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Toxic, But Not Sinister

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Mutual loathing at its finest.

The message had come in around ten when she was still at the bar, and she got there close to one. It read "I fucking hate you", and it was followed by the eggplant, drops, and tongue emoji. No follow-up. It wasn't that far of a trip and definitely didn't need to take three hours, but she took a little while because she stopped for another couple of drinks on the way, and that took a while longer because she got hit on by someone else who barely met her increasingly relaxed standards.

Under normal circumstances, she never would have taken him up on his creepy offer, but there was something sort of disgustingly funny about showing up to her late-night fuck with a pussy full of another guy's cum. The guy in the bar wasn't gross, but he was a bit grungy in that way that she finds at once both vile and hot. The risk may have been stupid, but she really wasn't in a place where she cared, or even could care. All she wanted was to fuck and get some sense of revenge every time she did it. Righteous vengeance might be more accurate than “revenge”. Somehow it seemed less petty… Plus, hitting three birds with the same stone is a particularly satisfying feeling. Before his cock slammed into her for the two or three minutes he could manage she expertly blew him while he leaned against the counter of the dingy, ill-lit bathroom covered in graffiti and stickers. He started to cum while she was sucking him off, but she wanted something else, and stopped him quite expertly with a great deal of pressure delivered by her thumb to the base of his shaft.

After she swallowed what he had given her like the good girl she sometimes enjoys imitating, she turned around and put her hands against the nearest stall door and her ass in the air as an invitation. It may not have lasted long, but he at least knew how to fuck. He slammed an unusually wide five inches into her with incredible force as he dug his nails into her beautiful, wide hips as he held onto them tightly. The way her ass wiggled and rippled with his almost violent thrusts turned him on so immensely that he couldn't last much longer. That and having just halfway cum in her mouth. He was still right on the edge, clenching his muscles as tightly as he ever had to keep from cumming. The way her huge tits swung rhythmically back and forth while he drove into her drove him wild, and so did the way they slapped against her chest, then against the metal door in front of her and back again.

She felt incredible. The adrenaline plus two vodka tonics was an insane high, and one which she relished every moment of. Every inch of her was tingling. It felt as though she was about to catch fire. Even though his cock was a little too short to hit her g-spot, the base of his shaft was wide enough that it didn't really matter. He stretched her pussy nicely, but didn't leave her too sore to go again. Around the hundred second mark, something unexpected happened — she came, and very hard. He wasn't up to the challenge of making her squirt, but she gushed on his cock a little, and that was it for both of them. As far as she knew, she burst into flames at that moment, and he only lasted a very short while longer.

She was being such a perfect slut that he just couldn't control himself, and his thick cum burst past the dam of muscle tension he had been maintaining with so much effort. Over and over he pulsed into her, filling her up. Another little rush of fluid pulsed out of her and ran down his thighs. It felt to her like it took a whole minute for him to fully empty into her. His load was huge. Truly, massively, huge — and it was hot. It dripped out of her for more than a few seconds before she slid her underwear back up her thighs. As it fell she counted the milliseconds until it hit the floor, splattering so loudly it almost echoed in amid the concrete and cheap tile.

Having thought ahead she was already settled up at the bar, and made straight for the side door when she left the restroom. Once outside she checked her phone for the time, and smiled when she saw she didn’t have any new messages. From the bar, she had made her way fairly directly to his place. As she arrived at the stained brick facade of the building, one of his neighbors was leaving. He held the door for her. Apparently she had been there so frequently in the months prior that his neighbors recognized her. They recognized her! That had never happened to her in her life. Not even with either serious boyfriend. She wondered with casual horror who they thought she was to him. She shuddered at the thought. He makes her skin crawl, and the thought of someone thinking she’s his girlfriend makes her stomach turn. The unfortunate counterpoint though, is that loathing simply isn't the only thing he makes her feel.

While he waited for her to show up at his door like a package, he had taken a few hours to catch up on some TV show or other which he had fallen behind on. She took so long getting there that a few times he almost paused to jerk off, but he thought better of it on each occasion, even though he was starting to think she wasn't coming at all. The second he unbuttoned his pants to free his uncomfortably stiff cock, she knocked on the door. She knocked with great hostility, shocking him out of his chair. He walked to the door with his fly down and his erection swinging freely. As soon as he had unchained, unlatched, and unlocked the door she flung it open, hitting the head of his cock and jamming it backward. By the time she noticed it was out it had receded dramatically from the pain of the impact.

Despite the change, it was not insignificant in size, and she smiled as she always did. She liked it when her toy was ready to use when she got there, and she grabbed hold of his shaft and started jerking him off before she was even inside. A moment later the door was closed and she had been tossed onto the couch like she was a lightweight prop. Every time he does it, she is struck by much she likes that he can move her like that, and how gross the look on his face is when he does it.

Her next line was to gasp as she hits the cushions, and she does just as always. This much of her visit was well-rehearsed. Each of their slip-ups began like that one. A passionate, erotic greeting. A profoundly unceremonious ceremony to express the deepest loathing.

He is always as rough as she'll let him be, without variation, but that night was particularly intense. She was letting him have his way, since she was still half-glowing from her encounter at the bar. As he climbed atop her she considered briefly whether she really should be there, as she does about this time every visit. Despite the momentary consideration of her choices, her better judgment was crushed once again as the intoxicating combination of the way he held her like he didn't care about her at all, the resonant tone of his voice as he said awful things to her, and the sensory confusion of his stinging, sharp scent.

When the tip of him entered her she smiled in a way she never had when he touched her, but he pushed that curiosity aside with ease in order to take what he wanted from her without distraction. The fact that she was unusually wet didn't seem at all suspicious to him, even though he normally had to force his way in quite roughly. His single-minded focus was unwavering, piercing through any mental obstacle with ease. Once he has her, his mind falls dormant entirely, and he is driven by instinct alone.

The fact that he couldn't tell the difference was funny to her, but she didn't really know what to do with that amusement. Part of her wondered if he was just ignoring it, but she knew in her heart that he was far too toxic to get past something like that without some stomping and shouting, if he could at all. 'What an asshole...' she thought. Seriously though, he's a total dick — which coincidentally is all he's good for.

Each thrust was harder than the last as the frenzy took him over. It hadn't been that long, but she saw the telltale signs appearing on his face, and felt them in the motion of his hips. He was about to cum! 'What is wrong with him?' she mused silently. At first, she wondered where he was going to blow his load... It almost seemed like he was going to cum inside her, which he had never done. It was almost true, too. As he tensed, she felt the first pulse of his hot, sticky cum inside her. It was obviously an accident by the way he clamped down and thrust into her a few more times without completely exploding.

The next thing she knew he had pulled out and slid up her body with ease and grace, while messily leaving a huge streak of cum across her torso running from her bellybutton to her throat. It pooled in her cleavage, which remained smashed tightly together by the rigidity of her thickly wired, lacy bra. Another blast of the hot, white liquid hit her in the face and splattered across her cheek, narrowly avoiding her eye... and he was still cumming when he shoved his cock into her mouth. He always came so much, but that was insane. Regardless, she was grateful to whatever was responsible. The next two pulses of cum felt a little like drinking from a hose.

She doesn't like swallowing but she also doesn’t hate it, and sometimes it's hard not to accept. Some nights, in some ways it's even hard not to enjoy it. He shows her how much he wants it, and he uses that. Sometimes he just commands her to satisfy him. Sometimes it’s the price of getting to fuck him again. On occasion, he doesn’t even ask, and she spits it back at him. Though it was hard to admit to herself, he usually made her feel so good that she does want to reward his good work when it's over. Doesn’t mean she can stand him any more as a human. Breaking with historical data, he couldn't hold back that night. Even though she was disappointed by the duration, she still smiled. He still made her feel like a whore in all the ways she hates but at the same time cannot resist.

That night he tasted a little different. It wasn't just him that tasted bitter of course, but he did. Less bitter. The first thing that came to mind was that maybe he was off his meds again. Sweeter, too. It was almost as though he had made a special effort by eating or not eating something to make her experience more pleasurable. 'That can't be it...' she thought, quickly overwriting the previous notion. All of those thoughts mixed with all those that came with the taste of her, and the differently slippery taste of someone else's cum.

It took a while for him to finish. He obviously hadn't gotten off in a while. Almost like he hadn't cum because he was waiting for her. Of course, that was just as crazy as thinking he had made any other effort. It was far more likely that he'd held off so he'd have more cum to make her swallow. He held the back of her head up while he forced himself down into her throat. He loves choking her, and he was in a particularly rough state of mind in that moment. She gagged several times but he didn't show any sign that he was considering slowing down. Once the last pulse of salty white liquid had flowed into her mouth, she choked it down without biting him – even though she thought about it.

Normally this is when he would throw her out of his apartment, but apparently he wasn't finished. He pulled his cock away from her, but only for a moment. In that instant, he pulled her to a half-sitting position then threw her to the floor, where she sat for a fragment of a second before he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to where he sat and looked her in the eye until she settled on her knees between his legs. Nestled there — right where she wanted to be — she knew what came next, and leaned in to start sucking him off again.

Despite his own impatience, he held her still so he could watch her struggle. She pulled her own hair with each attempt she made to reach his cock, but she pulled hard against his grip nonetheless. Straining against his control, her eyes welled up ever so slightly, and transformed to sparking jewels beneath the thin, glassy layer of tears.

“Patience, whore.”


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