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My Sexual Reawakening - A Journey To Being A Cuck

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Contributing Authors: Hyacinth1025 

'Cuck' is a weak, effeminate, unmanly, or inadequate man; who is often dominated by their female partner. Hi everyone, I am Dennis, and this is my story. To start, I have been married for almost 38 years, and I am 72 years old now. My experience happened seven years ago when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My doctor recommended excision of the affected organ to prevent cancer from spreading-out, but I did not realize the effect afterward. Before my cancer excision, I was a very sexually active person. I made sure my wife was sexually satisfied; to my dismay, it slowly dissipated after the operation. Because of this situation, I started accepting that I can no longer give and feel the sexual satisfaction I truly desired, and then my wonderful experience happened. A special thanks to Hyacinth1025 for her help in editing this story. Without her help, I couldn’t have done this.

It was a hot July month; my wife left to visit her mom for a couple of weeks. I had to stay home because I could not get time off from work.  After a couple of days of being alone, I decided to go out to a bar to relax and have a couple of drinks. I sat at the barstool and saw a pretty lady wearing a white top.

I could see she was not wearing anything underneath. She was also wearing very sexy red shorts. Her eyes were deep blue, and her hair was a very luscious brown color. Instantly, I was mesmerized by her hotness, so I asked the barmaid to send her a drink on me. When the lady in red shorts got her drink, she raised her glass and smile at me. After a few minutes, she came my way and thanked me for the drink.

She introduced herself and said her name was Lisa. She looked like she was in her late thirties at that time, a bar regular and usually drank and met her friends there. She then asked what I was doing there because I was unfamiliar to her. I told her my wife was away to visit her mother, so I had decided to have a drink and relax a bit. After she heard the word 'wife', I noticed her face looked disappointed.

I told her I didn't mean to offend her. I just thought to give her a drink because I wanted to and because she was so stunning. I told her I was not giving her sexual advances because I was no longer capable of having sex or giving pleasure after my operation. With this information, she got sad for me and asked me what I would want to do about it. I just responded, “I have no idea, I already accepted that fact I am impotent!”

Somehow it was like a light bulb flickered in her head and said to me, “Would you like to meet me later? Maybe we can try something new that you would like.”

I smiled and said, “Yes, yes!“

She gave me her address and left the bar.

In shock about what just happened, I was awed by the fact that a very beautiful woman wanted to be with me, so I decided to go back home to freshen up. After two hours, I went to her place and meet her there. She opened the door and hugged me and led me to her living room couch and told me to get settled.

As I waited, I could feel my body was sweating and my heart was pounding fast because I didn’t know what might happen between us tonight. I was worried about how this beautiful woman could want me if I couldn’t give her pleasure. Lots of things were going to my head as I waited.

In my disbelief, I could feel my mouth hang open because when she came out she was naked and wearing only her black panties and holding a strap-on dick in one hand. Her supple breasts and long hard pink nipples were fully erect like they had been sucked. 

In my astonishment she smiled and told me, “Are you ready to have fun?“

And just like a kid, I responded, “Yes, I do,” and nodded my head a couple of times while smiling like crazy.

After seeing my response, she then called her friend to come out. I was confused because her friend was a guy. They kissed in front of me and then he took off his shirt and was left only wearing his blue tattered denim jeans.

In the well-lit room, I was the only clothed person and then Lisa, with a stern voice said, “Dennis get naked! Let me see you!“

Then as a nervous response, I rushed and started to take off all my clothes and left them on the couch. She then took my clothes and threw them away to another room so I had nothing to cover my nakedness. Then she brought her strap-on dick to my mouth for me to suck.

Then she told me, “Stand up and show me that tiny dick of yours.” 

She then came near me and pulled my face up and with her fierce hand, she grabbed my dick and said, “Fuck you! Dennis, are you kidding me? That’s not a dick that’s just a clit." 

She fastened her strap-on harness around her waist. It was about ten inches long and two inches thick. She told me, "Let me show you what a dick should look like, not like your clit size manhood." Then she said, "This is a dick. Suck it! You will be my sissy cuck." 

 As I sucked her strap-on hard, I tried not to gag as she kept pushing it down my throat. She pulled out her dick in my mouth and said, “Bend down on the floor and spread your ass.“

To my amazement, I positioned myself as per her instructions then she spat on my asshole. In one solid thrust, she pushed her strap-on dick inside my ass, and said, “Feel my cock in your pussy, Dennis. I own this pussy," pointing to my ass, and she said, "no one can use this pussy without my approval, do you understand? “

She shouted at me with a very stern voice, and I responded with my eyes welling up and I said, “YES, ma’am.”

Lisa then called the other guy and said to me, “Dennis, suck him!" And she told the guy to shove his dick in my mouth while she continuously fuck my ass.

Lisa was enjoying fucking my ass while I too could feel something is tingling inside me. I felt an incredible sensation inside me, as my ass was being drilled hard. I kept on sucking the other guy whilst I started to bounce my ass onto Lisa’s dick, and in my mind, I told myself, 'This feels so good.'

After a few minutes of vigorous sucking, the other guy screamed and came into my mouth and I swallowed his thick cum and licked him thoroughly. Then I heard Lisa said, “Sissy Cuck, you have done good. Now suck my dick, clean your ass juice off of my dick.” And then I faced her and started to lick my ass juices off of her strap-on and licked it clean.

As I finished cleaning all the juices with my mouth and tongue, Lisa and the guy fucked on the couch in front of me, as I awaited further instructions. They fucked hard and crazily until the guy came inside her. She was soaked wet with both of their juices. Seeing her cum-soaked body, I couldn’t believe how much cum that guy could produce, and yet I had just finished sucking him off a while ago.

To my amazement, I automatically kneel and asked her, “Miss, will you allow me to clean you off?”

And she said, "you’re a good cuck, Dennis, we will have a great time together.” 

 I licked my Madame Lisa clean and she loved it.

Our relationship lasted for four years until she had to transfer to a different state. Me and Lisa had crazy adventures together. She let me be used by different men and women and I enjoyed it. My wife never knew about my double life until now. But don’t get me wrong, I still am in love with her and care for her. I would like to tell you some more but maybe I can write it in my next chapter.


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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