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Lola's Night Out

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Lola learns that sometimes, college parties aren't all that bad...

The events of this story are entirely fictional. Any resemblance to real-life people, events, etcetera is unintentional.

I can’t believe I let her talk me into this. I hate college parties.

“C’mon,” Ava, my best friend, wines. “Don’t be such a Debbie Downer! This party is going to be fun!”

“You say that every time,” I remind her.

“There’s nothing I can say that will get you to stop whinging,” she relents.

“I’m not whinging!” I whinge.

She tilts her head disbelievingly but says nothing in response. As the uber pulls up to the curb, we step out and I immediately spot our friends sitting around a table on the front porch. Playing poker. Because, of course.

I waltz up to the boys, leaning down to inspect Liam’s cards. I see Will swallow across the table, and I smirk to myself. He just couldn’t resist a glance at my lowcut top. The only pleasure I get at these stupid things is teasing him mercilessly.

“Evening, gentlemen,” I greet, still looking over Liam’s cards. I grin, they’re shit.

There’s a chorus of, “Hey, Lola”s, and, “How you been?” as they all focus intently on the game at hand.

“Good cards,” I tell Liam, pretending to fail at being sneaky. The boys all glance around nervously – all eventually folding. Liam proudly throws his terrible hand down, gathering the chips of all his friends amid their groans and cries of, “Cheater!”.

Liam chuckles, “Thanks.”

“No problem.” I kiss his cheek, leaving a red lipstick print behind.

“How did you not catch that,” Mark wacks Will on the arm. “I thought you were a psychology major!”

Will stutters out an excuse whilst I share a grin with Ava. I know exactly why he didn’t pick up on my trick.

We walk inside and I’m immediately hit with the familiar smells of stale beer, B.O., and male desperation. This fucking sucks.

“I think I’m gonna go mingle,” I tell Ava.

She smiles knowingly. “And by ‘mingle’ you mean get shitfaced and find someone to fuck?”

I grin back. “You know me so well. Are you gonna be okay?” Just as I ask this, a leggy blonde walks past, throwing Ava a wink.

“Oh, I’ll be more than okay.” Ava pursues the woman and they strike up a conversation. I walk off in search of liquor – maybe something harder if the mood strikes.

I get progressively tipsier over the course of the evening, mixing drinks that really shouldn’t be mixed. By the end of the night, I find myself in the kitchen and talking to some jock. I think his name is Chad? He’s clearly had more to drink than me – and that’s saying something.

He places a hand on my side and I lean into it. “You wanna get outa here?” he slurs.

I consider his proposal. “What’s in it for me?”

He looks puzzled. “Sex?”

I roll my eyes – why are jocks so fucking thick? “I want you to earn this,” I tell him. “Tell me what you’re gonna do to me.”

He clues on. “Ohhhh. I’ll fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk straight for a week.”

“You eat pussy?” I question.

“For you,” he grins, “Yes.”

“Good.” I’m about to ask where his room is – he’s so clearly a frat boy – when someone bumps into us, spilling beer all over him. I drunkenly realise they didn’t bump into us, they pushed Chad.

“Get lost,” the figure grunts. I roll my eyes. I know who it is without even looking.

“God, Will!” I yell, shoving him roughly.

“Yeah,” Chad seconds, “What’s your problem?”

“You’re my problem!” Will pushes him again, harder. I jump up between the two. “Why don’t you go run to your fucking girlfriend and complain to her.”

I whip around to face Chad. “You have a girlfriend?”

He shrugs nonchalantly. “She won’t care.”

I snort, “Of course, why would she care about another woman fucking her man? Get lost, asshole.” I don’t get involved with guys who are attached. Too much drama.

Will looks at me expectantly, clearly waiting for me to thank him or some shit like that.

“Oh, get fucked!” I cry. “I’m gonna go get another drink.”

“Hey,” Will’s arm shoots out, catching my elbow. “You don’t wanna knock around with guys like Brad, okay?”

So, that was his name.

“What do you care?” I huff, yanking my arm out of his grip. “You hate me.”

He rolls his eyes, “I don’t hate you.”

I falter. “Wh- What?” Ever since high school, I’ve just assumed Will hated me. Our first interaction wasn’t exactly friendly and we’ve been arguing ever since. The only reason we still hang around each other is because we have too many mutual friends.

“I mean we fight, sure,” he shrugs, “But I never hated you.”

“Y-you didn’t?” Somehow it never occurred to me that Will’s supposed animosity towards me could just be, you know, how he is.

“Shit,” he sighs, “You didn’t seriously think I hated you all this time?”

I make an ‘I dunno’ sorta noise and he rolls his eyes.

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Whatever,” I shove him again. “If you don’t hate me then why are you such a dick to me?”

“You’re a dick to me too,” he counters.

I sigh. “I’m not talking about the arguing and teasing and all that.”

“What are you talking about then?” he crosses his arms petulantly.

I throw my arms up, gesturing to the retreating Chad Brad. “I’m talking about how every time I come to these stupid things, you always try to scare off whoever I decide to go home with.”

He shrugs noncommittally. “You deserve better.”

“What?” I scoff, “Like you, you mean?”

“Well, yeah!” he blurts, suddenly flushing as he realises what he’s just said.

It’s at this moment that I realise during the course of our argument, I’d been backed against the bench. I slowly slide myself on top of it, reaching out to bring Will with me.

“I-,” he stutters. “I didn’t mean it like that, I…” he trails off, aware I’m not buying it. I'll admit, there's always been an undercurrent of sexual tension between us, and I guess Will's passably attractive - Okay, he's a fucking model.

My arms snake around his body and I grab his waist, thrusting him forwards into my pelvis. He groans, his head coming to rest on my shoulder.

“Do you want me?” I whisper in his ear, my breath tickling the hairs across his neck.

He doesn’t need to answer, the bulging cock I feel pressing against my skirt answers for him.

“Fucking take me,” I command.

My words seem to snap him into action as he reaches out clamps his hands behind my back, pulling me closer to him. I grin as another groan escapes his lips. I look up and notice a few people watching intently.

“We have an audience,” I inform slyly. “Wanna give them a show?”

I feel his head shake against my shoulder. He leans up to look me in the eye. “I want you all to myself.” Before I can reply, he withdraws from me, and I feel suddenly empty. He breaks eye contact, looking just to the left of me. “Upstairs, second last room on the left is mine.”

I can’t fight the snicker rising in my throat. “You’re a frat boy?”

He rolls his eyes, “Yeah, yeah, it looks good on resumés. Are you coming or not?”

I grin deviously. “That depends on your skills.”

He laughs at the wordplay before stalking off and heading for the stairs. I quickly text Ava to let her know I’ll find my own way home and that I’ll see her tomorrow. She replies with a winky face, and I laugh.

I head up the stairs, my heels clanking on the hardwood. The hallway is longer than I expected, and it takes me a little while to find the right room – I end up walking in on quite a few couples and a couple of orgies. The last door I try, there’s a girl sprawled out on the bed, each of her holes being stuffed with a different cock. Her grin tells me she’s enjoying it, so I close the door and let them be.

Finally, I find the right room. It’s dark and as soon as I open the door, Will slams it behind me and crowds me up against the wall. I feel his hands caress my curves as he rips off my clothes. I undo his belt buckle and slide his jeans down, sliding down with them. His cock is just about bursting out of his boxer briefs. With a wink and a grin, I slip his bulging cock out of his briefs and into my mouth, taking his huge member in, I only make it halfway down his cock before I have to pull back.

I tease the tip with my tongue, flicking it and rolling it around in my mouth before plunging it in so deep I almost choke. I’m rewarded with a groan as his knees almost buckle. I flip us around so his back is against the wall. Slathering his gorgeous member with my spit I look at him as his eyes roll back into his head. He’s pulsing heavily and I tap the tip of his cock against my tongue, loving the way he trembles underneath my grip.

“Oh, god,” he moans. I lap happily and his head falls back against the wall. I spit on my left hand and use it to fondle his balls, my right is propelling his rock-hard cock into my throat. At this point, my chin is dripping with a mixture of my spit and his precum as I gurgle gladly.

His hands reach out, propelling my head as he groans, “Fuck, take it!” I do, willingly. His cock hits the back of my throat and a gorgeous suction noise is created as he pulls out. I don’t let him get away so easily though, following him and shoving it back in as he groans. The sound of slurping fills the room as I eagerly deepthroat his throbbing member. I’m using both hands to assist me at this point and Will’s shaking.

“Fuck,” he stutters, “I’m going to cum!” He pulls out before he can and I gasp hungrily. I’m about to ask why he withdrew when he hooks a hand under my chin, drawing me up so we’re eye-to-eye. “Are you on the pill?” he asks.

I nod. Duh.


I can barely form a response before he’s hoisting me up and throwing me on the bed. He moves to repay me for the blowjob and while I normally love it when they go down on me, I can’t be patient any longer. I need his monster cock inside me. I tell him as much and the next thing I know I feel it teasing my entrance. I grab his pelvis and thrust hard, his throbbing dick pulsing against my tight, trembling walls. We both let out a wail as the sensation overwhelms us. Then, he begins to pump and I feel as if I might cum now. I almost do but I decided to turn the tables and flip him over. I’m riding cowgirl now and I’m dictating the speed. I bounce eagerly and he writhes underneath me.

“Fuck,” he groans.

I grin, thrusting harder and faster. I can feel him expanding inside me, clearly about to burst. A gushing wave hits my walls as he unloads inside me. It feels fucking amazing and I continue riding, milking it out of him and letting his cum drip down his own cock. Then, locking eye contact, I scoop some up with my finger and bring it to my lips. Sucking eagerly – of course, he tastes fucking amazing.

Grabbing my waist, he sits up. He’s already hard again and I move to slide onto his cock but he has other ideas. “Turn around.”

The authoritative tone in his voice does things to me that I know he can feel. Usually, I’m the one in charge in the bedroom, I’ve never been bossed around before – but I think I like it.

I face the wall and back up until his dick is pressed flush against my back. I feel it slip between my lips and I let a small moan out. He thrusts roughly and I gasp at the sensation.

“Oh, fuck,” I moan as he bends me over, pounding heavily. Then, still stuffing me from the back, he reaches a hand out to stimulate my clit. The feeling is too much for and I buck on his cock. Moaning and swearing as the waves roll over me. I think I yell out his name but I can’t be sure. The euphoria blocks out any thoughts I might be having. All I can think about is that cock.

“Fuck me harder,” I cry. He obliges, pulling me up so our bodies are flush and wrapping a hand around my throat.

“This good?” he asks quickly.

I nod my approval and he squeezes, making me gasp. Suddenly he’s pounding me again whilst his left hand rubs my clit and his right chokes me. I bounce eagerly, his throbbing dick rubbing my pussy walls in all the right way. He hits my g-spot and my spine curls as I let out a loud moan.

“Oh, fuck!” I scream. He pushes me into the mattress, riding me so hard it feels like he’s rearranging my guts. His dick is repeatedly hitting my g-spot and I come undone yet again, he doesn’t relent though, fucking me through my orgasm which leads to me actually fucking squirting all over his mattress.

“Fuuu-ucckkk.” I stutter out, barely able to form the sound. “Oh my god,” I murmur, still riding the residual waves of what was probably the best orgasm of my life. I realise distantly that Will came inside me again – probably when I squirted – and the thought makes me smirk.

He slides off me and collapses on the mattress. “Shit,” he rumbles.

“Yea, shit,” is all I can manage in response. My legs still twitching occasionally. I finally feel semi-normal and move to get up and collect my clothes but find I can barely walk.

I hear Will chuckle from behind me.

“Shut up,” I growl, dropping back onto the bed.

He laughs again quietly but doesn’t say anything on the matter. “You can stay tonight,” he tells me, “It’s fine.”

I don’t normally stay over but I have a feeling if I tried to get home now I’d end up stumbling all the way down the stairs and across the street.

I wordlessly sink down, wrapping the warm duvet around me. Sleep comes quickly.

The next morning, I wake and slowly untangle myself from the bedsheets. I gather my clothes and quietly get dressed. I’m still a bit wobbly but the few hours sleep helped a little.

As I climb downstairs, my legs shaking like a baby horse taking its first steps, I spot Liam sitting on the couch in the living room. Shit.

I try to sneak past as he converses with someone in the kitchen. If he sees me, he doesn’t say anything.

Sitting on the curb waiting for my uber, I think back to last night.

Maybe college parties aren’t so bad.

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