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Family Therapy. A wife a mother ch.1

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A mother discovers things about her family and herself that she never expected.

Trying somthing new again. This story is one of two sides. A wife a mother and a daughter a sister. You need to read both sides to get the whole story as each side is strictly from one perspective. Hope you all enjoy.

"So how was your week been, Alice?"

Well that's a loaded question I thought to myself

"It's been... Confusing... Everything just seems like a mess right now," I said nervously.

"Well how about we talk about this mess then Alice?"

"Oh, where to begin? I guess we should start with this fact that I suspect my husband is having an affair with a younger woman," I said as my nails unconsciously scratched the white denim-like fabric of my pants.

"And what makes you think that?"

I leaned back on the black leather couch and stared at the ceiling. A wave of anxiety rushed over me as I nervously tried to find the words to explain. I focused on the dim pot lights in the ceiling as I reflected on everything that's been happening in the past few weeks.

"Well, I guess it all started last month. I went to grab my husband's phone and the password was different. Which is unusual because we always shared passwords. We never had any secrets from each other. So then one day while we were in the car I asked to use his phone. I told him that mine was dead. When he handed me his phone I asked what the password was. He acted as if he forgot he had changed it. When I finally opened his phone I started snooping around. I noticed he had a Snapchat account which was unusual for him because he hates social media."

"I open the app and noticed that he only had one chat active. So I opened the chat and there was nothing there. The contact's name was Angel Eyez. I can only assume that's a girl's username. I looked through his text messages and call records but there was nothing there and then I got to his photo gallery. I almost dropped the phone when I saw pictures of him standing topless in front of the mirror. I certainly wasn't getting these pictures. And then I opened the screenshots folder and saw a bunch of pictures of a half-naked teenage girl. I couldn't see her face but I just put two and two together and assumed that she was the one receiving his topless pictures."

"I see," said my therapist, Dr. Nolan, as she jotted something down on her notepad.

This was my first time seeing Dr.Nolan. She was referred to me by a co-worker that I vent to now and then. I never really thought about seeing a therapist before because they always seem like the same old thing. I talk, they listen, no real useful input that I didn't already know. And all for the cheap sum of $300 an hour. I could buy a frozen turkey and talk to that. It would probably have the same effect and be a lot cheaper... But you never know until you try, right?

"Have you tried talking to him about it?" Dr. Nolan asked.

"No," I sighed.

My nails started scratching harder into my pants. I took a deep breath to try and calm myself down. The smell of repurposed wood from Dr.Nolan's Urban industrial style office filled my nose. The red brick was very cold but then the wood beams and pillars seemed very warm and inviting. The office was very stylish. What a confusing place to be in when you're feeling vulnerable.

"Why haven't you tried to talk to your husband about it yet?"

I sat silently as I really didn't have a good answer. I guess I was just afraid. Afraid that I was wrong, even more so that I was right. I suppose I was just trying to remain ignorant. The less I knew the less it would bother me.

"Okay, well, why don't we move on to something else for now and we can come back to that later," Dr. Nolan said as she continued scribbling in her notepad. "You did say that was just the first thing right?"

"Yeah, the other thing is my daughter Lindsay. She seems very distant to me lately and started acting up. She's not the same girl I used to know."

"Oh okay, how old is Lindsay?"

"She is 16."

"That is a difficult age," Dr. Nolan said. "And how has she been acting up?"

"Well... We barely talk anymore and anytime we do talk it just seems to turn into an argument. Almost like she has to have an issue with every single thing I say. She is also missing a lot of school and is dressing much more provocatively, especially around the house."

"And what do you consider provocative?"

"She wears a lot of shorts that are incredibly short and very small crop tops," I said nervously as my body started to perspire. I could feel the silk fabric of my black camisole starting to stick to my skin. I felt very awkward talking about my daughter's attire with a stranger.

"Well that does seem to be the style nowadays," Dr. Nolan said dismissively.

I shot a very judgmental glare at her. "Not in my house it isn't!"

"I see," she said as she started writing again. "Okay, how does she dress around the house?"

"She wears almost nothing!" I said anxiously as I gripped the leather couch. The leather started to squeak as I clenched it tighter and tighter.

"Almost nothing?"

"Yes!" I said as I stared at the window looking at the adjacent building while I tried to collect my thoughts. "Sometimes she will walk around the house wearing just panties and a loose tank top with no bra. Her nipples easily poke through the fabric for everyone to see and her ass is on full display."

"I see…" Dr. Nolan said as she once again scribbled in her notepad. A silence filled the room and the only sound I could focus on was that of Dr. Nolan's pen scratching on the paper.

"Are you jealous of her?"

"What!?! Jealous of what???"

"Please don't be offended and allow me to explain."


"You seem to be in very good shape for a woman of 38, so I'm going to assume that you take very good care of your body and you care a lot about your appearance?"

"Well... Yes…"

"Well, your daughter is at that age where her body is probably almost fully developed and if she is anything like you I'm going to assume she is incredibly attractive. It's very possible that seeing her flaunt it reminds you of what you looked like when you were younger and before you had children?"

I was silent once again as I contemplated what Dr. Nolan had just said. It made sense and maybe I was jealous. Subconsciously at least. And if I was jealous then perhaps the one that's creating tension in the relationship is actually me?

"I hadn't thought about that before…"

"Maybe you should go shopping together? It could be a good bonding experience and maybe you could buy yourself something more provocative as well. No reason you can't show off a little skin. You have the body for it."

"Yeah... Okay... I guess that's a good idea."

"One question regarding your daughter. You said she argues with you, talks back a lot, and has also become distant. Is she also like this with her father?"

"No, not at all. She is the very definition of a daddy's girl."

"Interesting," Dr. Nolan said as if she had realized something that I hadn't. I peeked over and saw a little smirk on her face as her pen scratched furiously in her notepad.

"What?!" I asked slightly frustrated

"Oh, nothing, just taking notes."

Well, no shit...

I waited patiently for Dr. Nolan to finish scribbling. I tried to figure out what she found so interesting but nothing came to mind. I thought therapy was supposed to be making me feel better but so far it's was just stressing me out.

"Would Lindsay ever consider coming in to talk to me?"

"For what?" I asked very confusedly.

"I just think if I was able to talk to her it would better help me understand the situation so I can help you both."

"Huh... Okay, I can ask but I know this won't go over well."

"That's fine. No harm in trying. If it's any incentive I won't charge for her sessions."

Now I was even more confused. Why did she want to talk to my daughter? Dr. Nolan seemed to be acting strangely now.

"Well our time is almost up, how about we finish this session with something positive. Why don't you tell me something that you are looking forward to?"

"Well... my son is going to be coming home from college for the summer. I suppose I'm looking forward to that."

"Oh, that's nice. How old is your son?"

"He is 18. Is in his freshman year of college. I'm so proud of him. He is such a smart guy."

"Are you and your son very close?"

"We were before he headed off to college. Now Dylan and I just have our weekly phone calls of whatever... Chit chat... How're things and what's new, stuff like that."

"Well, at least you are talking. It seems like you are very fond of him?"

"Of course I'm fond of him. He's my son." I said condescendingly as if the answer should have been obvious.

"Well yes, but you seem to glow when you talk about him specifically. I'm going to assume that he is a very attractive young man as well? Does he more resemble you or his father?"

"Yes he is very handsome," I said with emphasis trying to correct Dr. Nolan's inappropriate use of the word attractive. It almost seemed as if she was trying to insinuate that I was attracted to my son. He is very good looking and in incredible shape but I have never thought of him like that.

"He mostly resembles me. He got my dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Lindsay, on the other hand, got most of her father. She has his dark brown hair and green eyes."


There's that word again…

"Well, that's all the time we have for today. Why don't we schedule something for next week on the same day and time?"

"Sure okay."

"And don't forget about shopping with Lindsey and asking her to come to see me."

"I won't," I said as I headed out the door of the office.


Later that day…

I got home later in the day after doing some shopping and found Lindsay sitting on the couch wearing nothing but a pink bra and black yoga shorts.

"Lindsay! What are you wearing?? Your dad is going to be home soon." I shouted.

"Well hello to you too," Lindsay said as she rolled her eyes. "I don't think Dad will mind what I'm wearing."

"Well, I mind. Your brother is going to be home next weekend and you can't be dressing like this anymore."

"I don't think Dylan's going to mind either mom. He has probably seen so many tits in college that they don't even affect him anymore." Lindsay said chuckling to herself.

I don't know why but that comment really upset me. It didn't help that I had Dr. Nolan's voice saying the word "interesting" over and over again in the back of my head. Going to the therapist really messed with my head. I shouldn't have even agreed to go for a second session.

"Just please cover up a little bit more Lindsey. For me?" I said with a smile as I attempted to change my attitude.

"Fine!" she said as she rolled her eyes again.

Lindsay started getting up to change. Suddenly I remembered what Dr. Nolan asked me to do.

"Oh, Lindsay hold up on second."

"What?" She replied with a glare.

"So... I started seeing a therapist and…" I started saying before Lindsay interrupted me.

"Wait! You're seeing a shrink?"

" ... Yes, to help me through a couple of things."

"Is everything okay?" she responded sympathetically.

Lindsey actually seemed genuinely concerned. I can't remember the last time I've seen this type of sincerity from her.

"Yes, everything's fine. I've just been so busy lately. It's nice to have someplace to vent."

"Oh... Okay."

"Anyway, she said that she would like to talk to you too."

"Talk to me? About what? Have you been talking about me to your shrink?" Lindsay quipped angrily.

"No... Well yes, but nothing bad I promise. I'm not really sure why she wants to talk to you."

"Okay... Weird…when?"

"Good question," I said as I pulled out my phone and texted Dr. Nolan. Her response was quick.

"Tomorrow after school?"

"Yeah okay fine whatever," Lindsay said as she stormed upstairs.

I headed into the kitchen to start getting dinner ready. Lindsey didn't come back downstairs until my husband got back home. It sounded like a freight train coming down the stairs as Lindsay ran excitedly to greet her father.

"Daddy!!" Lindsay squealed.

I peeked out of the kitchen to see what all the commotion was and saw Lindsay straddling her father. Her legs wrapped around him tightly while his hands were placed firmly on her ass supporting her.

I was very relieved to see that she had a shirt on. It was a very short purple crop top but a shirt nonetheless. Still better than a bra, or so I thought.

Lindsey kissed her father on the lips before hopping down to the ground. It wasn't unusual since they always kissed on the lips since she was a child. However, the kisses were lasting longer and longer every time. I never thought much of it before now. The word "interesting" kept running through my head causing me to question everything I see now.

When Lindsay jumped down I noticed just how short her crop-top really was. She definitely wasn't wearing a bra anymore since I could see the bottom of her round supple breasts peeking out from the bottom of her shirt. I was about to speak up and tell her to change again but before I could get the words out her father commented first.

"You look beautiful today," Brad said with a large grin on his face.

"Thanks, Daddy," Lindsay said before doing a little ballerina twirl.

As she lifted her arms her shirt lifted with them and I could see the bottom of her rosy nipples start to peek out. I couldn't say anything now though. If I did then I would seem like an evil mother for sure. Especially since her father already approved of her outfit.

I went back into the kitchen and continued slicing tomatoes for the salad, waiting patiently for my husband to come in and greet me. It didn't come along very often anymore. For the last year, Brad and I had grown apart. I couldn't even remember the last time we had sex.

Maybe I'm not trying hard enough, I thought to myself as I looked down at my loosely hanging shirt that didn't show off my body at all.

Maybe I could start dressing a little bit sexier I pondered. I decided I would take Dr. Nolan's advice and go shopping with Lindsay. It would probably be a good idea for both of us.

I decided to go out and greet Brad myself. I walked up behind Lindsay and Brad as they cuddled on the couch watching sports highlights. I leaned over Brad's shoulder and kissed him on the cheek. It seemed to startle him as he quickly moved his arm that was wrapped around our daughter.

Was his hand on her breast???

I decided to bite my tongue and stay on task.

"So Lindsey?"

"Yeah?" she replied with a bit of a sour tone while keeping her focus on the TV.

"I could pick you up after school and we can go shopping after the thing tomorrow. What do you think?" I asked enthusiastically.

"Shopping for what?" she replied with the same attitude as always.

"Some clothes. I think I need to update my wardrobe."

"You always look beautiful honey," Brad said as he looked at me with a smile.

"Well I was thinking about getting something special for you too," I said winking.

Lindsay finally turned to look at me but was almost glaring for some reason. Brad giggled with a cute stupid smirk on his face. It was clear he didn't mind that idea.

"Come on Lindsay! It'll be fun. You're more fashion-forward than I am and I could really use your help staying on-trend."

Lindsay finally smiled a little bit.

Maybe I should start giving her more compliments.

"Okay Mom, yeah sure. I'm going to skank you out," Lindsay said giggling.

"What does that even mean?" I said confused, wondering if skank meant something different than it used to. Lindsey just giggled.


The next day...

I went to pick Lindsey up from school but she made me meet her at the convenience store down the street. Apparently, it's too embarrassing to be picked up by your mother from school. I guess I can kind of understand that.

She was silent on the drive over to Dr.Nolan's office. I was afraid of how she would be after the session. I know I was a mess the last time I left her office. I decided to wait in the car and play candy crush while she went in.

About an hour and a half went by before Lindsay finally emerged from the office. She didn't look upset or angry or anything.

"So how did it go?" I asked as Lindsay got back in the car.

"Good actually," Lindsay replied as she buckled her seatbelt.

I decided not to pry. Those sessions are supposed to be private anyway.

Lindsey's attitude was actually a little different now. She seemed kind of excited to be spending time with me. Or maybe she was just excited about new clothes. Either way, it was just nice to see her smile around me for once.


At the mall...

We went to a few stores. I picked up some basic stuff like t-shirts, jeans, some beachwear, and other little things. And then we ended up at Victoria Secret Pink. This wasn't really my kind of store. It's someplace more geared towards younger girls so I felt a little bit out of my element, however, it might be good to try something younger.

Lindsay found the pair of very tiny grey shorts and held them up to me.

"Hey mom, try these on! These would look great on you."

"They're so small," I replied as I looked at the tiny piece of fabric with the word pink stitch down the side.

"Come on Mom, just try it. You said you wanted to update and stay on-trend didn't you?"

"Okay you're right," I said reluctantly.

Lindsay's eyes lit up. Almost as if she got the green light to pick up whatever she wanted for me. She quickly hurried around the store and started grabbing a few more items for me to try on.

It was a long line for the change rooms. One finally opened up and I told Lindsay to go ahead, but she grabbed my hand and pulled me in with her. The girl attending to the change rooms didn't seem to think much of it so I thought what the hell.

When we got in the room Lindsay quickly stripped down to just her panties. I really couldn't help but admire her stunning figure. She was turning into a very beautiful woman. She was very slim but still had luscious round perky breasts that started the flow down to her thin waist and slightly curvy hips and then down her long legs. I realized I was staring a bit too long when she started wiggling her small butt in front of me.

"Got a good view mom?" She said playfully.

I chuckled and got back to what I was doing.

Lindsay started trying on a few bras and outfits that she picked out. I peeled off my jeans and my blue t-shirt. I stood there in my black lace lingerie as I inspected the shorts trying to figure out which was the back.

"Wow, you look super hot," Lindsay said as she stared at me up and down.

"Oh thanks, sweetie," I said slightly embarrassed. "You look amazing too."

"I know," she said devilishly as she struck a pose and chuckled. "But seriously I love your underwear mom!"

"Is this the kind of stuff that dad likes?" Lindsay asked.

That question shocked me a little bit.

"Why do you ask that?"

"I don't know, just curious what dad's into. I was thinking I could get something more grown-up." She said as she held up a black and blue camo bra and stared at it disappointedly before throwing it on to the bench.

"Okay fine, but why does it matter what your dad likes?"

"Well... I figure if dad likes it then other guys will like it too."

"Okay, I guess that makes sense. Well maybe after this I'll pick out some things for you?"

"Okay, yay!" She said giddily as she started bouncing. Her bare breasts bouncing with her.

"The only thing is I don't want you wearing it out of the house."

"What? Why?"

"Because you're still young and nobody needs to see you dressed like that yet. I don't mind getting it for you just as long as it's just for you."

"Okay, I guess I can live with that," she said understandingly. "Hurry up and try something's on! Sheesh, you are slow, old woman."

I jokingly scoffed at her and we both giggled.

I slipped on the tight shorts but felt like they were a size too small. Luckily they were stretchy. Then I put on the tiny tank top that exposed part of my midriff. The pink fabric of the top strained against my tits and most of my bra was exposed

"I don't think these fit. They are way too tight."

"No Mom they are perfect. They're supposed to be tight" she said as she started making adjustments to my top.

But you can see my panty lines and my bra is almost completely sticking out of this top!" I said as I tried to adjust my boobs.

"Well duh! You're not supposed to wear underwear underneath."

"What really? You just go commando... In public..?" I said shocked and wondering how often Lindsay leaves the house without underwear.

"Yeah of course. You never wear yoga pants?"

"Yeah, I still wear a thong underneath."

"OMG mom," Lindsay said while she rolled her eyes. "You're not supposed to. Just take your underwear off and try it again."

"I don't think we're supposed to do that."

"Mom don't be such a prude. Just do it," she said as she started yanking down my shorts. "You're going to be buying them anyway."

"Hey! Okay fine just let me do it."

I stripped off the clothes again and started unclasping my bra. I was feeling very nervous and self-conscious. It shouldn't be a big deal but I haven't been naked in front of anyone except for my husband in a very very long time. I threw my bra on the bench and started lowering my panties. I tried to hurry to grab the shorts so I could cover myself again but Lindsay grabbed my arm to stop me.

"Wow mom, that's really cute," she said as she pointed to the landing strip on my mound.

"Thanks," I said feeling myself blushing.

I slipped back on the shorts and a tank top and then looked in the mirror. I must admit I did look really good now that there were no lines showing. There was only a slight bump in the top from my nipples but nothing too extreme. It did show way more cleavage than I'm used to though. I took a quick look at my ass and grinned. The tight shorts really made it pop.

"Wow, you look really hot mom. Maybe I should get the same thing so we can twin," she said giggling.

"Feels a little weird not wearing underwear."

"Yeah but it looks ten times better and your boobs look amazing in that top," Lindsay said as she playfully poked my nipple, "boop."

I shivered slightly and giggled before spinning around so I can look at the back again. The shorts made my ass look really good.

"Okay, you win I like it."

"Yay, now try on the rest," she said cheerfully.

We tried on a few more outfits and I found a couple that I liked, and some I didn't. One top I just couldn't buy because it was basically just half a t-shirt. The bottom of my breasts were completely exposed. It was actually very similar to the top Lindsey was wearing the day before.

On the way out of the store, Lindsay clung to my arm.

"Lingerie time?" Lindsay said excitedly.

"Yes okay," I said as I led her into the Victoria Secret store that was right next door.

We looked at a few things but there was nothing that really stood out for Lindsay. She certainly didn't like full cup bras. She was more into the balcony style. I found one she might like that was black lace with white accents and had a little pink bow in the middle of the bra and the matching thong.

"How about this one?" I asked as I held up the set.

"Oooh! I really like that one," Lindsay said glowing with excitement

"Do you need any help with sizing?" a salesperson asked as she approached us.

"Yes, do you have this in a 32b?"

"32c mom…"

"Right, I guess you have grown a little bit since the last time we went shopping."

"Duh...And a small for the bottoms please," Lindsay added.

"You know, if you like we have matching stockings and garter belt for this set?" The salesperson asked as she returned with the sizes.

"Oooh, mom?"

"Yeah sure, why not. Grown-up look right?" I chuckled.

Lindsay went to the back to change into the lingerie while I browsed for a couple of things for myself. I ended up finding a cute black and burgundy corset bra with matching bottoms. I headed back to the change rooms to try them on. When I got back there I saw one of the salespeople helping Lindsey with a garter belt. I guess I should have done that. She had probably never worn one before.

I tried on the bra but didn't bother with the bottoms knowing they would already fit. Bra fitting, however, is a little more tricky. When I stepped out of the changing room I saw Lindsay standing in front of the mirror checking herself out in the lingerie. She looked breathtaking and incredibly sexy. I couldn't help but admire her. I also couldn't help but chuckle when I saw her blue and white striped panties sticking out under the bottoms.

I guess she was really eager to see how they look.

"What?! You don't like it?" Lindsey asked.

"No, it's not that. Just your other panties are showing underneath. It's kind of funny.

"Oh," she giggled.

"Actually I love it. You look so beautiful! Any guy would die to see you in this." I said.

Lindsay turned around to get look into the mirror again. The black stockings with lace trim and the garter straps with little pink bows on them looked perfect. I already knew to keep her from wearing this what's going to be difficult.

We finished our shopping and grabbed some food before heading home. I felt like today was a successful day. Lindsay and I really did bond and I felt like things were starting to get better between us. I hoped that it wasn't just the one-off occasion.

When we got in the house Lindsay ran over to her dad who was a vegetable on the couch watching TV.. She gave him a quick kiss on the lips, before running up to her room.

"Well, that's the last we'll see of her tonight I think," I said to Brad as I flopped on the couch beside him.

Brad leaned over to give me a kiss. We cuddled and watched TV for a bit and chatted about our days. I was about to suggest that we go up to the bedroom so I can show him what I bought today but then his phone buzzed. I tried to look to see who was messaging him but he made sure to keep it hidden from me.

He put down his phone and it buzzed again.

"Who keeps messaging you?" I asked curiously.

"Oh, just this guy from work. He is struggling with a client and can't seem to handle it on his own so I'm just trying to help."

"Oh, I see," I replied, skeptical of the answer.

He didn't bother to check the phone this time. A couple of minutes went by and he said he needed to go to the bathroom. This has been a common occurrence as of late and I know whatever he is doing in there isn't bathroom specific. I mean how long does it take a man to shit? Certainly not an hour and a half.

I decided to write off the night and just get ready for bed. It was still early but I could at least get comfortable while my husband works on his novella in the bathroom or whatever the hell he does in there. I know he was probably just going in there to hide so he can message whoever was been messaging him. So I put on Gossip Girl and got cozy. There was no point in getting upset over something I have no control over.

I ended up waking up in the middle of the night. The word "interesting" once again ringing in my head.

Damn you, Dr. Dolan. You've cursed me!

I looked over to see Brad fast asleep and his phone sitting on the nightstand. Curiosity got the better of me and I had to know who was messaging him. I slipped out of bed and grabbed his phone before sneaking downstairs. Luckily the last time I took his phone I programed my fingerprints into the scanner just in case he changed the password again.

I open the phone and started snooping around. No new text messages or emails, I even checked the Snapchat but it still had that empty conversation with Angel Eyez. I decided to check his pictures folder.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" I gasped as I drop the phone to the ground. Once again in the screenshots folder, there was a half-naked teenage girl, except this time she was wearing lacey lingerie. The exact same lingerie that I bought for Lindsay earlier.

There was no face in the picture but I couldn't forget those little pink bows.

Could this just be a coincidence? No! There was no doubt about it. That was Lindsay.

Did Brad even know that these pictures are of his daughter? Did Lindsey know for that matter? I started hyperventilating as all these questions and more went through my head.

I started going through the text messages between Brad and Lindsay but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. A lot more kisses emojis than I would expect and a lot of hearts but that didn't seem unusual. Not unusual for Lindsay at least.

I started trying to convince myself that it couldn't really be Lindsay. It seemed easier if I just didn't believe it. It was entirely possible that there was another girl who had the same lingerie. It was Victoria Secret so it's probably very popular. I put it out of my mind and went back up to bed.

I tried to sleep. "Tried," being the operative word. In actuality, I spent all night tossing and turning thinking about Lindsay with her father. The word "interesting" again repeating over and over. I couldn't go on like this anymore. I needed to see Dr. Nolan immediately so I could get rid of this wretched curse that she bestowed upon me.


Next morning…

I called Dr.Nolan first thing in the morning. Luckily she gave me her cell number for emergencies and this was most definitely an emergency.

Ring ring

"Ugh...hello?" Dr.Nolan answered in a very groggy manner.

"Hi Dr.Nolan, this is Alice Turner. I need your help!" I said trying to sound calm but failing miserably.

"Oh… hello. What time is it?"

"It's uh… 6:20 am," I responded, realizing that I might have called a bit earlier than I should have.

"Ugh… ok one second," she responded. She went quiet and I heard rustling on the phone.

My nerves were killing me, I didn't even notice my nails scratching into the fabric of my charcoal grey sectional sofa. I was scratching so hard that I left a mark in the armrest that I wasn't sure I would be able to fix.

"Ok Alice, so tell me what's going on?"

"Actually I was wondering if we could speak in person?"

"Alice…" Dr.Nolan said with a deep sigh. "It's six am and I am out of town. Can this wait until Monday?"

"It can't wait. I can come to you wherever. I really need your help!"

"You can't talk about it on the phone?"


"Is it about your husband?"


"And your daughter?"


How did she assume that???

Dr.Nolan was silent for a minute. I heard her take a deep breath and exhale before finally responding.

"Okay... I'll text you the address. Let me know your ETA when you book a flight."

"Yes, I'm in Montreal. Is that an issue?"

"Not at all. I'm on my way."

I started packing an overnight bag and I booked my flight. Luckily there was one leaving the airport at noon. I woke up Brad to let him know what was going on.

"Brad? Brad wake up!"

"What is it?"

"My boss just called me and told me that he needs me in Montreal right away."

"What? This short of notice and on a Saturday?" Brad asked suspiciously.

"Yes... I'm sorry dear but I should be back tomorrow," I said. I quickly gave him a kiss and ran out the door in hopes that I wouldn't have to explain my lie any further.

And so I set off on what I thought was going to be my salvation, but little did I know, this trip was actually going to open the door to an even more complicated future.


Flight landed...

Dr. Nolan and her husband we're staying at his family's cottage, so she told me to get a hotel and she would come to meet me there at the bar later that night. I checked into the hotel Dr. Nolan suggested. It was much more elegant than I anticipated. On my way to the check-in counter, I peeked into the bar. Definitely more of a formal spot and I was incredibly underdressed wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I got to my room and I immediately started digging through my bag for something more appropriate wear.

In my haste, I ended up just shoving a bunch of random things in my bag but luckily one of them was a white sundress. Looked like it could be formal enough so I went with that. One thing I didn't pack was a strapless bra. My bra straps will stand out like a sore thumb in a spaghetti string dress so I just decided to omit the bra all together. My tits are perky enough that I can pull it off. Even after having two kids.

I got down to the bar a little earlier and had a few drinks to calm my nerves. I might have had a few too many because by the time Dr. Nolan showed up I was already a little buzzed. Everything kind of felt like slow motion when she walked into the room wearing an elegant black cocktail dress that rode pretty high on her thighs. I was in a daze as my eyes started tracking up her body from her Christian Louboutin stilettos, up her long tan legs, her slender waist, and to her small perky breasts that were just slightly draped over by her long black silky hair.

Holding her hand was a very tall handsome man. He was so fit that you could see his muscles bulging even through his black suit. His black-tie looked like a rope that I could use to climb and mount him before licking his handsome Chris Pine looking face like a delicious treat that I just couldn't wait to taste.

Oh shit! did she bring her husband??? I thought as I shook my head snapping back to reality.

"Hi Alice sorry we are late," Dr. Nolan said as she held out her hand to shake mine. "I hope we didn't keep you waiting too long?"

"No no no, it's fine. It gave me a chance to have a couple of drinks and relax."

"Perfect!" she said with a devious grin. "Hope you don't mind but I brought my husband with me. Tyler this is Alice, Alice this is my husband Tyler."

"It's nice to meet you Tyler, I hope Dr. Nolan has told you too many bad things about me," I said as I held up my hand to shake his. His strong massive hands seemed to just swallow mine.

"Alice you can call me Lucy here, there's no need to be so formal. And don't worry, doctor-patient privilege prevents me from telling anyone anything that you say to me while we were in session."

"Well, that's good to know," I said with a probably overly enthusiastic chuckle.

We had another drink and chatted a bit until Lucy suggested that we go up to my room and talk about what's going on in private. Her husband waited downstairs at the bar.

We headed up to my beautiful suite that Lucy so generously paid for. I was a bit surprised when she offered but I was not about to refuse. We sat on the tan Egyptian cotton covered bed and I got her caught up on everything that happened so far.

"I see, are you 100% sure that it's your daughter in the picture?"

"Well... No, but it seems unlikely that there would be another girl with the exact same lingerie on the exact same day that I purchased it for my daughter. And every time I try to think clearly I keep hearing you say the word "interesting" over and over again in the back of my head. It's driving me crazy and making me suspicious of everything, like there was something that I don't know that I should."

"Good! That was the whole idea. Sometimes it's good to be suspicious, being suspicious can lead to critical thinking and that is something I think you are lacking."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I think you find it easier to cope when you turn a blind eye to things or pretend they don't exist."

She is so right… Ok so maybe more helpful than a frozen turkey after all.

I hung my head as I thought about all the times I did exactly that. It made me wonder how many things I really missed just because I didn't want to believe them.

"It's okay Alice. It's perfectly normal and many people do this," she said as she placed her hand on my bare leg.

A slight shiver shot through my body. Nobody had touched me there in a while. I stared at her hand for a moment thinking that this might be inappropriate. Normally I would have moved her hand away immediately but it was clear the alcohol was having a stronger effect on me than I realized.

"Have you tried calling them tonight?" Lucy asked.

"No, not yet."

"I have an idea if you are willing?"


"My husband works in the telecommunications industry. It's possible that he could hack into your husband's phone and make it possible to take a peek into your husband's phone without him noticing."

"Oh really?" I said as I debated whether this was a good idea or not. Do I really want them to see lewd pictures of my daughter and my husband? Or was getting answers more important?

"We would probably have to let my husband in on what's going on with you but it's not a big deal. Anything you tell him will stay in this room, I promise."

It almost seemed like she was more eager to do this than I was. I finally made up my mind, I needed answers and I needed them now.

I raised my head and looked Lucy in the eye, "Okay let's do this."

"Okay Alice," Lucy said with a grin as she pulled out her phone and texted her husband. It seemed almost instantly when I heard a knock at the door.

Lucy let Tyler in and filled him in on the situation and our plan.

"Do you know his password?" Tyler asked

"I think so unless he changed it again."

"Okay, well we can give it a shot. Give me your phone."

I handed him my phone and Tyler started tapping away mumbling to himself while he did so. Kind of like my son does when he's thinking too hard. I zoned out for a moment and started thinking about Dylan and stuff I need to pick up before he gets home next weekend.

"Okay, done!" Tyler said as he handed me back the phone. "Just enter what you think your husband's password is."

I started punching in the numbers thinking this was never going to work. I was instantly proven wrong. As soon as I entered the last digit of the password, the home screen to my husband's phone appeared.

"Oh my god, it worked!" I shrieked nervously with anticipation.

I quickly opened up Snapchat to see if there were any messages but once again there was nothing. Lucy slid closer to me so she could see what I was doing. Her hand ended up back of my leg. I glanced at her quickly before returning my focus back to the phone. I opened up the photo gallery to see if there were any new photos stored but there was nothing. Even the old photos had been deleted.

I hung my head thinking that there was nothing new to find when suddenly a text message appeared in the notification bar.

It was from Lindsey.

"Hurry home I have a surprise for you," said the message with a wink kiss emoji at the end.

Suddenly the keyboard popped up and I could see that my husband was typing something.

"Oh really?"

I lost my breath when I saw the next message from Lindsay appear. It was a picture of her standing in front of a mirror wearing the lingerie that I bought for her the other day while striking a sexy pose. Her long straight brown hair fell down her back as she pushed her chest out with her lips pursed.

My breathing got heavy and my hands started shaking. I was so fixated on what was going on between them that I didn't even notice Lucy's hand slowly moving further up my leg.

My husband responded with a stupid gif of a car quickly doing a U-turn and then speeding off.

Lindsay responded with a kiss emoji.

I felt sick and angry but also hot and aroused. It was such a confusing sensation. Finally, I broke my gaze from the phone and noticed Lucy's has was under my dress holding my leg while her finger traced along the edge of my panties

I gasped and placed my hand on top of hers.

"What are you doing?" I asked softly, however, in my head I felt like I was shouting it.

"I'm just trying to help you relax," Lucy said seductively as she gently kissed my shoulder. Her lips on my skin felt warm and soft and sent a shiver through my body. I tried to move her hand away but for some reason, my body just couldn't react.

"I'm married, I can't do this," I whimpered as her lips kissed my shoulder again moving closer and closer to my neck.

"Would you like me to stop?" Lucy replied in that same low seductive tone.

"Yes," I replied, trying to convince myself more so than her.

My head tilted to the left ever so slightly while she started making her way up my neck. My hand was still on hers but my grip had loosened. I moaned softly as one of her fingers slipped under my panties and gently grazed over my labia.

"Are you sure?" Lucy whispered into my ear as her tongue gently flicked my earlobe.

"I think so, I'm not a lesbian," I said as I continued losing control over my body.

My hand that was on top of hers fell to the bed clenching the sheets. My legs open slightly wider and I closed my eyes. This was the exact opposite of what I wanted to do but I couldn't help myself.

"You don't sound sure," she whispered into my ear again.

With her hand now free, she pushed my panties to the side. Her Finger slipped between my pussy lips, coating itself in my juices as she traced it up and down my slit.

"I've never done this before. This is cheating," I said as my body melted even more to her touch.

"Your husband is cheating right now, isn't he? It's only fair that you have a little fun as well," she said as she pressed one of her fingers inside of me.

"Cheating on me with our daughter," I said as I tried to suppress my moans and keep my composure. It was futile though. My body had already succumbed to her touch and I just couldn't resist anymore.

"Do you have any more excuses?"

"Umm… nope," I replied as I turned my head towards hers and kissed her shyly. Almost as if it were the first time kissing another person. Well, I guess it was the first time kissing another girl.

Lucy didn't take that innocent kiss lightly. She placed her hand on the back of my head and pulled my lips tightly against hers. Her lips tasted like strawberries and felt ever so soft. As our mouths opened I felt her tongue start dancing with mine. An incredibly seductive ballet of ecstasy.

I felt another pair of hands sliding up my legs. I tried to turn my head to see what was going on but Lucy quickly grabbed my face with both hands not letting me break our passionate kiss. I felt warm wetness as her finger that was coated in my juices pressed against my cheek.

The other pair of hands hooked in the waistband of my white thong and started pulling it down. I lifted at my butt off the bed as if giving permission. The hands then aggressively open my legs. I felt a warm breath on my inner thigh followed by a wet kiss. The kisses slowly making their way higher and higher up my leg. The bottom of my dress was now hiked up around my waist as the lips started kissing around my mound.

My body trembled with pleasure as I felt a tongue slide between the lips of my wanting sex. I moaned into Lucy's mouth. She kissed me harder before finally releasing my head so I could see what was going on. I turned my head to look down to see a now shirtless Tyler buried between my legs. Lucy held the finger that was covered with my juices in front of my mouth. I was nervous cuz I've never tasted myself before but I complied and grabbed her hand and began sucking her finger clean.

"Do you like how that tastes?" Lucy asked.

I simply moaned and continue sucking on her finger. I was afraid to admit how much I was really enjoying it. I wasn't afraid to admit it to Lucy, I was afraid to admit it to myself and give validation to the fact that I was really enjoying this.

"I"ll take that as a yes. I bet your husband is probably enjoying the taste of your daughter right now," Lucy said with a grin.

"No please don't say that," I cried out just as Tyler shoved 2 fingers inside me. I was still holding Lucy's finger in front of me. A string of saliva leading from it to my lips. I started insatiably sucking on it again like I would die if I didn't.

Lucy started pulling the straps of my dress over my shoulders. Slowly peeling my dress down exposing my bare breasts. She pulled her hand away from my mouth and began tracing her wet finger around my nipples.

"They might even be fucking," Lucy said as she lowered her mouth to my other nipple and started sucking on it. Her tongue swirling around before gently pinching it with their teeth.

"No, she is only 16. She is still innocent," I moaned with gasps of pleasure. My body began convulsing as a building ecstasy exploded inside of me.

"Oh god!" I screamed as Tyler's perfect touch made me cum as I had never cum before.

"Innocent like her mother?" Lucy said as she slid to the floor and stood on her knees.

Tyler lifted his head from my still twitching pussy and stood up. Lucy started undoing his pants and pulled them to the floor. While still recovering from my orgasm my eyes went wide as I saw his huge erect cock flop out from his pants.

"You seemed to really enjoy sucking on my finger, I bet you'll enjoy sucking this even more," she said as she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the floor. Tyler's cock just inches from my face seemed like a daunting task. I couldn't even remember the last time I gave my husband a blowjob and now I was about to do it for someone I just met.

I reached out for it holding it in my hand and slowly stroking it. I could feel it twitching with anticipation as I moved my head closer. I gently licked the tip so I could get an idea of the taste. I was nervous and intimidated as I gently kissed it as if trying to postpone what was already inevitable.

"I wonder who does it better, you or Lindsay? Maybe we should text your husband an ask?"

I shot Lucy and evil glare as I shoved her husband's cock into my mouth. I held the base of the shaft while my mouth worked up and down. It was so big I could only fit about half of it if it's my mouth. Tyler groaned as he ran his fingers through my hair.

I peeked over at Lucy as she stood up and slid her dress off revealing her perfect body. She then crawled on the bed behind me. I heard her soft moans and could only assume that she was playing with herself while I continued working on Tyler's cock. I couldn't help but play with myself as well while I sucked on that delicious piece of man meat.

Tyler placed his hands on my arms and lifted me up. He spun me around and bent me over the bed. My head landed right between Lucy's legs. Her fingers vigorously rubbing her clit while she looked in my eyes. Her sweet smell overwhelmed my senses and turned me on even more.

Tyler starting positioning his cock at my entrance slipping the head of his cock up and down between my pussy lips.

I shouldn't be doing this -  I shouldn't be doing this, I kept telling myself over and over again but my body had a mind of its own. My body wanted to get fucked. It hadn't been fucked for so long. I needed him inside me.

"Please put it inside me! Please!!" I groaned.

Lucy started fingering herself as I felt Tyler's cock start to push against my opening. I bit my lip as I felt the head of his cock slip inside of me. It felt so huge and I was so tight. It felt like it was stretching me open for the first time. Tyler slowly worked himself inside of me more and more, little by little.

Lucy removed her fingers from her pussy and held them in front of me. There was no hesitation anymore. I started licking it's sucking the sweet flavour off her hand. She tasted so good that I started questioning my own sexuality. After I sucked all the taste off I needed to have more and buried my face between her legs. I dug my tongue inside her like a bee trying to get that sweet nectar from a flower.

She started moaning as her hand gripped my hair. Tyler finally sunk his massive member all the way inside me. I felt so full and complete. Tyler fucked me while I dined on a woman's sex for the very first time. Any reservations I had before were gone now. All that was left was pleasure. Sweet beautiful pleasure. Building, and growing, and festering inside me until I couldn't hold back anymore.

"Oh fuck!!!" I screamed into Lucy's pussy as my body exploded once again. My pussy cumming all over Tyler cock. Lucy's legs started twitching as her hips bucked rubbing her pussy into my face. So I just did what I would have wanted. I pushed a finger inside her as I started massaging her clit with my tongue. Her hand grips my hair tighter pulling it as she screamed out.

"Yes yes yes oh my God I'm cumming!"

I felt Tyler's hands grip tighter on my hips as he started fucking me harder and harder. His grunts growing louder. I felt his cock start to twitch inside me. He placed one of his hands on my back pushing me down to the bed while his other handheld my hip keeping me a place. I threw my head back as he erupted inside of me. Plunge deep in my pussy as he filled me with this warm seed. His pulsing cock pushed me over once again to another orgasm.

I collapsed on to Lucy's stomach exhausted. Her husband's cock still buried in me squeezing every last drop into my womb. Tyler finally pulled his still throbbing member out of me. I felt his cum dribble out of me down my leg.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. I felt Tyler flop on the bed beside us. Everybody breathing heavily. Completely satisfied.


The next morning…

I opened my eyes feeling groggy but relaxed. I didn't even remember falling asleep. The first thing I saw was Lucy's breast. My nose touching her nipple as I rested on her chest. Her arm wrapped around me resting on my back. Our legs tangled together.

I closed my eyes and snuggled in tighter before drifting off again.

"Are you up?" Lucy asked as she gently pets my head while her other arm wrapped around me tightly.

"Yeah…" I said. I lifted my head for a moment to look around before plunging it back down on her chest.

"Where's Tyler?"

"He had to work early so he slipped out a few hours ago."

"Oh," I said as I slid my hand up and cupped one of her breasts.

"I can't believe we did that…" I said.

"You seem to enjoy it," she said with a chuckle.

"Oh shut up," I said as I playfully pinched her nipple.

I let out a relaxed sigh as I got comfortable again.

"Wait! What time is it??"

"Uhhhh... It's... 11:30."

"What!! Oh shit! My flights in an hour!" I shouted as I jumped out of bed and started looking for something to wear.

"Oh no! Don't worry I have my car. I'll drive you."

"Okay perfect thank you thank you thank you," I said before quickly kissing her lips.

Just a day ago I would have found that action to be the weirdest thing ever. Today, however, kissing another girl not only felt nice. It felt natural.

We both quickly got dressed and packed my things then we headed to her car. When I woke up this morning everything felt so fresh and peaceful. Like none of the other bullshit existed. But as we were rushing the reality hit me again like a sledgehammer.

On the drive to the airport, we talked about what next.

"So should I tell him I know?"

"Do you want to tell him? And what do you really know?"

"I don't know what I know or want anymore."

"Aside from a good fucking?" Lucy giggled.

I looked at her with a smirk. "Okay, so what about us as well?"

"Us? Sweetie that was just fun. in order to keep our relationship professional, I think we should keep that as a one-time thing."

"Oh," I said feeling slightly disappointed.

"I think you have more important things to worry about right now anyway. You probably need my help as a therapist more than as a lover."

"Yeah... I guess you are right."

"Of course I am. And besides, your son is going to be home soon right?"

"Yeah? So?"

"Oh nothing," she said with that devilish smirk again. "Just something nice for you to look forward to."

I glanced over at her suspicious super evil smile. I figured there was something else I was missing but I just brushed it off nodded.

"And in regards to your husband and daughter. I think you should let it be for now until the right course of action comes to you. It's a delicate situation and overreacting could only make things worse."

"How will I know when I find the right course of action?"

"Easy! You will come to me," she said with a smile.

I smiled back feeling a little bit easier about the situation.

"Here we are. Have a safe flight okay."

"I will. Thank you so much for everything," I said as I leaned in for a kiss.

She smiled and leaned over to kiss me back.

"See you at my next appointment, Dr. Nolan," I said as I stepped out of the car.

"Till then Alice Turner!" she said as she drove off.

And so I got back on the plane back to reality. Incredibly confusing reality. But at least I was relaxed now.


To be continued...

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