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Kamikaze TV With Big Sister

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Brother and sister play a TV game and everyone wins.

Nel is my big sister. She’s three years older than I am.

We’ve always been pretty tight and spent many a day wandering through malls or on the beach. Despite our collegial friendship, it never escaped me that Nel had an incredible body. We were both home from college and it was pushing 2AM.

It was just the two of us watching TV. Mom was visiting her sister in the Midwest. Dad was never in the picture. We had the house to ourselves.

We sat at opposite ends of the sofa which was our usual spot. As I’d grown taller over the years, our legs were now halfway towards each others’ crotch. We shared the old comforter between us. Thankfully, the comforter didn’t reach all the way up Nel’s chest so I had plenty of chances to stare at her round tits.

On this night, we were laughing and flipping through the channels. The ones we didn’t pay for on cable would be scrambled but either the audio or the video signal would sneak through for about ten seconds or so. When you were on Playboy Channel, you could hear moaning and see naked bodies if you waited long enough.

Nel and I were playing a game we’d played since we were kids. We called it kamikaze TV. We’d flip on channels and take turns recreating whatever it was that we’d land on. Believe it or not, my ultimate favorite was when we’d land on wrestling or gymnastics. Nel has amazing tits so her efforts to do gymnastics were the stuff of my dreams. At that time of the night, she was bra-less so her tits were free to jiggle all night. I was mesmerized.

On this occasion, we’d had a stellar lineup of kamikaze TV. There was singing (we took turns singing medleys off a commercial selling a multi-CD boxed set of seventies songs), comedy improv, cooking, something in Japanese and then we landed on that scrambled (sorta) Playboy channel.

The clip that appeared on the screen was this dude starting to go down on a girl. He was licking and kissing her stomach on the way to better places (which scrambled so I can only speculate) while squeezing this girl's tits.

Nel and I got quiet for a second and you could feel the air go out of the room. We’d always had a friendly bet on the game as to who would wimp out and refuse to act out whatever was up on their turn. The bet was the person who refused to do it had to hand over “every penny you have” to the other person. Strangely enough, in all the years we’d been playing the game we’d never had a situation like this one.

“Oooh KAY,” said Nel.

“Well…,” I said.

“How much have you got saved up?” asked Nel.

“Wait. What?” I asked. “I’m not quitting.”

“You fucker,” she laughed.

“Come on. Are you bailing, Nel?” I asked. “How much do YOU have put away?”

We negotiated for a minute or so and the terms were set.

Nel was taking off her shirt but covering her tits with her hands. Since the guy wasn’t actually eating the girl's pussy when we saw the picture, I was just going to be licking Nel’s tummy right at the line of her panties. Frankly, I was down with ALL of that.

I positioned myself between Nel’s legs with my chin pointing at her belly button. She turned her back and removed her shirt and got back on the sofa with her hands over her tits. When I started to kiss her tummy she jumped enough that her hands came down to try to grab my hair. I got an amazing view of her tits.

“Fuck, Mike!” she practically shrieked.

“Are you OK?” I asked.

“Well, yeah, but slow it down a little, please.”

This time, I dragged the tip of my nose against her tummy and rubbed it side to side just beneath her belly button. I could hear Nel’s breathing getting more erratic.

“How’s that?” I asked.

“That’s good.”

I started kissing her tummy and licking it gently (without leaving a puddle). I could feel my cock getting harder by the second. I could also feel Nel’s tummy jumping as I moved around with my lips and tongue.

“Are you ready for the rest?” I asked Nel.

“What?” she asked.

“I’m going to reach up now,” I said (anxiously contemplating how much tit I was going to be able to make contact with).

“OK… yeah. Go ahead,” Nel gasped.

“If you want to quit now, I will leave you with half of your savings,” I teased.

“No fucking way. Do it!” she said defiantly.

I was relieved Nel didn’t bag out.

I kept kissing and licking while moving my mouth to the waistline of Nel’s panties. That spot near her hip gave me a bit of a gap between her skin and the material. I took a deep breath there wishing I could rip her panties off.

My hands moved up her ribs to where her hands covered her tits. It felt as though she was lifting them more than covering them. I intuitively slid my fingertips underneath her hands. At the same time, I was kissing and licking the front of Nel’s panties. With my chin, I found her pussy mound and felt her clit squish to one side under my chin while I teased her with my mouth. I could hear Nel gasping and holding her breath.

Her hands lifted as I moved my fingertips up and made contact with her rock hard nipples. I spread my fingers out so I could take her entire tits into my hands.

“Wait… wait… wait…,” I could hear Nel whispering to either me or herself.

“Tell me when you’re done,” I said while I continued my adventure.

“Yea…” she replied.

I stroked Nel’s tits like I had dreamed of doing since forever. I continued to lick and kiss the front of her panties which were getting pretty wet by this point. Whether it was my spit or her own juices I didn’t know or even care.

I started to feel Nel pumping her hips up so that her clit would hit my chin again and again. As fascinated as I was with playing with those tits, I knew this was my opportunity.

I slowly moved my hands down until they were under her ass cheeks. I was basically pulling Nel’s ass up so that her pussy was more accessible. All pretenses were gone as I was now licking the full slit of her pussy through her panties.

“Are you good?” she asked me through her heavy breathing.

“I’m fine. Are you good?” I answered.


As strange as it may sound, I felt like we hadn’t crossed the line at this stage. I could taste Nel’s pussy through her panties but still, this felt somehow innocent. I knew it wasn’t. But I was aware that we were seconds away from erasing that line.

I was rubbing Nel’s ass and my thumbs were towards her thighs and my fingers were stretched along her ass cheeks. I continued to work my thumbs until they were rubbing against the elastic leg holes of her panties. Once I felt that I started pulling her pussy lips open with my thumbs. I could feel them separating. I could hear the wetness. I could feel Nel rocking harder against my face now.

The scene on TV was barely three minutes long. The way our game worked was you had to do the same thing you saw for the same length of time. I didn’t know at this point if I had been licking Nel through her panties for three minutes, three days or whatever. I also knew that Nel wasn’t calling me on any of this so I figured I would take advantage of my good fortune.

I looked up to get a sense of Nel’s movement and saw that her hands weren’t covering her tits at all. Now I could watch her tits swaying as she arched her back and bucked against me.

Now I started stroking her with my fingers against her wet panties. I slid my fingers inside and by now she was so wet that my fingers slipped into her pussy without any friction whatsoever.

I was two-fingers-deep in Nel’s pussy and now teasing her clit with my thumb. I moved up and started sucking on her nipple and playing with her tits with my free hand. I was wearing grey shorts that were essentially sweatpants material. My cock was tenting like you wouldn’t believe. Nel was pumping her pussy and taking my fingers deep inside her pussy. I licked both her tits and then moved up and began kissing her deeply on the lips and licking her tongue feverishly.

Based on her response I reached underneath her ass and pulled her panties fully off.

I looked down at Nel’s naked body which was clearly begging to be fucked. I quickly removed my shorts and climbed between her legs.

"Are you good?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

I took my cock in my hand and placed it against the opening to my sister’s pussy. Nel reached down and pressed on her clit which almost seemed to make her pussy lips open like an elevator door. I pressed my cockhead against the hot opening of her wet pussy and pushed it all the way inside her. I didn’t want to ease it in anymore. I could feel how wet she was when my balls hit against her ass. It was hot as hell and it was slick.

I pulled Nel’s hips halfway off the sofa and started fucking her hard while half standing up. Nothing made sense anymore. Nel wrapped one leg around my back.

I picked my sister up off the sofa and fucked her standing all the way up. I could feel her huge tits bouncing between us. The glow of the television was all I had to aid my view of her amazing body. Her skin was glistening with sweat. Her neck smelled like heaven.

I knew I was hitting the end of my rope but the thought of stopping never even occurred to me. I lay Nel onto the back of the sofa with her hips dangling off the edge. I lifted her legs up and she reached behind her legs and pulled them back with me. I lowered my hands to her hips and began fucking her as hard and as fast as I could. I watched as her tits practically hit her in the chin with each thrust. I could hear my flesh slamming against my sister’s ass. The wetness wasn’t as slick now and I could feel the skin of my cock moving up and down against my shaft each time I pulled out and pushed back inside Nel’s pussy.

I heard myself gasp loudly and knew that I was cumming. I was shooting cum inside my big sister and we both knew it. Neither of us made any move to stop it. I could only hope that Nel was on the pill but in that instant, I didn’t even care.

I kept pushing in and pulling out until I could feel my own cum against my balls and knew that it was running back out of Nel’s pussy.

I fell forward against Nel’s naked body and listened to both of us breathing heavily and still in unison. We were drenched and wet all over.

I was a bit apprehensive to look Nel in the eye. This was our game that got out of hand.

When we made eye contact, Nel leaned towards me and kissed me on the lips. We started kissing again but not like kiss fucking like earlier. This time we were kissing and smiling at each other. We even laughed a bit.

“Holy shit!” said Nel, breaking the ice.

“Holy shit is right,” was all I could muster.

It was nearly 4AM now. Nel and I were at it for well over an hour.

“That was an amazing three minutes, Nelly,” I said.

“You can say that again!” she laughed.

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