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Drive-In Seduction • Chapter 3 • Impression


Sally wrestles between her feelings and society's expectations.

“It’s just you and me, Sal. All alone.” His whispered words made her tingle all over. “Tell me what you want me to do, and I’ll do it.”

The movie was a spy caper, with lots of fisticuffs and pretty women in short dresses, with guns everywhere. The plot centered around the hunt for a missing heiress, and the hero was getting beat up from all angles, it seemed. Sally was keeping up with the story, but was more caught up in all the trappings of being on a real date. She loved snuggling up to Lenny, whispering to each other in the darkened cab, savoring the way he gently massaged her back. 

As the movie progressed, she became aware that his hand was moving up her side, sneaking around her waist to rub up and down her ribcage. Lenny’s hand was underneath her sweater, but still over the light blouse she wore. Secretly, she wished he would be bold enough to touch her bare skin, but he seemed quite content with the way things were going so far.

Sally stared silently, trying to keep up with the plot, but found her mind wandering back to their all-too-brief make-out session before the movie started. She vividly remembered the tingling sensation of his touch, especially when he squeezed her breast, and secretly longed for him to touch her again that way.

Subtly, Sally twisted in her seat, resting more of her back on Lenny’s chest, and for a brief moment, thrilled to feel his forearm pressed against her plump teenage breast. Lenny noticed it too, and immediately removed his arm from her side. “Sorry, Sal.”

“It’s okay,” Sally said with a smile. “I didn’t mind.” She took his arm and placed it back around her waist. “I like being held like this.”

Lenny shifted in his seat, and placed his hand back on her tummy. “You do?” he asked, nuzzling into her hair. “If I didn’t know any better, Sal…” He moved his hand under her sweater, then down until he found bare skin above her waist, and slid that hand to her naked tummy. Sally shivered involuntarily, but made no move to stop him. “I would think that you wanted me to touch you some more… like this.”

She did… and she didn’t. She placed her hand atop of his, over her clothes. “I… I don’t know…”

“Well, I am risking a slap.” Lenny whispered, “Sally… look at me.”

She pulled her eyes from the movie screen, suddenly aware that she hadn’t been paying attention to the movie for quite a while now. She lifted her gaze to look into his eyes. Lenny moved his other hand to touch her gently on the cheek, and she smiled.

“Sal…” Lenny said with a sigh, “You know I would never do anything you wouldn’t want me to, y’hear?”

She nodded.

“And you know that I have always… let’s say, had a soft spot for you.”

She smiled, and looked down. “Me, too,” she whispered back.

“So, to proceed any further would feel like…” he swallowed. “I would feel like I was taking advantage of you.”

Sally looked back into his eyes. Suddenly, she had the sinking feeling that this wonderful moment was going to end, and resolved to not miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. “What if… what if I wanted you to?”

“To… what, Sal?”
Sally sat up straight, which had the adverse effect of removing his hand from under her shirt. Her skin tingled where it had just been. She looked him right in the eye, then looked down shyly as she peeled her cardigan off, placing it on the seat behind her. She lifted her gaze to his face in time to see his eyes go wide as she thrust her chest out.

Full of confidence now, she pulled his hand up to grasp her right breast. “Touch me.” She leaned over to place a firm kiss on his lips, and lifted both her arms to encircle his neck. Lenny placed his other hand behind her head, pulling her face snugly to his, which soon led to a long bout of tongue-swapping.

Lenny squeezed her boob over her bra, and Sally moaned into his mouth. He expertly turned her sideways, then moved his hand under her shirt, and soon she felt his bare hand on her ribcage, rubbing gently, circling upward to cup and squeeze her nubile breast. He moaned as his fingers tweaked and pinched her nipple, obviously erect even under the padding of her brassiere.

A full minute into their passionate kiss, Lenny slid his fingers under the frilly edging, and slipped his hand inside the cup to palm her entire naked breast. Sally broke the kiss to moan aloud, “Oh my God! That feels so good!” She pulled his mouth back to hers and Frenched him wildly. 

So caught up in the fervor if this kiss, she never noticed that the hand that wasn’t in her bra was now slowly unbuttoning her blouse, until she felt the cool air on her chest as he pulled the sides apart. Her tongue froze momentarily in his mouth as this realization hit her, and then went into overdrive as his other hand began squeezing her twin boob. 

She groaned as he mauled her tender teenage tits, thrilling when both his hands slid under the cups of her bra to fondle her naked flesh. Sally suddenly broke the kiss, “Careful! Don’t break my bra!”

“Oops…” Lenny replied, breathing heavily, removed his hands from inside the cups and moving his arms around her back, hugging her tight. “You’re so soft, Sal… I guess I got carried away there.”

Sally sighed. Her nipples were still tingling from the attention, and she missed his touch already. “I didn’t say you should stop,” she whispered as she placed a gentle kiss upon his lips. “Just be careful, that’s all.”

“I have a better idea,” he smiled at her. Sally barely noticed his fingers were at her back clasp until the bra sprung free of its hold. He kissed her tenderly as his hands rubbed her back, unfettered by the harness that now hung free. Slowly, these hands rubbed in ever widening circles, all the way from her shoulders down to her waist, then up her sides. 

Sally clung to him for dear life at the wonderful sensations, then suddenly remembered the training her mother had given her, warning her about how boys will try to do things to her, and that no matter what, she mustn’t let them. Sally shivered involuntarily, and timidly whispered into his ear, “You shouldn’t have done that.”

“Doesn’t it feel nice?” he asked as his thumbs played with the swells of her firm breasts.

“It feels wonderful,” she sighed.

“So… you shouldn’t feel wonderful?”


He paused his movements. “Should I stop, Sal?”

“NO!” Sally pulled back and looked into his eyes. 

“So what exactly are you saying?” Lenny smiled and leaned forward to give her a quick peck on the lips.

“I don’t know!” Sally frowned as he grinned. “Good girls are supposed to… We’re supposed to… I dunno...”

“Fight boys off?”

“Well… yes.” She shifted in her seat. “I suppose so, yes.” 

“So… Do you want to slap me now?” He stuck out his chin, giving her a target. “Fight me off?” 

Sally smiled broadly, then quickly turned to look out the window at her friend in the next car. She was somewhat surprised to see that Lenny’s windows were starting to mist up, but not at all surprised to see that the windows next door were totally fogged. “Maybe later,” she replied.

“In that case…” Lenny easily lifted her by her hips, turning and placing her on his lap, straddling him. Sally’s moist pussy was now pressed quite firmly against his very erect penis, trapped in his jeans underneath her. Her eyes bugged out at intimate contact with the erection she knew she was responsible for, and she only got wetter at the realization. Lenny smiled, guiding her hips in the saddle to grind him slowly. “Where were we?”

He took both hands from her hips and grasped her shirt sides, slowly opening her blouse to reveal her teacup-sized boobies to his gaze, her bra sitting useless atop them, erect nipples staring back at him, begging for attention. “Wow, Sal,” he breathed, “you are SO beautiful.”

“Shut up!” she replied, blushing seemingly all over at the compliment. Initially self conscious at being exposed so lewdly, inside she was thrilled at the erotic situation. Her nipples were so hard they ached, and she struggled to get her breathing under control. She couldn’t help slowly gliding her panty-clad pussy up and back over the lump in his pants, feeling hornier than she could ever remember being in her young life. She hungered for him to touch her again, and that hunger was growing with every passing second. 

Yet all he did was stare. Her breasts rose and fell on her heaving chest in perfect rhythm, and Lenny was mesmerized. His mouth was watering and he swallowed hard. 

Sally could take this torture no longer. “Touch me,” she whispered.

Lenny tore his gaze from her perfect titties to look into her eyes. The passion was evident, as well as a bit of timid fear. He brought both hands to her face, gently pulling her lips to his for a tender, tongue-filled kiss. 

Sally pulled away. “I didn’t mean there, silly.”

“I know, baby,” Lenny replied, moving his hands to her shoulders under her shirt, pulling her to him for another kiss, then slowly moving his hands down her arms, sliding the blouse off her shoulders, until it hung uselessly on her elbows along with her bra. 

Using only his fingertips, he moved both hands to her trembling tits, gently pinching the nipples in unison. Sally moaned loudly into his mouth. He pulled away from the kiss, pressing his nose to hers. He then pressed his palms onto her nipples, marveling in how stiff they were, and gently squeezed her young titties.

Sally’s eyes were closed, and they both panted softly in the privacy of this perfect moment. She absent-mindedly licked her lips, and Lenny thought it was the sexiest thing ever.

“Feel good, baby?”

“Mmm-hmmm,” she nodded, “SO good.”
“Undo my shirt, Sal,” he said as he leaned down to nuzzle her neck. “I want to feel your tits against my skin.”

“O... Okay,” Sally replied. She suddenly wanted very much to feel his naked chest pressed against hers. Her hands moved to unbutton his shirt, which she found surprisingly difficult in the darkened cab of the truck. It was impossible to concentrate on her task as he expertly manipulated her flesh and kissed the base of her neck. Her panties were positively soaked now.

Finally, she managed to undo the last button, and pulled the sides wide apart. She ran her hands up his ribs, over his chest, and, thrilled to finally feel the hair on his chest, followed the trail down to his tummy. Lenny pulled her closely to him, crushing her naked breasts against his chest, and kissed her deeply.

Sally moaned into his mouth, wrapping her arms around his neck. She could not believe how awesome it felt to press her nude breasts against his firm chest. Lenny’s hands were roaming all over her back, underneath her open blouse, which only caused her to press herself even tighter to him. 

Their tongues dueled gently as they savored the tender moment; a naked hug that lasted forever. Sally could feel his chest hair tickling her nipples as she ground per panty-clad slit up and back on his manhood, still trapped in his jeans.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Lenny’s hands began rubbing her back in ever-widening circles, gently caressing the sides of her heaving tits, then teasingly moving away. Sally was loving the delicious torture, until one pass of his hand up her sides, when she pulled her breasts away from his chest, her erect nipples tingling in the open air, but only for a tantalizing few seconds, until his warm hands engulfed her boobs fully. 

He squeezed her tits gently, moaning into her mouth, then using his palms to glide over the nipples, which Sally enjoyed so immensely she found she had forgotten to breathe, and pulled her lips from his, panting. 

“Oh God!” she gasped. “That feels so good!”

Lenny smiled, breathing heavily himself. “You like having your tits played with, don’t you, little girl?” he asked teasingly.

Sally bristled, but realized it was no use objecting. She adored what Lenny was doing to her. He began tracing the heaving swells with his fingertips, applying less pressure with every pass, and purposely avoiding the nipples. Sally had her eyes closed, marveling at the erotic tickling, feeling herself getting wetter and wetter by the second. 

“Don’t you?” he asked again. 

Still, she could not speak, only pant softly in the dark.
“Answer me,” he breathed amorously.

She tried shifting her body to bring the rock-hard nipples to his teasing fingers, but Lenny kept dancing them away at the last possible moment. He smiled in the dark, and began quietly blowing air at the stiff pebbles while he studiously avoided touching them. 

“Sally… tell me.” Lenny leaned closer to the left nipple, and blew more forcefully upon it. Sally could only groan. “Tell me what to do, and I’ll do it.”

Still, she remained silent. Good girls didn’t get felt up on the first date, let alone beg to be groped. But what use is in being good, when being bad is the best feeling ever? 

She opened her eyes and looked down at him. His mouth was barely an inch away from her erect nipple. They stiffened even more when he puckered his lips, and blew hot air on the nipple, while his fingertips danced upon her swells. He licked his lips, then looked up into her eyes. 

“It’s just you and me, Sal. All alone.” His whispered words made her tingle all over. “Tell me what you want me to do, and I’ll do it.”

Still she wavered, breathing heavily. She desperately wanted him to touch her all over, to squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples, to kiss her deeply and rub her back as they pressed their chests together. 

Sally wanted him to do what the other girls in her class had whispered they had their boyfriends do to them; what Veronica had bragged what boys did to her whenever they had her alone; what Phil was probably doing right now, in fact, in the next car over.

She wanted Lenny to take her tender nipple between his lips, to bathe it with his tongue, to suckle on it as newborn baby might. She wanted to know if was as wonderful as all the girls said, but the words would not come.

Lenny moved his hands down away from her heaving tits, tickling her rib cage and tummy. “Do you know what intimacy is, Sal?” He placed his hands on her hips and guided her to hump her pussy on his manhood. “It’s when two people share a moment that no one else will ever know about.” 

Sally opened her mouth, only to realize it was too dry to speak. She closed her mouth and swallowed hard, struggling to bring up saliva to allow her to talk. She did however take his hint, gyrating her hips slightly, pressing his trapped manhood to her equally trapped soaking-wet cleft. “I don’t know what…” she struggled to say, coyly.

“This is one of those moments, Sally.” Lenny ran his hands up her back to her shoulders, holding her firmly. “It’s all ours. Nobody else will ever know about it.” He moved his hands back around front to cup her heaving swells. He pinched her nipples between thumb and forefinger, and pulled them away from her chest, twisting them slightly. Sally saw stars, and groaned aloud. “So… what do you want me to do, my sweet Sally?”

Sally leaned down, and whispered, “I want you to suck on my nipples.” She was shocked to hear those words escape her lips, and regretted being such a slut for about a half a second, because that’s all the time it took for Lenny to latch his lips upon the tasty morsel, and suck for all he was worth, while pinching her twin in his other hand.

Sally wasn’t prepared for the sudden onslaught to her senses. She saw stars like never before, then was forced to close her eyes as the most exquisite pleasure she had ever known swept over her. She groaned loudly, “Yesss. Oh, god, yes! Suck me!” Sally hugged Lenny’s head to her chest, trying to force more of her breast into his sweet sucking mouth. 

He needed no encouragement as he fed on Sally’s nipple like it was made of the sweetest candy he had ever tasted. He chewed on the tender morsel gently, which elicited even louder groans from Sally. After a few minutes of this delicious torture, he let nipple fall from his lips with a loud ‘smack.’ 

What had entered his mouth as a light pink, puffy tidbit now exited as an angry red swell, stiffer than ever. He smiled at his handiwork, panting to catch his breath. He now palmed and squeezed both of the girl’s tits together. “Did you like that, Sal?”

Sally for her part panted herself, moaning, “Oh, yeah, so much.” She kissed the top of his head, and led his lips to her other breast. “Suck the other one, now.”

“At your command, M’lady,” Lenny said, mimicking a line from the movie they were now assiduously no longer watching, then trailing wet kisses across her chest to the other erect nipple, and began suckling gently.

His hands weren’t idle, gently moving across and around her body; rubbing her back, and sides, then squeezing her breasts in turn. Sally was in heaven, hugging his face to her chest, moaning loudly and breathing heavily. She felt something building in her, but could not quite put her finger on it. 

That is, until Lenny had maneuvered her legs apart a bit, and sliding his palm up her thigh to widen the gap between them, he expertly placed his finger in the soaked cleft of her panties, rubbing her folds tenderly as he moved upward, then pressing his finger insistently against her clitoris. 

She was not prepared for such an onslaught to her tender region, and instinctively, Sally’s hand shot to his, holding it in place, “Wait…” she gasped, pushing his lips from her nipples in a vain attempt to think clearly. Good girls definitely did NOT allow boys to rub their vaginas on the first date. 

[to be continued]

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