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The former babysitter

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He meets his ex-babysitter and helps her

This is my first story. Feedback is appreciated

It was a spring day bright and sunny but not too warm. Jakob and some of his friends were in town at the street fair drinking beer and enjoying themselves.

As the evening slowly approached, fair attendance shifted from families with small children to teenagers showing off in front of each other by buying alcohol whether they were allowed to or not. Jakob saw some of his son's friends trying to buy beer though they were way too young. Luckily, his wife was with the children at home, a night of watching TV instead of the loud bustle of the downtown fair.

Jakob also enjoyed the sight of many young women clad in revealing summer clothes going out and about. He would never cheat on his wonderful wife, but looking and enjoying a little fantasy in his mind is not forbidden, is it?

Around eleven-thirty, he decided to go home since the next day was Sunday, a day he and his family would go to church, so better not be home too late. He fervently hoped that his wife would be in the mood for a bit of fun when he returned.

He bid his friend farewell and left. As he turned away from the street, he spotted a girl staggering towards a car. She looked vaguely familiar.

As he came closer to her, he saw it was Claudia, a girl he had not seen in some time but who used to babysit for him and his wife when the kids were younger.

He shouted, "Claudia? It's Jakob."

She jumped when he spoke to her, dropped her keys, and tried with some difficulty to focus her gaze on him.

"Yes it's me, Mr. Smith, how are you?" she said with a slightly slurred voice.

"I'm fine, however, I'm not letting you drive drunk. Either the police will get you or a car crash," said Jakob.

"But, I must get home," she said angrily.

"No," Jakob said with authority. "You're not driving tonight. You can come home with me and stay in our guest room like you did when you used to watch the kids. Give me your keys."

Claudia looked at him defiantly, but after a moment she looked down, came to him, and gave him her car keys, and in silence, they started to walk towards his house.

As they walked home, Jakob eyed her from the side. Claudia had a pretty face with not too much make-up, long, slightly curly, light brown hair and brown eyes. She was average size, about 5'6" and he guessed she had a B cup. Claudia was slim with a flat tummy, and her toes and fingernails had dark red nail polish. By now, she had to be about twenty-years-old.

He remembered her as a shy but polite, good girl who got along well with the family, especially the kids.

But now, her body and the revealing, short summer dress she wore told a different story. More like a young woman out on the prowl, and he felt a stirring in his pants. Trying to ignore that became harder and harder.

After ten minutes, they reached his home.  As they entered, he led her quietly up the stairs to the tiny guest room which contained a bed, a chair, and a small closet.

“You can stay here for the night and sober up. Make yourself at home.”

"Thank you, Mr. Smith, you were right, I would have been wrong to have driven in my state." He nodded and smiled down at her and wished her good night and turned to go.

Claudia grabbed his shoulder, turning him around.

"I'm grateful to you."

Without warning, she rose on her tiptoes and kissed him lightly on the lips. At first, he didn't respond but then he leaned in and kissed her back. She leaned in and as the kiss deepened she rubbed her tits against his chest. Her hand grabbed his crotch, squeezing his raging hard-on.

Suddenly, there was a loud sound outside and it let Jakob come to his senses. What the hell was he doing? He shoved Claudia away and, stunned, he fled the room and into his bed where he snuggled next to his wife. He was so horny he woke her up to have steamy and passionate sex with her and to forget the nubile girl down the hall.

She only turned away. "Good night, honey," she said.

She went back to sleep. For a long time, Jakob lay in bed willing his hard-on to go away and thinking he deserved a medal for not going to Claudia and continue where they left off. Finally, he fell asleep as well.

Jakob awoke to the smell of coffee and a severe case of morning wood. He considered to rub one out before going down to face his wife and Claudia. But he resisted the urge, dressed, and went downstairs.

In the kitchen, he found his wife chattering with Claudia. He greeted them and poured himself a cup of coffee before sitting down next to his wife and the opposite of Claudia. His wife was dressed for church while Claudia was only wearing one of his wife's bathrobes.

"Claudia told me how you played the good Samaritan last night and let her stay here. Though she gave me quite the fright when she entered the kitchen unannounced. You should have warned me," said his wife as greeting, the last words, being spoken in a very stern undertone.

"Honey, I tried to tell you last night, but you, wouldn't wake up."

While Jakob was speaking, he felt something brush his balls and immediately after, his cock was squeezed and massaged by tiny toes. He looked over at Claudia who smiled sweetly and innocently at him while she teased his cock under the table, who enjoyed the attention and hardened painfully. He shot her a warning look but she continued to caress his cock and balls.

It took all his will power to maintain a straight face and not to make a sound while trying not to cum into his pants.

Claudia and his wife talked about things before she got up to get the children ready for church. As soon as she had left the kitchen, Jacob whispered, "Are you crazy?"

Claudia seductively smiled, getting the reaction she was looking for from him.

“What are you talking about?” she said.

"You know exactly, what I mean," he whispered, "almost making me cum while you talk to my wife who sits next to me."

"Well," she said, "you might be complaining, but your hard-on tells me you enjoyed it. And if you don't want Mrs. Smith to know just how much you respond to my touch, tell her that you won't go to church but instead take care of me." She giggled as he gaped at her.

Jakob got up from the table and walked to the front door, where his wife was dealing with the kids.

"Listen, honey," he said, "I'm not going to service with you, I'm going to take Claudia back home."

“You are such a caring guy helping a damsel in distress," his wife said. 'Sure a damsel in distress,' Jakob thought to himself, 'more a blackmailing bitch in heat.'

He hugged and kissed his wife goodbye. As he hugged her, his hard-on bummed against her stomach and she whispered into his ear, "Oh, I will take care of that when I return. Bye, darling." As she left with the children.

He went to the loo to gather his thought and to be prepared to face whatever the vixen in the kitchen had in store for him.

When he returned to the kitchen, he found it deserted. And when he called after Claudia, she responded

"I'm upstairs".

But the guest room was equally deserted as the kitchen had been. So Jakob walked down the hall where he entered his bedroom, he was greeted by a sight that made him stop dead in his tracks.

On his martial bed sat Claudia, completely naked. His eyes roamed over her pretty face, the red lips, the sweet, devilish smile the brown hair she hat put into two pigtails, down to her tits with two hard nipples. In her navel she had a small piercing dangling from it, and finally, they came to her hands which were inside her spread legs playing lightly with an already glistening pussy. She looked innocent and sexy at the same time. 

He was rendered speechless and incredibly aroused.

"Hello, Mr. Smith," Claudia said playfully. "Yesterday evening you could have ravished my body and fucked me silly, but you ran a mile to your sleeping wife, and now, since you left me hot and bothered, I had to resort to masturbation. I thought you deserved a little payback.

"I used to have a major crush on you, but you never seemed interested until yesterday I noticed you checking me out on the way to your house, and when you responded to my kiss I was sure my fantasy would come true. You managed to get away, and I thought even horny men can't get themselves to fuck me so, I applied extra pressure to you today to fuck my needy pussy."

Jakob felt his resistance melting away and his cock throbbing.

"Claudia, it's not as if you are unattractive, but I have a wonderful wife and family and, I won't gamble with that."

"But I want to go all the way with me, and your wife never needs to know. I know you are horny and ready to fuck a young woman with a tight, wet pussy and soft, smooth skin. Since I'm on the pill you can even fuck me bare-back, " she exclaimed.

Jakob gave in, got on the bed, and the two started to kiss. First lightly on the lips and then full-on French kissing. Jakob was taken away by the intensity and the sexy feeling of Claudia's lips and her probing tongue. However, he didn't want to let her succeed and seduce him so easily, so he decided to take charge.

He ended the kiss, looked Claudia deep in the eyes, and said with a commanding voice

"And now, slut you get on your knees and suck my cock."

Claudia almost protested, but his deep voice inexplicably made her horny, and she slid to her knees. Jakob undid his belt buckle and let his pants drop to the floor all the time, looking at the wanton vixen in front of him.

"Take him, slut, and suck him hard." His cock was six inches long and very thick.

Claudia looked at it and stroked it with one hand then she lowered her head and engulfed the cock head with her lips. She felt her already wet pussy starting to drip and became extremely hot. Jakob had one hand at the back of her head and forced her slowly but firmly inch by inch down his hard shaft.

Claudia closes her ruby red lips around his big girth and oozed saliva, in his short pubic hair, making Jacob even hornier. He hadn't seen the lipstick before but recognized the colour. She must have nicked the lipstick from his wife. With one hand, she grabbed the base of the cock with the other hand, she cupped his heavy balls.

Slowly, she began to bob her head up and down all the time keeping eye contact. Jacob enjoyed it immensely. Looking down at a nude girl who is eager to suck your cock as deep as possible in her mouth is one of the prettiest and more powerful images a man can look at.

"Pleasure yourself," Jakob her told as she removed the hand from his scrotum and started to vigorously rub her pussy, which was now leaking honey on to the floor. When Jacob felt he was almost at the point of no return, he grabbed her by the pigtails and jerked her away from his throbbing member.

"Please lay on the bed and spread your legs, slut so that I can eat your cunt," barked Jacob. She looked up at him disgusted

"Don't say cunt," Claudia said as she looked at him in disgust.

"Why not?" Jakob asked sternly.

"It makes me feel a bit dirty," Claudia said meekly.

"Well," Jacob laughed "let me tell you slut, your boyfriend makes love to you and cums in your pussy. I, on the other hand, my little fuck-toy, am going to use you and cum deep inside your cunt. Understood."

Claudia nodded not trusting herself to speak. She lay back on the bed opened her legs and offered him easy access to her soaking wet pussy.

"Good girl" Jakob growled.

Claudia didn't know why but she was annoyed and simultaneously deeply aroused by his dominant manner and the name-calling. She was a good girl but the words slut, cunt, and fuck-toy made her crave and want to please this man even more. She felt torn between shame and the ever-increasing need to be thoroughly fucked by the man she had dreamt about for years.

She felt him prying her pussy lips open to finger while the other stroked her clit and her need increased. She felt him sliding two fingers inside her wet tunnel while his thumb rubbed her clit. He pushed her further and further towards an intense orgasm, but as she reached the point of no return he withdrew his soaked hand leaving her on the brink of orgasm. After she had calmed down he began again to finger her slowly.

Suddenly she couldn't wait longer and begged

"I need a cock... Your cock... Please fuck my pussy now"

"What did I just tell you," Jacob asked her.

"Cunt" moaned Claudia quietly and ashamed and then louder. "Fuck my cunt please, I need it. Use me as you please." She couldn't believe she just said that but the truth was she would agree to anything if it meant she would be able to be fucked to orgasm. She needed that sweet release every nerve in her body was crying out for.

Jakob took his hard cock still glistening with Claudia's saliva and rubbed it teasingly around her sopping pussy sliding in an inch and then withdrawing again.

"Please, fuck your slut's cunt!" Claudia begged nearly sobbing with need and arousal.

"Gladly," he answered, sliding fully in her in one stroke.

The sensation of her wet hot velvet-like, tight, wet pussy gripping his cock, overwhelmed him. He held still so they both could get used to the new sensation they were feeling. Slowly, at first, with long deep strokes, he began to fuck her. She bucked against him, arching her back, exposing her flushed tits with hard, puckered nipples. They fell into a fast rhythm.

She locked her legs around him using the heels of her feet to drive him inside her even further. They were both so aroused that it didn't take long. Claudia climaxed first, moaning and her arms and legs trembled as she came. Her pussy spilling its juices all over the pristine sheets of the marital bed. The sensation of the contracting pussy around Jakob's cock triggered his orgasm, he grabbed her hips for support, thrust deep inside her one last time, and emptied his balls deep inside his little fuck-toy. Then, he collapsed exhausted on her still-quivering body as they both drifted off into blissful slumber. It was a mess of tangled, sweaty limps and rumpled sheets.

They awoke when they heard the front door slam.

"Honey, I am back," said Jakob's wife. "My parents have taken the kids home. Where is my big boy?"

Claudia and Jakob looked with panic at each other.

to be continued...

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