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Diary of a Personal Assistant : Happy New Year

Series: Diary of a Personal Assistant

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Another fun little adventure I wanted to share with everyone. :$ :)

I hadn’t planned on ushering in the new year like this. To be fair, I rarely ever plan anything. Events just seem to happen. Like falling for someone. It’s such a heady moment when you connect and sparks fly and you find yourself suddenly besotted and bewitched and, occasionally, bewildered. But that’s a different story, for another day. This one is about a toy that has become almost mythical in proportion in the world of smut. The sybian.

My couple had decided to purchase one. A Christmas present is how they put it, although who it was for was never quite made clear. Not for me, I had to assume, since It hadn’t been neatly wrapped and placed under the tree on Christmas morning. Instead it had been set up down in the basement where I rarely go. No real reason. It’s set up for parties and it’s been a very long while since we’ve been able to have any sort of get together. In fact, this was the first in nearly a year. Small and intimate.  David and Anya were there of course. And Scott and Holly, a couple that I’d played with on occasion and had kept in touch with. And a third couple – Kari and Charles -  who I’d met a few times back when people were still able to visit without spending two weeks in quarantine. And me, the third wheel. The girl without any attachments.

The basement had been set up like a club. There was already a wet bar and a big screen tv with a sound system. Some couches, too. David has put up a small disco ball and several of those star shower type Christmas lights that shone red and green laser lights on walls and ceilings and other similar devices. It was very colourful and, with music and videos playing on the television, it really was a club-like atmosphere.  There was champagne, too, of course.

Anya had mentioned I should dress as if I was out clubbing, so I had. A very fun and sexy dress and strappy heels. I hadn’t bothered with a bra. I rarely do. I’m not big enough up top to worry about it unless I’m concerned about my nipples being on display, which is often an issue. They seem to betray me at the worst times. I debated on panties and eventually decided to put on a thong. I could always take it off later, I reasoned, not really sure what would happen as the evening progressed.

It was fun. Everyone was in a party mood and things got progressively risqué as the evening wore on. And yes, while the sybian wasn’t lit up and glorified, it was present and I knew exactly what it was and what it was used for. In other words, it was impossible to ignore.

The shoes were the first thing to go. I simply got tired of dancing in heels. The panties stay on until Holly suggested, during a playful little make-out session, that I should hand them over to her. By then I was a little tipsy and had been bashfully flashing my tits and ass much to everyone’s amusement and appreciation. I’d also become free with my kisses, which had progressed from playful little pecks to full on tongue. By 11 o’clock, had anyone checked (and they had), they would have notices how wet my thighs were, not to mention my pussy.  

“I think she’s ready,” Anya announced. Not sure what she meant, I simply agreed with a giggle.

She led me by the hand over to the object of my curiosity. The Sybian was purple, not black. I hadn’t realized you had a choice until now. There was an obvious rubber cock and a bit of a bump on it. It wasn’t meant to be subtle. You sat on it with your clit on the bump and the cock up your cunt and then you turned it on.

I considered myself a shy exhibitionist. I like showing off but I get extremely embarrassed about it as well. This was one of those moments. I knew what was expected of me. She wanted me to sit on it – impaled on the dildo in front of everyone – and then she’d turn it on and I’d ride it in front of an audience. Had it just been her and David, I doubt I’d have hesitated. Maybe not even with Holly and Scott, but the other couple were nearly strangers, albeit ones I’d been making out with and flashing for the past couple of hours.

“I don’t know,” I whispered, knowing I was blushing visibly. I was incredibly turned by this point. I wanted to. I also didn’t want to. Hesitantly I moved closer, guided by Anya, her fingers wrapped around my wrist, letting her position me over the saddle, holding my hand as I knelt and fumbled with the rubber cock, easily slipping it up into my incredibly wet pussy, the hem of my dress hiding it from everyone’s gaze. And then, I relaxed, letting out a soft moan of pleasure as I felt it pushing my walls apart and filling me and the small bump pressing against my sensitive nub.


I nodded, unable to vocalize what I was feeling as I watched my voyeurs, all eyes glued to me hungrily as I swallowed down my nervousness and even a little fear just as the switch was thrown.

Thankfully, it wasn’t turned up to full. That came later. Still, it didn’t take long. I tend to cum pretty quickly, at least the first time, and with everyone watching and the ungodly stimulation I was suddenly being subjected to, it wasn’t long before I was humping the thing, my cunt clenching around the cock inside of me, my clit buzzing and almost overloaded with pleasure. I’m not sure how long I lasted. Less than if I’d been fucking someone. Much less. I was fucking away, my ass bouncing up and down and it just hit me. God, it was glorious. I saw stars for a moment.

“Turn it up,” David suggested, even before I had recovered. Fuck. Seriously?

The next level was even more intense, although it took me a longer to cum. Not much longer. Long enough to be helped out of my dress so that I was completely naked and exposed. Long enough for Anya to start making out with me as I rode the beast. Long enough to leak all over the top of the saddle-like seat.

And then, I came for the second time. Just as hard. Just as intensive. Just as humiliating.

“Please, no more,” I think I mumbled.

“Just one more. For me.”

“Okay,” I whimpered, feeling the vibrations getting stronger. “Oh god.” I managed, my eyes rolling slightly back, aware that I was drooling down my chin and onto my tits, as I clutched at the padding and held on for dear life while Holly replaced Anya and started kissing me. And then Scott, her boyfriend joined her on the other side and began mauling my tits roughly and twisting my overly sensitive nipples, until I started pushing myself up and down, pounding the vibrating cock into my pussy almost painfully.

“Come for me, baby,” Holly told me in between kisses. “Come for me, you little slut.”

I didn’t waste any time, her words pushing me over the edge. I let out a gasping cry and climaxed for the third time, panting as Anya increased the power again, wanting to scream as a wave swept over me, keeping me on the edge, just waiting for something to push me over. Scott’s cockhead resting on my lip was all I needed.  I let him push his hard prick into my mouth, sliding over my tongue as I climaxed again, panting breathlessly, barely able to breathe as I sucked on him while his girlfriend watched and played with my tits. I have no idea how long it took for him to blow his load in my mouth, filling it up with his warm salty jism and trigging another orgasm, even as I tried to swallow it all.

Charles was next, replacing Scott, his cock shorter but thicker, not that it mattered at that point. I took him and did my best not to come again, as the vibrations continued to drive me crazy.

“Come on her face.” Not sure if that was his wife or Holly. I was too lost in pleasure and ecstasy by then. I felt it hit my lips and cheek and chin moments before I exploded again.

“Help her up.” David. I think. I could no longer tell what was happening, only that my ride was about to end.

“One more, baby. Please?” Anya pleaded. I wasn’t sure if she was asking him or me, so I just moaned, too spent to form words, unable to do anything other than ride the machine to one more orgasm before it was turned off and I collapsed into her arms.

“You were magnificent,” she whispered gently, tenderly, into my ear.

“Fuck,” was about all I could manage, smiling shyly as she helped me off and over to a sofa, where I sprawled in her arms, Holly joining us, until I recovered just in time to celebrate the passing of 2020 into a new year.


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