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Latina Cop Lets Me Off with a Warning and Swallows

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I avoid a ticket by sucking a trans Latina policewoman's juicy 'clit' and swallowing her cum.

Some readers are disappointed with shorter stories, and this is just a reminder that the Flash Erotica category is specifically for stories between 100 and 1,000 words.

My name is Jacob, and although I work in downtown Tampa, Florida, I live in a suburban area just about eight miles outside the city. I’m in my early thirties with a beautiful wife and two kids in elementary school. I like to think of myself as being an honest, law abiding citizen, and my only scrapes with the law have been due to traffic violations.

I drive through a rural area with little-used backroads to get to my neighborhood, and I am a chronic speeder, as well as having other moving violations. At the time of this story, I already had twenty-one points on my driver’s license within thirty-four months, and any further tickets in the next two months would result in my license being suspended for one year. That would make getting to work very difficult for me and my family.

The fateful incident that gave rise to this story happened one evening when I had worked late in the office. Being very tired, I let my mind wander and irresponsibly failed to monitor my speed in the rural area. My heart almost stopped when I heard the siren and saw the flashing lights behind me. I looked down at the speedometer and saw that I was going twenty miles per hour over the speed limit.

I was worried when I pulled over, and the officer appeared to be checking me out on their computer before approaching my window. I had little hope of avoiding a ticket as the officer said, “What’s the big hurry mister, don’t you realize that you were going dangerously over the speed limit?”

The officer appeared to be a late-thirties Latina, probably Puerto Rican, since there is a large population of Ricans in the Tampa area. She is pretty, with strong, almost masculine, facial features, looking a lot like the actress, Penelope Cruz, except with a darker, medium-olive complexion, and with a deeper voice than I would have expected.

My only hope was to plead for mercy, and I said, “Sorry officer; I worked late and was lost in my thoughts. I know that I was speeding, and I would really appreciate a warning. You probably saw that I already have twenty-one points on my license, and another ticket for speeding would be devastating for me. Is there any way I can avoid a ticket? I’ll do anything.”

She smiled and said, “You gringos are all the same. You talk a big game, but when it comes time to perform you back out. But if you’re serious, and don’t mind sucking on my big, juicy clit, then maybe I can give you a break. Follow me to the next turnoff into the woods.”

I could hardly my luck at being able to avoid a ticket and get to suck the pussy and clit of such a hot Latina. I followed her down a dirt road into the dense woods, and she directed me to sit on the edge of the back seat of her cruiser, as she stood in front of me in the open door.

She unfastened and took off her utility belt and gun. I loved the smell of leather and the sense of strength and authority she exuded standing in front of me wearing that uniform. She looked down at me and said, “Okay, gringo, do your thing. And I warn you that if you try to back out, you’ll have more to worry about than another speeding ticket.”

I nervously unfastened and lowered her pants, and was facing her white, cotton panties, which were bulging with what looked like a huge cock lump and big balls. She pressed her crotch towards me, signaling for me to continue. I was stunned when I pulled down her panties, and a big, brown, uncircumcised cock flopped out and swung in front of my face.

That was the first time in my life that I had been so close to another man’s genitals, and I looked up, saying, “But officer, I’ve never had sex with a man before, I don’t think I can do this.”

She smiled and replied, “Your choice, gringo. If not, I’ll start writing that ticket. And by the way, you can call me Gabriela if you do this for me, but my real name is Gabriel.”

I’m not well-hung, and I must admit that her thick cock and low-hanging balls looked attractive hanging there between her legs. I decided it would be a small price to pay to avoid the ticket. I lifted the thick, heavy, meaty, six-inch, soft cock to my lips and began sucking it, while fondling her balls. That cock quickly hardened to over eight inches long and even thicker, and I sucked it as she held my head and began fucking my mouth.”

Gabriela must have been horny, because in only about three minutes she held my head as her cock began to throb and pulse in my mouth feeding me squirt after squirt of her slightly bitter cum. It was at that moment I realized that I enjoyed sucking that huge cock and swallowing her tasty cum, and I continued sucking it until long after her cock had softened.

Then she pushed me down to suck her huge, brown balls, which I did for over fifteen minutes. She then pulled me back to suck her cock again, and after sucking it for twenty minutes, I was fed another big load of that tasty, Rican cum.

We talked as Gabriela pulled up her pants and fastened the utility belt. I agreed to meet with her in that wooded area every day that she is on shift when I’m coming home and suck her cock. We developed a close relationship, and she sometimes sucks my dick in the sixty-nine position, while she lays on top fucking my mouth.

I still love having sex with my wife more than anything, but I’ve also discovered that having bisexual sex with Gabriela is very enjoyable and arousing.


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