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Getting it from all angles

Getting it from all angles

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Full speed ahead, new experiences and so much pleasure

You can teach an old dog new tricks!

Doing sexy things secretly and behind my hubby's back was new to me. I knew if I told Gary what I had been up to online he would be perfectly OK with it. Well, in fact, he would have loved hearing about it and dragged me off for good shag.

But the thing was, it was giving me a great feeling. I was having a secret video affair with Mike, and I was doing it just for myself. It made me incredibly randy.

I got into the habit of staying awake until Gary was sound asleep and going downstairs to contact Mike. Sometimes three or four times a week we would chat. I showed off all my new underwear to him. Most of it was really sexy, and I shamelessly tried them on in front of him.

He said some really nice things about me, constantly had a hard-on and described what he would like to do to me in very graphic detail. Most nights we would masturbate together, and watching him shoot his load was a very big turn on for me.

Mike hadn't booked a flight yet, so I decided the whole thing could remain a secret for now. But I needed some action. I hadn't seen my young Turkish lover Ray for over a week. Usually, I wait for him to contact me, but I was really up for it, so I messaged him.

I had to wait until nearly 2 am because the bar was very busy, but it was worth waiting for. He told me that he hadn't had any sex since the last time he saw me, which was nearly a fortnight ago.

Ray has an English wife, Dot. But it appears that their sex life is non-existent now. Anyway, he was as impatient as I was, and as soon as he came in the back door, we started stripping each other whilst still standing, our tongues crazily trying to keep contact while we stripped.

He nearly ripped my new panties as he hurriedly pulled them down. I was left with just a pair of fishnet hold-ups on. Ray lifted me onto the kitchen worktop, then bent down to lick my waiting pussy. I was gagging for a bit of action and opened my legs as far as I could.

First Ray finger fucked me, fast and powerful. He was hurting me a little, but because his tongue was still on my clit, I was open to anything. Then, before I had reached a climax, he stood up a little and started pounding me with his cock.

He was so impatient. He was really breathing heavily already, and he was sucking and biting my nipples whilst still fucking me hard. Ray was making more and more noise as his orgasm approached. I was nowhere near yet, but he exploded into me, telling me that I was the best fuck ever.

As his breathing subsided, his tongue worked it's way down my body, until he was once again licking my just fucked pussy, tasting his own cum as it flowed out of me.

It had been a fast and furious fuck, but I hadn't cum and I wanted more. I got us both a drink, Ray his favourite Jack Daniels, and me a vodka and coke. We sat at bar stools at our breakfast bar, Ray completely naked, and me in just the fishnet hold-ups.

I was a little sore, and my nipples ached from too much biting. I told Ray and he apologised for being so rough. It was very late but we chatted while we finished our drinks.

Ray was curious about how my week with Ben had been. I was frank, and Ray told me he was a little jealous because he would have liked to fuck me six nights in a row, but I reminded him that we had to be careful because of his position in the community. He grudgingly agreed.

Luckily for me, Ray was ready for more action by the time we had finished our drinks. He led me through into the lounge and told me to kneel on the settee with my bum in the air.

Repeatedly during our long affair, Ray had wanted to fuck my arse, but I had a hang-up about it. He always took no for an answer, but I know from what he had said to me he was disappointed.

However, I was quite enjoying the attention he was giving my bum. He was running his tongue all around my cheeks, and his finger tickled my bum hole. "Your pussy is sore, let me take you this way now," he pleaded.

It was the nearest I had come to let him have his way, but I apologised and told him that I just couldn't do it. "But I think my pussy has recovered enough," I said as I rolled over onto my back.

This time we had a long and very satisfying fuck, and at last, I had the orgasms I had craved all evening. This time Ray pulled out and shot his load all over my tummy. We tidied up and Ray made his way back home.

Gary had slept through it all. It was very very late, but there was a two hour time difference with the UK, so I decided to try and contact Mike. He was not online, so I went up to bed. Lying awake for a while, I wondered why I had tried to contact him after I had just had a very satisfactory bit of sex. It seemed I was hooked on doing things behind my hubby's back.

Two days later, Mary phoned me. She told me that she may have found a lead to a new Master, and said we needed to talk about it. She invited both Gary and me over to her apartment the next day.

I wondered why she asked Gary too as she had never met him. She told me she wanted an opinion from a man's point of view.

So, off the two of us went wondering what was in store. Mary welcomed us both with a hug and a kiss on the cheek and sat us down on her patio with a drink of orange juice. She had her pc on the table, and quickly showed us the pics and conversations she had had with her prospect.

He wasn't what I had expected. A fair bit older and smaller than our last Master, but he seemed OK to me and I told her so. Gary, however, was not so sure, He sensed that there was something not genuine about the guy, and he warned Mary off her.

She thanked Gary and accepted what he told her. Strangely, she didn't seem too disappointed about what Gary had said and topped up our drinks.

It was a sultry day. We were all dressed in shorts and t-shirts, so when Mary suggested that we move to the edge of the pool and dangle our legs in the water, we readily agreed.

Mary told us it was a shared pool with two other apartments, but that the other two were unoccupied at the moment and we had the place to ourselves.

We chatted easily, mainly about the joys of living in this wonderful part of Turkey. The conversation about her proposed new Master had stopped altogether after Gary's words about him. Instead, she looked Gary in the eyes and said: "So, Jill tells me you get a kick out of watching her make out."

So, from idle chat, the subject changed to sexual experiences. There were a few laughs as we recalled previous encounters, but the atmosphere had changed dramatically.

Mary was sat between Gary and me, and with what she had just said, I was expecting her to make some sort of advance on me, and that's what I wanted.

So, it came as a big surprise to me when she turned towards Gary, told him what nice legs he had, and started stroking him. Gary immediately returned the compliments, running his hand slowly up and down Mary's leg.

Within seconds, they were sharing a kiss, their tongues playing with each other while I sat there and watched, scarcely believing what was happening. Then Gary's hand moved to her breasts, his hand moving from one to the other, gently kneading them both through her t-shirt.

The next thing I knew, they stood up, and Mary led him back into her apartment. I followed, but by the time I went through the doors, they had both removed their tops. I just stood and watched as the pair of them removed their shorts and lay down together on her sofa.

So here was my new girlie friend making out with my hubby, right in front of me. Was I jealous? You bet I was. Gary was already going down onto Mary, and that's what I wanted to do. It didn't actually bother me that my hubby was screwing another lady, it was just that I wanted to be the one making Mary cum.

Actually, it was all over very quickly. I don't think Gary could believe his luck and he came very quickly. He got up, leaving Mary sprawled on her sofa, naked, and looking at me with a glint in her eyes.

I didn't need a second invitation. My top and shorts were off as quickly as possible, and at last, it was my turn to go down on her. Now it was like a competition to me. I wanted to give Mary more pleasure than hubby had. So, I really went for it, fingers and tongue getting her lovely soaking wet pussy.

I moved while still pleasuring her, and in no time at all, I could feel Mary's tongue exploring all around my pussy. It was heaven, she was so good, and so attractive too. I didn't know where Gary had gone, but I hoped he was watching because Mary was beginning to make lots of moaning noises, and I knew she was not far from coming.

That encouraged me to really go for it. My fingers went faster and further, and my tongue was out of control on her clit. She exploded, screaming and squirming and bucking her hips. I wasn't quite there, but as Mary got her breath back, she concentrated on my aching pussy and brought me to a lovely cum too.

We were lost in our little pleasure world, but when I came back down to earth, I was pleased to see that Gary was sitting close by, and had witnessed how good we were together. It had brought the competitive spirit out in me, and I think I won that battle hands down!

Quickly, Gary and I put our clothes back on. Mary didn't bother. She went to the bathroom, then strolled back through to her kitchen where she got us another orange juice.

We chatted about trivial things. She was very comfortable sitting naked across from us both, and I think she was rather enjoying the looks she was getting from both of us. We had things to do at home, so when we finished our drinks, we all kissed and hugged and said our goodbyes.

At home, Gary and I had an interesting chat about Mary. Gary was convinced she had planned the whole thing, and that she was a schemer. He thought that I should be careful about how friendly we became.

I hadn't seen that in her at all, but perhaps I was lost in my lust for my first bi experiences, and by the fact that she was so beautiful and had such a wonderful figure. At least Gary agreed with me on her looks. "Apart from you Jill, she's probably the most attractive woman I've ever had sex with," he said.

"Oh! And just how many would that be then, Gary?" I responded. He didn't answer but just smiled at me in a very sheepish way.

For the next three days, Gary and I did a lot of talking. Watching him shag Mary had made me a little jealous, but not because he was fucking another woman, but because I wanted her. She was my girlfriend after all.

Also, we couldn't see eye to eye about Mary herself. We both thought she was spectacularly beautiful, but Gary thought there was something devious about her, and I just couldn't see it.

I was hoping for a bit of action with Ray, but we learnt in the afternoon that Ray's mum had been taken to hospital in Antalya, three hours away. It sounded quite serious, so we knew he would be staying in the hospital overnight.

We had already arranged to go down to the bar and had a very pleasant evening there with friends. We got chatting to a couple of holidaymakers, Bob and Linda - we'd met them a few times before - they had a holiday home here, and come over at least once a year.

Without the prospect of Ray giving us a lift home, Gary stayed sober so that he could drive. By eleven o'clock, we four were the only ones left in the bar, so we offered Bob and Linda a lift home.

They accepted and invited us in for a nightcap. On the way from our car to the front door, Bob had been pretty forward with me. His hand was on my bum, and he was saying some lovely things about the way I looked.

Inside, we sat in their lounge and had a very pleasant chat and a lot of laughs. Like me, Bob is a smoker, so we disappeared into the garden for a fag, and left Linda and Gary chatting.

In the garden and out of sight, Bob didn't waste any time on making a move. Before I knew it, his hand was going up my skirt, and we were having a passionate kiss.

I hadn't really seen it coming, but I was amazed at myself because I was really up for it. He took me over to a sunbed, pulled my panties down, quickly released his cock from his shorts, and fucked me.

It was very quick and almost animal-like, but I suppose we both knew it had to be quick in the circumstances. I tried to make myself presentable and walked back towards the villa.

What a sight met our eyes as we came through the back door. There was my Gary getting a tit fuck from Linda on the settee. And she had enormous boobs.

They stopped, but I was speechless. Bob just said, "I think we all have something to talk about, can we meet again tomorrow evening?"

So we fixed up that they would come round to our place the next night.

When we got home, Gary and I talked again. I told him about my quick fuck on the sunbed, and he confessed that Linda wasn't really his type. He said she was far too buxom for him, but that the tit fuck had been exceptionally good.

"Well, they are coming around here tomorrow, we'd better decide if we are going down a swinging route or not," I said with a smile on my face. "Oh! I think the answer to that is a definite yes from me," Gary said.

"And it's a yes from me too," I said, grabbing his hand and pulling him upstairs to our bed.

I was still rampant, and Gary was too, so we had a wonderful session with all sorts of things going round in my mind. I had some great cums before we collapsed into a deep sleep.

The next day, I managed to get quick appointments at both the hairdressers and the beauty salon in our village that does legs, nails, eyebrows etc. I wanted to look my best.

When I got home, Gary asked if I was sure about everything. I was, and I told him so. We went to get ready, and I chose some very sexy undies, peach with burgundy trimmings, a red pleated mini skirt, and a white blouse with the top buttons undone far enough to reveal a little cleavage.

I felt really good, and I was very excited about what might happen later. Time seemed to drag a little, but I kept myself busy making sure the villa looked tidy, puffing up cushions and making sure the bar was well stocked and that we had plenty of ice.

Bob and Linda arrived about five minutes late, but the first thing I noticed was how good Linda looked. She is probably a size 16, but she wore a blue dress which really showed off her curvaceous figure, her make up was really good, and the whole effect was stunning.

Gary's eyes nearly popped out of his head, and he couldn't stop staring at her ample cleavage, which was very much on show.

They had come armed with two bottles of red wine, so we sat ourselves down and started drinking and chatting. The subject quickly got round to what had happened the night before.

Gary asked how the two of them had known that we would be up for a bit of fun, and Bob told us that they knew after chatting to us for ten minutes that we were swingers. Little did they know that we were only just starting off down that particular road, but we didn't tell them that.

We had all finished two glasses of wine each when the action started. Bob was first, pulling me really close to him on the settee, kissing me passionately as his hand went up my skirt. I sneaked a peep over at Gary and Linda and saw that they were in a similar position.

Bob's touch was great, but he stopped and said: "OK, same room or separate rooms?"

We hadn't thought about it beforehand, but Gary, the cuckold that he was, answered: "Same room, if that's OK with you two."

So in no time at all, we were in our marital bedroom, Bob and I standing up exchanging kisses and searching out each other's tongues whilst at the same time he was unbuttoning my blouse. I couldn't resist a little peep to my left and saw Gary pulling down the zip a the back of Linda's dress.

Bob got my blouse and bra off in no time and laid me down on my back on the bed. He was still dressed, but he started kissing my nipples. He left my skirt and panties on as his fingers started rubbing my pussy through my panties.

I felt the bed move as Linda lay down next to me completely naked, and saw that Gary was just taking his pants off. They couldn't have bothered with much foreplay as Gary was riding her next to me almost straight away.

Bob was being much more patient with me, but he was really skilful. I was soaking wet with my knickers still on. The material felt really good stretched against me as he started to finger fuck me, my skirt up somewhere around my waist.

Linda was beginning to moan, breathing heavily right next to me. Gary was still pounding her, but now he was licking her big boobs as well. Then Bob pulled my panties to one side, and suddenly he had his trousers and pants pulled down. He entered me slowly and purposefully, so different from the sunbed fuck I had experienced the night before.

Bob picked up pace gradually, and as he did so, we started kissing again. He was really good with his tongue, and I couldn't wait for a bit of action from it where it really matters.

But I had to be patient, because Linda, lying next to me, obviously close to cumming, pulled my head towards her, and went full-on mouth-to-mouth with me. I responded with no hesitation, and I found out that she was excellent with her tongue too.

It was a magical feeling, having a lovely fuck from her hubby while she obviously came with Gary fucking her hard, guttural moans coming as our tongues played blissfully.

Gary got up from the bed, leaving the three of us. Bob removed my soaking panties at last, and I unzipped my skirt and threw it to one side. Once Linda had got her breath back, I started to experience some of the most pleasurable feelings I have ever had.

I had the pair of them playing with my pussy at the same time, Bob and I went down on Linda at the same time after that, and I gave Bob a blow job while Linda put two fingers up me.

They were both such practised and perfect lovers. I was in ecstasy. I had cum after cum. Gary just stood there spellbound as we changed positions over and over.

We went on for ages, but to finish Bob took me from behind while Linda and I sucked each other's tits. Then, as Bob was getting close to cumming, Linda's tongue went all around my ears and neck and shoulders.

It sent shivers down my spine, and Bob and I came together. He didn't pull out and shot his load right up me as my pussy was twitching uncontrollably. It was a truly fantastic cum for me.

Gary just stood there trying to take everything in and went over to a drawer to fetch his camera. We all saw what he was doing, but none of us complained.

So much happened after that - shower sex, photo sessions, full-on lesbian sex, two onto one, a few mild bum cheek slaps. Gary was happy to watch most of the time, but he loved the tit fuck that Linda gave him again while I was licking her clit.

Bob was disappointed that neither of us was into anal sex, but we put a definite "no" on that, and it was begrudgingly accepted. It was 2 am suddenly, and they agreed to stay the night - Jill and I in our room, and Bob and Linda in the spare room. But we still had time for a foursome in the morning before they went home.

They only had one more night before they flew back to the UK, and apparently they had something else arranged for that night. God knows where they find the energy!

So, we said our goodbyes, but not before they had told us that they definitely wanted a repeat next time they came over, which was only a couple of months away. Bob told us he was going to try and free us from our hang-ups. Interesting.

We had a really restful Sunday and after the most sexually adventurous and satisfying night in our lives, our minds were still spinning. We both had some fantastic memories which I am sure we will never forget, and even if we did, we had some great pics and movies to remind us!

We both looked at them again later, and we couldn't believe how much we did, and how far we went. We have Bob and Linda's extraordinary experience to thank for that, and they were very good at leading us through areas which we were doubtful about. And from Bob's parting comment we both still had a lot more to learn.

For the next couple of weeks, I couldn't believe how randy I was all the time. I kept looking over and again at the photos, particularly the ones of Linda and me together. I was certainly getting more and more into my bi side.

Ray was still unavailable because of his Mum's illness, so I went over to Mary's three more times and showed her a few things I had been taught.

Gary was happy enough about me seeing her, but he still warned me not to get too friendly with her. How could I not when such a beautiful lady was making me orgasm time after time? And, of course, he still wanted a full description of everything that Mary and I got up to.

So relations between Gary and I were just a little bit strained and I didn't feel at all guilty about returning to my late-night online sex with Mike.

It was a good thing that the nights were sultry because Mike loved me to strip slowly and sexily for him. He wanted me to do it to music, but I didn't want to wake Gary up. I was still enjoying having this little secret from my hubby.

Night after night we watched each other play with ourselves. I noticed that Mike was becoming a little more assertive, and at the same time, I was happy to become more submissive.

Then one night he told me that he couldn't make it over to Turkey in the foreseeable future and that I must come over to England. Not a request, more of an order. And I wanted to go.

I had to tell Gary all about it now. I couldn't just go for a week-long shag without saying anything.

The next morning, I told Gary nearly everything. He wasn't angry and was glad that I had told him. Then he said if I really wanted to go I could, but I had to earn it.

I asked him what he meant, and he told me I had to go and pick up a holidaymaker here first while he watched. Bob and Linda had told us about a couple of clubs that we didn't know about in Fethiye, and another in Antalya.

Gary wanted me to prove I could pick a guy up in front of him. If I did, I was free to go over to the UK. How much sex did my cuckold hubby need me to have?

I wanted the trip to Mike in England so much, I agreed to try. I dressed very much like a tart. Sexy underwear, short red dress, suspenders and very high heeled red shoes.

Gary drove me Fethiye, parked up and we walked a short distance to the club. It was quite small, but there were a lot of people there. There was just background music playing, so there was no dancing, just a lot of chatting.

Hubby stayed at the back of the room while I made my way towards the bar. I was to give him a signal when I thought I had pulled, and he would go.

There wasn't too much opportunity for me. I looked all around the room, and there wasn't really a guy available that I fancied. But I was on a mission, so after getting myself a drink, I sat alone on a stool at a table near the bar and waited to see if anything happened.

I was halfway through my second vodka and coke when a guy came up and asked if he could join me. I had seen him on my look around earlier, but he wasn't really my type, so I hadn't made any eye contact.

He was a pleasant enough talker. He introduced himself as Kevin, and he was from Yorkshire. He was having a holiday alone after a second divorce, and he wanted time to think.

Kevin had a receding hairline, was only medium height, and a little on the skinny side for me. But he wasn't repulsive, and I had a target to meet.

When he asked if he could buy me a drink I accepted, and actually he got quite amusing with his chatter. As he was making me laugh, I crossed and uncrossed my legs a few times, and I was pleased to see he liked what he saw.

He didn't make any comments about my looks, but  I felt his hand brush my leg a couple of times. I moved my stool a little so that when I sat down again our legs were touching. He didn't move away but moved his leg slowly and gently against mine. It felt good.

Kevin was quite forward after that, and it wasn't long before he asked me if I wanted to go back to his hotel for a nightcap. Bingo!! I told him that would be lovely, and we finished our drinks and left the bar hand in hand. Gary and I gave each other a quick smile as I left.

In the taxi to his hotel was the first time he told me how he liked the way I looked and actually what had started off as just a mission was now looking like it might become a very pleasant one.

As we entered his hotel, he got very bold and suggested we go straight up to his room and use the minibar there. "Good idea," I said, although another drink wasn't actually my priority.

We were on our own in the lift up to the seventh floor, and we used the time to have a lovely snog. I was really quite up for a bit of action again now and I let him know by rubbing my hand up and down his crotch until the lift stopped.

Once inside his room, he had my dress over my head very quickly and pressed me up against the wall in my undies and suspenders. Our tongues found each other again, and his hand went straight between my legs, urgently searching for my waiting pussy lips.

He pulled them to one side and I felt two of his fingers enter me. It surprised me how well lubricated I was for this man that I had started off not fancying at all.

I had both my arms around his head, and I pulled him tighter and made my tongue explore his mouth as far as possible. His fingers were doing a great job, and I pushed myself off the wall for a second so I could unclip my bra.

Although he wasn't one of the biggest or strongest looking guys I have known, he picked me up and carried me over to the big king size bed, laid me down, pulled my panties off, and proceeded to give a wonderful lick all around my pussy lips.

He stopped, got up, stripped off, went to the bedside cabinet to get a condom, put it on, and started fucking me. It was a lovely cock too, much bigger than his stature led me to believe.

I still had my suspenders and stockings on. We changed positions so that I could straddle him. I love that position, and I gyrated my hips on his cock, urging him to fuck me harder.

And he did, faster and faster until he groaned and shot his load into the condom inside me. Bless him, he apologised for cumming so quickly and told me it was because he found me so sexy with what I was wearing.

I borrowed a hotel dressing gown and went out onto his balcony to enjoy a cigarette. When I came back in, Kevin had got some drinks ready from his minibar, and we sat down on the bed together, chatting non-stop

He was quite an interesting guy, divorced once, and had recently been told by his second wife that she wanted a divorce. I felt quite sorry for him, but at least there were no children involved.

Then we turned to brighter things to chat about. He was very easy to talk to. He asked me why I was in a bar with a reputation for singles. I hadn't considered an answer to that before, so I told him the truth. I told him that my hubby just loved me being screwed by other men.

He took my drink from me and put it down with his own on the bedside table. "Well, we had better give him some more of what he likes then," he said, throwing my dressing gown to the floor, and forcing me back down on the bed. He was obviously a quick repeater, already sporting another hard-on.

Kevin spent much more time on my pussy with his tongue this time, licking me with very quick in and out tongue motion. He finger fucked me at the same time, first just one finger, then teased me with his thumb for a while before going faster and faster with two fingers, then three.

His tongue action was fantastic this time on my clit. It was a short stabbing sort of lick, very quick, and rapidly getting me into a frenzy. I was moaning and panting hard. His fingers were really moving quickly too now, and I came beautifully. A really long and sustained cum, my pussy twitching as I soaked his fingers, and he tasted my juices.

He didn't give me time to recover and get my breath back. Kevin quickly put the condom on and entered me in the missionary position. I was loving it, and I wrapped both my legs around him and pulled him into me as far as I could.

We didn't change position this time, but he kept going for much longer, building up to a crescendo, pounding me, telling me what a wonderful fuck I was with very colourful language. I came once more before he exploded inside me, and we collapsed side-by-side on the bed.

I was first to wake up. I found what was left of my drink, put the dressing gown on again, and took my drink and fags out onto the balcony. I was admiring the view, deep in my own thoughts, when the balcony door slid open and I felt Kevin's hands on my shoulders.

"I want you again," he said to my amazement. We went back inside, and I saw he had yet another hard-on. I flung the dressing down on the floor again, told him to sit down on the bed, and gave him a blow job. He was really hard.

He lay back, and his eyes closed as I took as much as I could in my mouth. Kevin started with his dirty talk again as I did my best with my mouth and tongue. But he stopped, reached out to his bedside cabinet again, and said, "Time for another one of these."

This time he entered me from the back, lying behind me and holding one of my stockinged legs in the air. It was good but urgent and quick. I think he just wanted another cum. And he got one in no time. I didn't cum myself this time, but I had to admire his stamina. I reckon he had come inside me three times in the space of a couple of hours.

It was certainly time for a sleep now. I went to the bathroom, and after a wash down, lay down on top of his bed. Cuddling him, I fell into a deep sleep, still wearing just stockings and suspenders.

It was light when I was awoken by a tongue licking my nipples. A nice start to the day. I let him carry on nibbling and sucking for a while without responding, but as I came to, I moved my hand to his cock. It was hard again. Wow!

We went to a sixty-nine. I am not a great morning person, but Kevin was getting me in the mood alright. "Fuck me one more time before I go," I said.

"I haven't got any more Johnnies," he replied apologetically.

"I'd like to feel you bareback anyway," I told him with a grin on my face.

"Oh my God, are you sure? That would be wonderful," he said.

Talk about saving the best until last. We had a very long session. First, he took me doggy fashion kneeling on the bed, then he lay down and I straddled him with my back to him. His thrusts were very powerful in that position, and he was grabbing my tits from behind at the same time.

That felt awesome, but eventually, he turned me around so that I straddled him, looking straight at his smiling face, with my tits bouncing up and down in front of him. We were both pretty close, but I came first, throwing my head back in ecstasy and making really loud squealing sounds.

Kevin just kept on going, sending me close to another cum, but he could contain it no longer, and this time we came together, both of us using filthy language to describe our feelings.

We gradually got our breathing back to normal, and just cuddled each other silently, enjoying the glow of each other's bodies. But all good things come to an end. I phoned Gary and asked him to come and collect me.

"I take it you've earned your UK trip," he enquired.

"Many times over," I replied. "I'll tell you all about it later."

Kevin and I showered (separately, unfortunately), and I got dressed and made up as best I could. We swapped email addresses, and I kissed him goodbye and made my way down to reception to await my lift home.

It was a thirty-minute journey home, and I had told Gary just about everything by the time we arrived. I went straight to bed to catch up on my sleep. The description had made Gary randy, but I was adamant that he would have to wait until I'd had some rest.

However, by midday, I was having a very good marital bonk. But all the time I was impatiently thinking about booking my flight. I would have to wait until very late to tell Mike the good news and find out what dates were best for him.

It was all arranged that night. In twenty-four days time, I would be getting on a plane to Stansted to meet my online lover. Mike was already calling it my seven-night sex adventure. We shall see!

So, what a fantastic few weeks I'd had. Loads of bi sessions with the gorgeous Mary, our first adventure into swinging, with the promise of more to come. I'd picked up a guy just to earn my way to some more fun in the UK, but had got the bonus of being given the shag of a lifetime in the process.

And I still had my young Ray to come back onto the scene soon, plus I'd had the thrill of exposing myself in very sexy underwear on webcam in secret behind hubby's back.

So much more to look forward to!

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