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What Happens In Vegas

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Club Sex

I couldn't wait

It was our twentieth wedding anniversary and I wanted to party for the weekend. I didn't want a romantic getaway, I wanted to dance, get wild, and make it a memorable time. The best place to do that was Las Vegas. 

Hubby pulled out all the stops. A limo was waiting at the airport to take us to our hotel. Once we arrived we checked in and were taken to the top floor. When we opened the door to our room I was floored. He had booked us a suite that was enormous, complete with a pool table and an amazing view of the strip. I gave hubby a big hug and kiss and said, "This weekend is going to be epic!"

I had so many thoughts running through my head of how I could make the weekend one he would never forget. I wanted him to know my body was his playground and he had full access. I was going to be his personal porn star and make his deepest desires come true. I was in the best shape I had been in years and I was feeling sexy and confident. I wanted to show off for him and show him off.

We hopped in the shower together and started making out like we had just started dating. His kisses melted me and made me want him so bad, the feel of his hard body pressed against mine, his arms holding me tight. But I had to wait. The moment had to be just right. Something different and special. 

After getting out of the shower I began to get ready for the night. I feathered my long dark hair, put on my pink long sleeve mini dress. It was as tight as a glove and hugged my curves perfectly. It accentuated every part of my body. Then I put on my mascara and smokey eye shadow, my hot pink lipstick, and my big silver hoop earrings. All that was left were my knee-high white go-go boots. The perfect outfit for Vegas. When I came into the other room and saw my husband, it was like the first time I ever laid eyes on him. Black slacks outlining his thighs and bulge; a black vest with a gray shirt that made his broad shoulders and chiseled chest pop.

His deep green eyes and devilish grin gets me every time. "Damn, you look stunning babe," he said as he moved towards me.

"We look like rockstars," I replied. We embraced and and kissed each other deeply. I pulled away and wiped the lipstick off his mouth. "You ready for tonight?" I asked. "Because I promise you won't forget it."

We headed off to dinner holding hands and grinning like teenagers on their first date. We arrived at the restaurant and enjoyed a delicious steak and seafood dinner along with two bottles of red wine. We laughed at the memories we had made over twenty years of marriage and the beautiful family we'd created.. The night was going as planned and I couldn't have been happier. We left the restaurant and headed to the most popular night club in Vegas. 

Walking down the strip, the lights of Vegas shining and flashing upon us, I guided hubby to a corner of a building and pushed him up against the wall and kissed him aggressively. I reached into my purse and handed hubby a little pink pill. "Here take this. Ashley from work said this is the best Ecstasy around. I'm going to fuck you like an animal tonight," I said. We took the Ecstasy and kissed again and walked to casino where the club was.

As we approached we could see the long line of people and hear the music thumping from inside. We had reserved a private booth with bottle service so we were able to walk right in. Once inside, the bass of the music filled my body. Beautiful guys and girls were packed in everywhere. It felt like all eyes were on us as we were escorted to our booth. I felt like a queen with her king. 

We ordered some shots and drinks and started enjoying the vibe, the music making my body move, the Ecstasy kicking in and making my body warm and my pussy wet. The colors of the lights seemed brighter, the music louder and my desires more intense. I looked at hubby. "Are you feeling it too?" I yelled in his ear over the loud music.

"Oh yeah," he said as he grinned and nodded. 

After finishing our first round of shots and our drinks and the Ecstasy getting stronger, I was having a hard time keeping my hands off hubby while I was looking at all the gorgeous people around us. I wanted to fuck everyone in the room but I wanted my husband the most. I was in full nympho mode now. My pussy was soaked, my hard nipples poking through my tight dress. Biting my lip to control my hunger. Hubby knew we were fucking tonight, he just didn't know it would be in the club in front of everyone. 

We worked our way to the crowded dance floor, bodies squeezed together and grinding to the music. The Ecstasy had fully kicked in now. Every one of my senses intensified. The slightest touch or breath was bringing me close to orgasm. Body to body with my husband, strangers around us touching me, rubbing up against me. It felt as if everyone could see the sexual thoughts in my head. It made me get more aggressive with my dancing. Rubbing my hands over my breasts, grinding my ass up against strangers' cocks, randomly kissing other women as we danced. My head was spinning, body burning up, breasts aching and my cunt drenched in my juices. I wanted him now.

I grabbed my husband by the hand and impatiently pushed through the crowd and back to our booth. I pushed hubby on the couch and straddled his legs and threw my arms around his neck and kissed him like a starved animal. I got up and began to give him the best lap dance he ever had. I made him sit on his hands and told him he couldn't touch me until I said so. I teased that man every way possible. I pulled up my skirt, I got on my knees and put my head between his leg. Running my tongue over his slacks, up his vest and to his neck as I slowly pushed my body up until I was standing straight up. Throwing one leg over his shoulder I grabbed his head and shoved it between my legs, grinding my drenched panties on his face. I leaned down and pulled his head up. "How bad do you want to fucked me right now?" I asked.

"Real fucking bad!" he replied.

"I'll be right back," I said as I went to the ladies room. 

After touching up my makeup I went to the stall and took off my panties and put them in my purse. I headed back to our booth where hubby was talking to our waitress who had brought us another round of drinks. She was a striking beauty with a phenomenal body. She turned to me as I approached and reached behind me and squeezed my ass and kissed me. "Happy anniversary, you sexy thing," she said as she smiled and walked away. Hubby got me with that one.

I continued to dance for hubby and put on a show.  I sat down next to him and guided his hands between my legs. I wanted him to know I had taken my panties off and feel how hot and wet my pussy was. We kissed as his hand grabbed my aching cunt. I put my hand on his cock rubbing it outside his pants. Our kissing became more intense. I had to tease him just a little longer 

I got up and danced for him again. My hands were all over his cock, feeling it get harder. He was rock hard now. I unzipped him and reached inside to feel how hard he was. I turned away and straddled him, my back to him. Reaching back, I took out his beautiful cock and lined it up to my inviting pussy. Lowering my hips down, his cock glided in with ease. His cock inside me at that moment took my breath away and made me close my eyes. I quickly opened them to see if anyone was watching us.

To be honest, I couldn't tell and I didn't care. I was in heaven. I began increasing speed as I worked my hips, his cock in me filling my with intense pleasure. Leaning back with my body pressed against his, he reached his hand in front of me grabbing my breast, his other hand on my hip. He began biting and sucking on my neck. The sensation was overwhelming and I exploded all over his cock and lap. We were moving faster now. Lights flashing different colors, his cock thrusting to the beat of the music. Flashes of darkness and light. My cunt clenched around his thick cock, squirting over and over. He grabbed my hips with both hands. I knew he was close. I turned my head back to his and kissed him as we moaned into each others mouths. He filled my pussy with his warm cum and I could tell he came a huge amount. I could feel it overflowing my cunt. We smiled and giggled, catching our breath, suprised and satisfied at what we had just done.

A moment later our waitress approached with three shots of tequila and said the shots were on her and asked if we'd do one with her. Still catching our breath we smiled and thanked her and did our shots together. She then handed me a huge stack of napkins, winked and said, "You guys are awesome!" 

I guess someone saw us after all. Like they say though, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. 







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