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Losing My Panties

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A girl keeps mysteriously losing her panties.

Elizabeth Miller invented loose trousers to be worn by women. After 1849 Amelia Bloomer promoted the idea and they became known as bloomers after her. In time underwear became known as bloomers. The word lingerie is derived from the French word for linen.

My life was in the doldrums ever since I kicked out my boyfriend on his return home from France. The last straw was something trivial, the straw that broke the camel's back. He brought me a set of old-style French knickers from some market.

"What the fuck do you think I am?" I screamed as I threw them back at him.

"But Amber, they're very stylish and retro!" he tried to explain.

"Yes, retro, like our relationship!"

That was the end. It was going to be awkward as Andrew worked with me and there would be a lot of tension, jealousy and gossip in our office.

As soon as Andrew met someone, it would be all around the workplace, and I knew I would be jealous. Months on and it looked like we were getting along amicably. Neither of us had entered a new relationship, but how I missed my sex.

I met Dave at a nightclub in the middle of the week. He was a handsome muscular chap with a goatee beard and a head of slick black hair. My friends had long gone home and I knew I should have gone with them as I needed to be up early the next morning. I was eager to get back in the saddle, and at first sight, Dave was worth being tired the next day.

On the last dance, we held each other tight with Dave's muscular chest almost pushing my boobs up out of my bra. His hands wandered over my ass, and I could feel his erection on my leg. I knew I was in for a good seeing-to if I let him. Who was I kidding? I was a nailed-on cert for a screw the moment he started to chat me up. I was desperate as I hadn't had a good fuck for ages and Dave certainly ticked all the boxes. As we danced, I guessed he was an ass man as he was forever kneading my buttocks with his strong hands. He eventually slipped them up under my short skirt for a closer feel.

"Hey, not here!" I reprimanded as both of my hands went to his shoulders to push his invasion out of my panties.

"Sorry, sweetheart, it's just that you're so horny," he sighed, slobbering lowly into my ear. I smiled to myself, knowing I had hooked him.

"You'll have to wait," I teased.

"How long?"

"Oh, about as long as it takes to get to your house."

Dave leant back and gave a huge smile! 

We speedily walked to his house with my arm around his waist and his hand permanently up my skirt. "Oh, what an ass!" he kept declaring as I let him feel me up in the darkness of the late-night street, our walk speeding up the more ravenous he became.

He pulled me up upstairs, pushed me into the bedroom, picked me up and flung me on the bed! This wasn't going to be a slow, gentle screw; this was real caveman stuff, and it was just what I needed. 

I watched him quickly strip off as I lay prone on the bed like a lamb to the slaughter. He was all muscle and cock, pure alpha male, and he was quickly in between my legs, savagely ripping my panties down and then off over my feet.

He spread my legs wide and moved in, poised with the tip of his cock at my pussy's entrance. He put my panties to his face and breathed in their scent. "Wonderful!" he declared with a perverted glee, making me laugh. He then lifted his arm and twirled my panties around and around on his index finger and then flung them to the far side of the bedroom.

"Another pussy falls to the might of the magnificent cock!" he yelled before plunging into me, taking me to the hilt.

"Careful!" I cried as he quickly got into his rhythm, fucking me hard and fast. Luckily he took no notice, and soon he flipped me over like a rag doll, pulled me up by my hips and smashed into me from behind. I gasped in ecstasy as he quickly got into top gear, throwing in a good hearty spank to my butt as he hammered away.

Oh, it was just what I needed. Dave had fucked the cobwebs away from my mind and pussy within minutes, and it was great to be alive again.

The four walls of dawn slowly lightened as I rolled out of bed. Dave had long gone, leaving a note and a telephone number. I was tired but exhilarated as my sore muscles and aching bones moved slowly to collect my clothes together. I had been well and truly screwed, and as I slowly dressed, I reeled with the memory of my nailing. I sat on the bed in a daze and realised my panties were missing. I quickly remembered that Dave had ceremoniously flung them to the far side of the room. I stiffly pushed my way to my feet and walked bow-legged along to the other side. 

I searched everywhere, but much to my puzzlement, they had disappeared. How could that be? There was nothing but a chair and a cupboard in the sparsely furnished room. I looked, and then looked beyond plausibility, but still, I couldn't find them. I knew I was going to look out of place at work in my clubbing clothes, and now I had to get through the day sans panties! God, my skirt was short, and so this was going to be quite an ordeal. 

I stepped out into the street, and my pussy ignited through the fierce frosty wind. I tried to walk with my knees close together and was painfully aware of the swish of my short skirt. I grew paranoid.

In the office, I had my knees hard together and worried if anyone went to the floor for something. There was also the realisation that some of Dave's semen was still to leak out. I now realised just how much I missed my work colleague, Andrew, my 'X'. It was good that he could see me in my clubbing clothes, letting him know I was over him and moving on.

We sat opposite each other, with me well aware of my pantie-less state. I tried to force my knees together harder than usual, always pulling at my inadequate skirt for cover and yet I could swear he could smell me. It was all in my mind surely?

Andrew asked if I wanted a coffee, and I accepted. As soon as he was out of our little office, I went straight for the toilets to clean myself. It was then I had an idea. Why didn't I just sneak down to the shops and buy a cheap pack of three from Primark? I scolded myself for my stupidity and went back to the office to collect my handbag. As soon as I entered, a phone started to ring and I stupidly reached across the desk from the wrong side to answer it. 

My short skirt lifted, and I felt the air on my exposed behind. I was quickly trying to readjust when Andrew walked in. "Fuck me!" he blurted as I tried in vain to cover up.

"Didn't have you down as a sans panties girl," he laughed, "You never did that when you were with me!"

I blushed violently, dumbstruck for anything to say. 

Friday night couldn't have come quickly enough, and it wasn't long before I was being carried up to Dave's bedroom. Once more, I was flung on the bed, and once more, he whipped my panties down with alacrity. I laughed as once more he twirled them above his head, ready to throw them across the room. 

I was gagging for a fuck but not delirious enough to make sure I saw where my panties landed. Dave threw them again, and to my surprise, I watched my favourite black silk panties fly across the other side of the room right out of the window! 

"Oh, no!" I despaired.

"Sorry, I'll get them later!" hastily apologised Dave as once more he thuggishly plunged into me, pumping me hungrily while clumsily groping my breasts and kissing my mouth hard.

Once more, he flipped me over and took me from behind, with me squealing out loud to my lover's delightful hard attack. I orgasmed hard with Dave simultaneously, something I thought impossible with Dave's urgency and my desperation. He collapsed on top of me as the last dregs of his seeping cock dripped into me, squashing me into the pillow as I came down from my orgasmic high. 

I slowly got my breath back, and then I remembered, "My panties!" I jumped out of bed and ran to the window. I looked down below, and I was sure I could see my silk panties, reflected in the dim glow of moonlight.

"Don't worry," said Dave, "I'll go and get them," as he sprang out of bed quickly, donning his robe and charging down the stairs.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned up as Dave's semen was running down my leg. I laughed to myself as I went about my business. I heard the urgent clambering in the stairwell and Dave soon reappeared, "Sorry, love, I can't find your panties anywhere." 

"I don't believe it, they must be there, I saw them with my own eyes!"

"Honestly, love, I couldn't see them anywhere."

I rushed to the window and looked out and could see nothing. 

I was working Saturday overtime, and so I was In the office again sans panties, and the feeling of air around my nether regions was beginning to feel quite nice. I walked down to the small room with the photocopier in it, almost forgetting I was pantiless. I was starting to enjoy the freedom of being exposed below, but I had to remind myself to be careful. I dropped a piece of paper and forgot my naked star underneath. I bent over unconsciously to pick the document up and immediately I felt my skirt ride up. My exposure shocked me into quickly standing upright, and I looked around for anyone who might have gotten a peek. 

I started photocopying and was quickly joined by Andrew. We small talked for a while, and then out of nowhere, Andrew said, "Got our panties on today?"

"Of course, that was a one-off," I replied with a sultry smile.

"Prove it," he challenged.

"I don't need to prove anything."

I jammed the photocopier, and Andrew quickly saw his chance, "For that, dear girl, you need your bottom spanked."

It was a game we always played as a couple as I had always enjoyed a bit of light spanking. "Ooh, sir! Do you think I need a spanking?" I teased, "Cruel sir, I may not have any panties on!"

I flushed at the thought, which caught me off balance and he quickly pushed me over the photocopier, my bottom well-positioned for a spanking. He pulled my skirt up and then quickly backed off, "Oh god, sorry! I didn't expect you to be pantiless again!" 

My immediate reaction was to get back up, but I still had a thing for Andrew, and so I stayed in position.

"Naughty girls deserve to be punished," I quoted from our fun times dating, spreading my legs a little and wriggling my bottom.

I looked at Andrew and smiled and could see I had caught him in a moment. He looked around and quickly shut the door to the photocopier room and returned.

He pulled my skirt up and started to spank me.

"Oh! I've been such a bad, bad girl!" I teased, "Will daddy teach me a lesson?"

He spanked on, "Fuck, this is hot," he exclaimed and spanked me harder.

How I had missed our spanking games and wanted more. "Such a naughty, naughty girl!" I mimed with a little girl lost voice, "Such a strict, masterful daddy!"

His spanks became harder, and I writhed across the photocopier.

"Fuck, I can't take much more of this," he blurted.

"But daddy's little girl needs her spanking, she's been so bad losing her panties and letting anyone use her," I went on, "Will daddy give me a stern warning?"

"Fuck!" exploded Andrew and in a flash, his flies were down and his cock out, spreading my ass cheeks.

"Oh, daddy!"

"Shut it, you naughty slut, and take your punishment!"

"Yes, daddy, punish me good!"

He banged into me hard, shunting the photocopier across the floor with every thrust of his rampant cock.

"Oh, strict daddy!" I cried, secretly loving having Andrew's cock back inside me. If only I knew it was pantie-less that did it for him, I could have been screwed much more.

Andrew was so turned on; he was soon on the short strokes and then quickly spurting his load into me. "Oh, bad Daddy, fucking his bad little girl!"

Andrew quickly pulled out, wiped his cock on my skirt, slapped my ass and pulled my dress down and then ran out of the office, leaving me draped over the photocopier, his cum leaking down my leg.

I jumped out of the shower and went to my bedroom, wrapped in a towel. I started to get all my clothes ready for my date with Dave and immediately went to my pantie drawer. I brought out a sexy red silk pair and just as I was about to lay them on my bed, I thought, No.

I had lost two expensive pairs already. I didn't know what was going on, but a girl just can't afford to lose her panties at that rate. So I went back to the drawer and searched for another pair.

I found a pair of cheap cotton panties, the sort I wore if I was going to do something strenuous or it was that 'time' when we girls needed something big and absorbent. I quickly made the assumption that being with David in a pub, theatre or gallery was a complete waste of time. His mind was always thirsting to get me to his bed and bonk my brains out. 

He only came alive when we were heading for his bedroom, where he'd turn into a caveman and drag me to his bed to lay me.

That night he threw me on the bed, raging with lust. He pulled up my skirt and then stopped. He went flat staring at my big panties. I felt his hunger flatline as he pulled my panties off in disgust. 

He fucked me without his usual heated passion and barely limped home with a minimal amount of cum. He gave me a perfunctory kiss, bid me goodnight and then rolled over and went to sleep. 

I lay on my back, staring at the ceiling, wondering what I had done wrong. It couldn't be that the style of my panties meant that much? It was baffling as once he had my panties off, he usually rode me with all the lust of a sex-starved animal. Soon he began to snore, and I knew I wasn't going to get a second helping. It was all I wanted, really, for apart from his vigorous lovemaking, there wasn't much to him personally. 

He had started me, and I needed to finish, and my hands slipped down between my legs to give myself a good fap to get off to sleep. I thought of something to fantasise over and found myself over the photocopier at work being given a seeing to by Andrew. A loud snore broke into my mind, putting me off my stroke, and I gave up on finishing off.

I got out of bed and made my way to the toilet. I could see light seeping through the crack in the door of the room adjacent and thought I'd turn it off, being naturally frugal.

I opened the door and felt for the light switch and then did a double-take on what was hanging on the wall. It was a pair of posh pink panties, spread out and carefully tacked to the wall. I slowly opened the door, revealing more panties spread out on display with the odd framed picture of a model wearing them. 

I stealthily tiptoed into the room with my eyes wide open in David's pantie liar. There were four sideboards to each wall, each with three silver frames wrapped with an assortment of panties. I studied each one and found upon them a girl's name and a date. I looked at each one and laughed until I saw one that was on the floor. I looked down and gasped. They were my panties from our first date and on them was my name with the note: Amber, great fuck! eight out of ten. 

Eight out of ten! The cheap bastard, I giggled, but after all, all I did was lie there and take it. 

I surreptitiously moved to a drawer and slowly slid it open. In there was wave upon wave of neatly displayed panties, all labelled with a note. 

Most hadn't been worn, but there were panties in other drawers that were stained with love juice. So David has a real full-on pantie fetish. I smiled.

The next morning I got up and dressed. I was usually a panties-on-first girl, but this time I thought I'd give myself time to decide. I was beginning to like the feel of going sans panties through the streets. I wanted the thought that every man passing me was wishing he knew what was under my skirt. If only they knew there was only my pussy there, ready for them all to see. I mused over my unfinished fap and wondered about my fantasy with Andrew. David slowly came around, and I walked to the door. This was it; I was going, and I was going to be without panties again.

"Going already?" he yawned. 

"Yes, I've got to get into work."

I threw my panties at him and smiled, "You can keep those for your collection," I laughed, "Marks and Spencer 2010!"

With that, I was away, laughing at David's stony perplexed face. 

I was soon marching away with significant strides letting as much air get to my naked pussy as possible. I was definitely turned on by the liberation of my exposed pussy. I got into work and sat opposite Andrew again.

I looked at him, and he grinned back. He smiled and looked down, pretending to get on with his work, but it was obvious his mind was elsewhere.

I let out a little giggle.

"What?" he asked.

"Nothing," I smiled back, sucking my pen and twirling it in the 'O' of my lips.

Andrew snorted and then looked away, smiling for a while before looking back at me.

"You tease," he accused casually.

"Tease, teasing you how?" 

"You know, you dirty little girl." 


Andrew looked from side to side, checking the coast was clear.

"Have you forgotten your panties again?" he softly asked.

I smiled and leant back in my chair, spread my legs and dropped my pen between them.

"Oops, I've been a silly girl and dropped my pencil, will daddy be a good daddy and pick it up for me?"

Andrew was down under the table in a flash, crawling under my desk and pushing my legs further apart.

"Oh, daddy, have I been a naughty girl and forgot to put my panties on again?"

He didn't speak; he moved straight on up and lapped my pussy, immediately giving me waves of pleasure.

"Oh, daddy, that is so nice, have I been a good girl?"

Andrew's hands came up to caress my stocking-clad thighs as his tongue worked on me with a fever. He hit the spot way too soon in his hunger, and I cried out.

"Yes?" came the boss's voice from the doorway.

"Sorry I was just yawning away the morning cobwebs," I quickly lied as I sat upright and pushed Andrew's head from between my legs.

"Sounded like you were in ecstasy," he teased.

"God, I wish," I smiled.

"Do you know where Andrew is? I've got to set out the agenda for next week?"

"No, I haven't seen him yet, I'm sure he's in as his computer's on."

Just then, Andrew put his hand up my skirt and probed my pussy. My legs closed, trying to stop him, but it was impossible as he was quickly in me, giving me a deep finger fucking. I squirmed in my seat and let out a groan. 

"What's the matter?" asked the boss.

"Nothing, just caught something."

Andrew continued finger fucking me, making me push down on his head through my skirt to slow him up.

"Are you sure you're okay?" pressed the boss.

"Yes I'm fine, just haven't woken up yet," I croaked.

"Anyway, if you do see him, send him to my office."

"I'll do that," I said, stretching my legs, taking aim at Andrew's bollocks.

The boss walked away, leaving Andrew sniggering under the table.

"You bastard!" I hissed.

"That's what happens to naughty girls who forget to put their panties on."

"Really? I shall have to forget more often," I said with a big grin.

A bundle of documents arrived from the boss to be photocopied. He was beginning to get on my tits. What did he think I was, an office bimbo?

The note on top said: Could you please do this before lunch.

I fumed for a while, and then I had the idea to give it to Andrew as there was no name on the note; anybody could think they had to do it.

A girl was leaving the firm, and it was decided that we would all go down to the pub for a little celebration and the presentation of presents. They were all making their way to the lifts, as was Andrew before I stopped him.

"Andrew, the boss wants you to photocopy these," I instructed, pointing out to the note on the pile on his desk.

"Oh, for fuck's sake, he chooses his moments."

"Won't take long, I'll get you a drink in," and off I went.

I went out of the door, past the workers waiting for the lift and into the photocopier room. I sat on top of it and waited. 

Soon Andrew burst through the door. His eyes lit up because there I was sitting spread-legged on top of the photocopier, my skirt up, and my very wet pussy on view.

I leant back slightly. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck!" I urged.

Andrew charged forward, dropping his trousers and pushed my legs wider apart.

"You dirty little bitch," he laughed as his trousers fell to the ground. 

He rubbed his cock head on my pussy lips, getting himself rock hard.

Andrew pushed in and pulled my hips towards him. He began to screw me on tiptoe but wasn't going in deep enough. "Wait!" Andrew commanded and got a few bundles of A4 paper to stand on top of. He pushed right into me as I wrapped my legs around him. 

"Now fuck me hard and don't spare the horses!" I taunted and immediately, Andrew was banging me for all his worth. The photocopier moved on its wheels as he was leaning in to get full penetration. I leant back on a button, and suddenly the copier sprung into life, photocopying my ass.

I burst out laughing, "Oh, what a cliche!"

"Oh, never mind the cliche, it's burning my balls!"

Andrew cleverly timed his penetrations after and before the white-hot beam of the copier passed as I just sat there, my ass ever reddening.

Andrew banged away as the copier churned out pics of my ass, and every now and again, a picture included his balls.

We both laughed, and the aphrodisiac of laughter quickly made us cum.

I jumped off the machine, panting for breath between giggles as Andrew pulled his trousers up. The photocopier was still grinding out pics of my ass and Andrew's balls. I got a bit panicky, "Don't you think we should stop it?" 

"Not sure how to, anyway, we'll have to hide all those photocopies of your ass. Let's just run, no one will know." And with that, we scarpered off.

My mind was made up; I'd be the kind girlfriend who let him down easy. I'd let Dave have me for one last night and then finish with him. I wasn't going to surrender easily, though; many pairs of my most exquisite panties had already been soiled and seconded into his pantie collection. So I decided I was going to have a little fun. 

I rummaged around my drawer and deep down at the back was an old unopened set of panties that Andrew had bought for me on his business trip to France. He had bought them from a market in southern France, and they looked ancient, made by a factory in 1849 called Amelia's. They were basically French knickers, One white, the other black. I pulled on the white pair and laughed at how they looked. I couldn't wait to see David's face as he pushed my skirt up and saw this pair of monstrosities under his eyes. Giving someone the elbow was never easy, so at least this might bring a bit of brevity to the proceedings. 

I didn't know how he'd react, but one thing was for sure, he'd keep them and most probably label them, "Last fuck with Amber; two out of ten!" 

I projected my imagination to our last farewell. I felt a little uneasy about the thought of being pantiless after finishing with David. So I put the black pair into my handbag for backup and made my way off to work.

When I arrived at the office, there was a big commotion and as the bosses weren't in I put it down to general office misbehaviour. To my horror, the photocopied pictures of my bare ass were all around the office. One picture was pinned to the notice board with the title: Whose ass is this? It was excruciatingly embarrassing, especially as I had a spot on one of my cheeks. This proved to be vital in the interrogation of the photocopied ass. 

"It's quite easy," declared the self-appointed ass hunter, Julie, a tall thin brunette who stood at the front of the office pointing at the picture. "We go to the toilets for a line-up, we all bare our asses, and whoever has a spot in the approximate location is the phantom photocopier fucker!" 

All the men declared their acceptance of the idea while I died at the thought. Surely the girls wouldn't put up with that? 

"Well, I'm up for baring my ass," laughed Samatha, the office redhead.

"And me!" 

"And me!" I worryingly heard as the idea caught on like wildfire. 

"So that's it then," excitedly declared Julie, "all the girls go to the toilets, bend over, skirts up or trousers down and lower those panties for your examination!" 

The absurdness and fun of the idea caught the imagination of my work colleagues as a manic buzz shot through the office. 

"I will be the first to bare my ass so there will be no favouritism," declared Judge Julie.

"There speaks a spotless ass!" laughed Samatha. 

"Wait a minute, wait a minute," interjected Sue from accounts, "There's also a pair of balls in some of those pictures, why should the boys get away without an inspection?"

"That's for the blokes to decide," overrode Julie in a state of manic excitement, "Girls, to the toilets!"

I looked around in alarm as all the girls obediently went along with the plan. I looked around for allies who would stand with me in defiance, but nobody was forthcoming. What was I to do? If I didn't line up, I'd be a suspect and a spoilsport, but if I bared my ass I'd be identified as the 'spotted ass photocopier shagger!' All I could do was play along and hope maybe that spot had gone down by now.

"Go on, Amber, get to the toilets and get your panties down," laughed Andrew.

"You bastard, " I mouthed in his direction.

I got to the toilets and lined up with twelve giggling girls all ready to bend over and bare all. 

As promised, Julie went first and bent over before us, lifted her skirt and lowered her panties. "Have a good look," she suggested with confidence, so sure she was of her flawless bottom, even giving it a little wiggle. 

Once she was given the all-clear, she bounced up, turned and pulled her panties up all in one go before ordering, "Right, girls, bend over and get your panties down and asses in the air."

I was at the end of the line and held back in the hope of some rebellion. Still, I watched, disillusioned as all the girls obediently turned around bent over, flipped their skirts up and dragged their panties down. 

I begrudgingly followed suit, not wanting to be a stick in the mud and kill the fun the others were enjoying. What if they did see a spot on my ass, anyway? It didn't prove anything.

I pulled up my skirt and lowered my panties, ready for inspection. Oh well, I thought to myself, It could have been worse, it could have been one of those days when I was pantie-less. Then it occurred to me, I was wearing French knickers. Could things get much worse? 

Julie inspected each ass with malicious glee. She made sure she covered every inch of a suspect's ass at close proximity before shouting out, "I declare this ass, Spotless!" then giving the cleared bottom a hearty spank.

I looked to my side to see my workmate Jane bent over, resigned to her inspection with her panties around her knees.

"Is your bum spotless?" I asked as I heard yet another, "I declare this ass, Spotless!" and then a, "Ouch!" as yet another ass was announced clear with a spank.

"I don't know," glumly expressed Jane, "It's been ages since anyone has seen it."

"I declare this ass, Spotless!" went up another cry and a spank as a girl called Cherry jumped up, holding her scolded bottom.

"I'm sure you're gay," she jokingly accused.

"If only I had this job full-time," Julie responded with a wink.

Little did I know that once a girl was given the all-clear, they joined Julie in the inspection of the next girl, and when they reached my friend Jane they were jockeying for position to view her upturned ass. At least eight pairs of eyes were on Jane's naked ass as Julie made her inspection.

I could see Jane blushing and laughing to herself before I heard, "I declare this ass, Spotless!" Julie spanked her, and Jane jumped up, declaring, "Oh, the first bit of action in ages!"

They then all rounded on my bottom, and I could feel their eyes burning into it. I felt like a bottomless girl on a scaffold, waiting for my undignified fall. Julie's inspection went on for an eternity until I heard the words, "Hello, hello, hello, what have we here?" 

"French knickers," smirked Samatha.

"No this here!"

I felt a gentle prod on my derriere in the exact area the spot was on the photograph. 

"Pass me the photocopies," ordered Julie in a mock detective-like manner. I felt her hold the picture alongside my bottom to make a comparison before she announced, "It looks like we have our ass!"

I decided to be a good sport and stood up red-faced and said to my accusers, "It's a fair cop!"

Julie led me into the office with all the other girls giggling away. She parked me upfront and declared, "We have our ass, boys, do you have the owner of the balls?"

"No, sorry, no one's owned up," a voice from the crowd declared.

"I know whose balls they are!" I shouted, and the whole office fell into a hush. I saw Andrew go pale as I deliberately drew out the tension by scanning everyone in the office. 

"Those balls belonged to Andrew," I declared.

"We have our balls," laughed Julie, "Guilty!"

All the office wailed and joked, and amongst the riot of the crowd, I saw Andrew's face; he mouthed, "I love you."

Later that night, David carried me over the threshold once more, unbeknown to him that this was going to be our last screw. His caveman sexual hunger was back with a vengeance because earlier in the evening, I had whispered I was wearing some special panties just for him. 

He flung me on the bed, his eyes bulging and temple veins pumping in anticipation. I laughed inwardly, knowing he was in for a shock when he saw my old-fashioned French knickers. He ripped my long skirt up and stopped in shocked disbelief. 

I laughed, "What's the matter, don't you like them?"

Still, he stared In a state of paralysis; eventually, he delicately took me by the waist and turned me over.

Here we go, I thought fearfully, thinking I had overdone the gag, but to my amazement, the caveman act had gone. Instead, he gently peeled down the waistband of the French knickers and studied the label.

He burst into enthusiastic joy and rolled me over yet again to come face to face with his beaming smile.

"These panties, where did you get them?" 

Before I could answer, he was down on me, kissing away. Not kissing what was underneath but kissing the French knickers with tears in his eyes.

"May I?" he gently asked before delicately pulling them down and off.

He held them up to the light for a glowing inspection of every seam, bow and tassel going into a reverie of appreciation. 

He looked down on me with love for the first time ever, "Do you have any more like these?" 

I gasped in despair out of sexual frustration. The farewell screw wasn't going as planned,

"Yes, I do have another pair." I got off the bed and went to my handbag and pulled out my reserve panties, a pair of black French knickers. I threw them at him in disgust, "Here you go, you can have them," and resigned myself to yet another pantie-less walk home.

He grabbed hold of the black French knickers in a frenzy and hurriedly checked the label, treating the garment like a fragile bird. 

"The 1849 Amelia Bloomer!" he cried out aloud, "At last!"

He cried tears of joy as he rocked on the bed, holding the French knickers to his face.

"My darlings, how long I have searched for you," he wept.

"What the hell are you on about?" I asked in confusion.

"Don't you understand, these are the prototypes invented by Elizabeth Miller, in time, Amelia Bloomer promoted the idea and they became known as bloomers after her."


"These are, in essence 'the penny black panties!' The holy grail of lingerie! The most prized collector's item of any pantie collector."

"Oh, god! I moaned.

"Can I have them?" he begged.

"Sure you can, and goodbye," I said as I walked past him and out of the apartment, yet again pantieless. 

I doubt he heard me as he was delirious with his prized assets. I stepped into the cold street with the wind once again igniting my unprotected pussy and laughed. At least he was happy and maybe so would the girls he got to fuck for years to come. Perhaps he'd stop stealing their panties, and they'd get to go home with a warm pussy.

Another gust of wind went up my skirt and gave me a thrill, "But oh what a sensation they'd be missing out on!"

I sat in the cafe and waited for Andrew. I was happy to be back with him and felt a little anxious as he was running a little bit late. That was unusual for him, which added to my nerves.

I didn't have to wait long as he burst in through the front door, grinning away with a bag under his arm. He came to my table, leant over and kissed me on the cheek and pushed the bag in my direction.

"For you," he merrily declared as he sat down.

"Thank you, not like you to be late though."

"I was busy with selecting your presents."

I opened the bag and pulled out my gifts and laughed.

Victoria's Secret and What Katie Did Next panties. "Oh, very nice!" I gushed, holding up the red silky garments for all to see. "I'm very honoured, but I'm afraid you'll have to take them back," I lightly instructed.

"Why's that?" he asked in dejection.

I took his hand under the table and thrust it up my skirt, "You see, from now on I don't wear panties! Ever!"

Andrew's eyes lit up as he felt the wetness of my pussy.

"What are the toilets like here?"


"Tell me when the coast is clear." 

I swooned as his fingers stroked my lips.

"It's clear, it's fucking clear!"


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