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Teenage Masturbation...Pt 6

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Tricia was waiting for me at the pond

My mind was racing, my cock was throbbing, and I did the only thing that I thought was natural. I placed my hands on Tricia’s ass and pulled her up to me as we kissed as if the world was about to end.

When we came up for air, she winked at me and told me that she knew about the movie…damn it, Bren! She then told me about each event of the summer. I was lost for words; here I thought all my adventures were safe with each girl and come to find out, as close sisters will do, they told each other everything.

Tricia then dropped a bombshell announcement on me, “I want to do what they did with you!” I looked at her and asked if she was sure…I mean, I had successfully played with my first pussy, first pair of tits and just finished eating my first pussy. But the girls were the same age as me or a year older. Tricia was a year younger; I did not know what to do.

Then she started rubbing my raging hard-on through my trunks. She was a little timid at first, but as she continued, and got no complaints about her actions, she got a little bolder. She slid a hand into my shorts and slid a thumb across the head of my dick, which by this time was slick with pre-cum. I groaned and slumped against the tree.

This action allowed Tricia to pull my trunks down to below my ass and expose me in all my teenage glory. I swear through the moonlight I could see her eyes light up as she took all of me in her hand.

She seemed to know what to do and how to do it. I think she got lessons from her sisters but she would never tell me when I brought it up. As her hand continued to stroke me, I felt that familiar sensation start to build. She must have sensed it as well, because Tricia stopped her action on my dick and leaned in to kiss me again.

As we kissed, I ran my hands over her ass; I remembered the bright blue bikini she was wearing and what her cute little ass looked like while sunbathing with the girls at the party. That image, as well as many others from that summer, was burned into my mind.

My hands had a mind of their own, or so it seemed. As the kiss progressed, so did my groping, pushing and pulling of her amazingly firm ass cheeks in my hands. At one point I slid my hands down her ass, cupping at the bottom and sliding back up through the crack of her ass. As I did this she moaned in my mouth and bit my bottom lip. Not hard enough to draw blood but enough to get my attention. She liked that!

Tricia continued the kiss and started stroking my dick with her left hand again. This time she formed a fist and used my pre-cum as lube and began stroking me as if we were fucking. Her thumb and forefinger formed the circle and wrapped around my dick just below the head. The rest of her fingers formed the fist and as she slid down the shaft, her fingers slid past the head, creating the most amazing sensations on my cock.

I decided that if she could touch me, then I had to explore as much as I could as well. As my hands made the journey back to the bottom of her ass, I slid my hands under that blue bikini. I had both hands full of another amazing ass. This time as I explored, I pushed my hands toward her pussy, eliciting a moan that caused her to catch her breath and sadly break our kiss.

Tricia’s pussy was slick, hot and begging to be played with. Before I could think about my next step, my dick exploded in her hand. It was of those orgasms that makes you see stars and stop breathing on your own!

When my cock finally stopped erupting, Tricia laughed and said she did not think I was ever going to stop. I had what seemed like a gallon of cum on both of us. I took my t-shirt off and tried to clean us up the best that I could. While wiping my goo off Tricia, I found myself face to pussy with what would be the sweetest pussy I would ever get to play with.

Taking a chance, I slid my thumbs into her bikini bottoms and slowly pulled down. Instead of slapping me, saying NO or any of the other things running through my mind, she did the unexpected. She placed a hand on my shoulder and lifted a leg to assist me with the removal of the restricting cloth.

Once I had the bikini off, I placed my hands on her ass and pulled her towards me. Her scent was intoxicating! She had the slightest patch of hair at the top of her slit. I couldn't resist and had to run my nose through it…she smelled divine!

I gingerly licked the crease of her hips from her pussy to the point of her pelvis. This sent quivers through her body. Tricia parted her legs and allowed me access to her totally. I took the opportunity given and started to lick my second pussy ever and on the same night!

I took the tips learned from the “magazines” and plunged my tongue as far as possible into her tight snatch. She grabbed my head and hung on until her first orgasm passed. It was the most amazing feeling, her hips bucking against my face, her little butthole clenching with my finger resting on it…just wow!

As she slowly came back to earth, she looked at me, smiled and said that she wanted to feel me. I thought she wanted to stroke me again or maybe…suck my cock. I was not prepared for what she meant.

I tried to stand up to give her access, but she pushed me back to the ground and said that she wanted to feel me…inside her.

Stunned, to say the least. I stammered…are you sure, hoping she was but not really ready to fuck for the first time. She said that she knew what was going on with Barb and Bren but wanted more.

Tricia and I didn’t know what to do. So, we did what we thought would work. I sat on the ground and Tricia sat on my legs facing me. She leaned in and we kissed the tenderest of kisses, like lovers that had been together for years. Slow, tender and passionate.

As we kissed, Tricia moved forward and placed her hot, freshly licked pussy on my cock. She started rubbing up and down the length, going a little higher each time, until she had the tip of my cock at the entrance of her virgin pussy.

I was lost in thought; here was Tricia trying to lose her virginity to me, a guy that was still a virgin himself. I felt her pussy start to part and allow me to enter; she stopped, took a sharp breath, closed her eyes and forced herself completely on me.

I inhaled quickly, looked at her and noticed tears slowly streaming down her face. I placed my hands on her hips and asked if she was OK. Her only response was to nod her head and slump into my shoulder. I lost count of the time we “sat” like this; it seemed like forever.

Gradually, she started moving; at first it was around in circles, then she slowly started to slide up and down my shaft. I just hugged her, enjoying the moment. Here I was, in “my spot by the pond” losing my virginity to the youngest sister of the sisters that had given me the best summer of my life.

Tricia gained a little speed, sat up and started rocking her hips against mine. Her breaths started coming in a shallow, short, quick fashion. She placed her hands on my shoulders and rocked back and forth. I put my hands on her ass and pulled her to me with as much force as I thought she could handle.

We did this for what seemed like an hour, but as I later learned through life, our “first” time was more like a minute, maybe two at the most.

That was the most incredible few minutes of my life. As Tricia and I came for the second time of the night, we both realized that we had shared a moment and celebrated with the sweetest kiss that a teenage couple could pull off.

Once the moment was over, we both realized that I had just exploded into her virgin pussy. As I started to hyperventilate and think that I had just gotten the first girl I had ever had sex with pregnant, she told me not to worry; she had just gotten done with her period and Barb and Bren had both said that was the best time to have sex because they couldn’t get pregnant.

My thoughts returned to what had just taken place and the summer of experiences that would last me for a lifetime. My next adventure would be to get home unnoticed by my parents at such a late hour!

The best summer of my life had been filled with adventures, and little did I know it at the time, my next few years would be a time of exploration with my new best friend, Tricia!


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