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Extra-marital affairs

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He shuddered as he came in her ass, his balls tensing and relaxing several times over as he let go and released himself inside the hole that had been forbidden him, up until now. He felt a bead of sweat roll down his forehead, tickling the bridge of his nose as it dropped off and landed on the small of her back, where it then continued its journey down her body.

As he slowly went limp inside her, he gently pulled himself free, watching her asshole gape for a second and then close, winking at him, a trickle of cum oozing out. He gently patted the back of her thigh, indicating that she should move over. Flopping onto the bed, the springs heaving underneath him, he closed his eyes and relaxed into the pillows.

He opened his eyes to find that she was studying him, a perplexed look on her pretty face. Her makeup was smudged, her once perfectly painted bright coral lips were messy and ruined, most of it rubbed into her chin. Leaning up on one elbow, she traced the straight line of his nose, and then asked, “What should I tell my husband?”

“Your husband?” he asked. “Tell him he can watch next time.” He smiled to himself and settled down again, staring up at the ceiling, his eye catching large damp patches and a spot of mildew.

Lines of concern creased her forehead and in between her brow. “What should I tell my husband?” she repeated.

Sitting up and all of a sudden feeling the room was very hot and stuffy, he said, “You didn’t think of something before you agreed to meet me?”

She chewed on her bottom lip, and, for the first time that night, looked truly repentant.

“What lies did you tell him after your other affairs?” he asked.

“Other affairs?”

He stood up and chuckled, taking the few steps and opening up the window of the matchbox suite. A cool breeze hit his face, and he breathed it in deeply. The outside world seemed so far away, and he felt cut off from it in the chokingly hot room. “You can’t bullshit a bullshitter, love. I know about your previous affairs.”

She had the good grace to blush and look ashamed of herself. She wanted desperately to ask who had told him and how he’d found out, though she figured she possibly knew the answer already. Wendy in accounting had a lot to answer for.

“What’d you tell your husband? Was he ever suspicious?”

“Yes,” she said.

“What did he say to you?”

She faltered slightly, not willing to give up intimate details of her marriage to her boss, but she knew he’d be able to tell if she were lying. She swallowed and told him anyway. “He told me I tasted different once, and another time he mentioned I felt different.”

“He said your pussy felt different?” He made a fist around his cock and lazily started stroking. She grimaced slightly at the memory and nodded her head. “What did he say?”

“He said my pussy felt different, slightly looser.”

His cock was starting to harden again and he moved it faster. “Had you come to him after sleeping with someone?” he was eager.



“Devin, the electrician guy,” she told him. She watched as his hand moved faster still on his cock. ‘The big black guy and the little Asian woman,’ he thought, thinking of a porn scenario he had watched only days before.

“Was he big?” he asked her. She nodded. “Did he fuck you hard?” She nodded again. “And your husband fucked you after he had?”

“Yes,” she said. He was enjoying this, but whether it was from the thought of her fucking other men and sleeping around on her husband, or the fact that she was clearly squirming and growing uncomfortable from his line of questioning, she didn’t know. With him, it could go either way.

“And the threesome?” he asked, continuing his interrogation. He was hard again, achingly so and very close to cumming. He had to smile when she looked somewhat annoyed. 

“That was with two guys I went to school with, after a high school reunion.”

“Fun?” he asked.

“Very,” she answered, betraying herself by smiling at the memory and the many shared orgasms. Her pussy pulsed.

“How did you manage it? One cock in your mouth and the other in your pussy?”

“Naturally,” she answered, a feeling of boldness coming out of nowhere. The hand on his cock was now working double-speed.

“What about DP?” he asked.

“Not quite,” she said.

“What’s the most cum you’ve taken in your pussy?” he questioned, his voice starting to become strained and his balls beginning to tighten again.

She thought on this for a moment, dragging it out for a few extra seconds, very much enjoying watching him squirm and shift for a change. “Four.”

“Including your husband’s load?”

“No, he was five that day.”

“Christ,” he mumbled. He strode back to the bed and got her to lay down and spread her pussy wide. Much to her own surprise, her clit ached to be touched and she wanted badly to please herself. Several jets of hot cum landed and splattered over her pussy, some of it even getting inside her. His handsome features contorted into something that she, frankly, found ugly, as he came all over her, some of his cum raining down on her clit.

When all was said and done, he straightened up and grabbed his clothes. In a rare moment of tenderness, he kissed her on the forehead. “Report to my office Monday morning.”

She waited until the door had closed before she rubbed her clit and masturbated, cum leaking from both her holes.

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