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Hit and Miss

Series: Diplomacy Check

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After being left on the edge, Amelia makes her way to her 'date' with the tavern owner.

Amelia flicked her drying hair back over her shoulder. She preferred keeping it tied up out of the way, but time ran short. A thrill tingled down her spine. Soon, she would be able to indulge herself as well as requisition what she needed to continue her journey.

Glancing down at herself, Amelia shifted her loose, low-cut tunic forward on her shoulders. More of her soft, pale cleavage appeared, and she adjusted her perky self. Her toned legs and backside strained against the skin-tight leather trousers. All her traveling had done wonders for her figure.

Warm air rushed around Amelia as she re-entered the tavern’s main room. Voices filled her ears, but she focused on the intent gazes her entrance drew. She smirked and held her head high, passing by countless gawkers. If she didn’t have a specific target in mind, she’d have her pick of the litter for the night.

Roy stopped midway through handing a mug to a customer and stared. The patron grabbed his ale, huffed, and stumbled away from the counter. Amelia strut forward, swaying her hips. The orc couldn’t keep his eyes off her, and she relished in the attention.

“Well?” Amelia asked and leaned over the bar.

“I don’t know about being a princess,” astonishment played over Roy’s face, and Amelia felt his gaze all over her, “but you sure clean up pretty damn well.”

Scooting her elbows in closer, Amelia thrust out her chest. Roy’s eyes snapped down to her modest yet enticing cleavage. “Just wait until we get a little privacy. I’ll show you what this princess can do.”

“If you’re so eager, let’s not waste any more time.” Roy removed his apron, hanging it on a nearby hook.

“We could start here.” Amelia curled a finger under the ‘V’ of her tunic and teased the fabric to the side. “Make them all jealous.”

“No,” Roy said, face stoic despite his obvious ogling. “I like keeping business and pleasure separate.” He stepped away from Amelia and headed toward the rear exit.

Amelia frowned, maintaining pace with Roy. “Don’t tell me you’re not man enough. Am I going to be disappointed?”

Roy stopped, rested his right hand against the doorframe, and glared at Amelia. “Keep talking like that, and I’ll throw you and your friends out.”

“Touchy.” A smile split Amelia’s face as she closed the gap between them. “It’s all a part of the game, nothing personal.”

The door creaked open, and Roy gestured for Amelia to go first. “Come on. Maybe your mouth will be good for something besides talking.”

“I think you’ll be surprised just what my mouth can do.” Amelia brushed her fingers along the front of Roy’s bulging pants and stepped out into the night.

The back of the inn emptied out into a dim alleyway. Amelia expected Roy to pounce on her the second the door clicked closed, but he didn’t. She sighed, disappointed. As much as she teased her partner, she wanted it far worse. The past few days after the accident had been tedious and unsatisfying, and Vivian had wound her up tight.

A massive hand took Amelia by the waist and pulled her. Her hip connected with Roy’s thigh, and he held her close. Rock-hard muscle greeted her softer form, and she shuddered. He would take the lead even after all his protesting.

Amelia tilted her head up against Roy’s arm and caught his hungry eyes. “Finally showing how you really feel?”

“I told you I keep business and pleasure separate.” Roy guided Amelia around the corner out onto a less-than-busy street.

“I like it when a man takes charge.” Amelia wrapped around Roy and stood on her tiptoes to reach his ear. “I’m yours to do whatever you want with for the night.”

Roy smirked, and his thick fingers grazed the edge of her lower bits. “You humans are horny little things.”

“What can I say?” Amelia rubbed her chest up and down Roy’s side. “I have needs.”

“That boy toy you have following you around not doing the job?” A tingling sensation danced up Amelia’s spine as a probing finger slipped under her waistband.

Amelia laughed and cocked her hips back to prevent Roy’s mischievous finger from going further. “He wishes we were like that. No, he’s just a friend.”

“That’s a shame for him, missing out on this.” Roy’s hand slid from Amelia’s hip and squeezed her right cheek.

“Ooo,” Amelia coaxed, sinking back into Roy’s cupped hand. “Show me what you do to horny little things like me.”

Roy spun Amelia around in front of him and forced her up against a rough wood wall. Her breath rushed out of her lungs. She stared up at him towering over her as he placed his hands on either side of her head. Excitement tingled across her skin and between her legs.

Warm and hard, Roy mashed his lips against Amelia’s. His protruding teeth caught her bottom lip but only for a second. She moaned against his mouth, kissing him back. Weight crushed down on her. Bits of wood pricked her shoulder blades, but the sensation drove her passions.

Amelia attempted to arch her back and grind against Roy, but his overwhelming strength kept her pinned beneath him. Her hands roamed up his firm thighs, to his back, and, stretching, his shoulders. She pulled him down against her, nails sinking into his flesh.

Something hard pressed into Amelia’s stomach, and she gasped. Taking advantage, Roy’s tongue slipped into her mouth. She intertwined her fingers in his short hair and yanked. He bucked his hips and kissed her harder. The wood behind her groaned as she thought he would put her through the wall.

Amelia forced her head to the side, breaking their kiss, and sucked in a needy breath. “I hope this is your place.” Roy’s chest rose and fell in time with hers.

“It is.” An amused grin slipped onto Roy’s face, but his eyes focused below Amelia’s face. “Most human women complain that I’m too rough.”

“Be as rough with me as you’d like. I can take it.” Though Roy backed off, Amelia didn’t have the room or strength to move herself.

Roy leaned in and nibbled Amelia’s ear. “I might have to take a trip to Heiden if all the women there are like you.”

“Oh, so you believe me now?” Amelia craned her neck until Roy took the hint and nipped her skin.

“I still don’t believe you’re royalty.” Several kisses ran up and down Amelia’s neck, each one sending a pleasant tingle through her. “From what I’ve seen of the prim and proper, you should have broken already.”

“I pride myself in getting around.” Roy snorted. “To other, less pampered, places, I mean. I’m also a people person.”

“I can see that.” Dirt shifted as Roy eased back. Air rushed into Amelia’s lungs, and she hovered close to him. “Let’s get inside and get you going.” His large, meaty hand clapped her backside, forcing her forward.

Inside, not much stood out to Amelia. Perhaps her privileged upbringing skewed her expectations, but she wasn’t impressed. The bare minimum of furniture—a table, some cabinets, a chest of drawers, and a few chairs. For the owner of a popular tavern, Roy didn’t have many belongings.

“I know I said I don’t mind it rough,” Amelia paced around the room while Roy lit several candles, “but at least a bed would be nice.”

Roy swept up behind Amelia and nudged her head to the left. As his cracked lips caressed her, his big hands slid up the front of her to her breasts. He squeezed, and she melted against him. A soft moan escaped her lips. Her indignation vanished with the heat of his touch.

“It’s in the other room.” Roy’s teeth scraped down her neck, eliciting a trembling breath. “You’re very impatient.”

Amelia went limp in Roy’s arms as he continued to grope her. “I’ve had a stressful couple of days and want to blow off some steam. Besides, don’t pretend you don’t like being teased.”

“As long as you know your place.” Something jumped and poked Amelia in the back.

“And where’s that I wonder?” Amelia asked, slouching and tilting her head backward until she caught Roy’s gaze. She smirked.

Roy squeezed Amelia’s tits one last time before his hands glided back to her hips. He spun her around and rested on her shoulders, forcing her down. “Your knees.”

“So forceful.” Amelia drifted down with Roy’s unwavering guidance. The different in their size heightened, and she squirmed, her legs rubbing together. “I’m so wet.”

“Show me what that royal mouth can do.” Roy stepped forward and shoved his crotch in Amelia’s face.

Amelia stared up into Roy’s eyes as her fingers unbuttoned his trousers. His jaw clenched, but he showed no other reactions. The front flaps fell away, and his pants sank down his frame. A bulge strained his smallclothes. She continued, eager to unwrap her prize.

A fat, disproportionately short slab of meat sprang from its confines. Amelia frowned. She had seen many dicks in her time, but something so stubby was a first. Her hand wrapped around a mere half of its girth. Thank the Gods for prolonged foreplay and her eagerness.

Roy bucked his hips. “Something wrong, princess?”

“No.” Amelia spat on the cockhead and ran her hand up and down the length. Squelching sounds came out from between excess skin. “Just surprised is all.”

Roy growled. “You’re all talk, aren’t you?” He glared down at Amelia as she jerked him off at a slow pace. “I should go and kick your friends out of—”

Amelia pounced. She kept her hand around the base to keep Roy’s cock steady, but it slipped away as she took him in. Her jaw and throat strained to accept his girth. She pressed on; however, determined to show him what she was capable of.

Curly pubic hair met Amelia’s lips as she deep throated Roy in his entirety. “Never mind.” He blew out a sharp breath. “You’re the first human to take it all like that. I’m impressed.”

Amelia breathed through her nose and pulled back. Roy’s manhood slipped out with a wet pop, and she kissed the fat head. “I told you you’d be surprised. How long do you think you can last?”

“We’ll see. Put that whore mouth to work.” Roy thrust, poking Amelia with his slick dick.

Taking hold of the beast before her, Amelia licked up the underside and smiled at Roy. “You’re so romantic.”

Before Roy uttered a word, Amelia took his head into her mouth and sucked. He moaned as her tongue teased the sensitive skin at the base of the tip. She slithered down half his length and bobbed. Wet smacks echoed. The musky scent of a day’s work filled her nostrils.

One of Roy’s hands patted the back of Amelia’s head. The force of the gesture, intentional or not, drove her further down his shaft. She gagged. While she had the skills, they needed a conscious effort to be implemented well.

“Your throat is so tight,” Roy breathed, pushing Amelia deeper. His hips drifted forward to meet her. “I hope the rest of you is as well.”

The tantalizing thought of taking Roy’s fat cock in one of her other holes made Amelia squirm. Her thighs rubbed together against her lower lips. She needed to get him off fast, so they could continue on to other, more satisfying, things. Besides, she wanted to taste his seed.

Amelia slipped her arms around Roy and gripped his ass. She pulled him in with a squeeze as she slid forward. Her nose mashed up against his pubic mound for a second before she retreated. Air rushed into her, and she threw herself at him again.

Muscles quivered beneath Amelia’s hands and arms. Roy’s breathing turned erratic. His hand on the back of her head remained, yet he no longer pressured her. An excited twitch triggered her gag reflex. She swallowed down the sensation—so close.

Gruff moans filled Amelia’s ears. She flicked her eyes up at Roy, and all pleasure drained from his face. The noises he let out a moment ago shifted to occasional puffs of air. Try as he might to cover up the delight he derived from her ministrations, his body betrayed him.

Amelia stared up into Roy’s eyes as his face twisted in rapture. She buried his cock in her throat, and it erupted. Bursts of hot jizz painted her esophagus. His hand gripped her hair tight. She held him firm, his balls emptying into her stomach.

Swallow after swallow, Roy pumped more of his seed into Amelia. She shuddered with each powerful pulse. Her body hung on the edge of orgasm, only requiring the slightest of stimulation, yet she denied herself. The longer she waited, the harder she’d cum.

Easing back, Roy’s slick cock slid out. Bitter saltiness saturated Amelia’s tongue. She ran along the underside to catch any excess and sucked the rest out of the tip. He twitched several more times in her mouth, but he was spent…for now.

A wet pop echoed in the room, and Roy’s rod leapt free. Not a single trace of ejaculate remained on the shaft or head. “Delicious,” Amelia said, biting her lip and cupping his hefty balls in her left hand. “I hope you have some more for me.”

“Plenty. But first we need to get you out of those troublesome clothes.” Roy hauled Amelia to her feet and leered down at her.

Amelia’s knees buckled. She swayed to the side, recovered, and grinned. “Do you want another show, or would you like to do the honors?”

Meaty hands grabbed at the front of Amelia’s tunic and tugged. She staggered forward with the motion as fabric tore. A jagged line ripped down her clothes, and her perky tits bounced free. The chill air tickled her stiff nipples, sprouting goosebumps across her chest and arms.

“Now you’re going to have to add a shirt to our deal.” Amelia’s gaze never left Roy’s.

A smirk quirked Roy’s mouth. “I’m sure you can afford another—you are a princess after all.”

Amelia rolled her shoulders back, shedding the torn article of clothing. “That’s not the point. Do be more careful with my trousers.”

“And where would the fun be in that?” Roy closed the gap between them and rested his heavy hands on Amelia’s hips. His semi-erect member prodded at her bellybutton.

“I normally appreciate such unbridled passions,” Amelia teased the base of Roy’s manhood and slipped up under his loose tunic to trace his defined abdominals, “but these are my last suitable pair.”

“A slut like you doesn’t deserve clothes.” Roy’s fingers curled into the waistband of Amelia’s trousers, and leather creaked.

“Do it,” Amelia demanded, heart hammering. “This naughty girl isn’t fit to wear clothing.”

The seams stretched and strained as Roy brought his strength to bear. Amelia wobbled with the force of his efforts. Stitching popped and gave way, loosening the tightness around her hips. He yanked harder, and the trousers split and fell to her ankles. Her gaze never left his.

Exposed before the tall orc, Amelia shivered. The heat between her legs rose, begging to be touched, but her willpower kept her in check. She pressed her hands against Roy’s stomach. He didn’t so much as sway. To be at the mercy of such a strong, powerful partner drove her wild.

“So, what are you—”

Roy snatched Amelia off her feet. He slung her over his right shoulder and carried her through the house. Her boots flew off followed by her ruined pants. Thuds reverberated behind them as blood rushed to her head. She reached out and slapped his ass.

The world spun. Amelia landed on her back, nestled in a bed of scrunched up sheets. Roy’s heady scent surrounded her, and she breathed deep. Tingles danced across her skin. He ripped his vest and shirt over his head, tossing them aside. His broad, muscular frame excited her.

Amelia glanced down her chest between Roy’s legs. His manhood stood at full attention, and she wanted him inside. “Ravage me with that fat, orc cock.”

“First,” Roy said and crawled onto the bed, forcing Amelia’s legs apart with his knees. “I want to see what a royal pussy tastes like.”

Hefting her thick thighs, Roy slung Amelia’s calves over his shoulders. He reared up and drug her closer. She ran almost vertical, her upper back and neck taking the brunt of the rest of her weight. Hot breath blew over her eager entrance.

Amelia shifted around to a more comfortable position and let Roy do whatever he wanted with her. His arms tightened around her thighs near her pelvis, muscle bulging. Large as they were, his hands spanned the front of her. A small patch of skin separated his thumbs from her womanhood.

Anticipation gripped Amelia. She stared up into Roy’s ravenous eyes, challenging him to devour her. He dipped his head down while he pulled her up. Rough lips grazed her slick folds, and she coaxed him on. Something firm and hot probed her. His broad tongue slipped inside.

Roy worked deeper into Amelia’s canal. Her body convulsed and hips bucked. It had been too long since something other than her fingers graced her nethers, and this was just a tongue! She gasped and moaned as her partner explored her depths with painstaking thoroughness.

Slithering and sliding, Roy became intimately familiar with Amelia’s pussy. He plunged into her, only to flick back out and lap at her lips. She tried to reach up and grab his head to keep him inside her, but she couldn’t in her current position. Instead, she flopped back to let him work at his own pace.

Wet smacks echoed in the room as Roy planted a series of kisses up to her little button. His teeth grazed the sensitive nub, and Amelia flinched. He let out an amused huff before pressing against her and sucking. Pleasure rippled through her, bucking her hips.

Roy’s left arm withdrew from Amelia’s leg as he toyed with her clit. A thick finger penetrated her. She panted as the digit buried itself all the way inside—it matched the sensation of three of hers combined. A second elicited a groan and a hearty shudder.

Roy’s eyes met Amelia’s. “Should I go for three, or will that be too much for your tight, little pussy?”

“Do whatever you want.” Amelia rocked forward to impale herself further on Roy’s wonderful fingers. She teetered on the edge. “I’m so close.”

Roy smirked, dragging Amelia’s button against his lips. Moans seeped out of her whenever he did anything to her. Each caress, lick, and nip escalated her excitement and built up to her inevitable climax. Oh, what a glorious finish it’ll be.

The bed shifted and Amelia with it. Roy hooked inside, rubbing against the ridged hood. Her legs quivered, and she held back from going off. He continued to tease her g-spot as he lavished the outside with licks, kisses, and smacks.

“Just like that,” Amelia gasped, gripping the bedsheets. “Don’t stop. So. Close.”

Amelia relinquished control, and her back arched. The world narrowed to the action below. Her thighs contracted, squeezing Roy’s head in a vice grip, but he didn’t slow. She screamed his name, clamped down, and exploded.

Pleasure tore through Amelia. Every muscle in her body seized, tightening her into a ball of blissful spasms. Her toes curled, and her nails dug into the palms of her hands through the sheets. Nothing else mattered. Ecstasy enveloped her.

Love juices squirted out of Amelia as she regained movement in trembling waves. Air rushed into her lungs, and she sighed. She went limp, hanging off Roy’s shoulders. She closed her eyes. Thank the heavens for a good orgasm.

Roy removed his fingers and replaced them with his mouth. “Make sure you don’t waste a drop,” Amelia said, head back, basking in the afterglow.

Shivers inundated Amelia’s body as Roy raked his tongue up her slit to her clit. “Pretty big talk for some mediocre cunt.” He nibbled extra skin.

Amelia opened her eyes and glared at Roy. “You wouldn’t be happily licking away down there if that’s what you thought of me.”

“You human lasses are all the same—as common as the next.” Despite his harsh words, Roy appeared intent to obey Amelia’s command and lap up her fluids.

Muscles strained as Amelia propped herself up on her elbows, trying to regain some control over herself. “Let’s see if you’re still saying that after I fuck your brains out.”

“You’re so energetic for someone who came so easily.”

“Hey, it’s been,” Amelia cocked her head and frowned, “days, and I was excited after our little back and forth. Besides, you came just as easy, and I’m ready for more.”

Roy surged forward and tossed Amelia onto her back. She chuckled, lying beneath her eager partner. “I guess you are, too.”

Hot, heavy man meat rested on the top half of Amelia’s womanhood, protruding up to her stomach. Roy closed the rest of the gap between them. His lips met hers, and his pecks squished her breasts. Hair tickled her stiff nipples. She arched her back to join her body and his further.

Roy rolled his hips back. The bulbous tip of his manhood spread her. She moaned against his mouth, and he pulled away. Teeth scraped her neck followed by soft, gentle kisses. Her fingers gripped his hair, yanking his head to the side.

“Fuck me,” Amelia whispered as her lips brushed Roy’s ear. She tugged on his earlobe.

A growling groan reverberated in Roy’s throat, and he bit Amelia. While the pain flared out from the bite, he thrust into her. Her eyes and mouth shot open. His massive girth split her with overwhelming force, stretching her to her limits. She writhed in shock.

Pressure built inside Amelia’s lower regions. Roy’s cock filled her, and she let out a shuddering breath. He hit every aching spot in her pussy. She relaxed her taught muscles. The fullness drove her wild, wanting nothing more than to be ploughed again and again.

“You can move, you know.” Amelia settled down on Roy’s rod, his wiry hair tickling her. “I won’t break.”

Amelia swayed as Roy placed his hands on either side of her head. She grinned, locking eyes with him. His piercing, domineering stare made her scrunch up in anticipation. He moved. The void between her legs returned, shrinking back to somewhat normal.

The sound of flesh clapping together filled the room. Roy drove back into Amelia, scooting her along the bed several inches. Her shoulders slammed into his wrists. She closed her eyes, relishing in the power and satisfaction of his thrust, and opened them as he withdrew.

Roy’s eyes never left Amelia’s. He hammered in and out of her eager hole in rhythmic fashion. Each time he hilted inside her, she moaned. The broad head of his dick rubbed her just the right way. Goosebumps rose all across her skin, and her hair raised with them.

Amelia gripped Roy’s forearms and grit her teeth. “Harder.”

Roy picked up his pace. Thrust after thrust impaled Amelia on his full length. She squirmed and moaned, pleasure overtaking any other thought or sense. Her nails dug into his arms, but he didn’t slow down. The same motion ploughed into her and heightened the sensation building deep inside.

A moan leaked from between Roy’s closed lips despite the stoic face he put on. Amelia smiled between gasps and groans. Harder he pounded her, trying so hard to distract her from his little slip-up, but she held his gaze. Teasing him excited her to no end.

“What was that?” Amelia mocked, smug. “Enjoying this common cunt?”

Roy pulled out and flipped Amelia over in one fluid motion. She yelped. His meaty hands groped at her waist, pulling her up on her knees. A slap stung her firm right cheek, sending it jiggling. She clambered onto her elbows and presented her ass.

In an instant, Roy forced himself back into Amelia’s depths. She fell forward as his cock spread the walls of her wet canal. Another slap rang in her ears and left a burning mark. She pushed back against him, keen to keep him inside her.

Fingers scratched Amelia’s hips. Roy guided her back to him and added his own force to the effort. His heavy balls slapped against her clit after each thrust. The muscles in her legs started to lock up, and she gave away all the control to him. She went slack in his grip.

Roy slipped his arms around Amelia’s waist, cradling her weight. Her entire body rocked to his will. “Oh, yes. Like that. Fuck me like an animal!”

Their sweat combined between their pressed flesh. Roy bent over Amelia, her backside contouring to his abdominals. Her tits swayed free, but the rest of her remained still in his grasp. He had complete control over her, and she wanted him to take advantage of it.

Before Amelia could say anything, Roy slammed her back into him. She gasped as he lifted her clear off the bed. Her hair fell in front of her eyes. The slick warmth of their intermingling bodies enveloped her back. His head shoved hers aside, and he scraped his teeth along her neck.

Amelia moaned. Roy reached further inside her while pounding her with relentless force. Her legs drifted closer together after each thrust, tightening her up. Pain twinged through her. The tighter she got, the more accentuated his girth became. He was splitting her in two, and she loved it.

Pressure increased around Amelia’s gut as Roy squeezed her tight. The resistance her insides put up against his intrusion bolstered. Unable to control herself, she cried out and quivered. A calloused hand encompassed her left breast, squeezing hard.

Quick, hot breaths ticked Amelia’s ear. “I’m going to pump your slutty pussy full of my seed.”

Amelia’s own orgasm drew near, her body ready, but she wanted to tease Roy. “Already?”

Roy growled and bit Amelia’s neck. His pace quickened, member throbbing. He tweaked her stiff nipple, and a shiver ran down her spine. She couldn’t wait for him to flood her depths with his thick, hot seed. Just thinking about it almost tipped her over the edge too early.

“Fill this naughty princess with your peasant cum.” Leaning forward, Amelia found her swollen clit and rubbed fast and hard.

Roy’s cock twitched, and Amelia prepared herself. He thrust one last time, hilting himself and pressing their bits tight against one another. A hot stream of jizz erupted inside and painted her walls with his seed. She screamed in bliss as another orgasm took her.

Pulse after pulse shot more cum, and Amelia’s eager pussy accepted it all. She clamped down on Roy’s length, milking him for every drop. Gruff groans filled her ear as he tried to stifle his pleasure. No matter what he did, his body couldn’t lie. He loved fucking her.

An aftershock ran through Amelia’s body. Her muscles became weak, and her limbs sagged in Roy’s grasp. Between his dick and his cum, her vagina stretched to its limits. She basked in the fullness and the tickles of ecstasy that tweaked her hotspots.

The support beneath Amelia dropped away, and she fell. Roy’s softening man meat slipped out of her womanhood—a rush of seed flowing out with it. She shuddered as globs ran up her box and teased her bellybutton. A sigh escaped her, but she wanted more.

Amelia rolled onto her back and stared up at Roy. He slouched on his knees but righted himself the moment he noticed her eyes on him. His chest rose and fell in shallow breaths, and his skin glistened with their sweat. Their combined juices dripped from his member.

Straining against tired muscles, Amelia propped herself up on her elbows. “Grab me a towel, and then I’ll clean that up for ya.”

Roy shifted back and stood. He swayed with the first step, and Amelia grinned. The floorboards creaked as he stormed across the room and grabbed a towel off a hook on the wall. She inched to the edge of the bed, and the article landed over top of her.

A smile curled Amelia’s lips. She inhaled deep, and Roy’s scent inundated her. Heat rose between her legs—she wasn’t done yet. With a quick flick, she yanked the towel off her head and went about cleaning up the mess he left. He really let her have it.

Amelia finished up and tossed the messy washcloth aside. She glanced sideways; her eyes flicked down to her sloppy treat. “Come here and shove that thing in my face.”

Roy stepped up before Amelia, presented his manhood, and gripped the back of her head. She surged forward at his command, left cheek slapping against his thigh. Sticky fluid—hers or his, it didn’t matter—smeared across her skin. Her lips brushed his limp member.

Amelia tilted her head up as Roy’s fingers twisted in her hair. “You know I’m going to suck it; you don’t have to force me.”

“I thought you liked it rough,” Roy said, pressing Amelia’s face to his crotch.

“Oh, I do. It’s just not necessary all the time.” The hefty weight of Roy’s junk rested on the tip of Amelia’s tongue.

Roy thrust, and his slimy cock popped into Amelia’s mouth. She sucked. His firm hand guided her forward until she took all of him. Saltiness danced over her tongue as it slithered around his stiffening rod. Her hands slipped down between her legs.

A soft moan eked out of Amelia. Her gentle fingertips parted her slick folds and dove inside. Despite cuming hard twice, she desired more. The instrument of her pleasure for the night grew, and she had to focus and deepthroat it. He was ready.

Amelia thrust her fingers deep into herself before she pulled back off the thick cock. Her eyes traveled up Roy’s body. “Seems like you’re not satisfied yet either.” She kissed the underside of his cockhead. “Lay down, and I’ll take care of you.”

Scowling, Roy obeyed Amelia’s command. The bed creaked and popped as his weight plopped down beside her. She bounced, almost losing her balance, and smirked over at him. He gestured for her to hurry up with a tilt of his head.

Amelia threw her right leg over Roy’s broad frame, straddling him. Her eyes locked with his as she settled down on his thighs. His fat cock rose up in front and eclipsed her wet womanhood. She shimmied forward until their bits touched, yet she didn’t take him in.

“You want back inside, don’t you?” Amelia teased, rocking her hips to slide her lips up and down his meat. “Beg me.”

Powerful hands gripped Amelia’s waist and lifted her half an inch. “I should be saying that to you. Look at how bad you want it.”

The tip of Roy’s manhood prodded Amelia’s watering entrance. “Says the guy who’s one second away from forcing me onto his cock.” He released her, and she ran all the way back down his length, shuddering.

“Enough games. Do it or get out.” Roy’s hands fell aside—Amelia had full control.

Excitement danced down Amelia’s spine and spread throughout her being. Setting the pace turned her on as much as letting her partner own her. She didn’t care how the deed happened; she enjoyed the act. All of it. This little romp made up for all the hassle of the previous few days.

Amelia’s thighs flexed as she lifted herself. She placed one hand against Roy’s firm mass of muscle for balance and cupped her right breast with the other. Light fingers tweaked her nipple. A moan—more show than genuine pleasure—escaped her. Her hand traveled down.

Toned abs met Amelia’s hand. She slowed the descent, twisting her torso. Her eyes focused on Roy’s captivated expression, but his were transfixed lower. The slower she went, the more intent he grew. Something poked her, and she stopped.

With more effort than she would like to admit, Amelia bent forward and caught the tip in her curled fingers. She guided him toward her pussy, mindful of their slick surfaces. Her muscles contracted. The head parted her folds and pressed inside.

Amelia gasped as Roy penetrated her. Her velvet walls gave way to his unyielding hardness, splitting her in two as she lowered herself. Each inch compounded the feeling forcing its way up. She moaned in earnest this time; broad ridge hitting her g-spot.

The rest of Roy’s manhood slipped into Amelia with ease until she impaled herself fully. Her vagina tightened around his shaft. Rough pubes met her lower lips, and she gyrated her hips. His mighty rod stirred up her insides, making her lose control.

Amelia rolled forward, Roy deep in her, and placed her hands on his chest. With her newfound support and leverage, she lifted herself until he almost slipped out of her. Then, without hesitation, she slammed back down. An ecstatic cry ripped from her lungs.

Flesh clapped together as Amelia worked herself up and down Roy’s cock. She went as fast as her body allowed, swallowing his massive girth before the void it left behind struck her. The rhythm of her overzealous fucking sent her perky tits bouncing.

Roy’s eyes locked with Amelia’s as she drove herself down. His hands, still at his side up until then, moved. He traced the contours of her powerful thighs, skated over her tight backside, and ran up her back. She expected him to grab her and speed her up, but he let her continue uninterrupted.

Calloused fingers caught Amelia’s breasts, supporting them. She melted against Roy’s touch, but she didn’t slow her own pace. He squeezed, and exhilaration shivered across her flesh. Her head rolled back; eyes closed. Bliss found her in the form of some meaty orc.

Faster, Amelia pumped. Roy’s ministrations took some of the strain of lifting her weight off her waning leg muscles. He massaged her supple tits in time with the downward thrust of her vigorous humping. She leaned into his embrace, riding him with wild abandon.

Pressure built with each driving motion. Much longer, and Amelia would burst. The need to climax overwhelmed her. She ignored the twinge of an onset cramp in her thighs and fucked herself harder. Every spot in her stretched womanhood sang.

“I’m gonna cum,” Amelia breathed, unable to slow herself down even if she wanted to.

Roy groaned and clamped onto her breasts. “Don’t stop. Unless you don’t want a second helping.”

At the mere mention of more of Roy’s seed flooding her, Amelia spasmed. She held herself together, but her muscles began to seize up. A quick nudge, and he arched his back for her to slip under. The shift in position and extra help balancing enabled her to keep going strong.

Roy twitched inside Amelia, and a strained expression came over his face. He was as close as she was. She pounded away, excited for release. A little more. She only needed to hold on for a few more moments. Her body trembled, and her self-control slipped through her grasp.

Amelia dropped onto Roy’s dick. Her toes curled, her pussy clamped down on him, and she screamed out in rapture. In turn, he pulsed inside her, spewing his hot, sticky jizz into her inner depths. While his previous two loads filled her to bursting, this third one seemed far lighter.

Tremors of pleasure shook Amelia’s body as she basked in the afterglow of her powerful orgasm. Her legs gave out on her, and she collapsed into Roy’s hands; her own hands on his chest unable to support her weight. He continued to pump what little remained in his balls into her hungry canal.

“Oh, Gods,” Amelia closed her eyes, and sweat dripped from her chin, “that was spectacular.”

Roy grunted and gave her a little squeeze. “It’s been a while since I’ve had someone as energetic as you.”

“I told you that you wouldn’t be disappointed.” Twitches pushed Roy’s softening member out of Amelia’s pussy—thin semen leaking out.

“You proved that you’re one horny little bitch. I like that.” A slap echoed in the chamber as Roy clapped Amelia’s taut backside.

Amelia tingled from the strike, savoring the pained pleasure. “I’m glad this royal pussy could be of service.”

“I don’t know about you being a princess, but you were a good lay.” The world swayed, and Amelia landed beside Roy. He stood and began to clean their juices off his crotch. “You and your friends are welcome to stay at the inn for a couple days, but I’m afraid I’m not giving horses or a wagon to some random woman claiming to be royalty.”

Amelia’s eyes cast about the room. Several heavy objects sat with reach to clock Roy over the head with and take what he owed her. However, she suppressed her violent urges. The glint of a keyring caught her eye. A more subtle approach would suit the situation better.

“Can I at least have a change of clothes since you ruined mine?” Amelia’s muscles strained as she wiggled to the edge of the bed. Her feet hit the floor, and she wobbled upright.

“As much as I’d like to kick you out without any clothes, and I’m sure you’d enjoy that, I can’t have you traipsing around my inn naked.” Roy headed toward a closet on the other side of the room. “Let me grab—”

“I’ll just take the ones you were wearing,” Amelia said, stepping out of the bedroom and past her torn clothes. “Consider it a souvenir for the road.”

Roy shook his head. “Be my guest. I don’t care if you get off to my scent.”

“Wonderful.” Amelia bent down to retrieve Roy’s worn clothes. She waggled her ass, keeping Roy focused on her and not the slight jingle of keys. “Maybe we can do this again before I leave.”

A snort rushed out of Roy. “We’ll see.” He swept up behind Amelia and slapped her half-covered bottom. “Now scram. I have to get up early tomorrow to work on the stuff I neglected tonight.”

Amelia rolled up the long pant legs and lashed the baggy waist tight around her much smaller frame. “Perhaps I can fit under the counter, and you won’t have to miss work next time.”

Despite the stern expression on Roy’s face, a lop-sided grin tugged at the corner of his mouth. “You’re trouble.”

“Thanks.” Oversized cloth caressed Amelia’s otherwise naked and sensitive skin as she threw Roy’s tunic on. She smirked. “Goodnight, Roy.”


The door closed behind Amelia, and the silence of the night enveloped her. She inhaled a deep breath of the clean air, getting a whiff of Roy’s musk. Her exhausted legs carried her back to the inn. While she would love to sleep, spending the night wasn’t an option.

Five people dotted the tavern room as Amelia swept through. Half of them were passed out at their table; the other gave her curious glances. She continued, ignoring their lingering eyes, to the room Jonas and Harper occupied. The wood door echoed her rhythmic knock.

Jonas opened the door a long moment later, bags under his eyes. “I was wondering if you were going to come back tonight.”

“Awww, you waited up for me.” Amelia pushed past Jonas into the small inn room. Harper lay motionless on one of the beds, and she lowered her voice. “How sweet.”

“Harper insisted.” Bitterness dripped from Jonas’ voice.

A smile tugged at Amelia’s lips. “See? Harper’s a good girl. Now, we should get going.”

“What do you mean?” Jonas asked, closing the door behind him.

“Well,” Amelia spun around, shrugged her shoulders, and cocked her head, “things didn’t go exactly as planned.”

“Then, why are you back so late?”

“Oh, the sex was great. But he didn’t buy that I was royalty and didn’t give me anything but this room.” The left pocket jingled, and Amelia stuffed her hand in to silence the surprise.

Jonas shot Amelia and impatient glare. “And?”

“I,” Amelia withdrew her hand and brandished the keyring, “acquired the keys to the stables, so we can help ourselves to what he rightfully owes me.”

“Unbelievable.” Harper stirred at Jonas’ outburst, but she didn’t wake. He reeled in his anger and came close to Amelia. “I figured you’d be content just to let him fuck you, but you had to go and make things difficult.”

Amelia pushed Jonas back a step. “I wanted what I was worth. A princess is worth more than some room in the middle of nowhere.”

“If you keep putting out, you’re going to be worth nothing since you’re just giving it away.” Distaste with a hint of jealousy danced in Jonas’ eyes.

Unashamed, Amelia threw her arm around Jonas’ shoulder. He squirmed against her. “That’s why I had to make sure I got everything I should out of our little arrangement.”

“I don’t think”—Jonas wrenched himself away from Amelia—“stealing negates the fact that you sold yourself for a room for a night.”

Amelia frowned. “Let’s drop it. Gather the stuff; I’ll wake Harper up. Then we can get out of here.”

“Okay,” Jonas tipped forward in a mocking bow; a smirk on his face, “your royal skankness.”


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