoot up inside her, filling every part. Four or five times she felt this and each time her orgasm got more intense. She looked back and could see his cum drip from her, his milky covered cock still slamming in to her. She reached back, cupped and gently squeezed his balls. She wanted every bit off his cum inside her. As Jake pulled out Kat turned over. She noticed that his cum and dripped on to her arm. Without thinking she licked it up, looking at him and saying “you taste good too”.

Jake got off the bed and slipped his boxers back on. He looked at Kat and offered his hand. She took it and Jake pulled her up from the bed. As she moved towards him she realised that she’d just had the best sex of her life and had never even kissed the guy who made her cum so much. The guy who’s cum was now pouring out of her pussy. “Maybe I should use your bathroom”, she said smiling cheekily at Jake and headed towards the bedroom door but Jake grabbed her arm and stopped her saying,

“I think you should walk home just like that” and gave Kat a wink. Kat’s got that feeling inside her again and thought she really was being treated like a slut “although you’d better hurry, your boyfriend might be there already”. Kat looked at the time; it was almost two hours since she left. She had been enjoying it so much she hadn’t realised how long she’d been here.

“Shit!” she exclaimed in a somewhat fake tone, knowing the Andy knew where she was all along. She hurried on her skirt and top and made herself look as presentable as she possibly could. She checked herself in the mirror, and no matter how much she tried, she now looked like a slut that had had a good time. She smiled to herself knowing that’s exactly who she was.

Kat made for the front door and had no idea whether to thank Jake or not. Thanking him seemed far too polite and terribly British, but she could not think of anything to say. As she opened the door Jake said,

“You are incredible. My incredible slut, don’t forget.”

“How could I forget?” Kat smiled back, and left.

Walking home Kat could now feel it was noticeably colder and windier. This time she got a tingling sensation but it was caused by the wind under her skirt and the fact she was a little wet, sore and still had some cum dripping from her. She could still feel in occasionally running down her thigh and hoped nobody would notice. She was just praying she didn’t bump in to someone she knew. Minutes later, she was opening the door to her own flat. She could hear Andy in the bedroom with the TV on.

“How did it go?” he called out. She was relieved. Relieved that Andy was still there, that it wasn’t a test… and that she’d had the time of her life.

“Give me two minutes and I’ll tell you everything”, she called back. When she came out of the bathroom and went to the bedroom, Andy was on the bed, naked with his hard cock in his hand. She looked at him and his cock and for the first time ever thought his cock looked unimpressive. Andy stood up and ripped off her top, then felt her pussy.

“He made you wet?” he asked?

“Oh, yes”, she whispered and grabbed Andy’s cock. They kissed passionately and tumbled on to the bed, Kat wanking Andy whilst he toyed with her pussy, He got on top of her as she opened her legs and pushed his erect cock easily in to her pussy.

“Did you enjoy fucked his cock and being his slut?” he asked as he started to pump hard.

“Yes, yes I loved it” Kat admitted.

“Would you do it again?” Andy was getting faster and more intent.

“Fuck yes”, Kat whispered. With that Andy came. His face looked like he was in pain but Kat could tell he was enjoying it. And whilst Kat didn’t orgasm, she enjoyed it too, being cum in for the second time tonight. This thought stayed with Kat as Andy went to the bathroom. She thought about how innocent and proper her afternoon had started, giving a tutorial to university students. But by the end, she’d fucked a stranger, been cum in by two different guys and had the most amazing sex and orgasms she’d ever experienced. She loved feeling naughty and where this new sexual confidence was taking her.

A message came through on Kik. She could hear Andy was in the shower so opened it. It was from Jake. A video. She watched it. It made her feel horny all over again. The first time she’d ever seen herself fuck. A second message. It read “you’d better not be doing anything tomorrow afternoon, if you are, cancel”. She was intrigued and excited. “Why?” she wrote back. She could hear the shower stop so closed Kik, turned off notifications and put her phone down.

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