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Confessions Of A Catholic Schoolgirl - Chapter 4 - Reliving The Past

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I tell Marc about my phone sex with my brother

Marc returns from his run, and is curious about my phone call with my brother, which leads to me telling him even more intimate details of how Gary and I got started discovering the 'joys of sex' with each other when we were teenagers. And finally, upon further questioning, I admit that this very afternoon, Gary and I masturbated together on the phone while we 'relived' our past. Truthfully, I realize that discussing these things with my partner is quite healthy for me...Marc's acceptance of my past, and present, helps me feel less guilt, less isolated, and less like a sexual aberration.

Marc arrived home around four o’clock, his shirt soaked with sweat from his ten-mile run. He found me relaxing on our back patio, sipping a glass of chardonnay, enjoying the California sunset. He wasted no time before he started prying me with questions.


“So, did you get a hold of your brother?”


“Yes, Gary and I talked for a while. It was good to catch up with him,” I replied, offering no real details. “He said to tell you hello.”




“And what?” I replied.


I knew perfectly well what Marc wanted to know. I am not sure why I was playing this silly game, but I decided to be a little difficult. I was going to make him work for the information he wanted.


“Did you discuss your history together? You know, what did you call it? ‘Your teenage journey of sexual exploration’ with your brother?”


“Yes, as a matter of fact, we did. We had a very nice stroll down memory lane, comparing each of our perceptions as to what happened, and who was the instigator. It was interesting, and somewhat enlightening, for both of us, actually.”


“And what did you two decide?” Marc was growing slightly impatient.


Since I had just had a very powerful orgasm on the phone with my brother about an hour and a half earlier, I was feeling pretty sassy and frisky. I felt like making Marc squirm a bit for the information he coveted. Truthfully, I can be a real ‘pain in the ass’ sometimes…this was one of those times.


I guess I like the feeling of control that goes with being a pain. Besides, I had not completely decided just how forthcoming I was going to be with Marc this evening, so I continued to be slightly evasive. 


“Well, after a long discussion on the subject, Gary and I both concluded that yes, I had been the instigator. But we also agreed that we were both willing participants. Further to the point, after much debate, we agreed that there were no victims a decade ago…no one took advantage of anyone. We were just a couple of kids overcome with curiosity and hormones."


“So, neither of you has any regrets?”


I thought to myself, Ah you devil. You asked a very good question.


“Well, that's not completely accurate. I did express one minor regret,” I confessed.


After having to correct my ‘fib’ of the other night, where I initially denied having had any teenage sexual contact with my brother, I was determined not to lie about anything now. I might not volunteer some information, but anything I did say would be truthful. I did not want to have to ‘walk back’ any dishonest statements later; so I was determined to speak the truth now.


“I see…so what regrets did you discuss?” Marc asked.


“Well, if you must know, I did confess to Gary that I regret that we did not ‘do more'."


“You regret not doing more with your brother? Really?” Marc was somewhat stunned by this revelation.


“I know, huh? Sounds bizarre, doesn’t it? But yeah, I admitted that I regret that he was not my first…that he did not take my virginity.”


“Interesting…very interesting. Tell me more.” Marc was clearly puzzled by this information.


“Well, as you know, Gary and I never ‘did it’…we got close, very close. But we never had intercourse.”


“Just how close did you two get?” Marc asked. His interest was piqued now.


“Let’s just say we couldn’t have gotten any closer without ‘doing it’. We did virtually everything else. We drove each other to orgasms with our mouths, pretty frequently I might add. And, we humped each other raw.”


Marc sat up straight, listening to every word intently. “Were you able to cum while humping on him?”


“Oh yeah…once I got the hang of it, it worked like clockwork. I would sneak into Gary’s room at night and crawl in bed with him…”


“You did this regularly?” Marc asked, somewhat astonished by what a naughty little slut his girlfriend had been with her brother in her teenage years.


I giggled a bit, and answered, “I’m afraid so. Once I got acquainted with my brother’s magnificent erection, I was pretty much hooked. That Christmas, while Gary was home from college, I would sneak into his room every night.”


“Weren’t you afraid your parents would catch you?” Marc asked.


“Not really. Gary and I had bedrooms that adjoined through a shared bathroom, upstairs. Our parents were downstairs. Gary and I had the entire second floor to ourselves. And, we could each lock our bedroom doors, so no one could barge in on us from outside. We could access each other’s room via the shared bathroom between us. My parents never came upstairs at night, but even if they had, our bedroom doors were locked,” I explained.


“How convenient.”


“I’ll say. Almost every night, while Gary was home from school, I’d lock my door, and sneak into his room. I’d always locked his door too, before I crawled in bed with him.”


“Were you naked?”


“No. I would typically keep my pajama top on, but I typically would lose my bottoms somewhere in the fray…A couple of times, I had to sneak back into his room early in the morning to retrieve my panties. It felt very naughty and wicked.”


“I can imagine. Typically, sixteen-year-old girls keep track of heir panties.” Gary admonished playfully.


“I wasn’t your typical sixteen-year-old.”


“Obviously, not.”


"Well, after that first morning, when Gary convinced me to masturbate him, I started my nightly visits to his room. We would typically just masturbate each other while we necked. He would finger me while I jacked him off. A couple of times I came like this, but it was ‘hit or miss' for me. But I could always make him cum with my hand though. I really liked doing it, too.”


“I see…he was getting his, but you were not getting yours regularly?”


“Yeah, something like that…Marc, you have to understand that I was only sixteen, and quite naïve about my own sexuality. I did not know what to expect. I was learning as I went, so to speak,” I mused. “But as I said, it was a journey of discovery, and discovery means experimenting to see what works…Let’s just say that we had some breakthroughs…and, pretty quickly, Gary learned that he could get me off with his mouth. And I learned that I could achieve my orgasm by lying on top of him and grinding my 'little nubbins' into his hard cock. It really was a wonderful few weeks.”


“So, he went down on you?” Marc asked, clarifying what had just I told him.


“Yeah, initially, we experimented with different things, including going down on each other, simultaneously, in the sixty-nine position. But I quickly learned that taking turns actually worked better. That way, I could devote my full attention to my own orgasm, as Gary sucked on me.


“I remember the first time he did it…you know, got me off with his tongue…it was wild.”


As I spoke, it occurred to me that discussing these events of my youth was actually quite palliative for me. I had never been able to discuss what my brother and I had done as teenagers with anyone before, for fear that they would immediately view me as a deviant of sorts, and that I would immediately become a pariah in their eyes.


But rather than judge me harshly, Marc accepted this history as part of ‘who I was’. And his acceptance felt good, curative in fact. And because of Marc’s acceptance, I found myself volunteering details of this ‘journey of discovery’ that I never thought I would share with anyone.


“Tell me about it,” Marc insisted.


“It was late…our parents were asleep. I snuck into Gary’s room, locked all the doors, and we were necking in his bed. I was wearing a t-shirt and panties that I slept in. Our hands were all over each other, and our tongues ‘played tag’, exploring each other’s mouth.


“This was all very new to me, and the excitement was very real. I was very wet, and Gary was very hard.


“Gary started to remove my panties.


“I rolled on my back and lifted my hips to assist him in removing the only barrier to fully accessing to my gushing pussy. With me now lying on my back, Gary kissed me deeply as he continued to explore my wet vagina. I could feel myself opening up to accept his probing fingers.


“I wrapped my arms around his neck and our tongues continued to tease and explore each other's mouth with a passion that only teenagers can fully experience. I moaned into his open mouth as his tongue penetrated my lips. I arched my hips up in time to the probing fingers that were penetrating my vulva. I was beyond reason, beyond thought. I was consumed by lust.


“Gary pulled up my t-shirt, exposing my tiny breasts, and moved his lips down to suck on my erect nipples. I caressed his head as he sucked on my tits while he continued to finger me.


“Gary then started kissing down my exposed belly, stopping at my navel to kiss and tongue me. At first, I wasn’t sure where he was going. Then Gary climbed between my legs and began kissing lower and lower. He kissed my vulva gently for several seconds, studying my most private parts, deciding whether to continue and if so, how to continue.


“The room was dark. The only illumination came from the digital clock on his nightstand. I could only see the dark outline of my brother as he lay between my open thighs."


“So, what were you thinking as he started kissing you down there?” Marc asked.


I laughed nervously at Marc’s question, “I wasn’t sure about this. As I said, initially, I thought it was kind of weird…maybe even gross. I couldn’t really understand why he wanted to kiss me down there. I was nervous, and a little scared…of what, I am not sure; but I was scared. For a brief moment, I actually covered my vagina with my hand, preventing him from kissing me there…


“But Gary was insistent. He said he wanted to ‘taste me’. I remember thinking, ‘if he wants to do this, why not?'"


“You were a naughty little girl, weren’t you?"


“Oh, yeah…you are just now beginning to understand how naughty I can be,” I admitted.


“I really like that about you, your naughty side. I like it a lot,” Marc assured me. “So, you let him go down on you?”


“Yep, I did…I did not know how to guide him; this was all new to me, as well. One moment, I was covering my virginal pussy with my hand, and the next moment, with my brother’s encouragement, I was shamelessly pulling my labia open, exposing my clitoris for his inspection. Gary kissed me right on my little nubbins, my erect clitoris, and I moaned approval.


“Gary took my moans as approval to proceed, and tested my clitoris with the tip of his tongue. The contact of his tongue on my erect clit sent a shot of pleasure through me.


“I hissed, ‘Oh god, Gary… do that again’. I lifted my ass off the bed to give him better access.


“Gary repeated flicking my clit with his tongue, only this time, he licked and stimulated me for several seconds before stopping. ‘Oh Gary, that’s the spot… god, that feels good,’ I panted with excitement that encouraged him.


“Gary began stimulating me with more enthusiasm, encouraged by my reaction. He experimented taking my clit into his mouth and sucking on it.


“I shuddered as he sucked on me. I remember crying out, ‘Oh shit, that is too intense.’ But Gary did not release my swollen clit from his lips; he sucked slightly harder as I shook and quaked under his stimulation.


”Gary was teasing and exciting me. I felt like a marionette doll and Gary was a puppet master, pulling all my strings. He was getting me to react in ways I did not know were possible."


Marc interrupted, “Weren’t you worried that might wake your parents or something?”


“Hell yes, I was afraid…but both Gary and I knew that I had to remain pretty quiet so our parents did not hear us, so he had me over a bit of a barrel…


“And, the fact that I needed to remain relatively quiet served as a form of restraint…it was like a strange form of bondage, as I tried to communicate that his stimulation was too intense with a stage whisper, mixed with quiet moans and panting.


“And Marc, I was astounded to realize that this strange form of restraint, having to be quiet to avoid detection, actually aroused me…As I said, this was a ‘journey of discovery’, and I was discovering all kinds of things about my psyche and what drove my libido!


“Gary continued to suck and tease my clitoris as he reached under his chin with his hand and began penetrating my vagina with his fingers. I was so wet, and so open that Gary was able to squeeze two fingers inside me as he stretched my virgin pussy open.


“Gary’s fingers found a spot on the front wall of my vagina, up near my cervix, that caused a response that shocked both of us. It was a place I did not know existed. Later, I learned it was an area that some women refer to as their ‘g-spot’. But Gary’s massaging of the front wall of my vagina at this spot caused a profound reaction in me. He was causing me to buck and shake uncontrollably.


“I moaned, too loudly, in fact. I remember caressing his head with one hand as I grasped the sheets on my bed with the other. I was literally writhing in pleasure as Gary's tongue explored my virgin vulva.”


“So, your brother was getting the response he wanted, huh?” Marc said, more as a statement of fact than a question.


“I’ll say…I remember clutching the sheets as he made me quiver uncontrollably, as I begged him, telling him that his suction was too intense, all the while struggling to remain silent. But Gary paid me no mind.


“I was losing control…I was beyond reason as he sucked on my engorged clit…I even pulled the pillow over my own face, was biting it between my teeth, in an effort to muffle my little moans and shrieks.


“And Marc, my brother loved having that control over his little sister, making me quiver, squeal and react the way I was.


“And truthfully, I loved it too. It was torture, but a very pleasurable form of torture.


“While keeping his lips locked tightly on my clitoris and sucking my clit firmly, Gary was massaging my inner walls of my tiny little twat, and driving me closer and closer to an earth-shattering climax.


“I could feel it building. I knew I was going to climax. But I was surprised nonetheless at how quickly I 'got there'. My orgasm came upon me suddenly and violently, and I responded to it more vocally (louder) than I ever intended. Even with the pillow muffling my squeaks and squeals, I was louder than I intended.


“With my right hand, I held the pillow in front of my face, with my left hand, I held Gary’s head in place as he sucked and licked my throbbing clit, I bucked my hips as I humped against his invading fingers. I lifted my ass off the bed to push his fingers deeper into me as wave upon wave of pleasure rocked across my frame.


“After several waves of my climax rocked me, my clitoris began to be far too sensitive, and I violently and forcefully pushed Gary’s head away from my crotch, breaking his suction hold on my clitoris. But he continued to move his fingers inside me, stimulating my vaginal wall as I tried to come down from the orgasmic high.


“His fingers kept making me spasm slightly, as I slowly descended from my first oral orgasm. I remember, looking down at Gary’s face as he smiled up at me from between my thighs, his chin glistened with a combination of saliva and secretions from his little sister’s pussy. He was pretty proud of himself.”


“I’ll just bet he was…who wouldn’t be? That is so sexy. Did you return the favor?” Marc asked.


“Oh, absolutely. There was always a ‘quid pro quo’ between us. Actually, I had kissed his cock before during our petting and humping sessions, but that night was the first time I ‘drove my brother over the finish line’ with my mouth, so to speak.”


“I know that is not your favorite thing to do…suck a cock…I’m surprised you did it so willingly as a teenager?”


I thought for a moment before offering, “Willingly is probably not the correct description…as you know all too well, I’m a ‘people pleaser’…Honestly, I wasn’t sure that I really wanted Gary’s penis in my mouth, but I also wanted to please my brother, and if taking him in my mouth was what I needed to do to please him, I decided that I would just have to do that.


“So ‘reluctant’ is a more accurate description that ‘willing’,” I corrected him. “But I certainly was committed to pleasing Gary that night.”


“But you did suck him to completion, right? All the way?”


“Oh yeah, that night, and many times subsequently. My older brother loved getting blow jobs from his little sister…no question about that.”


“Did you struggle with it initially?”


“Yes and no. I had to give myself a bit of a pep talk to get myself ready to do it, but it was not as difficult, or offensive, as I feared it might be.”


“So, how did you ‘talk yourself' into blowing your brother?” Marc inquired, with just the slightest measure of disrespect detectable.


For some reason, I did not particularly like the expression, ‘blow your brother’. It sounded slightly crass, even disrespectful; however, I decided to ignore this perceived disrespect…I had more important things to discuss with my partner at that moment.


“Well, after my brother had driven me to my first oral orgasm of my young life, I was sitting on the edge of his bed, and he was standing in front of me, naked and erect. It was obvious what he wanted me to do. And I truly did figure that I owed him a return favor.”


“Sounds only fair to me,” Marc quipped.


“It’s funny the things you remember about various events in your life,” I mused.


“Such as?”


“Well, I remember sitting there, as I got ready to take my brother’s erection into my mouth, thinking that my pussy is leaking all over Gary’s bed right now. As I studied Gary’s erection inches from my face, I could feel the lubrication from my vagina literally flowing out of me. I knew that I was leaving a noticeable wet spot on his sheet.


“I’m not sure why, but leaving my mark on my brother’s bed actually tickled me somewhat at the time. I guess it still does, somewhat.”


“You were sort of marking your territory, so to speak?”


“Yeah, I guess…whatever it was, it momentarily pleased me that I was leaving a huge wet spot from my leaking little twat on Gary’s bed, as I sat there studying my brother’s gorgeous erection.


“So, you thought his cock was gorgeous, huh?”


“Oh yeah. I was literally enthralled with it.


“I was intrigued by the purple-tinted, mushroom-shaped head that appeared almost separate and distinct from the shaft. The ridge that separated the head from the shaft fascinated me. The thick veins clearly visible down the seven-inch shaft gave his erection a harsher, more rugged appearance; making the penis appear almost ‘muscular’.


“With his penis standing straight up, the underside was plainly visible as well, revealing the thick urethra running down the middle of the underside of the shaft. This male tool was strangely beautiful to me. It represented a unique combination of strength, eroticism, and pleasure. I realize now that it had a strange magnetic appeal to me, touching me at a very core level.


“I liked the male penis. It gave me great pleasure to stimulate it and please it. I believe the female body is more aesthetically beautiful, with its parts tucked away neatly inside, but the male body screamed strength, power and eroticism to me.


“I liked the thought that the male member takes the female; capturing and penetrating her, holding her in place until she accepts the seed from the male. Yes, the power that the male penis represents appeals to me even to today. And I was learning that I liked submitting to that power. I liked being taken, and while being taken in my mouth was frightening and overwhelming, it also had a strange appeal.”


“I really like that about you,” Marc observed. “I like it a lot.”


“I’m glad…this just wouldn’t work if you did not like the fact that I love cocks.”


“No, it wouldn’t,” Marc conceded, before instructing me, “Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…please continue your story.”


“Yes, sir,” I replied while saluting mockingly.


“So, I leaned forward and kissed the head gently, without opening my mouth. I was not sure how to proceed. I was intimidated by this massive tool. I recalled the erotic aroma of Gary’s semen previously and the pleasant way this scent touched my core carnal desires, but actually putting a penis in my mouth was something quite different, far more personal.


“I continued to stimulate the shaft while I contemplated what I wanted to do. I was unsure precisely what I was willing to do for my older brother. I leaned forward and kissed the head again, this time a bit more passionately, parting my lips ever so slightly and allowing my tongue to contact the head. As my tongue gently swept across the tiny opening at the tip, I detected a taste with which I was not familiar. It was barely detectable and not unpleasant, but slightly bitter. I now know I was detecting the trace amounts of pre-orgasm ejaculate that some men seep out of their penis before they shoot.


“I kissed down the underside of the shaft, before returning to the head. I was still unsure if I wanted to place this into my mouth; to taste more of Gary’s cock or not. I was unsure if I could comfortably fit his girth inside my mouth.


“As I kissed the head a third time, tasting the minor seepage from the tip again, Gary tried to push into my mouth, but I pulled back, still unsure how much I was willing to do.


“Gary placed his hands on the sides of my head and gently guided my head towards his rigid pole. I reached up and removed Gary’s hands from the sides of my head. I needed to feel like I was controlling what I did and how much of him I took at a time. I did not like feeling like my head was being forced forward, or that his penis would be ‘forced’ into my mouth. If I was going to do this, I was going to do it willingly, and at my own pace.”


Marc laughed, “Well some things never change. You still don’t like my hands on your head while you give me head.”


“No, I don’t. And it is good that you realize that,” I affirmed, before continuing my story.


“With Gary’s hands now at his side, I slowly relented; I slowly opened my mouth to allow the head to slip past my lips. Gary moaned loudly as his penis penetrated my lips into my mouth. The shaft was thick enough that I felt like I was having to stretch my mouth and jaw open to allow the head to past by my lips. Initially, it was uncomfortable, but my mouth and jaw seemed to adjust to the intrusion rather quickly.


“He was large, and the texture of the skin was incredibly smooth. I began licking and sucking; I started moving my mouth up and down, taking only two to three inches of him into my mouth. I could feel his hips rock upward to meet my movements, trying to push deeper in my mouth. I resisted trying to take him deeper in my throat; I feared that I would gag if I tried to take him any deeper. I preferred to stimulate the head using my lips and tongue.


“I did not want to take much more than the head into my mouth, and to this day, when I ‘give head’, I make love to the head of the penis, but have never tried to ‘deep throat’ anyone. I will make love to the penis, but I do not like the thought of someone shoving their dick down my throat and making me gag. That is not sexy to me."


“Julie, you are preaching to Noah about the flood here. I know better than to try to force my cock down your throat,” Marc confirmed.


“And, don’t you forget it,” I insisted.


“Well, after only a few minutes of stimulating the head and allowing Gary to stroke in and out of my mouth with the head of his penis, Gary’s breathing began to quicken. I knew instinctively that his arousal was increasing and he was approaching his climax. It was approaching decision time for me - should I stop sucking now and complete the job ‘manually’?


“My initial reaction was to pull away rather than allow him to cum in my mouth, but something kept me from disengaging my mouth, something kept me from pulling away. This was the person to whom I was closer to than anyone else on the planet. So, I continued to stimulate the head of Gary’s cock with my lips and tongue while pumping the shaft, knowing that at any second he might ejaculate into my mouth.


“Still, I was a bit surprised as I felt the first pulse of his penis and felt the sudden rush of semen appear in my mouth. I did not actually feel the semen shoot, but a large dollop of semen suddenly overwhelmed my tongue and mouth. In this concentrated volume, the taste was much stronger now. The salty, slightly bitter taste was not unpleasant, just slightly overwhelming.


“I held the first string of semen in my mouth as I decided whether or not to spit it out or swallow it.


“In order to spit it out, I would have to ‘disengage’ from Gary’s erupting member in the middle of his orgasm; and that did not seem right.


“In the instant during which I was deciding what to do with the semen in my mouth from the first string that shot from his penis, the second string erupted in my mouth, and I was forced to choose. I swallowed what I could without gagging, but pulled back from taking any more. It was an intense, memorable moment. I had now ingested the most intimate essence of a man, my brother’s sperm.


“Rather than be repulsed, the knowledge of what I had just done aroused me. Gary’s semen was inside me now, and it was safely in my tummy where it could not create any havoc trying to impregnate me, but still it was within my core. I liked that thought.


“To my surprise, the taste of his semen was not at all offensive; in fact, I found the experience pleasant and exciting.


“After he finished spurting his ropes of semen in my mouth, I kissed his penis several times before standing up. As I stood, another very small trace amount of white semen appeared on the tip of his penis. I smiled at the sight of his rigid cock with only one remaining drop of semen, the rest safety stored inside of his sister's tummy.”


“Fuck, Julie, that is so fucking hot. Gary is one lucky son of a bitch.”


“So, you wish you had gotten a blow job from your sister?” I teased.


“Well, as you know, I don’t have a sister. But I kind of wish I was Gary, and you were my sister!” Marc confessed. “But back to something you said earlier. You said you wished you and Gary had ‘done more’. Why do you say that?”


I took a deep breath, and a sip of my chardonnay, before responding. “Marc, I think I have told you before that I lost my virginity a couple of years later at a frat party at UCLA.”


“Yeah, I knew it was in college. I don’t think you told me the details.”


“Well, it was not a great experience. The guy was drunk, inconsiderate, and a bit of a jerk. I regretted it almost as soon as it happened. It is not a good memory for me, and certainly not my proudest moment."


I paused, took another sip of my wine, and added, “As I told Gary today, I wished my first time had been with him, when we were kids…I wished my first time was with someone I loved, and who loved me…and with someone who actually cared about my pleasure, not just his own. I really wish it had been my brother..”


“Why didn’t you? I mean do it with Gary?” Marc asked with genuine interest.


“Well, we got close, a couple of times…real close. In fact, if it had been up to me, it would have been Gary. I tried to put him inside me a couple of times while we were humping on each other. I sort of got carried away a couple of times right as I started cumming on his cock, rubbing my clit on his shaft while we necked,” I confessed.


“And what happened?”


“Gary stopped me. He pulled back. He wouldn’t let me. It kind of ruined my orgasm in the moment, too. I was so frustrated. But he said we can’t do that. He insisted that we not risk getting me pregnant,” I paused to finish my wine. “And he was right too. It would have been a stupid risk to take.”


“But you told him today, that you wished you had actually done it?”


“Yeah…what I said was, “I wished that he had been my first’. That somehow we had completed our journey together.”


“And what did Gary say to this revelation?”


“Well, I think he was flattered. But, being the practical thinker that he is, he correctly pointed out, once again, that if he had been my first, I could have gotten pregnant. I think he kind of missed the point I was trying to make. Hell, he could have gotten a condom, right? There were ways we could have experienced our first time together without a risk of pregnancy, right?


“Anyway, today, we decided that this was my only regret. And I think knowing that alleviated a lot of regrets and guilt Gary has been harboring.”


“I see. Anything else?” Marc instinctively knew that there was more to the story.


I detected a slight change in my voice as I answered, a nervousness that had not been present moments before. I was not sure how Marc was going to feel about what I was going to tell him next. “Well, we might have gotten ourselves a little wound up today, recalling the details of our first encounter.”


“Yeah, just how wound up?”


“I’d have to say, pretty wound up,” I paused and tried to wait Marc out. For the briefest of moments, I employed a stall tactic, a tactic that actually never works for me. 


It was no use. Marc was simply a better interrogator than I was a hostile witness. I lasted maybe twenty seconds before I started talking again. I could not remain silent for even thirty seconds. I cracked, “Okay, okay, if you must know, Gary and I got ourselves worked up enough that we each masturbated on the phone…there, I said it.”


“You had phone sex with your brother? This afternoon? While I was out running?”


“Yeah, I kind of did…I didn’t mean to…it just sort of happened…sorry. We got carried away reliving the ‘old times we shared’. Are you mad at me?”


“Fuck no…I think that is super-hot. Julie, you really are the naughtiest little girl I have ever known. You can’t help yourself, can you?”


“I really can’t. Sometimes I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I really don’t…


“I don’t know exactly how it happened today. We got to talking about what we did, and who started what, and Gary just mentioned that I had given him a huge boner talking about this stuff…well, I suggested we take care of ourselves while we talked. It seemed like a good idea at the time.”


“Well, was it?”


“Was it what?” I asked, not understanding Marc’s question.


“Was it a good idea?”


“Honestly, if you’re not mad at me for doing it, it really was. We both got off, really quickly. I know I had a good time with it. I think Gary did too. In any event, he said our little talk was ‘therapeutic’ for him.” I giggled as I added, "He said he made quite a mess all over himself…I kind of liked imagining that.”


Marc’s next question caught me off guard, “Julie, would you like to see him, I mean in person?”


I stuttered slightly as I tried to answer. I certainly had not anticipated Marc suggesting this.


"Marc, I don’t think that would be such a good idea. After today, I realized that my brother and I both still have a thing for each other, that goes beyond normal sibling love. I am afraid that if we were together the temptation might be too much; irresistible, in fact. I think we are better off keeping hundreds of miles between us right now. I don’t think either of us can be trusted to behave ourselves.”


“What if I was okay with you exploring your feelings? What if I was okay if you addressed your one remaining regret?”


“Why would you want to do that, allow me to be with my brother?”


“Well, he poses no real threat to us. You can’t leave me for him, right? He is absolutely the safest guy I could trust you with. And, I realize that he is more of a threat if I were to try to keep you two apart. What did Maslow say? A satisfied need is not a motivator? I think the smartest thing for me to do is to allow you and Gary to satisfy any and all needs, or curiosities, you have for each other. Besides, I think the idea of you fucking your brother is super-hot.”


“Marc, don’t be crass,” I said, searching for some appropriate response. I sat silent for several moments, thinking about what to say next. “Do you really think this would be okay? Are you sure about this? You know what they say, ‘let sleeping dogs lie’?”


“I think you should invite him to come down for a visit. Tell him as much, or as little as you want. We have plenty of room. Think about it, okay?”




I was feeling a little numb at the thought of inviting my brother for a visit...a very intimate visit. 


“Let’s go in the bedroom. I’d like you to imagine I am your brother right now,” Marc suggested.


“Now, that I can do. Hell, I do that all the time,” I replied.


“You do?”


“Uh-huh. I told you, you are just now discovering what a naughty little girl I am!”



Coming soon: Gary's visit


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