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When You Play Dreams Come True

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The desire for my girlfriend to sleep with another guy

I believe that everyone has sexual fantasies. Mine is to watch another man fuck my girlfriend. I have written several stories about my girlfriend, Judy. Out of all the stories, this is my favorite. It is a true story!

Gil, who is a friend, kept calling Judy at work wanting to get back with her. He had no idea that I knew anything about their first sexual experience. Judy called me from her work to tell me that Gil had been calling. She wanted to know what I wanted her to do. Of course, I wanted her to do something with him again. Our storytime was great, when Judy went over to his house. I got off many times when she was talking in my ear, when I was fucking her. At this point in our relationship, I had never seen Judy with another guy. I told her that I would have to think about it and let her know that evening.

Judy got home from work on Wednesday evening, I had my devious plan ready for her. I told her to give Gil a call tomorrow, you can tell Gil that John was going to be home on Friday. You two have to come up with a plan to get me to leave. Tell him, Friday you can take a long lunch hour and you and him can be together for a couple of hours. Since today is Thursday, we have only today to figure out how to get rid of John.

When Judy got home Thursday night, I asked her, "Did he come up with any ideas."

"Well, I called Gil and told him what you had said for me to say. It took him about five minutes to come up with an idea. He said that he would call you Friday morning at eleven thirty and tell you his car had broken down. Then he would ask you if you could come get him. He said he would tell you he was about twenty miles past Monterey, which would be a one-hundred-and-fifty-mile round trip, that should take you at least three to four hours."

I will describe how our apartment is set up. When you walk in the front door, straight ahead is a coat closet. Walk to the right, you are in the living room. The back of the couch that is in the living room, faces the closet door, approximately three feet to the right. I was going to move the couch, so the end of the couch partially faced the closet. If two people were setting on the couch, I could see what was going on, if I had the door cracked open.

I said to Judy, "Have Gil set on the end of the couch, so he will be looking away from the closet, you set next to him. You will be the only one who will be able to see me, you will be looking directly at me. I plan to clean everything out of the closet and put a chair in there, so I will be comfortable.

"Is there anything special you want me to wear?"

I replied, "You know I like button-up blouses, your white one is fine, with your white push-up bra. Put on your tight Levies and some tiny white panties. That should be fun watching him take them off of you.

The next day I was sitting at home, I was on my computer when the phone rang and I answered. (Folks you would never guess who it was.) Why yes, it was my friend Gil. He said, "John I had expected you to call and apologize for telling me to get out of there, the other night."

Gil, "I really didn't think Judy wanted to fool around with you, she was doing it because you were my friend."

Gil said, " I am really sorry, I thought you wanted me to fool around with her, like old times."

"I got out of doing that kind of stuff, since Judy and I got married. I really do love her and I don't think she would mess around on me.

"Hey man, I am really sorry, I didn't know you had changed. Can we just forget what happened and get back together being friends? I realize now that you love Judy, I will never pull anything off like that again."

"You know Gil, I have known you too long to stay mad at you, so friends we are." Who in the hell does guy think I am, he must really think I am that stupid? I know what's coming next, I am going to let him have the floor.

"I really have to thank you for not holding a grudge against me. I really have got myself into some trouble. I took this girl out last night down by Monterey. When I was taking her home my car broke down. Could you possibly come and help me?"

"Where are you?"

"I am about twenty miles south of Monterrey on highway 1, on the coast route. I am at Motel 6, you can't miss it."

"Gil you already have forgotten, I use to live in that area, I have spent many of nights in that motel. Just hold your pants on, I will be there in two hours, it is going to take me twenty minutes to get ready"

"John you are saving my life; I will see you when you get here. Thanks, friend."

As I was hanging up, Judy walked in the door. Wow, she was looking great, she had on the white blouse and it was really tight. Remember thirty-four double D's, they looked like they were going to jump out. I told her that everything was a go, I had just talked to Gil. Now I had to go move my car, so he would not see it when he gets here. Judy said, "I am starving to death, I have to make me a sandwich. Why don't you go get the car taken care of, how long do you think it will be before Gil gets here?"

"I told him it was going to take me twenty minutes to get ready, I guess anywhere between twenty minutes and a half hour. Why don't you get yourself some food and then go set in your car, then you can walk in with him."

I ran out to get my car moved, that took me fifteen minutes. I was going back into the apartment and Judy was on her way out. She threw her arms around me, giving me a big kiss. I told her to give me a good show.

She winked at me and said, "You will get the best."

I have to tell you all, "I have had the biggest hard-on for two days and when this gets started, I am going to explode all over the closet."

I was standing by the window watching for Gil and Judy. I saw them approaching, it was time for me to get in the closet. (Now the question you have to ask yourself is, will I ever come out of the closet?)

They walked through the front door arm in arm. They stopped right in front of the closet and started kissing. Gil had pressed his hands up against her ass real tight, squeezing her up against his body. He put his lips on her neck and then started playing with one of her boobs, through her blouse. I was only two feet away; I could have reached out and touched both of them.

He said, "Judy lets set down on the couch." They walked over to couch and he sat down first, Judy sat down on his lap. You could see Judy's nipples through her blouse they were really hard. Gil started unbuttoning her blouse, all the time they were still kissing. Judy had her hands on the back of his neck, stroking up and down with her fingernails. Gil finally got the buttons undone, Judy leaned back and took her blouse off. It was one of the most beautiful sites, seeing her cleavage bulging above her bra. I wanted to come out right then but I also wanted to see the show. I can't emphasize enough about how beautiful Judy's tits are and all natural.

I was about ready to cum. What scared me was if I did get off would it be all over for me and then go out and kick Gil's ass. I knew if something like that would happen, Judy would never do anything again for me. I had to set tight and hold back.

Gil reached behind her and unclasped her bra. He then put his mouth on her nipple and I could see his tongue running back and forth across it. Judy had her hands on the back of his head, stroking his hair, she had her eyes closed. Judy's nipples are very sensitive, whenever she gets her nipples played with , she gets very wet. I knew at this point her panties and her levies were drenched. She leaned forward and put her mouth to Gil's ear and said, " I want to fuck you."

Judy stood up and stripped down totally nude. That was all it took, I started getting off so hard, lucky I had brought the towels with me. Put yourself in my place, you are watching your beautiful wife getting ready to fuck your best friend and your friend has no idea that you are watching.

Gil sat up on the couch and put his hands on her Spanish ass and pulled her towards him. Her shaven pussy was at the same level as his mouth. He started licking her clit and nibbling on it. I could see his tongue darting in and out of her pussy. She had leaned over and her boobs were right on the top of his head. I could see her body quivering and she was licking her lips real fast. I knew the signs; she was about ready to get off. She started moaning and saying, "Oh, Oh, Ah, Ah, Ah, Oh, my god. it feels so good." She then just went limp into Gil's lap. She looked up at Gil and kissed him on the lips and said,

"Sweetheart, I need a glass of water. I am going to the kitchen."

As she stood up her mature legs were really weak, she had to hold on to the back of the couch to get into the kitchen. Gil stood up and took all of his clothes off and followed her. I could not see what was going in there, they were in the kitchen for five minutes. I heard Gil say I want to fuck you from the back and then I heard kissing sounds. I could hear Judy breathing really heavy. I was almost ready to get out of the closet.

Judy walked in and put her hands on the back of the couch, Gil was right behind her. Judy bent over and spread her legs really wide. Gil stuck his fingers in her pussy and was working them in and out really fast.

Judy started screaming and saying, "Stick that beautiful cock in me, I want you."

Gil spat on his hand and rubbed it on his cock.(I knew she was so wet he didn't need to do that, unless he was going in somewhere else.) Sure, enough he stuck it in her ass.

This is only the second time that she had taken a cock there. She took a deep breath and I could see her gritting her teeth. Gill grabbed her by the hips and started working his cock in and out real fast.

Judy started screaming, "Oh, Oh, my god, Gil, faster, faster, Oh, it feels so good." That's when she let loose with everything, she sprayed all over. Then she collapsed on the back of the couch. Gil leaned down and was kissing her neck, playing with the sides of her boobs and he still had his cock inside of her. Gil pulled his cock out of her ass and stuck in her pussy; he had not gotten off yet. He started working really slow and talking to her. 

He said, "I have a friend named Mike and I'm sure you would like to meet him. I would love to watch you fuck him. Wouldn't you like me to watch you fuck another guy?

Judy had been fucking for a half an hour, she was under Gil's spell, "Oh, yes, yes, I will do anything you want, when can I meet him?

Gil started moving a little faster and still talking to her. "I will call you at your work and let you know." At that moment he got off. They both stood up and held each other, kissed a few times. Gil told her he had to go to the restroom.

As soon as he left the room I jumped out of the closet and ran outside. I got everything I wanted, now I want to get rid of him. I went to my car and called Gil's cell phone. He answered. I said, "Gil, you are going to have to find another way to get your car back home. My boss just called and I have to go home to get some important papers to send to a client. I should be home in about ten minutes; I am really sorry about that. I sat in my car and waited, it took him five minutes to get out of there and gone.

I went back into the apartment and Judy was still nude. I grabbed her, took my clothes off and fucked the hell out of her. What a piece of ass, just think she is my wife and she will make all my dreams come true. 


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