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Gym Adventures

Series: The Private Game

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Wife schedules a session with a personal trainer.

In previous episodes of the Private Game there are references to the wife spending time at the gym. It seems she did more than work out. This picks up on Friday morning after the husband watched his wife with Derek, her businessman lover. This takes place in the era before cell phones, the internet, etc. There are references to characters in other episodes of the Private Game series.

When Mike and Lynn arrive home from the Ritz, where her husband watched his wife fuck her businessman lover, they shower and immediately go to bed and fall fast asleep.

The next morning Mike wakes up a little earlier than this usual time. Lynn is sleeping soundly on her side. He lowers the covers, baring her back to the swelling of her hips. There are slight bruises on her hips where Derek gripped her while taking her anally.

He lightly strokes her back and kisses the nape of her neck.

Lynn stirs, “Mmmm...that feels good.”

“How are you feeling this morning?”

Remaining on her side, she replies, “I feel good. A little tingly.”

He continues to kiss her, adding a little tongue, “I don’t doubt it. He does have a big cock.”

She feels his arousal, “Mmm...someone is getting horny thinking about his wife taking a big cock.”

“You know I like watching.”

She turns over, pressing her supple body against his. Her lust returns recalling the previous night’s experience. He lies on his back, feeling the heat emanating from his wife’s body. She rests her breasts against his side and lightly strokes him.

“Tell me what you liked.”

“When you left with him to go to his room and I went to the lounge. I was fantasizing what you were doing.”

“I felt so naughty leaving you like that while Derek and I went to his room.” She tells him about making out with Derek, “Wearing a jacket with no blouse made it easy for him to access my breasts. And when he felt my thigh I opened my legs to give him access to my pussy.”

“That was hot walking in on you and seeing his hand up your skirt.”

“I know you like walking in on me. I did it for you. It’s been a long time since I wore skirts. Should I wear one when I meet he and William next week? I’ll let them both feel me.”

“Definitely you should wear one. I know they’ll like it.”

She continues to fuel his passion, telling him about unfastening her lover’s slacks and sucking his cock.

She squeezes his erection, “I can’t send you off to work like this.”

She mounts him and they have a leisurely morning fuck, each having private thoughts fueling their lovemaking.

Mike thrusts his hips, taking more forceful strokes until they have a satisfying orgasm.

After relaxing, Mike takes a shower and dresses for work. Lynn fixes scrambled eggs and an English muffin. She is wearing her short robe. He kisses her and caresses her hip.

“I can’t believe you. You need to get to work. You can have all you want this weekend.”

After she gives her husband a goodbye kiss, he leaves for work and she takes her shower and gets dressed. She admires her body in the mirror and notices slight bruises on her hips. She smiles and thinks, ‘God, that was some fuck. Before Chuck, I never imagined I could take a cock that big in my ass.’

She’s doing light housework when her neighbor Marcy calls to invite her for coffee. Lynn tells her she will be right over. 

Marcy and her husband, Wayne are in their early forties. They don’t really socialize that much in spite of being neighbors. They have coffee on Marcy’s screened-in porch.

Marcy asks her, “So you’re done with decorating?”

“Yeah. It was getting to be a hassle for the money I was making. I’m looking forward to my new job.”

They make small talk about the neighborhood.

“Rosemary and I were wondering, who that guy was you were leaving with?”

Rosemary and her husband, Tom are in their thirties. She could be considered mousy-looking.

“A guy I was leaving with?”

“Yeah, a couple of weeks ago. We were walking our dogs and saw you pulling out of your garage with some guy?”

“Oh, you mean Chuck. He’s a friend of Mike’s from his service days. They hadn’t seen each other for a long time. Mike invited him to stay with us.”

“I’m not trying to be nosy, it just looked strange for you to be leaving first thing in the morning with another guy. It looked like you were pretty friendly.”

She laughs, “I guess that would pique your interest. Nothing that exciting. You know how I can be and Chuck is very engaging. Mike had an early appointment in the District so I took Chuck to his meeting.”

“I didn’t think any more about it until that afternoon, I saw Mike’s friend and another guy get out of a cab and go right inside.”

She chuckles, “Marcy, what are you, the neighborhood watch committee?”

Marcy laughs, “Nothing like that. I was trimming some hedges and saw them. I have to admit I was curious after seeing you acting friendly with him in the morning.”

“Wow. Taking on two guys. I guess that would be exciting.”

“I know you wouldn’t do anything like that, but what was going with those guys? I mean, they just walked right in?”

“We were just hanging out. OK, maybe I flirted a little. Mike came home and took them to the airport. I mean, how could I do anything with Mike there?”

“I guess that would be pretty outrageous. I can’t picture you having an affair. Speaking of which, Rosemary is having one.”

“Rosemary! I never would have guessed it. Who with?”


“Pete! The retired Marine across the street? He must be in his sixties.”

“He is. But I understand the attraction. He’s really hung.”

“Hung? You mean like seven inches?”

Marcy laughs, “You can be so naïve. I mean hung. Closer to nine inches, maybe more.”

“Nine inches. That’s a lot. Does Tom know?”

“I don’t think so. He works long hours and seems pretty oblivious. What about you? Have you ever seen a hung guy?”

Lynn says conspiratorially, “Promise you won’t say anything, but Chuck’s hung.”

“Mike’s friend? How could you tell?”

Lynn tells her about hanging out in the house, “He’s from Texas and was wearing tight jeans. It wasn’t hard to miss. I couldn’t keep my eyes off it.”

“Lynn, this is so hot. I never would have thought that about you. Did you see it without the jeans?”

“I never saw him without jeans, but it was obvious he’s hung. He even teased me about looking and asked if I would like to see it.”

“Hung guys are like that. They’re not shy. Did you take him up on his offer?”

“I didn’t, but sometimes I wished I did.”

“How big was he?”

“He was soft so I couldn’t tell, but he was pretty hung. Tell me more about Pete.”

“Wayne and I have been in his hot tub a couple of times. He doesn’t believe in swimsuits. He puts everything on display.”

“Wayne was right there?”

“He doesn’t mind me looking. Sometimes I don’t think he would mind if I did more than look.” She pauses, “When you and Mike’s friend were hanging out and you were checking out this guy’s dick and he asked if you wanted to see it, where was Mike?”

“He was there. He knew I was looking. Just like Wayne, he didn’t mind. When he teased me about looking, Mike was at work.”

“Since you like looking at a hung guy, and Mike doesn’t mind, if Pete invites you and Mike over to get in his hot tub, take him up on it. I know he’s not handsome or sexy looking, but he does have a big cock.”

They continue gossiping for a little while longer.

Lynn gets ready to leave and says, “I am having a personal trainer give me a lesson this afternoon, so if you see a good-looking in-shape guy come to our house, don’t think anything is going on.”

For some reason she’s mildly excited that her two neighbors suspect her of cheating, ‘Why did I tell her about looking at Chuck’s cock? Oh well, it’s just girl talk. And our neighbor across the street is hung. Just looking at him I never would have guessed it. Maybe it would be exciting to get in his hot tub without suits.’

She told Marcy she was having a personal training session this afternoon. She’s having a session but that’s not the whole story. It started the Monday after her husband’s buddy Chuck showed them the Private Game. In three days she went from flirting with him while her husband was at work, letting him feel her, fucking him while her husband watched, having him sleep in their bed, culminating in fucking Chuck and a work colleague before Mike took them to the airport.

After shopping at Macy’s to pick out some outfits for work, she went to the gym. She wore gym shorts and a tee-shirt. She’s not one of those women who wear colorful lycra outfits and put on make-up before working out.

She stretched and increased her heart rate and built up some perspiration on a stationary bike before working out. She went through her normal routine on the Cybex machines. Thinking about Chuck and the great sex, she found it difficult to concentrate. She was using one of the pectoral machines, sitting with her arms upright using her elbows to squeeze the machine arms together and back out again.

‘Hi, Lynn, it’s been a while.”

She was so distracted she didn’t notice a man approaching. “Eric, it certainly has.”

Eric is a younger guy that she’s talked to before. He’s around five-eight, dark hair, a Mediterranean complexion, and a nice body. He’s kind of cute with a confident air about him. He had given her some tips on using the machines in the past. She still had her arms back, stretching the fabric of the tee-shirt over her breasts.

He spoke with a slight Spanish accent, “If you don’t mind me saying so, you seem distracted. You’re not using the technique I showed you.”

“I guess maybe I am. I’m starting a new job in a couple of weeks. Could you show me again?”

“Sure. Use your elbows, exhale, and squeeze your arms together. Take a nice smooth motion. Inhale and let it back out.”

She stretched her breasts again.

“That’s not right. You rushed it. Do it again and slowly inhale. Control the weight and concentrate on your breathing. Feel the difference?”

“I do, just like I did before.”

“It’s easy to lose focus. You just need to concentrate more. Let’s try some more.”

“Thank you. You’re really helping me.”

Eric helped her on a couple of other machines. She was conscious any time her body was stretched taut.

“Thank you, Eric, but I don’t want to keep you from your workout.”

“That’s OK. I don’t mind helping you. Maybe we’ll see each other again.”

She finished her workout and went back home to try on her new work outfits.

Before her next gym visit, she bought a black lycra gym outfit consisting of shorts and matching bare-midriff top. She went to the gym a couple of other times but didn’t see Eric. Her exhibitionist streak was on display. She was more conscious when doing exercises that stretched out her body, like her warmup stretches and chest exercises. She checked herself in the mirrors while working out on the Cybex machines and thought, ‘Ohh..yeah. I do look hot. Look at the way this shows my ass and tits. Even my mound is more prominent. I should have worn this a long time ago. Eric, you don’t know what you’re missing.’

She noticed men taking glances at her when lying down on doing her bench press. When pushing the bar up, she felt totally exposed with her breasts pushing against her top and her legs on either side of the bench, stretching the fabric of her gym shorts against her vulva. She used to feel annoyed, but now she found it highly erotic. Can he see my pussy lips? Is he thinking about fucking me? When he gets home, will he get a hard-on and jack-off thinking about my body?

She went to the gym on the following Tuesday after starting her journey into adultery and cuckoldry with her businessman lover and Chris, the guy she met at Macy's. She was wearing her new lycra gym outfit. This time Eric was there.

She was on a hip adductor with her legs open. He approached her and complimented her on using the proper technique.

“Hi, Lynn. Looks like you’re concentrating better. Your technique looks good. I like the outfit.”

“Thanks for the feedback. I don’t know why I never bought good gym wear before. It feels a lot better than shorts and a tee-shirt.” She flexed her inner thighs, pulling her legs together and letting them back out. “How was that?”

“Much better but you’re still rushing when you let your legs out. Control your breathing. Try it a couple of times.”

Lynn flexed and this time slowly opened her legs. “Like this?”

“Perfect. Show me some more.”

Lynn demonstrated her technique on a couple of other machines. Eric blatantly gazed at the blonde wife’s body and thought, ‘Something's different. She’s always looked hot, even in a tee shirt. But this new outfit is great. It’s like she’s projecting her availability. She’s really showing off those tits. It even shows the outline of her nipples. And that mound of hers, I would love to get my cock between those pussy lips.’

They finished their workout at the same time. Lynn said, “Thanks for helping me. After our shower, let me buy you a drink at the fruit bar.”

“Sure, that’d be great.”

They showered and met at the lounge area. Lynn bought fruit drinks and they made small talk. She found out he emigrated from Spain when he was twelve and was working in his uncle’s commercial real estate firm. That explained the accent.

“You’ve helped me a lot. I hate to impose, but we have a new Bowflex machine at home and I’m not sure I’m doing the exercises correctly. Could you help me?”

“Sure, I like to, but wouldn’t a personal trainer be better?”

“I think you’d be as good as a personal trainer. Besides, I’m not sure I could trust a personal trainer with my husband at work, if you know what I mean.”

He laughed, “I know what you mean. How’s this Friday afternoon around two?”

“That would be great, thanks, Eric. I’ll see you then.”

She gave him her address and phone number.

She finishes her reminiscing and walk at the same time. She’s still thinking about her conversation with Marcy and her hung neighbor.

The phone rings. Its Eric. He’s calling to confirm their appointment.

Lynn replies, “We’re still on.” She pauses, “Make sure you wear gym wear. I don’t want my neighbors to see a good-looking guy come in my house in the middle of the day. You know how people talk.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll look like a personal trainer. And make sure you wear that outfit you wore last week. I really liked it.”

She lowers her voice, “That’s why I bought it. See you in a couple of hours.”

She has a light lunch and relaxes until it’s time for her session. She performs her cardio on their stationary bike and goes upstairs to wait. She hears a car pull in the drive and opens the front door.

“Hi, Eric, you’re right on time. Come in.”

He looks around and compliments her on their house.

“Thank you. And thanks for wearing your gym attire.”

Her gaze is drawn to the swell in his shorts.

“No problem, after all we don’t want the neighbors to talk. I see you’ve already had your cardio. Let’s get started before you cool down.”

She takes him downstairs to their rec room. The Bowflex is on one side next to a sectional sofa. She turns and faces him, “I made sure to wear the outfit you like.”

“I noticed. You really look good. A tee-shirt doesn’t show how defined your abs and obliques have gotten.”

“You said I look good. But you would say that in the gym. How do I really look?”

“You look really hot. That outfit really shows your body.”

“That’s the idea.”

She leads him to the unfinished basement. “It’s not glamorous but this is where Mike uses the free weights and bench.”

He shows her a variety of free-weight exercises. Unlike when working out at the gym he touches her to demonstrate how the muscle contractions should feel. She has one leg on the ground and the other knee on the bench, bent over the bench using a weight to work her tricep. He uses a hand on the exposed portion of her back to show her the proper angle. He touches her tricep when she begins the motion.

“See how that feels. When you use free weights you need to concentrate more on your technique than using machines.”

He takes the weight, “Lay down on the bench. We’ll work on your press.”

She lies down and has that exposed feeling lying prone with her legs on either side of the bench. Eric is not shy about looking at the hot blonde. He adds weights and shows her the correct position of her arms. He’s standing behind her head. She looks at the bulge in his shorts.

Oh yeah. Look at that. I’m going enjoy this.’

“Let’s see how that is. Slowly lift. You don’t want to jerk the bar.”

She does a set of ten. He helps her sit up while he adjusts the incline and adds the bar.

She lifts the bar and feels her breasts tauten.

“How’s this, am I doing this right?”

“Very good.”

She opens her legs, “And how’s this?”

“Even better.”

Mike arrives home around 4:30. He doesn’t see Lynn. He looks outside and still doesn’t see her. From the kitchen he calls out. Lynn answers from the downstairs rec room.

“I’m down here, honey. Come join me.”

Lynn’s relaxing on the sectional sofa. There’s something about her. When did she get that new gym outfit? Is that a fresh-fucked look?

She stands and gives her husband a light kiss.

He steps back to admire her outfit. “This looks great. When did you start wearing this?”

“I started wearing this last week. It feels much better than shorts and a tee-shirt.” She turns around and looks over her shoulder, “How do you like it?”

He cups one of her tight globes, “I like the look, but isn’t it a little overkill for a home workout?”

“Normally it would be but I had a personal session.”

“A personal session? Who with?”

She tells him about meeting Eric at the gym.

“He was asking about you last weekend. He seemed disappointed you weren’t there. I know he likes helping you out. I think he’s got a crush on you. I didn’t know he was a personal trainer.”

“He’s not but he’s helped me out at the gym a couple of times. I guess he does have a crush, yeah, he is kind of cute.”

She moves next to him, brushing her breasts against his chest.

“Don’t you want to hear about my training session?”

“Sure. I want to hear all about it.”

She tells him Eric showed her some free-weight exercises, “We can do those another time. He gave me some great tips using the Bowflex. I’m not going to use a lot of weight since I’ve cooled down. But you’ll get the idea.”

She adjusts the weights and kneels on the bench facing the vertical structure. She looks over her shoulder and tells him, “Attach the handle to my other leg.”

She pushes out her leg, pauses and slowly returns it to the starting position.

“That’s great, honey, you’ve got a terrific technique. Do it again.”

She repeats and Mike feels one of her butt cheeks. “That’s much better. You can feel your glutes contracting.”

“That’s the advantage of a home session. In the gym, Eric only looks and tells me how to use the proper technique. At home he feels me to make sure I’m performing the exercise correctly.”

“I can see that. It does help to be able to feel the muscles. A personal session was a good idea.”

She demonstrates a couple of other leg movements; each time, Mike feels her glutes.  She shifts position, sitting parallel to the bench. “I think you’ll like this one.”

She directs him to fasten the handle to her leg closest to the vertical structure. She straightens out her right leg and pulls it to her left. Without a prompt, Mike feels her inner thigh, “This is much better. Let it out a little slower. Terrific. I take it Eric felt you like this?”

“Of course he did. He’s very conscientious about making sure I have the proper technique.”

Lynn repeats and Mike moves his palm in a caressing motion to the juncture of her thighs. “And this?” He brushes her swollen labia, “Or this?”

She breathlessly replies, “Mmmm...yes, he felt me like you’re doing.”

“You must have been turned on.”

“I was. Let me show a couple more.”

She performs a couple of chest press exercises and each time Mike feels her C-cup breasts filling his palm. “This is much better. Were your nipples this hard?”

“Ohhh... god that feels so good. Yeah, they were hard.”

She takes off her top and reclines on the bench; her breasts are swollen and nipples fully erect, the areolas dimpled. Mike bends over and alternates sucking her nipples while his wife continues the chest movement.

She stops him, “There’s more but you get the idea.” She stands and brushes her bare breasts against his polo shirt.

He kisses the juncture of her neck and shoulder, “ must have been a strenuous workout. You’re nice and salty tasting.”

“It was. I know you like it when I’m nice and salty.” She gives him a deep kiss, “Have you ever seen Eric in the locker room? What’s he like? You know.”

“It’s gym etiquette not to stare at a guy’s cock, but he looks pretty impressive.”

“When he gets hard it’s even more impressive.”

“I take it you know what he’s like when he’s hard.”

“I do. The poor thing looked so uncomfortable in his tight gym shorts. Feeling me was making him hard.”

“He got hard just feeling you?”

“Mostly, but you know how I get a guy hard.” She pauses, “I sucked him.”

This almost throws Mike over the edge. He wasn’t expecting this. Not after last night. He was expecting a relaxing evening, maybe having a pizza, and more great sex reliving Lynn’s adventures.

“Do you remember my fantasy I told you last night?”

“Which one?”

She tongues his ear, “The one where you are kneeling and there is cum dripping out of my pussy down my leg for you to lick.”

She directs him to take off his shirt but remain clothed in his dress slacks and shoes. She applies pressure on his shoulder until he’s kneeling before her. He kisses her exposed stomach and slides her gym shorts off her hips to her ankles. She kicks them off.

“What’s this pad for?”

“I didn’t want to ruin these new shorts.”

She removes the pad and a string of milky white liquid drips out of her vagina down her leg. Her husband licks the first strand.

“Mmmm…make sure you get all of his cum, my cuckold husband.”

Enflamed at being called a cuckold he licks another man’s cum from his wife’s pussy. She basks in her dominant position with her husband on his knees eating Eric’s cum.

She places her hand under his chin, “You look good with cum on your lips. Show me your tongue.”

He complies and shows his wife more cum on his tongue. She hasn’t acted this domineering before, but he’s aroused following her commands.  She directs him to lie on the floor and his adulterous wife straddles her husband’s face. He covers her used cunt with his mouth. A thick stream of cum pours from his wife’s cunt down his throat.

“Ugggh...that’s a lot of cum.”

“He has nice big balls. I could tell he was giving me a big load. I couldn’t wait for you to get home to clean me up.”

The juices slow to a trickle and he tongues her perineum to her rosebud.

“Ohhh…honey, that’s so good, tongue my ass.”

“Did he fuck your ass?”

“No, but that feels good. Keep licking.”

While her husband services her, she talks dirty to him, telling him how she sucked and fucked Eric.

She moves to the sectional and kneels on all fours. She looks over her shoulder and says, “Are you ready for seconds?”

He undresses and strokes his cock to hardness. There is no preliminary foreplay; he lines his cock to her opening and slams to the hilt.

She arches her neck, “Ohh…fuck…pound my pussy.”

“Did he fuck you more than once?”

She tells him she sucked him on her knees and rode him on top. “Then I sucked him hard again and he fucked me like you’re doing.”

“Did he give you a pounding?”

“God yes.”

Mike clenches one hand on her hip and another on her neck and slams her cunt.

“Ohh…fuck...honey, I’m cumming.” Her neck is taut and veins are pronounced. She shrieks as she cums with an earthshattering orgasm.

His body tenses and his wife feels his cock throb as he loosens his seed into her open and used pussy.

He collapses on her back. “God, was that good.”

His erection goes slack and he pulls his deflating cock out of her drenched cunt.

They relax on the sectional, basking in the afterglow of their mutual release.

Lynn kisses her husband, “Honey, that was sooo good. Do you think I should schedule another session?”


(to be continued)



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