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Is It Real?

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Making of a cuckold.

Thank you, Maria and Andy, for the work editing I loved it. lee

Chapter One


I woke up, feeling a pleasant sensation in my crotch. I rolled over, only partially aware that my beautiful fifty-five-year-old wife was stroking me.

“I was a bad girl tonight!” she exclaimed, as she continued to stroke my cock.

“Oh,” I got out, still half-asleep and not fully aware of the situation.

“I went out to the motel. I danced a bit. Then I…”

She let the last statement hang in the air.

More aware now, what my wife just told me registered in my brain.

“What did you do?” I asked, my voice deep with concern, bordering on anguish.

“After work, I went out,” she said.

I looked at the clock. It was 3:09 am. She worked nights and got off at 10 pm. I usually waited up for her, but I had to paint a room in the house and worked like a dog all day. I fell asleep at about 9:30 pm.

I am a light sleeper and usually woke up when she arrived home, but tonight, for some reason, I didn’t.

I noticed that she was wearing a long, flowing, black dress with a slit up the right side of her leg to her hip. However, most noticeable was the plunging neckline, that dropped almost to her belly button.

My cock suddenly went to a raging hard state.

It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing the bra that she wore to work, and I wondered if she was even wearing her panties.

As I started to explore, she kissed me long and sweetly, and, knowing that I was searching for her panties, she said, “No, not anymore. He kept them.”

Astonished, I was now fully awake. This wasn’t the first time she had done this. It had happened dozens of times and, every time, I would listen to her tale of infidelity then break it down to reveal that it was just a made-up story. Still, it excited me. Am I sick, I wondered?

“How did you get into the dress?” I asked as I started to analyse her story to find the inconsistencies.

“I planned to go out tonight, Erick, so I packed it in my satchel.”

She nodded to where her large satchel was placed. It was closed, but bulging like it could be full of clothes.

My eyes grew wide, as I realized that she might be telling the truth this time.

She kissed me again. I raised my left hand and cupped her right breast. She flinched.

“Easy, Erick, he bit that one.”

She took my hand and put it inside her dress on her other breast.

“Sorry, but my right nipple is sensitive right now.”

I removed my hand from her left breast, and pulled her dress to the side, revealing her right breast. The bedside lamps were lit, so I could clearly see a very bright red nipple, though her areola was still its usual dark brown.

My cock jumped, demanding attention.

“What happened?” I asked, knowing her story would make me either pissed or horny and, most likely, both.

She kissed me, then whispered, “Like I said. I went out.”

She looked at me and kissed me again.

I kissed her back. “And?”

“And after I changed clothes in the ladies' room at the motel, I went to the lounge. There were a lot of men there.”

She kissed me and stroked my cock again. She knew what she was doing to me.

“I danced with a few of them at first,” she said, just toying with me, as she kept stroking through my boxers.

“Then one of the men asked me if I wanted a drink,” she continued in her sultry voice.

“I was starting to get thirsty, so I accepted,” she said, starting to kiss my chin and then my neck.

“He told me that he was in his mid-twenties and had been married for three years.”

I felt her stroking up and down my stomach now. She had stopped rubbing my cock, knowing that I would cum soon if she didn’t.

“I threw back my first shot, then sipped my second.”

She continued kissing my neck and onto my chest.

“I kissed him then, for the first time…”

She felt me lurch, as I tried to avoid coming too soon. She had me where she wanted me. I was on the edge and she was going to keep me there until I couldn’t take anymore.

“You kiss much better than he does, but I kept kissing him anyway.”

She kept stroking me.

“I taught him a few tricks there.”

She covered my lips with hers and kissed me longer, and with more passion, than normal.

I was struggling to contain myself, and keep my fluids in my balls as long as possible.

“He was a bit shy, so we danced for another song,” she added, starting to nibble on my ear.

“But then he balled up and asked me to his room.”

She paused.

“Did you go?” I squeaked, pleading for an answer.

“Of course, I went,” she said, putting her lips back on my mouth.

“What did you do?” I begged.

“I fucked him till he blew his load inside of ‘your’ pussy. He made a really big mess, baby. Hope you don’t mind.”

I started to roll over and get her into position, so I could see between her legs.

She obliged by rolling onto her back and spreading her legs. She had no panties on, as she had said, and her pussy was red and swollen. Her pubic hair was matted with a sticky substance all over it.

My chest tightened dramatically, and I was momentarily speechless. She had been fucked! There was no doubt in my mind.

I stared at her pussy for a long, long time, unable to articulate any words at all. We had been playing this game for years. She would pretend to go out and cheat on me, but I always broke her down and proved her story to be nothing but a story. That was until right now!

“What’s wrong, Eric? Haven’t you ever seen a well-fucked pussy before?” she asked seductively.

I still could not speak.

“He fucked me for almost a half-hour before he came the first time. Then he fucked me again and lasted about the same amount of time. I came all over myself, honey. But now I want you. I only want you now, Erick.”

I didn’t know what to think but what was most important to me at that time was that my cock was about to burst. I dropped my boxers and mounted her immediately.

“How do you like your sloppy seconds, baby?” she asked as I pumped into her with my long, slender cock.

“OH, go ahead and fuck your wife. Fuck your slutty cum-filled wife. Make her pay for what she did. Fuck me, Erick, come on fuck me…” she encouraged.

I couldn’t hold back. I exploded with such force that I thought I might pass out. I cried out as my orgasm came and I filled my wife’s already-filled pussy with an abnormal load of seed. I fell on top of her, exhausted, as if I had two orgasms at one time.

She pushed me off her, then we both laid heavily on the bed as we tried to recover from our experience. I almost fell asleep, as the orgasm had sapped most of my energy.

“Erick? Are you ok?” she asked, apparently concerned.

I took several deep breaths before saying, “I don’t know”

I pulled her to me and held her.

“How did you get the dress out of the house without me knowing?”

Matter-of-factly, she explained, “Just like I said, in my satchel. If you check, you will find it filled with the clothes I wore to work.”

I looked at the clock. “It is almost 4:00 am. Where have you been?”

“Again, I told you. I went out. I really did go out, and to the Four Seasons motel.”

“Are you telling me that you actually had sex with another man last night?” I asked.

“No, it was more like this morning,” she replied flatly.

I turned to look straight into her eyes. She could never lie to me looking into my eyes.



Chapter Two


I had a hard time sleeping that night since I wasn’t certain that Martha had cheated. She never had cheated before although she had threatened to cheat many times.

We had played this game for years now and, every time, I was able to break her story to prove that she hadn’t done anything.

Her deception had improved over the years until she had become quite a pro, but I had always been able to see through the lies, eventually … until now. Shit.

Mentally, I sorted the facts. Firstly, it was after 3 am when she woke me, so I was sure that she had been out. Secondly, her work clothes were in the satchel and she was in a sexy dress. Thirdly, she was not wearing either a bra or panties. Fourthly, her nipples were red and sore. Finally, her pussy looked well-used. Fuck.

I could hear Martha softly snoring, so I decided to do some checking. Opening her satchel, I found her work clothes and bra, but I did not find any panties. I looked around for the panties. I searched the room, the laundry baskets, and the bathroom. No panties.

I decided to check her car, thinking that they might be stashed there. Opening the car door, I could smell sex. The pungent odor of pure sex almost knocked me down. Could that be faked, I wondered? Searching, I found no panties or other incriminating evidence, except for that smell!

My cock started to get hard again, as I realized that she may have actually gone and done it. Martha may have just had sex with a strange man and then brought her sloppy cum-filled pussy home to me. Why the fuck was my cock getting hard thinking of that possibility?

We had been playing this game for over three years now. I had always wanted a hotwife and to be a cuckold. I had no idea what was wrong with me. Was I dropped on my head as a child, perhaps?

Martha certainly wasn’t convinced that I was serious. She probably thought that she had married a normal, heterosexual male and that I was just setting up a situation where she would cheat and then I would have a reason to sleep with other women.

She had great trouble believing that her fucking other guys would give me more reason to remain faithful. She was so afraid I would be pissed if she ever did anything that, despite all our role plays, she never really accepted that I would stay with her. I’m not really all that bright which I proved when I reached into my crotch, felt the dampness around my cock, then brought my fingers to my nose. Then I tasted them. It was definitely cum, but I had just had sex with her, so that really didn’t prove anything. Duh!

Then I had another idea. I pulled the G.P.S. and downloaded her whereabouts over the last twenty-four hours. I was surprised to learn that she had told the truth. The G.P.S. showed her car was at work until 10:00 pm, then stopped at a gas station, then stopped at the Four Seasons until 2:30 this morning.

Holy fuck. Shit… she did it. She finally fucked another man and gave me what my sick, depraved mind had craved for so long.

I was torn with emotions that I could never describe. I ran into the house and went straight upstairs. I pulled her dress over her left breast and examined the red markings on her nipple. I began to kiss it gently.

Her moans let me know she wasn’t in distress.

I continued to run my tongue around the nipple to soothe the soreness inflicted by the asshole who bit her.

I didn’t mind him fucking her, but I didn’t want her to be harmed while he did the deed.

She moaned some more, then I heard her repeat, “Be careful. He bit that one.”

“I know,” I answered, continuing to try to soothe her nipple with my gentle tongue.

I took her and kissed her deeply.

She surprised me by returning my kisses, so I cupped her breasts and asked, “Did he hurt you badly when he bit you?”

“No... Nothing, I couldn’t handle.”

“I don’t like anyone hurting you,” I protested.

“He didn’t. He just got a little carried away is all.”

“Did he enjoy your breasts as much as I do?”

Martha moaned loudly as I continued to play with her injured nipple.

She moved and could feel my raging erection again.

“Fuck me again, Erick. Please, I need you to fill me and push all his spunk out of me.”

I mounted her in the scissors position and rammed my cock into her deeply. He may have stretched her out better than I could, but he would never reach places I could inside her.

“Oh, Erick, please fuck his cum out of me. Come on. Fuck him all out of me.”

I fucked her so hard that I almost lost control. I fucked her and fucked her. I noted the time. I figured he must have spent a good ten to fifteen minutes in her pussy before he filled her, so I was going to at least match it.

We changed to the doggy position, and that way I could get even deeper into her. Fucking his come out of her. I could see a white frothy substance, that looked like cum, oozing out of her pussy around my cock. I figured that was his cum, and I was making sure that I was the only thing left in her when I came.

Time passed and we switched to the spoon position, so I could continue to take her from behind. It always will be my favorite position. I fucked her hard and steadily, listening to her continued orgasms, as I removed whatever foreign spunk was in ‘my’ pussy.

I had lost count of Martha’s orgasms before I eventually lost control and emptied my balls inside her body. My fatigue overwhelmed me and I pulled my wife to me tightly and fell asleep.




Chapter three



I woke wrapped in the loving embrace of my husband, his grip on me as tight as it had ever been. I felt so safe and loved when he held me like that.

I reluctantly worked my way free of his embrace, then slowly got out of bed feeling my well-used crotch from last night. I felt so satisfied that I couldn’t begin to describe it. I knew that if I played my cards right, I might just get some more fucking throughout the day and night.


I took my purse and walked to the bathroom. Opening the purse, I removed the dildo and cream I had purchased from the adult bookstore. It’s amazing what you can find in one of those. The advertising for the cream stated that it looks and tastes like real cum, but I had no intention of putting that stuff in my mouth.

Next, I pulled out the panties I had hidden inside my purse. I was glad that Erick had forgotten to look inside my purse, being distracted by the satchel, because I was not going to throw away a $60 pair of panties just for a few orgasms… or maybe I would. Hell, he was great last night.

The hardest part of yesterday’s deception was fucking myself with that goddamn dildo, which was not all that rewarding, but what I got after it was. Oh, hell, was it ever!

Last removed from my purse were the nipple clamps I had used to make my nipples look red and abused. But they hurt. My right nipple hurt so much I didn’t put it on the left one. I was pleased with the ‘my lover bit me’ excuse that I had come up with to shield my mistake. Erick swallowed it hook, line, and sinker.

If Erick isn’t mad at me this morning, then maybe I can go ahead and have a real affair.

We’ve been playing this game for a long time, and he always catches me because I slip up somehow, and I never get what I want, or rather, need.

I need to know that if I ever really cuckolded him, he would still love me. Would he stay with me? I had to know that for sure before I would ever take a chance like that. I know he thinks that he wants it, but sometimes, men don’t know what they really want. Like us women.

As much as I want to be a hotwife and fuck other men, I have to know for sure. 


Thank you for reading.




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