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Seducing Your Wife

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You asked me how I would seduce your wife...

Sometimes men think their wives have lost interest in sex...but have they?

“How would you seduce my wife?” you asked me.

Perhaps you were daring me. And, if that’s the case, let the games begin!

You see it doesn’t take much to make a woman happy. Men think it’s so complicated, when it’s really very simple.

Your wife wants to feel wanted and needed. She wants to feel special. But more than that, she wants to feel alive.

Your quick pinch of her tits or a grab of her crotch are not foreplay to her. They are signs that you think she’s easy and not worth the time it would take to get her aroused.

How would I seduce your wife? First, I’d ask her about her day while I massage her shoulders. As I work out the knots in her neck, I would whisper close to her ear, “Mm, you smell so nice, what’s that scent you’re wearing?”

All I did there was acknowledge that she’d taken the time to smell pretty. Are you taking notes?

My fingertips skim down her arms to her hands as I ask, “How about I work some of that same magic on your feet?”

Her eyes roll back in her head as she moans. My thumbs massaging away the ache of being on her feet all day. My hands move up to her calves and I comment how smooth and muscular they are.

Did you catch that? How I let her know that I noticed her freshly shaved legs and the fact that she probably works out? Subtle, huh?

Testing the waters, I take my touch higher. My fingertips drawing small soft circles on her inner thighs. Her eyes are closed. She’s pretending she doesn’t know what’s coming next, but she does. And she’s making no effort to stop me.

I move to sit next to her now. I ask her if she likes what I am doing, how I am making her feel. She murmurs, “Mm hmm.”

I begin to unbutton her blouse. She simply sighs. I trace the curve of her breast ever so slightly. She sighs again.

I lean in and whisper, “Have you ever been with a woman before?”

She shakes her head, keeping her eyes closed. If she opens them, this becomes real. But she is relishing the fantasy of being seduced and wooed and doesn’t want it to end. So, her eyes remain closed while her body opens to me.

I make no sudden moves; I simply take my time. I remove her blouse slowly, unhurried. I want to make this last for her.

I whisper, “You have such beautiful breasts.”

This time, I don’t have ask for permission, she begs, “Touch them, please!”

I unhook her bra, commenting on how thoughtful she was to have worn the style that clasps in the front. She smiles, knowing her planning ahead was appreciated, even if she hadn’t been preparing for me.

I take her beautiful round tits into my soft hands and bring each nipple to my mouth to be kissed; first one, then the other. I use my tongue to lick them both before taking one into my mouth. While I suck on her left nipple, my fingers play deftly with her right. Her head leans back a little, while she moans, “God, that feels so good!”

I alternate right and left until I’m certain she’s aroused enough to let me do whatever I want. She wants it too.

“Do you want me to show you what I can do with your pussy?” I tease.

“Oh, sweet Jesus, yes!” she pleads.

I slide my hand down and lift her skirt. “Mm, those lacy panties are hot!” I tell her.

She smiles and tells me that they are wet. I already know. Because my fingers can feel the soaked fabric as they play along her slit. Then one finger sneaks its way inside her panties and drenches itself inside her hot, wet hole.

I allow her time to get used to my touch. But she’s already trying to work my fingers into her pussy.

“Lay back and let me taste you,” I tell her.

She complies, not because I tell her to, but because she wants, no needs to feel my tongue as it makes first contact with her dripping sex.

My tongue plays gently, roaming everywhere except her clit. No need to rush this. She starts to rock her hips a little.

When, at last, my tongue finds her swollen little nub, she cries out, “God, yes! Please! More!”

I lick and suck and nibble until I feel all the familiar signs of a woman close to cumming. I insert two fingers into her cunt, and push her over the edge, as her orgasm rips through her body.

As she cums, her mound grinds into my face and her pussy devours my fingers. She squirts her sweet nectar into my mouth.

I look up at her, but her eyes are closed. She looks deliciously sated. I could make her go again. But this first time, I just want her to savor the moment.

Her eyes pop open as I move to kiss her, but she doesn’t stop me. I share her exquisite taste with her, as our tongues explore each other. As our kiss breaks off, she lays her head on my shoulder and says, “Thank you. I never knew it could be like that.”

I smile. Did you catch all that? It’s not rocket science; it’s simply paying attention to all her senses and needs.

That’s how I would seduce your wife.


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