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Loving Moms: Wildest Dreams Ch03

Series: Loving Moms

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A Mother helps her Son's dreams become reality.

I scrunched down in my chair as I was in total disbelief. All that hard work for nothing. I had lost, and I regrettably knew it. I just sat there and looked at the paper while I felt myself slipping into a depressed state. The school bell rang, but I was in no rush to get home and didn't even notice that it started to snow as I slowly dragged my feet the entire distance to my house.

Truthfully I didn't even want to face mom. But when I opened the front door, she was already there to greet me.

Fighting back the tears, I just mumbled, "Hey..."

"Everything okay?" I heard and just handed over my last paper. Without saying another word, I shuffled away to my room.

I must have been on my bed for a couple of hours sulking. The sky was getting dark, and I knew mom would be calling me for dinner very soon. I wasn't in any mood to eat and decided to just change into my pj's and go to bed early.

I no sooner crawled under the covers when in the darkness, my door opened slowly, and I heard mom say, "Can I come in?"

"Yeah..." I mumbled.

Mom sat beside me and lovingly brushed my hair, and said, "I'm sorry, honey. I know how hard you tried."

"I did, mom. I really did," I whimpered and was just about to tear up when mom said, "Shhh... Listen, your father called earlier and said it was snowing too bad where he was and won't be able to make it home tonight, so I was thinking..."

Mom paused for a long time, and I replied, "What, Mom?"

"Well, since you did try so hard I..." Mom sighed. "I can't believe I'm saying this. But I think I'll overlook your last test and give you what I promised."

"Really?" I shouted and sat up on my bed.

"Now, don't get too excited," Mom replied. "I'm still holding to the rules that if I feel uncomfortable, we stop."

"Of course, Mom!"

"Okay, then while I go and change, I want you to take off your pajamas and rub some of that lube on yourself."

I nodded and started to strip down as mom departed. Kicking the covers off my bed, I opened the bottle and smeared the oily substance all over my shaft.

It wasn't long before Mom walked in wearing another short baby doll, only this one was jet black satin, and the top just barely covered her breast. As I took in her sensual beauty, I couldn't help but notice how her nipples were already poking outwards of the thin fabric.

"Wow, Mom, you look so sexy in that."

"Thank you, honey, but you really have to stop saying that," Mom said as she hesitantly climbed on the bed and straddled herself over my body.

I watched as mom timidly lowered herself down and huffed softly when my bare cock touched what had to be her uncovered mound.

Mom forwent her panties! I speculated and just relished in what it felt like having her pussy lips resting solidly on top of my now solid shaft.

However, as I savored my sexual bliss, Mom didn't move at all. She just stayed utterly still and then mumbled, "Okay, now that I feel it. I'm not so comfortable with doing this."

"Mom?" I said and placed my hands at her waist, hoping they might put her at ease.

A couple more second had passed, and was sure she about to get off and sighed, "Okay, mom, I can tell this is bothering you. So we can stop."

Mom's hands gingerly joined mine on her waist as she slowly lifted herself upwards and replied, "Yes, it is." However, she paused and said, "Wait... No... It's nothing. I'm fine now."

Mom lowered herself back down and sluggishly started to rock back and forth, sending little pleasure waves through my body. With her bare pussy slithering over my shaft, I was in total awe in what pleasures it was bringing out of me and croaked, "Oh fuck, this is amazing."

Mom started to move a little quicker, and I could hear little moans escaping from her lips while her breast gently danced above me.

Hearing her moans only caused me to want to take this unnatural act even further, so when mom braced her hands on top of my chest, I listlessly moved my hands upwards and heard her softly moaned when I lightly brushed the underside of her globes for a split second.

Since Mom showed no evasive reaction to my minuscule contact, I chanced it again, only this time when my fingers grazed her melons, she moaned louder and noticed that her eyes were closed while her grinding picked up the pace and thought. Mom's getting into it.

I was more confident now and dared to make another brush, only this time I was surprised when Mom reached up and placed both of my hands firmly onto her bosom and sighed, "Oh yes..."

I couldn't help but squeeze them, and mom whimpered louder, "Yes. Oh yes. Honey, that feels so good. Keep doing that."

Mom gyrated faster, pushing my shaft between her outer folds while I massaged and squeezed her breast. I was in heaven, but unfortunately, the lotion was drying up, and it started to chafe. I was sure this would be the end, and Mom would finish me off by sucking on my cock.

However, Mom paused and huffed, "You need more lotion, don't you?" And moved her body to the side of me.

"Yeah, it's drying up, I think," I said and quickly applied some more.

However, when I was finished, Mom also rubbed some of the oil on herself and said, "I'm doing this to stop it from drying up so fast."

I just nodded as Mom worked the slick substance across her mound and then heard her say, "Okay, I think that's enough."

Without hesitation, she once again straddled herself only with both of us lubed; now, my dick became more sensitive and shuddered when she started to move slowly back and forth.

This wasn't the only nice thing that happened by both of us being lubed. It also caused my cock to squish between her soft folds as she went back and forth.

Our breath started to race as mom got more into it, and it didn't take long before her hot little pussy was running across my dick. Mom's juices started to flow and dripped between us, causing the lube to get extremely slick.

"Oh... Mmm..." I heard mom cry and reached up to play with her breast once more.

This caused mom to whimper louder, and I knew that we both would be climaxing very soon by her actions. I guess seeing mom getting into this as much as I caused me to involuntarily push up and for a split second felt my Bald-head pierce through her inner lips.

Mom abruptly stopped and said, "Oh! Careful Tucker. It can't go inside."

"Sorry, Mom," I said, short-winded.

Mom cautiously started to grind again, only it quickly escalated, and I grasped at her breast with sexual lust. Mom then went wild and pushed herself down even harder, trapping my cock firmly between her inner folds, and hissed, "OH fuck, you're hitting my clit just right!"

"Fuck Mom, you're so wet," I groaned.

"Nnnoo... I shouldn't like this again. Maybe we should stop before... Oh no!" Mom whimpered just as her body started to tremble slightly, and I pinched her nipples and heard her whine, "Oh no, I'm going to cum!"

Rapidly mom arched her back and rested her hands behind herself while I took hold of her hips, making sure my cock stayed in contact with her clit.

Mom went crazy and squirmed around. I was sure she would cum, but in her excited state had now nudged precisely the tip of my cock inside her moist pussy, causing me to lift upwards, pushing my mushroom head just inside her snatch.

"Oh... No... It's... In!" she screamed in a loud huff and abruptly stopped moving.

I felt Mom easing my swollen head from her hot love hole and knew I didn't want this to stop, so before her pussy popped my mushroom out, I held onto Mom's hips and said, "It's only the tip, Mom. Please... It's just the tip. I promise it won't go in any deeper."

Still huffing, she replied, "No, Tucker, it's too dangerous. I have to."

"Please, Mom. I worked so hard in school."

Mom sighed and said, "Yes, you did, but this is too far. I didn't agree to this."

"Please, Mom," I whispered.

And then I felt her body ever so slowly straighten up until she was on her knees with her legs spread wide, holding just a smidgen of my cock inside her, and heard her convey, "Okay, but no deeper, just stay still while I do this."

I just nodded as her waist moved back and forth, renewing my desire to drive my cock deep into her hot snatch.

"Oh, Mom, I love you," I crocked as Mom's hips went just a little faster.

I could feel my cum bubbling up my shaft as my mushroom head bobbed just a tad in and out of her hot pussy. I was getting hotter by the second, and when she gyrated her hip in little circles, I heard her moan like never before and gazed under slight eyes that her eyes were also closed.

Mom's little moans were tuning into whines, and I  knew she was getting into it again. It was just too much for me to stand any longer, so when I felt her move her hips forward, I ever so lightly lifted myself upward, sending just a smidgen more into her for a short period, and heard a loud, "Oh!"

Again, I dashed my dick upward when she went forward, and another loud, "Oh!" could be heard.

Over and over, we played this little game until her juices started to flow out of her pussy, covering over my shaft completely while her breath made a wheezing sound, and I heard her huff, "OH Fuck. Ahhh... Ahhh. No deeper, Tucker. Stop lifting like that."

Panting myself, I replied, "It's hard to stop, mom. You feel so good. God, this feels wonderful."

"I know it does, but we have to control ourselves," Mom whimpered. However, her pelvis also went quicker, and I felt her body start to tremble.

She's close. I concluded and lifted again.

"Oh, I can't hold back any longer," Mom shouted, and when her pussy tightened onto the tip of my cock head, I heaved up, sending half of my rod into her steaming love hole.

"Oh fuck! Tttucker!" Mom squealed, and I felt her shudder hard.

Mom was cumming and cumming hard. Taking advantage of her blissful state, I sat upward and grabbed her waist, pulling her forward until her breast crashed assiduously into my chest.

That sudden action caused Mom's full weight to crash down hard and thrust my entire girth deep inside her pussy.

"Hmmphfff... Was the only sound I heard as I grabbed her ass and rocked her back and forth rapidly?

"Oh god, no! You're inside me! We're fucking! We're fucking!" I heard her whimper as my body filled with unspeakable sexual lust. I couldn't control what this forbidden sex had brought out, and without any hesitation, I pushed myself forward, rolling Mom onto her back and me on top of her.

"Tucker!" Mom moaned as I thrust my dick in and out.

"Oh, Mom. Oh, Mom. This feels wonderful. I love you so much."

"Ugh... You're... You're actually fucking me! Oh no... We... we shouldn't be doing this," she uttered under bated breath.

"Mom! Oh... Oh... I can feel your pussy grabbing my cock."

"My god Tucker. Oh... OH... OH! Why am I letting you...? Ahhh! Do this? It's so wrong!  Oh god, it's so wrong!"

I rammed even deeper while quickening my pace.

"Do you want me to stop?" I said as I plowed into her and followed with, "Does it feel good, Mom?"

"Yes... I mean no. I mean... Oh god, it does. It really really does!" Mom's legs wrapped around my waist while her hands grasped at my arms.

"Oh... Nnnn. Ugh... Ffffuck... Oh god, I shouldn't... I shouldn't be enjoying this. But... It's been so long! Oh, Fuck! It's been so fucking long!!! Yes... Yes... Fffuck me... Fuck me, son! Fuck your mother! OH, GOD YES! Faster. Faster baby! Making Mommy Cum! I need you to make me cum!"

I plowed and hammered into Mom and was met with her body rising to meet me while she moaned and whimpered out of control.

"OH fuck I'm Cumming! Oh, Yesss! I'M CUMMING!" Mom groaned and felt her legs grab tightly onto my sides.

"Ugh. Ugh. Ugh." Mom huffed as I kept up my pace, my release building quicker than I wanted it to.

Unfortunately, Mom's pussy grasped onto my shaft so tightly I couldn't stop myself from becoming lightheaded while the most beautiful feeling rushed through my body.

It was a euphoria I've never felt before, and with one mighty heave, I grunted, "Oh fuck, Mom! Ahhh!"

"Wait Tucker not in... OH God! You're cumming inside me!" I heard Mom yell as my sperm pumped deep into her womb.

Mom paused for only a second as my dick released its seed and then felt her hands grasping onto my ass, pulling me even deeper into her.

"Oh, Baby! You're filling me up. Oh, fuck!" Mom yelled while her hips thrust upward. "I'm Cumming again!" she moaned, and her body once again tightened up.

My dick was still half-hard, and I slowly pumped it to and fro until Mom's body started to relax.

With our breath racing, I kissed Mom deeply and was greeted back with the same passion.

Resting my head on Mom's chest, I listened as her heart pounded and whisper, "That was the best, Mom."

I felt Mom pat my back and say, "Yes... But it was a big mistake for me to let it go this far."

I didn't answer and just lay there until Mom said, "You know that, right?

"Yeah... I guess so."

Slowly, I removed my spent pecker from Mom and rolled off to the side of her.

Mom got out of bed and went to the door. However, before turning out my light and walking out, she turned and said, "We'll talk more about this tomorrow."

"Okay, Mom. I love you," I replied.

"I love you too," she said and clicked the light switch.

I slept like a baby that night and awoke feeling refreshed and couldn't wait to greet the day.

As I rose from my bed, I looked out the window at how much snow had fallen and admired winter's true beauty. Then I thought about last night and how I finally got to fuck Mom and rushed off to see her.

As usual, Mom was already in the kitchen sipping on a cup of coffee when I walked in and heard her say, "Did you sleep well?"


"Good, then please sit down so we can discuss last night."

"Sure thing Mom," I said and plopped down next to her.

Mom looked at me and said, "I didn't sleep so well since I spent most of the night thinking about what we did, and it's apparent that we can't control ourselves."

"I'm sorry, Mom. I'm sure we'll do better next time."

"There isn't going to be the next time since I feel the best course of action is that we back off doing the extra-curricular actives and just have quizzes from this day forwards."

"But Mom, what about all the hard work I did?" Doesn't that show..."

"Enough!" Mom shouted. "I think what we did last night was more than enough to show my appreciation for your hard work."

"Okay, Mom, I guess you're right," I pouted.

As I ate in silence, desperately trying to figure out how to get mom to change her mind, the phone rang, and mom answered it.

"Hello," Mom said and followed with, "What... You're not... How long? Okay, by honey. Yes, I love you too."

Mom sat back down and said, "It looks like your father won't make it home for Christmas."

"How come Mom?"

It appears he's stranded because of all the roads closed from the snow.

"Oh... Hmm... Okay, I'm sure we'll have a good time."

"It isn't right!" Mom growled.

"What isn't?"

"This! Your father! It's almost like he wanted to be away from us."

"Come on, Mom, I'm sure he doesn't."

I could see Mom's frustration building and heard her bark, "I'm not. I'm sure what happened last night wouldn't have ever taken place if he..."

"What, mom?"

"Nothing," Mom sighed. "Just finish your breakfast."

I went back to eating but finally said, "It's because of his problem, isn't it?"

"What? Stop. I don't want to talk about it."

"But it's true, isn't it?"

"I'm not going to answer that, young man. My marital problems are not up for discussion."

"Okay, sorry, Mom. I didn't mean to get you upset."

Mom sighed, "I'm sorry too. I know you're just trying to help, so let's forget about it and try to make the best out of the holiday."

"Okay," I said.

So try we did. That evening I set up the tree while Mom enjoyed a glass of wine. We then placed all the gifts underneath it, and Mom said, "You did a great Job decorating Tucker."

"Thanks, Mom."

"Your father would be proud if he were here," she huffed while taking another sip from her glass.

"Please, mom, don't bring him up again. It will only ruin the mood. Tonight is for us to enjoy, okay?"

"I guess you're right about that," I heard her say as she finished off her glass.

"Care to join me?" Mom said, holding an empty glass out to me.


"I don't see why not. You're a young man now, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I am. Thanks, Mom," I said as she filled both our glasses up to the rim.

Mom and I drank the wine while watching a couple of Christmas specials and didn't stop until the bottle was empty.

"Oh..." Mom slurred, shaking the last drop out into her glass. "I guess we finished it."

"You want me to get another bottle?"

"No. I think I should head to bed; I might have overdone it already."

"Okay, mom," I said, feeling a tad light-headed myself.

"You coming?"

"What!" I asked surprisingly. "You want me to sleep with you?"

Mom paused for a couple of seconds before giving me a light chuckle, "No, silly boy. I meant for you to go to your room."

I sighed, "No, I think I want just to sit here and enjoy the tree for a bit."

"Okay. Goodnight then," she replied and slowly staggered her way up the stairs.

I sat and looked at the tree but couldn't shake the words, "You coming?" from my mind and remembered how Mom had paused as if she was mulling it over in her head.

Maybe it was the wine getting to me, but for whatever reason, I ventured up the stairs and stealthily opened mom's door.

Oh fuck... I thought as Mom's naked motionless body laid sprawled out on top of the bed.

Quietly, I tiptoed next to her and just admired her beauty.

Fuck it. I thought and stripped off my clothes before lying down next to my mother.

Truthfully my intentions at the time were just to sleep next to her. I wanted to rekindle that secure feeling I felt the last time she laid next to me.

However, as I slipped into bed, Mom lightly groaned and rolled onto her side away from me and groggily whispered, "Hold me."

I scotched up behind Mom and put my arm over hers whilst she shifted around until we were spooning together.

"Mmm, yes, just like that," Mom cooed in her sleep.

I felt so secure again as we lay like this, and it wasn't long before I had dozed off myself.

However, sometime later in the night, I awoke when something bumped up next to my already hard cock.

I must have gotten stiff in my sleep, and now Mom's ass crack was pressing hard against it.

My heart started to race as Mom's sweet cheeks worked ever so slightly against my swollen mushroom and, without thinking, pushed uncontrollably forward, driving my shaft partially into her ass crack.

Shockingly, Mom pushed back and moved her body just enough to grind my dick even more into her crack.

I didn't move as I contemplated over what to do. With my cock nestled between her cheeks, I found it hard to do the right thing by moving away.

I have to. I concluded and was just about to pull myself away when mom lightly began to move her ass, causing my cock to rub up and down her crack.

I could hear Mom's breath getting heavier as her ass pushed back harder.

OH fuck... I thought and grabbed her arm while heaving forward and heard her lightly moan.

I was getting excited, and apparently, so was she. Not knowing what to really do, I kissed her shoulder and heard Mom coo, "Oh honey."

I froze when Mom's hand moved and grasped mine. I was sure any second she would wake and realize what's happening, but instead, she ever so patiently lowered my hand down to her mound and hissed, "Mmmm. There honey. Touch me there."

I palmed my hand over her mound, and Mom moaned louder while reaching back and grasping my cock hard.

"Oh..." I softly croaked.

"Mmm... Yesss... Oh yes, honey, it's been so long since you've done that," she whimpered as I tickled her clit.

Taking my time, I nudged my digit through her folds, causing her to whimper louder, and felt her hips begin to move.

I slowly worked my finger in and out until Mom was squirming around and then added another digit while Mom stroked me off harder.

Between Mom's bum banging up against my raging cock while her hand stroked my shaft, I just couldn't take it anymore and, with a little nudge, slid my cock between her legs until it was gliding over her already wet pussy lips.

Mom's hand pulled away, and I heard her whisper, "Stop teasing me, honey. Put it inside. Fuck your wife."

Oh, Fuck, Mom thinks I'm Dad! I thought.

But I was too far gone to stop now, even if I wanted to. Right or wrong, feeling my mother's wonderful pussy once again wrapped around my thick rigid dick was the only thing on my mind.

Carefully I spread Mom's legs and nudge the tip inside and felt Mom's pussy sucking on my mushroom head and heard her sigh, "Yesss! Oh yesss."

I worked a tad bit more inside her with little thrusts and then felt her ass push back until half my cock was nestled inside her hot pussy. Savory, how great it felt to feel her wet warm pussy welcoming my stiff member back inside her.

I was truly back in heaven and grasped Mom's bosom and croaked, "OH Fuck Mom!"

"Mmmom? What? OH MY GOD, TUCKER!" I heard her squeal just as I pushed my entire girth inside.

I felt Mom squirm around as I quickened my pace and lied, "I'm sorry, Mom. I... I thought you knew it was me?"

"Jesus, No! Oh god. Not again... Ahhh... Tucker, you shhhouldn't be... OH Fuck!" Mom sighed as I took hold of her hips and went faster.

"Sorry, Mom. I can't help it. I love fucking you. God, I sooo love fucking you!"

"Oh, Baby. Mmm. I like it too. But... It's so wrong! OH! OH! MMM... No... I shouldn't be doing... Ahhh... Ahhh... OH God! OH, GOD! Forgive me. Yes! OH Yes! I love it! OH, I truly love it. Fuck me. Fuck Mommy!"

That was all I needed to hear. Joggling Mom around, I got on my knees and lifted Mom's rear in front of me. With a long hard push, I plowed deep into her snatch, and Mom wailed, "Oh Fuck, you're so deep! God Tucker! OH! OH! OH! Keep going. Yes. Oh, you're going to make Mommy cum!"

My knees started to weaken as I jackhammered into her. All the while, Mom whined, "Yes. Yes. Just like that. Fuck I'm so close!"

My cum raced up my cock, just as I felt Mom's body start to shake.

Hastily I lifted Mom's chest upward by pulling her arms back behind her. Holding onto her wrists, I rammed forward and heard Mom scream, "OH, I'm Cumming! AHH!"

With a long hard thrust, I went until I felt my own release ready to blow and held it deep inside my mother's snatch and grunted, "OH fuck!"

"Oh no! You mustn't cum in me!" Mom yelled and quickly spun herself around.

Stunned at Mom's sudden reaction, I watched as she took my entire cock down her throat and groaned, "Oh Fuck!"

My hands grasped at Mom's head as I felt my cock exploded down Mom's silky throat and shivered as she drank down every drop.

Mom's head slowly bobbed to and fro, and it felt wonderful. I can't describe the magical feeling her tongue was having, and it wasn't long before, once again, my tool was rock hard.

With a slurping, popping sound, Mom's mouth released its siege on my pecker and heard her say, "I know this is so wrong, but would you like to do it again?"

"OH yes, Mom, I love fucking you!" I replied

Mom smiled as she laid me on my back while she straddled my legs.

"Oh, Yess!" Mom hissed as her pussy enclosed over my mushroom head. "God forgive me, but your cock does feel so good inside me."

Mom rocked back and forth slowly at first, but in no time, she was riding me hard. Slamming her total weight up and down on my shaft until finally, I heard her cry, "OH FUCK, I'm cumming; again!"

Mom leaned forward and clawed at my chest as her orgasm shook her body.

Exhausted but excited myself; it wasn't long before I was about to cum, and once again, Mom took my rod entirely down her throat.

"Oh... Ahhh, mmm, mom!" I groaned as my seed pumped inside her mouth.

Mom got up and rested her head upon my chest, and I held her tight with me.

We lay like that for a couple of minutes and then heard Mom whisper, "I feel so ashamed. I should have stopped you, but I couldn't."

"It's because I gave you what dad hasn't."

"Yes, your right. But it still doesn't make it okay."

"Even if it made you happy?"

"Yes, honey. I'm not supposed to enjoy fucking my son."

"But you don't you?"

There was a long pause before Mom replied softly, "Yes... God help me; I do love it."

Mom rolled onto her side and didn't say another word.

It wasn't long before we both fell asleep.

Thankfully, Mom's an early riser because the next thing I felt was her abruptly waking me up.

"Tucker, quick! Get up! Your father made it home."

"Huh... What? I replied, trying to get my bearings.

"Quick. Get back to your room before he sees you in here."

Rapidly I dashed into my room, just as I heard the front door open.

"Honey?" I heard Dad yell.

"Be right there, dear," I heard Mom yell from her bedroom.

I listened behind my closed door but couldn't make out what they were saying when Mom met Dad downstairs.

Quickly, I got dressed and met them in the kitchen where my Dad said, "Morning son Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas," I replied, not making eye contact since, for some reason, I now actually felt guilty about fucking Mom last night.

Mom was quiet as she fixed us breakfast while Dad talked about how nice the tree looked, and if I thought, I got what I wanted for the holiday.

I glanced over at mom and admired how sexy she looked cooking in her black robe and said, "I'm sure I did."

However, Dad then changed the subject and stumped me when he said, "So your mother tells me all that studying with her paid off."

I swallowed hard and replied, "Um... Yeah, I guess it did."

"I hope you thanked her."

I looked at Mom just as she turned and faced me. Her robe was partly opened down the front, and it quickly brought back memories of what we did last night. I don't know if she was aware that her black bra and panties were now showing but with a big smile, I replied, "As a matter of fact, I thanked her last night."

"Good... Good," was his only response.

Mom glanced down, and with a look of contempt, closed her robe before setting breakfast down on the table.

"Thanks, Mom, it looks great," I said but couldn't help myself from admiring her some more.

Mom caught me and gave me a nod to eat my food while pulling her robe even tighter.

After breakfast, we all went into the living room and exchanged presents. In all senses, it appeared like a typical Christmas morning. I got a bunch of brand new clothes along with an Xbox. At the same time, Mom got Dad a modern watch and winter coat. But then, when Mom opened up a box from Dad, I heard her say, "Is this some kind of a joke?"

"What. Don't you like it?" I heard Dad say.

What you get, Mom?" I said.

"I can't say it's not for you to see," I heard mom huff while giving my father a dirty look.

"What's the big deal, honey? It's only lingerie?"

"And what about the other thing!"

"Oh yeah," Dad chuckled. "I forgot about that. Well, you know. I figured it would spice things up."

"Stop! Not another word!" Mom shouted and closed the box back up.

Then without saying anything, she stamped her way up the steps and slammed her bedroom door.

I gave dad a puzzling look and heard him say, "I guess she's pissed."

"I think so."

"Aaa," Dad waved his arm and sat back in his chair. "She'll be fine; you'll see."

It was almost dinner time before mom ventured back down the steps, and I could tell she must have been crying and said, "You alright, mom?"

She just nodded and went into the kitchen.

I have to say it was the quietest Christmas dinner we ever had, and I became uneasy, so I hurriedly finished my meal and said I was going to my room to try out my new video console.

Mom just gave me a nod while Dad didn't say anything.

In the safety of my room, I set up the gaming system and was just about to turn it on when I heard Mom shouting from downstairs.

Quietly I tip-toed to the top of the stairs and listened.

"So you actually think getting me that huge dildo is going to help?" I heard Mom shout.

"Well yeah. I mean. Why wouldn't it help?"

"So instead of going to the doctors as I suggested months ago, you figured just to get me something else to fuck!"

"Fine! I'll get rid of it then. Jesus. I just thought that would be better than that little toy you have now."

"So you're still not going to get checked?"

"There's nothing wrong with me."

"Hmph, really? How can you say that with a straight face?"

"Because you're the only one I'm having trouble with!"

"What! What do you mean the only one?"

"Aw fuck it! Yeah, you heard me right. The only one. I don't have any problem fucking other girls."

There was a long silence before I heard Mom shout, "Get out!"

"What! I'm not going any were!"

That was my cue, and I dashed down the steps.

Mom was sitting on the floor, holding her hands on her face and weeping when I said, "I think you should leave."

"You too?"


"Fine, I'll pack a bag and leave. I didn't want to come back here anyway. "

"Good cause we didn't want you here either."

Dad left to get his stuff while I helped mom to the couch and asked, "You okay, Mom."

In between sniffles, she replied, "Yeah, I just need a minute."

Dad didn't say another word to either of us as he slammed the front door.

I held mom in my arms and comforted her as best as possible until she rose to head to her room.

"You want some company?" I implored.

"No... I need some time alone."

"Okay, Mom," I said and watched as she vanished up the steps.

The next couple of days were very dreary. However, as I strolled down the steps, I heard Mom yell, in the distance, "Tucker!" I immediately dashed into the living to see her sitting on the sofa.

"Yea, Mom?" I said as I stood by her side.

"Take a seat, please I need to talk to you."

I did as she asked and replied, "About Dad?"

Mom sighed and said, "About everything."

"I want to discuss what we've been doing."

"Wasn't it great?"

"Yes, it was, and I realize how you think it's okay. But really, it's just as bad if not worse than what your father has been doing."

"But Mom, he was neglecting you. And cheating to boot."

"I know what he did. However, you're my son, and that makes what we did even worse! Yes, I loved it. Yes, it felt great. And yes, God knows I want to do it again! But it's just not right for a mother and son to be doing such acts. Especially now."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, if your father ever got wind of it now, he could easily get everything out of the divorce."

"So that means you're divorcing him?"

Mom sighed, "Yes, honey, I am. It's apparent he's been running around for a long time now. I just didn't want to see it."

"So if that is the case, you shouldn't feel that bad about what we did at all. I mean, really, it's all his fault."

"It doesn't matter who's to blame. I'm saying what we have done has to stop right now."

I lowered my head and mumbled, "If you think so, Mom. I'll try to think differently if you want me to. Just know I'd never do anything like that you."

"I know, honey, and thank you."

I left feeling a little down. But I realized Mom was right, and if I genuinely wanted to help her, I'd have to constrain myself. No way did I want to jeopardize the close bond I felt with her now.

So a month had passed by since Mom, and I talked. Mom had found a job to keep us afloat while I did my best to control my sexual urges. Yes, my wicked dreams had returned, but I didn't let them get to me like before. Instead, I relished them. If I couldn't have Mom when I was awake, I could at least have the enjoyment of fucking her in my sleep. As far as I knew, that was how it was going to be from now on.

That is until the day Mom told me the divorce was final. I was so happy for her I gave her a big hug which she embraced. It felt terrific feeling her luscious globes crushing into my chest once more and felt my cock stiffening. I guess we both got caught up in the excitement because the next thing I remembered was kissing her hard, and she willingly kissed me back.

It wasn't until our tongues started to mingle that Mom broke away and said, "Okay, I think that's enough."

I coughed, "Oh yeah, sorry, mom, I guess I just got carried away."

"No, we both did," Mom replied and walked away.

I wanted to chase after her but remembered our talk and just went to my room to study. With the end of the school year approaching, I figured keeping my grades up would keep Mom in high spirits.

Things appeared to be back to normal that evening as we ate our dinner. Mom talked about her job and me about school. We even sat and watched some television until I finally got tired and headed off to sleep.

I spent some time lying on my bed relishing over the beautiful evening I had with mom and was half-awake when I heard my door open and made out a woman's silhouette in the doorway.

"Mom?" I whispered, but I got no response; she just stood there in the darkness.

I got up on my elbows and said, "Mom, you okay?"

This time the shadow crept into my room and turned on my light.

My mouth dropped when I noticed Mom standing there in a very provocative red lingerie outfit. It consisted of a transparent bra that barely covered her breast that had matching panties. Her legs were covered in a pair of sheer scarlet stockings that also matched the outfit and were held up by a cherry lace garter belt.

"What do you think?" I heard her softly say as she seductively approached me.

I was bewildered at first but not for long. As Mom sashayed closer, she teased, "I think it's about time we stop resisting what we both want.

"Mommm?" I managed to mumble just as her finger went to my lips while her other hand pulled my covers back.

"Shhh, honey. Mommy's going to make this right. No more naughty dreams for my little man," Mom cooed while her hand fumbled with my shorts until it found its mark and then heard her whispered, "Did you miss this?"

I just nodded as Mom's hand stroked long and hard up and down my shaft sending waves of pleasure through my body, and heard her say, "I missed this too."

Mom wasted no time tugging my shorts completely off and then kissed the very tip of my mushroom head cause me to groan.

"Oh, Mom..." I huffed in delight as she went faster.

Mom raised her head but kept stroking and cooed, "God did I missed this."

"Oh yesss, so did I. Oh, fuck! So much," I croaked.

"Then it's time we did something about it," She replied as she straddled herself on top of me.

My body shuddered as I felt her warm pussy resting on top of my solid shaft. I wasn't aware that those panties had a slit in them, and I groaned as my cock slid through it and was now rubbing against her soft wet opening. Up and down. Back and forth, mom worked until my stiff pecker slipped inside her folds and accepted my girth.

"Oh, Yesss... MMM Yesss, baby," I heard mom whine and lifted my hips while she pushed down until I was balls deep inside her womb.

Slowly, Mom rocked back and forth, and I relished in the feeling she was giving me.

Gingerly I reached up and took both her tits in my hand and gently squeezed them.

Mom lightly whimpered as her hips rocked a little quicker.

We both grunted and gyrated, making little sounds of pleasure until Mom's body started to bounce while I heaved myself upward.

"Oh fuck I want you deeper inside me," I heard Mom sigh.

"I have an idea," I said and motioned Mom to get off of me.

Rapidly I stood up taking Mom's hand, and led her towards my bedroom wall.

Mom smiled as I had her face the wall while I nudged my cock from behind.

I felt Mom's ass push back when my cock head hit her snatch and quickly slipped inside.

Mom's hands braced the wall as I grabbed her waist and drove home.

With little jabs, I worked my dick until it was slamming deep inside her.

"Oh... Oh fuck. God Tucker!" Mom roared. Her moans turned into screams of pleasure, and I was sure the neighbors could hear us. I found that to be most stimulating but knew I had to quiet her down, so as I kept ramming my cock home, I covered over her mouth with my hand while she pushed back even harder.

"Mmm... Mmm. Hmm!" Mom wailed into my hand when her orgasm hit, and had to use my other hand to hold her body up as she started to fall.

Mom panted in her bent-over position, and I slowly turned her around and lifted her.

"Oh Fuck, Tucker, that was just amazing," Mom cooed as her hand grasped my rigid rod.

I leaned in and kissed Mom hard, pushing her back to the wall. Mom's hands wrapped about my neck, and we kissed very passionately while my dick pressed hard against her mound.

My hands drifted down to Mom's ass, and as I grasped them tightly, I lifted her swiftly. Mom quickly wrapped her legs around my hips just as I felt my cock pierce through her moist folds.

Faster and harder, I fucked Mom until once again; she was quivering. With our lips pressed tightly, I couldn't stop myself from cumming. However, I guess I didn't need to because mom broke the kiss and panted, "Cum inside me. I want to feel you cum."

That did it. With a big heave, I felt my cock release its seed deep inside my mother.

"OH, yesss baby. Oh, it feels so good," Mom said as she squeezed her legs on my sides.

"OH, Mom..." That was all I could say as my cock kept spurting its love juices deep inside her.

We kissed hard once again until all my sperm had been released.

With our breath racing together, I whispered, "I love you so much, mom," and eased her down on her feet.

"Come with me," Mom whispered and took my hand, leading me into her bedroom.

I just stood in the doorway as Mom turned and said, "This is our bedroom now."

Without speaking, I embraced Mom, and we kissed again before making love two more times that night. It was almost dawn before we both fell asleep in each other's arms, totally exhausted.

I'm not sure where things are going to go. However, as of now, I'm content with how we got here.


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