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The Way To Freedom

Series: Pussytech Evolution

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From female chastity to sex and more sex.

Laura was silent for a while, too busy trying to get out of her predicament. In the first part, we saw her ingenuity in creating a Kevlar chastity patch. Laura's colleague Rachel was equally inventive with her use of a measuring putty and the application of Cortocelline to reduce overgrown labia lips. Laura is now continuing her story.

Being fired is never fun. For me, it was much worse, as I felt my kevlar patch intimately attached to my pussy. The only key has become unreachable, left in the lab of a wound-up company. Rachel was in similar trouble. Both our men were out of town, so having sex wasn’t an immediate possibility anyway. But our long-term prospects were no good. Will we become un-fucked old maids, abandoned by our boyfriends, isolated, childless and sour?

Apart from such dark thoughts, wearing the patch was quite pleasant, without being too distractive. The Kevlar fibers have grown into my clit. They carried tiny electrical charges from piezo-electric crystals I mixed into the kevlar on Michael’s suggestion. The patch was sitting comfortably deep in my crack, thanks to Rachel’s computerized measurements. A small part of it went inside my vagina, tickling me gently at every move.

Rachel articulated my concern:  

“We must take off these patches before our boyfriends come home.”

“My Michael is due in two weeks' time,” I replied.

“Jim could be home as early as this weekend,” said Rachel. “If only we could get somehow a generator like you had under your desk.”

“I don’t even know what kind of generator it was. I’m not that much into electronics. “

“Wait, Jim is a specialist in electronics.”

“Can we ring him on Skype?”

“Laura, please be gentle with Jim. He is very shy with women. I know he blanks out on pussy-talk, and he hates the idea of being introduced to my lady friends.”

“OK, Rachel, I’m rather inoffensive in my current state. Perhaps Jim can find some motivation if you say there will be no sex for him unless he helps us.”


Delays at every step

We rang Jim, and Rachel provided the necessary explanations before I joined the call. He asked me to describe the buttons and dials on the generator I had in my lab. He asked how I entered the unique code which would lock and unlock our patches.

“Do you know the code you are locked into?“ asked Jim.

“I’m sure I’ve written it down somewhere. I mentioned it when I was waiting for the train on the first night I was wearing the chastity patch.“

“We must find a device that generates similar pulses. From what you told me, it must be a strobe synchronized serial signal generator,” said Jim, “rather old technology.”

“So how do we get another one?”

“These days, such generators are just the size of a car key. If they still make them.”

“Where do I buy them.”

“I must search through some Asian websites.”

We never heard from Jim for three days. When he came back online, he said his dad had a stroke and he spent all the time at his hospital bed. Rachel was supportive, but gave him a gentle reminder:

“Jim, don’t forget about our poor locked pussies.”

“Yeah, sure, you girls will be girls. That’s all you can think of.”  Rachel was quick to remind him of the obvious consequences:

“You won’t get much pleasure from my girly parts if you don’t find a website selling the signal generator to unlock us.“

Jim agreed and started searching. The next morning, he sent us a link to a page on an Asian website with the product we needed. As he said, the product was just the size of a car key, without the metallic stick. Jim warned us that the website sells a set of two matching parts. One was a small microchip to be locked or unlocked, like the chips we had under our clit-shields. The other part was the key we needed. Both parts were programmable to a specific code, to make them work together through a USB cable.

The parts were cheap, so I ordered four sets because Jim said he might need some spares to make the electronics match. Three days later, I received an email:

“Hello, friend. Good news for you. We are upgrading your order free of charge. No more need for USB cables. Please receive our new model which uses Bluetooth connection instead of cable.”

I replied, "I’m ready to cover the cost for an additional order." I made it clear we needed the old model. The response took a week to come:  

“Hello, friend. We found the parts you need in a warehouse in a remote province. The parts are now on the way to us. When they arrive, we will package them for international delivery to your country. Next week is High Moon festival so there is no activity during this time. When you receive the parts, please don’t forget to give us a five-star rating.”

There was no chance to get the keys any time soon. The website advertised 24-40 days for delivery. With the Moon Festival, it might take longer. This was bad news, but at least the keys were on their way. I won’t be locked forever.


Life in a chastity patch

I just had to make sure I can keep Michael. When he rang me, I pulled out all stops:

“Believe me, Michael, I’m dying to have sex with you when you come home this weekend. It’s just that the key for my pussy is not here yet.”

“Ha, ha, Laura, I knew a month ago we won’t be having sex this weekend.”

“Michael, please believe me,” I was close to tears, but Michael was all smiles and gentle:

“Laura, you are a great scientist, and a cute one at that, but it’s always my task to count twenty-eight days between your periods!”

“Ah, silly me. What would I do without you, Michael.”

“You locked yourself in an act of attachment. I’ll be with you all the way.”

My period was indeed coming, which explained my shifting moods. Thanks to Michael, I wasn’t caught unprepared. I realized that my usual tampons won’t go into the usual place. I bought some sanitary pads, then I was miserable in my panties for four days. I won’t bore you with this frustrating period.

Altogether, I spent seven weeks in my chastity patch. Same for Rachel. The guys were great, supporting us with kind words, and the occasional caress. Rachel went crazy when her tits received some attention from Jim’s hands. I felt I was losing my mind when Michael put his arm on the back of my neck, following the line of my spine downwards. I got no sexual relief from such gestures, but the emotional support was reassuring.

Rachel and I became closer over this ordeal. The guys appeared to be bonding as well. We girls were hot all the time, but it was hard to tell whether it was because of our prolonged frustration, or because of the stimulating effects of the chastity patch. We both found that wearing panties was unnecessary since nothing got in anyway. We couldn’t even play with our clits, which were covered by ceramic plates housing the microchips.

We were watching daily for any postal delivery. There was a false alarm when the first parcel arrived. It contained the Bluetooth parts, useless for our pussies, but Jim stored them carefully. In preparation for the real keys, I retrieved my unlock code from my notes and entered it as a “contact” into my mobile phone. I was Laura 692-487-5031.


Keys have come

When the keys finally arrived, Michael drove me to Rachel’s place where Jim lived. He programmed two keys and it was time to test whether they worked. Rachel went to the bathroom and came back with a USB cable sticking out under her dress. I did the same. Jim plugged Rachel’s cable into one of the keys and pressed the unlock button. We all looked at her, eager to hear the result.

“I think it worked,” said Rachel. Then she turned to me and Michael:  “Your turn now. “

Michael plugged me in and pressed the button. I felt the chastity patch becoming lose. It still stayed in place, because it was sitting deep inside my folds and in my pussy. But it wasn’t adhering to my flesh anymore. I went to the bathroom, where Rachel was removing her patch. She made a sound of displeasure:

“Oh, no… “

I soon understood, when my little intruder came out from my pussy. Suddenly, my center was gone and I had nothing to lean on anymore. It felt empty, open, unprotected.

“I’m missing it already,“ I said, then Rachel pointed out the upside:

“I must urgently put Jim to work, to fill this void.”

“Michael will be busy as well,” I said and we burst into laughter.

“You can leave your patch here because Jim wants to check the electronics. “

We put on our clothes and returned to the men in the living room. I spoke first:

“Please excuse us, Michael and I have some urgent activities to do at home.”

“Same here. Drive carefully!“ responded Rachel. Everyone agreed in a hurry.

On the way to the car, I had to lean on Michael’s arm, to avoid losing my balance. The cool air made me aware I had no panties on, and I felt exposed, aroused and ashamed at the same time. More reasons to hold on to Michael. We got into the car, and he was driving when he said:

“Laura, do you still remember how to have sex?”

“Michael, you need to show me again.” This wasn’t entirely a joke. I felt disoriented.

At home, it was a weird feeling. We were free to have sex, but our brains were still expecting to get stopped at any moment.  We had ten sexless weeks behind us. It was hard to believe the denial was over. We had to struggle for a while to find our rhythm again. Luckily, our bodies guided us and we had sex. Michael came inside me, which felt deeply intimate and I remained on my back to absorb his cum.

“Sorry, Laura, I know you couldn’t come. I came too fast, after two months.”, said Michael.

“It still felt good to have you inside me. You’ll do better the next time. Have a snack, Michael. I know it takes you half an hour to recharge.”

I didn’t have to wait that long. This time we went more slowly, methodically. When he touched my clit, I nearly screamed of pleasure. Then, his finger went down slowly along my pussy lips and I felt trepidation at his every move. I got so aroused that I came immediately when he entered me. This never happened before.


Bottom-up and beautiful

We made love all night, and it got better and better each time. After the third or fourth time, I turned around in bed and pushed up my bottom. Michael exclaimed:

“Oh, you are so beautiful, Laura!“ My face was down on a pillow so I wasn’t sure what beauty he saw in me. I felt he was being cheeky. I was searching for a sharp reply when he found the most pleasant way to shut me up. He entered me with unusual force, and I reacted instinctively, so we were in full intercourse in almost no time.  Michael noted:

“The best part is when I get past the bend inside you.” I didn’t quite understand this. All I knew we were deeply coupled. At his every thrust, I had a contraction inside me. As if I had a series of small orgasms, building towards the big one. But it took some time. Our bodies were so much in synch, that I only came when he ejaculated. It felt like I was causing his burst as if I was extracting semen from his body. When it finally came, we both exploded. We continued like this all night.

In the morning, I felt like a woman again. Michael too looked sated, calm and very masculine. I went to the bathroom to have a shower. In fact, I showered the night before, but I was in too much hurry back then. Now I had time for my girly self. When I was wearing the chastity patch, I couldn’t shave everywhere. I was able to avoid a bush on the front, but some hairs have grown in deeper places. So I shaved, then I held a mirror to my pussy to check the results.

What I saw took my breath away. My big lips had shrunk! Instead of thick dark brown tissue, I now had thin lips, barely protruding from my crack. I was pink! The change was more than skin deep. My new lips were highly sensitive. Instead of dead skin, all my sensitive nerves were close to the surface. When I held my hand over my crack, my pussy could sense the warmth of my palm.   

The biggest change was the feeling in my clit. It used to lie buried below an inch of skin. Now my love-button felt exposed, and I was surprised how small it looked. It felt larger than life, commanding my entire body. It was still covered by a hood, but that was thin and made me feel every touch. I played with it, just for curiosity, and I found it very difficult to stop.


On top of the world

During our bedroom activities, I always found an opportunity to be on top. For me, it was a way of self-expression. It satisfied my need to occasionally be in the driving seat, to choose the rhythm and the intensity. Michael said I looked like I was having the time of my life when I was on top. He held up his hands, so my tits rubbed against his palms when I was jumping up and down on him.

The best part was to rub my clit against his pelvic bone, while his penis was inside me. I always got sparks of pleasure from such moves.  But this time, rubbing my clit gave me mind-blowing sensations, and I kept jumping wildly, enjoying it like never before. These were new sensations, sharper and more immediate than the deeply buried joys of the clit I was used to.

Despite the tremendous pleasure, I was never able to come when I was riding on top. Michael could not come either since I wanted him to lie motionless while I was imposing my rhythm on him. So the exercise was always just a warmup for both of us. I continued my ride until I got tired. Then I followed my complex routine to turn sideways without losing his penis. Michael helped because he knew how much I suffered if he withdrew before I got satisfied. He also turned sideways and we ended up spooning.

Coming from behind, his penis went deeper than when we were facing each other. Michael started to thrust and I came while he was still gathering momentum. He always said that when I’m coming, my inner parts relax their grip for a bit of time, allowing him to go even deeper. I can’t feel the same details, but within seconds I was ready again. He moved faster and faster, deeper and deeper and we came together in a spooning position. Then we remained coupled like that for a while.


Comparing notes again

Michael went to work the following week. I met with Rachel at a coffee shop. She had similar joys with Jim, so we girls were both relieved and satisfied. Rachel said, “You and I are not on the same key-code any more.” Then she pulled out my chastity patch from her bag, along with a remote-control key.

“I know where that goes!” I exclaimed, and my pussy longed for the familiar feeling.

“Guess where my patch is right now?” Rachel replied with a chuckle.

“So that’s why you look so naughty,”  I replied. Then I hurried into the bathroom, put my patch into its proper place, and locked it with the remote. As I came back to the table, I felt the usual pleasure of walking.

“You walk much more nicely,” remarked Rachel, but she didn’t have to, because men gave me quite a few glances along the way.

For the next fortnight, I was wearing my patch during the day, only taking it off in the evening when Michael came home. It was more pleasurable to wear than I thought. This time, I was free from the uncertainty of remaining locked indefinitely. So I fully enjoyed the feelings of femininity the chastity patch gave me.

The patch became better with every week that passed. Rachel felt the same. In our conversations, we never mentioned being addicted, although we probably were.


Men have certain obligations

One night, Michael had to stay late for a company function. I waited for him for a while, then I fell asleep with my patch still on. Around midnight, he came to bed. We were both sleeping naked, so I became aware of his body in my sleep. His hand went where I liked it most and he felt the kevlar patch.

“It’s all right, Laura. If you don’t want sex tonight, I can manage,” he said.

“Ahh, quite the opposite, Michael.  The key is below your pillow, please unlock me.”

“I hope you haven’t gone submissive, Laura. You know I like you being strong-minded and independent.”

“I’m far from submissive, Michael,” I said, starting to wake up from my slumber. “Just for you to know, I intend to ride you whenever I like it. It’s just that it’s a great feeling to be unlocked by you. Please carry this remote on your keyring.”

“Laura, I thought we were equal?”

“Yes, Michael, we are equal but different. Remember I can’t come when I ride on top. You can’t come when you don’t move. You were made to push and thrust, I was made to be… oh, come on, I need to get fucked. But only by you, and by no one else. You satisfy me, then you lock me. When you unlock me, then I know you want me again.”

“So now I have one more item to carry around.”

“I’m more interested in another item you carry with you all the time.” I held his penis and closed my eyes. I was sleepy, and so was Michael. But we couldn’t hold out much longer. Michael found the key where I placed it and pushed the button. I took off my patch and we made love again. It was one of the best sex we had.

“Don’t forget to lock me in the morning,” I said and Michael knew it was pointless to argue against me. “You are so beautiful, Laura, when you are pushing your point.” With this, he added the remote key to his key ring. It was a flat, small device. He got used to carrying it, I got used to being locked and unlocked by my man. It was a nice new habit for the two of us, bringing a bit of extra spice based on trust.


Meet in the middle

Michael had to go on a three-week trip again. He said it will likely be the last one. The deal he worked on was either going ahead, or it was going to fall through. For about a week, I settled into the pattern of a happily attached woman waiting for her man. I intended to look for a job, but Michael asked me to delay that until his plans became more clear. I thought we had to move to another city, depending on his carrier choices. Interestingly, Rachel was told the same by Jim. These two guys were up to something.

Then Michael rang me one day, and he could not hide his elation.

“Are you alone, Laura?”

“Yes, Michael, I’m alone and chaste for you.”

“That’s not what I meant. Let me talk about something serious.”

“Michael, I’m still a scientist, eager to hear.” Truth be told, my pussy was on fire when I heard Michael’s voice. But I knew he needed me to be more than a sex kitten. I was indeed more than that. I might have been a sexpot, but when I was aroused, my brains were aroused too.

“Guess what Laura. We signed the contract to create the conglomerate. I shall remain one of the non-executive directors. For my efforts, I am to receive $2m each year for ten years. We are rich, Laura!”.

“Wow, Michael!. Tell me the details.”

“Don’t worry now, Laura. How about we meet in the middle?”

“Feel free to come into my middle any time.”

“We’ll see to that. Can you make it to the airport this evening? I bought you a ticket to Hawaii.”

“I’m rushing right now, Michael. I won’t have much time to pack my bags.”

“You won’t need too many clothes, Laura.”

“That sounds promising! Don’t forget to bring the key to my pussy.”

“It’s already in my pocket. I can feel it.”

When I arrived in Hawaii, Michael took me to the hotel and I noticed it was a high class one. He had a week-long holiday before he had to go back to Asia for further talks. Hawaii was a good choice to reduce his jetlag.


Showing off my pleasure ball

On most days, we were going to nudist beaches. Many women had pussy bling, whereas I looked more modest with my deeply seated patch. The women raised my competitive spirit and Michael noticed.

“Laura, I can see you are planning something.”

“Yes, a bit of surprise. We daughters of Eve like to shine and dazzle.”

I still had my external chastity patch in my bag, the earlier model which was more like a mesh. Jim has changed the electronics on that too, so it would open with the same remote which Michael carried on his keyring. On our way back to the hotel, I stopped at a souvenir shop. They were selling cheap jewelry made of volcanic rock. I picked some small glass balls in bright colors. They were perfect spheres, of different sizes, smooth and shining like crystal balls.

In the morning, after we had sex, I went to the bathroom to try each glass ball in my pussy crack. When I found the right size, I put on the old chastity mesh and asked Michael to lock me into it. The ball was trapped below the mesh, glowing brightly through the grey fibers of Kevlar. It was large enough to avoid slipping in. It was also small enough to fit into my crack. The mesh was holding it in place.

The glass ball was smooth and slippery, moving where I was most sensitive, right at the vaginal entrance. A perfect outfit for a nudist beach, more arousing than the chastity patch I was normally wearing. I put on a short dress and we left the room. I had no underwear, which wasn’t unusual at the holiday resort.

In the hotel lobby, we saw a Japanese couple we befriended a day earlier on the nudist beach. We knew they were both schoolteachers, older than us. They were waiting for transport to the helipad, for a trip to another island in Hawaii. They said there were nice secluded beaches there.

As we were talking, the tour guide approached me and Michael, asking whether we wanted to join the day trip. They had two more seats available in the helicopter and were offering a half-price discount. We felt adventurous, so we signed up.

The remote beach was indeed a great nudist spot. I made sure to show my blue-green jewelry. The chastity patch was covering my pussy. Below the loose fibers, the shining ball could be seen trapped at the bottom of my crack.  The Japanese lady gave me appreciative looks. She said, “Just take care in the waves, it would be a shame to lose that nice ball.”

“It won’t come off,” I assured her. Indeed, I bathed naked a few times during the day, and I could feel my ball all along. I jumped up and down in the surf, sometimes head first.  Al along, the ball was gently moving at my vaginal opening. In the water, no one noticed how wet I was.

Michael was watching from the beach and when I came out, I saw he was a bit aroused. Men cannot hide on a nudist beach. 

“Your ball was shining,” he explained.

“Did anyone else notice?”

“Everyone noticed, that’s for sure. When you were diving with your bottom in the air, I saw a few people snapping photos.”

“Did they snap my face?”

“No, your head was underwater. People know it not polite to take photos at a nudist beach, but you staged a unique show.” Michael certainly knew how to stroke my ego.

“Your joystick is also impressive,” I returned the compliment and he took it with a smile.


The decoration sticks

By late afternoon, dark clouds gathered on the horizon. We heard a siren sound. There was a storm alert so we put on our clothes and gathered at the beach house.  The tour guide came to reassure us.

“The helicopter can’t take off tonight, but we have emergency accommodation at no extra cost to you.”  

While waiting for the brief dinner, I was sitting quietly on my glass ball when the Japanese couple asked to join our table. The lady leaned towards me and asked in a low voice, “But you take off your mesh for the night, don’t you?” Then she raised her eyebrows, pointing at Michael.

“Oops, I can’t!  We only prepared for a day trip, so we left the key at the hotel on the main island.”

“Do you mean you can’t take it off without the key?” wondered the Japanese lady. “That’s quite interesting.”

After dinner, Michael and I were given a small bedroom. If my pussy wasn’t locked, then we probably would have had sex. But we had plenty of hanky-panky in the previous days, so skipping one night was no big drama. Actually, we both chuckled at the funny situation.

In the morning, the weather improved and we were given breakfast before the helicopter would take us back to the main island. The Japanese couple was again at our table. This time, the man spoke, in a serious voice, 

“We’d like to buy some chastity meshes like yours. We need about thirty for the class of girls. In the previous school term, after they turned sixteen, the curriculum included masturbation lessons. In the coming year, we’d like to take them through a chastity course.”

In a polite Japanese way, his inquiry was directed to Michael, so I was hesitant to reply. But Michael was prompt with his answer.

“We’ll send you a sample of fifty pieces next month when manufacturing starts at our plant.”

I was completely taken by surprise, but I didn’t show it. In a traditional society, the woman doesn’t contradict her man in public. In private, it’s another matter, and I took Michael to severe questioning as soon as we were back in our hotel room.


A quarrel between lovers

I was furious for having been kept in the dark.

“You thought I was a stupid bimbo who can’t be trusted with business secrets!“

“But Laura, it all came together only this morning.”

“Oh yeah? Did you have to go to an island with no mobile reception, to find out your business was going ahead?”

“Please, please listen. Let me explain.” Michael was really begging me and he looked miserable. I let him continue, although I was angry as hell. He apologized, saying he had to keep his actions secret. A few weeks earlier, he asked one of his colleagues to enquire about taking over the company where I used to work. His idea only came when I first asked him to lock me. He saw a promising business case and realized he’ll have lots of time on his hand to deal with a new initiative.

Michael said, “My contract with the conglomerate only requires me to be present at the quarterly board meetings. The conglomerate trades in consumer products. All boring, run-of-the-mill stuff. Like detergents, soaps and vacuum cleaners. I’m more interested in your original inventions.”

“But Michael, how many women do you think are willing to lock their pussies, in this day and age?”

“Well, I know two of them. If only 4% of women buy a chastity patch, then we still have a multi-million market. Chastity devices have been around for men for a while, but there are no comfortable products on the market for women.”

“Wait, 4% means one in twenty-five women,” I said.

“Laura, you are always the scientist.”

“I’m going mentally through my list of female friends and acquaintances. I think one in twenty-five is realistic.”

Michael himself specialized in mergers and acquisitions, but some of his colleagues were dealing with liquidations and bankruptcies. Michael was willing to spend a million of his own money to take over all equipment and stock, also the intellectual property – “limited to health and beauty applications in consumer markets”. The defense department was interested to preserve the technical capabilities, so they were offering an incentive for every former employee we would hire. They were giving us the contact details of all former employees, in an intention to keep former teams together.

“Laura, you will be chief technical scientist, I can handle the business part,” said Michael. It was on offer too good to refuse. He continued, “After all, it’s your invention and you did great advertising for it at the beach yesterday. Look, we now have an interested customer. That was the last part missing from the puzzle until this morning.  Please understand, I couldn’t miss the sales opportunity with the Japanese couple. Sorry I couldn’t tell you earlier.”

My anger has softened, seeing that Michael was taking my work seriously. I stopped pacing furiously up and down the room.

I sat down on the edge of the bed, which made me realize I was still wearing my pleasure ball, locked onto my pussy. This reminded me we still had some unfinished business, postponed from the previous night. I looked at Michael and he sensed my arousal. We were so used to each other that I could turn him on by a single glance.


A battle of wills

Michael wasn’t the man to be influenced without any resistance. We both had our personalities and we both could be stubborn. He resented moving so fast from shouts to sensual looks. With a smirking smile, he said, “My keys are gone. I can’t find them anywhere.” I knew he was joking so I went along with it. If he played hard to get, then so did I. Let’s see who can hold out longer. I smiled at him, but Michael showed no reaction, except in his eyes.

I thought, 'well, I’m not going to beg him to unlock me. If he wants me, he knows where my button is.' I was willing to play for as long as it took. I had the previous experience of being locked for seven weeks. If I survived that, then I was able to wait until Michael made the first move. He had to pursue me, to be after me.

Eventually, he walked towards me and tried to touch my shoulder, but I rolled over on the bed, with my feet up in the air. I did this holding my knees together like a nice girl, but I had no panties, so there was still a quick flash of the crystal ball on my pussy. At the opposite side of the bed, I managed to land with my feet on the floor.

Michael run around the room to catch me. I avoided him by running into the bathroom, with Michael in pursuit. The small bathroom meant I was trapped. I didn’t mind, because Michael was also trapped. If only I could close the door, then he was mine. In our game, I thought I was the stronger one in this tight setting, but Michael was a tough opponent.

He said, pretending to be in a panic, “I hope I haven’t dropped my keys into the toilet!” That was well played, I had to admit. The thought of my chastity key flushed down the toilet gave me momentary pause, even when only mentioned in jest. I saw the smirk on his face, so I pulled myself together and started a maneuver to get the door closed:

“Could it be your keys fell into the wastebasket? It’s behind the door, let me check.” This gave me a pretext to move towards the door, forcing Michael to swap places with me. We avoided touching each other but the smell was everywhere. I was already wet and naked below my short dress.

I leaned towards the basket. Ever since my pussy lips have started to shrink, Michael always admired the view from behind, saying it was my best angle. So why not show it? It wouldn’t be an overt invitation to have sex. After all, my pussy was covered with a mesh and the glass ball was sitting at the entrance. Women showed much more at the nudist beach. I could lean forward and still keep my modesty. Or so I thought.

Apparently, I was more toned than usual, having spent hours in the waves the day before. So I managed to almost touch the bottom of the basket. I felt the glass ball caressing my entrance. It was very arousing, and not just for me. I took a glance behind me and I saw a tent forming in Michael’s shorts.

He suddenly grabbed my hips, sending a shiver all over me. He blinked first! Proud of my acrobatics, I straightened my legs, pushing my bottom even higher.

Then it happened: the chastity patch tensed hard against my body, causing the glass ball to slowly enter me. That was more than I bargained for, and I fought with all my muscles to prevent it. Flexing my Kegels, shifting left and right, I managed to push the ball out, which gave me a series of twitching sensations. Then the ball got pushed in again, so I had to continue my writhing struggle in my neither regions.

I couldn’t stand up to keep the ball away from my inner parts, because Michael was right behind me, leaving no space for lifting my head. I wanted to tell him that the in-and-out movements of the ball were not intended. But with all my muscles being tensed, all I managed were a few moans, echoing the moves of my pussy. This did little to restore my dignity, while I was panting in my bent-over state.

Michael put his arm below my midriff and lifted me on his shoulder. I hung like a rolled carpet, enjoying the contact with his body.

When Michael carried me to the bed, it felt like a victory lap for me. He might have felt the same. He put me down, then reached into his briefcase, where the remote key was. The chastity patch came off. Soon, I was naked and waiting.

I won this round, so to speak, but I wasn’t finished yet.


Make-up sex is best

My mind was still seething somewhat for being kept in the dark about the new business. I had to show who is boss. I ordered Michael to lie on his back, then I got on top of him. I rode him for at least five minutes, if not ten. When I stopped, I said, wagging my finger towards him, “The managing director and the chief scientist must have regular meetings.”

“As often as required, but I shall push back any revolt,” said Michael.

“No, you push forward, I am the one to push back,” I replied.

“The chief scientist is always right. Let’s try how it works.” With this, he gave me a couple of thrusts with his penis from below. It felt too good to continue the game of fake resistance.

Fortunately, it wasn’t unilateral surrender from my part, and I noted, “I know for sure the attitude of the managing director is hardening.”

We both laughed, which brought spontaneous reactions from our bodies. Michael’s laughter caused his penis to make sudden moves inside me. He told me earlier, that whenever I laughed, I was unconsciously squeezing his penis deep inside. I felt that too. It was like a battle of two diaphragms banging each other. Laughing together, during intercourse, was a sensation to remember for both of us, precisely because we had no control over it.

My time being on top was coming to an end. I needed an orgasm and Michael needed too. We turned sideways and started spooning. Michael was hard as steel, and I liked the way he gradually increased the pace. I was able to follow him all the way to the climax. It was the best sex I ever had, although I tend to say this quite often with Michael.

When we were done, I felt my bathroom gymnastics were a bit too much for a serious woman. I told Michael I didn’t plan for what has happened, “I just wanted to avoid taking that ball inside me. I was terrified your penis would encounter a smooth glass ball when you came in.”  Michael replied slowly, as always when he was satisfied.

He said with a mischievous smile, “That would have been quite interesting, Laura. Just give me a warning when you do that next time.”


Plans for the future

This was the last day of our vacation in Hawaii. Before we left to the airport, I asked Michael to lock me again into the usual chastity patch, the one I have worn over the previous months. The familiar intruder kept me entertained during the flight back home. I felt pretty and sexy, without having to show any glass ball in my vagina.  Although, on reflection, that smooth ball wasn’t bad either.

Michael had to fly in the opposite direction, for one more week of business talks. Our minds were on the new business we intended to start, to produce kevlar chastity patches for women. I shall tell how that unfolded, just give us time to get the business off the ground.

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