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The Nightmare Inside Chapter 7

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Contributing Authors: MollyDoll 

A couple of Thank You's. Thank you Molly for letting me write this with you..its been seriously a blast! Thank you Julie_Slink for the awesome cover art for the final chapter it looks great! And also thank you to everyone who has stuck with each chapter and made it this far.

Lori had been sitting at her desk for over an hour. She was supposed to be doing research, but instead, she sat there staring at her screen and thinking of her options.

On the one hand, she could just allow herself to become the succubus and continue doing this for the rest of her life, or on the other hand, she could go take one last soul and be done with it. Did she really want to do this forever?

The answer was definitely, no. There was laughter in her ears. 'Or is it? I felt how much you enjoyed yourself with Todd. You feel alive, Lori. For the first time ever in your sad little life, you feel alive. Why give that up?'

"It's not right. Killing people shouldn't be a choice I have to make."

'You are denying how quick your blood is flowing? How every part of your body seems more, more aware of the world around you?'

"No." It was practically a pout.

'Do you deny how good it was to taste that idiot boy's life gliding over your tongue?' The succubus' voice had dropped and purred throughout her body.

Lori closed her eyes as her panties dampened and her nipples hardened. "No," she breathed out.

'It's not murder, it's survival, Lori,' her voice continued to touch deep dark places inside her and she moaned softly. 'Oh, the desires of the flesh, the heat of their pleasures in your mouth, and the warm satisfaction of them filling you with their essence.’

“Yes,” Lori breathed as her gently shaking fingers undid her jeans.

She leaned back in the chair and her fingers slid inside her wet panties, Her lips were already swollen and slick with need. She pushed her middle finger across her clit and then flicked it up over it. Her back arched and her head fell back.

“Yes,” she breathed again as she continued to flick her clit with her middle finger.

‘Such a needy girl, Lori. Why stop such a gratifying feeling?’

Lori felt she was getting close and cupped her pussy, squeezing it gently. She placed her fingers on her clit and started to make small circles. She was panting with need and getting close to cumming when she heard a soft voice, “Allow me.”

She froze and her eyes snapped open and looked directly into the eyes of her best friend. Harriet was on her knees between Lori’s legs and she was tugging at the waist of her jeans. Without a word, Lori lifted her hips and allowed Harriet to pull them down.

The cool breeze across her dripping cunt and the look in her friend’s eyes made her groan.

“I’ve wanted to do this for so long now,” Harriet said and her mouth closed over Lori’s pussy. She pushed her tongue between Lori’s lips and sucked on them as her tongue licked up. “Mmm,” she hummed in appreciation.

“Jesus,” Lori gasped, slid further down the chair and grabbed Harriet’s hair. She pushed her hips up and pulled her friend closer.

Harriet laughed softly and Lori felt it slide throughout her body. She spread Lori’s lips and sucked hard on her clit, just as Lori felt two fingers push fully inside her.

“Fuck yes,” she moaned and tried to pull Harriet closer. Lori’s hips bucked harder trying to ride the fingers that had just curled and found that magic spot.

Lori felt Harriet’s fingers glide up and down as she sucked harder. Her fingers wrapped tightly into her friend’s curly hair and held her close. Lori’s hips rocked wildly as her body tighten. Time seemed to pause for the briefest of moments before the dam broke and Lori came.

Her back arched and she pushed further down her chair, moaning loudly. Harriet’s mouth and tongue never stopped and Lori and came again, harder this time. She felt as if she wanted to cry, it was too much, too strong.

Lori’s body shook and she whimpered as she slid out of her chair and landed in a boneless heap on the floor. She could vaguely hear Harriet’s laughter over her own heavy breathing, but it sounded different somehow. Lori looked up, but Harriet wasn’t there. She looked around her room and she was alone. That’s when she realized the laughter was in her head.

‘You were made for this,’ the soft voice said. ‘You might want to check on your friend.’ The laughter faded and Lori was left to catch her breath and hope that she hadn’t pulled from Harriet again.

“No,” she said softly and grabbed her phone.

After the sixth ring, Lori was ready to hang up when she heard Harriet’s soft voice, “Lori…”

“Yes, Harriet it’s me are you okay?”

“No, I’m so weak,”

“Harriet, I’m coming over. Stay where you are.” She didn’t wait for a response, slipped into her shoes and ran out the door.

It took her about five minutes to run to Harriet’s. She didn’t bother knocking, but let herself in through the back door and ran straight to her room. Harriet was curled on the bed, the phone was still in her hand and her curly hair was damp and matted to her face and pillow.

Lori slipped gently into the bed beside her and took her hand, it was cold and clammy. “Harriet? Are you okay?” She ran her fingers through her friend's hair, pushing it back off her face.

Harriet didn’t open her eyes and spoke softly, “It was another dream, but I swear it was real. You and me, we had sex again. Well, sort of. I was sitting here writing and then it became hard to move. Things felt hazy and when they cleared, I was on your floor, pulling your pants down.”

Harriet sobbed softly and Lori suddenly felt very sick to her stomach.

“I needed you. I want…” she stopped speaking and shook her head.

Lori leaned forward and kissed her forehead. “It’s okay Harriet, what did you want?”

“You,” she whispered. “I wanted you. I’ve wanted you for a while now and it felt so real.”

“Then what happened?”

“Like the last dream, it felt good.” Her eyes opened and locked with Lori’s, “It felt right, Lori, like it was supposed to happen! Then… Then…” she sobbed again and Lori hugged her.

“It’s okay.”

Harriet held Lori as she began to whisper, “I felt a tug from deep inside. It’s hard to explain. It wasn’t unpleasant at first, it was a warmth that spread throughout my body, but it seemed like every part that was warmed was left cold. So cold. Like I’ll never feel warmth again.”

“I’m so sorry, Harriet.” Lori had begun to cry. She felt so horrible for doing this to her best friend.

“It’s not your fault.”

Lori leaned back, “It is, Harriet. Let me get you some food and then we’ll talk.”

Despite Harriet’s protests, Lori went downstairs and made her soup and grilled cheese. It was what her mother always gave her when she felt bad. Maybe there was something to it. She looked around the kitchen not knowing what else to get, so poured a big glass of orange juice, and grabbed a banana and an apple.

Harriet was sitting up a little, propped on her pillow when Lori slowly walked into the room carefully balancing the tray of food.

“Jesus girl, I’m not that hungry.”

“You need to eat.” Lori got the tray settled on Harriet’s lap and sat in the chair at the foot of the bed. She tucked her feet under her and leaned on the arm, fiddling with her fingernails nervous to begin.

After a few moments, Harriet broke the silence. She had eaten half of her soup and sandwich and drank all of her orange juice so her voice sounded more like her. “Okay, girl spill it. You’ve been keeping something from me all summer and I’ve given you your space even though I’ve wanted to kick the shit out of you for keeping it from me. What’s up?”

Lori kept her eyes on her shaking fingers, her mind was racing and she had no idea how to start.

“Spill!” Harriet snapped causing her to jump.

“Okay. God, you’re so bossy.” Lori gave her a small smile and took a deep breath. “Listen I want to start by saying, I love you, you are my best friend in the whole world. I also want to say that that line has been blurred for me and…” she trailed off.

“And what, Lori.”

“I’ve wanted you too. Both of those times were amazing and I’ve wan-”

“What? What both times? What are you talking about?” Harriet interrupted.

“Please let me get this out.” She closed her eyes and began, “The day of the fair when that fortune teller, Madame V, told us those things about me. She wasn’t lying, Harriet.”

“What? That you’re a what did she call you? A succubus? Very funny.”

“Harriet, please, I’m not kidding. Call my mother if you don’t believe me. I know this sounds crazy, but it was a gypsy curse passed down through the women in our family. Oh, Harriet, I’ve done some horrible things!” Lori broke down and cried.

She heard the plates rattle and the bed creak seconds before she felt Harriet take her hands. “Lori, what’s going on. You can’t be serious about this.”

Lori looked up. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, Harriet. Please forgive me and please don’t hate me.”

“Aw Lori.” Harriet hugged her. “I’ll never hate you.”

“I’ve killed people,” her voice cracked in a harsh whisper.

“It’s okay-”

Lori sat back and pulled away from her feeling the weight of her actions and her shame piling down on her. “It’s not okay! I’ve not only killed people, but I’ve also enjoyed it!”

Harriet sat back on the bed and watched her for some time. When she spoke, her voice was soft and unsure. “Jason?”

Lori looked down and nodded.

“Jesus,” Harriet breathed out slowly. “I saw you there that night. I saw you go upstairs with him, but you acted surprise that day outside the coffee sh… Coffee shop. The barista?”

“Yes. And more.”


“The guys in the park, the ones from the gangs, the old pervert, the bum, and several others. Including…”

“Including who?”

“Todd,” she cried. “I killed him last night. I can’t always control it.” Lori started to explain, but Harriet held her hand up.

“I don’t want to hear about it. Please, I can’t, Jason was bad enough. How does what’s happened to me fit into this?” Her voice was tight and controlled.

Lori put her head down.

“Don’t do that. Not now. Tell me!”

“Well, the first time I was here I didn’t think anything would happen. I swear I didn’t. Then I got this feeling and I had to touch and you came over-”

“Oh my God, that wasn’t a dream?” Harriet stood over her.

Lori’s head was still down and she shook her head no. Her voice was barely audible, “I thought it was a dream too. At least until you told me about it the next day.”

“And that’s why you left so quick?”

“Yes. I was ashamed and embarrassed. I was so afraid of hurting you.”

Harriet sat back down and didn’t speak. The silence grew and grew. Lori heard a dog bark down the street followed by the sound of a car door slam. Then Harriet cleared her throat and asked, “And earlier?”

“I didn’t know I could do that!” she said excitedly and looked into Harriets eyes. Lori started to reach for her, but was unsure if she would welcome it or not. “I was… Well, the… The succubus was taunting me and she stirred my need. I thought I was masturbating and when I opened my eyes, you were there on your knees wanting me.”

“Wait, what?” Harriet was up on her feet and began pacing. “Lori.” She stopped by the door and looked at Lori then shook her head and walked to the window. “Are you telling me something is talking to you?”

“Well, it’s the succubus, she’s inside me. Harriet, I know how this sound, I do, but it’s true.”

“That day outside the coffee shop when you were so high strung and I thought it was the cheap coffee. You were fighting with it then?”

“Yes. She wanted the barista then.”

Harriet let out a big puff of air and pulled her hair up on top of her head holding it there staring off into space.

Lori started to cry again. “I never wanted to hurt you. My mother told me that my great-grandmother used to pull what I’m assuming is energy from my great grandfather instead of actually killing him, but you were my first…”

Harriet snorted with laughter and let her hair fall back down. “Obviously I’m not if you killed the barista.” She shook her head and held her hands up as she walked back to the bed. “Sorry, poor joke. Did you have sex with all of them?”


“Even the girl?”


“So why didn’t you kill me?”

Lori looked up at her and wanted to tell her it was because she loved her. Because she would never harm her, but that wasn’t exactly true was it? She had hurt her and wasn’t sure if she would hurt her again. “I don’t know.”

“Jesus, Lori.” Harriet pulled her hair on top of her head again and let her head fall back.

Lori watched her best friend and followed the line of her long lean neck, down across to chest and to her breasts that slowly rose and fell with each breath. She could feel the warmth as it started to flow throughout her.

‘Mmm, so soft, so tasty. You want her. Take her to satisfy this hunger,” the soft sultry voice whispered in Lori’s head.

She moved slowly and silently, placing her feet on the floor. Her eyes had suddenly focused on the throbbing vein in Harriet’s neck. She wanted to lick it, to feel the pulse under her tongue.

‘Yes, so much pleasure to be had. Take it,’ it cooed urging her to take the last soul.

“Lori! What the fuck?” Harriet snapped and moved away from her to stand by the window.

Lori crumpled to the floor and let out a sob. It was a mixture of sorrow and frustration. She looked up at her friend and saw the scared hurt look on her face. “I’m sorry!”

“Your succubus wanted to eat me!” Harriet snapped.

“I honestly don’t think it was her that time. Harriet, I have one soul left to take. I don’t think it was the succubus, she would lose if I took it. I think it was me. That part inside me that is enjoying it and can’t control it.”

“So find someone, Lori! Another bum, another pervert, someone, anyone. Just end this.”

“I know who…” she paused.

“You know who what? Who you want to eat? Who?”

Lori put her head down, took a deep breath and then looked up at Harriet. “Madame V. That bitch seemed to have started all of this. She might as well end it.”

Harriet paced the room and on the third turn, she looked down at Lori. “So where do we find this bitch?”

“You’ll help me find her?”

“You might be some half-demon bitch from hell, but you’re my best friend. If we can save you, then let’s do it.”

The sense of relief that flowed through Lori was overwhelming. She jumped to her feet and hugged Harriet tightly. “I love you, thank you so much.”

“And I love you. Even if you’ve turned into a slutcubus,” Harriet laughed. She pulled back and was still holding Lori. There was a moment that passed between them and the laughter stopped.

There was a slight tingle that flowed through Lori. Every place that was touching Harriet felt hot and by the look in her friend’s eyes, she knew she felt it too.

Harriet leaned in and kisses her gently. “We finish this and then we discuss whatever the fuck this is. Deal?”


They broke apart and Harriet went straight to her laptop. She began researching the fair they had gone to and where it’s next dates would be. “Found them! Shit, that’s like a six-hour drive. You have two days until your birthday. Why didn’t you tell me sooner you could have fucked all the carnies and been done with it in one night.”

“Nice! I’m not that big of a slut.”

Harriet turned and looked her up and down and then turned back at the computer. “Mmhmm, well you still should have told me sooner.”

“I’m so sorry telling someone, oh, by the way, I’m a succubus now, surprise, is not the easiest thing to do.”

“Yeah well, now you know I can handle it.”

“For next time?”

“Yes! Now I know you have a freaky ass family there’s no telling what will happen next. Just please no werewolf, I couldn’t deal with your hair or fleas.”

Lori rolled her eyes and shook her head, but she was so relieved by how easy Harriet was taking it she almost cried. Things felt almost normal for the first time this summer.

“Okay, if we leave soon, we can make it there in time for closing. Go home, shower, and pack a bag. We’re going on a road trip. I’ll be at your house in about an hour.”

Lori was almost out the door when Harriet called out, “And Lori?”

She turned and looked into the serious face of her best friend. “Don’t kill anyone on the way home.”

“Nice,” Lori laughed and stuck her tongue out.

Lori went home and got ready. She couldn’t believe how well Harriet had taken everything. ‘It has to be all the horror movies she watches,” she laughed to herself. 'There’s no other explanation for it.'

She brought her bag downstairs and was putting her shoes on when her mom came home.

“Hey mom, I’m not going to be home tonight so you’re on your own for dinner.”

“Where are you going?” her mother asked suspiciously looking down at Lori’s bag.

“Harriet and I are going on a road trip.” She heard the horn honk, grabbed her bag and headed for the door.

“No. You can’t go. I won’t allow it. Lori, you can’t go off with Harriet, it’s not safe. No. You’re not going.”

Lori opened the front door and stepped out and then turned to look back at her mother. “Mom, no offense, but I’m an adult now and honestly, if I can kill people, I can go on a road trip. I’ll see you in a few days.”

They pulled into the grassy field that had been used for the fair parking lot. There were only forty-five minutes left before it closed so the parking lot wasn’t as full and they were able to get a place fairly close to the front.

“You girls gettin’ here awfully late,” the man working the ticket booth said.

Harriet took Lori’s hand and managed to look a little sheepish as she leaned close to the window. “It’s my fault. I’ve worked all week and I promised her I’d win a stuffy. Since this is the last night for the fair I thought we better come now or I’d never get off the couch.”

The man raised one bushy eyebrow and looked between the two then laughed. “I’ve been on the couch a time or two myself. You better hurry and good luck.”

“Thanks, man,” Harriet laughed and slipped him the money in exchange for their tickets.

They were walking quickly through the crowd towards the back of the fair. On the way there they had decided that the first place to look was in the same place she had been in their town. Fairs tended to keep the same layout from town to town.

“Maybe you should win me something. You know, just in case someone gets suspicious.”

Harriet stopped walking and gave her a look. “Are you serious?”

Lori blushed and fiddled with her hands. “Well, yeah. Stop looking at me like that. It makes sense if we actually do what we said we were here to do in case anyone wonders.”

“Okay, we’ll find the fortune teller and then I will come back here and win you a prize.”

“And maybe cotton candy?” Lori leaned into Harriet and batted her eyes.

“Don’t push it, slutcubus. You’re not that cute.” They laughed and continued towards the back of the fair.

Madame V’s tent was in the back corner underneath a light pole. It had an ominous glow about it. She was sitting outside the tent in her getup, filing her nails looking bored and worry-free.

‘That won’t be the case for long,’ Lori thought and she felt that excited warmth rush through her.

“Come on, let’s go win you something cute so you can always remember the day you saved your soul.”

Lori shook her head and thought, ‘How have I gotten through this without her?’

Twenty dollars and ninety-eight balls later, Harriet still hadn’t won anything. They had switched booths three times, and this was their last shot. The lady had warned them they had five minutes to closing.

She threw and missed again. Lori laughed again and asked if she could please throw the last one. After some arguing Harriet let her try. A moment later the bottles were falling to the table and Lori was smiling smugly.

“Softball baby,” she said poking Harriet in the side.

“Shut up, I played too remember?”

“Yeah, but I was the pitcher!”

“So why the hell did I have to win the damn stuffy for you?”

Lori pointed at the little purple monkey with the orange feet and shrugged. “That was your story, not mine.”

She hooked the monkey around Harriet’s belt and they made their way back towards the edge of the fair. Most everyone else was being corralled towards the opening they slipped in and out of the shadows, ducking down behind tents and equipment as they went.

They stood in the shadow as Madame V stood and stretched. She yelled something to one of the men a few booths over and walked inside, closing the flaps behind her.

“So I never really thought about this part. How are we going to do this?” Harriet asked looking and sounding serious for the first time.

“We aren’t doing anything, Harriet. I need you to wait, in the tree line back there for me. Wait there and don’t get caught. I will take care of everything and come and get you.”

“You can’t do this yourself.”

“Harriet, I don’t have a choice. I don’t want you there when I open up. Besides, sometimes I fall asleep or I do things without my knowledge. If I don’t come out in an hour and a half, you might want to come in and get me. Just leave again if I’m doing anything… Well, you know.”

“If you’re eating her either way? Got it.”

“Well, yes,” Lori said shaking her head, hugged her and made her way carefully to the tent.

She slipped inside and took a deep breath reacquainting herself with the spicy smells of Patchouli and what might have been rose water. ‘Such an odd blend,’ she thought and opened her eyes.

Madame V had taken her headdress off and was packing it into her case. She glanced up and waved a dismissive hand. “We’re closed and you need to start making your way out.”

“I’m not here for a fortune. I’m here to talk to you,” she said softly, as she made her way through the tent.

“What do you mean?” she asked standing straight giving Lori her full attention. “Do I know you?”

“You were in my town about two months ago. You showed me a few things. Things that weren’t apart of your everyday bullshit I would bet. Remember me now?” Lori asked standing right in front of her.

Madame V closed the chest and straightened her back. “I remember you, but we are closed now and you must go.”

“No, I don’t think I will,” Lori said and ran a finger down the fortune teller’s arm.

She gasped and jerked away. “What do you want?” her voice quivered and she made a small step around the chest. Lori took another step staying with the woman.

“I want it to end.” Lori felt the all too familiar and eerily pleasant tug deep inside and the warmth spreading throughout her body. The other woman was afraid and Lori could taste it sweet and delicious on her tongue. She licked her lips and ran the back of her fingers across Madame V’s cheek.

“No!” she shrieked jerking away from her touch.

Lori noticed she hadn’t quite looked into her eyes and she heard the laughter, starting out soft inside then spilling out through her lips. “Look at me. Look at what you woke inside me.”

Madame V looked up and gasped softly. She began to step closer to Lori, then seemed to realize what she was doing and looked down again. “You can’t blame me for this,” she snapped, her voice was weak and scared.

“Oh but I can and I do. You see, I’ve done a little research on you and I know that you are from gypsy descent. You know that though don’t you. It’s how you get your little,” she paused and waved her hands around, “gifts. I’m right aren’t I?”

Madame V took a step back, trying to put the table between them. “So what?”

Lori stepped even closer. “So, I’m guessing that after our last encounter you did a little digging on me as well. Or at least what you’ve seen. Perhaps it was a story passed down through your line. Am I close?”

She held her hands up. “Stay away from me or I’ll scream and they’ll come in here in an instant.”

Lori laughed harshly. “You know what I am, you know what I am capable of. Do you think I couldn’t seduce them into leaving? Or I could just fuck and kill them while you watched. So go ahead, call them in, it will be their blood on your hands.” She took another step closer and Madame V stepped back and stumbled over a small wooden box and fell to the floor.

“Stay away,” she said weakly and slid back. Lori was crowding over top of her and she had no room to stand.

“No, I don’t want to stay away.” Lori lowered herself the floor and crawled between Madame’s legs. Her long flowing skirt had hiked up some and Lor’s hands grabbed her ankles and slid slowly up, pushing the skirt as she went.

“Oh God,” the fortune teller moaned.

The sound made Lori’s insides tighten and throb and her fingers curled, pressing her nails lightly into the woman’s legs. Her legs spread wider welcoming Lori to come closer. Lori’s hands went under her skirt until she felt her panties and pulled them off of her.

Madame V was shaking, but no longer fighting Lori, who leaned in and gently kissed her. It started out soft, but quickly grew. Lori leaned back and the other woman followed, not wanting to break the kiss. She was making soft little mewling sounds. Sounds of a need so bad she no longer cared what happened.

She sat straight up and Lori was sitting up with her bottom on her heels. She tugged Madame V’s peasant shirt up and off to reveal two small pale hard nipples. Lori licked her lips, then leaned in to lick first one, then the other. She grazed her teeth across the flesh, sucking one small pert breast into her mouth.

“Yes,” Madame V moaned and leaned back, pushing her breasts out.

Lori kissed across her chest and licked over the other one and sucked on it, gently popping it from her lips. She tugged on Madame V’s skirt and she lifted her hips for Lori to remove it. When she had she pushed forward again, her fingers rubbed along the soft wet lips of the fortune teller. She nipped one breast and slipped a finger fully inside her.

“Oh yes.” Madame V’s head fell back in pleasure.

“Mmm,” Lori responded, and pushed in a second finger. She kissed up her chest and bit the creamy white exposed neck. She pressed the heel of her hand onto the other woman’s exposed clit and her fingers moved slowly in and out.

Madame V gripped her tightly and began rocking her hips. “Oh my God, so good.”

Lori could tell that the woman was already close and that would not do. She stopped and despite Madame’s whimpers of protest, she removed her finger and brought them to her mouth, sucking them clean. She stood up, pulled her dress over head and tossed it to the side. Next, she stepped out of her shoes and slid her panties down.

She stepped closer and ran her fingers along Madame V’s cheek and into her hair. She placed her hand on the back of the other woman’s head and guided her forward until her mouth found Lori’s already glistening cunt.

Her tongue snaked out and over Lori’s swollen button. It swirled around and over it as Lori rocked her hips, pulling her closer. The woman’s head nodded up and down, keeping pace with Lori as she lapped up her honey, trying to collect it all.

Lori’s legs shook and she wanted more so she pulled Madame V off her and pushed her down on the floor. Lori stood over her head and lowered herself down, placing her cunny on her mouth. She felt her tongue slip between her lips and she moaned, once again rocking her hips.

Madame V’s nose bumped against Lori’s clit and it caused her to push down harder and move faster. Her hips rotated and slid back and forth as Lori rode her face, using it for her own pleasure.

She paused for one second when she felt the smallest of pressure push against her star. It was unexpected, but not unpleasant. Lori slowed her movements and allowed Madame V to slip the tip of a finger into her bottom.

“Mmm, shit,” Lori moaned and pushed back a little encouraging her to continue. Madame V slid it in and out, a little further each time.

Lori began to move again, gliding up and then pushing back. Her body was trembling and she knew it was time to cum. She could feel the fortune teller’s tongue moving quickly, and Lori moved faster to keep up. It was all too much and the pressure finally broke. Her head fell back and she cried out in pleasure so much more than she had felt before.

Madame V’s finger and tongue never stopped moving and Lori continued cumming until she could no longer take it and jerked away from the woman. Her heart was pounding and she tried to catch her breath.

Lori looked over and Madame was squirmy and whimpering. Her fingers were sliding along her body, she pinched her nipples with one hand and cupped her pussy with the other. “Please,” she begged and that caused another throb inside Lori and her hunger started to grow again.

“Yes,” she purred and crawled over to her. She kissed her hard and deep and crawled between her legs. Lori draped one over the woman’s hip and pressed her still swollen cunt onto Madame V’s.

“Ooh,” she cooed and lifted her hips.

They rocked together, Lori’s one arm was wrapped around her bent knee and other hand gripped one Madame V’s breasts. There was a soft wet sound that filled the air, blending with the sounds of their moans.

Madame V clawed and gripped at Lori’s legs, begging her, “Please yes. Don’t stop fucking me, please… So good…”

Lori shifted her body, turning a little more sideways and felt the pulse flow through her as she started to cum again. She collapsed on the other woman for a moment and felt the other hunger rising quickly. Lori knew it was time.

She moved between Madame’s legs and pushed them up and back. Lori laid on top of her with her cunny pressed against Madame V's and she rocked into her. It caused Lori’s clit to rub over hers again and again.

The moans and cries filled the tent, but Lori heard the thunder in the distance and had a moment to think, ‘How appropriate,’ as she kissed Madame V, fucking her harder. Lori could feel her heartbeat pounding in her chest and she knew the woman was about to cum.

Madame's long nails pressed into her ass, encouraging her to move faster. Her head fell back and she moaned out her pleasure. She was almost there and Lori moved, kissing her way down Madame V's body.

Before she could protest, Lori’s lips closed over the fortune teller's clit. She sucked it gently and slipped two fingers inside her. Madame’s legs spread wider and Lori’s fingers worked their way in and out.

The woman’s body jerked and she was close to screaming out in pleasure. ‘It’s time,’ Lori thought and lifted her head. She kissed her way to the other woman's thigh and as she felt the first thump of the walls grip her fingers, Lori bit down on the throbbing pulse of the femoral artery.

Lori took Madame V’s life as she came.

The thunder clapped loudly in Lori’s ears and the tent began to fade as the warmth slid down her throat and filled her body.

“Oh shit, Lori wake up. Oh Jesus, Lori please wake up.”

Someone was shaking her, but it was hard to open her eyes.

“Goddamnit, Lori get up!”

Lori opened her eyes and Harriet was standing over her, shaking her. She looked scared and wet.


“Lori come on, it’s been almost two hours. The storm is getting worse and people are going to start coming soon. Please get up.” She was shoving Lori’s clothes at her.

She took them and glanced to the side, Madame V’s lifeless body was partially hidden in the shadows. Lori saw dark shadows down her inner thigh and instinctively wiped at her mouth. She suddenly felt very self-conscious and ashamed. She didn’t want Harriet to see her like this.

“Now is not the time for that. Get your clothes on and you can worry about those details later.”

Lori’s mind was swimming, but she did as her friend told her. She dressed quickly and they went through a small opening in the back of the tent. Harriet led her to the tree line and then back around in a small semi-circle of trees that surrounded the parking lot. For the first time ever, Lori wished they had parked in the furthest parking space from the entrance.

They managed to get in the car and out of the lot in a line of traffic. People that Lori assumed were loitering about trying to get a carnies attention. She didn’t really care, all she cared about was that Harriet was out of there.

Harriet drove to four different gas stations until she found one with an outside bathroom that Lori could go in and clean up. Neither one of them had spoken and the silence was thick. It was one thing for Harriet to be okay with it, if she didn’t see it, but she had seen it and now Lori wasn’t sure if their friendship could hold up.

She stood in the bathroom and stared at herself in the grimy mirror of the dimly lit bathroom. The fluorescent light kept flickering, hissing and popping. Lori was waiting for the light to go completely.

“This is the part in the horror movie when all is calm and the monster comes back for one last hit,” she said to her reflection.

Lori had cleaned herself up and was now looking for something. Waiting to feel anything. The warmth, the tug, the vicious laughter vibrating throughout her body, but there was nothing. She leaned closer to the mirror. “Hello?” she whispered. Nothing.

“Are you there?” she asked, but felt nothing.

Despite her tenderness, she slid her hands down her pants and began rubbing her clit, remembering the things she had done with Madame V. Nothing happened.

“Are you really gone?” she asked a little louder. “Please don’t hide, if you’re still there.”

The light hissed and flickered again making her jump. “Hello,” she yelled at her own reflection.

“Hello?” Harriet called through the door. “You okay?”

“Yeah sorry, I’m good.” Lori was better than good, she couldn’t feel anything or anyone inside her. She started to cry, but stopped and took a deep breath. Now was not the time. They had to find a place to sleep for the night and what if Harriet didn’t want to sleep near her.

About thirty minutes later they pulled into campground and Harriet parked the car in front of the office. She turned and looked at Lori. “I asked the guy at the gas station and he told me this was a safe place for us to camp for the night. I figured we were both too tired to try to push it home. Stay here, I’ll get us our site.”

“You brought camping gear?”

“Of course. Neither of us is old enough to rent a room. I’ll be right back.”

The tears that had been threatening to spill started to fall. ‘A little longer,’ she scolded herself.

Harriet came back and she set up the tent while Lori pulled out the food. Beef jerky, trail mix, and Twizzlers. Luckily there were still drinks in the mini cooler. “Sorry, I didn’t think about food for the ride home,” she said apologetically.

“It’s okay, I’m tired anyway,” Harriet said and crawled in the tent.

Lori listened for her to settle down before she made her way inside. She was sure that Harriet wanted to avoid her. She kicked off her shoes and slipped into her sleeping bag. It was completely silent around them, but she couldn’t hold them off any longer. Lori began to cry.

After a few moments, she felt an arm slip around her as Harriet hugged her from behind. “Shh, Lori it’s okay. It’s over. RIght? I mean it’s all over?”

“I… I… Think so,” Lori’s voice hitched through her tears.

“Then why are you crying?”

She sobbed harder and then cried, “Because you saw me like that and now you hate me. I’m gross and disgusting.”

Lori could feel Harriet shaking behind her and pulled away and turned to face her. “Why are you laughing?”

“If I hated you, I would have left you lying there. Am I currently in the mood to make out with you? No, but I don’t find you gross and disgusting.”

“You’ve been so quiet and I know how it looked when you came in.”

“It was a bit of a shock, but we knew what you were going there to do.”

“It doesn’t bother you?”

“Do you want it to?”

“No, but I just…”

“You just assumed the worst of me again.” Harriet shrugged. “A lesser woman would start to feel bad about herself.”

Lori threw her arms around Harriet’s neck and hugged her tightly. “Thank you for not hating me!” she continued to sob. “It’s one thing to know what I was, but it’s another to see it.”

“I love you, Lori. I have for a long time. A curse isn’t going to stop it. You broke the spell and are no longer a demon. I mean right? You’re not?”

“No, I don’t think so,” Lori said shaking her head. “I tried to stir it and nothing happened.”

“Good, now come on and lie down. Here you can cuddle this for tonight,” Harriet said and handed her the purple monkey with the orange feet

“You kept it safe?” Lori saw it and her heart swelled.

“Of course, you won it.”

She snuggled down into her sleeping back and held the monkey to her chest. Harriet slid in behind Lori and wrapped her arm around her.

“So what are you going to name it?”

“I don’t know,” Lori said snuggling closer to Harriet and looking at the little monkey.

“I’m thinking she looks like a Madame M to me.”


She laughed, “Too soon?”

“Way too soon.”


Lori laughed and they were both quiet and she was almost asleep when she heard Harriet say, “Hey Lori?”


“No offense but we aren’t having sex until you have sex with someone first. You know, just in case.”

“Oh my God.”

“Hey, safety first,” she said and Lori felt her shrug.



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