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Noodles - Part 8

Series: Noodles

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Dani gets a makeover - and more.

"Oh, yes. I've been needing this for a week, Baby," Mark moaned, as my lips closed around the head of his cock.

I licked and sucked Mark's cockhead, feeling it swell, gripping his shaft, tightly. Mark knew how much I enjoyed giving him that pleasure. It made me feel so desired, and beautiful. I didn't want to finish him though, since we had a long day and evening ahead of us.

"I love your cock, Baby," I started. "I don't mean to tease you, but I just want to edge you for a little while. You need to be Mr. Dynamite tonight, ready to explode."

"Dani, please," Mark pleaded. "I always explode with you."

My hand took long, slow strokes on Mark's shaft. "I know, Honey," I said, licking the underside of Mark's cockhead. "But I want it to be a lot. And I want to wait until I've had my makeover."

It wasn't easy, for either of us. I knew it would be worth the wait though. So I just edged Mark's big cock for an hour or so, keeping him tense, but only allowing him to issue precum. 

Mark had made the same mental transition that I had - seeing me as a real, complete girl when I dressed. He was very attracted to my body, obviously. Tonight though, I wanted him to see a beautiful face, sucking another man's cock while he fucked me.

I stopped sucking Mark's dick when he began running precum in an almost constant stream. It felt cruel to keep him that close for any longer, denying him relief.

I crawled up to lay next to Mark. He was breathing hard and quietly groaning as his cock continued to twitch, balls drawn up tight. Finally, Mark turned his head, smiled, and kissed me.

"I am going to punish your pussy tonight, Dani."

"Mmm. I expect you will."

"What are we gonna do now?" Mark panted.

"Well...I haven't been eaten out in a week," I whispered.

"Mmm. Sit on my face, you sexy fuck."

"I have to do everything," I teased. I lifted my dress up over my hips and positioned myself, facing Mark's feet, straddling his head. Mark eagerly tugged my thong to the side, pulled my cheeks apart, and plunged his tongue into me.

Being eaten out like that was such an intense pleasure for me. Mark was still rock hard. I had to close my eyes, avoiding the temptation to bend down and finish sucking him off. The feeling of Mark's hot breath as he panted and licked my very sensitive area, elicited obscene groans from me.

Mark slid a finger inside me. "Oh fuck!" I moaned. "Yes! Oh God, Mark!" I impulsively rocked back and forth, wanting Mark to finger fuck me. I had used my own fingers to stimulate myself many times in the last week. But my fingers could never reach the places Mark was able to discover.

"Oh my God, Baby. Oh my God. Do it hard. Please. Please. Please. I am about to cum," I screamed.

Mark's finger fucking intensified, while he licked, sucked, and gently bit my perineum. I felt the wave of orgasm building in my thighs, seizing them from moving. My muscles inside tightened around Mark's finger. Then the electricity of orgasm shot down from the back of my neck, down my back, to my ass and the backs of my legs. My body was a statue, and I felt myself ejaculating, for at least a full minute.

Once again, my body collapsed onto the bed. My legs had no feeling, and I could not make the muscles in my thighs keep me upright. The first time I experienced an anal orgasm, it concerned me when my legs lost all function. But having already experienced it, I knew the feeling would subside. 

I lay in an almost fetal position, facing Mark's legs. "You OK, Baby?" Mark asked, between hard breaths.

"Yes," I whispered. "I just can't move."

"Want me to run you a bath?"

I nodded, weakly. "Yes. Please."

Mark rolled over, moved my hair, and kissed the exposed part of my back. Then he made his way to the bathroom. A minute later, Mark took me in his arms and carried me to the bathroom, sitting me on the edge of the tub. I had come to really love being so short and petite. Having Mark carry me like that was definitely on my list of most favorite things in the world.

I sat on the edge of the tub while Mark undressed me. He bent down on his knees and slid my heels off, then carefully rolled my stockings down and off. I held my arms above my head, like a little girl, letting Mark pull the dress over my head. Then he reached behind my back and unfastened my bra, removing it from my shoulders.

Mark turned the water off, then began kissing my breast. Cupping his hand on it, Mark grabbed as much as my body could give him. He licked and sucked my nipple into his mouth, making me moan.

"Ohhh, Mark. God! That feels so good."

Mark looked at me and smiled. Then he gave me a little kiss. "I'll let you finish getting undressed."

Mark closed the bathroom door behind him. I slid my panties off, noticing the absence of my own cum. How can I cum that hard and have nothing come out? I thought, bewildered.

Time, and the warm bath, brought my legs back to life. I soaped them up and slid my razor over them, making my pretty legs smooth and shiny. Then I wrapped myself in a hotel robe and returned to the bedroom.

"God, you're beautiful," Mark said, smiling.

"Flattery will get you...laid," I replied, laughing.

I picked up the panties Mark had bought for me, gave him a smile, and went back to the bathroom. I knew I was going to like wearing those special panties. But after slipping them on and looking at myself, I felt a rush come over me. Seeing a vagina down there was more than just pleasing, it made me feel complete. Mr. Dynamite is definitely going to explode tonight, I thought, laughing.

I put the rest of my clothes on and joined Mark in the room. He had gotten dressed as well. "I'm ready," I announced, beaming.

We drove through for some fast food, quickly consuming it before arriving at Noodles. They confirmed our registration and introduced me to my stylist.

"Hello, I'm Sally. Sassy Sally," she said.

"Hi, Sally. I'm Dani, this is Mark," I said, as we exchanged handshakes.

"Nice to meet you!" Sally smiled. "Let me take a look at you, Honey. Oh my God, Darling! You are gorgeous! Look at you!"

"Wow! Making me feel a lot better about this," I laughed, embarrassed.

"What are you talking about? Your big eyes, and full lips. Honey, please. Soft jawline. Most of my job is already done," Sally complimented. "Mark, have you not told your girlfriend how pretty she is?"

Mark laughed, "I tell her all the time!"

"OK. Well, let's do this. Mark, do you want to watch, or get a reveal?" Sally asked.

I was relieved when Mark answered, "I think a reveal would be fun."

I smiled and sat down in Sally's big, salon chair. "I put myself in your capable hands, Sally."

"Oh come on, Sweetheart! I make beasts into beauties. I make boys into girls. Hell, I could make Donald Trump into Melania Trump," Sally bragged, laughing. "Trust me, you're going to be amazed."

I smiled and relaxed, watching Sally get all her brushes and products set up.

Sally got her things arranged, then she told me how my makeover would go. "Everything we'll be using is yours when we're done. If you need accessories -  earrings, for example, I have some for you. We might want to put a lace choker around your neck too. This camera will record everything I'm doing and you'll be able to take the video with you. 

My heart was racing with anticipation. I knew this would be fun, but finally being in the chair was exhilarating. 

Sally began applying concealer, using a makeup sponge. She whispered wonderful things to me while transforming my face. "You are so beautiful, Dani," gently patting makeup on my eyelids. "Such a pretty, sexy girl," stroking the makeup sponge down my chin and neck. "Mark will not even want to blink when he makes love to you tonight," brushing powder on my forehead. 

We were interrupted by a knock on Sally's door. I understood why she locked us behind it. The process of a makeover is really intimate. It wasn't just how Sally was talking to me, she was touching my face in such a familiar way.

I watched in the mirror as Sally opened the door. It was Amber! 

"Hi, Sally. Can I come in? Mark told me I could ask," Amber said, beaming.

Sally looked back at me. "Yes!" I acknowledged. 

Amber ran over and straddled me in the chair. "I promise I won't mess up your work," she told Sally. 

Then Amber planted her mouth on mine. Our tongues aggressively fucked each other's mouths for a few minutes while I stroked her hair and held her body against mine. 

Amber pulled her lips away and whispered in my ear, "Mark told me what you guys are doing tonight. I am so jealous."

"We have a hotel room. Can you come there when you get off work?"

"If you want. I don't want to mess up your plans," Amber whispered.

"Yes. I want. Please come."

"OK," Amber smiled and kissed my lips.

"Mark will tell you where we're staying, room number, everything."

Amber climbed off me, kissed her fingers, and waved goodbye in the mirror. She grabbed Sally's hand and thanked her for giving us a minute. Sally just smiled and came back to work on me.

Sally continued working her mastery. "I love Amber. That girl is absolutely adorable," Sally said.

"She really is."

"You two look so cute together."

"She makes my heart stop, every time I see that smile. I feel like the luckiest person alive when that girl kisses me. Oh my God!"

"Well hopefully she will stick around for the reveal," Sally said, sweetly.

"Yeah. I hope so, too," I agreed. "But we'll see her later tonight, for sure. I invited her to join Mark and me in our room," I whispered, smiling,

"Oh, you naughty girl!" Sally flirted. "Let me just tell you... You will love the way she tastes. Just saying."

"OK," I nodded. "Since you mentioned that, I have to admit... I have tasted her. And you are so right. I meant to ask her what kind of lotion she uses."

"It's not lotion. She uses this," Sally said, handing me a bottle of vanilla bean oil. "I had to know her secret!" Sally laughed. "And now her secret, is my secret."

"Well, I love it. I want a bottle...for Mark. I won't need it for me though, that's not part of our...intimacy." I opened the bottle and inhaled, deeply. "God! I can't wait to taste that again."

Sally got really close to my face, applying a thin line of eyeliner under my bottom lid. "Well, like I said, Amber isn't the only one who uses that," she whispered, sexily.

I took a few breaths, exhaling shakily, whispering, "Really want to taste."

Sally stood up and lifted her short skirt. Then slowly slid her dick out of her panties. She was really big. And very hard. Bigger than Mark, but not thicker. I moaned quietly as Sally took a step forward and put her dick in my mouth.

I sucked down the shaft of Sally's dick until I felt it pressing into my throat. Then slid back up to suck and lick her cockhead, while she stroked herself. My hands fed themselves on Sally's legs and soft, tight butt.

"Oh yes, Dani," Sally moaned. "You are so beautiful," increasing her stroking tempo. I sped up my bobbing up and down Sally's long dick, matching her pace, as she jacked off in my mouth.

Sally began breathing hard and fast as she pounded her dick for me. "Don't swallow it, Honey," Sally directed, as she pumped stream after stream of cum in my mouth. 

I let Sally take her dick out of my mouth, slowly closing my lips together when her cockhead was all the way out. It was impossible not to swallow some of it. My mouth was completely full and it was flowing into my throat.

Sally bent down and kissed me. Her tongue was plunging my mouth, taking as much of her cum from me as she could get. Sally finally satisfied her mouth and broke our kiss. This will be a fun video to show Mark, I thought, smiling.

I shook my head, "Delicious."

Sally smiled big and went back to work on my eye makeup. "Vanilla bean oil." 

Finally, Sally stepped back and asked, "What do you think?"

I was speechless. I was looking at a completely different person in the mirror. I didn't look like me, just with makeup on. I felt like I was looking at a familiar face, of a beautiful girl. Not just feminine, but pretty, and amazingly youthful. 

"Oh my God, Sally! You have changed my life!"

"Well, you were already in there, Darling. I just brought you out," Sally said, sweetly. 

Sally took my hand, guiding me out of the chair for a full-body reveal in the mirror. Then she touched up my lipstick a bit. 

"A choker wouldn't really look good with this dress, but we do need to put some earrings on you."

Sally attached some clip-on earrings and stepped back, checking my look. "Stunning. You are going to kill tonight, Honey."

I pulled Sally into a tight hug and whispered, "I hope so."

"Trust me, I would fuck you right here and now," Sally whispered in reply.

"If you mean that, downtown Hilton, room 1401. Come with Amber."

"I might just take you up on that," Sally said. "Now let's show Mark, the Dani he's been dying to meet."

I handed my phone to Sally and asked her to take a couple of pics, before Mark came in.

End of Part - 8


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