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A Teen on the Beach

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One summer, Ellie gets a wild impulse to sneak over to a nude beach.

Ellie was your quintessential teenage girl, sixteen, with hazel eyes, slightly-wavy golden-brown hair and light dusting of faint freckles across her nose. She was generally soft-spoken but had a kind smile and infectiously girlish laugh that would slowly emerge.

During the summer between her sophomore and junior years of high school, she visited the local beaches near her house almost every day, enjoying the couple of months she had away from the stresses of school. She was excited to sport new bikinis she had bought as she was somewhat bashfully proud to show off a body that had recently filled out. Ellie was leggy but somewhat curvaceous, with firm breasts that had recently grown significantly to a small C-cup.

One balmy summers day while waking up, a wild thought came to Ellie from out of the blue. She had always heard about a nudist beach that existed two beaches down from where she visits but had never given a thought to check it out. Why exactly she had any impulse to sneak over to it was beyond her. Ellie had never been naked in front of anyone and, quite frankly, the idea was somewhat frightening. Somehow, though, the sheer concept of being totally exposed to both nature and the strangers around her set off a symphony of primordial butterflies in Ellie's stomach.

After emerging from the shower that morning, Ellie approached her dresser mirror, bath towel tied tightly around her. She began to apply some eye shadow that she always wore, fully cognizant of the subtle irony of wearing make up to a nude beach. After she was done with her makeup, she took a deep breath and dropped her towel to the ground. Fully nude, Ellie stood in front of her mirror eying up and down her body, as pure as the day she was born.

Confronted with the image of her body, fully exposed, Ellie had a whole host of new anxieties beyond the typical. Most teenage girls worried before going out if their hair looked okay. Ellie suddenly was aware of her entire body questioned: did her breasts look okay, were her nipples too large - as they had widened slightly from the previous year - and did she need to fully shave her pubic hair? She figured she ought not think about these questions too long and decided to quickly throw on a bikini for the drive over.

Driving the short distance to the beach seemed like the longest three blocks ever. Ellie's heart pounded as she became filled with thoughts that she wouldn't be able to go through with this mixed with low, simmering excitement. Ellie pulled up to the regular beach she usually visited and figured she'd casually stroll over to the nude beach from there. Sitting in the parking lot, Ellie took a deep breath and put on her Raybans as if to look incognito while she strolled down to the deviant side of the shore.

Strolling down the beach, beach towel and bag in hand, Ellie kept getting the thought of running back to the familiar. She felt, somewhat our of her own body as if her legs were propelling her down the beach but her her mind was somewhere else, far away. Finally Ellie realized she was there, faced with a sign that read: CLOTHING OPTIONAL BEACH BEYOND THIS AREA, Ellie breathed a deep breath and took a large step forward.

Walking down the beach, Ellie noticed about twenty or so people, mostly in their thirties or middle age in various states of dress and undress. Suddenly, Ellie really felt like the odd one out, the baby of the group. As Ellie stood near the shores edge, she questioned whether she should lie her towel down or go running back to her old, familiar beach. Without pondering too much, she placed her towel down and just sat there, fully covered in the protection of her bikini.

After around ten minutes of people watching, she decided it was now or never. She pulled the string on the back of her bikini top and just paused, sitting there as her top hung on her breasts and the untied strings blew freely from the ocean breeze. Ellie's heart was about pounding out of her chest and in an action of surreal disconnect she pulled her bikini top off her chest and placed it in her beach bag.

There Ellie was, her bare, teenage breasts peering out proudly in the open sun, open to the gaze of every passer by. Ellie's breasts were pale from bikini top tan lines, making her round, pinkish nipples stand out with a beautiful assertiveness. Suddenly a wave of calm came over Ellie and she became more secure in her vulnerability. Ellie pulled back her shoulders, thrusting her breasts forward in a somewhat self-assuring act of teenage defiance. She had never felt like a real woman until this moment.

Ellie began to glance down briefly at her naked breasts and tummy as if they would disappear if she didn't periodically check in on them. Her nervousness soon subsided to a sort of sensual confidence and suddenly she soon became unaware that she was half-way undressed at all.

Ellie's focus soon shifted from herself to the motley crowd of variously dressed characters on the beach. In particular, she noticed a man, likely in his late thirties or early forties with a sketch pad and pencil. Beyond the fact that he was nude, she noticed that he appeared to be sketching boats and sea birds that appeared over the beach's horizon. She became entranced in his studied focus on interpreting the scenery around him.

Not noticing that her stare had extended beyond a passing gaze, the sketching man soon noticed Ellie and smiled at her. Ellie, still slightly self-conscious, returned a coy smile and then pretended to stare at her cell phone as if to disengage. Ignoring the sign, the man stood up and began to approach Ellie.

“Hey there, I've never seen you here. My name is David.”

Ellie, returning to a somewhat more self-conscious composure croaked back, “H-hey, yeah I've never been here before.”

Ellie became more aware of her body and the older man that was seeing her. She was also confronted with the image of David, who was standing before her, nude, as if it were the most natural thing on earth.

Ellie began to half-acknowledge David as he began describing how he frequented the beach every day at that time to capture the boats coming in. Ellie struggled to retain eye contact. It is not that she had some sexual interest in David, it is just that she had never been so close to a naked man before!

David stood about three feet in front of Ellie who was still lying on her beach towel, topless. Ellie began to briefly glance down at David's penis, making note not to overextend her stare. David's penis looked large, she thought, although she had never seen a penis in reality. She was was torn between her anatomical curiosity and hanging on to the words of David's story about catching the perfect lighting in the early mornings.

Finally David peered down at Ellie's body briefly and said, “You seem like you're quite young, what brought you here?”

“Um, I guess you could just say I came here on a wild impulse, I guess to try something new.”

“That's so refreshing! We hardly ever see younger folks around here, sometimes I think the younger generation are getting more conservative. So what are you, about...18?”

“, I'm sixteen.”

David's face suddenly turned a pale shade as he replied, “Well, young lady, you sure are going to turn some heads here, I can say that! Can I expect to see you again?”

Ellie shrugged, not wishing to commit to anything, but inside she wanted to return, she knew she'd be back.

The next morning, Ellie felt a renewed sense of confidence as she'd mastered her fear of public nudity. She got out of bed with a determination that, this time, she would go fully nude on the beach!

After exiting her morning shower she quickly tossed her shower towel on the bed. She hopped on her bed lying on her back, nude, imagining her whole body exposed to the open air and men passing by. She slowly closed her eyes and imagined her body slowly developing as she lied submissive to nature's course. Her new body was somewhat of a point of sensual expression, a visual rebellion against the shy girl she formerly was.

Reminding herself that she was to go completely nude, she reached over and grabbed a hand mirror from her side table. She propped her legs up, spread apart and slowly examined her vagina, as if every inch of her womanhood was to be under close scrutiny today. She pulled apart the lips of her womanhood, revealing the sensuously dark gape of her vagina and then moving up to appreciate the more fine details of her clitoris and urethra. Ellie, had shaved in the shower and now every inch of her body was exposed.

When Ellie got back to the beach she quickly, without hesitation, untied her bikini top and tossed it in her bag. She sat there, merely topless, for about ten minutes until she spotted David again, faithfully carrying his sketch pad and artist pencils.

Without hesitation, David walked up to Ellie and said, “Hey! I knew you'd be back!”

Ellie, with a renewed sense of confidence, smiled assuredly while pushing her breasts confidently forward. David, with a sense of concern stated that today wasn't the best conditions for sea birds as it was a bit windy. As David spoke on about the technicalities of pelican migration, Ellie got the sudden urge to casually pull her bikini bottoms off while David was speaking.

Mid story, Ellie slipped her fingers under her bottoms and slowly drug them down her legs and placed them in her bag, exposing the freshly-shaved slit of her womanhood to the late-morning sun. David, noticeably distracted, slowed down in speech, but soon regained his pace as he tried not to act too taken by fully nude teenage girl sitting in front of him.

As David continued, Ellie got a sudden urge of playfulness! One to test David's ability to concentrate. Oh! she feared, the powers of being a young, nude girl may have been going to her head! As she sat there, with her heels on her towel and hand on her knees, she decided to cast her hands aside and slowly but not overtly began to move her legs open.

About two minutes in, she inched her heels apart again, her feet now moved beyond the width of her hips causing her labia to slowly part, exposing the gape of her tight hole to David. David, now stumbling over his words, struggled not to look down at Ellie's blossoming womanhood. Ellie smiled and nodded at David in an affirming glance as he stumbled through a discontinuous story. Ellie then looked down and noticed David's penis rising slowly into a partial erection, which he seemed noticeably embarrassed about. Ellie, however, was no longer embarrassed. She loved the reaction and unspoken lust she was evoking from David!

In an another impetuous attempt at shameless titillation, Ellie reached in her bag for her sunscreen. She almost felt guilty for resorting to what may be the biggest cliché in the game of seduction. She offered her SPF 15 over to David and asked him if he could rub it on her back. Ellie honestly didn't know why she was doing this. David was far older and it seemed she was merely enjoying the game of driving him crazy! Ellie wondered why she wasn't feeling guilty.

David replied to her replied, “Well, yeah, sure, I guess there would be not be any problem with me doing that.”

Ellie flipped over, lying on her front side with her head to the side, eyes half-closed. David squirted a zig-zag of lotion on Ellie's back and nervously straddled his knees on either side of Ellie's thighs, bending down slightly to rub the cold sunscreen into her back.

David rubbed the cream in circular motions across her bare back and shoulder blades, moving his hand up to cover her shoulders and the back and sides of her neck. She pulled the back of her hair up to allow him access. David then moved his hand down to the bottom of her spine and worked circular motions on her lower back. He noticed as he moved further down, the heel of his hands making contact with the top of the part of her buttocks. David had been with many women before but this was, somehow, the most erotic experience of his life.

Ellie took the bottle and suggestively squirted it on the back of her thighs and butt. David took a deep breath, somewhat shocked at the suggestion but then placed his hands on the back of Ellie's thighs in circular motions moving the cream around. David moved his hands in towards Ellie's inner thighs. Ellie mover her legs open accepting his approach. David could clearly see the back of Ellie's pink lips and noticed his thumb gently brushing against them as he rubbed her inner thighs. Ellie gave a soft moan as she laid face down.

With a forethought of uncertainty, David moved his hands up to Ellie's tight teenage butt. Her butt was white with tan lines but full and irresistible to David. He circled his hands around Ellie's butt and his penis soon rose to a full erection with a bead of precum at it's tip. As David began to more passionately knead Ellie's ass, he began to briefly move her cheeks apart and together, giving him brief glimpses of her adorably tight anus that lied between her cheeks and the hidden jewel of her adolescent body.

When David figured that this was almost too much for him to handle, Ellie flipped over on her back, suggesting he cover her belly and breasts in sunscreen as well. Ellie, lied back with her hand over her head like a Victorian nymph in the afternoon sun as David thought to himself that he must be dreaming. David, initially embarrassed, noticed that Ellie was seemingly oblivious to his full erection that was hovering over her torso.

As David began to rub sunscreen into her belly, David was overcome with the vision of her youthful breasts and freckled nose and suddenly got an ominous feeling deep within him. He was about to cum! Surely, he'd been with women and survived much more intimate scenarios but something about this girl was too much for him!

As David straddled Ellie's firm body he fought to fend off the possibility of ejaculating all over this young girl. He then realized if was too late! Suddenly, a spurt of cum fired and landed just above Ellie's belly button, another spurt landed about an inch above and then finally a third stream of cum landed between Ellie's pert breasts. Ellie felt the warm cum hit her body but didn't realize what was happening until she opened her eyes.

Seeing the residual drops of semen, dripping from the head of David's penis, Ellie's eyes grew wide. David, embarrassed beyond comprehension, immediately began to apologize profusely to Ellie. Ellie, in a state surprise covered her mouth and, reacting the only way she knew how, began to laugh. David, looking down at this teenage beauty, laughing a charmingly girlish laugh and still covered in a glistening spattering of his warm cum thought this surely must be the most unique girl he'd ever encountered.

Ellie, in an act that even surprised herself, casually rubbed David's cum into her belly and breasts and suggested he ought not be embarrassed.

David popped up to his feet and Ellie sprang up as well, followed by a slightly tense moment of silence.

David piped in, “Well, I guess we are formally introduced now, haha.”

“Yeah, I'd say so!”, Ellie added.

“Do you think we could meet again, Ellie, I think you are a really...unusually, amazing girl.”

Ellie sat down again and briefly glancing down and noticing a glisten of wetness between her own legs.

“Yes, David. I think we should see each other again.” be continued
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