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Confessions of a Catholic Schoolgirl - chapter 5 - Gary's visit

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With Marc's encouragement, I invite my borther to visit us, and he accepts

“C’mon, Julie, you’re fucking with me?” Gary exclaimed.

“I’m really not.”

“I don’t believe you…well then, Marc is fucking with you…no way he said that,” Gary insisted.

“Gary, I understand your apprehension, but trust me on this: Marc is not only okay with your visit, he suggested it,” I assured my brother.

“So, let me get this straight, you told Marc all about us…all the stuff we did as teenagers? And his reaction is to invite me for a visit? Somebody is fucking with somebody.”

“I thought so too initially. I really did. I was just as skeptical as you are when Marc first suggested it. But he’s serious. He’d really like you to spend the weekend with us. I’m not shitting you, Gary. This really is on the ‘up and up’. I promise.”

“Did you tell him what happened on the phone last Sunday? I mean all of it?”

“Yep. I told Marc that you and I had a nice stroll down memory lane. That we both came a away with a better understanding of what happened in the past. And, I told him that you and I got pretty wound up talking about this. Marc asked ‘how wound up?”, so I told him that we masturbated together on the phone. I swear it’s true.”

“What else did you tell him?”

I giggled a little before answering, “Well, I did tell him that you said you made quite a mess all over yourself.”

“Julie! You didn’t?”

“I kind of did,” I snickered. “But on a more serious note, I told Marc that we both agreed that I had been the instigator of our ‘activities’, but you quickly became a willing participant.  And, that you and I agreed that there were no victims; that we were a couple of curious kids whose hormones were in overdrive.”

“Anything else?”

“Yeah. Marc asked if we had any regrets. That’s when I confessed that I regretted that you weren’t my first…that I had not given up my virginity to you…”

“You did, did you? And what did Marc say about that?”

“Well, he asked some clarifying questions, but mainly, he expressed a willingness to let me rectify that error,” I said timidly.

“Let me get this straight, by ‘rectify this error’, your long-term partner, someone who you intend to marry someday, was giving you permission to be intimate with your brother? in his house? while he is there? Am I capturing the crux of this correctly?”

“Yep, that’s pretty much the long and short of it.”

“So, why would he agree to this? This doesn’t make sense.”

“I asked that same question. Marc said a couple of things. First, he pointed out the obvious, that I could never leave him to be with you…you are my brother. I can be intimate with you, and we can satisfy our curiosity, but in the end, we are brother and sister. Marc also said that you were a greater threat to Marc's and my relationship if we don’t satisfy our curiosity about what it might be like. Marc correctly surmised that my fantasies about you are a greater distraction than the real thing might be.”

Gary laughed, “So you fantasize about me?”

"Oh, you knew that. And I am pretty sure that you fantasize about me too. Marc is not stupid…far from it. He knows me very well.”

“Okay, just for the sake of arguing, suppose for a second I agree to this nonsense. How would this work?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, somewhat puzzled.

“I mean, would we be staying at your place, the place you share with Marc? Or would we get a hotel? Would Marc be watching? Does he want to join in. like in a threesome? How would this work?”

“Funny you should ask. I asked Marc basically the same question, almost verbatim.”


“Apparently, that’s up to us,” I replied.

“Huh? What does that mean?” Gary asked impatiently.

“Well, Marc said that for 72 hours, I would be ‘your date’. He would respect the fact that this visit is for you and me to enjoy each other, and to resolve any remaining issues, or curiosities, we have. As such, the guest suite belongs to us. We will not be disturbed in any way in the guest suite.”

“I see. What about the rest of the house? What are the rules there?”

“Gary, you need to understand, Marc really wants us to be comfortable, and we are pretty much free to do whatever we want during the three days you are in town. However, Marc also said that I am free to invite you into our bedroom.”

This last comment just hung in the air. Gary was silent for several second before asking, ‘You mean like a threesome?”

“Yeah. Sort of like that,” I paused for a second before adding, “I’m not suggesting we do that. I’m just trying to make you understand that Marc is really okay with this. He is very supportive. He even offered to go stay at a hotel for a few days to give us some privacy.”

“You’re kidding?”

“No. I told him that would not be necessary. I figure he is being more than reasonable already. I’m not going to put him out of his own home.”

“I agree,” Gary said emphatically.

“Sooooo, that brings us to the million-dollar question…would you like to come to LA for a weekend visit?”

“I don’t know…do you want me to?” Gary was obviously wrestling with this absurd proposal.

“Gary, you know I do…but only if you want to…I’m not trying to freak you out. But I wouldn’t be calling you about this if I didn’t want you to come. But it’s up to you; you know what I want,” I explained. I wanted to avoid pressuring my brother into anything.

My brother committed to thinking about it. And although he was struggling with Marc’s absurd proposal, I knew the invitation was simply irresistible. Yes, perhaps a month ago would have declined this offer. But after our steamy conversation last Sunday, during which we analyzed the details of our very inappropriate relationship as teenagers, I was quite confident that I knew what my brother would decide. If there was any doubt about whether or not still harbored a deep emotional connection, and attraction, for his little sister, our joint masturbation session on the phone eliminated all doubt.

Yes, I was quite certain that Gary could not pass up the opportunity to finally fuck his little sister, now that she was an adult, and safely on the pill.

As I hung up the phone, I realized my head was spinning and my pulse was racing. I sat silently for several minutes recalling to myself, precisely how I got to a point in my life where I would actually consider calling my brother to invite him to visit my partner and me, with the implied promise that the visit would result in us resuming a totally inappropriate intimate relationship…one that started and ended when I was sixteen years old, and still living under my parents’ roof.

What bizarre sequence of events would make this even possible?

Yes, I was also quite nervous about his potential visit, or perhaps scared was a better word. And yet, the prospect excited me beyond words.

I spend the next twenty minutes, sitting silently, deep in thought recalling those critical months of my youth where hormones, and sexual curiosity, had caused me to do things that would alter the trajectory of my life forever.

Although Gary was almost three years older than me, I had always been the instigator of our sexual activities. It was me, not my older brother, who set these events into motion. Oh yes, we had both been willing participants…no question about that. But I was the little minx who teased my older brother, tempted him beyond reason, and actually initiated the activities that society would damn us for, if they only knew.

It started when we were in high school, sharing a bathroom that connected our two bedrooms. It was just Gary and me on the entire second floor of our parents’ home, giving us a great deal of privacy. And, this privacy emboldened me to be quite the little tease. I would regularly walk past my brother in just my bra and panties, or wearing just a towel after showering. I would leave my bedroom door ajar while I dressed and undressed.

I liked to blow dry my hair, naked in front of the mirror of my vanity with the door open slightly. As a eighteen your old, virile young man, Gary could not seem to resist the temptation to venture by my open door whenever he heard the blow drier. I would catch him looking in at my naked form, studying the reflection of my erect nipples in the mirror.

Often, I would ignore his gaze and just let him watch. I would pretend that I did not know he was spying on me. My vagina would grow moist, then wet as I sat there, naked, under his gaze. I loved the rush of power and control I felt, knowing that I could captivate and arouse my older brother so easily.

Gradually, I became bolder. After allowing him to study my nakedness for several minutes, I would look up, catch his reflection in the mirror, and smile. I would turn off the hair dryer, stand up slowly and walk to the door, without covering myself.

Smiling, I would say coyly, "I better close this before you get the wrong idea."

I loved seeing the large bulge that was so evident in his pants as I closed the door and ended the show.

I never intended my game of 'show and don't tell' to become physical. I was merely basking in the joy of having the power over my older brother to cause him to stare, open mouthed, admiringly at his little sister's budding breasts and naked buttocks and pubic region and watch his pants bulge so quickly. The power I experienced was simply intoxicating.

Frequently, after exposing myself to him, he would vanish to his room, close and lock his door, and masturbate. I could hear the springs of his bed, squeaking quietly and rhythmically, as he relieved himself. Knowing that I had aroused my older brother to the point of causing him to jack off aroused me as well. I often would rub my little nubbins as I listened to Gary's bed creaking, imagining I could watch him stimulating himself.

Gary left for college before anything physical happened between us. But as I confessed in previous chapters, that all changed when my brother returned over Christmas break during his freshman year. Curious and emboldened, I entered his room one morning, when he had a very noticeable morning erection…and I was able to convince him to show me how he masturbated.

That morning triggered a chain of events over the next few weeks, that led to me masturbating him, Gary fingering me, us driving each other to orgasm from wet humping on each other, to me performing fellatio on him, and Gary driving me to powerful orgasms with his tongue and mouth.

In short, we did virtually everything there is to do without actually having intercourse.

I had actually grown aroused, sitting there, recalling this sordid time in my youth.

But until recently, my sins were a tightly held secret…one that only my brother and I knew about; and one that neither of us had spoken of in nearly a decade.

But a week ago, my life partner, Marc, pressed me about discussing my fantasies as a teenager…and in the spirit of candor and openness, I slowly opened up, and I gradually confessed one thing after another. This confession started out by me simply admitted a very naughty fantasy I had as a young girl…a fantasy in which I was caught masturbating by my brother, and as punishment I was forced to strip in front of my dad and older brother. It was a silly, unrealistic fantasy; one that was quite naughty; however, it was quite effective in my teenager masturbation sessions.

But that confession piqued Marc’s interest causing him to pry into my actual relationship with my brother. And to my surprise, rather than being repulsed by my teenage incestuous relationship with my brother, Marc was intrigued, and aroused by it!

And, to my shock and amazement, as I confessed that was my one, and only regret was that I had not given my virginity to my brother, and that he had not been my first. Marc suggested I invite my brother for a visit to rectify that omission.

So, here I found myself, inviting my brother to come visit my life partner and me to bed me…to complete the improper incestuous defiling of his younger sister. And the thought of what might happen, and what it meant, both terrified me, and excited me. 

In the days leading up to Gary's arrival, my mind and thoughts were all over the place. I kept trying to convince myself that I was not a sexual aberration, or worse a sexual predator. I worked hard to convince myself that my brother’s visit had the potential to be something beautiful between two loving, consenting adults.

I bought a new outfit, as well as a flattering pale green, silk teddy and robe to wear around the house during Gary's visit. The day of his arrival, I shaved my legs, arm pits, and most importantly, my vulva. And before Marc and I headed to the airport to meet him, I was extra meticulous with my make-up. I had not seen Gary in over four years, and I wanted Gary to acknowledge to himself that I had aged well and was attractive.

I wore my long blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail and had on a form fitting pair of jeans and a tan t-shirt. I glanced at myself in the mirror and I liked the image I saw. My large green eyes and full lips gave me a youthful, sassy look. I could not help notice my nipples were erect and evident under my sheer bra.

On the drive to the airport, Marc observed, “You’re nervous, aren’t you?”

“Does it show?”

“Oh yeah. I’d use the expression ‘nervous as a whore in church’ if I wasn’t afraid of offending you,” Marc chuckled.

“Be nice. I’m already pretty anxious about this. I don’t need you to make be feel any more shame or guilt right now.”

“I’m only kidding with you. You know I am very supportive of you doing this.”

“I know you are, and I truly appreciate your support. I really do. It means a great deal to me,” I replied.

Marc circled the terminal in his Lexus while I went in to ‘retrieve’ my brother.

It was a little after four o'clock on Friday afternoon when I saw Gary exit through security at LAX airport. He wore a black sports coat, black sports shirt, and light gray dress slacks. It was obvious that he took care of himself. His broad shoulders tapered to a firm narrow waist. His dark hair was showing the first traces of gray around the temples.

Gary's face lit up upon seeing me, and a broad smile came across his face. I cannot explain how much it meant to me to know that he was genuinely glad to see me after all these years. Gary set down his bag, hugged me warmly, picked me up and spun me around.

"Julie, you look wonderful. It's been too long."

"Yes, it has. And you look great yourself. Marc is outside in the car. Did you eat on the plane.”

“No, nothing since this morning. Can I treat you and Marc to an early dinner?”

"Sure, what are you in the mood for?"

"I understand you have some good seafood here in L.A.?"

"That we do. Let's swing by the house, drop off your bags, and we can walk to great little restaurant a couple of blocks from our place. Marc claims that it has some of the best seafood in Southern California. It’s Friday night, but if we hurry, we should be able to beat the crowd and get a table," I suggested.

The restaurant was not crowded and we were seated by a window overlooking a series of waterfalls cascading into a reflecting pool. I sat between Marc and Gary.

We enjoyed several cocktails as Gary and Marc got acquainted. They discussed work, sports, and the federal deficit. In fact, they each opined on virtually every inconsequential subject they could think of. The conversation was cordial and polite. But what wasn’t discussed was the ‘elephant in the room’; that is, why Gary was here. None of us knew quite how to broach this emotionally complex subject.

We enjoyed a wonderful fresh seafood dinner. Gary insisted on picking up the tab to thank us for our hospitality.

Anyone eavesdropping on our conversation from an adjacent table would have concluded that Marc and I were a completely normal couple who were entertaining my brother from out of town. No one would have detected anything salacious or inappropriate.

We arrived home, around nine o’clock. I showed my brother our guest suite and guest bathroom while Marc poured two glasses of Scotch for Gary and him, and a glass of Chardonnay for me.

I sat on the couch next to my brother as Marc occupied his normal spot in his recliner.

Marc raised his glass in a toast, “Gary, I want you to know we are so very glad to have you here with us.” Marc took a sip of his Scotch “I want you to know that I appreciate that this may feel a little awkward for you right now. It shouldn’t be. I understand that Julie’s and your relationship might seem a tad unconventional to some folks, but I understand how important you are to Julie. And, that makes you important to me.”

Gary listened carefully, answering simply, ‘thank you.”

“I want you to know that I think what you and Julie shared is pretty beautiful. I’m not threatened by it…not at all.”

“Thank you," Gary replied, and then cutting to the chase, he asked, "Just so I understand the guidelines…what are your expectations of me this weekend?”

Marc chuckled, “Fair question. I expect you and Julie to enjoy each other. The next 72 hours belong to the two of you. I want you two to explore anything and everything that you desire…You’ve got the guest suite…it’s yours and Julie’s. You won’t be disturbed there.  While you are here, you should consider Julie to be 'your date', if that makes sense.”

Gary took a long sip of his drink, and answered, “That is incredibly generous of you…I mean that…if you don’t mind me asking, why are you doing this? What do you get out of this?”

“Gary, you have to understand that I love your sister…more than I have ever loved any woman.” Marc paused and looked at me, smiled, winked, and continued, “You cannot begin to understand how motivated I am to make that woman happy. I now understand how much Julie cherishes the memories of what you two shared as teenagers. Your sister confided to me that she regrets that you two did not shared even more intimacy. I want to give her that opportunity…assuming that is what you want as well.”

Gary turned towards me, placed his hand on my thigh, and said, “I think this guy really loves you sis…I think you should hang on to him.”

I smiled and said, “I fully intend to do just that…are you okay with this? I know this is a lot to process. I don’t want you to feel pressured into anything. It is really okay to say ‘thanks, but no thanks’…I won’t be mad if you want to politely bow out.”

“Julie, I didn’t fly from Seattle to say ‘thanks but no thanks’…but, this is a little overwhelming.”

I sat there, trying to decide what to say next. What could I say that would make this situation less awkward? Truthfully, I was anxious and nervous myself. Marc was being wonderful, but his presence did interfere with Gary and I following any ‘natural flow’ of our emotions and desires.

Marc sensed both Gary’s and my discomfort. “Gary, Julie has been nervous all week. But she has really been looking forward to your visit. She spent the entire afternoon primping, getting ready for your arrival. And, she bought herself a couple of outfits, one of which was a cute teddy that I know we would both love to see…she has refused to model it for me.  She said she was saving it for you.  Julie, why don’t you go put on that cute teddy for us? Okay?”

“Marc! You’re embarrassing me,” I protested.

“Julie, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. I’m sure Gary is flattered that you put so much thought and effort to looking good for his visit. Is that right, Gary?”

Gary smiled broadly, and answered affirmatively, “Absolutely. Julie, that is so sweet. And you do look wonderful. And Marc is right, I would love to see you in your new teddy.”

It took a little more encouragement from both men, but after Marc got me another glass if wine, I retired to the bedroom that Marc and I shared to change my outfit. I downed my wine quickly, as I shed my clothes, and took the teddy out of my dresser. I was beginning to feel the effect of my last glass of wine, which was my fourth glass of the evening.

I donned the pale green teddy. It looked like a very sheer one-piece bathing suit that hooked at the crotch. I thought to myself, “you need to be very careful hooking this crotch closed, or you could pinch yourself in the most inopportune manner’.

I adjusted the top and the legs to make sure it fit correctly. Once satisfied that I had everything in its proper place, I examined myself in the full-length mirror in our bathroom. I was both pleased and slightly shocked at the reflection I saw looking back at me.

I was slightly shocked at how revealing this seemingly innocent piece of lingerie was. The outfit was much sheerer than I had expected. My nipples stood prominently against the silky material. The darkness of my areolas were plainly visible through the thin, light colored fabric.

However, the lingerie was quite flattering to my slim, athletic figure. The green color complimented my large green eyes and my complexion quite nicely. I had to admit, it seemed to strike the perfect balance between innocence and sexy; between cute and bawdy. Yes, it captured my inner personality precisely.

The teddy came with a short, baby-doll style robe of the same material. I placed the robe over my shoulders, but did not cinch it up in the front, preferring to leave it open.

As I walked down the hall to the living room, I could here the men speaking, but their words were indistinguishable to me. I entered the room to an audible gasp from both men.

Marc remarked, “My god, Julie, you look stunning.” Then turning to Gary, he added, “You owe me, my good man…You owe me a lot. Ain’t she gorgeous?”

The look on Gary’s face was priceless. His expression transformed from pure awe to beaming with joy in a matter of seconds. “Julie, I honestly don’t know what to say. You are a beautiful woman…more beautiful than I imagined. Marc, thank you for making this possible.”

I sat next to Gary on the couch, and placing my hand on his thigh, I replied, “I am very glad you think so. I’d be pretty disappointed if you didn’t.” Then turning to Marc, I said, “would you get us one more drink and then excuse us. I think my brother and I have some catching up to do.”

We enjoyed one last drink as I snuggled next to my brother on the couch. I was keenly aware of Marc’s presence. His constant smiles, nods and other indications or reassurance convinced me that he was not having internal regrets or feelings of jealousy. If anything, Marc seemed to be enjoying the visual stimulation of watching my brother and me snuggle, caress and kissing on the couch.

I was careful to keep Gary’s and my activity essentially PG; however, my hand did stray momentarily into my brother’s lap a few times to confirm that his penis was pulsing awake. Similarly, Gary’s hand was caressing my inner thigh, literally an inch from the gusset of my teddy. But Gary resisted the urge to actually ‘pet the kitty’ in front of Marc.

Marc finished his Scotch, and excused himself, “I think I will retire to my room and give you kids a little privacy to get re-acquainted. I’ll be back in my room ‘spanking the monkey’ if you need me, feeling quite lonely, I might add.”

Before Marc actually exited the living room, I got up, and said, “hold up one second. I want to kiss you goodnight.”

I stood on my toes, wrapped my arms around Marc’s neck and kissed him passionately for about 20 seconds. I whispered to him, loud enough for Gary to hear, “I love you. Thank you for letting me do this. I can’t tell you how much this means to me. I will take care of you later…I promise. I still belong to you, you know.”

Marc patted me on the ass, and went into our room. I heard the door click closed, telling me that the rest of the evening belonged to my brother and me.

I sat next to Gary, resting my hand on his thigh. “Are you feeling okay?”

Gary responded by placing his fingers under my chin, and gently lifting my face to kiss me.

I resisted the urge to slide my hand over to to massage his penis. Tonight, I was committed to allowing my brother to advance this as slowly as he liked. Unlike when we were teenagers and I teased him and tempted him to do things he later came to regret, this time he would have to take the lead. If he wanted me tonight, he would have to take me.

Gary slid his hand inside the bra of my teddy, accessing my bare nipple. I reached up and lowered the strap of my gown, to allow him full access to my breast.

He began to fondle my nipple as I tried to stifle my moan.

Gary slowly started to move his hand away from my breast, sliding his hand down my flat, tight stomach. I grabbed his hand and held it, preventing him from reaching his target.

I felt dizzy, confused, unsure of what to do; or what I should do. "Gary, are you sure about this?"

"Do you want me to stop?" Gary asked.

"No. I’ve never had any doubts about what I wanted; not since I was sixteen. I have wanted this for so long. I just want to make sure you are okay with this. I realize I have been the one pushing this, I need to know I am not pushing you into something you’ll regret.”

"Julie, my only concern throughout the years has been that somehow I had harmed you. If you are sure that you want this, so am I,” Gary replied.

I released his hand and Gary slide his hand down between my thighs. I opened my leg granting him full access.  I smiled as my brother fumbled around, trying to figure out how to ‘unwrap his present’. His fingers traced the crotch of my teddy, stopping to feel the hooks that kept my wet vulva just out of reach.

I giggled and said, “Having a little trouble unlocking the safe, Bubba?”

In a show of feigned frustration, Gary pulled the crotch away and to the side saying, “How the hell do you get into this goddamn thing. I feel like I am trying to break into the vault at Fort Knox.”

I arched my hips up slightly, teasing him, and suggested, “maybe you just don’t have the right combination…or maybe you don’t know the right words. Try ‘open sesame’, and see if that works.”

“I think I need a pair of bolt cutters!” he said as he continued to struggle with the snaps that were holding the gusset of my teddy closed.

“Would you like a little assistance from your baby sister?”

“Yes, please. I would like that a lot.”

I reached down, and easily unclasped the hooks, allowing the pale green strip which had been covering my vulva to fall open. “Voila! See how easy that is?”

Gary smiled, slid off the couch and kneeled between my thighs, as he studied my cleanly shaven pussy. “Julie, you truly are beautiful,” as he leaned forward to kiss my vulva. He slowly parted the lips of my labia, exposing my engorged clitoris.

I reclined back on the couch, my teddy opened at the crotch, exposing my moist vagina to my brother’s stare. shamelessly reached down and replaced his hand with my own, as I shamelessly held my labia open.

“Do you remember the first time you tasted me down there?”

“Oh yeah,” he answered emphatically. “I will never forget how sweet you tasted.”

“Would you like to see if it still tastes as sweet?”

I wanted to savor every single step of the foreplay leading up to my long-awaited coupling with my brother. As I look back, recalling these events, I recognize that I wanted to recreate those precious moments in my brother’s room, when I was sixteen, and we jointly discovered how our bodies worked. Only this time, I hoped to ‘seal the deal’ with my brother. I wanted to allow him to enter me, and make love to me.

Gary flicked his tongue across my little nubbins, my erect clitoris, and I moaned approval.

I hissed, “Oh god, Gary… do that again,” as I lifted my ass off the couch to give him better access.

Gary continued flicking my clit with his tongue, I shuddered as he sucked on me.

As he had done in his bedroom, when we were teenagers, Gary continued to suck and tease my clitoris as he reached under his chin with his hand and began penetrating my vagina with his fingers. I was so wet, and so open that Gary was able to squeeze two fingers inside me as he stretched my pussy open.

Once again, Gary’s fingers found that spot on the front wall of my vagina, up near my cervix, that caused a reaction – that wonderful response that had shocked both of us. I remember as a young girl, I being so pleasantly surprised to learn that this wonderful spot, deep inside of my existed…a place where my brother could trigger my orgasm with his fingers while sucking on my sensitive clitoris.

Later, I learned it was my ‘g-spot’. Now, I was transported back in time to that first moment of discovery when Gary’s massaging of the front wall of my vagina at this spot caused a profound reaction in me. He was once again causing me to buck and shake uncontrollably.

I moaned, too loudly, in fact. I knew that Marc would hear my cries of pleasure as I arched my hips up in rhythm to my brothers probing fingers and sucking on my erect clit. I was beyond caring what Marc heard. Part of me wanted Marc to hear me, to experience this with me. For the briefest of moments, I wished Marc was watching me, sitting in his recliner. I wished my life partner could experience my pleasure vicariously. But I took comfort in the fact that my moans and shrieks would leave no doubt in his mind precisely what I was experiencing now with my brother. I took comfort in assuming that Marc was masturbating in the privacy of our bedroom as he listened to me being driven to orgasm by my brother.

I caressed his head with one hand as I grasped one of the couch pillows in the other. I was literally writhing in pleasure as Gary's tongue explored my vulva.

While keeping his lips locked tightly on my clitoris, and sucking my clit firmly, Gary was massaging my inner walls of my vagina, and driving me closer and closer to an earth-shattering climax.

I could feel it building. I knew I was going to climax. But I was surprised nonetheless at how quickly I 'got there'. My orgasm came upon me suddenly and violently; and I responded to loudly.

I caressed my brother’s head in place as he sucked and licked my throbbing clit, I bucked my hips as I humped against his invading fingers. I lifted my ass off the couch to push his fingers deeper into me as wave upon wave of pleasure rocked across my frame.

He looked up at me from between my thighs, smiling, his chin and cheeks glistening with my lubrication. His fingers kept making me spasm slightly, as I slowly descended from my orgasm. 

Gary leaned forward he kissed me deeply and passionately, exploring my mouth with his tongue. I could detect the faint scent of my own vaginal juice on his face as I opened my mouth to accept his tongue.

I broke our kiss to suggest, “I think you should take me back to your room and make love to your little sister.”

He nodded, stood and took me by the hand. I glanced at his crotch to see his penis making a huge tent out of the front of his trousers. We walked, holding hands back to the guest bedroom. As I left the living area, my ass and pussy exposed with the gusset of my lingerie unhooked, I glanced momentarily towards Marc’s and my bedroom. I wondered if he had cum with me? I wondered if he had managed to time his orgasm while masturbating to the sounds of my climax to coincide with mine? I wanted to believe he had. I hoped he had enjoyed my passionate moans and squeals as much as I had.

As we entered Gary’s bedroom, I considered leaving our door ajar, in case Marc wanted to listen or observe from the hallway, but I decided against it. This was going to be a precious moment between my brother and me, and I did not want Gary distracted by any sounds or movement from the hallway…so I closed the door.

I stood kissing my brother, as I unbuttoned his shirt. While Gary tossed his shirt on the chair in the corner, I released his belt, and fumbled with the clasp of his trousers. It occurred to me that I was much more adept at unwrapping my present, my brother’s magnificent erection, than he had been unsnapping the hooks on the crotch of my teddy.

I let Gary’s pants fall to the floor, and he stepped out of them, pulling one leg inside out as he did.

My mind often wanders, and I remember thinking that his pants would get wrinkled lying in a heap on the floor, but that I could press his trousers for him in the morning…it was a silly thought to be distracted by as I prepared to allow my brother to actually fuck me, but that is how my mind works…my thoughts are often all over the place.

Gary was wearing only his socks and plaid boxer shorts now. He and I necked for several minutes as I fished his erection through the opening of his boxers. I massaged his rigid cock as our tongues played tag, chasing each other from my mouth to Gary’s mouth, and then back again.

It occurred to me that approximately ten years ago, as teenagers, we had petted and explored each other, but for me, one of the most intimate memories I have is passionately kissing my brother. I missed this intimacy, and I will forever cherish this moment, when my brother and I stood in the guest room, exploring each other’s' mouths with our tongues, as I slowly stroked his penis with my hand.

Gary broke our passionate kiss for an instant to say, "I love you so much," and then started pulling my teddy up, over my head. Tossing the pale green lingerie on top of his pants and shirt, he stepped back to look at my naked body.

“Julie, you truly are beautiful…I mean it…you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

I felt myself blush at his compliment, and his stare, and replied, “Thank you. Tonight, I am all yours. Tonight, I belong to you.” I looked at his penis standing proudly through the opening in the front of his underwear. “That is a wonderful erection you have there. You look very sexy standing there with that huge boner poking out of your shorts. Where do you want to put that wonderfully hard cock of yours? I have just the place for it.”

“I just bet you do,” Gary smiled. The next few seconds were quite amusing as Gary struggled to get his large erection back through the opening of his boxers so that he could remove his underwear. I had never seen a man do this before, and it was more difficult for my brother to actually ‘re-cage this beast’ for just and instant, so that he could ‘shuck his drawers’, than I ever would have imagined.

Gary then took a second to shed his socks as well. We were both naked now. I led my brother to the bed, and lay atop the comforter, as I beckoned him to approach me.

Slowly, he crawled between my thighs. I reached down and grasped the thick shaft of his rigid cock and sliding the head against the wetness seeping from me, I separated the lips of my labia.

“I want you inside me…I have wanted this for so long,” I moaned as I wrapped my legs around my brother’s torso. I rested my heels on his firm muscular ass.

"Gary, I want you to take me now. I want to pretend it is my first time, and you are my first. Please, fuck me, now. Fuck your little sister," I begged.

Gary inched the head of his penis inside me a bit, and then paused for a few seconds that seemed an eternity. I felt the head pulsing an inch inside me, I clenched my vagina to give the glans of his large cock a gentle hug. His cock arched in response.

He was teasing me, making me wait several seconds before he finally entered me.

"Oh fuck, Gary... you're driving me crazy... please fuck me." I was pleading with him now as I arched my hips trying to force his cock deeper inside me.

"Be patient, little girl. I want to go slowly and savor this moment. The moment when I first enter my baby sister."

His words sent a shiver through my core. I felt like I could climax right then and there. I have never been so aroused.

Gary inched his erection into me deeper. My brother was slightly larger than Marc, both in girth and length. In my highly aroused state, I could accommodate the thickness. But his length took a little bit of work.

"Gary, you are a very big man," I cautioned. "Please be gentle, go slowly. You don't want to hurt me."

I felt his erection swell as I acknowledged the size of his huge cock and pleaded for him not to hurt me. Obviously, the fact that I was so impressed with his size aroused him somewhat.

He began stroking in and out of me, slowly, prying me open as he pressed further into my wet and dilated pussy with each stroke. I moaned with each penetrating thrust.

"Oh fuck, Gary... I'm so full... god, you feel good!"

After his first few thrusts, I began using my heels against his ass like spurs as he began stroking in and out of me. I was allowing him full and unrestrained access to my vagina. I used my heels to guide him deeper as I stretched and strained to accommodate this very large penis in my tight vagina.

He slowed down a bit and took a dozen or more slow strokes, going a bit deeper each time until I had all of him inside me. I was very, very full; filled more deeply and stretched wider than I had ever been before, and I was very aroused.

My brother had great stamina. He was pounding my wet, dilated vagina with punishing thrusts.

Gary then raised my legs over his shoulders. In this position he had me totally exposed and totally vulnerable. He looked down and watched his penis enter and withdraw from me with obvious admiration and pride. With each deep thrust into me, the head of his penis was striking my g-spot, driving me closer and closer to another orgasm.

My moans got louder and my breathing quickened. "Gary, you are going to make me cum .. fuck me ...harder...faster...oh Gary, fuck my pussy." I urged him on with passionate abandon.

With my feet high over his shoulders, Gary gave me everything he had, which was all I could take. With every pounding thrust, my brother moved me closer to the climax I craved.

Each pounding thrust raised my ass off the bed further. I spread myself as wide as I could, taking all of him. I loved the feeling of his large testicles as they slapped against my up turned ass with each punishing stroke of his cock.

Then my orgasm crashed over me. "Oh my god, Gary. I am cumming... Oh shit... Oh God... Gary, fuck me... Don't stop. Oh fuck... Fuck me harder... fuck your sister." I was literally screaming. I came, and I came. Waves of erotic pleasure rocked my core. I have never cum harder. And no orgasm has been more fulfilling.

My orgasm, coupled with my upward movements to meet each of his thrusts, and my incoherent moans pushed Gary over the edge as well. With one final and violent thrust, he buried himself deep in my vagina and released his seed inside my womb.

I lay there panting, relishing the afterglow of my orgasm, as I felt my brother's large penis pulsing deep in me as he spurted, time and time again emptying his sperm into my vagina.

Gary's constant pushing as deep as he could and the definite throbbing of his cock inside me left me no doubt that he was pumping out ropes and ropes of his cum. As I lay there, my feet and my ass high in the air, I wanted every precious drop of my brother's seed inside me. I clenched and released my vagina, milking his cock.

Then the enormity of the act, and the power of my climax, caused my emotions and guilt to crash upon me; I started to cry silently, tears streaming down my cheeks as Gary's erection pulsed inside me. I was so confused by this unexpected emotional release. .

We remained coupled with Gary deep inside of me. I felt his cock actually throb and thicken as we lay there together. This was one of the most erotic experiences in my life. It is hard to explain, I am not sure I fully understand it myself, but staying coupled together, my legs over his shoulders, my ass high in the air while his large firm penis continuing to pulse deep inside of me, continuing to drain the last drops of his seed, is an intimacy, a closeness, and a tenderness between my brother and me that I will always cherish. I have never been more content, more fulfilled or happier than I was lying there, tears still running down my cheeks, as I remained coupled with my brother after giving me one of the greatest orgasms of my life!

I squeezed my vagina to give his erection a 'hug'. I could feel it pulse and thicken in response to my squeeze; so, I did it again. And I got another pulse from Gary's penis in response.

"Gary, I love you so much. Thank you. You have no idea how I have longed for this moment," I said through my silent tears.

His cock throbbed again inside me. He hugged my tightly as he replied, "I love you too, Julie. I love you so very much."

And I knew he did.

After several minutes of lying coupled together, Gary leaned forward and kissed me, more gently and loving than passionately; and then he slowly withdrew from me. I could feel my vagina spasm as he did, trying to adjust to the absence of his penis that was stretching it so fully only moments before. My pussy seemed strangely empty, and started a series of contractions that felt to me that it was looking for something to grasp. My pussy missed Gary's penis already.

Gary rolled on his back next to me, and then pulled me close, and we cuddled silently for several minutes, my head resting on his chest, for the moment. I looked at his still erect penis. I marveled at the size of the wonderful cock that had just driven me to orgasm.

I then curled up in Gary's arms, with my head on his chest. I gently caressed his nipples and chest, listening to his heart racing. I reached down and caressed his penis. "I can't believe you are still so hard. I remember that morning when I came into your room, when we were kids. You told me you had ‘morning wood’, remember that?”

"I remember it quite well. You were quite intrigued with my erection, if I recall.”

“Intrigued and fascinated. It was standing so hard and firm, just like now. It seemed to be calling to me ‘look at me Julie…just look at how big I am!’ I simply couldn’t stop staring at it. It was hypnotic.”

His penis felt thick and heavy as I continued to stroke it as we talked. I loved feeling it swell and pulse in my hand.

Gary pulled me on top of him, positioning me astride him. He held his rigid erection up and rubbed the head between my wet vagina lips.

“Are you going to fuck me again? So soon?”

“I’m sure thinking about it,” Gary replied as he rubbed that large bulbous head against my opening. The semen that was slowly leaking out of my vagina served as a lubricant to make entry quite easy.

I felt the head slip inside me, and remarked, ‘you just can’t get enough of your little sister’s pussy, can you?”

“I can’t…I don’t think I ever will, get enough that is.”

This time, there was less passion in our love making. It was slower, gentler and more affectionate. Although I did not climax this second time, this gentle love making was just as enjoyable, and emotionally fulfilling as our first coupling.

I rode on top of him for several minutes, lifting myself up and sliding down on his large cock. It was very sexy.

Gary's movements became more pronounced, and faster. He was arching his hips up to meet me, smacking my bottom with his thighs and balls. His pace continued to quicken and the upward thrusts into me became increasingly forceful. I knew his climax was approaching.

Soon, Gary came inside me a second time in less than thirty minutes.

I leaned forward and kissed him deeply as he ejaculated inside me. Once Gary's cock stopped pulsing inside of me, I raised up to 'uncouple' from my brother.

As I slowly dismounted, I felt a flood of fluid drain from me. A large glob of whitish semen dripped from my pussy unto Gary's belly.

I scooped up a large dollop of the intimate nectar that was slowly draining from my vagina and brought it to my nose. I inhaled deeply. "I still love the smell of your sperm. I always will. I remember the first time I smelled your semen on my fingers. I hoped that someday, I would take you inside me. What took you so long?"

Gary pulled me close and kissed me. I broke off the kiss.

"Don't move. I'll get a warm wash rag and clean you off."

I returned moments later with a warm, wet wash cloth and wiped the semen from my brother’s abdomen, and washed his penis.

“Gary, I would really like to spend the entire night with you, but I would like to go visit Marc, tell him goodnight, and thank him once again. Would that be okay? I’ll be back within the hour?”

Gary smiled and said, “Of course it’s okay. I think that is a great idea. I think I’ll run through the shower while you ‘say good night’ to Marc. I suspect I know precisely how you will say goodnight to him too. I think it is only fitting that he gets his turn tonight too.”

“Thank you for understanding. I’ll be back shortly. I really want to sleep in your arms tonight, okay? I want to be here to enjoy that ‘morning wood’ that I remember from my teen years.”

As I walked naked to the bedroom I shared with Marc, I was forced to place my hand under my vagina to catch the few remaining globs of Gary’s semen that was slowly seeping from me. I found Marc sitting up in bed, watching the late show, sipping yet another Scotch as I scurried to the bathroom as he watched with keen interest.

“You seem to be in a hurry,” he observed.

“Well, Gary left a little present inside me…and it’s leaking out all over the place,” I confessed, somewhat matter of factly.

Marc chuckled, and replied, “Well, that is one of those things you just never expect the love of your life to tell you: that she ‘needs to hurry to the bathroom because her brother’s semen is leaking out of her pussy’. Nope, I do not have a clever response for that.”

“Don’t be nasty. I came back to say good night before Gary and I try to get some sleep…and to see if there is anything that I can do for you?”

‘I didn’t think I would see you until morning,” he observed.

“I wanted to offer you my services…in case you were feeling lonely or neglected. Little Cindy is available for your use, if you want…assuming you don’t mind sloppy seconds.”

Marc had already started stripping off his boxers. His erection was throbbing to attention in response to my offer of sloppy seconds.

“I’d love to visit ‘Little Cindy’ for a moment, if I could. That will be just the sleeping aid I’ll need.” Marc said, as he guided me to lie on the bed. “So, was it as good as you hoped?”

“Marc, it was better. Thank you so much. Gary got me with his tongue, and then fucked me…twice…it was wonderful…thank you for letting me do this…”

Marc fucked me before I returned to my brother's room.  The weekend was off to a wonderful start...I didn't see how it could get any better...soon I would find out that it actually could.  



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