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Candy Loses Her Virginity
leggielibby & ChrisM

Candy Loses Her Virginity

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Contributing Authors: ChrisM 

An early finish from college leads to a lot of learning

An early finish from lectures was an unexpected and welcomed bonus. Don't get me wrong; I enjoy my course and the lecturer, Liz, as she insists we call her, is a dream. But an early off is always nice, especially on a cool autumn day.

I walked briskly home through the park, letting my feet drag through the golden leaves, hearing them crunch under my boots.

My eyes were never far from my boots, still glossy and black, form-fitting to the knees with a nice four-inch heel. They were my joy. Black thigh highs, navy skirt just kissing the knees and a clingy white blouse. All of the above pushed the dress code whilst staying just inside the college's limits.

The sky was darkening as the cloud layer built, and although only mid-afternoon, the light was already starting to fade as I turned into our drive.

Hanging my coat in the mudroom, I slipped into the kitchen, feeling the warmth of the house envelope me.

"Oh, Candy, you're early." My big sister, Eliza, was frothing hot milk and spooning chocolate powder into a couple of mugs. "I thought you would be gone for another hour or so."

"Should have been, but Liz had a migraine, so we called it an early day. Is one of those for me?"

"Actually, Becky is coming over for the evening."

I watched my sister as she tried to be casual about it, but I was starting to have my suspicions about how close they had become.

Moving closer, I could see that her spikey black hair had that just-washed shine to it. Her makeup, dark and slightly Goth in style, looked freshly applied.

I let my eyes rove over her, a discreet assessment I hoped.

She wore black fishnet thigh-highs, a red plaid skirt, tight and short, with a sheer black blouse that did nothing to hide that she was braless.

I grabbed another mug, and I added it to the line, "Me too, please."

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. I looked across at the dishwasher; it projected its timer onto the floor, and the display had changed to a green zero.

"Got it," I offered, turning to grab the door.

"No, it's okay," Eliza's voice trailed off as I pulled the door open.

As the quick puff of steam cleared, I was greeted by the most fantastic sight. Instead of plates and mugs, it contained dildos and beads.

"Oh! Sorry, sis." I knew she had toys; she had bought me my first dildo, but this was quite a collection.

Eliza, slightly pink-cheeked even with the dark makeup, grabbed a handful of kitchen towels and moved beside me to empty the washer.

"I just thought with mum being out, it was a good time to clean up," she muttered.

"Hey, it's cool. We don't have secrets, remember?" I slipped an arm around her waist, "Just didn't realize what a collection you have, you horny bitch." I couldn't help but tease, and we started to laugh.

Eliza picked up a red silicone dildo, eight inches long with ribbing and a realistic 'cut' head and started to pat it dry.

I started to pass her the toys, and she dried them before popping them into a plastic shoebox.

"Mmm, a butt plug, kinky," I teased but just handling it was sending a tremor through my pussy.

"So, El, have you used this? Has it been in your bum?" I giggled and kissed the smooth black head of the plug, as I asked.

"It has, and it feels amazing." Eliza stroked the long-tapered cone as she took it from me.

"Oh, fuck does it ever," a giggling voice came from behind us. Becky had entered via the mudroom whilst we were teasing.

Becky - long glossy black hair, short black skirt and net holdups with black Doc Marten boots, white vest top and a red leather jacket - looked stunning.

"So, you two are more than just friends?" I smiled as I looked to confirm my suspicions.

Not answering but crossing the room to join us, Becky slipped into El's arms, and they locked dark painted lips.

I watched in delight as my sister's hand slipped up inside Becky's short skirt, baring her ass cheek and stocking top in the process.

I could feel my face reddening as my pussy soaked my panties. "Okay, get a room," I tried to laugh off the sensations bombarding my body.

Slowly they released each other, and El turned back to the toys, "That's just what we're going to do," she giggled, brandishing a thick purple double dildo.

Becky moved to one of the tall kitchen stools and started to unlace her boots, "Hey Candice, those boots of yours would look great with my skirt. Can I try them?"

Pulling the zips, I slipped them off and offered them to her.

I watched as she slipped them onto her long legs. Both El and Becky favoured fishnet holdups, and they looked really good with my boots.

"What do you think?" Becky asked as she slipped off from the stool and twirled before us.

"Too sexy for little Miss Candy," she teased. They both regularly ragged on me for being too prim and proper, as they put it.

"I can do sexy bitch too, you know." I stepped into Becky's discarded boots and vamped a pose for them.

"Nah, little sis, not in that librarian's skirt." El was piling it on now.

"Okay." Catching the hem of the skirt, I pulled it right up, letting them catch an eyeful of my pink cotton thong.

Becky went into fits of giggles, but then she gasped as her eyes fixed on my thong.

I could see her eyes widen as they flicked between my mound and my face.

"What now, were you expecting school knickers?"

"No, no, it's nothing," Becky said as she blushed.

I watched as my big sis and her bestie locked eyes and exchanged a subtle shake of the head.

"It is something, so come on, share, I won't mind, I won't be upset."

That shared that look again.

"Okay then, it's just that you've got a real deep camel toe and a wet spot," El almost whispered.

My hands flew to cover myself, my face instantly heating to boiling point in embarrassment.

At this point, the proverbial pin could have been dropped, and it was Becky who broke the silence.

"It must be in the genes. Something in the Grover family makeup, Eliza has a wet pouty pussy too." With that, she pulled me in for a hug, smiling wickedly before adding, "I wonder if your mum is the same?"

"Oh! Gross!" I screamed and leapt back, but the tension was gone. I was laughing again.

"It's true." I turned back to my sis. Her skirt was up, no panties, just a wet swollen pussy for us both to see.

Eliza dragged her fingers against those slick lips and groaned aloud. "I guess us Grover women are naturally horny."

I froze. I could hear the blood pounding in my ears, mirroring the pounding in my pussy as it flooded with excitement.

Just picture it: her pale-skinned belly and mound, completely smooth and hairless. Her lips pink and swollen with desire, glistening with her honey and all framed by those black fishnet holdups.

My mind raced, a thousand thoughts a second. I could feel every sensation. My body became hypersensitive.

Until then, I'd never been further than first base, you know, hasty kissing and a quick fumbling hand on my tit, and here I was soaking my knickers at the sight of my big sister.

"Oh fuck, I need to cum!" and with that, Becky snagged the zip of her skirt, letting it fall to the floor.

Just a sliver of black lace covered her sex. She grabbed a thick red dildo from the side and hopped up onto the kitchen table, and in one smooth move, she tugged her thong aside and plunged the silicone cock deep inside her cunt.

I moved to her stool. Perched on the edge of the seat, I parted my legs and watched as she worked herself into a frenzy.

Her skin was a shade darker than mine. A tiny triangle of trimmed black hair showed above her cunt. A slimmer lipped, neater cunt than El's or mine, but I watched fascinated as it stretched to accept that dildo.

My fingers were deep inside me, with no recollection of how they had gotten there.

I could feel my juices running down my thighs. I could hear Becky gasping and groaning over the squelching sounds of her play.

"Yes, oh fuck yes," she moaned, bucking her hips against the varnished pine tabletop.

El, who had been busily fingering her sex, moved across to kneel on the floor.

Draping her lover's legs over her shoulders, she slowly ran her tongue up Becky's thighs, harvesting her dripping cum.

I watched my sister take a long slow lick of her lover's slick fragrant slit.

Casting the dildo aside, Becky's hands found El's spikey black hair and gripped hard.

Her heels drummed against El's back as she fucked my sister's face. Her hips and ass cheeks bounced against the table as she clutched my sister to her dripping cunt.

This was sheer animal lust, rutting wild animals fucking against the domestic backdrop of our family kitchen.

I was enthralled, no, let's be honest. I was horny. So, fucking wet and horny. I was loving the show and wanting my own. Slipping from the stool, I shed my clothes and grabbed the dildo from the floor where it had fallen.

It was warm and slick with another girl's cum. I moved it to my nose and inhaled. The rich, spicy aroma of girl cum filled my nostrils and drove me wild.

Without conscious thought, that slick red silicone was soon in my mouth as I sucked it clean.

I'd never intentionally tasted my cum, and here I was, licking a used sex toy and loving it.

Spreading my legs and resting my feet on the table edge, the table where my sister was tongue fucking her lover, I started to fuck myself. Slowly at first, this was a huge step up from tampons and the odd finger, I eased that slick ridged cock between the lips of my aching cunt.

My moans blended with Becky and El's. I slowly stretched my aching pussy. My eyes flicked between the live sex show before me and my pussy as it absorbed the thick toy. My lips slowly stretched and parted as the dildo filled me up.

Fuck did it fill me.

The initial discomfort gave way to sensations of intense fullness and then pleasure, sheer fucking pleasure as I start to work it in and out of me. My body was alive with pleasure, sensitive beyond belief as I gripped and tugged my swollen, aching nipples whilst fucking myself with the dildo.

I have long slim toes and my eyes locked on them as they gripped the table's edge as my orgasm hit me like a freight train. I screamed and moaned aloud as I hit my peak. Huge shuddering waves of pleasure ripped through my body.

Slowly I relaxed. My breath slowly returned to normal, and I became aware, painfully aware of my surroundings. My feet were still resting on the table edge. I was so hot that heat radiated from my body.

Worse still, I was naked, bar my holdups, my nipples were hard and tender to the touch, and then I looked down to see cum stained thighs, my wet swollen cunt still throbbing with arousal.

"Candy. You alright, sis?" El, still kneeling between her lover's legs, turned to face me.

Her makeup was smeared, her hair tangled, and her face shiny with Becky's cum, but her eyes were full of concern, concern for me.

I nodded, not trusting myself to speak.

Becky sat upright, seemingly not concerned to be sitting in a puddle of cum on our kitchen table. The table where she'd eaten with my family since lower school.

"I see little Miss Candy is all grown up," she grinned as she blew me a kiss.

"Well, I guess we'll go on upstairs if that's okay?" El, now standing naked before me, said.

I smiled and nodded in agreement, words still beyond me.

Becky slipped from the table, bending to pluck her skirt from the floor; she was now the only one still dressed and decent.

She took my sister's hand but turned at the door, and her fingers swept my fringe back and then she gently kissed me full on the lips.

"Candy, you're a hot sexy bitch." And with that, she left the room.

I gathered our discarded clothes into a pile and moved to hang Becky's jacket on the hook by the mudroom door.

The red leather was so soft in my hands. I held it to my face feeling the residual warmth as I inhaled the scent of my sister's lover. Quickly I slipped it on and moved to the hall mirror.

It was designed to fit snugly and barely reached my waist. Despite being younger by eighteen months, I have bigger breasts. Becky's breasts are pear-shaped, firm with perky pink nipples. I'm fuller, more rounded with dark areolas and stubby nipples.

I don't spend my life perving other girls' tits, but Becky has spent a lot of time at our house, always has, so I've seen all she has over the years.

I tugged the zipper partway up. It raised my girls, pushing them together. I jiggled and swayed a little, watching as my breasts tried to escape. I liked the look; I liked it a lot.

I dropped the jacket down my arms. I posed with my tits exposed. My nipples were hard and raised. Not for the first time, I wondered about sucking my nipples.

I felt the dampness, the heat building within me again.

Checking the clock, I confirmed that nobody would be home for another couple of hours.

I got a warm cloth and cleaned the stools, the table, and the work surfaces. Getting the box of sex toys, I checked the dishwasher, found an errant Ben Wa ball and added it to the collection before placing the box by the stairs to take up to El's room.

"Urrrrgh!" El's voice resonated in the hallway. I paused and imagined what Becky might be doing to trigger such a response from my sister.

As I poured the now cold hot chocolate into the sink, I sensed movement behind me. "Candy." I turned to see Eliza and Becky at the kitchen door.

My sister and her lover were naked apart from their stockings. Their hair was in disarray, and they sported red and cum stained faces. A sheen of sweat coated their bodies. It was cute. They were holding hands.

"Candy, we would love for you to join us," they spoke in chorus, offering their spare hands out.

"Really?" I queried.

Cracking the kitchen window a little, as there was still a lingering aroma of pussy and cum, I slowly folded the dishtowel.

My eyes took in the pink flushed breasts, the hard, pointy nipples, the wet, swollen pussies, the shiny cum stained thighs, and I felt my juices start to flow.

"Will you share the butt plug?" I asked.

They nodded, and I accepted their outstretched hands.


Eliza's room was larger than mine, airy and light with a large double bed.

The duvet was hanging off the side, and several damp spots marked the sheets. The air was heavy with the musk of sex.

My eyes settled on the bedside table, where a selection of silken ropes lay beside the lamp. Becky followed my gaze. "No second thoughts, Candy, once you lay down, there's no backing out."

"I promise we won't hurt you other than blow your mind," whispered El, her breath tickling my ear.

We were still holding hands, the three of us, and I turned to kiss each hand that held my own.

"I want this so much." I moaned before moving to the bed.

The girls moved with me and lay me down with gentle care. Becky adjusted a pillow beneath my head, whilst El slipped an arm under my waist and positioned a pillow beneath my bottom.

I felt exposed but not embarrassed or nervous, just energized and full of desire for what was to come. El was standing on one side of the bed, Becky, on the other. They took turns to lean forward and gently kiss my lips.

I wanted more. I opened my mouth and flicked my tongue out in unspoken communication.

Becky kissed me again. This time her tongue slipped between my teeth and met my own. I could taste pussy; I wondered if it was Becky's or my sister's. I guessed in time, I would learn their differing flavours.

El moved onto the bed and knelt between my legs. Shuffling forward, she forced my legs further apart.

She leaned forward, her heavy round breasts now brushed against mine. As our nipples touched, shockwaves radiated to my core. El rocked against me, heightening the sensations, and I moaned aloud in pleasure.

Becky had slipped the silken ties around my wrists before I realized it and fastened them to the bedstead.

El had taken to teasing my nipples with her mouth. Slowly sucking and stretching each aching nub in turn. I couldn't recall them ever being so swollen or sensitive before. I bucked my hips wanting more, but my ankles were now also restrained.

My surrender was complete, and it sent tremors of excitement through my body. I could feel my pussy dripping its juice.

Finally, a mask slipped over my head, the silky fabric cool against my flushed cheeks. I lay in total darkness, my body shivering with anticipation.

I waited, seemingly alone. There was total silence, total stillness in the room. All I could feel was my pulse thudding away. I lay wondering, would it be my breasts again, or will they start with my pussy. My pussy was so wet. I felt my juices leaking from my warm crevice.

A hand stroked my hair. Slowly fingers combed my long hair. I imagined it being fanned out against the crisp white pillow.

It was so relaxing, so calming. I felt my breathing slow; my heart rate drop. I remembered our mother doing this to us as young children, such a comforting sensation.

Another hand now gently teased my nylon clad feet. Slowly pressing and stretching each toe before strong fingers worked into the soles and arches of my feet. Sheer bliss!

Between their combing my hair and massaging my feet, I floated away on a blissful cloud. I may even have started to drift off.

But then warm breath tickled my nipples; they reacted immediately, rising and hardening, triggering my need.

Warm lips engulfed each nipple, first sucking, then probing tongues and grazing teeth went to work on them. El and Becky were working together; the feelings were overwhelming. I could not help but yelp and squeal at the pleasure.

Suddenly they stopped. My nubs were throbbing. Someone flicked each nip in turn. I could only imagine how hard and large they must be.

Holy fuck, a searing pain hit each turgid nip just seconds apart. I bucked and strained against my silken bonds.

"Sssshhh, Candy, let the pain empower you, breathe deep and accept it," Becky's voice told me.

I breathed deep, and slowly the pain was replaced by numbness.

"It's just my clamps," El says. Fuck, my sis has nipple clamps. That thought was almost too much.

I rode the pain as it subsided. I visualized myself spread-eagled and bound, my pussy slick and wet, my nipples hard and clamped. The images in my head turned me on more than anything ever had.

Pressure against my cunt - I couldn't call it my slit or my pussy, not in this situation. It's my cunt, and it was hot and wet and throbbing with desire.

A finger parted my sticky wet folds. Quickly another finger was added, and I was slowly opened up. Warm breath coated my slickened core before those two fingers slipped deep inside me.

After the dildo downstairs and my body being teased by my sister and her lover, my cunt offered no resistance. Those two fingers slipped in with ease, and I rocked my hips against the pillow, eager for more, wanting all I could get.

It was a brisk but caring finger-fucking that followed. Those two fingers were driven deep and scissored to stretch me, but it was done with care and love.

I didn't know if it was my sister or her lover - I'd grown up with both - but whoever it was, they were listening to the music of my body. They played with me like a virtuoso plays the violin.

When the climax hit its peak, a crescendo of sensations rocked me to my very core. I fought against the silken ties again as my nectar gushed from me. I could feel the warm fluid spreading everywhere. I wondered if it would ever end.

Slowly my orgasm started to subside, but as it did, deft hands released my nipples from their clamps, and liquid fire engulfed my nubs.

Pain became pleasure as two soft, warm mouths started hungrily sucking on my poor abused nubs.

I heard my voice pleading for more as another orgasm hit home, aided by someone briskly rubbing my swollen lips.

Eventually, my body calmed down. I steadied my breathing, amazed as to how hypersensitive my body had become. Every sense seemed to be on a high.

"Oh, Candy, that was amazing and beautiful," whispered Becky.

With that, the bed creaked, and the mattress sagged under someone's weight. Still blindfolded, I awaited the next act. It did not take long before warm silken thighs settled against my face and a hot wet pussy snuggled up to my mouth.

I inhaled the rich musk of an aroused woman before letting my tongue explore. Tangy and creamy in texture, there was cum everywhere. The more I licked, the more there was, and I was licking hard now.

My mind was racing, Is this my big sister Eliza or her lover, Becky?

Working my nose and tongue deep, I was reminded of my musk and taste. Could this really be my sis? I needed to hear a voice.

Redoubling my efforts, I licked harder, and with longer strokes, I used my nose to rub those slick ridges of hot flesh.

Soon I was rewarded. The mystery person started to buck wildly as their orgasm built. The ride became rough; I had to snatch a breath whenever I could.

It was hard, being restrained, but I kept my face pinned to the pussy above me.

"Urrrrrgh!" It was from my sister. I know her voice like my own. I'm tongue fucking my big sister.

With loud whimpering cries, my sister bounced her cunt against my face. Her juices flooded my mouth as wave after wave of pleasure shook her body.

More movement, it must be Becky. Slowly El raised herself from my face; I felt Becky helping her move.

I marveled at the strange damp, squelchy sensation as my sister's wet thighs peeled away from my face.

Free from her weight, I sucked in deep breaths of air. Hands stroked my face before gently tugging the blindfold free.

It was Becky. She kissed me long and hard, her tongue probing my mouth. "All I can taste is El," she murmured before licking my chin and cheeks clean.

Happy with her work, she leaned over me to loosen my ties. I was tired like never before, but I seized the opportunity to latch onto her nipples. I sucked hard, letting my teeth graze her pink tips, and watched her shudder as her breath caught in her throat.

Freed from my restraints, I pulled myself upright to sit against the headboard. I took stock; my body was humming, so sensitive, so alive, and yet there was a pleasurable ache and fatigue there too.

I looked at El. She'd moved from the bed to the chair opposite. Her legs were draped over the arms, her wet pink core fully exposed. She wore a dazed but happily satisfied look as she gently cupped her breasts.

I couldn't help but notice that her body was slick with a mix of perspiration and cum from the waist down. One net stocking was around her ankle, the other missing in action. Our eyes met; hers were asking, 'are you alright?' I nodded and smiled in response, 'I am so alright.'

"Oh fuck, are you Grover girls hot!" Becky blurted out, sitting cross-legged at the end of the bed, midway between my sister and me.

"I guess we are," I giggled, still on a high from the sex.

"So, Candy, I think it's my turn to cum." Becky moved from the bed and I spied El's missing stocking hanging from Becky's cunt. Just a few inches of the black mesh were visible along with the lacy top. The rest was tucked deep inside her.

El dropped her feet to the floor, "Strap-on time," she giggled, reaching toward the dresser.

Becky moved to kneel on the bed. Her feet over the edge, arms supporting her weight as she arched her back to present her ass and cunt to the world; it was so brazen, so sexy looking.

I turned to El as she offered me the harness. Quickly I stepped into the soft leather web, and El moved it up my legs to mid-thigh.

Reaching behind her, El produced a double-ended pink silicone cock, thick and ribbed, which flared out into a circular flange. Probably eight or nine inches at one end, and half that at the other.

El explained, "The cock is for Becky, the ring holds it in the harness, and the other end is for you, little sis."

With practiced ease, El mounted the fake cock onto the harness, "Now spread open wide."

I slipped a finger between my pussy lips and felt how swollen and sensitive they were. Opening myself up, I watched as my big sis moved the smaller end against my swollen opening.

"Ooooooooh!" I shuddered as the rigid prong slid inside my pussy.

El quickly tightened the straps pulling the fake phallus deeper inside me, eliciting more groans of pleasure as my cunt accepted the intrusion.

Turning to Becky, El delivered several firm swats to her raised ass cheeks.

Becky whimpered with each blow, but it was clearly pleasure that she was feeling. I watched in awe as several pink handprints became visible on her quivering cheeks.

El beckoned me forward, "Becks likes to be teased before she's fucked."' She ran her hands all over her lover's smooth, firm cheeks. Her fingers glided between the spread cheeks, loitering over the dark wrinkly skin of Becky's anus.

More moans and whimpers resulted, only louder, much louder now as Becky's body responded to those ministrations.

El was rubbing that rough net stocking against Becky's cunt lips. I could only imagine how that must feel. It was something I must try. I watched as El's fingers stroked and probed Becky's anus whilst playing with that nylon. I started to jiggle the strap-on.

"Oh my god!" I couldn't help but voice my pleasure as the silicone moved against my slick canal.

Trickles of cum started to seep from deep inside me. "Lick her, taste my darling's cum," El told me.

I knelt and flicked my tongue along Becky's lips. Her musk was strong; she had a tartness to her cum that I hadn't noticed in El. I dove in for more, licking firmly, taking all the cum I could get.

"Her ass, lick her ring. It drives her wild."

I distantly heard my big sister urging me on. It was a fantastic turn on, and I could feel my arousal soaring.

My tongue flicked across that dark wrinkly skin; Becky immediately started to buck against my face. I forced my tongue into her pucker, she was so tight, and her skin was firm. Still, I got the tip of my tongue in. My blood was pounding, my cunt was pounding, and for the first time, I tasted another person's ass.

It was instant addiction. The noises Becky was making, the way she rubbed her ass against my face, I will do this again, and I will have this done to me, I thought.

"Okay, fuck her now, make her cum." I heard El's voice, but it sounded so distant.

I grabbed hold of the stocking top and started to pull it out of her sopping cunt. My mind told me long and slow, and I took care to drag its entire length across Becky's swollen slick lips.

"Fuck! Yes," El voiced as her lover screamed and fought the need to cum. The last few inches pulled free in a soggy ball, followed by a gush of creamy girl cum.

I dipped my head, and my tongue scooped it all up. I ran it around my mouth before I swallowed it.

I had shocked my sister; I could see it on her face as she froze for a moment. She had been stroking Becky's back.

Her lips locked hard against mine before her tongue cleaned my face of her girlfriend's cum. "Candy, you are so hot, now fuck her hard."

"Pleeease, I need to cum so fucking much," Becky's pleading voice drew my eyes back to her raised ass just as another trickle of cream dripped from her cunt.

I worked the dildo head against her slick opening. There was no resistance. I pushed straight in and gasped in shock; I never expected my end to feel so good. My knees almost gave way at the sensations.

Becky was moaning, almost sobbing with need. To have so much power to pleasure was mind-blowing. I slowly started to thrust, wriggling my hips to better seat the strap-on.

Oh fuck, I can't last long, I realized as my own body started to betray me with its needs. Becky thrust backward. After a few tentative moments, we got a rhythm going.

That stubby dildo was setting my body on fire. I could only imagine what the other eight inches felt like inside Becky. However, the constant screaming of, "Yes! Yes! Fuck, yes!" was a bit of a giveaway.

"Now, Candy, make her cum. She needs to cum, fuck her." El was kneeling before her lover, kissing her face, stroking, and teasing her breasts as I thrust into her.

I knelt higher, changing my entry, watching as that pink phallus moved between Becky's slick swollen lips to graze her clit. It only took a few strokes. Becky's orgasm was hard and savage when it hit.

Her soft tanned body suddenly went rigid. Every muscle in her slick sweaty back was highlighted in the lamplight as she screamed and moaned in pure pleasure.

Her cunt had locked hard around the dildo. It ceased to move. All that energy and motion were now diverted into my throbbing canal. My screams blended with hers as lights danced before my eyes. My legs buckled as wave after wave of pleasure wracked my body.

Two hours ago, I was a virgin; nothing more than an odd finger had pleasured me. Now I was a sweaty, cum stained mess collapsed on my sister's bedroom floor as orgasm after orgasm rocked my body.

I rolled over as distant hands fumbled to remove the harness. I shuddered as the dildo slipped free. I felt empty and sore. A pleasant soreness, to be honest.

Lips grazed my pussy; someone was cleaning me up. It was all too much, and with a groan, I gently pushed the head away. Moments later, a soft, warm cloth wiped my face, then my breasts, and then, oh so gently, my poor abused cunt.

It was El, wiping me clean. Across the room, I could see Becky sponging herself.

El helped me stand and slipped her silk kimono around my shoulders. We hugged. Never had I felt closer to my beautiful big sis.

Becky moved to join us, and we hugged again.

"Thank you, you were amazing," Becky murmured.

"Thank you both for sharing," I replied.

"Anytime," they chorused with a giggle.

"Well, there is still the butt plug," I giggled in turn.


Thanks JB


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