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Another Love (Part 6)

Another Love (Part 6)

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Fun before breakfast in front of my daughter starting with light spanking.

The next morning I was woken by Jade, who kicked the door open bringing me a cup of coffee. She was dressed in a tartan pleated mini skirt and a black halter neck crop top. She sat on the bed cross-legged allowing me to see up her skirt, she had on some little white cotton panties.

“Thank you for the coffee, why are you dressed like a schoolgirl?”

“Sexy isn’t it?”

“Very but why?”

“Because I thought after last night I am going to be given my spanking and then I am going to tease you all day.”

“Okayyyyy, what about Amy?”

“She hasn’t done anything to deserve a spanking,” Jade retorted with a grin.

“That is not what I meant, is she up?”

“Yes, she is downstairs at the moment, making breakfast.”

“So, she has seen you dressed like that?”

“Yes, why what is the problem? She saw me fucking you last night I think we are past the treading softly and doing things quietly. Don’t you?”

“Guess so,” I mumbled, thinking back to last night movie night. I could feel myself going red with the thought.

“You’re not embarrassed, are you? Because if you are, you had better get over it pretty quickly because I think that we can safely say that things are going to be a bit different after last night.”

“What do you me?” I had a quizzical look on my face.

“Well, for a start Amy is downstairs making breakfast, dancing around the kitchen in just a very skimpy thong and bralette.”

“Oh great, in that case, I must remember to turn the central heating down.”

“Ha ha, well at least you have not lost your sense of humor. Come on lover get your arse out of bed it is time for breakfast.”

I downed the rest of my coffee and climbed out of bed. Grabbing my dressing gown I wrapped it around myself and followed Jade downstairs.

As Jade had said Amy stood at the hob, loud music blaring out as she gyrated her body. I stared at her arse as she rotated it around and around in a figure of eight movements. As she turned around in a half spin, she saw me standing there.

“Morning, finally up then.” She danced over to me and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Amy…” I started to speak, but she put a finger to my lips.

“Let’s not talk about last night, it was fun. We are locked in this house together and I don’t regret anything that happened last night it was liberating.”

I looked at her and then felt Jade’s arms snake around my waist and pull me into her.

I turned my head wanting to kiss her, but she was shorter than me so I had to turn around in her arms. As I did so my dressing gown came undone.

Jade quickly pulled it down my arms trapping my hands and arms behind my back.

“See how much fun is it going to be with two girls in the house.”

I shrugged the gown back onto my shoulders, closed it and tied the belt, but not before Jade had run her hand down my torso and across my penis.

“Shall I work my charms and make the snake stand up.”

“Let’s have breakfast first, I will need my strength for later.”

Jade moved over to join Amy and they both now turned their backs to me and slowly bent over. Amy thong moved further into her arse cheeks showing her smooth peachy backside to perfection. Jade flicked up the skirt so it was resting on the top of her arse and the white cotton panty fully on show. Both put one hand on the arse of the other and started to caress each other their fingers tracing along the crack and rubbing butt holes and pussy.

There was a sigh from both girls and I could feel my cock starting to grow.

I wanted this, but there was still a fear in my mind and I tried desperately to think of politicians, football and work, but let’s be honest, I had two beautiful women now kissing and stroking each other in front of me. Oh to hell with breakfast, I was fighting a losing battle.

I moved forward and standing to one side of Jade, I pushed Amy’s hand off her and then swiftly landed my first blow onto her arse cheek.

Jade jumped and squealed but did not move away. I swung again and hit her in the same place. This time she took a sharp intake of breath, but did not make another sound.

Moving behind Jade I took hold of her panties and yanked them down, tapping her leg to indicate that she should step out of them. Once she had stepped out of them, I kicked her legs gently to open her legs again and widen her stance.

I resumed my position to the side of Jade and having caressed her cheeks, I swiftly hit her left arse cheek and Amy standing on the other side hit her right cheek a second or so after me.

We alternated spanking Jade for a few minutes until both arse cheeks were red. I paused, my cock was rock hard, I had a decision to make and remembering the words of Jade that things were going to be different now I threw caution to the wind and whipping open my gown and pulling Jade backwards ever so slightly, I plowed into her.

This was not going to be some romantic sex session, it was pure raw lust I was hammering into Jade and her moaning was close to screaming. The squelching sound of my cock plunging into her very wet cunt was followed by the slap as my balls hit her engorged pussy lips with each stroke. I was not going to last long.

In the corner of my eye, I watched Amy drop to her knees and slide underneath my upright girlfriend and I felt her start to lick and finger the outside of Jade’s cunt. I could feel Amy’s breath on my nether regions, the whole scene was too much and gripping Jade’s hips I pulled her sharply towards me as I erupted filling Jades pussy with my warm cum. I kissed Jade's neck and gently caressed her breasts as I tried to get my breath, my cock slowing sliding out of the warm tunnel it had been in. I felt a few drops of my cum hit the floor next to our feet.

Jade moaned as I kissed her, “Your daughter is sucking your cum right out of my pussy. Oh yes, that feels so good and is so sexy.”

Amy stood up, kissed Jade and left the room.

“Well, it appears that the last two sessions have awakened the cum slut, she really likes your spunk.”

“Please, I am trying to get my head around the last twelve hours don’t make it worse by making it sound so crude and dirty.”

Jade studied me for a second, “Okay, but it was not dirty. I found it extremely hot and erotic. I hope you did too.”

I nodded, “Yes I did, but I don’t want it to go any further, this could very easily get out of hand and it is not what I want.”

Jade nodded.

“Glad you understand and can you speak to Amy for me. I am happy for the liberating stuff that we have done to continue to an extent but let’s not push it. If you want to mess about with Amy then fine but I am sure that she would not want things to take a dark turn and I certainly don’t.”

Jade nodded again.

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