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Becoming Pepper

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A man creates his dream

How much would you give for your dreams?

It had taken two months to get here. 

Before this, I was a high powered lawyer earning a solid six figures. I had a beautiful wife, house in a private gated community, the respect of local politicians, even a small collection of classic cars. My firm had sent me to New Orleans on business and I decided to, just once in my life, to throw caution to the wind and have a trip free of responsibility or regrets. I ended up back at my hotel being fucked hard by a black man. He used me rather aggressively until check out the next morning. I even missed my morning meeting - which was the very reason I came to New Orleans. 

Hours later, when I found myself frequenting the black areas of town I came to the realization that, from here on out, I'd never have sex with anyone but black men. I even got a "jack of spades" tattoo on my back right shoulder. It was if I had walked through a doorway and it was shut behind me. There was no going back. I knew what I wanted - to be a bitch to a large group of black men. Owned by a gang. I began using my resources at the law firm to research how to get what I wanted, regardless of the cost. What I wanted wasn't something on the side. This wasn't a 'lifestyle' - this was a change of life. No going back. I even adopted a new name, "Pepper." I had that tattooed on my left back shoulder. The problem was, there were almost no black men where I lived and I needed to be around them. Where to find them? Then it hit me. 


I quick search found that Detroit had the highest black population in the country. On weekends I began to take flights there to scout out locations, get what supplies I needed and set this up. For my plan, nothing could be left to chance. I was going down the rabbit hole on this with no way out. My bridges would be burned.

And so just a few weeks ago, on a rainy day in Detroit, I intentionally sold heroin to an undercover cop with an illegally bought hand gun in my pocket. I even fired a few shots in the air while I was being chased for good measure. After that it was just a matter of waiving my rights to a lawyer and speedy trial - I confessed with no plea bargin. 

Just like that - twenty to life. 

After a short time in administrative segregation, I was taken to the shower at 0230 in preperation for my release into general population. Though I was alone in the steam filled room, I knew I wouldn't be for long. Word had gotten out about the cock hungry ginger with a black men only policy. 

Seconds after I felt his presence in the shower, I felt a cock's head at the entrance to my ass. I spread my legs without question. 

"Anyone gotten to you yet, bitch?" He asked with a growl in his voice. 

I didn't turn around or look at him. "No, sir. You're the first."

"What do you want to submit to me?" He asked as he began to slid into my body slowly.

I gripped the wall and inhaled. "No one touches me without your approval." I bit my bottom lip in pleasure. This felt amazing. "I only fuck black men - never anyone else. Lastly, I want to be sold....a lot. It's why I'm here."

He pushed into me until his stomach was against my back. I felt like my insides were going to explode. He was bigger than the last black man I had. 

He whispered into my ear. "You understand that the white gang here will see you as a traitor."

I nodded as I moved my body back and forth, starting to use his cock. "Can you protect me?"

He chuckled. "Yes. No question. I'll have you moved to the black part of the prison. You'll never even see a white man," he said as he picked up a little speed but still went full on his strokes. 

I gripped the wall tighter. "I'll never leave your side - I'll openly be your bitch. I'll eat scraps off your food tray, pee sitting down, and will dress the part of a bitch. I'll be your white, ginger whore."

He started fucking me faster. "I want more, Pepper. I want all the money you had in the real world given to people I have on the outside - and that includes your wife. She works for us now as a whore in the real world."

He reached around, taking my cock in his massive right hand and stroking me. I couldn't speak. I could barely breathe!

I screamed, "YES!" so loudly it echoed off the walls. My cock was throbbing harder than it ever had as he straight out started fucking me savagely. 

He was close...so close to orgasm. I could feel him inside of me...throbbing. Pulsating. His balls were full - something I swore to never let happen again. "I'm making you my cell mate, Pepper. You'll keep my house clean. If you ever betray me, I'll remove the protection and the white gang will do what they want with you. Agreed?"

All I could do at this point was grunt and moan. I couldn't even form words. I just nodded. My knees began to buckle as he thrust a few more times as we both came - mine going on the wall and his inside of me. 

As I dropped to the floor on my hands and knees, unable to stand he said, "I'm Marcus, just call me 'daddy'. You're now an owned bitch of the Black Dogs."

I saw his massive cock through the steam as he turned and walked away, leaving me there with his cum inside of me and wanting more. 






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