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American Stream Girl

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The first day: my thoughts and body bare for anyone to see.

This is the start of a novel. After this one, read alphabetically from Anal to Z. Much thanks as always to Sprite and my wife for letting me make them my literary Barbie Dolls. Now kith!

“So it just switches on at midnight, and then it just starts? They see you do everything?” Nicole asked. 

Then her voice dropped. 


“That’s the deal,” I said. “One year, but with what they are paying... No more slow nights or stripping. It’s enough money that we’ll be set. Of course, I think I’ll still keep going, but…”

“But, Rachel…”

She cupped her voice into a whisper, leaning closer in bed.

“Like, they see you going-”

“I’m just not gonna think about that,” I said, putting up the mental block. “So I make some weirdo’s day, oh God every day…. Fuck! You’re right. This is intense but when am I going to get an opportunity like this?”

“I can’t even pee if you’re watching. Oh God, just think about the entire world seeing every time. I would never be able to go, for like the entire year. You’d see me squirming in my seat like this, clenching my legs as I tried to talk to you. Maybe I would just pee my pants all the time, like, what if that was the only way I could do it for an entire year?”

“Now you’re making me nervous…”

“It won’t be so bad. We’ve already made what, like a few dozen different streams? Everyone seen us have sex anyways so what does it matter?”

But it sort of did.

Especially to her, no matter how she tried to gloss over our arguments.

Already people were talking about how the next-generation would never forget a moment of their lives. VisiTech lenses recorded and broadcasted everything instantaneously, sharing information seamlessly onto the Evernet. 

And sure there were holdouts, but pretty much everyone had adopted the lenses, trusting blindly the privacy settings set to their satisfaction.

Because really, no one cared.

I would be the first adult model to stream her entire life, every interaction, every intelligible thought. Of course, with the implication that I would try and add as much erotic flavor to each moment as possible and create a brand for the performers who would come after me.

We were both shocked when they chose just a casual stream girl like me. I was cute, sure but not superhot or anything. I guess it was the girl next door look, the dirty blonde hair, the perky yet petite frame, and the bubbly playful personality. 

It’s not like those things weren’t real, just they weren’t all totally me. I was more and less than I pretended on camera, and I certainly couldn’t fake that persona all of the time. 

So despite how confident I made myself seem in the application to be the first the American Stream Girl, marketed up like an interactive sex doll, the anticipation began to eat at me, slowly adding steroids to every insecurity.

I could be a bitch.

And I wondered deep down if anyone would really love me if they watched everything I did and heard everything I thought. If eroding the filter between me and my friends and family would either forever damage all of my relationships or change me into a person with desires constantly calculated to please the crowd.

Yeah, I was fucking nervous.

“So, like, all of your thoughts will just start coming out for anyone to hear?”

“I guess they have that setting turned on,” I said. “But the software is the same. I’ve still got to really have a conscious thought, but still… You know, many times I’ve thought about fucking when I shouldn’t.”

 Nicole giggled.

“Yeah, it’s like our job or something.”

“There’s more to it than that,” I said. “There’s so much competition now with those vibrating vaginas and the newest, most lifelike robot dolls."

“Oh I know, those things are eerie! Remember that one of me? You know I reached my finger inside it feels even better than my pussy!”

“You’d lose that bet,” I said, reaching for her on the bed. “But you know what I mean, you really have to put your personality into it. And it can’t be just... you know, fake, that fawning sultry secretary oh please let me fetch that for you sir stuff. You gotta actually want sex now. You gotta want weird, and like all the time. And yeah I do, but sometimes I take a break, sometimes I just want to cuddle up and watch an old Disney movie.”

But Nicole wasn’t listening.

“Oh, have you thought about, like, what’s the most embarrassing thing you do? Okay, sometimes I pick my nose, but I pretend that I’m just scratching it, kinda like this. I would die if anyone other than you knew that! What’s your thing? What are you worried about the most?"

“I don’t really have anything, other than the obvious. I still don’t know how I’m going to manage to pee.”

“What if they find something you never noticed before, like figure out some nervous tic that you have? It might be worse than your O-face.”

And I hit her with a pillow.

“So, like, I can’t tell you any secrets? Nothing? All of it goes out to the world, even when you sing to me with the elephant voice?”

“Oh my God, can I go a year without doing the elephant voice?”

I picked up one of several dozen different stuffed animals littered around my room, this one and an oversized elephant named Babbar, dropping my voice to an unnatural low with a weird accent. 

“Nicole, this is so trunked up! How could you let your girlfriend put you in such a position? She’s one bad hombre”

She rolled her eyes, but let out a beautiful smile, falling back against the pillows. 

“I don’t know, Babbar, she told me she would buy me something nice, I’m thinking about diamond studded riding crop.”

“Love me! You know you love me! Love Babbar...”

I moved the elephant along, not able to do anything close to a ventriloquist act. Actually, I sort of did the opposite, making expressions I thought would fit with the words.

“Oh my God, you’re right there’s no way I can possibly make it a year. No one can else could possibly stand this voice.”

“You found someone who could stand your elephant voice?”

“Oh shut up, I can’t believe I have to stop”

“Maybe this won’t be such a bad year after all.”

“Come here and kiss me, you’re going to have to make up for that,”

“I guess I have to, it’s my last chance to have you all to myself.”

“Does it turn you on?”

“Do we have to keep asking the same questions over and over again? Of course, it turns me on, Rachel! Everyone is already talking about you, my girlfriend, the American Stream Girl, and here I am with her all to myself for one last night.”

She paused.

“Fucking her”

“Not yet you’re not.”

“So come here.”

I kissed her neck, finding that place below the earlobe that only I knew, wondering if this was the last time this and a thousand little things stayed our little secret. Would everything about us just spill out into the world, never belonging  to just us again?

Would that leave us empty? 

Missing something... 

Then our lips met, my hands traveling up her tank top. Her breasts were barely contained, bulging out in the U-shaped cut, standing out in sharp contrast to my slender, petite frame. I squeezed, feeling her bra through the shirt, wishing she saw those amazing tits through my eyes. 

Even though she literally had. 

There was no POV angle, no inner commentary, no insight or thought that could be hidden from her during moments of stream-to-stream sex. Not just for the rest of the world, but we knew each other more intimately than our grandparents could have imagined, literally beaming our brains into each other, hearing in a silent whisper the sounds of each other’s most desperate desires. 

Combined thoughts and images guided our hands, our tongues, and each caress towards perfect contentment. I heard her thoughts almost as quickly as she did, could see myself as her irises took in my blonde hair as it disappeared for a second beneath my pink nightgown, my breasts and hers competing for attention in each eye.

But most important were our thoughts, communicated while we sucked, licked and caressed.

I wish I had tits like yours. 

Oh I can’t wait to touch them. Lean forward, right there, fuck yes. 

Fuck, I would marry you just for the sex. Lower down. Don’t tease me, never mind tease me. Oh wow, suck them! Harder, bite them, too hard! No, harder, oh fuck, please! 

God your nipples are so big I can barely fit them in my mouth. Does it feel as good everywhere? 

Just the tips, that’s the best part, when you do that…

The thoughts poured over each other, perhaps to an outsider two internal monologues would be confusing. But it was really no different than speaking, only that we were communicating so quickly that she knew the moment I thought it to take off her bra. 

She could see as well as hear my reaction to her breasts, sloping down and falling heavily against her chest, weighty and enough to stretch my entire hand around and still not squeeze every ounce of flesh.

Oh God, I want this. I love it just being us and I can’t believe you agreed to this so quickly without really asking me. Oh my God, keep your finger right there and…

“You still think it was too quick?” I asked out loud.

“We’ve had this conversation,” Nicole said. “It’s too late for it now. It’s done. Besides, I love you.”

“I love you too, but… I mean this could be the last chance to talk about without…”

The thought came through the stream, filtered from her mouth, but strong enough to pound against the tiny drums in my ears.

You mean our last chance to talk about it without a million strangers seeing us fight in our bedroom? Because it can’t just be fucking Rachel! It’s always just about fucking with you!

“I’m sorry,” she said first. “I’m trying, it’s just…”

I held her hand, brushing a strand of dark hair out of her eyes and letting my thumb rest on that space below her earlobe. 

Not for the first time, I wondered if I’d really made the right decision. Nicole and I weren’t exclusive, so few people were, but we hadn’t even been together a year. And here I was making this decision that really might ruin everything.

But at least she knew these thoughts too.

That I realized I might be asking too much, not just for the money either…

Because I’d been so turned on by the constant attention to my cunt.

Like I often did whenever we were fighting, I wondered how my parents ever made it. Of course they didn’t. My mother had been divorced three times before finding Mr. All Right Enough. Then again, fidelity probably meant a whole fuck ton more when every STD wasn’t curable by a trip to the local pharmacy.

But this wasn’t the first time our thoughts led to fights, a phenomenon I knew was not unique to us as a couple. Stream affected people differently. What allowed connection across vast distances, what provided so much pleasure in bed, also eroded the ability to convincingly lie to a partner at times that seemed so crucial, making us all trapped by inconvenient truths.

Mostly, we dealt with it plainly, growing and nurturing each other in mutual embarrassment, except with the worst aspects of our id popped up in terrible, unedited thoughts...

We’ve only been together seven months, why do you have a say in my career?

With that, the first gulf began between us. The idea of me prioritizing anything other than our love and happiness remains an anathema to Nicole. And like a steroid pumped Pandora springing out from a hidden box came more thoughts, more fights, until the two of us just decided to force our way through the impasse.

I’m sure in the long run, so many relationships doomed from the start saved partners the heartache by airing out all that unpleasantness early enough. Some closed off completely, but that became suspicious to potential partners. The majority opened up in ways that really transcended the meaning of soulmate, knowing each other in a way I still could barely imagine. 

The weird sex I was totally fine with. 

The coupling...

But that other people had adjusted fine didn’t really help as the stream picked at the pieces of the same argument.

“Do you want to talk again, Nicole? I mean really talk. Or we can think mean things at each other. Whatever you need.”

“Switch off the stream, Rachel.  I don’t want to fight, so let’s just be us. “

There was something sad and final about it. Though neither of us ever spoke about it, there had been this tear between the fabric of us that stretched more and more each day. 

And I don’t have to wonder who was the first to think that it might be over. I know when and why. I can hear it, over and over again whenever I really want to hate myself.

Unlike so much else, this moment only exists in my mind, the feel of her breasts, hefted up by each of my palms so I could suck on her nipples. Nicole had the largest natural breasts of any girlfriend ever had, they were exquisite, perfect as she leaned back and pulled me close. She was so feminine, even with her hair short and styled over one eye. My girlfriend was tall and strong enough to throw me around the room, a match for any man who might think about dominating me.

This wasn’t one of our BDSM scenes. She didn’t strap me up to stand on my tiptoes wielding a flogger or paddle. There were no commands, no instructions, no orders against cumming until I had asked permission at exactly the right moments. There were no outfits, no extras, no third, or fourth or fifth, no cock or cunt to share together.

But she did lead.

Automatically, we fell into not quite a routine. Not a rut, but that familiar pattern that could occur so organically on those nights when neither of us needed anything other than connection and release. It was not unlike a form of self-love, a sweet sex that became like masturbation. Because there was something in Nicole that sought me the same as herself, knowing me and what I liked, what I wanted, even before I could decide.

She knew to pin me by my upper arms, her teeth against my neck, keeping me in position as I tried to thrash away from her.

Just as I knew to kiss the innermost part of her thigh, to stop and purse my lips around the space between her waist and legs on each side before moving up towards that heart-shaped mound of the pubis.

Her hands intertwined with my blonde hair, guiding me not because I did not know her body, because she knew I wanted to be directed, to have my surging sexuality directed towards a particular outcome. I needed to have my vibrantly limitless libido channeled into something more charming than what I thought of my own sick and twisted fantasies. 

I loved Nicole, but we both knew that I needed to cum so much more than she did.

And that she needed me sweetened.

Not that I wasn’t tender. Not that I couldn’t prove capable of enough moments strung together to run some hustle on someone’s hormones or heart. But these were temporary, and trying for me organically, especially with my sex drive. So often I did those romantic things only out of obligation, caring like a chore.

And I knew then within twenty-four hours I would be revealed as the fake, the fraud, the thoughtless and spiteful thing that lurked deep inside of me unveiled for the entire world to behold in horror.

Only, I didn’t care what I showed the rest of the world.

Just that Nicole would see.

I tried to block it, and now I wish I had managed to wrench those thoughts from my mind, if only to memorize every taste of her cunt, every twitch as my tongue found those familiar circles around the top. I remember sometimes she tickled my nose with her tiny tufted of pubic hair. Did that happen this time, or was it just the amalgamation of a dozen other instances? The individual instances of connection slipped through my thoughts like droplets of water through cupped hands, leaving me with just the barest taste of her.

Lost in my own thoughts, I found that precise rhythm with a sort of robotic instinct, pulling back from the brink of despair as her thighs clenched around mine. I kept going, even though she wanted me to stop, not wanting to pull away for a second, trying to thrust myself back into her moment the second she escaped. 

She almost picked me up, helping me adjust so that I might wiggle the last couple of inches to place my own bare pussy in her face. I sat on her for a second so that Nicole could press my tender button with the same expertise, knowing to be a little rougher. 

The pressure made me sit straight up, bolting and tweaking my own nipples before I decided to have her again. My hands pried apart her muscular thighs, her flat stomach scrunched up almost like doing a sit up. I rocked back and forth between her mouth and cunt, drinking deeply from the small second drippings of excitement, gushing into my girlfriend.

We rocked like that, her easily able to support my petite body, the two of us contorting and climaxing in simultaneous succession. Both tongues continued flailing upwards and downwards, heads keeping her legs apart to writhe together, shaking and dripping in one shutter into cum soaked sheets.

I fell to one side. Re-energized, she switched to the foot of the bed. Her fingers instantly entered me, twisting and turning as my hands pulled her face close, kissing, and then shying away from the curling inside of me. Her touch stimulated some hidden and embedded nerve ending, causing my legs to shoot out and kick up until I felt as though Nicole controlled me through my cunt, manipulating me like her little sex doll.

Then, every emotion spent, I lay against her breasts, cuddled against her. My mind would not shut off, consumed with shame at having so senselessly sacrificed these precious and sacred little moments. 

Eventually, I drifted between asleep and a senseless stupor, relaxed only by the sound of her heartbeat heard through my head on her bosom.


Is she awake yet?

Look at her girlfriend’s breast, those are the perfect pillows. I wish I could just motorboat them all night long.

Stick me between the two of them, I’m sure I’ll find a way to wake them up.

I would throw myself on the first dick if I had her body.

I wonder what they were up to last night. Too bad Nicole isn’t also doing it.

Maybe she will, maybe they will do another gang bang. I want to be in her ass, it’s so tight. Rachel’s never really sure that she likes it until she cums.

Wake up, wake up! 

Look. Is it kind of creepy all of us watching her sleep? I feel like it’s creepy.

Whatever, it’s like a national event, VisiTech has been talking about it for years, it’s like watching history. 

Yeah, history with boobies.

It’s all just a government conspiracy, get us hooked on the streams, until we are so busy ejaculating we don’t notice they are watching everything.

Who’s going to watch her today? 

I’ll be there at the gym. Once she is up and going. I’ll stream every second of it. We take the same train.

I want to watch Rachel do yoga, completely naked, downward facing doggy style.

I don’t know, I like the pants. The way you can see the crack…

Okay, yoga half-naked, half-clothed.

When will she be able to hear us?

The alarm is set for 5 AM so I imagine any second now shall be able to scroll through all the streams, or at least the steamy ones.

At least my first thoughts were of her.

How does Nicole sleep sprawled out like that? Can I move her? I don’t want to wake her, she never sleeps that well, but it’s gotta be uncomfortable. Here, Let me-

Only I never managed to move her from the way she had her wrist pinned against her left breast, the eruption of erotic thoughts battering at my brain all at once.

Look at her tits.

Wake her up! Eat her out!

I want to see her pussy. Can you pull back that blanket? Maybe roll her over so we can see some nipples.


I think her nipples are too big for me.

They are not for you!  Oh fuck, Jesus Christ, this is weird. I really need to adjust the settings on this if I’m going to stay sane. Okay, sort by distance, priority filter adult content. Let’s start with three messages at a time. Look, I love everybody watching, but I’m not able to respond to everything and still live my life, which is why I hope you’re watching.

Wake up, Nicole! I want to see those jugs jiggle.

She has such big tits. I love the contrast between the two of you, Tall and busty brunette, short and perky blonde, dream couple!

Did you guys fall in love on set?

Well we had sex just the two of us before our first stream. It’s kind of a weird quirk of Nicole’s. She likes to get some jitters out in a practice try. sometimes she’ll get really emotional the first time. She cried a little with me the first time. She was embarrassed but I thought it was kind of cute, though probably not sexy. Oh, I guess I should at some point get out of bed.


Look down, look down, look down!

Oh wow, those legs. And what’s in between them! Fuck!

I guess I’ll go to the bathroom and give everyone a show, might as well get used to all of the voices. This is a lot, God, it’s hard to be on like this, to just get out of bed and start performing. Here, I’ve got a couple of options, let me really milk it. I’ll stand here in front of the bathroom mirror pretending that I’ve got this agonizing decision to make. What color leggings am I going to wear to the gym today, gray or black? Which sports bra will go with it?

Are you going to shower there? Maybe put on a little bit of the show.

I want to see her masturbate under one of those spigots.

Go naked!

How about I just take my time here? See, every inch is exposed in the mirror for you. God, I do want to touch myself already, there’s something about hearing it every second, knowing that everyone can see what I’m doing. but if I go just a little lower, if I just let myself go, I could come while you watch me.

Go grab one of your sex toys. Get the biggest one.

Right there, see how many fingers will fit.

Twirl for me, show me that ass.

It was all at once immersive and addictive, overstimulating to the point that I could have come at any point. I thought I might, even at just the tingling from the touch of my panties, dampening the fabric the second it touched my lips. 

And of course, my own acknowledgment, quite sheepish and shy, flooded out in every thought, communicating my very sexual urges before I had even the chance to process the constant bombardment of messages.

There was a vapid, vain piece of me that relished in the attention, craving every comment, relishing in the steady drumbeat of praise and sexual energy. Every task, every bounce, every step, all turned into an effort to titillate and please masses of people I would never meet. And for a second I silenced the messages just to know that I could, stopping to stare at myself in the mirror just to make sure it was possible before returning to the glow of the gesticulating hive.

But the audience was the point, punctuating every step I took as I went through my morning routine, putting enough effort into my appearance that I might be seen in public. And I had to admit this pretense to my adoring fans as I made my way to the train, nearly completely exposed in the tightfitting garments that showed partial imprints of my lips and full buttocks. 

My breasts bulged out of the gap in between the cups of my stylish sports bra, the whole of me presented along with every pretext I took to advertise my allure even at a place as routine as the fitness center. 

I’m trying to find my way to that line, you know between the girl who gets completely dolled up and the ungrateful dyke that doesn’t care what her fans get to look at. Don’t worry, I’m going to bend over and twist and turn every chance I get.

Squats and lunges!

Nice ass, look at how tight that butt is. 

I can’t believe you ended up in front of me. Will you bend over?

Wow, okay so I knew this would happen but you’re right here. Is it weird to have someone streaming who is so close? I mean, VisiTech told me that they would have plants all-around kind of watching me, but I’m guessing you’re not…

And, I zeroed in on his profile, his name was Michael, and already I knew so much more...

Okay, so I thought about what I would say in the situation. Even if you are my type, it’s gonna be hard for me to say yes to everybody.

Oh, I have no illusions, Rachel, I’m just happy to be part of the show. So if you want to bend over…

I did, taking my time, pretending to drop something, angling my ass to align with his field of vision so that everyone watching could see. And there was safety in being so public. I remember learning in school about sexual harassment as an antiquated social epidemic, like slavery or apartheid, something inventions like stream instantly solved for a new generation.

I could strip naked on the subway, stand there until a peace officer arrived and never fear about someone violating me. Part of me wanted to, no matter how much I tried to control myself, these thoughts seeped out broadcasting my worst desires.

And they loved it!

Look down again, you can see that wet spot on the front of her pants.

There, she’s doing it.

She can’t help it stare at it soaking, that cunt must be so ripe.

Of course, I can’t stop looking with all of you staring. And um… Why would I want to? Oh God though I am thinking about it, part of me thinks it would be worth the ticket just to pull down my leggings right now and let Michael fuck me right here on the train. He is pretty hot, and Nicole says I always have permission for anyone over eight inches…

Oh well…

What about seven?

If you're serious, we did go to the same gym, maybe we might meet in the showers.

I don’t know Michael. I’ll have to see. I don’t know how long I can last with everyone staring and commenting like this.

It was like having an instant conversation with everyone alongside my own inner monologue, jarring and sultry, the vulgarity making me all the more comfortable with my own thoughts as more and more were shared. 

I was on the elliptical machine, thighs burning, urging myself onwards…

Come on Rachel you fucking slut! If you want everyone to look at that ass, you better keep climbing up this pretend hill…

Oh yeah, climb a little higher for me baby. I got my own peak that’s pushing up.

Thank God for your POV, look at how her buttocks move.

You got this, a little faster, I want you to be so hot and bothered for your shower, then you can get a little dirtier for all of us.

And then my first mistake…

Okay come on guy, it’s not that much weight, stop yelling unless you’ve got the type of body that makes us all want to stop and be impressed!

Oh my God I’m sorry Brian, that was so fucking mean. You are kind of cute, and you’re trying and I’m making it worse. Oh wow, I fucking suck so much…

No way, that guy is not at all in your league.

Some people should just give up already.

I want to see you and downward-facing fucked like my dog, or maybe that one position, with their ass way up in the air.

It’s not like I don’t see the appeal, but I can think of some better poses to be fucked in.

There wasn’t much time for self-doubt or reproach or even the steady quiet reflection that usually came with each extension of my body. There was no calming Zen-like trance, nothing but the raw sexuality and the buzz of a thousand different voices, incessant inside my ears. And it reached into my own reactions, my eyes glued to the buns of the other regular with the platinum blonde hair.

I always noticed her.

Bending right in front of me…


My face remained unable to mask my own arousal, a now noticeable trail of my own excitement dripping down my leg, leaving a dark mark against the gray.

Breathe… Focus… Calm…

Look at those tits on the instructor.

Can you see those lips through her shorts? 

Oh my God, I can see down her shirt, that girl can’t stop looking. She wants it just as bad as Rachel, I wonder if it…

Stop! Stop! Stop it! I can’t take it anymore. Just fuck me! Michael and anyone who wants to watch and follow me into the showers. I’m going to cum as much as I can with or without anyone’s help.

And I couldn’t tell whether I had shouted out loud as I stood up on my mat, or if it was just thought in a primitive scream through the apparatus in my head. Either way the lesson stopped as the rest of the class watched me storm out of the room, not even bothering to collect my things, too flushed and horny to compose a coherent thought.

Is she really doing this?

Like, is anyone invited? I mean, if she doesn’t want my dick why would I go in there to watch?

Clearly, it’s just for the VisitTech plants. She isn’t looking for just any dick.

No, anyone! Just fuck me!

I was stripping down before I even made it into the locker room, undoing the back of my sports bra and letting it fall to the ground, stopping at the door frame to pull down my leggings and thong. I stepped out of my sopping clothes, not caring who saw me walking towards the communal shower, my lust and lack of any self-control streaming out into the world.

Any dick or any pussy, please just fuck me! The first person inside of here can use me however they want! Fuck me in my ass and pass me around. I don’t care, just make sure I cum until I can’t anymore.

 I turned on the water, slowly rinsing myself, waiting and watching the entrance with eager anticipation…

I remember looking before the thoughts came rushing in again, hoping and then sighing with relief when Michael strode into the coed shower. He pulled his tank top from sweaty, thick shoulders, his cock already hard by the time he reached my hand. 

The rest spilled out through ten different eyes, feeling and hearing all of the thoughts combined into the first erotic scene for the American Stream Girl, organic, natural and impossibly exhibitionist, the audience able to pick their perspective. 

But when filtered, the stream usually starts with Michael, hoisting me up against the tile as the steam beat up against our skin, perspiration mixing with beads of water dripping down our bodies before they intertwined.

My nipples are hard against his chest, his lips finding mine, our thoughts allowing our hands and tongues to react in real-time to each other. Each thought spilled out into each other and up into the evernet for everyone to see.

Oh God, kiss my neck, bite me, harder, oh fuck yes!

I’m going to fuck you so hard against this wall.

A little higher, you’re almost there, please, gentle at first then be as rough as you want.

You’re so tight. Oh god, I’ve been thinking about your pussy since the train. You looked so sexy bent over I wanted to take you right there.

And that was the beauty of the stream. It took the mixed grabbing of hands, the touching and mingling of flesh, the rapid pace of pleasure and slowed it down, presenting each of us as a person, our thoughts and bodies all tangled up in each other.

He lifted me up easily, hoisting me against his hips as he drove his hard cock in between my legs. I could sense his pleasure, his thoughts pounding into me along with his penis. My legs wrapped around him, trying to pull myself closer, my head banging something hard against the tiles, nails accidentally digging into his back as he forced me to cum against the wall.

Does she want more?

Let me help you hold her.

Oh God, more, give me more, let me use me like a slut, I don’t care! Fuck me, fuck me!  I want to be covered in your cum!

I went slack, hearing so many voices, feeling everything as more hands joined me, more bodies claiming me like a race to see who could touch me and join in the orgy. There were four hands holding me, as Michael turned to share me with two other men. 

I was still cumming, shaking, and needing more, trying to squeeze my legs around his hips even as he spun me around so that each hand could have their turn touching my breasts, my ass, my legs, giving me up to the group.

There was the illusion of becoming completely out of control, being swapped and shared with everyone there, when in reality three men and one woman had been chosen…

Oh God, it’s so hot and so humiliating to be fucked by the first people to rush in the gym. Oh hey you, I’m sorry about earlier, what I thought. Let me make it up to you. Your cock is so big, put it in my pussy.

And I just barely had time to know the names of the men joining. The slightly heavyset man was Brian, and on the other side of me Eli’s big black dick dangled and waited for my touch as both hoisted my quaking legs up and off Michael’s cock.

Fuck, go ahead, use my mouth!  God it’s so sexy, normally you would be my type but I’m just so turned on…

I don’t care why. Your mouth just feels so good. I’m gonna watch this over and over again, really treasure reliving cumming all over your pretty little face.

Share her! Make her choke on all these cock, ram it down her throat, all of you use her.

Please just cum on my face, I don’t want Nicole to have to taste the cum in my cunt.

Oh, now you care?

I could hear her in my head, her disappointment shared with the world even as a hand reached out and grabbed my ponytail. It was Madison from yoga, shoving my face into her tender twat. I licked up and down, switching between her and nursing the light pink head of that big black dick while Brian wiggled underneath me. 

The hard silk surface didn’t stop him, and I started riding up and down on the husky guy, unable to control myself even as I heard the disappointment. 

Nicole was watching, seeing me grind down on the stranger, able to see what I thought as my mind stayed focused on the feeling of another woman in my mouth.

Rachel, you could’ve at least asked me if I wanted to watch.

I’m sorry, I didn’t think… Oh my God, he’s so big, he is so much. I can feel him inside of me. I’m cumming, I’m cumming, and she tastes so good. Nicole, do you like it? Do you like watching your girlfriend get gang fucked by a group of strangers? I need it, I’m such a slut, oh God I’m sorry I’m such a slut. I’m sorry I’m gonna come again…

And I could feel her sigh, aroused almost in spite of herself.

Go ahead, I love seeing you like this.

I could see her in the corner of my eyes, masturbating in our bed while watching me now kneeling, switching between the three of them as the blonde rubbed her larger breasts against mine. We kissed around the third man’s cock, sharing and swapping, my hands knowing exactly how to reach down and play with her dripping pussy.

She came with my two fingers inside of her, nearly toppling me over before I was lifted up again, this time taken by the last cock, bigger and thicker. Elijah bent me over, leaving me holding desperately onto the cylindrical base of the showerheads. My feet left the floor as he pounded into my aching cunt, stretching me open as he held me by the hips.

I found my footing, his rough hands pulling me closer, holding me a little more vertically as I started to bounce up and down on his dick, steadying myself to slowly take more of him.

Most girls can’t take all of it, you’re almost, you’re almost there

That’s it, I’m such a slut! I want to take every last inch of your big black cock. I want it up inside me all the way. Oh fuck, it hurts but it feels so good, do it, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.

Oh God, you’re taking it, just like that, just like that. Fuck baby, that feels good that’s exactly it, how can you take this be so tight and take it? Damn girl fuck! It barely fits.

Look at her take that thing, oh my God is she even going to be able to walk after that?

God that is the biggest dick I’ve ever seen, look at how thick!

Can you see that vein?

Again I was repositioned, bent over so that I could suck on the heavier guy. The other blonde knelt below to lick both his balls in the shaft as he thrust all the way inside of me, each stroke making me scream out my thoughts.

Oh God, are you close? It’s so big. it’s so big, oh God, I’m cuming! I’m cuming so hard, I don’t think I can take it anymore. Please cum! Please cum! I can’t take it!

I’m close, oh man I ain’t never had a bitch take so well. I wish I could nut inside of you, I want it so bad.

Fuck, I’m so close again don’t you dare stop.

I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum you better pull off.

It’s so big, it hurts so good, I don’t know, it’s so much I…

Rachel, I’m…

Cum inside of me! I don’t care, just don’t stop fucking me.”

He pushed into me with one long thrust, stopping as he slammed all the way inside of my slit, filling me past what I thought I could possibly take. I felt him twitching, his cock throbbing as it unloaded inside of me. 

And I never thought about Nicole, my thoughts consumed into the climax building around the seed he pumped inside of me and the chatter drowning out her voice.

Look at the creampie, it’s always dripping out!

I’m cumming too, my cunt is so wet.

God, I wish I could get fucked like that, just passed around and treated like a piece of RealTec.

He held me around the hips, using my waist to milk out the rest, starting up again in slower motions that brought me again to an orgasm seen across millions of streams, shared with more than just the men and women participating in the shower. I came, almost satisfied, watching through another’s eyes to see the white trail brimming down my lips and legs while the others pushed me to my knees, screaming silently for their turn.

I went back and forth, swallowing and slurping, licking up and down the shaft, tongue tasting the balls. My hands worked around the skin, pulling back-and-forth, taking the two of their heads together at one point. 

All the while hearing the hoots of encouragement in my head as I pulled on each of them.

Brian grabbed his own cock for the end, slapping it in and out of my lips. He teased me with the tip before it started to spurt first in my mouth and then up and down my chin in slow blotting gobs of white that stayed despite the pitter-patter of water on my shoulder. 

Get her to clean the head!

Cun in her eyes, I like to see girls squint through it.

Fuck that will sting. What about her tits?

Michael pulled away two, finishing in long ropes that left trails of white from my nose and eyelashes down, not consciously able to deliberately aim at anything, his ejaculate shooting out and up to even land the tip of the trail on my hair.

God… please more…

Madison picked me up, hoisting my five-foot frame easily, kissing me and pressing me against the wall just like Michael. The loads spread between us, my cunt closing around my thighs, and then her fingers found me, barely needing to tickle before I thrashed in one last throw of pleasure, my arms hugging around her back.

Do you feel better now Rachel? Able to think?

Yes, Nicole, I’m sorry about letting him...

Don’t be, it was super hot. Just be sure to actually get clean in the shower before you come home.

Angling under the spigot, I cleaned myself off, almost missing a spot before being reminded. I took my time getting my clothes, recapped a little with my new partners. But there was always the stream, waiting to be replayed from their perspective so I could go back and see when exactly each of them noticed me in the gym.

When each decided they were going to have me…

And as I slowly dressed, the chorus of voices starting again, and for the first time, I wondered how the fuck I would ever get anything else done.


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