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The Point - Chapter 3

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Mark finally has his moment in the showers.

The next day, Mark entered the weight room roughly ninety minutes before practice. He saw Zach off to the side doing squats, shirt off, of course. He was already drenched in sweat and every muscle in his body was swollen and prominent. Something about working-out definitely got his juices flowing, because his cock was easily semi-hard in those tight workout shorts.

Mark stood off to the side and let Zach finish his set before he approached him. Zach seemed almost surprised to see him there. Mark was unsure whether Zach didn’t believe that he would actually show up, or if he had forgotten that he had invited him.

Zach took Mark over to one of the leg curl machines. He was talking one hundred miles an hour about how he wanted Mark to be there at least three days a week before practice, how they were going to rotate lower body/core/upper body. Focusing on rest, nutrition, and hydration. He got the full workout plan.

Zach set him up on the machine, trying to get the settings just right so there wasn’t too little or too much resistance. Zach found a machine near Mark and did a light workout, although Mark got the impression that Zach didn’t use these finesse machines all that much. Mark would go until he couldn’t push it anymore, then Zach would move him to the next machine. Mark noticed that he seemed to have Zach’s full attention, so he decided to have a bit of fun with Zach.

As Zach was setting up the incline leg press machine, he leaned over Mark to adjust the tension settings. When he did Mark took a long, slow lick up Zach’s sweaty, bare chest. Then he let out a playful, “Mmm!”

Zach completely froze. Mark started to get a bit concerned that he had upset Zach. But when Zach turned to Mark he was clearly not upset, in fact, he looked like he was about to fuck him right there. With a quick glance downward, Mark noticed that Zach’s cock was fully erect. His cock was swung sideways in his workout shorts with the head poking out over his left hip. Zach took several long, deep breaths and then continued getting Mark set-up as if nothing had happened.

They finished their workout and they both headed to the showers together. The weight room showers were more recently renovated since the weight room was shared by all of the male sports teams as well as being used by members of the staff. The showers were kind of set up like a long, open toilet stall. The shower was against the wall and there were hooks and benches at the back for dressing. The dividers were constructed of painted cement block and went from about a foot off of the floor up to about eight feet tall. It was a bit more private than the open showers, but if they were busy there would be guys walking by peeking in trying to see if they were occupied.

As they walked in they could clearly hear a couple of showers running on the right side of the room, so they headed left and found several open showers at the end of the row. Mark took the end stall and Zach took the one next to it. Mark hung his gym bag on a hook and sat down on the bench and began undressing. He and Zach were chatting intermittently as they disrobed. They turned their showers on at nearly the same time and continued talking until Mark decided to have some more fun with Zach.

He scurried to the end of the stall and poked his head around to see if the coast was clear. When it was, he scampered around to Zach’s stall and snuck up behind him. Mark wrapped his arms around Zach’s waist and said, “We should get showers like this in our locker room.”

Trying to be quiet, but not being quiet at all, Zach whispered loudly, “Get out of here, bro. This isn’t funny. Somebody is going to see us.”

A voice from the other end of the shower room belted out, “Is everything all right over there?”

A nervous Zach shouted back, “Yeah, sorry about that. My friend was playing a prank on me. No harm.” He redirected to Mark and continued, “You have to get out of here right now. I am serious, bro.”

Mark made a pouty-face and turned around, he shook his ass a bit at Zach and headed back to his stall.

They finished their showers and got dressed. Zach settled down a bit and they started chatting again. They left the showers together and headed through the hall maze to the basketball locker room. As they got to the hallway in front of the locker room Zach grabbed him.

“Mark, you can’t do stuff like that to me outside of this locker room. I control this locker room. I don’t have that kind of influence anywhere else on campus. I know that you probably don’t understand why that matters to me, but it does.” he pleaded.

Mark thought that Zach was going to break down right in front of him. He had never seen Zach like that before. “Zach, I’m sorry. I was just having fun. I didn’t realize that it wasn’t fun for you. And I do understand why it would upset you. I was concealing myself too, until a couple of days ago. But somebody changed my life forever and I am very grateful,” Mark confessed.

Zach pinned him against the wall in just about the same spot as they parted the night before. They shared a long, passionate kiss, and then as they broke away, they looked at each other and picked up mid-conversation, and walked into the locker room. They headed to their lockers at opposite ends of the room and got changed for practice.

Practice went well for Mark again. Coach mixed the players up a bit more and it wasn’t the first-team vs the second-team as it usually was. Among others, Mark’s team included Zach and Justin. Mark was able to hit a cutting Zach several times as he drove to the bucket. He also had a couple of kick-outs to a wide-open Justin. He was beginning to figure out that his best role on the team would be as a facilitator and a floor leader.

As practice was finishing, Coach called Mark out in front of the team for having a great practice. Mark was beaming and shaking his head in satisfaction as he headed to the locker room. He was having a great day and now it was his time for him to finally be one of the guys. The fact that he was that excited to hang-out in the locker room with the guys would probably sound strange to most people And although part of it was certainly sexual in nature, it was much more about acceptance and feeling like he actually belonged.

Mark headed to his locker. He was in such a rush that he was one of the first ones there. He certainly didn’t want to be in there by himself, that would be just like old-times. He stalled a bit as he got to his locker. He sat down and plunked around on his phone a bit. Once a handful of guys joined the party, he started to strip down. His locker was near the entrance to the showers, so they all had to pass by his locker to get in the shower.

As he stripped everything off, he wanted to show off for a bit. He had his back turned to the locker room and pretended to fumble with something in his gym bag for quite a while. Then he realized that he hadn’t grabbed a towel, yet. So he had to head over to the shelf where the fresh towels were. He grabbed a towel and covered his front partially, while showing his bare ass to everybody as he went into the showers.

He placed his towel on the hook and headed into the showers. Justin and Ant were the only two in there at the time. Mark strutted by them and took one of the showers at the back wall. The shower room had eight showers. It was a slightly rectangular room with three showers each on the left and the right, along with two on the back. Mark gave both them a thorough examination on the way by and didn’t hide it very much.

Ant, short for Antonio, was another of the key guys off of the bench. He had a similar role to Justin and they spent a lot of time together, both on the bench and on the court. By all accounts, they were pretty solid friends. Ant usually played the small forward position. At six-feet-five-inches and one-hundred-and-ninety-pounds, he was a little bit stocky for a basketball player, but he hustled his ass off. He was a good rebounder and defender.

Mark hadn’t talked to Ant very much and really didn’t know much about him. He knew that he was all or part Hispanic, but wasn’t sure about any more than that. Ant had kind of a chubby ass and it had those squiggly stretch-marks that indicated that he had either grown-up or out pretty quickly. Ant was uncut. His soft cock was a bit shorter than Justin’s but also a bit thicker.

Mark turned on his shower and started to lather himself down. He mostly kept his ass pointed out, but he would sometimes turn around for a bit and show off his little nub. He made several glances in Justin’s direction and actually caught Justin staring once. He thought that he would give Justin all that he wanted, so he got a bit of body-wash and started lathering his front from the crotch down.

He slowly worked his way down his legs with his ass pointed toward Justin the entire time. As he glanced over, he saw Justin staring intently at his ass. He also noticed that Justin was very quickly getting an erection.

Suddenly, Justin panicked. He ran out of the showers and grabbed his towel to cover up. He disappeared into the locker room. Mark noticed that Ant was giving him a dirty look and he wasn’t sure if something bad was about to go down. Fortunately, Devon and D.J. broke up the tension as they headed into the shower at about that moment.

D.J., which was short for Daniel Jones, was the starting guard beside Devon. They made quite the pair coming into the shower. D.J. was a hyper-athletic guard that could blow past just about anybody with either his speed or agility. He was a pretty unreliable shooter, but he found a way to get points on the board. At six-feet-three-inches and one-hundred-and-seventy-pounds he was a lean, fit physical specimen. His dark-brown skin and flawless features made him amazingly sexy. He looked like a model.

Seeing him in the shower with the water glistening off of his perfect body didn’t hurt either. His big, full balls hung low and heavy, but they were no match for his cock. Even flaccid, it was easily over six-inches long. Mark reckoned that it was a good ten-inches hard. It had a fair-bit of girth and a big, lengthy head that had an amazing pinkish hue.

Mark was intoxicated by the sight of D.J. and Devon standing there. Mark tried to put on a show for the boys, but couldn’t stop staring back and them, D.J. in particular. He was mesmerized watching the water trickle down D.J.’s chest and abs, then it would roll down his cock and pour to the floor like a waterfall.

D.J. caught him staring and whispered something to Devon. That’s when Mark noticed that his cock was pointing straight upward. A smiling D.J. said, “What’s up, Mark?”

Mark responded, “Not much. Not much at all.”

He continued showering with his back toward them for another minute or so. He felt so proud of himself. The shame that he would have felt just a few days ago was nowhere to be found. Then he turned off his shower and walked past them, his dick still hard. He slapped Devon and D.J. on the ass on the way by and said, “We are going to win tomorrow.” referring to their tough upcoming game.

He heard them chuckle as he headed out of the shower. He grabbed his towel and headed to his locker. Much like before he kind of took his time as he was toweling himself off. Again standing with his naked ass on display, he was truly having a moment. He got a few ass-slaps of his own, including by D.J. and Devon who returned the favor as they exited the showers. He thought that he had dragged it out long enough when suddenly a figure bolted around the corner, grabbed his arm, and dragged him quickly and seemingly unnoticed into the adjacent restroom.

There was an open restroom in the locker room near Mark’s locker. His locker was in a small bank on the back wall which separated the showers to the left and the bathroom to the right. I guess it was an underclassmen thing, and it was supposedly a less desirable location unless you were Mark. Mark would have been happy to spend the rest of his life in or around that shower. Well, being by the open restroom could be a bit unpleasant at times, but not that often.

Mark dropped his towel on the floor as he was pulled into the bathroom. Trying to figure out what the hell was going on, he turned around and it was Justin. Justin was rambling and sobbing. Apparently, when he had run out of the showers, he grabbed a towel to cover his erection and went straight to the bathroom. He was trying to wait it out, but it wouldn’t go down. Then he tried to masturbate, but he couldn’t cum. He was having an absolute panic attack and he was afraid that everybody would think that he was gay. Mark was beginning to think the same thing, but now was not the time for an intervention.

They ducked into a stall together to avoid being seen. Justin was shaking and on the verge of hyperventilating. Mark found it sad and kind of cute. He was saddened by the fact that Justin was so uncomfortable with his sexuality. He also felt guilty for setting Justin off like that, but also a little bit proud that he got Justin so extremely turned-on. He placed his right hand softly on the side of Justin’s face. He slowly wiped away a tear with his thumb and said, “I am here for you. I am going to take care of this. Trust me. Now, what do you need from me?”

A sniffling Justin replied, “It won’t go down. And I can’t go out there like this. Everybody will see.”

Mark countered, “Do you want me to try sucking it like yesterday?”

Justin nodded.

“OK, we have to keep this quiet, though. No rattling the door, keep your moans as low as possible, and try to avoid gagging me,” Mark added.

Mark removed his hand from Justin’s face. He seemed much calmer already. Mark slowly lowered himself down to his knees. He removed Justin’s towel and underneath was an incredibly bright red cock. Mark slowly reached up and wrapped his hand around it. Justin shivered. Mark could not believe how hot to the touch Justin’s cock was. Now he was getting worried. He was beginning to wonder if there was something physically wrong going on with it.

Mark leaned in and wrapped his lips around Justin’s cock. It had swollen larger than yesterday, he could feel the difference in his mouth. Mark went to work Justin’s cock, bobbing away. He really needed to get the job done. To Mark’s surprise, about thirty-seconds in he heard Justin gasping. As Mark looked up, he saw Justin staring back at him with puppy-dog eyes.

Justin’s cock throbbed vigorously in Mark’s mouth as he sprayed Mark with his seed. Justin’s entire body rocked with each throb of his cock. Mark gulped it down feverishly. It was an even larger load than he had unleashed yesterday, which was already damned impressive. Mark quietly wondered if he could produce that large of a load every day.

Mark sat there with Justin’s cock still in his mouth. He sucked his cock clean as he waited for Justin to recover. He felt Justin’s cock begin to slowly soften in his mouth. Mark felt a hand on his cheek. Justin was looking down at him very appreciatively. He grabbed Mark and boosted him up to his feet. The two stood there nose-to-nose for a while until their lips brushed softly together.

Justin leaned back a bit and said, “Thanks, man. I owe you one. No. More than one. I really appreciate…”

Mark cut him off. “Hey, we are all in this together. Now, I am going to leave. Give it a couple of minutes and then head out. It may not be a bad idea for you to head back into the shower and get your hair wet again,” Mark instructed.

Justin nodded in agreement. Mark turned around and as he was just about to swing the door open he felt a hand on his shoulder. Mark looked back and they shared a moment. Then he swung open the door and casually walked out the bathroom completely naked. He walked over and picked his towel up off of the floor and tossed it onto the bench. He started to get dressed and as he was pulling his shirt over his head, Justin squeezed past Mark as he was headed to the shower with his towel wrapped around him.

Mark smiled to himself. He finished getting dressed and took a slow walk out of the locker room.

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