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A Pre-Dinner Taster For My Wife

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A comment by my wife leads to my first experience of cuckoldry with her ex

This story, is based on my real-life experiences, with only the names changed for anonymity. I appreciate constructive comments on the story, however if cuckoldry is not your thing, then please pass this story by and don't add negative comments, based on the subject matter.

The sun was now a big orange glowing ball, touching the Mediterranean Sea and looking as though it had set it on fire. Linda and I lay naked on the bed, a glass of Prosecco in our hands, as we marvelled at the sunset from our honeymoon suite through the full length window, which wasn't overlooked from the outside.  We'd had a glorious wedding a few days earlier and were now enjoying a week of relaxation and pleasure at our Mediterranean resort.

We'd both had disastrous first marriages and it was lovely to enjoy a wonderful new life together and have so many things in common that we enjoyed. We'd moved in together four years previously and had never had a cross word in that time, enjoying much laughter and many good times. Being in our early forties, we both had good jobs and our kids were grown up and lived away. We had a perfect opportunity to enjoy life to the full and put our previous disastrous relationships behind us.

As we lay on the bed, enjoying the view, Linda and I were chatting about all the best wishes we'd received from family and friends, our phones had been going off at regular intervals as each new text was received. At that moment, Linda's phone pinged again to announce a new message.

Linda looked at her screen and said it was from Christian, her boyfriend before she'd met me. We'd been totally open about our previous relationships and I was aware that Christian had opened Linda's eyes sexually, including involving others in their sexual play together. She said he'd persuaded her to try swinging with couples, women, and other men.

Whilst she'd enjoyed all the experiences, it was when they'd involved another man that she had really enjoyed herself. They’d never got to the point of moving in together, however, remaining good friends after I came on the scene, almost five years ago.  As for me, I had spent a number of years on the swinging scene, prior to meeting Linda, meeting a mixture of couples, single women and also wives.

I'd met Christian on a few occasions at social gatherings with mutual friends and enjoyed his company. He lived in a nice house, about twenty minutes from us and whilst he'd had a couple of relationships since Linda, none had become too serious due to his work, which meant that he travelled quite a lot and on occasions, had to work unsociable hours.

Linda said that Christian had wished them well and was inquiring when we were back, as he had a wedding gift for us and wanted to pop round to give it to us. As we were only away for a week, Linda checked things with me and then texted him back and suggested the following Wednesday and that if he wanted to come round for dinner, that she'd cook. Christian said that worked well for him.

The following day, after a morning of wandering around the quaint cobbled streets of the local village, enjoying the local food and wine, we headed back to our hotel, to spend the afternoon soaking up the sun by the pool and having our fair share of cocktails.

By the evening, we were pleasantly chilled and headed out to a local restaurant. Linda was looking radiant in a knee-length summer dress and before we had headed out, she'd lifted it up, to reveal that she wasn't wearing any knickers. I took the opportunity to kiss her deeply and let my fingers wander up her inner thigh. Her legs parted slightly and my fingers easily found access. As I slipped my two fingers in, I noticed how wet she was.

Our meal was a perfect combination of local Mediterranean produce, cooked and served well, accompanied by excellent local wine. We strolled the short distance back to our hotel, taking the opportunity to kiss deeply and embrace at regular intervals. I also took these opportunities to continue my discrete exploration of Linda's shaved pussy, enticing small moans of pleasure from her.

At the hotel, we headed to the bar for a nightcap. We sat on a couple of bar stools and I couldn't help notice how Linda kept opening and closing her legs regularly, giving me wonderful glimpses of her pussy as she did.

Back in our room, it wasn't long before we were naked and in bed. Linda began to stroke my flaccid cock, making it grow as I became more aroused. I asked her to tell me about one of her sexual adventures with Christian. This was something that we'd done on a number of previous occasions, each telling the other of our different sexual experiences.

Linda began to tell me about how Christian had persuaded her to meet another man for the first time. Having met Christian, I was aware how pleasantly dominant and persuasive he could be. Linda told me how Christian had suggested it in passing and that she'd jokingly said that she'd try anything once. Before she knew it Christian had signed up to a contact site, added an advert and begun to vet the responses.

Linda told me how he had narrowed it down to two guys, at which point he let her read their profiles, view facial photos of them and make the final decision of who she'd like to meet.  Linda went on to tell me how Christian had booked a hotel for the night and how they'd met Dave. She told me how they'd met for a drink and how they all enjoyed each other's company and agreed to take things further in the bedroom.  She then went into a considerable amount of detail about all the sexual pleasure they'd given each other and what they'd done. At this point, my cock had become extremely hard and this hadn't gone unnoticed with Linda.

"You seem to be enjoying hearing about this, by how hard you feel!" Linda said.

She then gripped my cock harder and started to wank me, before lowering her head and beginning to suck me off, as she continued to wank me. My breathing changed as I rhythmically moved my hips, so my cock went further into her mouth.

As she looked into my eyes, she asked me if I would like to see her being fucked by Christian. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't hide my thoughts and my cock shot spurts of cum high across my chest.

"That seems to have hit the mark." Linda said, with a huge grin on her face.

"So, would you like to see me with Christian then?" Linda asked.

"Well, being open and honest, you saw what the thought of you with another man did to me, so I suppose yes is the answer to your question." I replied.

"Well, let's see how Wednesday goes when Christian comes around to give us our wedding present and has a meal with us." Linda suggested.

The rest of our honeymoon week was a mixture of the old cliche of sun, sea and sex and in what seemed no time at all, we were back home and back to work. Catching up at work meant that in no time at all, Wednesday had arrived.

Linda had pre-prepared a starter and main course and asked me to pick up some bubbly wine and beer. We were both on flexi-start times, so went to work early and were home by half-four. Whilst Linda set the table, I got showered and changed. Before she went for a shower, she asked me again, if the opportunity arose, whether I'd be okay if she was quite friendly with Christian. I got the idea of what she meant by quite friendly and replied that that would be fine with me. With that, Linda kissed me on the cheek and skipped up the stairs to get freshened up.

When she came into the lounge, she looked stunning in a summer dress, cut just above the knee. I couldn't be sure, however I couldn't see any panty line showing, which I thought was interesting. I vaguely remember Linda mentioning how Christian always liked her in a dress, so wasn’t surprised by her choice of outfit.

At six pm, the doorbell rang and on answering it, I greeted Christian. He was slightly shorter and stockier than me. He handed me a bottle bag and congratulated me on marrying Linda. I thanked him and led him into the lounge as Linda emerged from the kitchen. She went up to him, kissing him on both cheeks and embracing him.

I told Linda that he'd bought us a bottle of champagne and she thanked him. She beckoned Christian to sit beside her on the sofa, which left me to sit in an armchair opposite them. I asked Christian and Linda what they wanted to drink and headed off to the kitchen to get their drinks of choice. When I came back, I noticed that Linda had her hand on Christian's knee, as he talked about what had been happening in his life over the recent months. He'd been busy with work and explained that he had had very little time socially to meet anyone else.

Linda patted him on the knee. "Never mind, I'm sure things will change soon."

"I hope so", Christian replied, "as it's getting rather frustrating, if you get my drift."

Linda chuckled. "Right, if you'll excuse me, I've just got to put the main course in the oven. Could you top up our glasses, Pete?"

When I was in the kitchen, getting the drinks, Linda asked me if I was still comfortable with her being friendly with Christian.

"Yes," I replied.

With that Linda leant forward and kissed me deeply. "If you change your mind, just say."

Linda sat down next to Christian and we continued chatting about all sorts. Linda then brought up their sexual adventures. "Do you remember how you persuaded me to have my first threesome with a guy?

"Yes, his name was Dave and I remember how good it was watching you with him, before joining in. Fun times indeed and yes, I definitely enjoyed watching you at some of those meetings."

"Well, last week, whilst we were on honeymoon, I told Pete about what happened and it got him very aroused."

As Linda said this, she looked at me, sat in the armchair directly opposite, and as she did, she slid her hand up Christian's leg and over the outline of his cock in his trousers.

"And it appears that remembering that also holds fond memories for you?" Linda said, as she smiled at Christian and licked her lips.

Christian needed no further signal and leant towards Linda and kissed her deeply and passionately. As he did so, his right hand travelled up Linda's bare leg. As his hand moved higher, he also moved it towards her inner thigh. Linda responded, by moving her legs wider apart.

As Christian's hand moved higher, Linda's dress began to ruck up, allowing me, from my armchair, to see more and more of her bare legs. She stretched her legs wider, giving Christian full access. I had the feeling that Linda had told Christian that being more than friendly with her was okay with me, seeing what he was doing.

I leant forward in my chair and had a good view between Linda's legs and saw that she wasn't wearing any knickers. I could see Christian change the shape of his hand, so he now had two fingers extended, which he proceeded to probe and enter Linda's pussy with. Linda let out a moan of pure pleasure and based on the noise of Christian's fingers entering and withdrawing from her, together with the wetness that coated them, I knew Linda was extremely aroused.

After a few minutes of Christian and Linda kissing, whilst he finger-fucked her, Linda stood up from the sofa. She moved Christian's legs to either side and dropped to her knees. I moved to the side, so my view was not impaired. Linda unbuckled Christian's trousers and pulled them down to the floor. Immediately I could see the outline of his cock in his black boxers.

His boxers had an opening at the front and Linda proceeded to move her hand into it to find his cock. "Mmm, this feels nice," Linda said as she found what she was after. Using her other hand, she stretched the entrance of Christian's boxers and pulled her other hand out, grasping Christian's cock. It looked about the same length as mine, however I could tell by how Linda's fingers and thumb couldn’t touch whilst gripping it that Christian was far bigger in girth than me.

As I watched, my hand had subconsciously dropped to the front of my trousers and I was rubbing my ever increasing hardness at what I was witnessing in front of me.

Linda began to rub her hand up and down Christian's shaft. Like me, Christian wasn't circumcised and I began to be mesmerised at seeing how his large purple cockhead appeared and disappeared as Linda wanked his hard shaft.

Linda then lowered her head and began to lick up and down Christian's shaft, her saliva glistening as she did so. She paid particular attention to his cockhead, licking up and down the slit and as she squeezed his shaft; a bead of pre-cum appeared. Linda's tongue flicked out and licked it off and she let out a purr of approval, as she tasted Christian after all this time.

Christian began to thrust his hips forward, stretching Linda's mouth wide, as his girth went as far as he could get it into her mouth. Encouraged by this, Linda moved her head up and down Christian's cock in a faster motion, whilst also wanking him with her hand. By this time, I too was rubbing my hard cock furiously through my trousers.

Christian began to breathe harder and louder and it wasn't long before he said to Linda, "Are you ready?"

Linda replied positively and removed her head from Christian's cock. Christian stood up and began wanking himself, whilst Linda fondled his heavy balls, full of cum. "Get ready," he told Linda.

With that Linda opened her mouth wide and Christian manoeuvred himself in front of her. A couple more strokes and Christian exploded, his cum spurting out of his cockhead and into Linda's waiting mouth. It was apparent that Christian hadn't had sex for a while, as stream after stream of his cum either went into Linda's mouth or landed on her lower face and chin.

Christian's legs gave a couple of involuntary spasms, as his orgasm subsided. "Fuck, that was so good."

"My pleasure." Linda said, as she scooped the remainder of his cum that had landed on her face onto her fingers and proceeded to lick them clean.

"Well, well, that was a nice start to the evening. Let's have dinner and see what's on the menu for dessert, shall we?" Linda said.

I already had a pretty good idea what dessert would be!

Linda asked Christian to sit at the dining table and asked me to help her get things plated up in the kitchen, after pouring Christian another drink.

When Linda and I were in the kitchen, she came up and kissed me deeply and I could taste Christian. "Did you enjoy that? I could see you rubbing your cock through your trousers."

"It was very nice indeed. I didn't realise how turned on that I would get," I replied.

"So, would you like things to go further after we've eaten?"

"Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained," I replied.

A big smile spread across Linda's face. "Thank you," she replied.

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