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The Glory King - Part 2

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Returnig to the glory hole was more than he bargained for

I thought I left the last one hanging a bit so I decided to finish it off.

The Glory King returns

It had been months since my encounter with the man I only know as shlm_glory_king. I have no idea what his real name is, heck, now that I think about it, I don’t even know the man. I only know his cock; the cock that was presented to be through a glory hole and I gladly sucked and was fucked by. I had often thought of that night and longed for more but for some reason I never had the nerve to reach out and contact him again. I suppose I had done something I never thought I would ever do in my life and was more than happy to live on the memory of it for a while.

That was until last Thursday night. An uneventful night by any standard. Hell, is Thursday night ever eventful? I was on my computer mindlessly browsing youtube when I heard the ‘bling’ from my inbox. 

‘Kinda late for that’, I thought to myself, as I minimised my youtube window and proceeded to open my mail app. I froze solid when I say who it was from. 

“Hi love_to_watch, It’s your old buddy shlm_glory_king here. I’m waiting in booth 9. You know where. I’ll expect you in 30 minutes. I hope you have that butt-plug you bought during our last hookup. Put that in your ass before you get into your Uber and I’ll see you on your knees in 30.”

I was hard by the time I finished reading the message. ‘Oh man, there’s no way I can turn this down’ I thought to myself. I called an Uber, found the butt-plug, lubed my ass before inserting it and made my way out the front door full of excitement and a little interpolation. 

I got to the entrance of US Video and had to pause for a moment to settle my nerves. My mind was all eve the place. It was full of so many questions: ‘Do you really want to do this again?’, ‘what if it’s not as good as you remembered?’ and ‘what the hell are you doing running out in the middle of the night to suck a stranger’s cock?’. I soon dismissed these questions, paid my entrance fee and was in booth 9 only moments later.  

Once I sat down I heard his voice. “You were quick tonight love_to_watch. I guess you are ready to take care of me again.”, he said in a cool and calm voice. 

“I still can’t believe it but I’m here to do whatever you need… as long as I get to look at your cock again.” I nervously stuttered in reply. 

“We’re going to do it a bit different this time,” he said, continuing “but you can start by making me hard.” I then say a semi-erect cock appear in the glory hole. It was still wonderful looking but I immediately got to work in making it stand to full attention. 

It is the only cock I had ever sucked and only the second time I had done so it was a new experience for me to suck a not completely erect cock. It was so easy to take it all into my mouth and let the shaft fill my entire mouth. I licked and sucked and delighted in the feeling of it hardening inside my mouth. Soon it was not possible to keep it in my mouth without forcing it into the back of my throat. As I started to do so it was suddenly removed from my mouth and disappeared through the glory hole. I took it as a cue to press my face against the glory hole and wait to be face fucked and assumed that position. 

“I’m not fucking your face today”, the glory king informed me, continuing with, “put both your hands through the hole, take my cock in both your hands."

I complied of course and reached through the hole. I had my right hand stroking the base of his cock and balls and used my left of stroke is upper-shaft and bulbous head. I’ll admit it wasn’t as pleasurable as sucking but it gave me another sense of proportion and of the beauty of his cock. 

All of a sudden he handcuffed both my hands together. I tried to pull my hands back through the glory hole but noticed the cuffs were attached to the pole supporting a shelf in glory king’s booth. I was stuck. My arms were all his. 

He put his cock back in my hands and I continued to stroke his cock and balls as I did before I was handcuffed. ‘Hell, what’s the difference if I’m cuffed or not’, I thought. I assumed glory king got off the power he had over me, the power to keep my hands in his side of the booth, to keep my hands pleasuring his cock. Though I have to admit, I was in no mind to remove my hands before he cuffed me.

Next thing I knew he took a step back. His cock is out of my reach. He took another step back, and then another step back. And finally, he opened his door and left. 

I was panic-stricken. Helpless. I started to consider what to do. I started to breathe deeply. Trying to relax. Trying to think. Trying not to panic. Then I heard the door of my booth open. And I heard the familiar voice. 

“I told you we’re going to play it differently today, “ was the next thing he said, followed by, “I hope you’re wearing the butt-plug I told you to wear. I immediately felt a pair of hands reach around and start to unbutton my jeans.  He unbuttoned then, then slowly lowered them, then slid his hands up the inside of my legs and back around the outside to my hips and took hold of my shorts. He slowly pulled them down and then stepped away. Next thing I felt him place both hands on my back and after a moment he slides one all the way down, over the base of my spine, all the way down to by asshole. He took hold of the butt plug and gently removed it. 

I was completely helpless. My hands stuck through the glory hole, naked from the waist down and I glanced around and say the glory king putting lube on his now glistening perfect cock. ‘this isn’t what I signed up for’ I thought to myself, but at the same time, I couldn’t take my eye off his cock and also couldn’t wait to feel what it would be like to be fucked by it. “I’m not sure I’m ready for this”, was all I was able to say. 

“Of course you’re ready,” said the glory king, continuing “you’ve been waiting for this your entire life.”  As he took a step towards me with his glistening, beautiful hard cock in one hand and now a firm grasp of my shirt. 

The first touch of his cock against my asshole was electrifying. I was already loose from the butt plug so the head of his cock had very little resistance at first. The warmth of it as he only slightly pressed the head in was amazing. 

“Oh that feels so good, glory king,” I groaned, looking back to notice that there was a whole lot of cock left to take. 

He pressed more and I pushed back as he did so, the pleasure of warmth and fullness of his cock in my ass got better and better the deeper and deeper he went. Then he finally gave a small thrust and he was balls deep in my ass, his groin pressed tightly against my ass. I was full, I was in heaven and would have been happy if he stayed inside me forever. Just then he started to slowly retract his cock. The feeling was also amazing but even the pleasure was accompanied by the emptiness that could only be replaced by another thrust of his wonderful cock. In and out he went, slowly. Then he suddenly started to fuck me properly. Deep long fast thrusts of his cock. The pleasure increasing in my with every thrust, I loved the feeling of his cock in my ass, I loved hearing the pleasure he was getting while doing so and I groaned and moaned loudly so he would be in nod doubt as to how much I loved it. 

“I fucking love the way you fuck my ass, glory king, I fucking love it,” I moaned and groaned. Just as he also started to moan and groan loudly. 

“I’m gonna fill you with cum. Oh, I’m going to fill that ass with cum,” he said as he pounded harder and harder. 

I felt his cock swell inside me and then felt his first warm surge of cum deep in my asshole. Then another surge, then it seemed to cascade into me in a stream. The glory king was slowly fucking me, but still, I felt the cum flow. Finally, he stops and leaves his cock deep inside me until every drop is inside me. I then feel him soften inside me and finally, he removes his cock and leaves. 

He appears back on his side of the booth, un-cuffs me and leaves. 

‘What the hell have I done’, I asked myself, and answered ‘and when can I do it again.’



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