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Jaq On The Coach Trip

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Jaq cheers up the lads on the coach

A true event when we travelled to a match by coach.

Our local soccer team had reached the semi-final, and Jaq and I decided to attend the match.

Coach travel seemed to be the best way to get to the match. I arranged match tickets while Jaq arranged the coach travel. The match was taking place on Saturday afternoon; as the week commenced, we became excited about our trip to the game.

Saturday arrived and we arrived at the designated pick up for the coach; a lot of supporters were also there. The majority of the supporters were males of varying ages, all excited about the game. The coaches arrived, and there were five in total. Jaq and I queued and were on the final coach to be boarded; the coach was not full, and around fifteen others were on the coach with us.

We exchanged pleasantries with the other supporters. Jaq commented that she was the only female on the coach. The coach set off with the usual football-related chanting, creating a great atmosphere on board. The ages of the others on board were varied; ages ranged from early twenties to early sixties. We both chatted to the other supporters. Jaq was certainly getting admiring glances from some.

We arrived at the stadium two hours before kick-off, I was amazed that everyone on the coach decided to stay together and head for the nearest pub. The beer was flowing and everyone was in good spirits. Jaq was now getting more attention from some of the guys; she was certainly looking hot for a lady well into her fifties.

We eventually left for the game. Staying together in our group, we arrived at the stadium and all went in. Unfortunately, the match was a bit of a disaster with our team well beaten on the day.

About an hour from the end of the game, we were all assembled back at the coach, and the coach set off for the return journey. 

With the result not in our favour, the coach felt very subdued. Jaq looked at me with a really saucy smile. Jaq whispered to me that she wanted to raise everyone's spirits, and she suggested that perhaps she could remove her top and walk through the coach, showing her titties. I said that would be sure to raise everyone's spirits and she should go for it. 

We were at the front of the coach. Jaq calmly removed her top and casually walked through the coach. The reaction was one that I expected; wolf whistles, clapping and cheering certainly changed the mood.

I followed Jaq as she walked through the coach; the back seat was cleared and we settled in. Jaq's nipples had grown huge, which indicated that she was becoming very horny, and we invited two guys to join us. Jaq told me that she did not want to have sex with any of the other supporters, but anyone who wanted to cum on her tits was welcome.

The two guys who had joined us immediately dropped their trousers, sporting nice hard cocks. Jaq stroked them both before pushing her titties together. Both guys seemed very horny and were stroking furiously, aiming at Jaq's lovely titties. The first guy shot a huge load, coating Jaq's tits with a creamy load. The second guy soon followed, shooting another load across her chest. I had been along the coach inviting others who wanted to participate.

I arrived back to see Jaq's titties smothered in a creamy mess of cum dripping from her very erect nipples. Jaq asked me if I wanted to clean her up while some of the other guys jerked off over her. I did not need to be asked twice and settled down to lick and suck the cum from her tits. 

As I got to work, I eased her jeans and panties down. The first orgasm she had was massive as I fingered and rubbed her very wet pussy. Other guys were now stroking hard cocks while they watched me give Jaq orgasm after orgasm.

While I was still licking cum from my wife's tits, cum began to land not only on her tits but over my face as well. Jaq was in heaven as she loved this type of scenario. I guessed around six guys had emptied their heavy balls over Jaq and me; this left about nine more loads to come.

Jaq now wanted her wet pussy covered in cum; this was relayed down the coach for anyone who wanted to participate. 

Jaq positioned herself on the back seat, holding her legs back, displaying her pussy and inviting guys to cum over her married pussy. As you can imagine, there was no shortage of takers. One by one, guys jerked off over her pink wet pussy, creating a real cummy mess. 

The mood on the coach was now much better and the beer was flowing once again. Soon everyone who wanted to cum over Jaq had settled back in their seats. Jaq and I were now left alone at the back of the coach, and I was now expected to clean up the big gooey mess coating Jaq's pussy.

I was so turned on as I settled between her legs lapping at the mess in front of me. Jaq had many more orgasms as I sucked and licked her clean.

We arrived back at our original pick up point. After saying farewell to some very contented guys, we headed to our car and back home.

Jaq was aware that I had not yet cum. That was soon to be rectified. 

We went to bed and discussed the day. Jaq said that she had found it to be one of the dirtiest experiences of her life and she had loved it. My turn came now. Jaq was stroking my very hard cock as she described the events on the coach back to me. I knew I would not last long. As I was about to unleash a huge load, Jaq took my cock into her mouth. I actually thought that Jaq was about to choke; the amount of cum I deposited in her mouth was unreal.

Jaq continued to suck my cock after swallowing my load. When finished, Jaq just said, "Thank you, darling, for a wonderful experience." 

We both drifted off to sleep. We still talk about our coach trip to this day.



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