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An American Incest Story: Chapter Six

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An unexpected encounter leads Robert to a night he'll never forget.

Thursday, November 7th, 1985

I was fucking Kathy Kramer in the last stall in the men’s room on the second floor of my high school. As my cock slid in and out of her wet cunt I started realizing that she was no longer doing anything for me. Don’t get me wrong I loved sticking my dick into her petite 34B-25-34 bod, but compared to the women in the incest support group she seemed so basic.

Unlike Jane, Grace, and my mom, she wouldn’t let me fuck her ass. She’d let me tease it with tongue and penis, but whenever I asked if I could stick it in there she would emphatically always say no. As wild as she was, she was also kind of prudish. Besides anal, there were plenty of things she wouldn’t do, like participate in an orgy. The highlight of my week was the incest support group. After we discussed the trials and tribulations of being part of a loving family we’d start fucking. I always got a serious rush from sharing my penis with multiple women over the span of an hour.

Kathy herself was turned on by incest. Whenever she’d join my mom and me she admitted that watching us fuck was the hottest thing she’d ever seen, that she wanted what we had with her dad. The only problem was her dad was a conservative Christian cop. My mom encouraged her to seduce him. She told Kathy there was no way he’d be able to resist her sexy sixteen-year old body. But as much as the idea of fucking her dad made her muff wet, seducing him was yet another thing she’d add to her “Never Going to Happen” list.

As I came inside her she let out a loud moan.

“That felt so good,” she squealed before kissing me.

“Agreed,” I replied as I stood up and slid my pants back on.

“Do you want me to come over tonight?” she asked.

“Can’t,” I sad, “I’m working tonight.”

“I don’t understand why you took a job at K-Mart?” she asked. “It’s not like you need the money. Plus that place is so gross.”

“It’s not that bad,” I said as I peeked out into the hallway to make sure no one was there.

“Maybe you can call-in,” she said.

“No,” I said, “I just started, I don’t want to get a reputation as someone they can’t count on.”

“Your loss,” she said as she exited the bathroom and walked towards class.

As I walked toward my class I thought to myself that she was right I didn’t need the money. I took the job to hang with Jane. I really liked her. Not only did we have mind-blowing sex, but we’d also have deep meaningful conversations about our hopes, dreams, and things we wanted to do once we became adults. Jane really wanted to be an actress. Ever since she was a little girl she dreamt about being a movie star like Sally Field, Carrie Fisher, and Madonna. She dropped out of high school to work fulltime to fund her eventual move to Hollywood. When she asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up I told her I didn’t know. However, my dad had my life planned out for me. I was going to graduate high school, go to college, then grad school, and then finally a job in corporate America. All I knew was his plan sounded worse than death.

Getting a job at K-Mart was pretty easy. All I did was ask Jane’s dad, Brian. As the warehouse manager, he had some pull. He brought my application and me directly to the store manager. After he discovered I was the grandson of Shirley Shapiro, a member of the K-Mart Corporation’s board of directors I was hired on the spot.

Convincing my mom to let me take the job wasn’t as easy. She was worried that my grades would slip. After I promised that if my grades fell I would quit, upon hearing that she relented. So every Tuesday and Thursday night from 5-9, and for 8 hours on Saturday, I would stock shelves and collect carts for $3.35 an hour.

Besides Brian and Jane, the other people who worked there were pretty cool as well, especially Alex. Alex was a 6’3 African American, who might’ve been the smartest guy I ever met. Whenever we went out to collect carts we’d talk about science, politics, and economics. While I was considered quite intelligent I sometimes had trouble understanding some of the things that came out of his mouth. On the evening of November 7th, he didn’t want to discuss the state of the world, he wanted to talk about the latest rumors about Lynn Edwards.

There were lots to say about Lynn. First and foremost she was one of the hottest girls working at the store. At eighteen she was 5’10, weighed 134lbs, and had a stunning 36C-23-34 figure. She also had straight brown hair. She kind of looked like Brooke Shields. Another thing about here was she always wore the shortest skirts. Several of the female floor supervisors had complained about her revealing fashion choices to the store manager. Of course, he did not act on those complaints. Like all the male employees he enjoyed looking at her, especially when she wore outfits that left little to the imagination.

“What did you hear about Lynn?” I asked as I started pushing a row of carts back into the store.

“Last night Eric saw her giving Rich Fogel a blowjob in his Trans Am,” he said.

“Gross,” I replied, “Rich is the worst.”

“True,” Alex said. “Everyone hates him, well except for Lynn.”

Alex was right everyone in the store hated Rich. Rich was thirty-five and started working at K-Mart when he was sixteen. In those nineteen years, he worked his way up from a stock boy to working in the electronics department. By the way he talked he’d have you believe that he ran that department. But the truth was after nineteen years with the company he was still at the bottom of the ladder.

I hated him because he was a condescending prick. All he could talk about was his 1977 Pontiac Trans Am, the same one Burt Reynolds drove in “Smokey and the Bandit.” He talked more about his car than his newborn daughter. Every time he saw me going out for carts he wanted me to check over his ride and to immediately let him know if a cart even touched it.

Another reason I hated him was the way he treated the other employees. If he even thought they were doing something wrong he would run to management and tell on them. He thought kissing ass and being an ass to his co-workers would get him into the management trainee program. Unfortunately, it seemed like management didn’t think that highly of Rich. According to Brian whenever they would announce the employees accepted into the program his name was never mentioned.

Brian said that would send Rich into a frenzy. He would complain about the folks who got accepted. He would say they got it because of the color of their skin, or because they were female, or because their parents could afford to send them to college. He would never admit that the reason he never got in was that he wasn’t remotely qualified.

After we brought the carts inside, Claudia, one of the floor supervisors, asked me to go take some empty boxes to the trash compactor. I loved crushing boxes in the compactor; it was the best part of my job. When I was done with that I walked by the electronics cage. As I passed it I heard Rich moaning. I peeked inside and saw him sitting on the chair at the inventory desk while a naked Lynn was on all fours sucking his tiny dick.

I couldn’t understand what she saw in Rich. He was so gross. He was 5’9, rail-thin, had greasy black hair, and a tiny mustache.

They didn’t notice me in the room. For several minutes I watched Lynn move her lips up and down his shaft as he kept on saying, “You’re so much better than my wife.”

I couldn’t handle that he wasn’t paying attention to her pussy. I quietly took off my clothes and started playing with my penis as I walked towards them. They must’ve been lost in their own world because they didn’t notice me standing next to them jacking-off. I eventually coughed right before saying, “Mind if I join?”

Yes, those might’ve been the dumbest words to ever come out of my mouth, but they were all I could think of. At the time I thought they were kind of charming. Rich however probably wanted to kill me. He looked toward me with hatred in his eyes. Right before he could shout, “Get the fuck out,” Lynn looked right at my larger cock and smiled as she said, “Yes.”

As she resumed sucking off Rich I got on my knees behind her, inserted my cock, and started pounding away. Her pussy was so wet my cock easily slid in and out of her. With each thrust, her moans got louder. To keep her quiet Rich shoved his dick to the back of her throat and had her choke on it. That did not work out as he expected. I’m guessing he didn’t plan on shooting his load within seconds of making her deep throat his unit.

After the cum high wore off Rich watched as I fucked Lynn from behind. He was not happy. He stood up from the chair and in a stern tone said, “I’m going to tell on you two.”

“If you even think about doing that I’m going to tell your wife about us,” she said as she slid off my dick and sat on the chair.

She then spread her legs. I quickly reinserted my dick and continued fucking her. It was weird having Rich there watching us as he mumbled things like, “I can fuck her better than you,” and “Please stop.”

Fucking at work was a thrill. The chance of getting caught made it that much hotter. At home, my mom and I started having sex in the kitchen or in the living room. She got off knowing the help could walk in on us at any time. She knew if they wanted to keep their jobs they wouldn’t say anything. But if we were caught at work we’d all be fired.

While I didn’t need the job I’m pretty sure Lynn did. I would have been devastated if she lost her job all because we were partaking in some naughty fun. So I increased the speed of my thrusts and fucked her as fast as humanly possible until I shot my load, filling her cunt with my man goo.

As we were getting dressed Lynn smiled at me and said, “Robert Schapiro you were wonderful.”

Before I could respond Rich butted in by saying, “How was I?”

She ignored him as she said, “Robert, can you give me a ride home?”

After I said, “Yes” she walked out of the electronics cage. Rich just shook his head in disgust at me, as he said, “This isn’t over buddy,” before storming out.

I then went back to stocking shelves and getting carts until it was time to go home. As management let us out of the store Lynn followed me out. When we got to my car Rich pulled up next to it in his 1977 Trans Am, rolled down the window, and asked, “You sure you don’t want to ride home with me?”

“I’m positive,” she said.

“Fuck you,” he said, “You just blew your opportunity.”

As we got into my car I asked, “Why are you fucking him?”

“Because he said I should be a model and he can introduce me to people in the modeling industry,” she said.

“How does he know people in the modeling industry?” I asked.

“He said working at the electronics counter you meet lots of important people,” she said.

I found it kind of sad that she would believe Rich’s obvious lie. But I could see why. I heard that Lynn came from a lower middle-class family. Her dad was constantly in-and-out of jail, and her mom worked three jobs. She was working at K-Mart to help make sure her family could make the rent every month. Rich used her family’s disadvantage to his advantage by “promising” her a way out of poverty if she did naughty things for him. He truly was the worst of the worst.

For the rest of the drive, we talked about music, gossiped about our co-workers, and which Coney Island had the best chili fries. Twenty minutes later we arrived at her house. It was small. Her home was probably half the size of our garage. I couldn’t imagine living in a house this tiny.

After parking her car on the driveway I said, “I guess I’ll see you on Saturday.”

“Or you could come inside,” she said.

That sounded like a much better idea than going home. So we got out of my car and went into her house. The first thing I saw after we walked through the front door was Cara, her sixteen-year old sister, sitting on the couch watching TV.

“Who’s your friend?” she asked while giggling.

“I’m Robert,” I said while waving.

“Cara,” she said waving back.

Cara was a cutie. Like her sister, she had long brown hair. Unlike Lynn, she was only 5’8, weighed 125lbs, and sported a 32B-24-36 figure.

“Where’s mom?” Lynn asked.

“She went to the bar,” Cara said. “She’ll be home after two, that is if she comes home.”

“Good,” Lynn said, “Then you can either sleep in her room, on the couch or wait ‘til we’re done.”

“Seriously?” Cara yelled. “Mom’s room is so gross. Why can’t you two do whatever you’re going to do in mom’s room?”

“As you said mom’s room is gross,” Lynn said. “So I guess you’ll be sleeping on the couch.”

“You’re such a bitch,” Cara yelled as she threw a couch pillow at Lynn and me as we walked towards her bedroom.

Lynn and Cara’s bedroom was tiny. Their twin beds were inches from each other. Cara’s was covered with stuffed animals she’s owned since she was a kid, while Lynn’s bed had none. The walls surrounding Lynn’s bed were filled with posters of bands like The Cure, Wham, Simple Minds, and Huey Lewis and the News. Clothes were scattered all over the floor in front of the closet. The mirror on the wall had pictures of friends and family taped to it, while more pictures, make-up, perfume, and a Sanyo boom box were situated on the dresser.

Lynn slammed the door shut before climbing onto her bed. She then seductively stared at me as she said, “I’m so lonely.”

After I joined her on the bed we started making out. As our lips locked and our tongues played in each other’s mouths my right hand found its way up her shirt and under her bra. As I started pinching her right nipple she said, “Do you want to suck on them?”

“Yes,” I excitedly replied.

She then got off the bed and stood next to it as she performed a striptease for me. Once all her clothes were on the floor she rejoined me on the bed. After making out for several minutes my lips found its way down to tits. I gave each nipple my undivided attention before kissing every inch of her luscious breasts. My tongue then moved farther south as I licked and kissed her belly before ending my journey at her pussy.

As my tongue fucked her cunt I noticed that Lynn wasn’t the only one moaning. I glanced over toward the door and noticed that it was halfway open. Cara was sitting on the floor without pants. Her legs were spread and she was playing with her hairy pussy as she watched me orally pleasure her older sister.

I whispered, “I think we have some company.”

Lynn looked over toward the door and saw what her sister was doing. She then screamed, “Get the fuck out!”

As Cara stood-up and started walking away I said, “Let her watch.”

Lynn scowled at me as she said, “That’s sick. It would be weird having my kid sister watch us.”

“Did you get turned on when you discovered me watching you and Rich?” I asked as I fingered her vagina.

“Yesssss,” Lynn said as her body squirmed.

“Wouldn’t it be just as hot or even hotter having your sister watch us?” I asked as I looked over to see if Cara was still standing in the doorway.

“But she’s my sister,” Lynn said.

“And that’s what makes it hotter,” I said.

“Fine,” she said. “Cara you can come in.”

Cara ran into the room, took off her shirt and bra before jumping onto her bed. She started masturbating as she diligently watched my tongue fuck her sister’s cunt. It was kind of hot as both sisters simultaneously came.

I then turned to Cara and said, “Has a guy ever done that to you?”

“No,” she said as she continued rubbing her snatch.

“That’s horrible,” I said. “Do you want to be touched down there?”

“Yes,” Cara said.

“Would you want your sister to touch you down there?” I asked.

As Cara started rubbing faster she said, “Yes.”

“What the fuck are you doing?” Lynn screamed.

“Look at how bad your sister wants us,” I said.

Lynn looked over and watched her sixteen-year old sister rub her clit. For the first time in her life, she didn’t see Cara as her kid sister. For the first time, she saw her as a beautiful woman, with cravings and desires as strong as her own.

While Lynn was a sexually liberal eighteen-year old woman who had multiple sex partners including a married man, several women, and indulged in group activities, she always considered incest as something gross. Something she’d never consider doing. Yet at this moment in time, she was a little confused. She never thought her own sister would turn her on so much or that she was considering allowing her to join us.

Lynn then looked over at me and noticed the way I stared at her sister. She could tell how bad I wanted her. By looking at the bulge in my pants she could tell how much the thought of taking her sister’s virginity excited me.

While Lynn appeared to be confident on the outside, on the inside she was insecure. She worried that if she said no to her sister joining us I’d walk out the door and never talk to her again. She didn’t want that to happen. So she once again looked over at her sister and said, “Cara do you want to play with us?”

Cara didn’t have any reservations about joining us. She got off her bed and jumped onto Lynn’s. She perched her back up against the wall and spread her legs.

Lynn looked at me and smiled as she asked, “What are you waiting for?”

I then smiled back at her and said, “Ladies first.”

She stood there in shock. While she relented and allowed Cara to join us, I’m guessing she was hoping that she wouldn’t have to touch her sister. Because she knew I wanted to see her munch on her sister’s cunt she relented by positioning her naked body between her sister’s legs and munching away.

I could tell that at first she was apprehensive about pleasuring her sister with her lips and tongue. But after several minutes she started getting really into it, especially after giving Cara her first orgasm brought on by someone other than herself.

As Lynn continued kissing and licking Cara’s cunt I got naked and stuck my hard cock into Lynn’s wet pussy and started fucking it. As I pounded away Lynn brought Cara to her second and third orgasms of the night.

I then took my penis out of Lynn and asked her to suck it. Cara played with her pussy as she watched my unit slide in and out of her big sister’s mouth. I could see her salivate as she quietly begged for a taste. She then tapped Lynn on the shoulder and apprehensively said, “My turn.”

Cara then held my large cock in her hand and seemed confused about what to do next. Even though she watched her big sister pleasure me with her mouth, she was like a deer caught in headlights. For several long seconds Cara lightly stroked my throbbing penis while trying to figure out what to do next. Lynn then leaned over toward her sister before saying, “Lick it like a popsicle.”

Cara flicked the tip of my dick with her tongue before kissing it. Lynn then grabbed her by the back of her head and forced my unit into her mouth. I thought she was going to choke on it. But after a second of gagging, she got used to having a penis in her mouth. She then slid it out, kissing every inch of it before sliding it back inside.

As she continued sucking my cock Lynn once again got between her legs and with her mouth and fingers gave her sister’s cunt the attention it so richly deserved. After making her cum a couple more time Lynn asked her sister, “Are you ready to lose your virginity?”

Cara then took my penis out of her mouth and said, “Yes.”

Lynn told Cara to get on her back and spread her legs. After she did what she was told I slowly approached her while stroking my cock. Cara nervously shook, as I got closer. Lynn held embraced as she said, “Everything is going to be okay.”

I watched Lynn passionately kiss Cara as my cock slapped her cunt. It was so wet. It was practically begging me to stick it in. Before I did that I wanted Cara’s full attention. So I interrupted their sisterly make out session by saying, “Ready?”

“Yes,” Cara squealed.

As I slowly inserted my junk into Cara’s box tears were flowing out of her eyes. She then tightly grabbed her sister’s hand as she cried out, “It hurts.”

The cries of pain were quickly replaced with moans of pleasure. The smile that spread across her face was telling me that she was enjoying how my dick was making her feel. After a few thrusts, she had her first orgasm from a male’s organ.

I’m going to admit taking Cara’s virginity was a turn-on. Her pussy was so tight. Some of the women that I’ve had the pleasure of fucking had tight twats, but none were as tight as Cara’s.

As I continued thrusting, her body quivered. All I could think about was that for the rest of her life she’ll remember this moment. While she might not remember all the lovers she invites to feel the warmth that emanates from between her legs, or even think about them long after they shoot their load on or in her. This sexual experience will be etched in her mind until the day she dies. I wonder if my mom had similar thoughts when her vagina was the first to engulf my hard throbbing penis.

I looked over at Lynn and watched her play with her pussy as I said, “Sit on your sister’s face.”

Lynn then hovered above Cara as she continued fingering her wet cunt. She slowly squatted down before covering her sister’s beautiful face. As Cara clumsily tried eating her sister’s love box Lynn leaned over and started making out with me.

The speed of my thrusts continued to increase. I was ready to cum. The question now was where. I could cum on Cara’s stomach or all over Lynn. Instead, I went for “Option C” and came inside Cara’s no longer virginal vagina.

Lynn looked disappointed once she realized that my joy juice was swimming in her sister’s cunt. She pouted as she said, “I wanted to taste your cum.”

“You still can,” I said as I pointed at Cara’s pussy.

She got on all fours between her sister’s legs and started licking her twat. I then got behind Lynn and inserted my still hard cock. It didn’t take long before I shot a small load into her cunt.

I then collapsed on the bed as I watched Lynn make Cara cum. I was pretty sure I had one more load in me. So I had them get on their knees on the floor as I jacked-off in front of them. Within a few minutes, semen erupted from my penis and landed all over Lynn and Cara’s faces.

As I watched the sisters lick my jizz off each other I desperately wanted to stay in their room for the rest of the night. But reality set in as I looked at their clock and noticed it was almost midnight. My mom was probably freaking out, wondering where I was. I had to go home, and when I got there I couldn’t wait to tell my mom about my little adventure.

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