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Jayne Part 1

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Contributing Authors: cbears52 Cammi 

Jayne was an eighteen-year-old young woman. She had finished school the year before and now had a job. She worked in an office typing pool. The job was boring, but the money she earned gave her some independence. 

Her taste in fashion, to put it mildly, did not exist. There was nothing distinctive about her clothes, she had little fashion sense, and really never cared that much for shopping or what she was wearing. If it covered her body and was comfortable, that was all that matter. Hence the nickname she acquired while at school - Plain Jayne.

She didn't have any friends, never had really. The people who went to the same school as Jayne never considered her a buddy or one of ‘their crowd.’ Getting her Plain Jayne nickname was as close as her ever getting any notice or recognition from any of her classmates. 

She lived with her parents in a small plain cottage and was content. She had settled into a dull and uneventful life. She was fine with what the cards dealt her. Every Sunday, Jayne attended church and sang in the choir. The Thursday choir rehearsals and Sunday service were her only release from her humble existence. After each Sunday service, Jayne would wander through the graveyard next to the church to visit her grandmother's grave.

Her grandmother had always been close to her and had died a couple of years before. Jayne loved and missed her still. The Sunday morning visits were a release for Jayne as she felt her grandmother right there with her, joining in on the conversation. Jayne enjoyed the time they would spend together on Sundays. Jayne telling her grandmother all that had happened during the week, little that it was, and even her hopes and dreams at times. She would hear her grandmother, her ‘Nan’ respond and comfort her.

Because Jayne’s family were not exactly rich, a simple cross was all that marked the place where her grandmother, Betty, laid to rest. Jayne always sat on top of the grave, chatting to Betty for ages about work and how her parents were doing. She just knew that Betty was listening to her, hearing everything Jayne told her because Jayne got little feelings when she said anything sad. Then something washed over her, almost like her Nan hugging her and kissing her forehead, and a few moments later Jayne would be happy again.

One warm summer’s day after church, Jayne was sitting talking to her Nan when an old man appeared by the grave and asked, “Who are you talking to so earnestly?” Jayne explained that it was her Nan, Betty, pointing next to her like Betty was sitting right there.

The old man asked if he could join them and sat down a bit away from the grave. Over the next while, the three conversed. Betty did not really join in, but it felt like she was part of the eighties or nineties. The man was staring right at her, and a terrifying thought came over her.

Jayne was wearing a short summer dress that only came halfway down her thighs. It was fine to wear it in the church because she wore her choir cassock that was long and hid her legs. 

She knew the dress was old and a bit small on her now, but she just never felt like shopping to get newer things. She slowly reached behind her back and felt to see that she was wearing panties, she didn't want him seeing her private parts. She felt the elastic waistband. ‘Yes, that's fine,’ she thought.

She was slightly uncomfortable because she didn't know how to sit. Normally she would sit cross-legged when just she and Nan chatted. Now, her having a visitor, she knew she shouldn’t sit that way. Instead, Jayne stretched legs straight in front of her and crossed them. This position wasn't exactly comfortable. Jayne could feel that Betty knew this.

The three, Jayne, Nan, and the old man talked about all manner of things. The man joined in on the conversation, including Nan, in the discussion as if he and Nan were old friends. They talked for over an hour, Jayne realized. She came to her senses and said it was time to go home for tea and stood up, being careful not to flash her underwear.

As Jayne turned to leave, the man said, “Excuse me, Jayne, would it be possible for you to help an old man stand up?” She turned back, and he held his hand out for assistance. Jayne took hold; his hand was as cold as ice. As she did, it was like something hit her in the stomach, making her wonder how he knew her name?

He slowly stood up he thanked her and commented about what a pretty girl she was. Jayne blushed and smiled at him. “I know that you have no friends to speak of, and you have a boring job,” he continued to astonish Jayne with his knowledge about her life.

“It gives me money so I can...” Jayne started. She suddenly realized that she was not going anywhere, and her life was pretty much stagnant. All the girls she knew from school now had boyfriends and went out all the time. They dressed in designer clothes and wore makeup. And were either in college or working at interesting jobs. What is my life now? She shrugged and looked at the floor.

 “I can help you, Jayne, if you like,” the old man said quietly. “Come with me, I am not going to hurt you in any way; I just need you to keep a promise. Could you do that, Jayne?” the man assured her.

She looked up into his dark, cold eyes and asked, “What are you proposing?”

“Follow me,” the old man said. They walked to an old abandoned non-conformist chapel on the other side of the graveyard. The man went in, but Jayne stopped at the door. She wonders why he brought me here. As if he heard her thoughts, the old man replied, “Don't worry, we will only be here for a few minutes.”

Jayne reluctantly entered. It was dark and gloomy with rubble all over the floor and spider webs everywhere. There was a smell of mildew in the air, and within the chapel, it felt like the walls were closed tight around them. Jayne also smelt something like burning wood in the air, but she saw no embers or fire nearby

“Here, my child,” he directed Jayne as he stood on what was once the altar. She walked to him.

“Kneel, please,” he continued. Jayne knelt on the hard-cold floor. The old man placed his hands on her head. He said some mumbo jumbo and then asked her point-blank, “Will you promise to keep your virginity intact for the rest of your life?”

Jayne pondered her life, and what she saw ahead for herself, considered her current  circumstances, and replied, “I don’t intend to lose it anyway, so yes.” Jayne was slightly shocked at being asked such a personal question, and her even replying to it.

"Good, my child,” he replied, rather kindly now.

She could feel the coldness of his hands boring into her skull, and there was a stronger smell of burning wood, just like a bonfire. Her face was at crotch height, and she noticed that he was getting a huge bulge inside his trousers. Jayne tried to move her head back as she thought to herself, ‘if the buttons open, then his manhood would spring out and hit me in the face. It might even blind me.’

More mumbo jumbo, and then he said, “Rise my child.” Jayne stood up, and the man kissed the back of her right hand and said, “Sex is fine as long as you keep your virginity in place. Oral and anal sex are fine. You can be touched and stimulated by persons’ touching your vagina, but you cannot have full intercourse. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Jayne replied, thinking to herself as if anyone would ever even want to do that with ‘plain Jayne.’ The man bade her goodbye and disappeared. It was like he had just floated away. Jayne walked into the sunshine and hurried home. Her head was spinning with all kinds of thoughts. The smell of wood-burning still lingered in the cemetery as she headed home.

Jayne arrived home. Her mum greeted her and told her that the service had been very good, and the choir had sung at its best for a long while. Dad’s commented, as always, that sermon was far too long. Mum asked him how he knew that when he was asleep through most of it. They all laughed, and Jayne went to the bathroom to wash to get ready for tea.

They sat at the kitchen table where ham sandwiches, pork pie, and other savouries were spread on the table, ready to eat. Small talk was the order of the day like every Sunday teatime.

Nobody ever had anything to say, and Jayne was certainly not going to mention the incident in he graveyard. Apple pie and ice cream followed and as many cups of tea as each liked, drank from the bone china tea service that was a wedding present for Jayne's parents some twenty-odd years ago.

All through tea Jayne had been getting an itch on the lips of her vagina. Something she never experienced before. She thought it might be an ant she had picked up while she sat on the grass talking. That had never happened before, and it seemed highly unlikely that it would start moving around over an hour later. ‘But you never know, and you know what they say about ants in your pants,’ was Jayne’s conclusion.

The itch got worse, so Jayne excused herself and rushed to the bathroom. She pulled her panties down and looked to see if there were any ants. None that she could see, but the itch was still there. .She looked down at her panties between her knees and noticed that there was a damp patch inside her panties. That never happened unless she had started her period, but her body hadn't warned her. She usually got stomach cramps but not always. The patch was clear, so it wasn't that.

Jayne felt between her legs, something she had never really done before, and gasped as her fingers touched her vagina. ‘What is going on?’ she said to herself. She was wet between her legs; she hadn't been to the toilet for ages and didn't want to go now.

After putting her panties in the wash basket, she went to her room and took her hand mirror and tried to look for the problem. Jayne was restricted by her dress, so she removed it and lay on the bed with her head propped up so she could see her swollen vagina. It felt like she had been bitten or stung, but she hadn’t been.

Jayne felt and looked around but couldn't see anything. It seemed to be coming from near the top of her secret place. Her fingers touched her clitoris, and she gasped. Electricity shot through her body.

‘WOW! That was bad, but also wonderful,’ Jayne thought. She did it again and got the same reaction. She knew it was wrong but couldn't help herself. Never had she touched herself this way before, but now after the first wonderful electric shock wave ran through her body, she suddenly realized what she had denied herself.

Jayne got bolder and slid two fingers between her wet labia and slowly started to move them. The feeling was like nothing she had ever experienced. A warm glow rushed over her body, and when she rubbed her clitoris with the thumb of her other hand, she almost fainted. The feelings were nearly too much to bear, but she wasn't stopping. Suddenly liquid started to gush from her body, and she was finding it difficult to breathe.

As the feelings subsided, there was a knock on the bedroom door. Jayne’s mother was checking that she was okay. Jayne lied and told her she had stubbed her toe and would be out soon. Her mother left her and returned downstairs.

Still trying to breathe normally again Jayne pondered, ‘What is wrong with me?’ as she looked in her wardrobe mirror. ‘I have never ever done anything like that before. It is so wrong. I just want to be normal.’ Little did Jayne realize that both males and females masturbated, and it this was quite normal.

She dressed in clean panties and bra, white because that was all she had. A grey T-shirt and baggy jeans completed her outfit. Jayne suddenly decided she wanted to go out and try to get a clue if what had just happened to her and her reaction were the norm.

Her parents were waiting in the lounge for her when Jayne came downstairs in this different outfit than her usual attire.

 They questioned Jayne why she was dressed in those clothes. “Betty told me that I should go out and try to mix with people, or I would turn into an old maid,”

Jayne’s parents had become used to Betty’s ‘comments’ which Jayne would relay at times.

They did not fuss with Jayne about her dead Nana not being able to really talk with her. If it gave Jayne comfort, they just let it be. Their daughter did not have anyone else she could or did regularly talk with, so if Nan/Betty was an outlet for her, they would not make an issue of it.

But at this statement from Jayne, her dad flatly stated, “Betty has a lot to say, but she is not here when things go wrong, and they will, mark my words."

"I am going out tonight, and you cannot stop me; I am eighteen-years-old, and classed as a woman,” Jayne retorted much to the annoyance of her parents. “See you later,” she said as she walked out of the house, slamming the front door.

‘What just came over her?’ Jane quizzed herself as she walked to the bus stop, but she didn’t care tonight, this was what she was meant to do. She caught the bus into town and alighted at The Jolly Miller right in the town centre. There was music coming from the place. It was not the kind of thing that Jayne was into, but if she wanted to meet people, then so be it.

She entered and walked up to the bar. “Cider, please,” Jayne said. The bartender asked her for ID, and she showed him her passport. Strong cider in hand, Jayne looked around to see if anyone she knew was in there. Jayne spotted Viv, Beth, and Nicky, who worked in the same office, so she went over.

“Oh my God! If it isn't Plain Jayne,” Nicky said. Yes, Jayne’s nickname had followed her to the workplace.

Viv gave Nicky a kick under the table and said, “What a surprise to see you in here, Jayne, for what do we owe the pleasure?”

“I just thought that I would come out and meet people, you know, it gets lonely sitting in your bedroom every night,” Jayne confessed. Viv invited her to sit next to her and welcomed her to the mix. Viv surprised Jayne with a kiss. Not on the cheek, but full on her lips. Besides that, Jayne was sure that Viv had tried to push her tongue into her mouth!

Jayne had only been kissed by two women her whole life - her mum and Nan Betty – and that was on the cheek, so she was quite flustered and blushed.

The conversation around the table soon turned to talk about sex and men, but Jayne hadn't a clue what they were going on about. Occasionally, Viv touched Jayne's legs or arms, sometimes her face and frequent whispered in her ear, each time licking her ear or cheek. This was all so strange. Was this what she had been missing all her life?

After several drinks, Jayne excused herself and went to the bathroom. When she sat down, she noticed that her panties were soaking wet. Jayne thought quickly and put lots of toilet tissue into her panties then wiped herself. The same feeling rushed over her as in her bedroom earlier.

‘No, you mustn't,’ Jayne said to herself and pulled her panties and jeans up, flushed the loo, and leaving the cubicle. Jayne was surprised, Viv was leaning against the washbasins smiling at her. As Jayne washed her hands, Viv lifted her breasts for attention, and asked Jayne if she liked her big tits. 

Jayne replied, “Viv, they are nice, I wish mine were larger like yours.” Viv unbuttoned her top, she had on a big black lacy bra, her breasts were spilling over the top.

“Go on, touch them,” Viv encouraged Jayne.

Jayne blushed at Viv’s suggestion and looked down. “Here, let me help you,” Viv said and unfastened the front clip of her bra. “I love front loader bras.” Viv grabbed Jayne's hands and placed them on her huge boobs. Jayne gasped at Viv’s boldness. But she felt a tingle between her legs again, like in her room earlier.

.Jayne hesitantly squeezed them. They were a lot firmer and warmer than Jayne had expected.

“Play with them, babe,” Viv whispered and moved Jayne's hands over them. As soon as Jayne's hands touched her breasts, Viv slipped her top and bra off. Then quick as a flash pushed her own hands up Jayne's top and into her bra.

Jayne gasped and buried her face in Viv's neck. As Viv toyed with her nipples, Jayne felt that warm feeling between her legs and started to pinch Viv's huge nipples. Both women were enjoying each other's touch while standing in the ladies' toilets.

Jayne looked at Viv and smiled. Viv lifted Jayne's top and bra up, exposing her smallish breasts. Viv bent her head and started sucking on Jayne's extremely sensitive nipples. Never had Jayne felt anything like this before and almost swooned. Jayne shuddered and started to stroke Viv's hair as her whole body shuddered at this amazing new experience.

Suddenly two women came in the loo. Viv, abandoning her bra, picked up her top and put it on. Instead of buttoning it, she just tied the tails together in a knot so that her cleavage was still on display. Jayne, so embarrassed and ashamed, ran into a cubicle and tried to pull her bra back over her breasts, it seemed to have gotten tighter. Maybe somehow Viv had adjusted the straps. Wiggling into her bra and blouse as best she could, Jayne finally emerged from the cubicle, but her bra felt weird.

 Viv asked Jayne to put her bra in Jayne’s bag because she didn't want to walk back to the table carrying it. So Jayne stuffed it in her shoulder bag, and as they both left the toilets, Viv blew a kiss to the two women who had just entered. Jayne and Viv returned to their table and sat down. The other girls looked at Jayne with raised eyebrows. Jayne just blushed and went to the bar for more drinks.

The more they drank, the more outrageous their conversation became. The other women were talking about fanny's and cocks, but because Jayne had never seen a penis, she just smiled and nodded. Somebody suggested shots, so each of the women took a turn buying a round. 

During the first round, all the rest of the group quickly downed their shots. Jayne tried to do the same, but unused to drinking, especially shots, it made her cough. The other girls giggled and said that the next one would be easier

The evening continued round after round as each took a turn buying. Jayne was finding it much easier to empty her shoot glass with each one she drank. The bell sounded for last orders. Jayne, having such fun for the first time, ordered a bottle of cider each, and two shots per woman. The other women protested some, but all began to drink their last round.

The drinks finished; the women went outside for a taxi. They all climbed into a black cab to drop them each at home. The other woman gave Jayne money towards their fare as Jayne would be the final stop. One by one, the other girls had been dropped off, and only Viv and Jayne were left in the cab. When they reached Viv’s flat, she asked Jayne if she would like to come to in for a nightcap?

“It's been a lovely evening, Viv,” Jayne replied. “But I needed to go to sleep, work in the morning.”

“Another time then,” Viv said. She leaned to Jayne and gave her a long kiss before climbing unsteadily out of the taxi. Jayne was overwhelmed by this action, but she felt that warm stirring in her loins.

Minutes later, the taxi neared Jayne's home. She smelt burning wood as they pulled up to her house. The same smell from when she had been in the cemetery. As they pulled up in front of her house, the driver, who was Asian, asked if she'd had a good time.

Jayne replied affirmatively, and then was surprised when the driver called her y her name and asked her point-blank if she was still a virgin. Jayne went cold. ‘How did he know her name? No one mentioned any names while they were in the cab,’ Jayne pondered. Not understanding why she did, Jayne replied, “Yes, I still am.”

“Just remember what you were told in the cemetery Jayne, and you will be fine,” the driver said.

As she climbed from the cab and she went to pay the fare. The driver said, “No, keep it you have done well.” He gently pushed her hand away. His hand was freezing cold, and a shiver ran down her spine. Jayne quickly left the taxi and ran into the house and upstairs to her bedroom.

Her mum called to her as she went to her room, asking if she had fun. Jayne replied she had. As she stood looking in the mirror, her breasts were bulging out of her bra, and her knickers seemed to have shrunk. She was also very wet between her legs. Jayne knew that she hadn't peed herself, so it must have been the tingling when she was touching Viv's breasts and then Viv kissing her goodnight.

Jayne took her underwear off and quickly moved to the bathroom. She put the underwear in the washing basket and sat down and had a pee. She couldn't resist having a play with her nipples, and then she got the tingling down below again. She took some toilet tissue and wiped herself, but that made Jayne start to rub her button. She put her hand over her mouth to try and stifle any sounds, but Jayne lost that battle when the first climax hit her.

.“Shit, fuck me,” she shouted as climax after climax washed over her. Never had she experienced anything like this before, and to have such hard and multiple orgasms as a beginner egged her on.

There was a knock on the door, and her dad asked if she was alright? “Yes, I'm OK, I just banged my knee,” Jayne replied, panicked because she didn't have anything to cover her naked body with. She stood up and flushed the toilet, took a deep breath, and opened the door.

“Sorry,” she said to her dad, with no attempt to cover her body. “Night, dad.” Jayne kissed him full on the lips and then sauntered down the hallway to her room.

Her dad just stood there watching his naked grown-up daughter, and he felt a stirring in his loins. God, she is beautiful, he thought. Jayne reached her bedroom door and turned around and waved to him and blew him a kiss. Her dad hurried into the bathroom for a pee, but his erection was so hard that he found it difficult to do anything.

Jayne climbed into bed. She shook her head in amazement, she couldn’t believe that she had just stood in front of her father totally naked. ‘What's happening to me?’ she thought as she drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Jayne grabbed her robe and went into the shower. She returned to her bedroom and laid her clothes on the bed. She started to pull her knickers on, but they seemed way too small. She looked in the mirror and noticed that her backside was larger than it was yesterday.

‘I must be having a growth spurt,’ she thought. She felt that was confirmed when she attempted to put her bra on. Even with all the straps on the largest size, it came nowhere near to fitting her enlarged body. Jayne dug into her handbag and pulled Viv's big lacy bra out and tried it on.

She liked the idea of it fastening at the front. It was too big for her; her breasts didn't quite fill the cups. But Jayne realized she wasn’t that much smaller than the cups. She took the bra off and turned sideways and looked in the mirror.

‘WOW, my breasts are a lot bigger and firmer than last night,’ Jayne realized, ‘and my nipples feel so sensitive.’ She lightly touching them, which made her gasp. Jayne dressed in a white cotton blouse and a navy-blue knee-length skirt. She put on black heels and brushed her hair.

The blouse gently rubbed against her braless nipples, and Jayne suddenly acknowledged that she had never been outside without underwear on and felt a flutter in her stomach. 

I need to get to work,’ she thought to herself and picked up her shoulder bag and went downstairs to the kitchen. Jayne entered and stopped dead in her tracks.

.Her dad was sitting on a kitchen chair, pulled back from the table. Her mum was straddling his lap. They were facing each other and sighing deeply. The worst part was the were both totally and completely NAKED.

Jayne gasped; she was shocked that the two of them just were going at it humping even though they knew she was standing in the doorway. They did not even attempt to cover themselves or feel embarrassed in any way.

Rather, her mother, with bated breath, asked Jayne if she would like a cup of tea. With one last hard thrust, they both cried out as they came. Her mum slowly lifted herself off her father and walked to the stove to turn the kettle on.

Jayne beside herself by what she just saw, mumbled, “No, it's fine. I will get something on my way to work.” She looked at her father's still stiff thingy, all shiny with her mum's juices. Jayne was repelled but at the same time could not take her eyes off it

Finding her voice, Jayne told her dad to cover up. He replied as he stroked his glistening prick, “Why? If it weren't for this, you wouldn't be here.” It did not help things that her mum giggled at his comment. What has happened in less than a day? How could things suddenly be so different from the strait-laced life Jayne and her parents had lived for over eighteen years?

“That is so disgusting,” Jayne shouted and turned around to leave. She was not sure what was coming over her. It was so unnatural and sordid what was now happening. But seeing her parents naked and engaged in what they had just been doing made her pussy start to moisten.

She needed to get out of here to figure things out.

Her mum called to her, and Jayne turned around, “I've not had time to make you any lunch this morning, here take this money to buy yourself something.” Her mother giggled, probably from why she didn’t have time this morning. As Jayne’s mum bent to reach for her purse, Jayne could see her mum’s vagina on display, all red and swollen from her morning workout.

She turned to leave now, but her mum grabbed Jayne and told her that they were not that old.

Then her mum kissed her full on the lips, even pushing her tongue in just a little over Jayne’s lips. Her dad was not going to be overlooked and pulled Jayne to his lap and kissed her just as hard. Jayne could feel his cock throbbing underneath her, and when he helped her stand, he swatted her ass and told her not to be cheeky with her parents.

Both her parents smelled of sweaty bodies and sex, which filled Jayne’s nostrils. Her ass stung from her father’s spanks, but for some reason, even that made her stomach churn and her pussy drip. Jayne got outside, her head spinning from all she was experiencing. She hurried to the bus stop and joined the queue.

Jayne’s mind wandered back to the kitchen and the sight of her father's penis. It was quite beautiful in a strange kind of way. She kept thinking about how it would feel. Hot or cold? And how hard it really was. She shook her head to clear the image of it, but then she started looking at the crotches of the men who were standing at the bus stop.

There were different sized bulges on show, something she had never noticed before, and her mind was trying to visualize what they would look like naked. She was getting wet between her legs again and knew she must stop, or her juices would be running down her legs. Where is her mind taking her now? She never had lustful thoughts like this before. Now everything she looked at took on a sexual meaning and made her throb and squirt.

The bus arrived, and everyone scrambled to get on. A guy who looked about fifty told Jayne to go ahead of him. Jayne got on the bus and made her way towards the back. She took hold of a grab pole to steady herself and looked out of the window. It was going to be like a sardine can she thought as lots of people squeezed on.

The nice guy, who had let her on board before him, stood right behind her, holding onto one of the straps that hung from the ceiling. An old guy offered Jayne his seat, but she declined, saying that she would be sitting down all day at work and that her bum was getting big.

What possessed her to say that about her bum getting big. She would never have said anything like that before today. But all the people around her giggled at her comment, and that made Jayne feel happy.

The bus pulled away from the stop, and the guy standing behind her kept bumping his groin into her behind. She was sure that he was getting hard, so she pushed her butt out a little to try to discover if this was true.

As her ass pressed against his groin, the man let out a low moan and grabbed the same pole Jayne was holding onto. He placed his other hand on her hip and slowly started to grind his crotch against her. Jayne looked around, but nobody had noticed what was going on.

The man leaned forward and kissed her neck, and then he started to nibble her ear lobe. Jayne started to panic because her juices were trickling down her thighs and soon would be visible below the hemline of her skirt. She managed to turn around, much to the man’s dismay, but then she whispered in his ear, “Not here, we need to find someplace – quick.”

He kissed her and asked her where. “The park,” Jayne replied. It was the stop before where she got off for work and was less than a mile away now.

The man tried to kiss her again, but Jayne turned her head, so he only made contact with her ear. 

He put his free arm around her waist. Jayne was now reliant on him to stop her falling over, so she wrapped her arms around his neck. The last few stops quickly passed, and they were at the park. When the bus door opened, he placed his hand on Jayne’s bottom, moving it up and down gently as he steered her off the bus.

As they stepped down, he whispered in Jayne’s ear, “Commando, I see.” The phrase was new to Jayne (but she would soon learn its meaning – the same with many other terms). Then, she didn’t have a clue what he was talking about, so Jayne just smiled. ‘Commando – that does have a nice ring to it' she thought.

They hurried into the park just in time as Jayne could feel her juices almost dripping to her knees. The toilet building was about fifty yards inside the park, and the guy told Jayne to meet him in the gents. “Go around to the back of the building and then just walk in.

Jayne did as she was told and got to the entrance to the gents' toilets. She had never been inside a men’s toilet before, so she was slightly apprehensive about going in. She called out hello, and a voice answered her that it was okay; the loo was empty. Jayne quickly made her way in. She rounded the corner, and the guy was standing in front of a long metal trough with his thing out peeing.

 “Oh, I am sorry,” Jayne said and quickly looked away. The stench of stale urine was almost overwhelming, it wasn'thas clean as the ladies of sure. She shuddered and fought to stop herself from vomiting. The guy finished and shook his manhood, then rolled the skin back over the head and tucked it back into his trousers. The smell overcame Jayne, and she whimpered, “I can't.” As she put her hand over her nose and mouth.

“I thought that we were going to have fun,” the man said.

“Yes, but not in here,” Jayne cried, looking behind the man to a drawing on the wall. It was a crude sketch of a pair of woman's legs spread wide open, showing in quite accurate detail the female genitalia even down to the clitoris. ‘Far too much hair though,’ Jayne thought. And surprised herself at such a strange observation of all she was seeing. “Let’s go into the ladies,” Jayne suggested.

The guy looked puzzled but followed Jayne there. Jayne went in first, and nobody was using the bathroom. Jayne went into a cubicle and called the guy in. In the stall, she told him to lock the door as she wiped around the toilet bowl with tissues and then flushed them away.

Remembering her promise of yesterday (was it only that long ago?) Jayne didn't want penetrative sex. Nor did she want to get her clothes messed up, she still needed to get to work.

She removed her skirt and hung it on the hook on the door; unbuttoned her blouse but decided not to remove it

The guy gasped at the sight of her body. “What's wrong?” Jayne asked innocently

“Nothing you are so perfect,” he replied. Jayne blushed and kicked a couple of used tampons and panty liners under the partition to the other cubicle.

She sat down, not knowing what to do next. The guy unfastened his belt. Jayne reached over and pulled him closer. She undid the button and then slid the zipper down. She put her fingers into the waistband of his underwear and slowly pulled his jeans and underwear down to his ankles.

His thing looked very big and nasty, but so intriguing too. He took hold of it and started to rub it, making it grow in length and width. There was some clear liquid its end, Jayne couldn’t believe what she was doing, but she moved her face forward and licked it.

It was slightly salty but not unpleasant, then Jayne remembered that he had peed, and she shuddered at the concept. She contemplated logically before that thought overwhelmed her – ‘millions of women must have done this after a guy who had just peed she told herself. A little bit won't kill me.’

She put her hand on the guy’s moving hand just to get the feeling of how he was rubbing himself. After a few moments, the guy removed his hand, so Jayne was now in control. She tightened her grip slightly and continued to rub his thing. It was swelling even more now due to her touch.

The guy lifted the front of his T-shirt over his head, so the front of his body was exposed. Jayne looked up and saw his hairy body with the small beer belly. She smiled and slowly pulled the foreskin back on his penis and licked the shiny head. Yes, she would suck him, give him a ‘blow job’ as the women last night had talked about

He gave a faint smile and grunted. Jayne slid her lips over the head, explored it with her tongue.

The guy started to breathe deeply and whisper unrecognizable words. Jayne continued to rub and slowly allowed him to go further into her mouth. He put his hand behind her head and gently grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth onto his throbbing member.

Jayne took her hand away and let him slowly slide in between her lips. Not being an expert at this sort of thing, Jayne just did what she thought would be nice. She licked at the underside of his penis as it went in and out, flicking her tongue over the now very swollen head, which was bright red and staring at her.
bright red and staring at her.

The guy was now swearing, saying words like ‘Fuck yes you bitch, and ‘take all of my cock you fucking dirty slag.’ It was making Jayne very wet, so she put one hand between her legs and started to rub herself. She wanted to say things like the guy, but she couldn't speak with her mouth full.

His movements were getting more animated, and the grunting and swearing were getting louder. He pulled his "cock" out of Jayne’s mouth and started to rub it furiously. Jayne knew that he was close to his climax but didn't want his stuff in her hair, so she opened her mouth wide and leaned forward so that he was just inside her mouth

“This is what you want, you fucking twat?” he shouted as he started to unload his man juice into Jayne's mouth.

She hadn't expected it to be hot and thick, so she was somewhat unprepared for this onslaught.  Her mouth was rapidly filling up because he was spurting so much. Quickly she clamped her lips around the head and swallowed. Then she slid her lips further down the shaft, so his stuff was squirting down her throat. The guy was completely incoherent, so Jayne started to fondle his hairy testicles to try to help him empty them

He stopped squirting, stood there, shaking his head, and trying to catch his breath. Jayne slowly pulled her mouth off his rapidly shrinking cock and gently pulled the foreskin back over the head. Some of his white fluid trickled out of the pee hole, so Jayne held her tongue under it until it dropped onto it. She ran her tongue around her lips and stood up. The guy staggered back towards the door, just staring at her.

Jayne slowly buttoned her blouse and moved towards the man. He was still breathing quite heavily. 

Jayne reached between her legs and scooped some of her juices up and put her hand to her mouth. She sexily licked her fingers and hand, smiling at him and lifting her eyebrows as if she was asking him did he want some.

A faint smile indicated to Jayne that he did, so she scooped some more juices and offered them to him. He grabbed her wrist and furiously licked and sucked her hand and fingers while Jayne took her skirt off the hook. When he was finished, he let go and pulled his shirt back over his head. Jayne stepped into her skirt and watched as the guy pulled his underwear and jeans up. 

Jayne looked at her watch. She couldn’t believe it, after all that, she was still a bit early to arrive in the office. She would have time to get some breakfast. She realized she had worked up an appetite.

The guy pulled out his wallet and offered Jayne £40. “What's that for?” she asked.

“Love, that was the best blow job I have ever had. I would give you more, but this is all I have on me,” the man said. Jayne started to refuse the money, but the man told her it would upset him is she didn’t take it. So Jayne accepted the money and put it in her bag. She kissed him and said thank you.

“No, thank YOU,” the guy said and kissed her, “I hope we can do this again another morning, I will watch for you.”

Jayne left him there to fend for himself and stepped out of the loo into the sunshine. Her head churning over what she had just done. ‘I have sucked a real penis, no cock, I must start calling them cocks. And I swallowed the stuff – what is that called? The real name is semen, but that wasn't sexy enough,’ ran through her head as she headed to a restaurant near wor

‘And the money - £40 for ten minutes' work. I must look at the sums for how much that is an hour, much more than I make in the typing pool,’ Jayne pondered as she entered the cafe for breakfast.

She was content with how her day started, and how Sunday afternoon and evening had playedout. But there was a little nagging in the back of her mind. That strange old man, and thepromise he made her make in that strange chapel. Was that real? What did that all mean?















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